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Ault Parsons M., So. Adams
Baker Charles, Springfield
Burlingame (wen, Holyoke
Butler Andrew M., Holyoke
Brant Henry, Montgomery
Buxton Warren S., Wilbraham
Cogswell Charles W., Housatonic
Cubru Alvin, Chesterfield
Clark Ebenezer, Liteh field, Conn.
Dimpsey James, Ware
Davis Wilbur, Ludlow
Davis John R., Ludlow
Dove Alexander, Springfield
Fuller John, New Boston
Flynn William, Chicopee
Gouch Henry, Huntington
Gutbenlet Frederick, Springfield
Harrington Jerry, Springtield
Harrington Patrick, Springfield
Hendrick Charles B., Ea. Hampton
Hathaway Josiah, Madison, Conn.

[blocks in formation]

Twenty-Eighth Regiment.

This regiment is composed chiefly of men of Irish birth. They went into camp at Cambridge, Sept. 220, 1861. Col. Monteith is from New York, and served in one of the regiments of that State, during the three months' term. Lieut.-Col. Moore has been many years connected with the militia in this State, and he, also, was captain of Company A. 1lth Regiment, previous to his promotion in this regiment. They left Camp Cameron for the seat of war on Saturday, Jan. 11th, 1862, for Fort Columbus, in New York harbor, from whence they afterwards sailed to Port Royal.

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Field and Staff, 28th Reg. Colonel

.WILLIAM MONTEITH.. Lieut.-Col. .............MACLELLAND MOORE Major



ADDISON A. HOSMER Quartermaster

Transferred to 14th Reg. Jan. 28, 1862.


Assistant Surgeon........GEORGE W. SNOW
Quartermaster Sergeant ..EDMUND J, REED
Sergeant Major

Hospital Steward.........J. C. BARRINGTON
Commissary Sergeant WM. C. OLIVER
Band Master.


.... New York.
...... Boston.

West Boylston.
New York.

.. Chelsea.



[blocks in formation]

Dalton William B., Boston
Merriam Aaron W., Gardner
Merriam Newell N., Fitchburg
Ball Michael A., Sandwich
Gault John T., W. Warehain
Bryant Orville D., Boston
l'att William, N. Andover
Thayer Edward, E. Douglass

Horgan William, Boston
Thomas Henry M, W. Wareham
Thomas Benjamin W., E. Douglass
Jones Noah H., E. Douglass
Foskett Willard, Gardner
True James G., Lancaster
True George H., Lancaster
Calden Thomas J., E. Douglass

Converse Enoch, E. Douglass
Bryan! James L., W. Warehamn
King Rufus II., W. Wareham
Whiting Sumner P., Gardner
Taylor llenry, Shirley
Simes George W., Reading
McGuinness Michael, N. Andover

Company A, 28th Reg.


Captain, A. P. CARAIER, Lynn.
1st Lieut., H. SULLIVAN, Cambridge; 2d Lieut., J. W. COVENEY, Cambridge.

Riely Patrick, Nahant

Cullonan William, Lynn
Lynch William, Roxbury

O'Connell Jeremiah, Lynn
Bailey G. W., Lynn
Cross John, Lynn

Higgins Thomas, Boston
Reed'F. E., Lynn
McIntire James, Lynn

O'Neil James, Amesbury
Dougherty James, Boston

Ackerman Thomas, Wareham
Cooley John, Cambridgeport
Sweeney John, Brookline

Bumpus Charles, Wareham


Barry Garrett, Medford
McLaughlin James, Somerville Madden John, East Cambridge Buckley Thomas, Boston
Connolly John, Roxbury
Murray James, Lynn

Byrnes Edward, Medford

Bymes Peter, Boston
Clark Thomas, Boston
Crogan John, Lynn
Cairnes Michael, E. Cambridge
Casey William, Lynn
Calvert James, Lynn
Coughlin Michael, Lynn
Cahill Maurice, Lynn
Callaghan Patrick, Lynn
Dempsey William, Lynn
Dougherty Charles, Lynn
Dougherty John, Lynn
Dougherty William, Lynn,
Duffy John, Lynn
Day Dennis, Somerville
Devine John, Charlestown
Doogan John, Boston
Driscoll Jeremiah, Malden
Elliss Joel C., Lynn
Fennon Charles, Somerville
Finegan Peter, Lynn
Fitzgerald Michael, Lynn
Gannon Patrick, E. Cambridge
Guion Edward, s. Reading
Heron Robert, Lynn
Horregan John, Natick

