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Lowell, John St. ch. and so. 127.15 ;
Eliot ch., R. Stevens, 10 ;

137 15 Sherborn, Pilgrim Cong. ch. and 30. 24 00 Somerville, Prospect Hill ch. and

so. 7.50; Franklin St. ch. and so.
m. c. 5.98;

13 48 West Somerville, Cong. ch. and so. 2 65

Winchester, Cong. ch. and so. 201 85-525
Middlesex Union.

Ashby, Cong. ch. and so.
Boxborough, Cong. ch. and so.

7 00
Fitchburg, Calv. Cong. ch. and so.

195.44; Rollstone Cong. ch. and so. 88.89;

284 33
Harvard, Cong. ch. and so.

13 oo
North Leominster, Mrs. Isaac Cow-

5 00—334 33 Norfolk county.

Brookline, Harvard ch, and so.
East Weymouth, Cong. ch. and so. 76 75
Hyde Park, ist Cong. ch. and so.
64; m. c. 15;

79 00
Walpole, Cong. ch. and so.

50 00 Wellesley, Cong. ch. and so. 50 00_-422 27 Old Colony Auxiliary. Mattapoisett, Cong. ch. and so.

17 00 Rochester, ist Cong. ch. and so. 60 00—77 00 Plymouth county.

Abington, ist Cong. ch. and so. 22 92
East Bridgewater, A friend,

2 00
Hanson, Cong. ch. and so.

3 75
Suffolk county.
Boston, Winthrop ch. 350.94; Old

Old South ch 100; Immanuel ch.
100; Holland ch. 5.50; Misses
Soren, 4;

560 44 Chelsea, 1st Cong. ch. and so. 61 75622 19 Worcester county, North.

Athol, Cong. ch. and so.
Gardner, ist Cong. ch. and so. 10 00
Petersham, Cong. ch. and so.

4 58
Winchendon, ist Cong. ch. and so.

24.50; m. c. 22; North Cong. ch.
m. c. 21.60;

68 104-179 39 Worcester co. Central Asso'n. E. H.

Sanford, Tr.
Oxford, ist Cong. ch. and so. 20 00
Rutland, Cong. ch. and so.

20 00
Worcester, Cen. ch. and so. 379.24 ;

Union ch. and so. 44.32 ; Salem
St. ch. and so. 6.61 ;

430 17470 17 Worcester co. South Conf. of Ch's.

William R. Hill, Tr.
Sutton, Cong. ch. and so.

19 00
Whitinsville, Cong. ch. and so. add'l, 56 00
Collection of Worcester south con-

58 25--133 25

-28 67

96 71

100 00

10 00

30 66

5,868 90 Legacies. — Enfield, J. B. Woods, by

W. B. Kimball, Ex'r, to const.

5,968 90 RHODE ISLAND. Oak Lawn, Rev. Marcus Ames,

CONNECTICUT. Fairfield county.

Bethel, Cong. ch. and so.
Danbury, ist and so. 91 36--22 02
Hartford county. E. W. Parsons, Tr.

Berlin, ad Cong. ch. and so. 16 85
Bloomfield, Cong. ch. and so. 10 09
Bristol, Cong. ch. and so.
Buckland, Cong. ch. and so.

5 29 Collinsville, Cong. ch. and so. 7 00 East Granby, Cong ch. and so.

12 61
East Hartford, Cong. ch. and so.
Farmington, Cong. ch. and so. 59 30
Hartford, ist Cong. ch. and so.

1,806.43 ; Pearl St. ch. Rev.
G. E. S. to const. Mrs. A. B. C.
KEENE, H. M. 100; Jos. E. Cone,
100; D. H. Wells, 50; A friend,

2,058 43 Marlborough, Cong. ch. and so. 15 00 Plainville, Cong. ch. and so. to

const. L. B. TUCKER, H. M.
Rocky Hill, Cong. ch. and so. 33 27

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Thompsonville, James Ely, West Hartford, Cong. ch. and so. Windsor, Cong. ch. and so. 60 580-2,582 10 Litchfield co. G. C. Woodruff, Tr. Ellsworth, Cong. ch. and so.

