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Twenty-Ninth Regiment.

Seven of the companies composing this regiment were the first three years' troops that entered the field from Massachusetts. They arrived at Fortress Monroe early in May, 1861, and were, for the time being, attached to the 3d and 4th Massachusetts Militia Regiments. These companies were then commanded by Captains Barnes, Chipman, Chamberlain, Clarke, Doten, Leach, and Tyler. Captains Barnes and Chipman were promoted when the regiment was organized. Captain Tyler resigned in July, '61, and his place was filled by Captain I. N. Wilson. Captains Barnes' and Clarke's companies were engaged in the battle of Big Bethel, and performed good service, one man in each company being killed. Upon the departure of the 3d and 4th Massachusetts Militia Regiments from the seat of war, July 16th, 1861, the seven three years' companies were placed under command of Captain Joseph H. Barnes, Company K, and were known as the Masssachusetts Battalion. They were so commanded until Dec. 13th, 1861, when the 29th Regimen: was formed in Massachusetts, with the Massachusetts Battalion as the basis.

During the time they were known as a battalion, they performed valuable services. Two companies - Captains Leach's and Wilson's- garrisoned the Rip Raps a long time, and had charge of the prisoners at that important post. The other five companies have been stationed at Hampton, Fort Monroe, Camp Hamilton, and, since August 18th, 1861, at Newport News, where they were joined by Colonel Peirce and three new companies - F, G, and H - on the 17th of January, 1862. The two companies which had been stationed at the Rip Raps rejoined the battalion, Nov. 5th, 1861. On the 21st of October, portions of Captains Barnes, Chipman's, Chamberlain's, Clarke's, and Doten's companies, under command of Captain Barnes, had a smart skirmish with a greatly superior force of the enemy, about six miles above Newport News. The enemy fled in confusion, and the battalion were highly complimented by General Phelps, commanding the post. The five companies were present at the burning of Hampton, and lay on their arms during the night, while their pickets were engaging the enemy. 'The seven companies have performed all the various duties which fall to the lot of a soldier - they have been in battle, skirmishes, scouting; mounted guns, dug trenches, thrown up breastworks, &c.



Field and Staff, 29th Reg.

.EBENEZER W. PEIRCE...........Freetown.

..East Boston.

. Sandwich. Promoted from captain Co. D, Dec. 13, 1861. Adjutant ..

.JOHN B. COLLINGWOOD. .Plymouth. Quartermaster. ...JOSHUA NORTON, 3D.

. Boston. Surgeon......... ...ORLANDO BROWN....

.........Wrentham. Assistant Surgeon ........GEORGE B. COGGSWELL

Sergeant Major

.East Boston. Quartermaster Sergeant ..GEORGE D. WILLIAMS ..........Freetown. Fife Major...... GEORGE E. CROCKER..



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Company A, Boston.- 29th Reg.


Captain, THOMAS W. CLARKE, Boston. ist Lieut., { JOHN A. SORTES, Somerset, transferred the 1st lifecit., Co. F, Dec. 13, 1861.

, Bostonappointed quartermaster.
John E. WHITE, Milton, discharged.
2d Lieut., X GEORGE H. TAYLOR, East Cambridge, commissioned July 31, 1861.



Brooks Thomas, England, proPray Wm. W., Natick

McGovern James, Boston, dis- moted corporal (charged Davis Wm. W., Boston (disch'd charged

(discharged Blackstone flenry, Cambridge, disDe Costa Albert H., E. Stoughton, Butler Hiram B., East Stoughton, Bassett Oscar H., Milford Howard Lysander A., Springfield

Bari Alexander T., Cambridgeport, Smith Solomon B., Boston


Drake Joseph N., South Boston, discharged Alexander Henry, Boston, dis- discharged

Butler Albert, Stoughton charged


Brady Michael A., Worcester Hammer Wm. T., Roxbury

Alger Myron E., West Bridgewater, Bassett Alexander, South Boston, Lowell Chas. T., Boston, discharged discharged

(charged discharged

(charged Corporals. Ahern Cornelius, Boston, dis

Crowley Jere J., South Boston, disBacon Thomas, Boston

Bassett Charles, South Boston Coullahan Malachi, Roxbury Coots Wm., East Stoughton, dis- Brent James, East Boston