Haley James, Medford
Hunt Thomas, Lynn
Hickey John, E. Cambridge
Haley Bartholomew. Lynn
Higgin James A., Lynn
Kelley John, Lynn
Kennedy Thomas, Lynn
Kennedy William, Lynn
Kent Timothy, Boston
Kelsey Thomas, E. Cambridge
Lyons Jeremiah, Canton
Lyons John, S. Reading
Lamb Laurence, Roxbury
Loftus John, Roxbury
Leahy William, Medford
Logan Luke, Brighton
Madden Bernard, E. Cambridge
McIntire Bernard. Lynn
Minton William, Lynn
Murphy John, Boston
Murphy Daniel, E. Cambridge
Moriarty Henry, Lynn
McCole Patrick, Lynn
McGann Thomas, Quincy
McKeon William, Roxbury
Mclntire Hugh, Lynn

Murphy Michael, Chatlestown
Murphy Jeremiah, Danvers
McFarlen John T., Lynn
McFarlen William H., Lynn
McCarty William, W. Roxbury
Norwood William, Lynn
O'Rooke Patrick, Plymouth
O'Donohoe John, Lynn
O'Donohoe Thomas
Plant William, E. Cambridge
Phillips James, Haverhill
Phelan John, Chelsea
Roach Francis, Lynn
Rieley Richard, Lynn
Rieley William T., Quincy
Sullivan Mark, Lynn
Sullivan Patrick, Lynn
Shanahan Edward, Lynn
Twomey Eagene
Waliace James, Lynn
Ward Edward, Boston
Winters James, Boston
Winters Thomas, Lynn
Walsh John, Charlestown
Wull Patrick, Dover

Company B, 28th Reg.


Captain, LAWRENCE P. BARRETT, Boston.
1st Lieut., { W: COOL, premetedo to captain Company K, Dec. 3, 1861.

. J. LEMOYNE, Boston.
2d Lieut., JOSIAH F. KENNISON, Boston.

Conlin J., Boston

McGovern Thomas, Boston
Fleming James, Boston
Doyle Patrick, New Bedford

Manning B., Boston
Barrett T. F., Boston
Downing P., New Bedford

Maguire H., Boston
McIntire Patrick, Boston
Donohue P. Boston

Maloney T. Boston
Gray Henry, Boston
Dugan John, Marblehead

Mehın "Charles, Boston
Corkery Tímothy, N. Bedford Eagleton T.J., New Bedford

McDonough J., Chelsea
Flaherty J., Boston

O'Flaharty P., Boston
Cusick John, Boston
Farwell James, Boston

O'Brien M., Boston
Ryan William, Boston
Finnerty Thomas, Roxbury

O'Neill Timothy, Roxbury
Donovan Dennis, N. Bedford
Fitzgerald J., Boston

O'Brien Thomas, Boston
Miner John, Worcester
Foley P., Boston

Powell Daniel, Boston
Pollard Jesse, Worcester
Gage S. C., Boston

Radigan J., Fall River
Conway Patrick C., Boston
Gallagher James, Boston

Roxburgh William, New Bedford
Mehan Edmund B., Boston
Gibbons J., Boston

Riley P., Boston
Millin Patrick, Boston
Gorman F. Boston

Russell I., Chelsea
Hoar John, Fall River

Siraiv R., Chelsea
Fitzsimmons George, Boston
Howe John, Boston

Sullivan C., Boston
Cannon Thomas, E. Cambridge Hanley M., Fall River

Sullivan J., New Bedford
Hogan John, New Bedford

Shea Cornelius, Boston
Befuhs William, New Bedford Henry John A., Charlestown

Shearing Charles, Boston
Brabson William, Boston
Johnson Edward E., Milford

Shackford N. H., Worcester, dis-
Beatty G., Boston
Jackson W., Lynn

Bowen J., Chelsea
Keefe J., Fall River

Snyder A., New Bedford
Bird P., Boston
Knight I., Boston

Sheahan M., Boston
Connors Joseph, Boston
Kelly E., Boston

Sheahan Edward, Boston
Collins J., New Bedford
Lynsky Patrick, Boston

Thompson William,

Carr Patrick, Boston
Lynch Jeremiah, Boston

Thomas S. M., Fall River
Crowley Daniel, Boston

Leary Timothy, Cambridgeport Troy W., Boston
Coleman W., Boston
Monihan John, Boston

Wren Bernard, Randolph
Coleman Albert, Boston
Mahan John, Halifax

Wheeldon Joseph. Randolph
Calahar P., Boston
McIntire John, Boston

White T., Boston, deserted
Conway Daniel, E. Cambridge Meskell s., New Bedford

Welsh James, Boston
Connelly J., Boston
McEvoy John, New Bedford

Walsh I., Chelsea
Carey Putrick, New Bedford

McEvoy Kyren, New Bedford Welsh P., Boston

Company O, 28th Reg.

