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spiritu contenta: Illa vero vita tua, quæ civium animis inhæret, quam pofteritas alet atque tuebitur, et quæ vigebit memoriâ feculorum omnium. Ita civium pectora grata, cùm præfentium, tum fuccedentium omnium tibi erunt monumenta, æreis vel marmoreis longè stabiliora, quæ non innumerabilis annorum feries, non fuga temporum poterit diruere, nec ferrum nec edax vetuftas abolere ;-nomenque tuum, in cordibus imis penitùs infcriptum, femper indelebile manebit.

AUDITORES fpectatiffimi ac amiciffimi,

Hujus concionis meæ (fi concio dicatur) non fuit propofitum, ut omnes virtutes varias ac fublimas refque geftas infignes, quæ per vitam eximiam noftri WASHINGTON egregii præftantiffimique fplenduerunt panegyri tractarem atque celebrarem. Si propofitum vero, tamen debilitata falus mea infractæque vires, quodcunque fuiffet ingenium, nequaquam finerent. Pauca igitur, quæ à me funt profata de hoc viro cariffimo digniffimoque fufficiant. Aliquid autem amplius decet à noftrà Univerfitate proferri, vos igitur, Alumni amati, quibus affignatum eft munus Patris Patriæ benigniffimi, generifque humani Amici tum virtutes inclytas, tum facinora præclara celebrandi, ita hoc præftetis, ut panegyricis veftris memoriam ejus et hancce Mufarum fedem, quam in periculis protexit, honore afficiatis, eodemque tempore bonam exiftimationem vobismetipfis acquiratis. Perfuafiffimum eft mihi totius literariæ Societatis, quà Gubernatorum, quà Alumnorum fententias vos enunciaturos.-Quodcunque vero honoris plures eulogiæ, five folutis, five poeticis numeris exhibitæ (non pauca quidem confpicuæ famæ) nomini WASHINGTON illius boni centuliffent, vel, quodcunque aliæ exhibendæ collaturæ fint, tamen confitendum eft, fingularem mæftitiam, morte ejus excitatam, non folùm per Americam fæderatam, fed alibi etiam ubicunque gentium nuncia luctuosa pervenêre, meritorum ejus incomparabilium teftimonium effe, laudationibus quæ fcribi vel profari poffent difertiffimis, longè infignius.

THEOLOLGIE Profeffor Reverende ac cariffime,

DUм aliqua noftri WASHINGTON, non minùs amanda quàm miranda commemores, tuum præcipuè eft fummo ftudio anniti cordibus noftris pietatis virtutumque ejus amorem imprimere, ut illas imitatione affequamur. Tuum eft conari animos noftros ita ad cælos dirigere, ut terrenis deficientibus fuperna poffidere puriffimo defiderio exoptemus. Tua mens religiofa et fancta ad hos conatus, tam pios et facros quàm humanos benevolofque,te fpontè ducet. Nos omnes tuis fuggeftis idoneis et appofitis, monitis opportunis et gravibus, confiliifque amiciffimis atque patheticis, excitati seduló contendamus, ut ne fimus fegnes fed imitatores noftri WASHINGTON affidui, et fingulorum, qui per fidem et erga Deum pietatem illam hæreditatem cæleftem adiêrunt, quæ nec corrumpi poteft, nec contaminari, nec marcefcere, et nunc quidem populi Dei requie potiuntur. Ita enim amplè fubminiftrabitur nobis introitus in æternum regnum Domini noftri et Servatoris Jefu Chrifti-Regnum illud beatum, ubi omnis lachryma ab oculis noftris abftergetur, et mors ampliùs non exiftabit, neque luctus neque dolor, at conjunctis et confociatis cum myriadibus Angelorum, fpiritibufque innumeris Juftorum confummatorum, nobis Deus et Filius fuus vultu benigno femper affulgebunt, atque vitam puram et non marcentem, gaudium fincerum et ineffabile, felicitatemque integram et perfectiffimam ex copiâ fuâ impertientur in fecula feculorum.

FAXIT Deus, ut hæc beatitudo noftrum omnium fit hæreditas Jefu Chrifti!

