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Lawson John L., Keene, N. H.
Lamb Walter, Templeton
Moore Francis L., Templeton
Martin S. W., Richmond
Moore Joseph w., Hubbardston
Manning Benj. R., Phillipston
Morton Charles, Orange
Moulton Hiram v., Hardwick
Mellen Joel B, Abington
Norcross William, Templeton
Norcross Leander N., Templeton
Pond Nathan H., Franklin
Peck Nelson F., Royalston

Rayner Alfonso B., Warwick
Snow Charles H., Billerica
Sawyer David S., Leominster
Stone Asa, Hubbardston
Stewart Alexander, Royalston
Snow Samuel A., Milford
Samson H. K., Royalston
Temple Augustus, Orange
Wheeler Warren L., Royalston,

wounded at Roanoke Island,

Feb. 8, 1862
Wheeler Solan, Keene
Wheeler Darling 8., Richmond

Ward Marcus H., Orange
Whitney Joel, jr., Templeton
Walker Marcus, Royalston
Wood Henry S., Royalston
Wilson Charles, Royalston
Whitcomb Albert II., Winchendon
Wheeler George N., Royalston
Wheeler Charles W., Templeton
Wetherell Chas. J., New Braintree

Joined after the Reg. leji Mass.
Wilson Charles, Worcester
Haas John, Worcester, musician

Company K, Worcester. - 25th Reg.


Captain, J. WALDO DENNY, Worcester. 18t Lieut., SAMUEL HARRINGTON, Paxton ; 2d Lieut., JAMES M. DRENNAN, Worcester.


Clark Alson W., Hubbardston Marcy George P.
Tew Charles F., Worcester
Collie David B., Leicester

Moulton John B., Oxford
Raymond Edwin T., Worcester Clark Eli E., Hubbardston

Mayo John S., Holden
Stone Emerson, Leicester
Cowles Edw. C., Hatfield

Maynard Sylvester C., Worcester
Burr George, Worcester
Cooper Otis D., Oxford

Murdock Chas. C., West Boylston
Clarke Samuel A., Holden
Clark Edmund B., Holden

Miller Benjamin, Worcester

Collins Cornelius F., Worcester Newton Sereno, Oxford
Horton James B., Worcester
Drury Nathan, Worcester

Padelford John M. W., Worcester
Buss Edw. B., Boylston
Dennis John C., Worcester

Parmenter Joshua R., Grafton Drury Luke T., Worcester

Davis Miron W., Hubbardston Parmenter Cyrus T., Shrewsbury Clark Walters S., Chester

Deinond Chauncy P., Rutland Perry Jehu, Worcester Greene William N., jr., Worcester Damon Otis, Paxton

Preston Samuel, Holden
kpooner Horatio B., Worcester Devereux John 11., Hubbardston Pratt Edwin F., Paxton, wounded
Billings Joseph, Hatfield
Davis Augustus E., Grafton

at Roanoke Island Feb. 8
Chapman Robert T., Worcester Edwards William H., Worcester Pond Roland, Hubbardston
Eaton Joseph, Worcester

Pushee Sidney A., Worcester
Pond William G., Hubbardgton Edwards Albert W., Worcester Poland Charles A. Worcester
Saunders Henry A., Worcester Greene Lorenzo B., West Boylston, Pond George H., Hubbardston

Reed Davis, Sterling
Ball Diah, Holden
Gitford Morton D., Auburn

Stockdale Albert, Leicester

Gates Theodore N., Worcester Snow Daniel B., Berlin
Abbott Edwin, Worcester
Grimn Joseph, Grafton

Sylvester John S., Worcester, dis-
Adams Augustus, Leicester
Gibson Edmond J., Spencer

charged Adams John Q., Worcester

Henshaw William H., Leicester Sibley Frank S., Worcester, woundBrown Henry L., Webster Hall Charles S., Worcester

ed at Roanoke Island Feb. 8 Henry F., Hattield

Harrington Charles A., Paxton, Smith Benjamin F.. Worcester Bond William J., Charlton

died at Annapolis Jan. 9

Smith Charles M., Uxbridge
Brady James, Leicester
Humes Reuben, Millbury

Tenny Charles F. Hubbardston Blaisdell Guilford, Worcester Johnson Jerome, Auburn

Thurston Sam., Worcester, woundBellows Henry H., Worcester Jelly Charles E., Worcester

ed at Roanoke Island Feb. 8 Barnes Gardner F., Worcester Kerby Alfred J., Oxford

Thompson Sidney C., Rutland Barber Theodore, Worcester Lewis John E., Worcester

Wetherby Adin P., Hardwick Coffin Edmund, Worcester Latham William. Worcester

Williams Charles C., Auburn Cutting Otis S., Leicester Lewis Seth E., Hubbardston

Webber George W. Worcester, Collester Warren (., Worcester Loring Henry A., West Boylston transferred to Co. G. Clark Edmund, Holden

Mills Benjamin F., Worcester Ware Benjamin F.. Worcester Currier Leroy S., Grafton Murdock William E.