Captain, JOHN H. BRENNAN, Boston, transferred from Company D.

1st Lieut., JAMES MAGEE, Boston, transferred from Company D.
2d Lieut., WM. H. FLYNN, Boston, transferred from Company E.



Hickey John, Boston
Coffey John J., Dorchester
Barton Henry, Braintree

Horgan Owen, Fitchburg
Hatton James, Charlestown
Brophy Michael, Boston

Harragan Bartholomew, Danvers McAnally Robert, Whitinsville Byrnes Patrick, Boston

Kearns William, Boston Connery Daniel, E. Stoughton Campbell Michael, Brookline

Kirk Martin, Boston
Coffey M.J., Boston, color sergeant Casey Michael, N. Bridge water Kennedy Timothy, Brookline
Cahill James, Boston

Lennon Daniel, Lynn
Price P. W., Boston
Cusick William, Boston

Linnahan Dennis, Lynn
Kilroy John, Roxbury
Collins Garrett, Boston

Lynch Patrick, Boston
Donnelly Michael J., E. Weymouth Currivan William, Stoughton Lavan Patrick, Fitchburg
Fay Thomas II., Boston

Connelly Timothy, N. Bridgewater Logan Robert, Boston O'Neil William, Marblehead

Dwyer Edward, N. Bridgewater Lyons Timothy, Somerville
Teeling James, Dorchester

Doherty John, N. Bridgewater McNeil Thomas, Dorchester
O'Brien Thomas S., Boston
Driscoll Jeremiah, Boston

McCarthy Charles, Charlestown
Hallahan John, Boston
Doyle Daniel, E. Weymouth

McCarty Timothy, Boston
Fox Edward, Boston

McGuiness Hugh, Cambridgeport Kelley James, Boston

Flynn John, Portsmouth, N. H. McNamee John, s. Boston
Sullivan William, Boston
Green William, Boston

McSweeney Patrick, Boston
Gordon George, Boston

McCabe John, Sandwich
Cavanagh Michael, Fitchburg Hanley Daniel, Boston

McLellan Angus, Boston
Barrett John, Boston
Hau G. William, Boston

McGlinn Johan

Monahan Patrick, S. Scituate
Magram Edward
Magrath David, Salem
Murphy Edward, Boston
Murphy James
Murphy John, Boston
Murphy Dennis, Boston
Noonan Jeremiah
Noonan William, Boston
Norris Thomas, Boston

Nulty John, Brookfield
O'Donnell Michael, Fitchburg
O'Donnell Hugh, Stoughton
O'Connell James, Plymouth
O'Mahony Dennis
O'Sullivan Mortimer, Charlestown
O'Brien Dennis, Boston
O'Brien Jeremiah, Boston
Quigley Joseph P.
Roche John, Shirley

Roche Cornelius, Haverhill
Riley Patrick, Stoughton
Ryan John
Roy Michael, Fitchburg
Sullivan Dennis, Boston
Sullivan Thomas, No. Bridgewater
Shields Peter, Boston
Spencer Daniel, Dorchester
Watson Robert, Chelsea
Wheeler Thomas, jr., Sandwich

Company D, 28th Reg.

Captain, A. J. LAWLER, Boston, transferred from Company C.

1st Lieut., H. P. BOYLE, Boston, transferred from Company C.
2d Lieut., FLORENCE BUCKLEY, Natick.

