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Captain, PHINEAS A. DAVIS, Lowell. ISRAEL N. WILSON, No. Billerica, promoted to capt. in 29th reg't, July 25, 1861. 1st Lieut., / WM. E. FARRAR, Lowell, promoted from 2d lieut. July 25, 1861. 2d Lieut., WM. A. Fifield, Lowell, promoted from sergeant, July 25, 1861. Sergeants. Carvell David J., Boston

Mills Thomas B., Lowell Worcester Wm. H., Lowell, trans- Caverly Daniel D., Lowell

McMeekin Andrew, Lowell ferred to band 16th Reg. Collins John L., Methuen

Preston George S., Tewksbury Hartwell Cephas L., Lowell, pro- Coburn Albert N., Dracut

Peabody Morton N., Lowell
moted to lst sergeant
Caulfield Orange M., Lowell

Pratt Thomas F., Lowell
Ingham Richard, Lowell
Dillingham Paul, Lowell

Page Rinaldo, Lowell
Hunt Edward S. Lowell, promoted Edwards George C., Lowell

Parmenter John C., Lowell to Ist sergeant Co. 4, 19th New Emmott Thomas, Lowell

Parsons Albert, Lowell
York Volunteers
French Franklin, Lowell

Page Charles K., Lowell

Farnham Newton C., Lawrence Pray George E., Lowell
Young William M., Lowell, pro- Frost Charles H., Tyngsboro

Powers William G., Lowell moted to sergeant Fletcher Henry H., Lowell

Porter George H., Lowell Devoll Andrew J., Lowell, promo- Filisetti Charles H., Lowell

Ring Charles C., Lowell ted to mergeant Fiske John L., Lowell

Richardson Hudson M., Lowell
Brazer Charles E., Lowell
Goodell Harlon P., Lowell

Rollins Richard M., Lowell
Brigham Charles W., Lowell
Green Webster M., Lowell

Kichardson Samuel M., Lowell Blake Elias O., Lowell, discharged Gardner Henry L. Lowell

Schofield James, Dracut
Thissell Charles A., Lowell
Hayden George A., Lowell

Seaver George W., Lowell
Bowers Charles, Lowell
Holbrook Daniel H., Lowell

Sleeper Charles W., Lowell
Storer Newman w., Lowell, pro- Holmes Edwin P., Lowell

Sargent Emmons B., Lowell
moted to sergeant
Hersey Franklin J., Lowell

Smith Marshall S., Lowell
Hand Henry M., Lowell

Stevens Alonzo B., Lowell
Weston A. Judson, Lowell

Hubbard William E., Lowell, pro- Stewart Zachariah B., Lowell Wilkins Orin T., Lowell

moted to 2d lieut. Co. -, New Tolman Charles, Lowell
Hampshire 8th Reg.

Thissell George N., Lowell
Fitzgerald Charles H., Lowell, dis- Hayes John, Lowell

Waters Daniel A., Lowell charged

Howe Henry W., Lowell, promoted Williams Charles H., Lowell

to quartermaster sergeant But- Wing Benjamin F., Lowell Amsden Stephen C., Lowell

ler's Division

Whitcomb Charles C., Lowell Ayling Augustus D., Lowell, pro- Haskell Charles W., Lowell

Whitcomb Calvin S., Lowell moted to 2d lieut.' Co. D, Mass. Jones Thomas S., Lowell

Willey Isaac, Lowell' 29th Reg. Jenness William, Lowell

Wilson Francis T., Lowell
Boynton Frank P., Lowell

Luscomb William H., Lowell Young John J., Tewksbury
Briggs Simeon, Lowell
Lowger William F., Lowell

Joined after the regt. lert Mass. Benson Samuel W., Tewksbury Lawson John, Lowell

Coburn George H.
Bean James W., Lowell
Leighton Gancelo, Lowell

Dwinel Amos H.
Cole Andrew P., Lowell

McCausland Clement, Lowell Lebell Joseph
Cowdry Silas, Lowell
Mills Martin V., Lowell

Lovejoy Charles W.
Cadwell Charles B., Lowell

McCurdy Wilbur G., Lowell Lovrien Samuel J.
Chase Harvey B.. Lowell
McCue John, Lowell

