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Goddard Edward L., Montague
Gould Samuel C., Bridgewater
Gould John B., Bridgewater
Gardner Andrew J., Leverett
Grout John, Wendell
Grout Wm. H., Wendell
Harvey James, Portland, Me.
Hill Frederic A., Boston
Hildreth William, Wendell
Hawas Edward, Wrentham
Hammond Jarius T., Warwick
Hale Wilson J., Gill
Harrison James, Groton
Hathaway Thos. s., Fall River
Ingraham Wm. K., Boston
Kenly Edward, Roxbury
King Joel, Randolph
Kirby Thomas, Boston
Kennidy John, Fall River
Kingsley Wm. M., Fall River
Lynch John Portland, Me.
Littlefield Chas. A., Hartland, Me.
Lewis Henry, Erving

Leach Elisha B., Wendell
Lothrop Francis, Milford
Lucy Jeremiah, Marblehead
Murphy Martin V., Wrentham
Moore Levi, Leverett
McDonald Patrick, Boston
Metcalf Silas H., Wrentham
Metcalf Edgar H., Wrentham
McAuthur John, Livingston
Marshall John, Boston
Marcoe John, Wrentham
McKenny James, Brighton
O'Connell Daniel, Fall River
O'Brien Patrick, Boston
Oliver Matthew H., Boston
Prestrello Joseph, Provincetown
Pierce Joshua M., Boston
Potter Henry D., Erving
Patrick Melander, Leverett
Saxton Daniel, Lowell
Sanford Henry W., Montague
Smith Chas. J., Franklin, Me.

Stanton Frank W., Attleboro'
Spaulding Frederic A., Montague
Spaulding Stephen F., Montague
Stebbins Lafayette C., Wendell
Smart Geo. H., Boston
Stebbins Marcus M., Wendell
Shattuck Chas. R., Groton
Smith Chas, D., Fall River
Thompson Jason S., Wrentham
Taylor Lysander P., Townsend
Vellper John P., Roxbury
Vaughan Daniel S., Wrentham
Wood James C., Eastport
Williams Rounsville, Wrentham
Willard Le Barron B., Wrentham
Williams Edwin S., Attleboro'
Whitney Daniel, Fitchburg
White Eli, Wendell
Williams Lucian, Wendell
White Lyman, Wendell
Wordell Francis, Fall River
Young Frank, Wrentham

Twenty-Seventh Regiment.

The 27th is known as the Second Western Regiment, having been recruited at Camp Reed, Springfield, from the four western counties. It left its camp for Annapolis on the 2d of November. It is officered by gentlemen who have received their military education in the school of the Massachusetts Volunteer Militia. The 27th makes the fifth regiment of Massachusetts men attached to General Burnside's Division, and, like the others, gained for itself a good name at the battle of Roanoke Island.

In that battle, when the advance was made up the road, after the landing, the 27th Massachusetts was thrown out on the left to prevent a flank movement of the enemy, and so continued their advance through the woods, encountering and fighting the enemy's skirmishers. This regiment, with the 23d Massachusetts, intercepted a body of the enemy in their attempt to turn our centre column. This regiment occupied advanced positions, and was in the wildest of the fight, until the enemy surrendered.

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Field and Staff, 27th Rog.
Colonel......... .... HORACE C. LEE


..... Northampton. WM. M. BROWN.

..North Adams. Discharged Dec. 6, 1861. Major .....

WALTER G. BARTHOLOMEW ....Springfield.

Commissioned Dec. 7, 1861. Surgeon ... ......GEORGE A. OTIS

.Springfield. Assistant Surgeon ......SAMUEL CAMP

.Grt. Barrington. Chaplain ... MILES SANFORD

.North Adams. Quartermaster WM. H. TYLER, 2d....

South Adams. Adjutant..... ......GEORGE W. BARTLETT ...... Greenfield. Quartermaster Sergeant GEORGE W. BOWKER

South Adams. Hospital Steward.......GEORGE E. FULLER..

..Palmer. Sergeant Major ........HENRY C. DWIGHT..

Promoted to 2d lieut, Co. H.
Commissary Serg't ....JOHNSON J. ELLIS

Drum Major


Bond Amos, Springfield
Stracy Dwight S., Hatfield

Morse Leander B., Athol
Hale Charles S., Greenfield
Morgan Benson, Williamsburg Spar Otis

B., Montague
Cadwile A.J., Westfield
Richardson Wm., Athol

Hanson George R., Athol
Kenney Thomas, Athol
Fay Joseph F., Athol

Dunbar Moses C., Springfield Ward Foreman E., Montague Carleton R. D., Greenfield

Hasking Emery W., Greenfield
Foster Edw. W., Northampton
Wheelock G. W., Greenfield

Lee Samuel, North Adams
Clapp J. M., Montague
Morse Henry T., Athol

Streeter Albert L., Springfield Clark George W., Palmer

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Company A, 27th Reg.