Carrigan Andrew, Lawrence

O'Beirne Bernard, Newbury port
Nenle O. E., Boston
Cloyse Henry A., Worcester

O'Beirne Andrew, Newbury port Hannigan John, Lawrence Cassedy Thomas, Lowell

O'Grady Daniel, Newbury port Dewyre Patrick, Lawrence Dolan William, Boston

O'Grady William, Newbury port Fitzpatrick John, Boston Downing Timothy, Boston

O'Grady Jolin, Newbury pori
Mooney Edward, Boston
Flynu John, Boston

O'Beirne Edward, Newbury port
Flemming Michael, Boston

O'Donald John, Lawrence
Doyle William, Newburyport Fitzgerald Patrick, Boston

Powderly Patrick, Roxbury
Lowder Robert, Worcester
Grady Andrew N., Foxboro'

Paddin Michael, Boston
Cooney James, Boston
Gillooley Andrew, Boston

Penter Thomas, Boston
Quinn Martin, So. Natick
Gallagher Hugh, Lawrence

Ruth William, Boston
Ryan Timothy, Boston
Graham Patrick, Boston

Regan William, So. Reading
Stanley Patrick, Lawrence
King Jumes, Fiskdale

Rankin David
Powderly Michael, Roxbury

Johnson Win.. East Cambridge Sheehey John, Lowell
Gallagher Hugh, So. Boston
Joyce James, Boston

Slattery Cornelius, North Easton
Milise George, New Bedford

Shanley John, South Boston
Alcorne Andrew, Boston
Murphy Jerry S., Boston

Shanley John, Worcester
Burk Richard, Worcester
McLaughlin Michael, Boston

Quinn Michael, Boston
Brunt George, Boston

Mullen Bernard, Newbury port Quaile Robert, South Boston Cary Edward, New Bedford Mitchell Hugh

Towndsley Andrew. Cambridgep't
Coleman John, Boston
McCluskey Bernard, Boston

Waters William, Waltham
Connor John, Lawrence
Martin Michael, Boston

Walsh James, Natick
Cradin John, Lawrence
McCarty Patrick, Boston

Woods Bernard, Sandwich
Cronan Stephen, Milford

McGaw Nicholas, So. Boston White Andrew, Roxbury Clary William, Boston

Company E, 28th Reg.


Captain, SAMUEL MOORE, Boston.
1st Lieut., JAMES MCARDLE, Boston.
2d Licut., JOHN CARLTON, Boston, transferred from Company F.

Cronin Dennis, Boston

King Philander, Billerica, deserted West Jameg B., Chelsea

Daley Francis D., Cambridgeport Kelliher Michael, Northfield
Gilespie James, Boston
Daley James, Boston

Leary Thomas, Boston
Annand Augustus, Boston

Devlin Johi, Smithfield, R. I. Linihen Cornelius, Chelsea
Brainard N. S., East Boston

Donnelly John, North Cambridge Lermond Hiram, Boston
Herrigan Robert, Boston
Donovan Timothy, Boston

Littlefield Albert, Dedham, deser'd

Dowdell John, Mt. Auburn, Me. Love Wm.J., Saugus Boynton Wm. Á., East Boston Driscoll Jeremiah, Boston

Manning John, South Boston Kenny Michael, Boston Driscoll John, Charlestown

Martin John, Cambridgeport Quigley John, Boston Drayton Geo. H., Lowell

Murphy Patrick, Winchester Miley John, Boston Egan Thomas, Waltham

McCarthy Patrick, Boston Langley Lauren F., E. Cambridge Fallon Mark, Cambridge

McCarthy Timothy, E. Abington, Oweng Thomas, Boston Fay Henry A., South Boston

deserted McCarthy Cornelius, Boston

Fergurson Miles C., South Boston McLaughlin John, Boston
Conway 'Thomas, Boston
Finn Jumex, East Boston

McNall James, East Cambridge

Fitzsimmons William, Boston Me Vay Charles, Boston Drown Geo. C., Kennebunk, Me., Fitzgerald Patrick, Boston

Murray John, Boston transferred

Flynn Thomas, Lebanon, N. II., Nash John, Boston Sylvester Artemas, Charlestown, deserted

Nason Appleton, Boston transferred Ford Thomas

Newcomb Edward C., discharged Ford Thomas, East Cambridge Gormly John, Somerville

Neville Thomas, East Abington Norton John, New York

Goonan James, St. Albans, vt., Norton John

O'Conner Timothy, Manchester,
Arnold Thomas, Boston
Graham James, Boston

N. H., deserted Barnes Thomas, Providence, R. I. Green Charles, Waltham

O'Keefe Pat'k B., Boston, deserted Breslan Patrick, E. Cambridge Gray Henry, outh Boston