Robinson Charles S.
Critchett George F., Lowell

Marshall Alonzo D., Tewksbury

First Massachusetts Light Battery,

Was organized for the war by Capt. Josiah Porter. They were quartered at Camp Cameron some six weeks. They left for the seat of war, Thursday afternoon, Oct. 3d, at three o'clock. The battery consists of six pieces of artillery, and as many caissons, one ammunition-wagon, one army forge, and three baggage-wagons. The guns and caissons are each drawn by six horses, and the others by four. Besides these, are the horses for the officers — making in all about one hundred and twentyfive horses and one hundred and fifty men. On the arrival of the battery in this city, on the day of their departure, they were enthusiastically received, and cheer after cheer rent the air as they passed through the streets to take the cars for Washington.

In the grand review of artillery, which took place near the Capitol about the first of November, Gen. McClellan complimented Capt. Porter and his command very highly. This battery is stationed near Washington.

Field and Staff.
Captain, JOSIAH PORTER, Cambridge.
Senior 1st Lieut., Wm. H. MCCARTNEY, Boston.
Junior 1st Lieut., J. HENRY SLEEPER, Boston.
Senior 2d Lieut., JACOB FEDERHEX, Boston.
Junior 2d Lieut., ROBERT L. SAWIN, Boston.
Sergeant Major, J. W. B. WRIGHT, Boston.
Quartermaster Sergeant, John B. MCCARTNEY, Boston.

Chiefs of Pieces, toith rank of sergt. Caswell Wm., Rye, N. H.

Artificers. Barnes J. B., Boston

Charters Reuben P., New Bruns Pooler John M., Dedham Sinclair James, Roxbury


Emery William, Charlestown French Chas. W., Stratham, N. A. Kenny James W., West Cambridge Room Peter, Halifax, N. S. Marear Joseph H., Boston

Chief of Caissons, rank of corps Morse George, Salem Adams Mathew W., Wichem. C.E. Daly Thos. H., Roxbury

Pinkerton Wm., Amesbury Snell Oliver S., Concord, N. H. Blake Geo. M. Barrington, N. H. Hill Eber, Derbyshire, England Gunners, with the rank of corporal. Chase John W., Roxbury

Lawrence Geo. E., Gardiner, Me. Green Milbrey, Roxbury

Hoyt Francis A., Amherst
Covell Thos. J., Boston
Smith Asa, Ipswich

Henick Thos. S., Ireland
Skimmings Wm. H., Boston Williams Henry, Boston

Wagoner. Stevens Alvin 19., Bridgeton

Bell John W., Boston

Appleton C. A. J., Salisbury
Bunker Alfred F.. Cambridge
Brooke Geo. V., Ashburnham
Burnham John H., Newbury port
Burley Chas. H., Brookfield, N.H.
Benham Daniel, Reading, Eog.
Bates Wilbur L., Scituate
Bussey Oscar B., Lowell
Bennet Andrew J., Somerville
Barri Martin, Portsmouth, N. H.
Boyer Wm. A., Carlisle, Penn.
Barnes Joseph C., Lowell
Barnard Geo. A., Lynn
Cook Ebenezer R., Sandwich
Carpenter Henry A., Lowell, run

over and killed by a loaded bag-
gage-wagon, near Fairfax Sem-

inary, Va., Jan. 20, 1802
Currier Calvin C., Weare, N. H.
Cushing M. V. B., Boston
Carroll John
Colby Amos G., Harrington, Me.
Chaffin Willard, Holden
Cannon Chas. C., Buffalo, N. Y.
Carter John, Bath, Me.
Covill David M., New Bedford
Cunningham Robert S., Halifax,

N. S.
Copeland John, Boston
Cushing James T., Medford
Clark John W., Plaistow, N. H.
Cummings Chas. E., Lawrence
Coye Wm.J., Boston
Cheney Daniel S., Medford
Daniels Benj. W. Boston
Dunn James N., Boston
Daly John, Boston
Devitt Thos. E., Boston
Edwards Charles, Windsor, N. S.
Evans George, South Reading