Crosby Joseph D., South Natick charged

Bly Daniel, Lawrence

Chickey Lawrence T., Boston Thayer Charles H., Milton, dis- Blake Sylvester F., Holland, Vt. Cashman Thos, W., South Boston Danirell Horace, Dedham, dis- Blossom Edward' c., Hingham, Chase Henry G., Biddeford, Me., charged discharged

promoted corporal

Carson Henry, Natick
Cunningham John, Boston
Dwinell H. Charles, Roxbury
Donovan Timothy D., Boston, pro-

moted captain
Daily Daniel A., Boston
De Costa Barton H., E. Stoughton,

Cole Hiram W., Boston
Edmonds Michnel, Roxbury
Fitzpatrick Matthew T., Boston,

at battle of Big Bethel
Foley Thomas, Boston
Frost Albert E., Boston
Gaylord Levi B., Boston
Gunnison Edwin L., Milton
Golden James, Quincy, discharged
McGlinchey Janies, Cambridge
Henry Wm., Newton Lower Falls,

promoted corporal Hobart Wm. M.,

Hodge Charles D., Randolph, dis-

Hardy John, Boston, appointed

hospital steward Hobart Frank M., South Randolph

Hawes Thomas, Boston
Holbrook Joseph E., Boston
Homan Conrad, Roxbury
Harney Richard, Boston
Hollihan John, Boston
Johnston Holden, Boston
Joslyn Alanson K., Boston
Joslyn Henry C., Boston
Kelly Edward, Roxbury
Lynian James, Boston
Leeds Josep Boston (charged
Locke Charles P., Dorchester, dis-
Mullen Martin C., South Boston
Morin Albert W., Sandwich, Can-

McAlvery Joseph, South Boston
Maldoon Patrick, Boston
McCarty John W., Boston, acci-

dentally shot in camp, June 6th
Morse John W., East Stoughton
Mahoney Jeremiah, Fall River,

proinoted corporal
McCarty John, Nova Scotia
O'Donnell Edward, Boston
O'Donnell Edward B., Boston
Owens Daniel, East Boston

O'Connor Dennis, East Boston, discharged

(charged Pitcher Henry P., Roxbury, disPond Chandler Ú., Milford, ap

pointed musician
Pickard E. Lewis, Somerville
Perry Isaac H., Boston
Rico Byron, Milford, discharged
Rosy Charles, Boston
Richardson Sanford H., Boston,

Scully David P., Boston
Scully John, Lowell, appointed

Shaw Charles H., East Stoughton,

Simpson George F., Medway, die-
Sullivan John, Boston, discharged
Sweeney John M., Braintree
Shaw Frederic C., South Boston
Towne George G., Boston
Thomas George, Boston
Vaughan Charles F., Boston
Wise George H., Natick
York Levi's., Lowell, discharged

Company B, Boston. - 29th Reg.


Captain, ISRAEL N. WILSON, Billerica.
1st Lieut., Ezra RIPLEY, Cambridge; 2d Lieut., Thos. H. ADAMS, Boston.

Chase Ezra A., Lowell

La Rochelle Anthony, N. BridgeFrost Walter, East Boston

Conway Thomas, South Boston, water
Mitchell Joseph L., Cambridge discharged

Leonard Matthias, Roxbury
Freel James, Braintree
Cruse Thomas, Boston

Little Robert, Charlestown
Brown Benj. B., South Boston Donnelly John, Boston

Locke Ward, Billerica
Hodgkins Emery, Gloucester Dorgan Michael, Roxbury

Lynch Henry, Haverhill
Eagan Stephen H., Boston

Marshall Hermon, Lowell
Goodwin Warren, Bridgewater Emerson Wm. D., Vermont

Manning Thomas, Billerica Mosher Wm. H., East Bridgewater Feenay Patrick F., South Boston Mahoney Timothy J., Boston Hayes Lawrence, Boston

Finnerty Thomas, Roxbury, dis- Messer James M., Charlestown Magee Henry E., Boston


Molin Bernard, Gloucester
Carlton F. Oscai, Andover
Flood Stephen E., Lowell

Minton Martin, Roxbury Kelty Joseph H., South Newmar- Furbush Richard R., Charlestown, Moran Patrick, South Natick ket, N. .


(discharged McNulty Charles, Roxbury Dean Horace A., Boston

Gammans George H., Charlestown, Murphy Wm. H., South Boston
Lucas John, Boston
Getchell Charles E., Boston

O'Brien Edward J., South Boston
Gilman lyford J., N. II.