Captain, SAMUEL C. VANCE, Indianapolis. 1st Lieut., Mark H. SPAULDING, Northampton; 2d Lieut., EDWIN C. CLARK, North



Cahill Andrew, Northampton Loud Charles, Hampton Blakeman John P., Morris, Ct. Clark Alvin W., East llampton McCaffery John, Williamsburg Ward W. W., Worthington

Clapp Lafuyette, East Hampton Maier Albert, Northampton Dickinson Henry, Northampton Cunningham Joneplı, Northuinpton Moran Henry 0., Northampton Judd J. 11., East lampden Damon C. M., Northampton

Morgen week Chas., Williamsburg Lyman Justus, East Ilampden Dunn Leonard F., Northampton North John, Northampton Cor, orals,

Dolan Thomas, Williamsbury Newman W. W., Williamsburg Oberempt John, Williamsburg Donovan John, Hayden ville

Otto C. H., Williamsburg Kingsley Zenas M., Northampton Derby Wm. P., East Hampton Pomeroy (), S., Worthington Shaw Andrew J., Northampton Douglass Samuel A., Northampton Parsons Abner E., Northampton Center Win. H., Northampton Drake E. S., Worthington

Quinn Frank, Worthington Place Theodore M., Northampton Dunning S.J., Worthington

Reed Edw.J., Northuinpton Clark George P., Enst llampton Frey Frederic, Northampton

Smith Lafayette, Enfield Phelps Austin E., Northampton Fish Charles D., East Hampton Smith Henry B., Northampton Prirates.

French G. Levant, Williamsburg Strong H. W., West Hampton Abbott Richard B., Hatfield

llathaway Martin, Williamsburg Smith Thomas F., Northampton Abbott Lyman B., Hatfield

Holmes Levi L., Northampton Stockwell John A., Northampton Adams James, Williamsburg Ilolbrook Albert, Huntington

Stockwell George A., Northampton Alvord Frank, North:inpton IIooper S. S., East Hampton

Stephens George, Williamsburg Buchanan John, Haydenville Hickey Patrick Northampton Stewart Henry A., Huntington Birge Joseph A., Northainpton Hitchcock II. M., Hatfield

Smith Sylvanus, Northampton Birge George A., Northampton Hayden Edw., Northampton

Stone F. P., East Hampton Bartlett Wm. H., Williamsburg Hannum D. G., Huntington

Sweet C. M., Hatfield, wounded at Brady Thomas, Northampton Janes S. P., West Hampton

Roanoke Island Brewster E.C., Worthington Jassiman Fred. F., West Hampton Thorp R. C., South Hadley, dead Brown W. S., Williamsburg

Kenney Albert C., Worthington Taylor Brainerd E., Worthington Beach Henry A., Huntington Kingsley Nelson II., Northampton Thayer James F., Worthington Bolton Thomas, East Hampton Kingsley, 9. D., Northampton Torrey Ilarlan C., Cummington, Beldon C. A., South Deerfield Knight Nelson, West Hampton discharged Bartlett L., Northampton

Kingslow Frank, Williamsburg Torrey Emerson W., Chesterfield Braman Wm. W., Northampton Klisner Fred., Hatfield

Van 'Stanburg Hiram J., West Brooks Levi, Northampton, promo- Loomis Luther, Williamsburg

Hampton ted to corporal

Laidley Hugh B., West Ilampton Valcour Francis, Northampton Clair M. C., Worthington

Lyman Thaddeus A., E. Hampton Watts Wm. B., Worthington Canfield Robert, Worthington Lewis Edw., West Hampton

Willard Francis, Northampton

Company B, 27th Reg.


Captain, ADIN W. CASWELL, Athol. 18t Lieut., PARKER W. MCMANUS, Davenport, Iowa; 2d Lieut., LOWELL H. HORTON,

Athol, discharged.
Freeman Dwight, Salem

Oakes Dexter, Wendell
Ballow Henry E.
French Van Buren, Athol

Oakes Alonzo, Prescott
Bessman llenry S., Erving
Fuller Fred. L., Holden

Oakes W. H., Prescott, died at Hat-
Gray Charles, Athol
Giles E. A., New Salem

teras Inlet Oliver Otis, Athol

Gilson Leander S., Warwick, died Proctor Ilarwood S., Warwick Corporals.

from wounds received at battle of Porter Adolphus, New Salem Sprague Wm. II., Royalston

Roanoke Island

Powar Isaac, Prescott
Rankins Mark, Erving
Gilman John W., Warwick

Peckam E. Á., Athol
Bush Henry H., New Braintree Goodnew H. E., Swansey

Pond Albert D., Athol
Morey John o.
Gillmore George, Hinsdale

Pierce A. P., Salem
French Warren B.
Goodnew Osela, New Salem

Packard Henry, Athol
Oakes George V., Phillipston Huntoin W. P., Orange

Pierce Alden, Salem Morse John R., Athol

Hill Wm., Athol, killed at Roanoke Phelps Foster W., Athol Pierce William II.