Foster Orrin J., Dover, N. H.
French James R., Hingham
Gunthar Frederick, Baltimore, Md.
Gage Albert, Dover, N. H. (Me.
Goodwin Marshall F., Bridgeton,
Hollis Barney T., Quincy
Hook Samuel E., Boston
Hall Henry S., Sutton
Hawkins Charles, Dover, N. H.
Hill Chas. B., Sandwich, N. H.
Hutchinson Wm., Dorchester
Hutchinson John, Dorchester
Hanscom Wm H., Boston
Harper Alexander. Lowell
Howard Leander F., Brighton, dis-

charged Jan. 15, 1862
Heywood Jas. D.. Spesticook, Me.
Humby Wm., Newfoundland
Howe Geo. W., Boston
Ham Wm., Cornwall, Eng.
Isancs Richard J., St. John, N. B.
Jackes John A., Birhead, Scotland
Jenkins Henry R., Plymouth
Johnson Samuel S., Revanna, Ohio
Johnson Theodore A., Boston
Knowles Stephen B., Gilmanton,

N. H.
Kane James H., Boston
Kelly John, Ireland
Lynde Charles, Boston
Longley Thos. F.. Boston
Lynch Nicholas G., Boston
Langley Henry, Exeter, N. I.
Levit Morris, Rhein, Prussia
Mills Wm. J., Boston
Muldoon James J., Breton
Marsh Henry L., Boston
Milliken Chas. G., Portland, Me.
Magee John, Boston

Macomber David R., North Jay,
Morse David S., Boston
Neale Otis S., Boston
Parker John J., Boston
Pettingill Willurd W., Canton
Poor Chas. F., Charlestown

Pierson Jo eph N., Lowell
Preston Edward F., Rutland
Quinn Wm., Boston
Quinn Wm. J., Boston
Richardson Benj. L., Boston
Ranney Alonzo P., Boston
Russell David F., Scotland
Ricker John, New Durham, N. H.
Rogers James, Tewksbury, N. Y.
Keynolds Stephen H., New Market,

N. H.
Reidell Jacob, Munich, Bavaria
Rowland James S., Boston
Starbird Rufus H., Livermore, Me.
Scott Wm., Boston
Sullivan Patrick, Ireland
Sullivan Michael, St. John, N. B.
Sullivan James S., Fairtield, Vt.
Slattery Cornelius, Ireland
Sherman Paul, Medford
Smitherman Henry, Birmingham,

Swift Edward P., Charlestown
Smith Geo. R., Chaflin, Conn.
Stacy Robt., Cambridge, discharged

Jan. 15, 1862
Twiss Wm., Malden
Tracy Henry A., Boston
Taylor John, St. John, N. B.
Trumbull Nathaniel, Boston
Tarbell Silas C., Chester, Vt.
Twilight Wm. H., Exeter, N. I.
Tolman Amasa H., Roxbury
Tucker Stephen V., Readfield, Me.
Woodbury Joseph W., Haverhill
Ward Wm. F., No. Cambridge
Walker Ira, Shirley
Winslow Benj. F., Bridgewater
White Geo. B., Randolph
White Wm. H., West Cambridge
Wheeler Wm. J., Boston
Warren llenry M., Boston
Yeats Joseph, Birmingham, Eng.
Young Alfred A., Boston
Young Benj. F., North Reading

Second Massachusetts Light Battery.

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Major Cobb opened papers for enlistment for this company, April 20, 1861, and May 2d the organization was completed, under the name of "Cobb's Light Artillery.” June 17th they made their first public parade. They went into Camp Adams, at Quincy, July 5th'; the 31st were sworn into the United States' service; and, on the 8th of August, at 7} P. M., they broke camp and proceeded to the seat of war. At 6 P. m. of the 10th, they arrived in New York.' They soon found themselves enjoying the hospi. talities of Philadelphia, where the people had erected convenient temporary barracks, and furnished them with everything to cleanse the outer and feed the inner man. At Wilmington, they loaded the guns with shell, to be prepared for any emergency. A telegraphic dispatch from Washington ordered them to go into camp at Baltimore. On the 12th, they camped on Mt. Clare, where Cook's Battery had been encamped. On the 14th they chose the grounds formerly occupied by Col. Stewart, of the Confederate army: They named the camp “Camp Andrew," in honor of the Governor. Occasional parade and camp duty occupied their time. They were once reviewed by Gens. Dix and Duryea.

At Ilo'clock, P. M., September 12th, the bugle sounded the alarm, and in half an hour every gun, and man, and horse was ready for duty. It was a false alarm, but a healthy sensation.

