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alteration of time, when bill payable is a material


when less than three days limited for doing an
non-business days" excluded in court...
when the Act comes into force......

TIME FOR PAYMENT, when not expressed, bill pay-
able on demand...

Three days of grace always added to bill not
payable on demand.....

TITLE, notice of defect of title, in person negotiating
bill prevents holder from becoming holder in
due course...

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when title of person negotiating bill is defective..
to bill not indorsed vests in transferee for value
from holder transferring....
defect of, affecting bill at its maturity, affects
bill if negotiated when overdue.....
holder of bill in due course holds free from de-
fect of title of prior parties......
defective title existing at time of dishonor at-
tached to bill not overdue in hands of person
taking same with notice of dishonor...
person taking crossed cheque marked
negotiable" can only get and only give such
title as possessed by person from whom he got it
of customer being defective to crossed cheque,
payment of which has been received by bank
in good faith, bank not liable to true owner of

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defect in title holder not affected by, because de-
mand note not presented within a reasonable
time after issue...

85 (3)



any taking overdue bill gets and can give only
such title as party had from whom he took it..
TRADE, person signing bill in trade name, bound as

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if signing his own name.....

TRANSFER, when ownership not transferred in a bill
then indorsement is restrictive...


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TRANSFERABLE, bill may contain words prohibiting


when no such words and payable to particular
person, then payable to order...

TRANSFEREE, of patent right note, with notice
takes same subject to equities between original

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when bill so transfered as to constitute trans-
feree the holder, then bill is negotiated ......
for value of bill without indorsement acquires
title of holder who transfers....

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for value of a bill not indorsed acquires title of
transferer and right to have bill indorsed....
"TRANSFEREE BY DELIVERY," who is such, and

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TRANSFERER, see Transferee......

TRUE DATE, of issue or acceptance may be inserted
by holder in due course, when bill payable at
fixed period after date, or at sight and not dated
what shall be deemed the true date.....

TWO OR MORE persons indorsing who are not
partners, must all indorse unless authority in
one to indorse for all.......

UNAUTHORIZED, signature, may be ratified

UNDATED, when bill not dated and payable at fixed

period after date, any holder may insert true
date of issue....

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UNLAWFUL means, when person obtains bill by such
his title is defective....

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can refuse to take qualified acceptance...
USURIOUS consideration, when bill given for, is void,
in hands of holder....

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See Usurious Consideration.

VALID, bill may be valid between parties yet not


VALID AND EFFECTUAL, instrument negotiated
after completion as bill in hands of holder in
due course, valid and effectual for all purposes
and against all parties..

when presumed......

VALUABLE consideration, how it may be constituted


VALUE," meaning of expression....

want of statement of, or that any given for bill,
does not render invalid....

when at any time given for bill, holder deemed
holder for value as against acceptor and all
prior parties.....

when value not received by an acceptor, drawer

or indorser, then the bill is an accommodation

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holder to be holder in due course must have taken
bill for value.....

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holder of bill transferring such for, without in-
dorsing gives transferee his title...

VERBAL communications may supplement and validate
written notice of dishonor...

VOIDED, bill not voided by insertion of date, though
wrong date, if so done by holder in due course
WAIVER, notice of dishonor may be dispensed with
by waiver....

when notice may be waived...

WARRANT for payment of dividend, law as to crossed
cheque, applicable to....

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WARRANTY OF transferrer by delivery....


WORDS, when sum expressed in words and figures,
amount in words governs..

See Expressions.

addition of creating and relieving person signing

from personal liability....


given for a patent right" must be written

across patent right note....

"pay costs," meaning of, in crossed cheque..

WRITTEN notice of dishonor need not be signed......
indorsement must be written....

WRITING, renunciation of right by holder against
acceptor must be in writing....

notice of dishonor may be in writing..

WRONG DATE, when inserted by holder in mistake
shall operate as true date.....

WRONGLY DESIGNATED, when payee or indorsee
wrongly designated, how he may indorse......

YEAR, one year allowed within which to give notice of
forged indorsement on cheque from discovery
of same..

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