Island, Feb. 8

Rawson Henry L., Orange
Ilodgeman Willard, Gardner

Rice Horace B., Wendell
Allen florace B., Wendell

Hodge Jas. S., Athol, apt'd musician Rich Samuel, Athol
Bosworth Daniel, New Salem
Jackson G. F., Gardner

Ramsdell Lourin, New Salem Bergamo II. S., Erving

Josselyn Daniel W., New Salem Reynolds Charles, New Salem, died Baller John, Richmond, N. H. Kelly James, Athol

at Annapolis
Berry T. G., Athol
King Albion, Orange

Richardson James, Athol
Blair Hiram, Wendell
Learnard Daniel W., Athol

Stewart H1. D., Montague
Blair David, Wendell
Little James P., Prescott

Stone Forbes, Dana
Bliss J. T., New Salem

Lench Addison, New Brookfield, Smith Joseph C., Athol Bigelow 0. J., Athol

appointed musician

Stone Dwight, Warwick
Britton George, Erving
Mason G. P., Petersham

Stoddard Jason, New Brookfield
Bliss Wm. B, New Salem
Miller James, Erving.

Thorp Lancaster A., Athol Briggs John S., Athol

Metcalf Prescott M., Royalston Theawer Robert W., Athol Bosworth Levi, Royalston

McGowan P., Greenwich, died at Townsend George D., Warwick Bush Henry E., Richmond, N. H. Annapolis

Upham Amos, Phillipston
Clark John, Phillipston
Murdock Alonzo, Northfield

Williams George M., Wendell
Caswell Wm. E., Prescott
Meacham George P., Athol

Ward George, Orange
Cummings Jason G., Athol
Meacham N. B., Athol

Washburn Theodore, Phillipston Crawford Linus, Athol

Martin George A., Phillipston Whittaker II. W., Wendell
Chamberlain L. A., Athol
Moore Edmund, Athol

Whipple Wm. H., Erving
Davis Charles, New Salem
Morse George, Athol

Whitney Geo. M., Dana, wounded
Drake Joseph, Warwick
Morey J. C., jr., Athol

at Roanoke Island
Dexter W.N., New Salem
Oliver Frank jr., Athol

Woods Levi W., Gardner
Day F. S., New Salem
Oliver Sylvanus E., Athol

Weeks Henry, New Salem

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Company C, 27th Reg.


Captain, WM. A. WALKER, Greenfield. 18t Lieut., JOSEPH H. NUTTING, Greenfield ; 2d Lieut., WM. F. BARRETT, Greenfield.

Kemp Dexter J., Deerfield

Clark Wm. M., Charlemont Davis Wm. G., Schenectady, N. Y. Mowry David C., Leyden

Crofts Irving B., Whately Jones A. G., Lowell

O'Connell Bart, Whately, wound- Corey Stephen Norcross A. B., Charlemont

ed at Roanoke Island

Cobb E. P., Hawley De Wolf R. W., Leyden


Carter D. C., Gull
Avery F. D., Charlemont

Coller Gardner, Northfield
Burdock Alfred, Greenfield
Baker Peter T., Leyden

Carter E., Northfield Holmes Lyman A., New Braintree Barnard Edw. E., Charlemont Coats Alonzo, Charlemont Johnson J. A., Sturbridge, promo- Briggee Levi, Montague

Depot John, Buckland ted to sergeant Brett Oscar C., Montague

Drury L. A., Montague

Damon Daniel M., Greenfield
Delvey John C., Gill
Ellingwood Sumner, Guilford
Ford L. W., Buckland
E!wards P. ).
Fitzgerald John, Rowe
Farrell Wm., Sunderland
Griffin Charles, New Salem
Gates Joseph, Northfield
Harris A. N., Charlemont
Howland D. II., Gill
Holden George P., Montague
Ibolden Dwight D., Montague
Holmes A, Montague
Harvey Charles W., Northfield
Hunter George, Deerfield
Jones Orrin, Deertiell
Johnson J. S., Northfield
Johnson Henry H., Northfield
Jones Frank W., Deerticld

Jones Martin L., Enfield
Longley Edmund, Hawley
Loveland llenry W., Montague
Loveland Fred. A., Montague
Loomis Oscar M., Churlemont,

wounded at Roanoke Island
Lerplant Henry, Erving
Thayer W. C., Boston
Manter A. L., Hawley
Manter F. W., Iluwley
McIntire Thoinas, Shelburne
McCoy Wm., Whately
Murphy II., Windsor
Manning John, Bernardston
Mathews Charles H., Springfield
Mahonney Dennis, South Bo.ton
Witherell A. M., Whately
White C. II., Hawley
Woodard Wesley, Plainfield
Packard Horace, Greenfield