Witherby Edwin T., Worcester

Twenty-Sixth Regiment.

The colonel and many of the officers and men of this regiment were of the gallant 6th, M. V. M. The 26th was recruited by Colonel Jones, at Camp Chase, Lowell, and is attached to Major-General Butler's Division. It sailed from Boston on the 21st of November, in the transport steamer Constitution, for Ship Island, Louisiana, where it is now stationed. It is, therefore, the most remote from the Commonwealth of any of the regiments which Massachusetts has sent forth. It will ever be near to us, however, in our affections.

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Quartermaster Sergeant. GEORGE H. STONE ............ Natick.
Commissary Sergeant ...ARCHIBALD STARKWEATHER ..Boston.
Hospital Steward ..WM. H. GRAY

Drum Major

... Lowell. Band Master ... ...GEORGE BROOKS ...

... Lowell.


Barrows Frederic E., Boston
Adams George W., Boston
Adam: George A., Boston
Blanchard John 0., Wilmington
Brooks Henry D., Milford
Crooker Abel F., Lowell
Crombie William, Lowell
Claflin Dexter, Milford

Conihe Orlando F., Lowell
Davis Oliver T., Lowell
Evans Samuel S., Milford
Foote George L., Lowell
Hosmer Augustus W., Acton
Keen Grinfill H., Lowell
Mullaly William S., Boston
Muzzey S. Eugene, Lowell

Parmenter Alfred A., Lowell
Polson James, Lowell
Peavey George E., Lowell
Richardson William B., Lowell
Stetson S. M., Acton
Saunders John, Mundon
Vosmas Edwin W., Lewiston, Me.
Wilson George E., Lowell

Company A, Lowell.- 26th Reg.


Captain, GEORGE M. DICKERMAN, Lowell.
18t Lieut., ANDREW J. JOHNSON, Lowell; 2d Lieut., WM. H. WILLEY, Lowell.
Foss George W., Lowell

Perry Benjamin, Lowell
Conihe Theodore W., Lowell
Fonter Henry C., Lowell

Russell James, Lowell
Grout Chauncey L., Lowell
Frost John, Lowell

Raynolds John, Lowell
Field David C. G., Lowell

Richardson Luther L., Dracut Abbott Almond C., Tewksbury Goodhue John, Lowell

Richardson Charles H., Dracut
Austin Samuel G., Lowell
Gunn James, Chelsea

Ripley Joseph B., Lowell
Arnold William W., Lowell
Gilpatrick John, Lowell

Spear Charles S., Lowell
Appleby Jacob, Lowell
Gilmore Isaac E., Lowell

Spencer Robert, Lowell
Butters Edward, Lowell
Goodwin Thomas J., Lowell

Sawyer Barnard H., Lowell
Bailey George A., Andover
Grout Frank R., Lowell

Sawyer Edward A., Lowell
Brown Roscavins, Dracut
Helplen Patrick, Lowell

Stephens Daniel C., Lowell
Blackmer Warren A., Lowell
Horn Charles C., Lowell

Stone Abel H., Lowell
Bailey George E., Lowell
Howard James, Methuen

Sprague Thomas, Lowell
Bassett Martin L., Dracut
Huggins A. Judson, Acton

Sprague Frederick E., Lowell
Bononan Joseph, Lowell
Huggins Eri, Acton

Sullivan Daniel, Waltham
Bulmer John, Lowell

Huntington James H., Lowell Slater Joseph, Lowell
Bennett Edward T., Exeter
Jackson James, Chelmsford

Searles William A., Lowell
Cook James, Lowell
Joy Henry, Lowell

Searles Henry A., Lowell
Conner James, Lowell
Johnson Charles, Lowell

Temple Emery, Lowell
Chamberlin John R., Lowell
Kelley John, Lowell

Turrell James, Nashua, N. H. Clark Charles W., Waterville Kelley Hiram, Lowell

Thompson James G., Lowell
Closeon John B., Lowell
Knapp Charles M., Lowell

Thomas Richard E., Lowell
Craffus Henry C., Lowell
Keaton Daniel, Boston

Taylor James F., Lowell
Cross William B., Lowell
Kelley John, Lowell

Woodward Alexander, Lowell Commerford William H., Lowell Laughlan Joseph, Lowell

Wither Thompson H., Lowell Chandler Joseph, jr., Andover Marble Charles H., Lowell

Wedgewood Edward S., Lowell Dearborn Calvin F., Holderness, Mace William H., Lynn

Wilson Frarklin T., Lowell
N. H.
McDonald John, Boston

Wilmot Wesley W., Lowell
Dickerman Alphonso T., Lowell Morey Lyman J., Lowell

Wood John E. jr., Lowell Dickerman Ormando W., Lowell Nason Royal T., Lowell

Wilson Justus B., Lowell Downing Edward T., Lowell Norton Bradford S., Lowell

Wilson Joseph H., Solon
Emerson Charles F., Lowell

Osgood Jesse C., Tewksbury Woody John E., jr., Lowell
Field Joseph, Lowell
Packard Charles C., Lowell

Weeks Henry A., Exeter, N. H. Ford Robert H., Lowell

Packard Joseph, Lowell

Company B, Groton. – 26th Reg.


