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when no place of payment is mentioned, present-
ment for payment not necessary to make
acceptor liable.....

of bill drawn in set, how it must be written....
when specific place of payment mentioned, om-
ission to present bill thereat, does not dis-
charge acceptor......

when it is materially altered without assent of all
parties, what the effect is....

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ACCEPTANCE FOR HONOR for part only, what it is.
what is meant by acceptance for honor supra

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when it does not state for whose honor, it is
deemed an acceptance for honor of drawer....
of a bill payable after sight, maturity is calculated
from date of protest for non-acceptance, not
from date of acceptance for honor...

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what it is..

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ACCEPTING, drawee not accepting under the Act, not

responsible on instrument..

ACCEPTOR who accepts bill when overdue makes bill

payable on demand, as against him accepting..
when he may accept....


signature of, on a blank paper delivered by signer
to be filled up as bill, may be used as signature
of acceptor... . .

contract of, in a bill, incomplete and revocable
until delivery..

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giving notice of acceptance equivalent to delivery
when bill no longer in his possession delivery is

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who may be such...

not liable on bill unless he has signed it as such..
who signs bill, adding words indicating his acting

for principal, or in representative capacity, is

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not personally liable, but different if words
added were words of identity.....

if at any time value be given, the holder is holder
for value as against acceptor....


to whom bill is negotiated back, may reissue and
negotiate, the effect of......
but acceptor reissuing and negotiating, cannot
enforce payment against intervening party....
becoming bankrupt or suspending, holder may,
before maturity, protest bill for better sccurity
to make him liable not necessary to protest bill or
to give him notice of dishonor...
to make him liable not necessary to present for
payment, when no place of payment is mentioned
person accepting, what he thereby engages, his
position generally, and liability.
drawer may enforce payment against acceptor of
bill payable to order of third party....
rights against, preserved by indorser who pays
the bill.....

when he becomes holder of a bill, at or after
maturity, in his own right, the bill is discharged
renunciation must be in writing or bill delivered

who pays part of a bill drawn in set, other than
the part he accepted, and latter part in hands
of holder in due course, he is liable to such

ACCEPTOR FOR HONOR, what he engages to do..
to whom he is liable....

bill accepted supra protest, before being presented
to acceptor must protest for non-payment.....
when his addres and place where bill protested
for non-payment are in the same place, bill
must be presented to acceptor for honor not
later than day after maturity...

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course to pursue, when address and place, etc., is
not same place.....

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what delay operates as an excuse for non-present-
ment to......

if he does not pay, when bill presented to him, it
must be protested for non-payment by him..

ACCOMMODATION, when bill accepted for party's
accommodation such party not entitled to notice
of dishonor by non-payment...

payment of bill by accommodation party, dis-
charges the bill..

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ACTION, meaning of expression....

right of, for recovery back of moneys paid on
cheque with forged indorsement, barred, unless
notice of forgery given drawee within one year
from discovery of forgery.....

in action upon bill, burden of proof as to being
prima facie holder in due course, shifted by
proving fraud, etc., etc....



34 (3)


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holder of a bill may bring such in his own name
on a lost bill, Court may order that loss be not
set up, if indemnity be given......

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in any action protest prima facie evidence of pre-
sentation and dishonor and of service of notice

ACTS OR DOCUMENTS which are repealed, how

ACTUAL KNOWLEDGE that bill given for usurious
consideration can alone render void in hands of

ADDITION of words creating and relieving persons
signing from personal liability......

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of place of payment to a bill accepted generally is
a material alteration..

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ADDRESS, see Acceptor for Honor.....

when presentment for payment should be at
address of acceptor or drawee..

ADMISSION of fraud, etc., shifts onus of proof that
holder is holder in due course..

AGENT signing by procuration, gives notice that he
has but limited authority..

signing by procuration only binds principal if act-
ing within actual limits of his authority....
signing and adding words creating and relieving
him from personal liability...

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rule for determining whether signature that of
principal or agent....

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in whose hands bill is, when dishonored, may
give notice to parties, or to his principal, effect
of giving notice to principal......

of Bank, when he must not act as notary....
of holder may cancel bill, and bill discharged..
of holder may discharge liability of any party by
intentionally cancelling signature...

for payer for honor may make declaration for
notarial act of honor..

bank as agent for collection of crossed cheques..

AGREEMENT, presentation for acceptance or for pay-
ment is governed by any agreement relating

ALLONGE, indorsement on, when sufficient....

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ANTECEDENT DEBT is sufficient to constitute a
valuable consideration for a bill..

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ANTECEDENT PARTIES, rights against preserved

by indorser who pays bill..

59 (b)


ANTE DATED bill so dated is not for that reason


13 (2)


ASSENT, signification of, by drawee to order of drawer
acceptance of bill.....

subsequent assent to holder taking qualified ac-
ceptance binds party so assenting.....

to qualified acceptance, deemed to have been
given, unless after notice of same, drawer or in-
dorser dissents within reasonable time........
assent of indorser to demand note being held as
collateral security dispenses with necessity of
usual presentment for payment..

ASSIGNMENT of funds in hands of drawee available
for payment of bill not constituted by bill

ASSUMED NAME, person signing in assumed name
liable as if signing in his own name....

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AUTHORITY, signature to blank paper, delivered by
signer to be converted into bill operates as
authority to fill up for any amount..
person in possession of bill prima facie has
authority to fill in omission...

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