Parmenter C. H., Northfield
Pratt James H., Belchertown
Paige Thaley H., Northfield
Quinn John, Southampton
Rice David L., Greenfield
Sackett V. D., Shelburne
Shoals John, Amherst
Seymore Lewis, Erving
Stevens Alvin E., Montague, dead
Stevens Wm. D., Montague, dead
Sa. Lois, Michael, Amherst
Sweeney Patrick, Slielburne
Smith E. C., Deertield
Tonio John, Shelburne
Tufts M. E., Montague
White Charles P., Montague
Woffenden Samuel, Charlemont
Wotfenden Richard, Charlemont
Young John

Company D, 27th Reg.


Captain, TIMOTHY W. SLOAN, Amherst.
1st Lieut., Aumi R. DENNISON, Amherst; JOHN S. AITCHIESON, Chicopee.

Billings Theodore 8., Iladley

Hibbard Willard, Hadley
Skinner J. Leander, Amherst Batchelor Charles, Granby

Hobart George M., Ainherst, proStorrs Charles L., Amherst Baker Peter, Amherst, deserted

moted to corporal Dickinson E. Baxter, Amherst Baker Ezra, Amherst

Johnson Eli H., Amherst Pratt Rowson D., Sunderland, de- Bowman James, Amherst

Kellogg James B., Ainherst tailed for surgeou's clerk, Nov. Chapin Samuel A., Granby

Lovett Wheaton, Amherst 1, 1861 Cowles Silas, Hadley

Lind William W., Granby
Montague Wm. R., North Hadley Cates Albert, Amherst

Lovejoy Frank, Northfield, desert'd
Cutter P. P., Amherst

Manley Edward, Amherst
Prince llenry ‘B., Amherst, pro- Goleman Geo. W., Southampton Moody William H., So. Hadley
moted sergeant, Nov. 1, IN
Cole James 0., Chicopee Falls

Montague James II., Belchertown
Boltwood Edmund, Amherst
Cushman John E., Amherst

Nash Jay E., Hadley
Elwell Franklin, No. Hadley
Carr Watson E., Huntington

Old: Madison R... Hladley
Sloan George W., Amherst
Crossman Burton, Amherst

Pierce Iliram, Sunderland
Robinson Lucien E., Hawley Dunakin Henry, Hadley

Preston Simeon E., Amherst
Cook Rufus A., Hadley
Dennison A. R.. Amherst

Pettengill Charles A., Belchertown
Russell John F., Hadley
Davis Sidney, No. Hampton

Potwine Edwin H., Amherst
Parsons John D., Ainherst
Dyer Peter, Amherst, deserted

Preston James A., Amherst

Dickinson Chester, jr., Amherst Pryor Frederic S., Hladley
Skinner Lucas C., Plainville

Elwell Charles, liadley, discharged Potter E. llenry, Hadiey
Skinner Lyman W., Amherst Ferry Elliott P., Granby, died at Packard Henry C., Amherst
Annapolis, Jan.5

Russell Willard A., Hadley
Bell Joseph C., Hadley
Frary Thomas, Hatfield

Rust Jacob L., Amherst
Grover Joseph, Ainherst

Spaulding Charles B., Amherst
Amadon Henry M., Leverett
Griffin Otis, Pelham

Smith Edwin B., Hadley
Baker Asahel, Amherst
Grittin George A., Pelham

Smith Lucius D., Hadley
Baker Charles K., Amherst

Gray Joseph, Hadley, deserted Simith Frederick II., Hadley Bardwell Ilenry J., Amherst, de- Hibbard Luman W., Hadley

Sears llenry, Amherst tailed for signal corps, Jan. 1, '62 Hager Dexter F., So. Deertield Southwick Erastus S., Pelham Barton Charles H., Amherst

Hodgett Samuel P., Springfield, Stearns John, Amherst Brown Martin V. B., Belchertown deserted

Valcour Joseph, Northampton
Barton John L., Entield
Haskins James D., Granby

Vinton M., Ainherst
Barrett Dwight, Belchertown
Iloward David S., llailey

West Lewis w., Hadley, promoted
Batchelor Frederick, Granby
Hastings Willard D., Amherst

to corporal Bolio Charles C., Amherst, disch'd Hudson Christopher, Granby

Witherell William A., Enfield Bolio Levi M., Amherst

Hopkins William J., Amherst Wheeler Henry E., Pelham
Bolster Frank E., Amherst
Hawley Henry, Amherst

Williams Solomon H., Amherst Brewer Justin S., Leverett

Howard Henry E., Hadley

Company E, 27th Reg.


Captain, GUSTAVUS A. FULLER, New York.
1st Lieut., JOHN W. TRIFTON, Springfield; 2d Licut., LUTHER BRADLEY, Lee.