Oct. 8th the patriotic people of the place presented them with a fine American flag. On the 11th they took twenty-four horses and twenty men, and went upon the wood-lot of a secessionist and cut down two trees for a staff, and, in spite of the protestations of the owner, took and worked out a staff of ninety feet in length from them, and raised the flag. Guns, drums, bugles, prayer, speeches, &c., with Yankee Doodle and Hail Columbia, consecrated the occasion.

Nov. 4th, at 127, they received orders to march; prepared, and were soon at the Light-street wharf, where they met the 4th Wisconsin and one company of the Pennsylvania Cavalry. At noon of the 5th they were under way. They were then informed that their destination was Virginia. They first landed at Duckbill Landing, Wycomico River, in Somerset County, and soon arrived at Princess Anne, and stayed in the court-house that night. After hard marching through lonely roads, over swollen streams, with poor bridges that had to be repaired, and wading, where there were no bridges; and, also, after embarking again, running aground, and such difficulties, they arrived at Princess Anne when the town was in an excitement concerning election. After resting and feeding, they marched that night, through mud and rain, to Dividing Creek, separating Somerset and Worcester Counties, crossing it at l o'clock in the morning. The town was small, poorly provided with stores and provisions, and full of secession. The report of their coming had preceded them, when the people fled from what they supposed would be robbery and murder. After a short rest, they started on, building bridges as they went, and arrived at Pussy's Mill at daylighi, where they had an hour's rest after their night of severe labor. They arrived at Snow Hill, Thursday, at 10 A. M.

On the morning of the 14th they packed and marched for Newton, Somerset County, Md.,. about one hundred and seveniy-five miles from Baltimore. On the night after starting, they were visited with a snow-storm, and the cold made fires necessary in the tents. There were 4,500 troops at this place, and more men arrived; so that they numbered 6,000 for the expedition, which was under the command of Brig.-Gen. Lockwood. Among the troops comprising the expedition were the Wisconsin 4th Regiment, 1st Company Pennsylvania Cavalry, six companies Duryea's Zouaves, six companies of a Michigan Regiment, Pursell's Legion, of Maryland, containing infantry, artillery, and cavalry, - about 1,700 in all, the 2d Delaware Regiment, six companies of the 21st Indiana Regiment, six companies of the 17th Massachusetts Regiment, and Nims' Battery.

Gen. Dix issued his proclamation to the people of Accomac and Northampton Counties, in Virginia, to lay down their arms, and resume their usual occupations, or they would be compelled to do so.

After leaving Newton, they went to Drummondtown, Va., on the 25th of November. The night before leaving that place they made an attempt to arrest Col. Phinney, about seven miles from town, but he escaped them by going from Drummondtown to Puncoteague. They picked up one six-pound brass howitzer, and possessed themselves of one rebel battery, piereed for five guns, commanding the road. Leaving the latter place on the 27th, at 10, they arrived at Belletown at 12, and from thence they went to Eastville, the last town but one on the peninsula, and staid there until Dec. 2d. Near there, at Camp Hoyer, they found the last stopping-place of the rebels, where they had made considerable preparations to oppose the Union forces. They found a sixteenfoot flag of the rebels in the deserted fortifications. From this place, without meeting any one to fight, they went to Bailey's Town, near the river, to await the arrival of boats. The next day they started on their return for Baltimore, - about seventeen hours' sail, - and arrived back at their old position without finding an enemy to fight a battle. The expedition saved these counties to the Union.

About March 1st, 1862, this battery left Baltimore for Ship Island.

Field and Staff.
Captain, ORMAND F. NIMS, Boston.

John W. WALCOTT, Roxbury, promoted to captain in Maryland BatSenior 1st Lieut.,

tery. GEORGE G. TRULL, Boston, promoted from senior 2d lieut., Dec. 18,

1861. Junior 1st Lieut., {

JOHN BIGELOW, Brighton, appointed adjutant in Maryland Battery.