Captain, EUSEBIUS S. CLARKE, Groton.
1st Lieut., JOHN S. Cooke, Groton ; 2d Lieut., EDWARD B. HALL, Boston.
Gilson Howard, Ashby

Priest William H., Groton
Achorn Henry E.. Walpole
Goodnow Lyman, Ashby

Petts Aaron S., Townsend
Adams George A.. Townsend Going Myron F., Townsend

Parker Benj. W., Groton
Brannum George H., Groton
Goodwin Jordan J., Groton

Robertson Archie, Pepperell Brown Alexander B., Townsend Green Henry M.,

Richardson Alva, Townsend Brown Albert, Groton Gray Cyrus H., Pepperell

Robertson George, Pepperell Bates Elijah T., Townsend

Hloughton Russell O., Townsend Robbins Charles, Shirley
Brown Charles II., Townsend
Hoyt Samuel D., Groton

Keeny William F.. Walpole
Balcom John 11., Pepperell
Hurley John, Pepperell

Russell James L. R., Boston
Booth Orville W.
Hunt William, Townsend

Sartell Otis, Pepperell
Breeyear Alexander, Groton

Hapgood Charles J., Townsend Sartell Josiah F., Pepperell
Brown Louis C., Townsend
Hall Charles L., Townsend

Sartell Charles P., Pepperell
Bussy Peter, Chelmsford
Hosley Lorin, Townsend

Shattuck John, Pepperell
Clark Warren B., Townsend
Haynes George H.. Shirley

Shattuck Jonas, Pepperell
Capell Charles C., Pepperell
Haraden Albert, Groton

Shattuck Henry 0., Pepperell
Christopher, Pepperell Jones Frederic A., Townsend

Sanborn James A., Townsend Cook Gilbert, Lunenburg Kendall Leander S., Groton

Spaulding Dana, Lunenburg Cross Franklin F.. Townsend Lynch John, Boston

Spaulding Ai H., Townsend Coffin Henry M., Groton

Lawrence Geo. H., Pepperell Spaulding Charles L., Townsend Corey Henry, Groton

Lancey Luther A., Lunenburg Sloan Andrew H., Townsend Corey Charles E., Groton

Lancey George A., Lunenburg Stevens Andrew J., Groton
Carter Aaron, Pepperell

Litchfield George A., Peppereli Stevens Frank, Townsend
Davis William, Townsend
Levalle Anthony, Groton

Titus Richard B., Pepperell
Duran George B., Groton
Murphy John, Boston

Tenney Luther E., Groton
Davis Eben. L., Lowell
Munroe Robert, Groton

Warren Luther E., Groton
Dix Charles W., Townsend
Moulton Noah J., Groton

Warren William G., Groton Erving Randall M., Pepperell Morris John, Fitchburg

Williams Benjamin A., Pepperell Fairbanks James D., Groton Messer Charles C., Groton

Williams Charles, Pepperell Ford Benjamin, Groton March Isaac II., Ashby

Welch George T., Danvers Farnsworih Ezra, jr., Boston

Martin Charles H., Townsend Wheeler Stephen W., Shirley Gleason George A., Groton McLane Charles, Groton

Wood Francis W., Townsend Gilson Merrick L., Groton O'Brien James, Groton

Watson Ransom C., Townsend Griffith Samuel W., Townsend Parker Granville A., Groton

Ward Henry, Pepperell
Gilson Morton, Ashby
Prescott Charles C., Groton

Willard Charles, Townsend

Company C, Pawtucket. – 26th Reg.


Captain, E. W. THAYER, Pawtucket.
1st Lieut., JOHN A. Lynch, South Easton ; 2d Lieut., ALBERT TILDEN, North Easton.
Greely Michnel, Smithfield

Mitchell Theodore, Easton
Davis Edwin, Mason, N. H.
Giles George W., Attleboro'

McParlin Patrick, Pawtucket Story Nathaniel E., Pepperell Gleason James, Boston

McQuestion Joseph, Central Falls
Gilbert John S., Boston

O'Brien John, Boston
Bennett Horace A., Groton
Gulick Peter, Pawtucket

Peterson Ewd., Boston
Bennett Edwin F., So. Boston Gay Samuel D., Pepperell

Parker Luther S., Groton
Bennett George B., Groton
Gilson Warren, Pepperell

Pershon Charles E., Bridgewater
Brown Daniel M., Pawtucket
Golding Michael, Lowell

Paige David H., Dunstable
Bruce Hugh, Pawtucket
Hunt Joseph, Attleboro,

Randall George B., N. Easton
Barnaby William H., Chelsea
Howard E. G., Easton

Richards George H., Sharon
Babitt James W., Pawtucket
Hardy Joshua, Easton

Roth David, Boston
Blackington II. A., Attleboro'