Brooks J. H.

Hurst Franklin, Great Barrington Merry Willard L., Pittsfield

Brewer George W., Great Barring- Hecox Wiliani, Great Barrington Bush R. J., Great Barrington


Hewett J. H., Monterey
Harrington Wm. F., Pitt field
Blair Chauncey

Hills Charles T., Great Barrington, McCavanaugh J., New York Bligh Charles, Washington

deserted Conklin Alonzo H. Baker Rodolphus, Springfield

Huntley J. W., Great Barrington Chrporals.

Comstock Gilbert C, Great Bar- Hamlin James, Great Barrington, Davis Charles II., Pittsfield rington

drowned at Annapolis, Jan. 7, '83 Sylvester R., Monterey

Cook Charles N., New Marlboro' Hulitt Orren, Lee
Cowles Joseph H., Washington Curtin Carl, Monterey, discharged Jackson Sullman, Pittsfield
Hall L. F., Pittsfield
Chapinan S. S., Lee

Jackson E. A., Lee
Pynchon E. R., Great Barrington Cobb R. D., Great Barrington

Jones Thomas, Pittsfield
Coombs E. H., Lee
Cogswell William H., Lee

Killson Joseph, Great Barrington, Barnum H. L., Great Barrington Champlin Albert B., Lee

Monnier William, Pittsfield
Dennison Elijah, Lee

Kenney Patrick, Lee
Dolan James, Lee

Knapp Nelson E., Great Barrington
Adams Nelson, Great Barrington Dolan lugh, Lee, wounded at King John, Lenox
Agant Cyrus, Washington

Roanoke Island, Feb. 8

Kinney James M., Monterey Andrews Elijah, Great Barrington Duncan George, New Marlboro, Leonard Charles W., Cheshire Bentley Wm. D., Pittsfield

wounded at Roanoke Island Lander John
Barrett M., Washington
Didier Jean, Washington

Lander Robert, Pittsfield
Bentley James, Pittsfield
Day Samuel, Monterey

Moore E. E., Lee
Bickley John, Lee
Devine Thomas, Amherst

Mitchell W., New York
Bosquet Levi, North Becket

Griffin John, Great Barrington McGinnis J., Tyringham
Benedict Charles, North Lee
Girad E., Washington

Miller Franklin, Great Barrington
Bughardt Washington I., Great Gilmer J. W., Great Barrington McDonough D., Great Barrington
Garefield E. B., Monterey

Nye Charles L., Lee

Pixley Peter H., Great Barrington
Potter J. A., Monterey, discharged
Parsons H., Great Barrington
Parrish Martin C., Dummerston,

Ryan John R., Great Barrington
Roberts Robert M., Washington
Robbins Frederick A., Great Bar-

Rossiter Geo. U., Great Barrington

Royal Peter, Great Barrington
Smith B. W.F.
Stanrin Otto, Great Barrington,

wounded ut Roanoke Island
Sheffield Hiram, No. Lee, wounded

at Roanoke Island, and since died
Smith Wm., Greut Barrington
Strong R., Great Barrington
Scott J., Great Barrington

Smith Edward, Lee
Tymeson William M., Monterey
Tucker Charles A., Lee
Tarmey Thomas, Lee
Truner A. C., Great Barrington
Tucker William, Washington
Thompson J. E., Monterey
Wheeler E. P., Lee
Washburn B. D., Athol

Company F, 27th Reg.


Captain, LUCIUS F. THAYER, Westfield. 1st Lieut., JOHN W. MOORE, Tolland; 2d Lieut., JAMES H. FOWLER, Westfield.

Clark William E., Lubec

Miller Richard, Tolland
Peckham Frederic R., Westfield Chatfield Ilenry W., Tolland

Noble Addison, Westfield Cooley Sherman P., Granville Crocker Alfred C., Westtield Noble Daniel, Westfield Wood Pliny, Westfield, wounded Cooney Timothy, Westfield

Osborne Martin, Granville at Roanoke Island Cort Edwin II., Huntington

Oakes Leary J., North Dana Tryon Henry, Granville

Clark Levi, Sandisteld, killed at Pomeroy Amos B., Granville Holcomb Chauncey, Southwick Roanoke Island

Pomeroy Daniel B., Granville Corporals.

Cavanaugh Michael, Southwick Pomeroy Roderick, jr., Granville Loomis Henry C., Southampton Cowles Edwin V., Westfield

Pratt Charles H., Tolland Hale Geo. W., Tolland, killed at Cowles Emerson, Westfield

Pixley Jerry, Southwick Roanoke Island, Feb. 8

Davern Michael, New Braintree Roberts Charles W., Granville Rose Myron J., Granville Dorflin John, Westtield

Pomeroy Nathan B., Westfield Roberts John W., Granville Everton Hiram J., Westfield

Richmond Walter A., Westfield Peck Edwin L., Wyatt, R. I.