O'Brien Theobald M., S. Boston
Baker Wm. H., Boston
Gorham George F., Billerica

O'Brien John J., Lowell
Cable James, South Boston
Gorham John J., Billerica

Odell Thomas, South Boston
Fairbanks Geo. W.
Gravlin John B., Billerica

O'Reilly Francis D., Lowell
Grant Samuel, Boston

Pearsons Aaron L., Roxbury Anderson John B., Dorchester Gray Wm., Boston

Ratchford John D., South Boston Andrews Geo. W., East Cambridge Hall Frank, Boston

Reed Jas. G., Lawrence, deserted Babcock Wm. C., Framingham Hanly Dennis, Boston

Riley John, Cambridge
Baker Wm., Boston
Hale George H., Billerica

Stewart John C., Billerica
Bent George 0., Framingham Hayes Thomas, Lawrence

Shephard James W., Lowell, killed Bowen Charles F., Boston Hal cock John, Gloucester

by explosion of gun Bryant Ira A., South Braintree Harris Thomas, South Boston

Short Wm. E., Lowell
Brogan James, Boston
Higgins Daniel E., Milford

Stodder John H., Charlestown Brigham Henry W., Dorchester Hill James, Lincoln

Savage Henry H., Boston
Brady Thomas, South Weymouth Ham Foster, Billerica

Sullivan Philip, Boston
Britton Wm. T., Mansfield
Holton John, Billerica

Smithers John B., Boston
Billam John, New York
Hingston Allan, Boston

Thompson John M., Fairhaven
Campbell James, New York
Johnson Daniel R., Milford

Thompson Patrick, E. Cambridge Carolin Wm., Boston Kelly Thomas, New Jersey

Whitney George S., S. Braintree Clark John, Abington Kelly John A., Lowell

Williams Wm., Milford Collins Wm. S., Lowell

Kimball Delavan, N. H.

Company C, East Bridgewater. - 29th Reg. This company was recruited by Capt. Leach, at East Bridgewater, and started for Boston, Thursday, May 9. On their departure from the above town, they were escorted to the depot by a large number of citizens of the place. Before leaving, several addresses were made, suited to the occasion, at the close of which they embarked on board the cars, and Amid the huzzas from the gathered crowd they left for this city. On their arrival here new orders had been issued from headquarters that no more three months' men were wanted, - that they were wanted for three years. As many of the company had not made their arrangements to leave for so long a time, it was decided to return home again, and start Anew, which they did. The next week, all being in readiness, they again leit for Boston, and embarked on board the steamer Cambridge for Fortress Monroe.


Captain, LEBBEUS LEACH, East Bridgewater. 1st Lieut., NATHAN D. WHITMAN, East Bridgewater.

| Elisha S. HOLBROOK, E. Bridgewater, died at Fortress Monroe, Aug. 20, '61. 2d Lieut., { WM. B. HATHAWAY, East Bridgewater, commissioned Sept. 11, 1861.


Tribou Daniel W., East Bridge Conant Thomas, East Bridgewater Cummings Alfred B., East Bridge- water


(water Morse George H., W. Bridgewater water, promoted sergeant

Whitman Freedom, East Bridge Hayward Josiah E., E. Bridgewater Wright Levi, East Bridgewater Jordan Chas. E., East Bridgewater Kingman Francis M., East Bridge- Conant John, East Bridgewater Fellows Robert C., E. Bridgewater


Tolman Elijah H., E. Bridgewater
Allen George W., E. Bridgewater

Shaw Ira C., East Bridgewater

Arnold Thomas, East Bridgewater
Bates James A., East Bridgewater
Bourne Isaac N., East Bridgewater
Brett Algernon S., E. Bridgewater
Bates Asa W., East Bridgewater
Brown George D., E. Bridgewater
Blakeman Daniel, Pembroke
Bates Irving, East Bridgewater
Chandler Marshall M., Pembroke
Clark Thomas G., Hanson
Curtis Minot S., East Bridgewater
Curtis Elbridge R., E. Bridgewater
Drohan Edward F., North Bridge-

Drinkwater Isaac W., Middleboro
Drake Charles, East Bridgewater
Dyer George R., East Bridgewater
Edson Benj. F.
Eddy Curtis, West Bridgewater
Fisher George W., W. Bridgewater
Fisher Timothy W., West Bridge-

Folsom Henry M., West Bridge-
Flagg Chas. W., East Bridgewater
Gould Henry K., East Bridgewater
Grosvenor Silas N., E. Bridgewater,

promoted to sergeant (water
Hudson Caleb L. jr., East Bridge-
Hooper Preston
Harding Jus. W., East Bridgewater

Harding Dan'l W., E. Bridgewater Ripley Horace A., E. Bridgewater
Hayden Chas. H., W. Bridgewater Ripley Wm. R., East Bridgewater
Hoyt Damon, East Bridgewater Ramsdell Joshua S.
Holmes John A., West Bridgewater Rounds Wm. F., East Bridgewater
Harlo « C. Francis, E. Bridgewater Sampson John G., E. Bridgewater
Holmes Abner H., North Bridge- Smith Wm. W., East Bridgewater
witer, discharged