13 30 Litchfield, Cong. ch. and so. 194 ; m. c. 107.84;

301 84
New Hartford, So. ch. and so.
North Cornwall, Cong. ch. and so. 55 65
Thomaston, Cong. ch. and so. 51 31
West Winsted, 2d Cong. ch. and so. 53 03—493 47
Middlesex co. E.C. Hungerford, Tr.

Hadlyme, Cong. ch. and so.
Higganum, and so.

Middletown, So. Cong. ch. and so. 39 68—-84 68
New Haven co. F. T. Jarman, Agent.
Birmingham, Cong. ch. and so. (of

which írom WILLIAM E DOWNS

to const. himself H. M. 100), 122 58 Guilford, ist Cong. ch. and so.

30 00 Naugatuck, Cong. ch. and so.

160 00 New Haven, Ch. of the Redeemer,

to const. F. D. SLOAT, JOSEPH
M., 300; 1st ch. m. c. 10.18;

North ch, m. c. 7.10;
Waterbury, 2d Cong. ch. and so.

325 48
West Haven, Cong. ch. and so.
Whitneyville, Cong. ch. and so. 70 001,059 22
New London co., L. A. Hyde and

L. C. Learned, Tr's.
Norwich, ist Cong. ch. and so. (of

wh. 50 from L. A. Hyde, to const.
SUSAN C. HYDE, H. M., 150;
Broadway ch. and so. add'l, 100; 250 00
New London (217.36 in November

Herald, should have been ack'd

from ist ch.) Stonington, ist Cong. ch. and so.

9 00—259 00 Tolland county, E. C. Chapman, Tr. Coventry, A friend,

25 00 Windham county. Thompson, Cong. ch. and

8 89 Wauregan, Cong. ch. and so. West Woodstock, Four friends, 3 00 Woodstock, ist Cong. ch. and so. 10 5040 64 A friend,

15 00

317 28

33 88

18 25

4,681 13

1,086 25

Legacies. - Norwichtown, Daniel W.

Coit, by Charles W. Coit, Ex'r

(and interest),
Norwichtown, Daniel L. Coit, by

Charles W. Coit,
Warren, William Hopkins, by G. C.

Hopkins, Ex'r,

500 00

100 00

12 75

IO 72

6,367 38 NEW YORK. Albany, W. L. Learned,

50 00 Amsterdam, S. Louise Bell,

3 90 Bangor, ist Cong. ch. and so. Binghamton, ist Cong. ch. and so.

106 48 Brooklyn, Ch. of the Mediator, 9.50;

Mrs. Kate Gillette, 45; Frank Pond, 12; A friend, 5:

71 50 Buffalo, Mrs. M. C. Demond,

15 oo Camden, ist and s. s.

32 00 Candor, Cong. ch. and so.

22 95
Clifton Springs Sanatarium, a friend, 20 00
Crown Point, ad Cong. ch. and so.
Ellington, Cong. ch. and so.

13 75 Mt. Morris, ist Presb. ch.

6 00 Mt. Sinai, Cong. ch. and so. m. c. Nassau, Rev. C. S. Sherman,

5 00
New York, William C. Hunter,
Oxford, Asso. Presb. ch.

13 22
Patchogue, Cong. ch. and so.
Perry Centre, Cong. ch. and so. 26 78
Port Henry, Mrs. Mary Spencer,
Prattsburgh, Lucius Waldo,

IO 00
Sherburne, Mrs. William Newton, to

const. Rev. ROBERT CHAMBERS and

Rev. W. N. CHAMBERS, H. M. 100 00 Spencerport, Mrs. Mary A. Dyer, 10 00 Sterling, T. J. Allen,

100 Syracuse, Annual meeting, thank-offer. ing of an aged disciple,

10 00 Tallman, Cong. ch. by Rev. L. Jones, 450-607 53

22 00

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100 00

Madison, ist Cong. ch. and so. with

other dona. to const. Rev. JOHN
BASCOM, D. D., and F. J. LAMB,
H. M.

50 00
Palmyra, Cong. ch. and so.

3 00
Prairie du Chien, Cong. ch. and so.
m. c.