RICHARD B. HALL, Charlestown, promoted from junior 2d lieut. Senior 2d Lieut.,' WM. MARLAND, Andover, commissioned Dec. 18, 1861. Junior 2d Lieut., WARREN K. Snow, Boston, promoted from sergeant, Feb. 21, 1862. Quartermaster Sergeant, ALDEN N. NORCROSS, Boston. Guidon, CHARLES H. SENTER, Lynn. Ordnance Sergeant, FRANK J. WHITCHER, Boston, promoted to lieut. in Maryland


NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS AND PRIVATES. Chiefs of Picces, rank of sergeant. Hatch S. H., Boston

Eastman William H., Melrose Chamberlin Lowell A., Malden, Haven J. S., Boston

Eldridge Ellery W., Chelsea promoted to lieut. in Maryland Jacobus Peter, Boston

Ellis Jacob M., Montrose, promoted Battery


to chief of caisson Snow Warren K., Boston, promoted King Phineas F., Watertown

Evans Elbridge, Charlestown to junior 2d lieut.


Fillebrown Henry A., Charlestown Burwell Aug, B., Chelsea Senter Charles H., Lynn

Fiske John D., Southbridge Cheever Henry P., New York


Fletcher John W., Boston
Harvey Orlando C., Boston
Akerman Joseph, Boston

Forbis John A., Boston
Russell Edwin K., Chelsea
Allen John W., Boston

Foster Thomas B., Stoughton Gunnerx, rank of corporal. Barnes Henry Q., Boston

French Loring A., Quincy Knowlton Joseph S., East Boston, Barney Edw. F., Southboro'

Gerriti Wm. A., Lowell, transferred promoted to chief of piece Barsantee Alphonso, Boston

to band of 17th Mass. Reg. Wadsworth Henry M., Boston, dis- Bates William T., Boston

Glover Edward W., Medford charged Bolton J. F., Boston

Goodwin Wm. H., No. Weymouth Howe Francis E., Melrose, promo- Bolton William J., Boston

Green Charles W., Boston ted to chief of piece

Brigham Frank O., Needham Haley Samuel W., Somerville Bellows Fred. A., Charlestown Brown Edwin M., Boston

Ilam George E., Boston
Jordan William W., Boston
Brown Francis G., Boston

Harmon George B., Boston
Livermore Converse F., West Cam- Butler Levi T., Boston

Hammond Daniel M., Charlestown bridge

Butts William D., Charlestown Harvey A. D., Boston
Chiefs of Caissons, rank of corporal. Carter John F., Boston

Hatch Seth H., Boston
Andrews Edwin A., Boston
Cas well Joseph S., Boston

Hauft Rudolph, Boston
Leavitt E. L., Boston

Chadbourne Bradford H., Boston Haywood Hampton V., Boston Hodgdon Lucian A., Somerville Clogston Laman, Boston

Hidden William G., Boston
Greenleaf Joseph W., Boston Cobb Cyrus W., Malden

Hind Henry, Boston
Lincoln S. S., South Malden
Cobb James M., New Bedford

Harvey J. R, Boston
Company Clerk.
Crockett William H., Boston

Hobbs Joseph A., Boston
Sanborn Charles Ó., Medford
Curtis Fred N., Medford

Hodgdon Moses, Boston

Cushing Lyman F. W., Medford Houghton George E., Boston
O'Grady J., Boston
Davis Benjamin P., Boston

Howani William R., Boston
Davison Cyrus, Boston

Hubbard Stephen L., Charlestown Brown llenry E., Charlestown Doe William F., Boston

Hurd H., Boston
Cobb C. W., Malden
Dow Joseph, Chelsea

Jackman Henry A., Boston
Gould R. B. H., South Boston Downing Matthias, Boston

Julian George N., Exeter, N. H.

Kane James II., South Boston, pro

moted to chief of caisson Kone William, South Boston, pro

moted to gunner
Knight Thomas W., Boston, clerk

to Gen. Duryea
Kimball Martin V., Charlestown
Knights William W., Boston
Knowles Osgood w., Boston
Lamb Hiram K., North Cambridge
Lang J., Boston
Learned John, Cambridgeport
Leavitt Jaines M., South Boston
Little Orison, Charlestown
Littlefield R. S., Charlestown, dis-

charged sick, now commissary

sergeant in Mass. Infantry
Lombard Edwin L., Boston
Long George, Neponset
Longley Isaac N., Boston
Lovejoy Alvin G., Soinerville
Lynch Charles H., Boston
Marble Carlos, Boston,
Marsh Lewis H., Boston
Maxwell Charles B., Boston
Maxwell Chauncy II., Boston
Mayer Philip J., jr., Boston
Miller William, East Boston
Munroe Thomas, Quincy, disch'd

Moulton Harrison O., North Wey.