Siddall Benj., East Bridgewater, Holmes Walter S., N. Bridgewater, discharged; finger shot off discharged

Smith Wm. B., East Bridgewater
Howard John S., N. Bridgewater Sharpe Alonzo, East Bridgewater
Jaquith Emory, East Bridgewater Siddall Jas., jr., East Bridgewater,
Johnson James G., E. Bridgewater discharged
Johnson Wm. H., E. Bridgewater Sturtevant John T., Halifax
Keith Wm. Franci, North Bridge- Stran Hugh, East Bridgewater
water, discharged

Sylvanus Thomas, Halifax
Lambert John C., Bridgewater Turner Chas. II., W. Bridgewater
Lincoln David H., E. Bridgewater Thompson Vernon M., E. Bridge-
Lincoln Eugene A., E. Bridgewater Water
Leonard James H., W. Bridgewater Whitman Asa W., E. Bridgewater
Lucas Henry, East Bridgewater Whitman Chag. C., E. Bridgewater
McMillan Neil, East Bridgewater Washburne Jaunes E., East Bridge
Mansfield Edward P., Hanson

Morse Wm. H., East Bridgewater White Nehemiah, E. Bridgewater
Nason John M., East Bridgewater Wright T. P., East Bridgewater
Osborne Henry A., E. Bridgewater Williams Edw., West Bridgewater
Osborne Wm. H., E. Bridgewater

White James E., West Bridgewater
Osborne Edward S., East Bridge- White Herbert O., W. Bridgewater

water, discharged Pratt Ebenezer H., E. Bridgewater Joined after the Reg. left Mass. Packard Edmund T., East Bridge- Cooper James W., E. Bridgewater water

Churchill Rodney, E. Bridgewater Packard Edw. B., West Bridge- Gould Grenville H., East Bridgewater, appointed inusician

water Packard Alpheus, E. Bridgewater Williams Cyrus, West Bridgewater Poole Lawrence V., E. Bridgewater

Company D, Sandwich. – 29th Reg. This company was organized early in May, 1861, and left for Boston, May 17, and direct from thence to Fortress Monroe. A flag was presented them by Major S. B. Phinney, of Barnstable.


CHAS. CHIPMAN, Sandwich, commissioned major of the reg. Dec. 13, 1861.

CHAS. BRADY, Sandwich, promoted from 1st lieut., Jan. 4, 1862.
181 Lieut., HENRY A. KERX, Sandwich, promoted from 2d lieut., Jan. 4, 1862.
2d Lieut., AUGU&TUS D. AYLING, Lowell, commissioned Jan. 4, 1862.

Campbell John, Sandwich

Long Patrick, Sandwich
Stuart William, Baltimore

Darby Thos. F., East Cambridge, McElroy Patrick, Sandwich Atherton James II., Sandwich

promoted to corporal

McNulty Peter, Sandwich
Brady Edward, Sandwich
Dean Timothy. Sandwich

McAlanery John, Sandwich
Dean Warren P., Sandwich

McDermott William, Sandwich Coleman David B., Barnstable Donnelly Edward, Sandwich

Phinney Isaac II., Sandwich Hamlin Benj. H., Sandwich, pro- Eaton Joseph W., Sandwich

Russell Peter, Sandwich moted sergeant Eldridge Perez, Sandwich

Robbins C.F., Sandwich Breese William, Sandwich, pro- Fagan John, Sandwich

Russell Philip, Sandwich moted sergeant Fuller Benj., Sandwich

Smith William J., Sandwich
McKenna Michael, Sandwich Ginney James, Sandwich

Swift Francis C., Sandwich
Ilunt Samuel W. Sandwich

Turner Joseph, Sandwich Crocker George E., Provincetown, Hathaway Alden P., New Bedford Wright Charles S., Sandwich commissioned fife major of the

Harkins Charles G., Sandwich Wright Anderson, Sandwich regiment

Heslin Michael, Sandwich, disch'd Woods John, Sandwich Dalton Christopher B., Sandwich Heald James H., Sandwich

Woods Wm. H., Sandwi h, dead Privater.