Howard Everett, Bridgewater Richardson John, Roxbury
Crockett William, Easton
Hood Thomas J., Pawtucket

Randall Phineas A., So. Easton
Cookson John M., Pawtucket
Howard James L., Easton

Shattuck Chas. F., Peppereli Cowdin George W., Pawtucket Holmes Freeman, Bridgewater Smith James O., Pawtucket Cady Walter F., Attleboro' Ingalls James S., Dunstable

Sutton Sedgewick, Pawtucket Cowdin Rufus W., Pawtucket Joslin Alvin T., Attleboro'

Swett John, Boston
Cowdin William H., Pawtucket Johnson James B., Groton

Smith John, Pawtucket
Cronell Patrick, Boston
Keyes Charles P., Groton

Saunders William E., Boston
Crockett Major, Easton
Keenan James, Pawtucket

Smith Henry, Hartford, Conn. Conlin Francis, Pawtucket

Keenan William H., Attleboro' Smith Henry L., Charlestown Carrol Patrick L., Malden Lathrop Addison A., Easton

Segar William, Pawtucket Christian Richard, Pepperell

McKeena Thomas, Pawtucket Swetland Thomas, Cumberland Canty Michael, Brookline McKeena Owen, Pawtucket

Taylor William P., Pepperell Durant Henry W., Pepperell McLeer Owen, Central Falls

Thornton Arthur W., Pawtucket Durant Franklin, Pepperell McAllister John, S. Malden

Walsh Martin, Pawtucket Davis Thomas, Bedford, N. Y. McCorkell James, Boston

Williams Cyrel A., Olney ville Darling Benjamin D., Groton Murphy John, Pawtucket

Wilson John, Pawtucket
Davis George H., N. Easton
McTage Barney, Pawtucket

Whiting John E., Pepperell
Fuller John, Pawtucket

Marshall James, Biddeford, Me. Ward William, Boston
Fitzgerald James, Fall River
Manning Hugh, Pawtucket

Woodward John, Groton
Ferguson Stephen A., Hebron ville Mitchell Charles, Easton

Woodward Alonzo S., Pepperell Fullick George, Groton Middleton David, Easton

Worster Elbridge G., Boston Gilleely Michael, Smithfield

Murphy Timothy, Easton

Company D, Lowell. - 26th Reg.

Captain, BENJAMIN WARREN, Lowell.
1st Lieut., W. H. LAMSON, Lowell; 2d Lieut., SETH BONNEY, Sterling.
Foss Alphonzo D., Lowell

Norris Alvah C., Lowell
Greenwood F. W., Lowell
Gass William B., Dracut

Poor Henry, Lowell
Salmon John J., Lowell
Gallagher Thomas, Marlboro

Page Lorenzo F., Lowell
Gilinan Aaron W., Lowell

Perkins George C., Lowell
Alexander Peter, Wilmington Gordon Hiram W., Calais, Me. Reed Gordon, Lowell
Allen Thonias A., Sterling
Gray Alonzo, Lawrence

Ricker Charles W., Lowell
Berry Frank, Lowell
Harden Charles F., Lowell

Rice John S., Lowell
Bickford William H., Lowell Hosmer Edwin, Lowell

Raymond Jeff W., Andover
Brown James W., Lowell
Hood Harrison P., Lowell

Robbins John G., Hillsboro', N. H. Barnard B. P., Lowell

Huckins Henry L., Tewksbury Ripley Herbert B., Lowell
Butterfield Frank S., Lowell
Hodguey John, Sterling

Ruggles Abram A., Lowell
Barnes Israel F., Lowell
Hunt Frederick M., Lowell

Sargert Jeremiah A., Tyngsboro'
Bahan Edward, Dracut
Hartwell Edwin, Fitchburg

Shaw William L., Lowell
Butters llorace, Dracut
Hudson James, Lowell

Steelman John, Lowell
Bond Alanson, Wilinington
Hildreth George E., Lowell

Snell David, Lowell
Bogue James, Lowell

Hucking E.J. D., Tewksbury Shien Patrick, Lowell
Brooks George, Sterling
Harvey Hugh, Lowell

Smith Charles H., Lowell
Boorn Edward T., Lowell

Hoffman Oscar. And

Shaw Daniel W., Lowell
Bolton Aaron, Westminster

Kimball George M., Dracut Sargent Charles D., Lowell
Bowers Imu, Dracut
Kempton F.J., Lowell

Thompson Benj.. So. Groton
Crosby William D., Lowell
Kempton Orrin, jr., Lowell

Travis Hiram C., Lawrence
Cottle John W., Otis, Me.