Reagan Stephen, Salem
Burns James, E. Cambridge
Goulding Charles, Boston

Riggs E. J., Boston
Carr Bernard, Boston, deserted Hanley Michael, Fall River

Riley Charles, Boston Carrigan

James, W. Cambridge Hayes Thomas, South Boston Riley Michael, Boston Carroll Thomas, East Boston Hayes Wm. A., Boston

Sheedy Joseph, Boston
Cassiman Michael, Roxbury

Harrington E. W., Charlestown Shepard Emerson
Cavanagh Patrick, Boston
Harrison Robert, Saugus

Slade Henry, South Boston
Childs Geo. W., Saugus

Higgins Patrick, South Boston Stritch John
Coffee Jeremiah, Boston
Hodde John H., East Boston

Sullivan Florence, Boston
Condon James, Boston

Hogan Patrick, Lowell, deserted Sweet John, So. Boston, deserted Conn Daniel, Abington

Holden Ephraim, Georgetown, dis- Taylor James, Boston Conway Henry


Toohig Patrick, Boston Conway Matthew, South Boston Hollihan William, Boston

Tucker Samuel, East Boston, trapt Clancy Timothy Isaacs Thomas, South Boston

Cragin Michael, Boston
Kelley Charles, Roxbury

Taylor Owen, Feltonville
Conway James, Worcester
Keating Michael, Boston

Toumay John, Newburyport Coughlin David, South Boston Kelley John, Lawrence

West Jamer, Boston, transferred Coughlin Edmund C., Salern Cragin Henry, Boston Kennely David, Salem

Woods John, Boston

Company F, 28th Reg.

Captain, JOHN RILEY, Boston, transferred from Company G.
1st Lieut., BENJAMIN F. BARTLETT, Chelsea, transferred from Company G.
2d Lieut., ALEXANDER BARRETT, Boston, transferred from Company H.

Campbell Daniei, Medford

Murphy Patrick, Roxbury
Dean John, Boston

Conway Thomas, North Easton McAvoy James W., Amesbury Kavanagh Philip. Roxbury

Durant Bartholomew, Boston Murphy Nicholas, North Easton Hodgdon Oliver L., Cambridge Desmond Humphrey, Boston

O'Riley James, Cambridge
Duffy Robert, Roxbury
Dailey Martin W., Boston

O'Connor Richard, Boston
Robertson John, Boston
Doherty Thomas, Roxbury

Parker George, Roxbury
Driscoll Michael, Cambridge

Powers Patrick, Roxbury
Woods Matthew, Roxbury

Dunnells George, Cambridge Pendergrast James, Roxbury
Feeley James, Boston
Daly James, Roxbury

Rattican Patrick, Roxbury
Nason Hiram T., Lawrence
Daly John, Roxbury

Reinbeck Erpest, Roxbury
Phillips Joseph S., Boston
Daly Michael, Cambridge

Rogers William, Lynn
Pray Wm. H., Plymouth
Driscoll James, Cambridge

Really Peter, Hingham
Cantin Henry, Boston
Erving Patrick, Cambridge

Regan Michael
Sunith John, Roxbury
Ford Michael, Chelsea

Sullivan Patrick, Canton
Lavis William, Boston
Finton Timothy, Boston

Sullivan Matthew, Roxbury
Flanagan Bernard, Roxbury

Smith Thomas, Boston
Lindsay Thomas, Lawrence

Farnlow Geo. W., Charlestown Shaffer Henry, Roxbury
Meney James, Lawrence
Farmer Edward, Chelsea

Stroup Nicholas, Roxbury
Goodwin David, Boston

Stevens Henry T., Pembroke
Coyle James, Roxbury
Gerry Albert, Medford

Slanding George, Lawrence
Gannon Kernon, Roxbury

Stokes Patrick, Roxbury
Burke John, Northboro
Gainer Patrick, Roxbury

Sullivan James, Lowell
Bride Richard, Boston
Hurley Thomas, Roxbury

Sargent Edwin, Ellsworth, Me.
Burke John, Lawrence
Herman Stephen, Roxbury

Timmons John, Boston Bird Michael, New Bedford

Henderson William, Lawrence Tighe James, Roxbury Barry Mathias, Cambridge

Henderson Roderick, Lawrence Thompson Wm. H., Boston
Butler Henry V., North Easton Kelly Peter, Cambridge