Hoxie David A., Sandwich, killed Woods Francis, Sandwich
Badger George W., Sandwich

at Newport News by the explo- Woods James H., Sandwich
Badger Gustavus A., Sandwich sion of Sawyer's Gun, Feb., 1862 Ward James, Sandwich
Ball James, Sandwich
Hexie Z. H., Sandwich

Woodward Win. H., Sandwich
Bruce George F., Sandwich
Hoxie D. H., Sandwich

Joined after the Reg. lest Mass.
Collins John T., Sandwich
Jones Charles E., Sandwich

Bumpus F. G., Wareham
Cox James, Sandwich
James Wm. D., New Bedford

Ford N. C., Barnstable
Cook James, Sandwich
Keene David S., Sandwich

Gaffney A. J., East Cambridge Clancey Patrick, Sandwich

Kehn Martin L.jr., Sandwich,pro- Haines J. B., Sandwich Chapman Thos. W., New Bedford moted to corporal

Madigan J.J., Sandwich Cheval Alfred, Sandwich

Company E (Plymouth Rock Guards), Plymouth. – 29th Reg. Were enlisted at Plymouth, Mass., on the sixth day of May, 1861, to serve for three years, unless sooner discharged. On the 18th day of May, they embarked at Boston for Fortress Monroe. On arriving at the Fortress, they were temporarily attached to the 3d Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers, under command of Col. Wardrop. On the eve of the 10th of June, they took the field pieces out to Hampton, for the battle of Big Bethel. On the 14th they mounted the first gun on Fort Calhoun (Rip Raps). July 1, they were ordered to Hampton, and there encamped. In a skirmish, the 14th inst., on picket guard, they had one man badly wounded. On the 17th the company, by order of Gen. Butler, was placed in the Massachusetts Battalion, under command of Capt. Joseph H. Barnes. On the 19th, they were sent out of a scout for the body of Major Rawlins, who had been shot by the rebels a few hours previous, beyond New Market Bridge. They soon found the body, and returned. On the 27th, were ordered to Fortress Monroe, with the battalion, and there encamped till August 5, when they were then ordered to Camp Hamilton, till the 18th inst., when they left for Camp Butler, Newport News. On the 20th of October they left, with the battalion, under Capt. Barnes, had a sharp skirmish with the rebels, 1,200 in number, killing four, and wounding ten, driving them from their camp, with the loss of but one man from the battalion. Dec. 24, with the battalion, they went out six miles to engage the rebels, who were out in force; but they retreated back to their entrenchments. On the 17th of January, 1862, the 29th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers arrived at Camp Butler, and this company, with the rest of the battalion, was attached to that regiment, under command of Col. E. W. Peirce.


Captain, SAMUEL H. DOTEN, Plymouth. 1st Lieut.,

JOHN B. Collingwood, Plymouth, appointed adjutant of the regiment.

(FREEMAN A. TABER, New Bedford, commissioned Dec. 16, 1861. 2d Lieut., THOMAS A. MAYO, Plymouth.


Churchill Sylvanus L., Plymouth Nickerson Wm, T., Plymouth Robbins Edward L., Plymouth Collingwood Thomas, Plymouth Pierce George F., Plymouth Jenks Horace A., Plymouth

Dunham Barnabas, Plymouth Paty Seth W., Plymouth, badly Atwood John M., Plymouth Eddy Henry F., Plymouth

wounded by the bursting of SawMorey George S., Plymouth Freeman Philander, Plymouth

yer's Gun at Newport News Corporale.

Gooding Wm. P., Plymouth, pro- Píttce William H., Plymouth Winsor Peter, Kingston, promoted inted corporal

Pember John H., Plymouth sergeant Gay Timothy E., Plymouth

Phinney Otie W., Plympton Wadsworth George E., Plymouth Ilayden Thos, W., Plymouth Robbins Henry il., Plymouth Standish Winslow B., Plymouth Holbrook James S., Plymouth, pro- Robbins Albert R., Plymouth Fuller Ichabod C., Plymouth moted corporal

Simmons Albert, Plymouth
Ilolmes Orrin D., Plymouth

Simmons Frank H., Plymouth
Adams Columbus, Kingston
Holmes Seth L., Plymouth

Standish Miles, Plymouth Atwood Charles, Carver

Harlow Samuel H., Plymouth, pro- Swin William, Plymouth Alexander John K., Plymouth inoted corporal

Shannon John, Plymouth Barnes Winslow C., Plymouth Howland William H., Plymouth Smith Patrick, Plymouth Beytes Antonie, Kingston

Hall John F., Plymouth, wounded Stillman James E., Plymouth Burgess Nathaniel, Plymouth

by the bursting of Sawyer's Gun Thrasher S. D., Plymouth Barnes Moses S., Plymouth

at Newport News, Feb., 1862 Thompson Walter, Plympton Burrows Simeon II., Plymouth, Harkins Alexander, Plymouth Thomas Frank A., Plymouth

wounded in a skirmish July 14, Kimball Henry A., Plymouth, pro- Vaughan Frederick H., Plymouth 1861

moted corporal

Vaughan Leander M., Plymouth Barnes Ellis D., Plymouth

Mullen Thomas P., Plymouth Warner Alfred B., Plymouth, proBurbank George E., Plymouth Merriam Charles E., Plymouth moted corporal Bradford George F. Plymouth Middleton William R., Carver Washburn John, Kingston Blanchard Andrew, Plymouth Morton L. B., Plymouth, promoted Williams David, Plymouth Barnes W, C., Plymouih


