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Books for Banks and Bankers.

BARRON'S BILLS OF EXCHANGE, Cheques, and Promissory Notes. Being the Act of the Parliament of Canada, 53 Vict. cap. 33; with a very complete and analytical Index. By John A. Barron, Q.C., M.P., author of Barron on Bills of Sale and Chattel Mortgages, and The Conditional Sales Act. 1890. Boards, $1.00.

BARRON ON CONDITIONAL SALES. Being an annotation of the Act respecting Conditional Sales, R. S. O., 1887, with a complete set of Forms, etc. 1889. Cloth, $1.50. Half-calf, $2.00.

BYLES ON BILLS OF EXCHANGE and Promissory Notes. The standard English Authority. 1885. Half-calf, $8.00.

CANADIAN LAWYER. A concise statement of the law of the various Provinces of Canada bearing on topics of General interest, with Forms of every day use. Second edition. By a Barrister-at-Law. 1887. Cloth, $1.50. Half-calf, $2.00.

CANADIAN LAW TIMES. A monthly legal publication, containing articles of great interest on legal topics of value to laymen as well as the legal profession. It gives also a summary of all cases decided by the Courts in the various provinces, making a book annually of between 700 and 800 pages in Nos. $5.00 per annum.

CAVANAGH ON MONEY SECURITIES. 1st Personal, 2nd Property, 3rd Miscellaneous. By C. C. Cavanagh, B.A., LL.B., of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law. 1885. Half-calf, $10.00. The edition of 1875, half-calf, $3.25.

"Bankers, brokers, money-lenders, companies, capitalists and indeed all borrowers and lenders, debtors and creditors will find it an effective and accurate guide through intricacies of every day occurrence in connection with the various classes of securities of a monetary character."-Irish Law Times, Dec. 18th, 1880.

CLARKE (S.R.) ON BILLS. A Treatise on the Law relating to Bills, Notes, Cheques and I.O.U.'s, giving the law as it exists in each of the Provinces of Canada, and citing nearly one thousand cases. 1875. Half-calf, $2.00

DANIEL ON NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS. 2 vols. American. 1882. $13.50.


GORMULLY & SINCLAIR'S Banking Acts of Canada. 1887. Cloth, $2. Half-calf, $2.50.

GRANT'S Treatise on Banking. 1882. Half-calf, $9.50.



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