Murray David, South Boston
Newcomb James, Boston
Newhall Charles E., Boston
Nichols Robert C., Boston
Palmer Elwarl A., Charlestown
Palmer Thomas H., Boston
Partridge Samuel, South Roston
Pelby Charles, Boston
Presby Mason W., Sutton, N. H.
Price Theodore II., Boston
Ray Charles, Boston, discharged
Roberts Thomas E., Boston
Roberison John F., Boston
Russell Isaac H., Charlestown
Ryder Henry F. Boston
Sanborn Cutler D., Boston
Seavey Leonard C., Saco, Me.
Skilton Samuel P., Charlestown
Smith James, Brighton
Smith J. R., Boston
Sargent Russell B., Boston
Spiller James W., Somerville
Stevens Sineon, Boston
Sherman Charles

F., Watertown
Stilphen John E., Melrose
Stone Calvin, Sutton

Street George D., Agawam
Sullivan Michael H., Boston
Swan Lewis W., Chelsea, promoted

to gunner
Tate James C., Charlestown
Tate John M., Charlestown
Tate Moses F., Charlestown
Taylor John, Cambridge
Thrasher Henry A., Boston
Thompson (., Charlestown
Thompson ter, Somerville
Tierney M., Boston
Tirrell David J., South Boston, dis-
charged sick, now corporal in

Mass. 6th Battery
Tracy Wayne B., Boston
Tyler Thomas R., Charlestown
Tucker James R., Weymouth
Vaughan Samuel s., Charlestown
Walcott Aaron F. Boston, promo-

ted to lieut. in 3d Battery
Watkey Edward, Boston, disch'd
White Leonard N., Stoughton, dis-
charged sick, now sergeant in

Mass. Cavalry
Whitmore Benjamin F., Boston
Wield John, Charlestown
Wilkins Robert J., Boston

Third Battery. The Third Battery was recruited at Lynnfield, by Capt. Dexter H. Follett, and was attached to the 224 Regiment. It proceeded to Washington with that regiment, Oct. 7, and was stationed on the Virginia side of the Potomac. For roll of members, see page 358.

Fourth Battery, Light Artillery. .
The Fourth Battery is attached to Gen. Butler's command. It was recruited at
Camp Chase, Lowell. The Section of Artillery, of Salem, Capt. Manning, formed its
nucleus. The battery sailed from Boston in the Constitution, for Ship Island, La.,
November 21, 1861.

Field and Staff.
Captain, CHARLES H. MANNING, Salem.
18t Lieut., FREDERIC W. REINHARDT, Boston.
2d Lieut., JOSEPH R. SALLA, Boston.
3d Lieut., HENRY DAVIDSON, Salem.
4th Lieut., GEORGE W. TAYLOR, Salem.

Fifth Massachusetts Light Battery,

Capt. Max Eppendorff, was recruited at Lynnfield, and was afterwards ordered to "Camp Massasoit,” Readville. While encamped there, they visited New Bedford, and were met at the depot by Messrs. Ladd and Lewis, in behalf of the city government, the brass band, and a large concourse of citizens. They at once formed into line and marched to City Hall, where several patriotic addresses were made. The oce casion was one of great interest, as well as their short visit to New Bedford. They left their camp for Annapolis, Wednesday, the 25th of December, by the Stonington line, and by steamer from Groton to New York.

This battery is the only one which has left the State without a full and complete equipment. Orders from 'Washington were that they would receive their equipment upon their arrival at that city. The company is well ófficered, and is composed of the very best material.

Field and Staff. Captain,

MAX EPPENDORFF, New Bedford, discharged Jan. 24, 1862.

GEO. D. ALLEN, Malden, promoted from senior 1st lieut., Jan. 25, 1862. Senior 1st Lieut., John B. HYDE, New Bedford, promoted from jr. 1st lieut., Jan. 23, '61

Jun. 1st Lieut., ROBT. A. DILLINGHAM, New Bedford, promoted from 2d lieut., Jan. 25, 1862.
Senior 2d Lieut., CHARLES A. Phillips, Salem, promoted from junior 2d lieut.
Junior 21 Lieut., HENRY D. Scott, New Bedford, promoted from sergeant, Jan. 25, 1862.
Sergeant Major, GEORGE H. Johnson, Boston.
Quartermaster Sergeant, TIMOTHY W. TERRY, New Bedford.