Lazeile Nathan E., Worcester Thompson William, Lowell
Clark Francis W., Lowell
Loverin George W., Lowell

Trull William, Tewksbury
Cushing, Augustus C., Tewksbury Lyons Dennis, Marlboro

Underwood William A., Lowell Channeli Leonard, Topstield McGahan Daniel, So. Boston

Whiting Joseph B., Lowell
Cloyd John, Boston
Mc Mellan Kennith, Lowell

Wheeler Frank, Lowell
Chandler Charles, Cambridgeport McKirn Robert, Lowell

Warner William W., Salem Chickering Henry E., Phillipston Keating John, Lowell

Wier John, Lowell Corcoran Cornelius, So. Boston Me Nabb Thomas, Lowell

Woodward George E., Lowell Coburn Charles, Dracut

McCarty Michael, Fitchburg Woodbury George L. Lowell Davis Benjamin T., Salem McLane William, Lowell

Wells Cadmus M., South Boston Davis Oxguod, Dracut

McGinness Edward, Chelmsford Wells Charles D., Lowell
Davis Watts E., Lowell
Moore Humphrey, Lowell

Wilkins Varnum, Billerica
Duffy William, Tewksbury
Moran Dennis, Fitchburg

Wilson John, Washington
Ellis Jacob V., Lowell

Miller Marcus, Westminster

Company E, Acton.-26th Reg.


Captain, WM. H. CHAPMAN, Acton.
18t Lieut., Wm. F. Wood, Acton; 2d Lieut., SILAs P. BLODGETT, Acton.

Cram George B., West Acton | Haynes Elias E., Acton
Adams James H., Lowell
Crom John B., West Acton

Handley Abram, Lowell

Coburn George B., Chelmsford Handley Frank, Lowell
Brown Henry S., Stow
Donavan Michael, Assabet

Hildreth Geo. V., Chelmsford
Brooks Charles A., Acton
Donnar Jarnes, Asgabet

Hodgeman Luke F., Carlisle
Brant James, Boxboro
Dalton Henry, Billerica

Haynes John N., Sudbury
Blood John F., jr., Acton
Dascomb Charles W., Natick

Hall Delet H., West Acton
Barr William, Sudbury

Edwards Robert W., Bedford Handley George, Lowell
Briggs George F., Concord
Flood George, Framingham

Herring William H., Billerica
Brown Nathan F., Stow
Floyd Henry B., Lowell

Hosmer Gilman S., Acton
Blood John F., Concord
Fletcher Robert, Chelmsford

Kinsley Frank, Acton
Burrows Samuel R., West Acton Fletcher John H., Boxboro

Knights Stephen B., Littleton
Brown John A., Worcester
Fiske James W., Acton

Litchfield James L., Carlisle
Brown Jonas E., Billerica
Goss Nathan, Acton

Lanphere Levi, Chelmsford
Billings James M., Chelsea
Handley William S., Acton

Loker Jonathan W., Acton

Lentell Joseph H., Acton
Loker William H., Acton
Lazell Henry W., So. Acton
Lamphere Albion, Chelmsford
Moulton James, So. Acton
Morse Charles, Acton
Munroe James, Concord
McGuire Thomas, Concord
McCann Jeremiah, Boston
Moore Patrick, Acton
Nelson Darius H. C., Littleton
Noonan Michael, Lowell
Putnam John, So. Acton
Puffer John S., Concordi
Pike Albert E., Chelmsford
Pickard Cyrus P., Littleton
Parks George K., Stow
Page Cyrus, Bedford

Perry Peter W., Boxboro'
Powers Michael, So. Acton
Pease Henry C., Clinton
Parkhurst Charles, Chelmsford
Robbins Luke J., Acton
Rred George A., Littleton
Smith Luke, Acton
Sawyer George W., Acton
Spaulding Henry S., Chelmsford
Sinith Joseph A., Stow
Sawyer William T., No. Sudbury
Smith Alfred H., Concord
Shehan Dennis, Acton
Smith Ephraim A., Shirley
Stevens Francis H., Boston
Taylor Daniel G., Acton
Tarbell Edwin, South Acton
Taylor Simeon O., Southboro'

Teel Warren L., West Acton
Wilder Henry W., Stow
Wilder Granville W., Stow
Willis Silas, Sudbury
Wood James H., Acton
Whitney Wm. F. B., Acton
Woodhave John, Assabet
Wheeler Warren R., Acton
Wheeler Everett, Acton
Wheeler Mason, Concord
Wood Timothy L., Boxboro'
White John H. P., 80. Acton
Wheeler Addison, So. Acton
Weeks Albert, Waltham
Wheeler Lincoln, Acton
Webb Edward F., Concord
Wayne John, Acton
Whitney Samuel, Ea. Cambridge

Company F, Lawrence. - 26th Reg.


Captain, THOMAS H. ANNABLE, Cambridge. 1st Lieut., EDWARD CAUFY, Lawrence; 2d Lieut., GEORGE E. YARRINGTON, Lawrence. Musicians.