Whiting Joseph B., Plymouth Blake Lawrence R., Plymouth Morey William, Plymouth

Wright Samuel C., Plymouth Bradford Cornelius, Plymouth Morton Isaac, jr., Plymouth

Williams Wm., Plymouth Bumpus Benj. F., Plymouth Morrison John E., Plymouth


Company F, Taunton. - 29th Reg.


Captain, WILLARD D. TRIPP, Taunton. 1st Lieut.,

JOHN A. SAYLES, Somerset, transferred to 1st lieut., Company A, Dec. 13, '61.

ALFRED (). BROOKS, Boston, commissioned Dec. 30, 1861. 2d Lieut., Thos. H. HUSBAND, Taunton, commissioned Dec. 13, 1861.

Davis Joseph, Taunton

Pettee Henry W., Sharon
Neil Joseph O., Taunton
Dean Benjamin F., Berkley

Pierce George, Mattapoisett
Clifford Robert, Stoughton

Delany, Matthew,' Swanzey, de- Pierce Lewis R., Taunton Packard Charles S., Easton


Pittsley James, Freetown
King Bela H., Somerville
Dolan Charles, Fall River

Pittsley William, Freetown
Williams George D., Freetown Dagan James, Taunton

Ratigan Edward, Roxbury
Dunnahy Philip, Boston

Record: Granville T., Lakeville
Childs George W., Taunton
Dawn Charles, Pawiucket

Reynolds Calbert, Freetown Westgate George E., Taunton Dixon Thomas, Fall River

Robertson Charles E.. Acushnet Caswell Lyman N., Fairhaven Garvia Alonzo, Taunton

Rogers Mason, Rochester
Clifford Arthur, Stoughton
Geary Michael, Boston

Rookey Thomas, Fall River
Perry John N., Chatham

Godfrey Benjamin F., Taunton Short Joseph, Fall River
Hodgkins Stephen, Quincy
Goodwin John, Taunton

Sherman James S., Taunton Chace Bavlies R., Somerset

Harrington Peter. New Bedford Simmons F.H., Rehoboth
Phillips Wm. H., Taunton
Harvey John, Fall River

Simmons James, Taunton
Haskell Ephraim, Freetown

Smith James W., Taunton
Bryant Ira, Randolph
Haskell Martin V., Freetown

Smith Preston 0., Berkley
Booth James, Freetown
Haskell William, Freetown

Smith Solomon H., Berkley
Hayes Timothy, Andover

Stone Charles O., Chelsea
Alexander Geo. A., New Bedford Hewett Otis S., Taunton

Stowell Benj. F., Paris, Me. Black James, Boston

Hunt Albert D., North Bridge- Sullivan John, Boston Belcher Edwart, Taunton


Tarbox Edward W., Paris, Me. Bonney Daring, Fall River

Jefferson Martin F., Middleboro' Tripp Leander, Taunton
Borden Philip II., Lakeville
Kelly John, Boston

Townsend Silas, Lakeville
Bogworth Charles G., New Bedford Kearvin John, Chelsea

Townsend George,

Burchell Alexander, Taunton
Lachore Martin, Springfield

Tyndall Wm. H., Taunton
Brooks David P., Chelsea
Lang William, Monson

Welch George W., Newton, N. H.
Brooks Kendall, Chelsea
Logue Charles, Andover

Westgate Cornelius, Freetown Brown George W., Boston Marden Newell, Weymouth

Westgate Elisha, Lakeville Burns George W., Boston

Melville Thomas D., Fali River, Westgate Elisha B., Freetown Boyden Joseph, Foxboro


Westgate John, Lakeville Cas well Leander W., Wareham McCarty John, Lawrence

Westgate Joseph L., Lakeville Caswell Linus E., Fairhaven McManus Owen, Taunton

Westgate Preserved, Freetowa Clapp Leander, Sharon

McQuillan James, Pawtucket White Oliver A., Taunton
Conaty Hugh D., Taunton
Murplıy Thomas, Boston

Wilbar Edward, Freetown
Conghlin Bartholomew, Ashburn- O'Sullivan Timothy, Salem

Wragg John, Fan River ham, deserted

Company G, Pawtucket. - 29th Reg.

