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versational and remarkable for its kindly tones. At times he used expressive gestures, but he never allowed his voice to reach a climax. And his eyes! During 1865, those sad eyes were often bloodshot from loss of sleep. He used to say, “While others are asleep I think,” and then sadly add, “Night is the only time I have to think."


And so they buried Lincoln? Strange and vain!

Has any creature thought of Lincoln hid

In any vault, 'neath any coffin-lid, In all the years since that wild Spring of pain? 'Tis false,-he never in the grave hath lain,

You could not bury him although you slid

Upon his clay the Cheops pyramid Or heaped it with the Rocky Mountain chain. They slew themselves; they but set Lincoln free.

In all the earth his great heart beats as strong, Shall beat while pulses throb to chivalry

And burn with hate of tyranny and wrong.
Whoever will may find him, anywhere
Save in the tomb. Not there,-he is not there!

-James T. McKay.

PART III The election has placed our President beyond the pale of human envy or human harm, as he is above the pale of human ambition. Henceforth all men will come to see him as we have seen him—a true, loyal, patient, patriotic, and benevolent man. Having no longer any motive to malign or injure him, detraction will cease, and Abraham Lincoln will take his place with Washington and Franklin and Jefferson and Adams and Jackson-among the benefactors of the country and of the human race.-Tribute of William M. Seward.

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