3 65
Rosendale, Cong. ch. and so. 31 00205 63

Centralia, Cong. ch. and so.
Diamond Springs, Cong. ch. and so.
Dover, Cong. ch. and so.
Wabaunsee, ist Cong. ch. and so.

9 25-23 SI

1 00

3 06

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10 00

Crete, Cong. ch. and so.

17 40
Fairmont, Cong. ch. and so.
Monroe, Cong. ch. and so.

2 83
Wahoo and Cedar Bluffs, Cong. ch.
and so.

5 50 35 3

Oakland, 1st Cong. ch. and so. 21 54
Redwood, Pierson Miss. Society, 30 10
Santa Cruz, Cong. ch. and so.
Woodland, Cong. Ch. and so.

12 OC_-776
Skokomish, Cong. Mission ch.

18 20
Walla Walla, Family offerings,

5 00--23

Province of Quebec.
Montreal, Mrs. R. A. Ramsay,


South Africa, Natal, Rev. M. Terme,


Mrs. Benjamin E. Bates, Boston, Treasurer.
For the Home ai Oodooville, Ceylon, 5,000 00

Mrs. J. B. Leake, Chicago, Illinois,

4,000 00

Mrs. R. E. Cole, Oakland, California,

(of which 40, from the “Willing Workers,"
Oakland, for Maria, Broosa),

500 00
MAINE. — Cornish, Village s. s. 25C.; Fal-
mouth, 2d Cong. s. s. 10;

10 25
New HAMPSHIRE. – New Ipswich, Chil-
dren's Fair,

3 00
VERMONT. - St. Albans, ist Cong. s. s.

46 25
MASSACHUSETTS.- Chelsea, Willie,, 25c.;

Westfield, “Seven Sisters," for Tukaram,

25 25
CONNECTICUT. - Stonington, ist Cong. s. s.
for school in Madura,

13 00
New YORK. – Cong. s. s. 7.05; Troy, Mary

P. Cushman's thank-offering, 25c.; Mar.
garet Cushman's do. 25C.;

7 55
ILLINOIS. - · Princeton, Cong. s. s.
WISCONSIN. - Palmyra, Cong. s. s. 3; Ro-
sendale, Cong. s. 5. 6.70;

8 70
Texas. - Fort Ringgold, Cong. s. s. for Mr.
Jenney's School in Bulgaria,

5 00

123 50


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Donations received in October.

23,866 47

Legacies.-Gouverneur, Enos Wright,
by C. T. Hulburd,

318 28
Smyrna, Sarah P. Hart, by Isaac
S. Newton,

250 00—-568 28

50 00

98 90

1,175 83
Morristown, R. B. Tomlinson,
Legacies.--Newark, Mrs. Julia Spen-

cer, by H. Mechor and W. S.
Whitehead, Ex’rs,

148 90
Oxford, A. L. Hill,

8 oo
Pittsburgh, Penn. Synod. Cumb.
Presb. ch.

44 25-52 25
Frostburg, Cong. ch. and so.

Antonio, Miss S. Vance,

3 23

7 65

28 45

71 26

46 30

10 00

68 25

6 40

Cincinnati, Columbia ch. and so. II 43
Findlay, Cong. ch. and so.
Mansfield, ist Cong. ch. and so. to

const. Rev. 0. C. CLARK, H. M.
Painesville, ist Cong. ch. and so.
Ruggles, Cong. ch. and so.

33 00
Siloam, Welsh Cong. ch. and so.

13 00
Tallmadge, Cong. ch. and so.

59 38
Twinsburgh, Cong. ch. and so. 25 00- 287 82

Aurora, ist Cong. ch. and so.

28 81
Chicago, Leavitt St. Cong. ch. 10.60 ;

Union Park ch. 10; Lincoln Park
ch. 21.70; E. Rathbun, 10;

52 30
Englewood, Cong. ch. and so.

6 76
Galva, Cong. ch. and so.

16 38
Geneseo, Thank-offering for answered

5 00
Godfrey, Ch. of Christ,

18 50
Granville, Cong. ch. and so.
Kankakee, William Keeble,

3 50
Oak Park, ist Cong. ch. and so.
Payson, Cong. ch. and so. (of wh. by
J. K. Scalborough, 50),

75 00
Ravenswood, ist Cong. ch. and so. 26 os
Willmette, Cong. ch. and so.