Captain, CHARLES T. RICHARDSON, Pawtucket.
1st Licut., WM. Pray, Boston, promoted from sergeant Co. K., Jan. 4, 1862.
2d Lieut., Chas. D. Brows, Boston, commissioned Jan. 1, 1862.



Fisk Ebenezer, Pawtucket Pope George W., No. Bridgewater Capen Lemuel, Easton

Hodge Charles D., Randolph Carpenter Charles A., Pawtucket Hodges Geo. D., Mansfield

Harris Robert E., Attleboro
Richmond A. Baylies, Easton
Bunker Joseph, Pawtucket

Greene Edward W., Pawtucket Watts Robert L., Eaton

Follett Ephraim E., Cumberland, Allen Jas. C., Pawtucket


Wilkinson Samuel A., Cumber-

land, R. I.
Clark John F. W., Pawtucket

Ladd James II., Easton

Austin Henry, Pawtucket
Baker Joseph, Pawtucket
Burns Robert, Pawtucket
Burnham George W., Acughnet
Brophy Wiliam, Pawtucket
Bartlett John, Easton
Blaisdell Daniel B., Easton
Burrell Williain A., Stoughton
Burrell Joseph, Randolph
Cook Nelsoni, Pawtucket
Cotton Charles N., Pawtucket
Chace Iliramu F., Pawtucket
Carney Edward, Pawtucket
Campbell Henry, Pawtucket
Clark James F., Attleboro'
Carpenter Latayette, Cumberland,

Cullen Patrick, Pawtucket
Clifford Charles W., Bridgewater
Cobbett Albert, Stoughton
Cobbett Wm. E., Canton
Cobbett George C., Canton
Cunningham Michael, Pawtucket
Cram James H., Canton

Duxbury Joseph, Pawtucket
Darling George E., Pawtucket
Duffy Patrick, Pawtucket
Drake Willard, Easton
Dean Thomas W., Mansfield
Davis Edmuud, Marsfield
Dodge Alvan, Munroe, Me,
Debelino Charles, Seekonk
Drape Alexander, Pawtucket
Drape Thomas D., Pawtucket
Esty Elijah II., Canton
Fieid John, Pawtucket
Follett Albert E., Cumberland, R.I.
Foster Solomon R., Easton
Fairbanks llenry H., Mansfield
Flannigan Peter, Pawtucket
Galligan Barney, Pawtucket
Gallagher Thomas, Lowell
Gardner Vincent C., Pawtucket
Grithin Charles B., Attleboro
Gaskell Edwin F., Seekonk
Hudson Wm. H., West Bridge-

Howard Moses B., Randolph
Ide Henry, Seekonk
Jenks Talbot, jr., Pawtucket
Jillson Daniel A., Pawtucket
Kennedy Rodger. Attleboro'
Lincoln Altred, Easton
Mc Mammany Patrick, Pawtucket

Mowry Daniel H., Smithfield, R. I.
Miller George E., Seekonk
McGloughlin Patrick, Pawtucket
Macomber Lorenzo, Canton
Owen Richard, Pittsfield
O'Neil John, Pawtucket
Paine Henry I., Pawtucket
Porter Hiram, Stoughton
Phillips Minot E., Easton
Parker James P., Mansfield
Perry Wm. II., Sandwich
Roberts Charles, Easton
Randall Nelson X., Easton
Ramsell Franklin L., Canton
Richards Wm. B., Pawtucket
Smith Albert W., Pawtucket
Sprague Geo. W., Cumberland,R.I.
Stea: ns Orange S., Mansfield
Snow George E., Mansfield
Smith Charles Il., Easton
Thayer John, Pawtucket
Thurber Nathaniel I., Rehoboth
Trumbull Levi, Pawiucket
Titus Henry B., Manstield
Ward Thomas, Pawtucket
Whitmore Daniel, Mansfield
Walker Henry, Stoughton
White Roland T.J., Mansfield
White Conelius L., Randolph
Wood James, Bridgewater

Company HI, Charlestown.- 29th Reg.


Captain, HENRY R. SIBLEY, Charlestown. 18t Lieut., DANIEL W. LEE, Charlestown; 2d Lieut., WM. R. CORLEW, Somerville.

Clark Edward A., Salem

McGill William, So. Groton
Wrightington Thos. W., Taunton Culter Jones, Leominster

Martin John C., Manchester Kellam Ansel B., Charlestown Curtis George, Leominster

McDonald Daniel, jr., Boston Long Geo. II., Charlestown Clark John 11., Boston

Mellen Nathaniel s. Lynn Pippey Wm. F., Charlestown Coakley William. Charlestown Neville James, Charlestown Colburn Chas. F., Charlestown Dearing Edward E, Charlestown Nightingale Chas. L., Quincy Corporals.