Flanders George F., Lawrence Pickles John, Lawrence
Thurston Prescott, Boston
Fogs Jacob, Lowell

Poole Amos L., Boston
Chard Edw. James, Lawrence

Charles H., Lawrence

Parker Jo Derry, N. H.
Gilgun James, Lawrence

Phelan Michael, Boston
Allen William, Lawrence

Gilson Alpheus L., Lawrence Parrish Thos. D., Claremont, N. H. Alvord Walter, Lawrence Green Samuel, Lowell

Pierce Samuel B., Lawrence Akens J. Franklin, New Bedford 1 Golden Dennis, Lowell

Rearden Timothy, Lawrence
Burke Thomas, Boston
Grant James S., Boston

Reagan Timothy, Lawrence
Briggs Charles F., Boston
Huckins Charles, Lowell

Richardson Daniel H., Lawrence Burrill Augustus, Chester, N. H. Healey James, Boston

Ralhel Michael, Lawrence Blanchard IIenry C., East Cam- Hayworth Robert, Lawrence

Rolph Henry A., Nashua, N. II. bridge Hartins Charles, Boston

Russell Moody S., Georgetown
Boston Gorham P., St. Albans, Me. Hickey Thomas H., Lawrence Rodgers David, Lowell
Bennan James, Lowell
Inkerson George, Woburn

Sullivan John S., Lawrence
Berry Dennis, Lawrence
Jones Amos G., Methuen

Soper Edmund H., Freeman, Me.
Barnes James E., Lawrence
Kenney Thomas, Lawrence

Sharkey Barnard, Lawrence Barnes Timothy P., Lawrence

Keating Mortimore, Lawrence Shedd Charles 0., Tewksbury
Bradshaw John, Wavland
Keyser John L.., Methuen

Smith James, Amesbury
Casey Michael, Cambridge
Knott William, Lowell.

Straw Daniel, Lyman, Me.
Creeden John, Lawrence
Levis Samuel, Boston

Sheedy James, Boston
Crockett Nelson D., Lawrence Lecain Charles R., Boston

Turner John, Andover
Conney John W., Ea. Cambridge Lang Francis T., Boston

Trask Isaac B., Boston
Carter Samuel, Lawrence
McCabe Francis, Lawrence

Titus Charles E., Methuen
Cunningh'ım Francis
McGowen John, Lawrence

Thomas John, Lawrence
Charock William, Lawrence
McGuire Francis, Lawrence

Troy James A., Methuen
Dane Elmore, Andover
McFarlin Robert, Lawrence

Unsworth Richard, Lowell
Dailey John, Lawrence
Moore William G., Boston

Williams John T., Lawrence
Dailey Thomas, Boston
Murphy James, Lawrence

Warner Alexander, Lawrence Duffy Owen, Lawrence

Martinson William, Lawrence White Thomas F., Lawrence
Donally Patrick, Lawrence
Muzzey George H., Lowell

Williams Joseph, Lowell
Dolan Bernard, Lawrence
Mason Warren, Andover

Willis Moses M., Boston
Doyle Cornelius, Charlestown McBride Felix, Lawrence

White Henry L., Lawrence Foster John, Leominster

Mahoney Jeremiah, Charlestown Williams Timothy, Lexington, Me. Farrell James, Lawrence Nichols Wm. W., Lawrence

White Calvin M., Lawrence Freen Thomas, Boston

Nickerson Ephraim N., Andover Welch John, Lowell Foster Howard R., Lawrence

Company G, Fall River.


Captain, HENRY C. WILCOX, Fall River. 1st Lieut., JAMES BRADY, JR., Fall River; 21 Lieut., JOHN B. CAMPBELL, Fall River. Musicians.

Higginbottom John, Fall River Powers James, Fall River
Brady Mark, Lowell
Harrison Joseph, Fall hiver

Pierce Geo. R., Swansey
Leman Chas. M., Charlestown Hogan Patrick, Fall River

Quinlan David, Fall River
Hoar Chas. P., Fall River

Ray Eber A., Fall River
Anderson John, Fall River
Hurd Frank G., Lowell

Ryan Patrick Fall River
Altham Thomas, Fall River
Hamblin Wm., Swansey

Rose Joseph, Fall River
Ashton Thomas, Fall River
Johnson James, Fall River

Riley Francis, Fall River
Brown Robert A., Fall River
Jackson John, Fall River

Runells Thomas, Fall River
Burt Chas. A., Tiverton, R. I.
Kay Ralph, Fall River

Roak Patrick, Fall River
Bentley George, Fall River
Keefe Patrick, Fall River

Slade Annes A., Fall River
Burns Patrick, Fall River
Kennedy Michael, Fall River

Sherman James H., Fall River
Brown Aaron, jr., Fall River
Keith Ebenezer, Fall River

Snow Alfred A., Fall River
Bennett Wm. H., Fall River
Kaough John, Fall River

Smith Thomas, Fall River
Collins John E., Fall River
Keith Charles, Fall River

Sullivan Philip, Fall River
Cook Horace M., Fall River
Kidd James, Fall River

Sullivan Bartholomnew, Fall River
Cheetham Wm., Fall River
Lawrence John, Fall River

Smith Thos, W., Fall River
Cook Wm. H., Fall River
Lawton Abner M., Fail River

Sullivan Daniel, Fall River
Collins Stephen, Swansey
Leary James, Fall River

Sullivan Timothy, Fall River
Connell Charles, Fall River
Lewis Joseph, Fall River

