Current Topics in Human Genetics: Studies in Complex Diseases

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World Scientific, 2007 - Medical - 950 pages
1. Regression-based linkage analysis methods / Tao Wang and Robert C. Elston -- 2. Admixture mapping: methods and applications / Xiaofeng Zhu -- 3. Survival analysis methods in genetic epidemiology / Hongzhe Li -- 4. Genetic Association studies: concepts and applications / Jun Li -- 5. Tag SNP selection and its applications in association studies / Kui Zhang and Fengzhu Sun -- 6. Haplotype inference and association analysis in unrelated samples / Zeny Feng, Nianjun Liu and Hongyu Zhao -- 7. A survey on haplotyping algorithms for tightly linked markets / Jing Li -- 8. DNA Pooling: methods and applications in association studies / Jiexun Wang, Guohua Zou and Hongyu Zhao -- 9. Linkage disequilibrium and test for interaction between two loci / Momiao Xiong -- 10. Association tests for complex disease genes while controlling population stratification / Shuanglin Zhang and Qiuying Sha -- 11. Statistical methods for multiple QTL mapping in experimental crosses / Daniel Shriner, Solomon Musani and Nengjun Yi -- 12. Animal models in the study of genetics of complex human diseases / Weikuan Gu, Jian Yan and Yan Jiao -- 13. Acquisition of accurate gene expression information from microarray measurements / Shuang Jia, Shouguo Gao, Martin J. Hessner and Xujing Wang -- 14. Application of DNA microarray technology in genetics / Jian Yan, Weikuan Gu and Yan Jiao -- 15. Expression Quantitative Trait Locus e(QTL) mapping / Song Huang, David Ballard, Zheyang Wu and Hongyu Zhao -- 16. Bridging genotype and phenotype: causal pathways from DNA to complex traits / Yan Cui -- 17. Functional proteomics and its application in geomedical traits / Guishan Xiao and Teri Zhang -- 18. An introduction to biomedical informatics / Hai Hu and Michael N. Liebman -- 19. Protein-protein interactions: concepts, databases, software tools, and biomedial implications / SudhaRani Mamidipalli and Jake Yue Chen -- 20. Genomic cloning in the postgenome era / Yan Jiao and Weikuan Gu -- 21. RNA metabolism and human diseases / Zhongwei Li and Gayatri Kollipara -- 22. Recent progress in the genetics of osteoporosis / Hui shen [und weitere] -- 23. Critical molecules in bone development and genetic bone diseases / Qing Wang [und weitere] -- 24. Genetic factors for human type 1 diabetes / Cong-Yi Wang, Junyan Han and Jin-Xiong She -- 25. Genetic susceptibility to human obesity / Yong-Jun Liu and Hong-Wen Deng -- 26. Genes in estrogen metabolism pathway and breast cancer / Ji-Rong Long -- 27. Hereditary breast and ovarian cancers / Wentao Yang, Daren Shi and Jinsong Liu -- 28. Activation of Wnt Signaling in tumor development / Zhimin Lu -- 29. Genetics of autoimmune diseases: MHC and beyond / Yahuan Lou -- 30. Genetics of substance dependence / Joel Gelernter and Henry R. Kranzler -- 31. Insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome / Wei-Dong Li and R. Arlen Price -- 32. Genetics of intracellular traffic jams: multi-organellar defects / Wei Li

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its a grt books , every bio student read it


1 Regressionbased Linkage Analysis Methods Tao Wang and Robert C Elston
Methods and Applications Xiaofeng Zhu
3 Survival Analysis Methods in Genetic Epidemiology Hongzhe Li
Concepts and Applications Jun Li
5 Tag SNP Selection and Its Applications in Association Studies Kui Zhang and Fengzhu Sun
6 Haplotype Inference and Association Analysis in Unrelated Samples Zeny Feng Nianjun Liu and Hongyu Zhao
7 A Survey on Haplotyping Algorithms for Tightly Linked Markers Jing Li
Methods and Applications in Association Studies Jiexun Wang Guohua Zou and Hongyu Zhao
Concepts Databases Software Tools and Biomedical Implications SudhaRani Mamidipalli and Jake Yue Chen
20 Genomic Cloning in the Postgenome Era Yan Jiao and Weikuan Gu
21 RNA Metabolism and Human Diseases Zhongwei Li and Gayatri Kollipara
22 Recent Progress in the Genetics of Osteoporosis Hui Shen YongJun Liu Peng Xiao DongHai Xiong and HongWen Deng
23 Critical Molecules in Bone Development and Genetic Bone Diseases Qing Wang Ming Zhang Tianhui Zhu and Di Chen
24 Genetic Factors for Human Type 1 Diabetes CongYi Wang Junyan Han and JinXiong She
25 Genetic Susceptibility to Human Obesity YongJun Liu and HongWen Deng
26 Genes in Estrogen Metabolism Pathway and Breast Cancer JiRong Long

9 Linkage Disequilibrium and Test for Interaction Between Two Loci Momiao Xiong
10 Association Tests for Complex Disease Genes While Controlling Population Stratification Shuanglin Zhang and Qiuying Sha
11 Statistical Methods for Multiple QTL Mapping in Experimental Crosses Daniel Shriner Solomon Musani and Nengjun Yi
12 Animal Models in the Study of Genetics of Complex Human Diseases Weikuan Gu Jian Yan and Yan Jiao
13 Acquisition of Accurate Gene Expression Information from Microarray Measurements Shuang Jia Shouguo Gao Martin J Hessner and Xujing Wa...
14 Application of DNA Microarray Technology in Genetics Jian Yan Weikuan Gu and Yan Jiao
15 Expression Quantitative Trait Locus eQTL Mapping Song Huang David Ballard Zheyang Wu and Hongyu Zhao
Causal Pathways from DNA to Complex Traits Yan Cui
17 Functional Proteomics and Its Application in Biomedical Sciences Guishan Xiao and Teri Zhang
18 An Introduction to Biomedical Informatics Hai Hu and Michael N Liebman
27 Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancers Wentao Yang Daren Shi and Jinsong Liu
28 Activation of Wnt Signaling in Tumor Development Zhimin Lu
MHC and Beyond Yahuan Lou
30 Genetics of Substance Dependence Joel Gelernter and Henry R Kranzler
31 Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Syndrome WeiDong Li and R Arlen Price
Multiorganellar Defects Wei Li
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