Dearing Theodore W., Charlestown Perkins Daniel B., jr., Somerville Merritt George, Boston

Daniels Edward L., Plymouth Peabody Frederic, Charlestown Willis Wm. F., Charlestown

Dowe Jacob H., jr., Manchester Pulsifer John 8., East Cambridge
Hastings Edward M., E. Cambridge Eldridge Chris. C., jr.,Charlestown Proctor Henry, Lowell
Billing Lorenzo L., Cambridgep't Ellis Obed H., Nantucket

Packard Horace H., Goshen
Dominick Joseph, Salem
Easton Daniel C., Nantucket

Perry Darius, Plymouth
Robinson John's., Somerville Farnsworth Wm. P., Charlestown Prouty Albert H., Marlboro
Corbett Waldo E., Charlestown Fuller Henry W., Charlestown Prescott Lewis, Somerville
Taylor Isaac Henry, Charlestown Gould Wm. H., jr., Charlestown Preble Geo. S., Charlestown

Greenough Robert F., Charlestown Richardson A. C., Charlestown Howe Alonzo F., Berlin Galloway John H., Salem

Sylvester Thos. H., Charlestown
Forbes James A., Charlestown Gardner Joseph P., Nantucket Sylvester Artemas, Charlestown
McDonald John E., Boston
Gurney Rufus H., Wareham

Spear John H.. Charlestown
Gear Malvin, Boston

Smith Silas S., Berlin, Vt.
Wheeler Geo. C., Berlin

Gear Albert E., Epping, N. A. Smith Geo. W., Berlin, Vt.
Gurney Richard, Marion

Staples Joseph, Berlin
Almeder Chas. H., Charlestown Hancock John H., Charlestown Smith John F., Charlestown
Aldrich John H., Ashland
Hill Albert A., Charlestown

Sullivan Timothy, Leominster Bigelow Lyman H, Charlestown Howe Alanson 8., Marlboro

Swain Geo. W., Boston Bassett Edwin F., Boston

Hadlock Wm. E., Charlestown Stephens llenry A., Charlestown
Brigham Geo. G., Marlboro
Hoyt John F., Georgetown

Schouw John, Leominster
Barnes David, Marlboro
Hall Benj. F., Lynn

Thomas John B., Nantucket
Bemis Ezra C., Boylston
Keith William, Boston

Woodbury Geo. L, Charlestown Bates Chas. W., Charlestown Keyes Ira W., Woburn

Westphal Christopher H., CharlesBattleg Nathaniel L., Wareham Leman Geo. I., Charlestown

town Barnett Jeremiah, Charlestown Loveland Edward L., Southboro' Wasch Jacob, Roxbury Brown Chas. E., Lynn

Lawrence Henry 0., Marlboro' Whiting Ebenezer, Pepperell Bemis Edwin C., Roxbury Lee Wm. H, Grafton

Young Charles, Somerville Clifford Eben B., Charlestown Lucas Ephraim, Plymouth

Company I (Union Guards), Lynn. - 29th Reg. This company was recruited by Capt. Chamberlain. Three hours after the recruiting com. menced ninety names were obtained, and the election of officers took place the same day, April 19, 1861. This company was originally intended for the three months service.

Immediately after the issue of the President's proclamation, calling for three years' volunteers, this company marched to Boston, and proceeding to the State House, unanimously voted to enlist for three years. This was May 8. The next day the captain received orders to report with his company, ready for departure, May 10, and sailed that day, with Company L, Capt. Tyler, in the steamer Pembroke, for Fortress Monroe, where they arrived, May 13, and were mustered into the United States service the next day, and attached to the 3d Regiment, Col. Wardrop. They remained with that regiment until July 16, when the three years' men of the 3d and 4th Regiments were organized as a battalion, under the command of Capt. Joseph H. Barnes, and remained in that condition until Dec. 13, when they were attaclied to the 29th Regiment.

Capt. Chamberlain holds the oldest commission of any of the three years' captains from Massachusetts. Before the company left Lynn the Empire Fire Association, No. 5, gave them sixty-six very fine frock-coats, valued at twelve dollars each.

There has been one death in this company, and thirteen of its men have been discharged. Ten of this number were examined out by the surgeon, and were sent home with the three months' troops. One was accidentally wounded in the hand, and two were discharged for disability. One of the above number, Samuel L. Eaton, proceeded towards home as far as Baltimore, since which time nothing has been heard from him. There have been added to the company eighteen men since the first of January, 1862.

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