I 18—-311 76
Frankfort, ist Cong. ch. and so.
Vienna, Union Corg. ch. and so. 12 00
Wayne, Cong. ch. and so.

19 0037 40
Amity, Cong. ch. and so.

12 05
St. Louis, Pilgrim ch. and so. 284 46--296 51

Audubon, Cong. ch. and so.
Clear Water, Cong. ch. and so.

4 50
Minneapolis, Plymouth ch.

14 05
Plainview, Rev. H. Millard, 10+

II 50-33 00

Alden, Cong. ch. and so

8 So
Chester Center, Cong. ch. and so. 27 10
Dunlap, Cong. ch. and so.

13 10
Eldora, Cong. ch. and so.
Grandview, Ger. Cong. ch. and so.

7 00
Hampto::, Cong. ch. and so. 5; Ladies'
Aid Society, 4;

9 00
Iowa City, A thank-offering,

5 00

Cong. ch. and so. (of
which from Rev. M. Windsor, 5), 18 36
Montour, Cong. ch. and so.

19 50
Postville, Cong. ch. and so.

30 47
Tabor, Cong. ch. and so.

-196 93
Beloit, Rev. S. R. Riggs,

2 14
Clinton, Cong ch. and so.

32 50
Columbus, Alfred Topliff,
Fond du Lac, Cong. ch. and so.

50 oo
Geneva Lake, Presb. ch.

Il 34
Hixton, Cong. ch. and so.

2 00

2 95

9 00

49 60

2,453 43

$26,319 90
Total from September 1st to October

31st, Donations, $34,441.02; Legacies,
$5,350.55 = $39,791.57.

20 00



INDIA is said by good authorities to have a population of at least two hundred and forty millions, the larger portion of whom accept Brahminism as their religion. According to this religious system there are several

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principal gods, and under them no less than three hundred and thirty-three million inferior deities. Images of these gods are found everywhere, and as if there were not enough of these to worship, the Hindus bow down before monkeys, and serpents, and stones. In the picture above there is repVOL. LXXV.


resented a little child taking his first lesson in idolatry. His mother bas brought him to an image of Ganesha, and holds up his hands towards the hideous idol while the lad draws back in terror. Is it strange that te is frightened ? Some of the converts from heathenism have told of the

agony of fear they had in their childhood when first brought into the presence of a monster idol. They were never told of a God who was gentle and loving. He was only hateful and ugly, like his image, and the only reason for worshipping was to escape his wrath. In the picture here given of Ganesha, he is represented with a better form than commonly. He is said to be the son of Siva, one of the principal gods, and to be master of all evil and mischievous imps. As these imps are sup posed to do all the harm they can, whoever wishes success in his plans must invoke the aid of Ganesha. If one is to take a journey, or make a trade, he must pray to Ganesha or he will be hin

dered. One of our HINDU WORSHIPING THE SUN AND HIS TOOLS. missionaries says that carpenters, when they have finished a day's work, will take a bandful of mud and shape it rudely into an image of this god, setting it on guard over night lest some imp destroy the work. Ganesha is always represented as a bloated dwarf, with four arms and an elephant's head and trunk. The story about him, which is believed by the Hindus, is that when a child he angered one of the principal gods who cut off his head, but the murderer being sorry for what he had done, sought to replace the lost head by giving Ganesha the first one he met with. This happened to be an elephant's, and he placed it upon the shoulders of the boy. Better than the worship of such hateful beings is the homage a Hindu sometimes pays to natural objects. These objects, at least, are sinless. The picture here given


of a Hindu worshipping the sun and his own working tools was drawn from a real incident. A missionary, at Madras, once met a road-mender kneeling at sunrise before his pick and crowbar. When told that this worship was folly the man replied, “Without these tools I could not do my work,



and without the sun I could not see to do it. Since, therefore, I get my bread by them, it is only right that I should worship them." But many of the Hindus are learning of the true God, and a better service than that of idols. The verses on the next page tell a pleasant story of a lad who does not now bow in terror before Ganesha, but looks in love to Jesus Christ.

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