Titer David, Cambridge
Coyer John, Boston
Leary John, Boston

Tracy William, Cainbridge
Cox Patrick, Boston
Looby Thomas, Roxbury

Tripp Amos F., Fairhaven
Collins Patrick, Roxbury
Looby Michael, Roxbury

Thomas Edward B., Cambridge
Cullinan James, Roxbury,
Louth John, Roxbury

Woodley Samuel, Lynn
Campbell Hugh, Cambridge
Ledge with Garrett, Chelsea

Watson Malachi, Roxbury
Connors Dennis, Roxbury
Mitchell Patrick, Roxbury

Welch William, Chelsea
Clancy James, Boston
Murphy Juhn, Cambridge

Weir Joseph, Chelsea
Cotter John, Cambridge
McCarty Charles, Palmer

Welsh Edward, Boston
Coyle Michael, Roxbury

Mullen Daniel, Roxbury

Company G, 28th Reg.

Captain, ALEXANDER BLANEY, Natick, transferred from Company H.

1st Lieut., WM. MITCHELL, Boston, transferred from Company H.
2d Lieut., JAMES DEVINE, Boston, transferred from Company I.


Cain Anthony, Boston, promoted McDeavitt Henry, Boston
O'Brien Edward F., Burlington, Vt. to quartermaster sergeant

McMahan John, Boston
Fitzpatrick Edwin, New Bedford Doherty John, Boston

Marks Henry, Boston
Seymour John, Boston
Dooley Maurice, Plymouth

Mckenney John, Providence, R. I.
Duggan Thomas, Natick
Fay Stephen, Fitchburg

McGuire Patrick, Boston
McGowan Michael, Natick
Finn James A., Boston

McCalla Robert, Boston

Fitzpatrick John, Charlestown Mitchell Terrence, Boston
Weller Edwin J., Boston
Farrell John, Boston

Morrow Charles, Cambridge
Coughlin George I., Boston
Hart Michael, Lawrence

Mitchell George L.
Ronan Thomas, Chicopee

Heedy Maurice, Charlestown Malone Wm. D., Boston
Dwight Chas. C., Belchertown Hoar Michael, Boston

Nay Michael F., Boston
Frizzell W. II., Boston
Hurley James P., Boston

Nelson Neil, Boston
Sullivan Jeremiah J., Palmer
Huminell Peter, Boston

Nolan Patrick, Boston
Walsh Simon, Boston
Hill John, Boston

Norton Edward, Boston
Eames Francis,
Hughes Patrick, Boston

Nichelson Francis M., Chelsea
Head James, Boston

Naphan Jamex, Natick
Hart Jeremiah, Lawrence
Hanlon Peter, Boston

O'Brien Patrick, Natick
Gateley Andrew, Boston
Houghton Edward, Boston

O'Connors Thomas, Woburn
Keete Michael, Natick

Riley William, Boston
Hoben Patrick, Boston
Kennedy Michael, Natick

Slattery Daniel, Boston
Kelly Thomas, Natick

Shields Thomas, Boston
Armstrong James, Boston
Kiley Thomay, Natick

Skinner Joseph, Cambridge
Alvert John, Boston
Kelly Patrick, Westminster

Sullivan Cornelius, Cambridge
Barnacle Peter, Quincy
Kitson Patrick O. B., Boston

Turtle Thomay, Boston
Coughlin John, Boston
Kennedy James, Boston

Tobin Michael, Boston
Cannon Hugh, Cambridge
Killian Patrick, Cambridge

West James, Boston
Caswell John, Cambridge
Kelley James, Boston

Weir Joseph, Chelsea
Carey William, Natick
Lynch Patrick

Webber Daniel S., Boston
Caswell Andrew, Boston
McLone Thomas, Natick

Winn Francis, Cambridge
Cook Thomas

Manan John J., Boston

Company H, 28th Reg.

Captain, JOHN A. MCDONALD, Holden, transferred from Company F.
1st Lieut., JAMES O'KEEFE, Worcester, transferred from Company F.
2d Lieut., N. J. BARRETT, Worcester, transferred from Company G.



