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Preparations for the Coronation-Lord Londonderry's Dissatisfaction-

Discussions in the House of Lords-Lord Fitzwilliam's Opinion of the

Ceremony Marquess of Salisbury Lord Londonderry Lord

Brougham-Coronation-Exemplary conduct of the Populace-Mar-

shal Soult's Popularity-City Banquet-Expences of the Coronation-

Debate in the House of Commons on the Tithe resolutions - Mr.

Ward's attack on Ministers for abandoning the Appropriation Clause--

Lord Morpeth-Mr. Hume-Mr. O'Connell-Mr. Harvey-Mr. Shaw's

Amendment, that the proposed Deduction shall be 25 per cent. instead

of 30 per cent., carried-Lord Howick's anticipations of the results of

the Bill-Million Loan-Settlement of the Arrears--Proposals of Sir

R. Peel and Lord John Russell on this Subject-Debates on the third

Reading Mr. D. Brown moves that the Bill be read that Day six

Months-Lord Ebrington's strong Declaration against the Irish Church

Establishment-Sir Robert Peel states his readiness to support Church

Reform in Ireland-Mr. O'Connell's Opinion of the Bill-Mr. Grote

charges the Ministers with Tergiversation-Lord John Russell-Divi-

sion-Bill passes-Lord Melbourne introduces the Bill in the House

of Lords-Lord Brougham's Observations on the Abandonment of the

Appropriation Principle-Bill passes the Lords-Debate on Grant to

Maynooth College-Lord Morpeth's Remarks on "Froude's Remains"

-Mr. Gladstone's Vindication of the University of Oxford-Debates on

the Irish Poor-law Bill in the House of Lords-Lord Fitzwilliam-

Duke of Wellington supports the Bill-Lord Lyndhurst's Speech

against it-Lord Radnor-Lord Devon-Lord Brougham-Marquess of

Lansdowne-Division on second Reading-Amendments in Committee

-Division on Lord Fitzgerald's Amendment-Bill passes the House of

Lords- Debate on the Malta Commission-Lord Ripon-Lord Glenelg

-Duke of Wellington-Projected Formation of a Colony in New

Zealand-Mr. F. Baring brings in a Bill for the Purpose of sanctioning

the Scheme Opposed by Government-Mr. Hawes and Mr. Ward

complain of a Breach of Faith on the Part of Ministers-Lord Howick's

Vindication of his Conduct-Sir R. Inglis and Mr. W. Gladstone speak

against the Bill, which is also opposed by Sir W. James-Mr. Goul-

burn, Mr. Pease, and Lord Sandon, object to its Details-Bill lost-

Attempt to persuade the House of Commons to reconsider its Decision

with respect to the Site of the New Houses of Parliament-Colonel

Davies moves for a Select Committee-Is supported by Mr. Mackinnon

and Mr. Hume-Sir Robert Peel defends the present Site-Discussion

on the Subject generally-Motion negatived

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