Eggleston Charles T., Westfield Rice Elmer W., Granville
McKay William c. Sandisfield Fowler Allen S., Southwick

Smith John, Westfield
Cowler Milton T., Westfield
Fowler Charles C., Westfield

Stone Frank, Sandisfield
Cantield Marcus R., New Marlboro Flagg Hiram R., Westfield

Smith Edward N., Huntington
Field Cornelius, Westfield

Soule E. W. C., Otis
Rose Petuck J., Granville

Gibbs John W., Colesbrook, Conn. Steele Robert, Westfield
Cooley Myron II., Granville

Gibson Lorenzo D., Westfield Searle George M., Westfield
Green George F., Granville

Searle Charles H.. Southampton
Andrews Lyman, Westfield
Green Henry, Granville

Spooner Hiram, Southampton Austin Vernon D., Southampton Gorham Andrew, Montgomery Tennett Charley W., Granville Austin William, Southampton Holcomb Alfred, South wick

Treat Calvin J., Granville
Ballou Charley, Montgomery

Hazzard Charles V., Westfield Underwood H., Sandisfield
Bates David W., Southampton Hanchelt Lester D., Westfield Wille Luther P., Tolland
Baker James C., Westtield
Horrigan Michael, Tolland

Webber John S., Tolland
Biswell Seth, Agawam
Jones Edwin D., Blanford

Warden Hiram, Westfield
Bosworth La Roy, Westfield King Justin, Granville

Wing Julian A., Huntington
Baldwin Calvin E., Granville
Lewis George H., Tolland

Whitney Martin, Westfield
Bu Lafayette, Tolla
Lindsay George W., Russell

Wright Gustavus A., Tolland
Brewer John, jr., Southwick
Malonay Timothy, Westfield

Weks Henry H., Chester
Burns Edward, Westfield
Madison John W., Westtield

Whitmon Charles, Montgomery
Butler Robert J., Otis
Merrill Asa P., Huntington

Woodruff David, Agawam Childs Orson R., Southampton Messenger John C., Granville Woodruff Alfred, Agawan Cook Erastus I., Southampton Marshall Lyman, Tolland

Welcome George, Southwick

Company G, 27th Reg.


Captain, R. R. SWIFT, Chicopee. 18t Lieut., PETER S. BAILEY, Springfield ; 2d Lieut., FRED. C. WRIGHT, Northampton.


Dunham Andrew J., Northampton Parker John H., Chicopee
Jillson Edw. M., Holyoke
Day Henry H., So. Hadley

Palmatier J. A., Northampton, pro-
Elliott Marshall, Chicopee
Fuiler J. I..., So. Egremont

moted to corporal Morse Samuel, Chicopee Hunter Geo. R., Chicopee

Pease Edw. W., Northampton Lavake Thomas, Northampton Ilendrick Edwin C., Chicopee

Pulsiter Henry J., Chicopee
Heurn Daniel A., Chicopee

Partridge Wm. W., Northampton Chapin Irving, Chicopee, promoted Howard Stanley, Northampton

Pierce Edwin G., So. lladley to sergeant

Hanum John II. Northampton Riley Patrick, Northampton Maxfield J. H., Chicopee

Halloran James, Northampton Sherbuck Wm., Northampton Adams M. M., Chicopee

Haney Daniel, Northampton Strong Egbert, Northampton Makinster B. F.

Hunt Isaac, Belchertown, wound- Steele Wm. D., Chicopee
Nutting F., Southampton

ed at Roanoke Island, promoted Strong J., Northampton
to corporal

Sullivan M., Chicopee Bardwell Henry C., Northampton, Howard Chas. A., Northampton Sherman Eleazer, Chicopee killed at Roanoke Island, Feb. 8 Kreager Louis, Northampton

Shehan Thomas, Chicopee Blakmer Calvin, Northampton Keefe Michael, Northampton Sinith Elisha S., Northampton Boice Geo. A., No. Hladley

Kearney Robert J., Northampton Smith Isanc, Northampton
Bride Edmund, Northampton Knight Daniel, Northampton

Smith Edwin, Granby
Brackin John, Palmer
Leavett Benning, Chicopee

Taylor Thomas, Chicopee
Blusedale Geo., Chicopee
Murphy Michael, Chicopee

Veltman W. H., Newburgh
Baldwin Aaron, Holyoke
Murray Patrick, So. Iladley

Williams Henry, Holyoke
Burroughs Jonathan, Goshen
Molan Thomas, Chicopee

Wright Monroe, Montague
Cobb Edw., Northampton, promo-
McDonnell John, Holyoke

Wrisley Justice, Northampton ted to corporal

Martin David, Becket, deserted Woodville Roderick, Chicopee Cone Cornelius, Chicopee Manix Jo Northampton

Wight Wm. Q., Chicopee, promoCurry Richard, Holyoke Mchar James, Northuinpton

ted to corporal
Clifford Thomas, Chicopee
Morton Thomas, Northampton

Walter Horace, Holyoke
Cavanaugh Michael, Chicopee Macomber Albert M., Northampton Ward J., Chicopee
Clark John L., Northampton
Nutting E. P.