King Peter, Haverhill
Cline Thomas, Boston
Carroll Thomas, Worcester

Sullivan H. B., Worcester
Brazzell Patrick, Worcester
Garvey Andrew, Springfield

Carr Michael, Worcester
Treanor John, Worcester
Quilty Michael, Springfield

Kerrigan William C., Haverhill Donnelly Peter, Haverhill

Cain Daniel, Boston
Young Samuel, Grafton
Sweeney James, Worcester

McDermott Henry, Boston

Holden James, Worcester

Barry Patrick, Brighton
Bowen John, Boston
Branahan Patrick, Haverhill
Bryant Samuel E., Medford
Butman Joseph, Saxon ville
Burns Williain, Haverhill
Casey Patrick, Worcester
Cain Owen, Marlboro'
Crowley Jeremiah, Boston
Crowley William, Boston
Concannon John, Roxbury
Costello Patrick, Reading
Cloney Lawrence, Boston
Denney Austin, Holden
Dolan Thomas, Boston
Dolan Michael, Worcester
Donnelly John, Haverhill
Donnelly Peter, Haverhill

Douney Patrick, Roxbury
Downey Daniel, Haverhill
Dohertey Neil, Boston
Dunnan Michael, Boston
Dwyer Daniel, Chicopee
Finnin John, Boston
Finnegan Paul, Marlboro
Ford Dennis, Haverhill
Flynn James, Worcester
Goulding Patrick, Haverhill
Gorman Michael, Boston
Hackett Thomas, Worcester
Harrigan William, Roxbury
Haves P., Southbridge
Hickey James, Worcester
Horan John, Boston
Hodges Charles W., Boston
Jennings Edward, Boston, deserted
Kelley Patrick, Westminster
Küroy Michael, Boston
Lee Hugh, Haverhill

Maher John F., Haverhill
Moore J. F., Peterboro', N. H.
Moriarty Thomas, Chicopee
Murphy Cornelius, Chicopee
McCariy Michael, Chicopee
MeLane Michael, Boston
McGowan Audrew, Boston
McKenna Patrick, Worcester
Neligan James, Chicopee
Noyle James, Worcester
Nolan Domerick, Medford
O'Donnell William, Worcester
O'Reiley Francis, Randolph
Roach Morris, Haverhill
Sheehan William, Haverhill
Sheehey Peter, Chicopee
Spencer Michael. Pittsburg
Sweeney Patrick, Randolph
Short James, Lawrence
Stinson Patrick, Boston

Company I, 28th Reg.


Captain, G. F. MCDONALD, Boston.
18t Lieut., MOSES J. EMERY, Boston.
2d Lieui., E. H. FITZPATRICK, New Bedford, transferred from Company K.

Colbert Thomas, Boston

Maguire Patrick, Waltham
Bryant Richard R., Chelsea

Corbett Michael, Jamaica Plain McAnerry James, Boston
Flanagan Charles, Boston
Connelly John, Belmont

Murphy Martin, Roxbury
Briens Charles P., Jamaica Plain Conry James, Cambridge

McCarty Timothy, Boston
Crosby Louis J., Webster

Corcoran Thomas, Cambridge McNab Thomas, Boston
Carruthers James O., Chelsea
Dulanty Edward, Boston

Murphy James, Taunton

Dooley Michael, Georgetown McGuire John, Roxbury
Jones Francis E., Boston, deserted Duffey Thomas, Jamaica Plain Murphy Thomas, Roxbury
Britt William, Boston

Donahue Hugh Jamaica Plain MeLaughlin James. Quincy
Smith Charles V., Amherst
Domey Patrick, Quincy

McCafferty James, Somerville Daly Thomas, Boston

Dolan Michael, Jamaica Plain Nicholson William, Salisbury
McDonald, John, Cambridge
Flemming Thomas, Boston

O'Keefe Timothy, Boston
Johnson Jacob G. B., Salisbury Firmearan Thomas, Worcester O'Neal Andrew, Boston
Hogan John, Cambridgeport
Fitzgerald Maurice, Boston

O'Brien John, Keene, N. II.

Frizzell John W., Walpole, promo- O'Donnell John, Oxford
Short Thomas, Boston
ted to corporal

O'Flaherty Patrick, Boston
Gerry Albert, Saugus
Fitzgibbon John, Boston

Purcell John, Cambridge
Glynn Andrew, Boston

Powers Richard, Marlboro
Furfey Michael, Cambridge
Goodwin John F., Salisbury

Parker William, Boston

Goodwin James, Salisbury Robinson George W., Exeter, N.
Allendorf James, Roxbury
Goodwin Henry, Boston

Rand Philip, Taunton
Arnold James, Westfield
Galligan Philip, Taunton

Reagan Timothy. No. Bridgewater
Bryant Marshall, Chelsea
Galvin Michael, Quincy

Smith Henry J. W., Fairlee, Vt.
Ballon Lawrence, Quincy
Hessian Thomas, Salisbury