Shaw Joseph S., Fall

Crowther James, Fall River
Lewis Thomas, Fall River

Snow Geo. E., Fall River
Connoly Timothy, Fall River Lyons Patrick, Fall River

Smith Wm. H., Fall River
Clark James, Taunton

Lemuryan Luthan, New Bedford Simonds William, Westport
Cant well Patrick, Fall River
McCarty Dennis, Fall River

Tebe Robert, Fall River
Cutting George, Attleboro'
Mc Memory John P., Boston

Tierney Thomas, Fall River
Clark John S., Fall River

Morehouse Samuel, Fall River Waterhouse Geo. w., Fall River Cook Isaac B., Fall River Marlor Kinder, Fall River

Whitehead Richard, Fall River Dunlop Matthew, Fall River

Manchester Borden, Fall River Whipp James B., Fall River
Drewen Richard, Fail River
McCarty Daniel, Fall River

Ward John, Fall River
Denny Obudiah, Fall River

Manchester John W., Fall River Winterbottom Thomas, Fall River England George, Fall River Murphy Michael, Fall River

Wild William, Fall River Fraherty Jaines, Fall River

Murphy Timothy, Fall River Whittaker William, Fall River Fleet George, Fall River

Meadowcroft Edward, Fall River Winslow Geo. H., Assonet
Grinnell Wm. T., Fall River
O'Niel William, Fall River

Welch James, Fall River
Goslin John, Fall River

Peters Robert, Fall River

Company HI, Lowell. - 26th Reg.


Captain, ANDREW BLOOD, Lowell.
1st Lieut., BENJAMIN W. Frost, Lowell; 2d Lieut., EZEKIEL EASTMAN, Lowell.
Dole George, Lowell

McEvoy Joseph, Lowell
Edes Charles, Lowell
Dean Camerson, Lowell

McCluskey Richard, Lowell
Cronan John, Boston
Cleary Edward, Lowell

Morey William, Boston
Elvin William, Lowell

Murphy Timothy A., Boston
Anderson Geo. B., Lowell
Fulton John, Lowell

Manchester Dollas W., Lowell
Alexander John F., Boston
Frost Geo. W., Lowell

Marston Wm. W., Lowell
Alexander Thomas, Boston
Fuller Lucius O., Lowell

Nelson Jacob, Boston
Burke Patrick, Lowell
Follansbee Franklin, Boston

Parsons Joseph R., Lowell
Burke Wm. F., Lowell
Flint Henry C., Lowell

Palmer Chas. P., Lowell
Barton James H., Chelmsford
Fulton Walter M., Lowell

Pierce William, lowell
Bradeen W. H., Lowell
Fulton James R., Lowell

Roundy Wm. E., Lynn
Bean Vear, Boston
Garry David, Boston

Reynolds Michael, Lowell
Brockaway Harris, Boston
Howe Pliny R., Lowell

Ripley Stearns L., Lowell
Batchelder Daniel, Boston
Hay Edward S., Lynn

Russell Joseph, Boston
Brooks John, Boston
Hatch Ebenezer L., Lowell

Sykes Richard M., Boston
Barney Aaron, Boston
Humphrey Geo. A., Lowell

Stiles John P., Boston
Boyle John F., Boston
Howurd Josiah, Lowell

Shanley John, Lowell
Burchmore Zach., jr., Charlestown Humphrey Horace W., Lowell Scanlan John, Boston
Cook Burnabas, Lowell
Hale Charles, Boston

Sullivan Eugene A., Boston
Cowdry Oliver w., Lowell
Hoyt Samuel S., Boston

Small John E., Lowell
Cushing Edward F., Lowell
Hutchins Freeman, Carlisle

Smith Stephen B., Lowell
Curry James, Lowell
Healey Andrew, Boston

Sheriden Patrick, Somerville
Cochran William, Lowell
Hawkins Edward A., Boston

Tyler Eleazer, Lowell
Carlton Geo. V., Boston
Howson Philip, Fall River

Thorne Geo. H., Lowell
Carpenter Wm. H., Boston
Jordan John, Lowell

Toole Michael O., Boston
Campbell Charles, Lowell
Kelly Patrick, Boston

Wiley Wm. I., Boston
Colby Francis M., Lowell
Kernes Edward, Lowell

Winn Geo. B., Boston
Came William, Boston
MC Aoon Michael, Lowell

Winn James O., Boston
Cuddihay Richard, Lowell
Marshall John J., Lowell

Waldron Walter A., Boston
Carrigan James, Lowell
Maskell Henry II., Lowell

Wentworth Moses E., Lowell
Coffee John W., Boston
Mins Wm. D., Billerica

Young Albert, Lowell Chandler W. A., Lowell

McLean William, Boston

[blocks in formation]


Captain, JOHN.I. PICKERING, Lawrence.
st Licut., CHARLES E. DREW, Lawrence; 2d Lieut., A. S. BADGER, Milton.
Holt Wm. T., Lawrence

Sawtelle Orcasto L., Winchendon Greenwood Calvin W., Nashua, Horne Joseph, Gonic, N. H.