Walters A., Holyoke
Coffee Patrick, Northampton O'Connell Dennis, Chicopee

Wallace Jas. M., Goshen, deserted Calkins Oscar C., Chicopee Paige Wm. J., Chicopee

Willard James, Northampton Chalmers G., Holyoke Porter Adolphus, Chicopee

Yance Lorenzo, Chicopee

Company H, 27th Reg.


WALTER G. BARTHOLOMEW, Springfield, promoted to maj., Dec. 7, 1861.

CHAS D. SANFORD, North Adams, promoted from 1st lieut., Dec. 7, 1861. 1st Lieut., WM. H. H. BRIGGS, Adams, promoted from 2d lieut., Dec. 7, 1861. 2d Lieut., HENRY C. Dwight, Northampton, promoted from sergeant major, Dec. 7, 1861

Cousens James F., So. Adams

Neale James, So. Adams
Joslyn Jerome B., No. Adams Daily Thomas, No. Adams

O'Brien Lawrence, No. Adams McKay Wm., Blackinton Davis Daniel N., No. Adumg

Odell Chas. A., Williamstown Smith' Reuben B., Ashield

Demeran ville Henry E., Cheshire Peck Emery, No. Adams
Maynard Cecil T., Williamstown Deming Avery J., Clarksburg Peck Henry H., No. Adams
Campbell William, No. Adams Donlan James, Pittsfield

Perkins James H., Williamstown
Estes Jared, No. Adams

Quigley Lester H., Becket, deceased
Ainley Joseph, Blackinton
Evans Chas. T., No. Adams

Read Albert O., No. Adams Wilson Alson II., Williamstown Fields Lyman E., Williamstown Remington Ilenry, So. Adamg Plumb Royal 11., No. Adans

Fowler Chas. A., Williamstown Remington Henry, No. Adams O'Brien John, So. Adams Gleason Francis D., Hadley

Rice David, jr., Cheshire
Chapin Albert T., Hadley

Haley Davis, Williamstown, died Rider James A., No. Adams
Johnson Ilerbert S., Hadley
Hare Thomas, Florida

Roberts Eleazer M., Williamstown Como Chas. A., Blackinton

Hayden John W., No. Adams Robertson Chas. H., No. Adams Prirates.

Harrington Alex. G., So. Adams, Regan Christopher, No. Adams Allen John W., Cheshire

promoted to corporal

Shaw C. C., Plainfield Barrows Robt. R., Williamstown Harrington Robert B., So. Adams Sheridan Wm., Haydenville, died Bassett Harvey E., Florida Hewett Clarence P., Harley

Nov. 18, 1861
Beebe Chas. Henry, Williamstown Hisler Caspar J., No. Adams

Shorum John B., Blackinton
Bennett Chas. G., Springfield
Hisler Joseph C., No. Adams

Smith Geo. jr., No. Adams
Blanchard David S., So. Adams Holden Levi, Haverhill

Smedley Wm. H., Williamstown Blanchard Frederic E., No. Adams, Lama Richard, Williamstown Spooner Chas. L., Williamstown discharged

Lawrence Reuben W., Ashfield Terry Henry C., No. Adams Bowen Nelson U., So. Adams Lilley Robert, So. Adams

Terry Sidney S., No. Adams Bracy Wm. P., No. Adams

Loomis Horace A, Williamstown Terry Wm. T., No. Adams Bradley Almon N., Cummington Lyman Chas. A., Hladley

Torrey Wm. R., Williamstown Bradley Wm. A., Florida

Macauley Robt. II., No. Becket Thompson Willard A., BernardsBruyton Franklin B., Williamstown McRea Edw. D., So. Adams

ton Brown Jabez C., No. Adams

Monta David W., Williamstown White James L., Stamford, Vt.
Bulfin John, So. Adams
Moody John, No. Adams

Williams Fred., Blackinton
Churchill Benj. V Williamstown Montgomery Joseph M., So. Adams Wing Joel, Ashfield
Clark Edward P., No. Adams
Morrison Alex., Claremont

Walkins Geo. A., No. Pownal, Vt. Clark Irving R., Hadley

Morton Emery P., No. Adams Witt Pliny, No. Adainy Colwell Barnard, So. Adams

McGowan Dennis, Wilbraham Weil Francis C., Williamstown Conley Patrick, No. Adams

Company I, 27th Reg.