Lull Frederick A., Cambridge
| Clark Samuel, Smithfield,

Murray John F., Cambridge Canty Jolin M., New Bedford McVey David, New Bedford Scott Henry D., New Bedford, pro- Carsley Wm. W., New Bedford Macomber Chas. H., Fall River moted to jr. 2d lieut.

Crapo Henry D., New Bedford Manchester Geo. F., New Bedford Smith Otis B., Boston Clark John W., New Bedford

Moore Alexander, New Bedford Morgridge Chas. H., New Bedford Carney Thomas, New Bedtord Miller Robert, New Bedford Pattison Wm. B., Boston Cook John G., jr., Ohio

Nield James, New Bedford
Blake Peleg W., New Bedford Chase Thos. E., Boston

Newhall Wm. B., Malden

Chadwick Geo. u., New Bedford Newton Geo. L., Charlestown
Ferris Anson E., New Bedford
Colbath Chas. H., Lynn

Oldis Francis, New Bedford
Simonds Harrison 0., Boston

Caswell Wm. W., New Bedford Pinder Wm., New Bedford
Page Mason W., New Bedford
Champlin Edward, R. I.

Peacock Jacob, New Bedford
Baxter Wm. H., Quincy
Cox H. A.

Petty Luther, New Bedford
Nye Ephraim B., New Bedford

Dunham Wm. H., Fairhaven Pilling John, New Bedford
Cox Albert T., Malden
Dickerman J. C.

Pattison Lewis E., Boston
Gibbs Elisha J., New Bedford
Drew John T., New Bedford

Poole Geo. W., Malden
Milliken Albert F., New Bedford
Doherty B.

Platts Edward M., Boston
Wilson Edward T., 2d, New Bed-
Dyer John E., New Bedford

Parsons Henry C., Mulden, proford Estee Wm. E., Charlestown

moted to corporal Spear Joseph E., Quincy

Fitzsimmons Henry, New Bedford Proctor Geo. O., Maine
Clark Chas A., New Bedford

Flynn Michael, New Bedford Phippin Edward A., Jr., Charles-
Freetown Geo. A., Boston


Greely William, New Bedford Pierce David B., New Bedford Hewitt Michael, New Bedford Grows Daniel H., Boston

Rice Edward E., Boston
Gilbert Jacob A., New Bedford Groves G.

Ray Wm. H., Fall River
Barnard Chas. D., New Bedford Gunning William, New Bedford Saxon J. H.
Tripp Christopher B.

Gardner Josiah W., New Bedford Shaw Luther F., Wareham
Standish Thos. B., Melrose
Gustine Edward F., Medford

Shaw George, New Bedford
Wood James A., New Bedford Graham Benjamin, New Bedford Soule llenry W., New Bedford
Hart John C., New Bedford

Sapford John G., New Bedford
Winters James, New Bedford Hayden Albion K. P., New Bedford Shaw Horatio E., Quincy
Tucker John C., West Amesbury
Hackett W. C.

Skinner Chas. E., Melrose
Hall Joseph, New Bedford, disch'd Story Benj. F., Charlestown
Wagon Masters.
Peacock W. H., Boston

Hodgins John H., New Bedford Simonds Warren, Roxbury
Healy Geo. F., Rochester

Smith Edward F., New Bedford
Company Clerk.
Prescott F. A.
Hasking Alpheus, Marion

Smith Benj. T., New Bedford
Hardy Samuel A., New Bedford
Quartermaster Clerk.

Stiles Chas. F., Charlestown
Allen James D., New Bedford

Hathaway John F., New Bedford Tripp C. M.