Sawtelle Luther, jr., Lowel N. H.

Huntington Wm. A., Lawrence Smith G.W., Lawrence
Barker Angelo P., Lowell
Huntington S. D., Lawrence

Smith M. S., Lawrence
Hill Thos., Kennebunk, Me.

Sullivan Edward, Methuen
Ayer Augustus S., Gardiner, Me. Ham Timothy, Lawrence

Swain Chase M., Lawrence
Ball James J. G., Winchendon Ham Chas. F., Gonie, N. H.

Stanton Edward, Methuen
Benham W. H., Stow
Hall Samuel A., Lawrence

Shorey Geo. W., So. Berwick, Me. Baldwin Hubbard H., Winchendon Harwood J. H., Winchendon

Swain Eben P., Boston Bailey Ambrose, Liberty, Me. Higgins Wm., Attleboro'

Stewart John, Providence, R. I.
Bolton Sidney, Gardner
Higgins Patrick, Lawrence

Smith Russell, Lawrence
Brady Charles, Fitchburg
Johnston E. P., Methuen

Sullivan John, Lawrence
Beal Madison, Winchendon

Knowlton Geo. D., Nelson, N. H. Sawtelle Luther, Boston
Brooks Levi W., Winchendon Kahoe John, Quincy

Starbuck Geo. M., Boston
Cross J. E., Methuen
Locke Ira D., Lawrence

Smith William
Cook Y. N., Lawrence
Leavitt Albion, Milton

Seibert John, Milton
Cole Freeman B., Boston

Magoon Samuel A., Methuen Thorn Frank R., Lawrence Conant A. G., Montpelier, Vt. Meaher John, West Acton

Thayer Henry A., Boston Cringle Richard J., Boston

Marston Henry W., Lawrence Thomas Bailey B., Winchendon Chadwick Charles, Rindge, N. H. McManus Michael, Lowell

Townsend Wm. R., Winchendon Cole Lucius, Boston

Neal John F. Kennebunkport Taylor Eardley N., Winchendon Clough Lewis V., Winchendon Nolan Charles, Lawrence

Willard B. D., Biddeford
Davis L. L., Boston
O'Brien James, Lowell

Ward Peter, Lawrence
Downey John, Randolph
Parsons Joseph A., Milton

Wardwell E. H., Methuen
Elford Wm. R., Chelsea
Perry T. A., Methuen

Webster George, Lawrence
Emory John W., Methuen
Prentiss S. H., Winchendon

Wheeler Leonard O., Lawrence
Farris Allen E., Lawrence
Parks Elwin A., Winchendon

White Henry F., Lawrence Farrington Geo. w., Methuen Pray Oliver L., Lawrence

Wheeler G. W., Lawrence Fitzgerald E. M., Winchendon Parmer J. M., Methuen

Worthley Daniel E., Andover Farrer Jerome S., Waterville, Me. Parmer Samuel, Boston

Webster Chas. O., Methuen Flagg B. K., Methuen Persons Wm. A., Woburn

Wood Frank L., Gardiner, Me. Green Michael J., Lawrence Powers H. W., Winchendon

Wilson George Garrety Peter M., Lawrence

Powers Warren A., Winchendon Weymouth C. J., Lawrence Gowen Luther w., Fitzwilliam, Rich Jerome T., Winchendon Woodbury Chas. T., Lawrence N. H. Rooney Patrick, Milton

White H. K., Woburn Garland Geo. W., Gonic, N. H. Russell Frederic, Lawrence

White Chas. F. Woburn Üyde Alfred, Winchendon

Sanborn Frank, Methuen

Company K, Wrentham.- 26th Rog.


Captain, STEPHEN R. FLETCHER, Wrentham.
18t Lieut., John T. ROBINSON, Boston; 2d Lieut., H. KEMBLE OLIVER, Malden.
Beckler Alvin P., Boston

Cannon Joseph, Fall River
Black David O., Lowell
Cate James E., Cambridge

Conner John, Providence
Pierce Geo. A., Boston
Clark Alvin, New Salem

Cole Wm. E., Easton
Crotty Edward, Wrentham

Crowley Dennis H., Boston
Abbott Spaulding II., Pawtucket Crossly Benjamin, Wreutham Dunbrack Win. F.. Boston
Auty George, Wrentham
Coston Frederic, Athens, Me.

Dunbar John A., Wrentham
Butler Menzo, Monroe, Me.
Crane Walter D., Erving

Dame Chas. W., Boston
Ballou Wm. C., Wrentham
Clark Joseph D., Boston

Dunbrack Geo. G., Boston
Balcom Frank M., Tewksbury Clark Albert B., New Salem

Flinn John, Roxbury Balcom Oliver W., Groton

Callahan Francis, Biurrilville, R. I. Fern Wm., Boston
Brown Amos E., Groton

Callaban Bartholomew, Brighton Flinn James J.
Butler Wm. II., Fall River
Cowles Geo. T., Erving

Goddard Prentice H., Montague

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