COMMISSIONED OFFICERS. HENRY A. HUBBARD, Ludlow, died at Roanoke Island, Feb. 12, 1862. Captain, | EDWARD K. WILCOX, Springtield,, promoted from 1st lieut., Feb. 13, 1862. 18t Lieut., C. WESLEY GOODALE, Wilbraham, promoted from 2d lieut., Feb. 13, 1862. 2d Lieut., JOSEPH W. Lawton, Ware, promoted from sergeant, Feb. 13, 1862.

Crosby James, Brimfield

Murdock Alex. B., Ware, promoted Lawton Joseph W., Ware, pro- Davey Wm. H., Springfield

to corporal moted 2d lieut. Feb. 13, 1862 Dick Alex., Ware

Needham Wyles, Brimfield
Allen Geo. J., Chicopee
Davis B, C., Wilbraham

Needham Lyman J., Brimfield
Newell H. Smith, Chicopee
Emerson Levi W., Palmer

Olds Lewis C., Ware
Jones Edw. R., Chicopee
Erving Lucien G. Brimfield

Oliver Sylvester, Ludlow
Nye Wm. A., Brimtield
Fay Chas., Wilbraham

O'Conner John, Springtield
Fuller J. K., Ludlow

Park, W., Conway
Simond, Frank'F., Ludlow
Flaherty John J., Bondeville

Phelps Silas, Brimfield
Child. Abraham, Wilbraham Finnity Thos., Brimficld

Pease Lyman, Ludlow
Kellogg Newton E., Wilbraham Gibbony Marion, Chicopee

Perry James E., Wilbraham
King Arthur, Wilbraham
Gleason L. W., Wilbraham

Pepper Henry H., Palmer
Hainilton Jerome, Brimfield
Glover Chas. I., Springfield

Pepper Thos. D., Palmer
Osborne Clark J., Ware
Grath Michael M., Ludlow

Pepper John P., Poliner
Alden Preston, Palmer
Gage Alvin A., Springtield

Rice James, Wibraham
Hale Edw., Warren

Rowe Harrison, Wilbraham
Aldrich Hiram W., Ludlow
Holloran Stephen 0., Ludlow

Robinson Wm. H, Brimtield Atwood Edwin, Belchertown Hollaway Corridan A., Springfield Roods Solomon, Belchertown Alden Samuel E., Wilbraham Huling W. W., Springfield

Rulotson Charles B., Chicopee
Allen Win., Palmer
Hobart Geo. W., Wilbraham

Severance Wm. Chicopee
Acres Horace H., Chicopee
Haskell D. N., Ludlow

Snow Joseph H., Brimtield
Blackman Perez, Ware
Husha Henry, Wilbraham

Sunith Royal A., Ware
Brewer Lyman, Ludlow

Jennerson Austin F., Brimfield Smith Henry H., Brimfield
Barton Jacob, Brimfield
Kilmer John S., Ware

Smith Marcus II., Brimtield
Burr Chas, H., Wilbraham
King James M., Wilbraham

Simonds Frank, Ludlow, promoted
Bates Chas., Wilbraham
Lard Almon, Ludlow

to corporal
Bennett Lemuel, Ludlow
Lowell Calvin, Palmer

Sanderson Wm., Ludlow
Bliss Rob't B. W., Palmer
Lucas Albert C., Wilbraham

Trumball Chas., Belchertown Bennett Lyman J., Beichertown McKinney Chas. M., Ludlow

Twinkler Jos., Springtield
Bliss Alimus, Ware
McKinney Michael. Ware

Underwood Chas., Brimfield
Carder Elmer w.
MeDonald John, Wilbraham

Wade Addison P., Ludlow Clark C. L., Belchertown, wounded McGowan Dennis, Wilbraham Washburn Wm. H., Ware at Roanoke Island

Morgan James S., Wilbraham Walls George II., Wilbraham
Crowninshield Caleb, Ludlow McNana Richard, Ware

Wardwell Wm., Chicopee
Crosby James K., Wilbraham
Merritt II race, Palmer

Webber Luther P., Ludlow
Childs Calvin, Palmer
Me Manara John, Ludlow

Wallace Newton, Brimtield
Chapin Wm. H., Wilbraham
McManara James, Chicopee

Winslow Chas. W., Springfield Collins Albert, Ludlow

Company K, 27th Reg.

Captain, HORACE K. COOLEY, Springfield.
1st Lieut., GEORGE WARNER, Springfield.
2d Lieut.,

H. W. CHAPIN, Springfield, discharged.




Berbe William, jr., Agawam
Hale Chr. F., Springfield
Cooper Oliver B., Agawam

Meechan Jas. W. H., Shelburne
White W n., Springtield
Grove Edwin P., Springfield

Prirates. Cooley Wm. H., Springfield Bartlett John W., Springfield Ames Andrew J., Northfield Goodhue Chas. s., Springfield Roberts William, Worcester

Ainsworth Dexter, Longmeadow Inguson Frederic A., Springfield Hadley Charles B., 80. Hadley Adams Ansel, Worthington

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