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WHILE the American Family, in one great funereal proceffion, is mourning its deceased Father; while every defcription of its members is emulous to honor him by a tribute as various and unrivalled, as his merits; this antient University, who was an early witness and subject of his protecting virtues, now presents at his tomb her humble, yet fervent oblation. Led on by our refpected Collegiate Head, we have paid to departed worth thofe Academic honors, which Elegiac Poetry, Mufic, and Eloquence could bestow. It remains that we hallow and confummate our offering by those moral and religious sentiments, which the word of God and a correfponding act of devotion are fitted to inspire. Such fentiments peculiarly become the profeffion of the speaker, the character of a Christian Seminary, and the preeminent virtue of the MAN, we deplore,

THE records of frail and uninspired mortals have in vain been searched for a complete Archetype of our illuftrious Washington. So finished a copy was evidently borrowed from a higher original. It was the image, as well as production of HIM, who is the great Exemplar and Source of perfection. Indeed every degree of excellence in a created mind is at once the offspring and likeness of INFINITE INTELLIGENCE AND GOODness. Yet certain perfonages have occafionally adorned the theatre of our world, who have been extraordinary minifters and reprefentatives of Deity. To such characters divine inspiration, as well as human fentiment and feeling, applies the glorious epithet of GODS UPON EARTH. While the justness of this application, in the present instance, is attested by an admiring world; the fudden removal of the object admired qualifies our refpect for his greatness by the impreffion of his frailty, and forbids our deifying the creature at the expense of the Creator,


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To add light and force to these sentiments, let me call your attention to that declaration of the MOST HIGH refpecting his political Vicegerents here below;


I HAVE SAID, YE ARE GODS. The name GOD ufually denotes the underiv ed and all perfect Being, poffeffing unlimited power, understanding, and benevolence; whofe infinite greatnefs imparts light, ftrength, and majesty to his goodness; while his unbounded goodness gives equal beauty and dignity to his greatnefs. The union of both qualifies and engages Him to promote his own glory in connexion with the highest good of that universe, which the fame attributes called into existence. Since the character of the SUPREME DIVINITY thus combines the greatest ability and difpofition to communicate happiness with the regular and conftant exertion of both; the title of GoDs, by a bold and fignificant figure, is conferred on those fubordinate beings, who inherit from Him large portions of these Godlike qualities, and employ them for the divine purpofe of extenfive good. Thus celeftial principalities and earthly rulers are ftyled GODS, because their inherent or delegated powers, their allotted or actual fervices, peculiarly represent the majefty and beneficence of the MOST HIGH. When this character is given to men in dignified ftations, it imports that both their duty and glory confift in co-operating with the defign, imitating the purity, and reflecting the luftre of the divine administration.*

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In this view, what human being, not affifted by miraculous interpofition, ever poffeffed a higher claim to this distinction, than our departed Benefactor?

IAM fenfible that as the Hebrew word, tranflated GOD, ftrictly denotes the power and authority of the Moft High, rather than his whole character; fo the fame title, when given to rulers, may primarily refer to that portion or image of divine power, with which they are invefted. But as the omnipotence of the Supreme Ruler is ever employed by goodnefs, and governed by rectitude; fo his vicegerents fulfil the object of their commiffion, and the true import of their title, only by copying the moral character and measures of their soVEREIGN.

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The union of his intrinfic qualities and deftined fervices fills our imaginations with an idea fo auguft, that a minute detail would but diminish its fplendor and force.

You will not expect from the fpeaker, especially at this late hour, the needlefs and prefumptuous effort, to do juftice to a character, on which the beft refources of American gratitude, genius, and tafte, have already been exhaufted. Nor will you look for a vain attempt to roufe, in any high. degree, those poignant fenfibilities, which, after repeated and forcible exercise, have been foftened by the kind hand of time into mournful refignation. The fubject and occafion however demand a fober and instructive application of our infpired motto to the life and death of our beloved Patriot. If, in this application, we fometimes adopt the bold, but warranted style of the text; you will confider us not as paying divine honors to WASHINGTON, but as chiefly aiming to glorify the SUPREME RULER through the medium of his favorite Minister.

IT was the high destiny of WASHINGTON, to be felected in the counfels of Heaven, as its leading agent in the most glorious and beneficent work, which perhaps was ever accomplished in the political world. This peculiar allotment gives him a marked preeminence in the annals of human greatness. Though exifting or future Patriots may poffibly rival him in other respects; yet to him was eminently configned the province of fevering the new world from the old, and of erecting the former into an independent, ftable, and glorious fabric of liberty and happiness.

THE fame UNERRING WISDOM, which had appointed him to this work, gradually ripened him for its execution by a nice adjustment of his birth and education, of his bodily and mental conftitution, of his early fortunes and pursuits. In thefe: previous fteps we recognise the fame invisible Hand, which by similar arrangements prepared the antient Deliverer and Lawgiver of Ifrael for the great scenes of his public life. In the bodily

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