Hathaway Joseph R., New Bedford Tripp James A., New Bedford
Heyes Richard, New Bedford

Townsend Stephen, New Bedford
Alden Frederic D., Fall River Hathaway Wm.jr., New Bedford Tynan Lot, New Bedford
Agen John, New Bedford

Jordan Samuel R., Mattapoisett Welch Patrick, New Bedford Almy Andrew W., Fairhaven Jay Chas. F., New Bedford

Wheaton Chas. E., New Bedford Alton John H., East Freetown Knox James L., Boston

Waddington John, New Bedford Allen Christpher C., New Bedford Kay James, New Bedford

West Edward W., Fairhaven Alton J. B., Sandwich

Kanuse Benj, S., New Bedford West Benjamin, New Bedford Burt Benj. T., Fall River King Robert, New Bedford

Whitcher Joseph, Quincy Butler Edwin J., New Bedford Leach Geo. H., Boston

Waugh Wm. A., Boston Brownell Lorenzo D., New Bedford Lapham Frederick A., jr., Quincy Washburn Lemuel A., East FreeBrown E. A. Lapham W.U. H.

town Brown Warren W., Lynnfield Mitchell Edward, New Bedford Wilcox Wm. S., New Bedford Barry William, Boston

McCully George, East Freetown Warren James L., New Bedford Braly Philo L., East Freetown Morrison Joseph J., So. Boston Washburn Francis P., New BedBurckes James M., Charlestown Morrison John W., So. Boston

ford Blanchard Amos, Boston Mack John F., So. Boston

Warren Wm. G., East Boston Baldwin James W., New Bedford

Heavy Artillery Company.
(Attached to Fort Independence, Boston Harbor.)

Captain, STEPHEN CABOT, Boston.
Senior 1st Lieut., CALEB E. NIEBUR.
Junior 1st Lieut., ELIAS W. HAYES, Gloucester.
Senior 2d Lieut., FRANCIS E. Boyd, Boston.

Junior 2d Lieut., C. FREDERIC LIVERMORE, Cambridge.
Blatchford John, Roxbury
White Charles P., Hollistoa

Butters Cyrus, Winchester
Bragg Edward F., Roxbury
Draftin John, Dorchester

Spooner George, Cohasset
Fellow. John K., Boston
Engestrom Fritz, Boston

Thomas Edwin, South Boston
Bailey Eliphalet, Holliston
Boynton Charles, Ipswich

Sargent George P., Newburyport Collins John, Boston Morse A. H., South Natick

Newton John C., Dorchester Burns Thomas J., South Boston Starrett Wm. N., Boston

Cammett George, West Newbury Young Charles W., Boston

Langdon George W., Ipswich Ball Lyman E.; Milton
Williams Edw.J., Roxbury
Thayer Royal W., Randolph

Mitchell Joseph, Roxbury
Hoyt George W., Haverhill
Wilbur Otis S., Randolph

Howe Levi L., Ipswich
Durell Elijah A., Lowell

Pratt Charles E., South Braintree Barton Wm. R., Ipswich
Walsh Michael, South Boston Huff George S., South Braintree Dean Seth. Weymouth
O'Brien John, Boston
Baker Charles H., Ipswich

Whiting Charles, Weymouth
Braydon Wm. P., Roxbury
Clark Philip E., Jpswich

Clark Joseph W. Rowley Leslie Matthew J., South Boston Russell Edward W., Ipswich

Osborn Frank, Braintree
Chapman Henry K., Shrewsbury Butler John F., Ipswich

Hobart Otis H., Weymouth
Teman James, Roxbury
Schayen Albert, East Boston

Damon Proctor A., Duxbury Clark Robert, Boston

Harding Seth, jr., East Boston Sanger John W., Westboro' Macomber A. D., Middleboro Green James, Lynntield Centre Torrey Charles D., Weymouth Osborn Joseph C., Lakeville O'Brien James, Sherburne

Stetson Charles T., W. Randolph Whittier Chas. H., West Roxbury O'Connor George, Sherburne

Breeston Thomas, Boston
Morgan James H., jr., W. Roxbury Packard llorace X., Randolph Cressey Benj. G., Rowley
Maxwell N. K., Winchester
Drayton J. S., Boston

Hicken Thoinas w., Rowley
Thayer Elihu M., Braintree Callaghan Cornelius, Boston

Hicken Edward, Newbury port Woodman Wm. H., Randolph Fitzgerald Wm. K., South Boston Bradstreet George S., Ipswich Dolan John, Lynn

Whittier Charles, North Cohasset Boynton Warren, Ipswich
Dana David D., Boston
Whittier Wm., Cohasset

Tebbetts George L., Burlington Hutchinson B. H., Randolph Beal James S., Coh Asset

Hernen Bartholomew, S. Boston Batchelder J. T., Concord, N. H. Devine James, South Boston

Carney George, Boston Nowell Horace, Winchester

Maley John O., South Boston

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