Sweeny Michael, Roxbury
Blair Abel M., Lynn
Harrington Dennis, Boston

Tehen Peter, Carnbridge
Balford Charles, Jamaica Plain) Howley Patrick, Quincy

Thorpe Edward A., Boston
Calaher Timothy, Marlboro'
Killian John, Roxbury

Tenney Michael, Cambridge
Connelly William, Marlboro
Kelhern Daniel, Waltham

Tefft Charles, Providence, R. I., Connelly John, Belmont Kelley John, Jamaica Plain

promoted to corporal
Chadbourne John, Sandwich
Kelly John, West Roxbury

Todd Frank, Cambridge
Coady Nicholas, Roxbury
Kelly Michael, Marlboro'

Tobin Patrick, Marlboro'
Coady James, Roxbury
Lellon Thomas, Roxbury

Tunks George, Roxbury
Clark' Lawrence, Roxbury
Lipscott Noah, Marblehead

Wiseman Robert, Cambridge
Cullen Michael, Waltham
Monon James, Cambridge

Wells Edwin, Roxbury Collins John, Boston

Madden Michael, Dorchester Walsh William, Boston Canary John, North Bridgewater

Company K, 28th Reg.

COMMISSIONED OFFICERS. Captain, JOHN J. COOLEY, Milford, promoted from 1st lieut., Company B, Dec. 3, 1861.

1st Lieut., JOHN AHERN, Milford, promoted from 2d lieut., Company C, Dec. 3, 1861. 2d Lieut., JOHN KILLIAN, Roxbury, commissioned Dec. 3, 1861.

Curley Thomas, Milford

Kenny Patrick, Milford
Powers David T., South Boston Coine Patrick, Wareham

Lavin Michael, Milford
Sullivan John, Milford
Cherry Peter, Milford

Manning John, Milford McDonald John I., East Boston, Coffey Martin, Milford, deserted Mallon James, Miltord, deserted detailed as color sergeant

Devlin llenry, Milford, deserted Mackin Patrick, Milford
Holland William, Mifford
Doyle John, Milford

Melan Michael, Milford
McGuire Patrick, Milford
Deynan Patrick, Milford

McKenna James, Milford
Donahoe James, Milford

Maxum Jacob, Milford
Crowley Stephen, Boston
Dunn Cornelius, Milford

Mullan Robert, Roxbury
Mnloy Dennis, Saxonville
Donovan Cornelius, Milford

Mooney Michael, Milford
McGonagle Philip, Boston
Deleney Richard, Milford

Moore John, Milford
Harrington Timothy, Boston
Doherty Cornelius, Boston

Murphy Edward, Milford
Doyle Andrew H., Milford
Dillon Patrick, Milford

McGee Martin, Milford
Griffin Thomas, Milford
Daley Michael, Milford

McCormack Timothy, Milford
Flaherty Michael, Milford
Dugan James, Milford

Maher John, Milford
Cooley John, Milford
Foley William, Milford

Mullen Martin, Milford
Foley Peter, Milford

McArdle John, Cambridge
Nolan Patrick, Milford
Finn Martin, Milford

O'Neill Arthur, Boston
Ferguson James, Milford

O'Donnell William, South Boston
Ward James, Milford
Farrell Edward, Milford

O'Shea Daniel, Milford
Keating Cornelius, Milford

Fitzsimmons And. N., Cambridge Roach David, Milford
Griffin John, Milford

Ryan Michael, Milford
Baxter Barney, Milford
Gibbons Barney, Milford

Ramsden Levi, Milford
Brock Peter, Milford

Gibbons John, North Cambridge Shine Thomas, Ist, Roxbury Brigdale James, Milford Gray Cornelius, Milford

Shine Thomas, 2d, Milford
Brigdale Patrick, Milford, deserted Horner John, Milford

Smith James C., Milford
Cannon James, Ist, Milford
Holohan Edward, Milford

Smith Levi L., Milford
Cannon James, 2d, Milford
Kane Edward, Milford

Walls Thomas, Milford, deserted
Crowley William, Boston
Kane Patrick, Milford

Watson Peter, Roxbury
Crawford John, Milford
Kenny Thomas T., Milford

White George C., Milford
Currey William, Milford
Kennedy Patrick, Milford

Walsh Edward, Milford
Coakley William, Boston

Kane Timothy, Milford

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