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Dunster Samuel K., Cohasget

McQuade William, Roxbury
Edmands J. Cushing. Newton Estes Jacob S., Lynn

Moreland James, Boston
Grant Chas. E., Boston
Eaton Lowell M., Lynn

O'Connor James, Boston
Beers Chas. F., Boston
Frothingham Thos, S., Lynn

Orr Chas. A., Lynn
Gannett Geo. W., Boston
Gaffey Michael, Roxbury

Orpin Richard, Boston
Stark Kirk, So. Dan vers
Gill Austin, Boston

Parker Geo. W., Lynn
Glancy Peter, Taunton

Parrott Otis, Lynn
Carter Horatio, Newton
Green Thomas, Newton

Paul Henry K., Newton
Egan Andrew A., Boston
Griffiths G. H., Boston

Pearson James A., So. Boston
Keefe John J., Boston
Griffiths John, Boston

Phillips Wm. W., Lynn
Millett Benj. H., So. Danvers Gorgan Michael, Newton

Pruden Edwin, Boston
Hagar Foster, Boston

Quiner Wm. N., Swampscott Vining Andrew J., So. Weymouth Ilaskell Warren, Westboro'

Randall Asahel J., Boston
Akerman William, Boston
Hardy Geo. Henry, Malden

Ring John, Lynn
Harlow James, Lynn

Ryans John, Lynn
Connor Andrew A., Roxbury Hilt Wm. G., Boston

Sanborn Loammi B., So. Boston,
Holbrook James

wounded at Roanoke Island, Adams Geo. R., Newton Holland James J., Boston

Feb. 8
Adam, John, Newton
Hope John, So. Boston

Scars Joseph L., Newton
Appleton Samuel F., Lynn
llogan Michael, So. Boston

Smith James, Eastham
Bennett Jeremiah S., Lynn
Hogan Thomas, Boston

Stark Nelson, s. Danvers
Blaisdell John, Cliftondale
Hollis Benj. W., So. Boston

Sullivan Jereminh
Brown Geo. W., Medford
Jelly William, Newton

Sullivan Timothy, Boston
Bridges Amos W., East Cambridge Jager Joseph, New Bedford

Taylor Bangs, Orleans
Bullock Wm. H., Palmer
Kimball Joseph M., Boston

Thompson Cyrus, So. Danvers
Bowley Albert A., Lynn
Knights Geo. F., Boston

Thurber James
Colyer Peter, Boston
Lewis Benj. A., Lynn

Truax Allen C., Orange
Connelly John, Boston
Lord Noah B., Lynn

West Edward S., Manchester
Conroy Geo. H., Boston
Lyon Edgar B., Newton

Walsh James, Boston
Conroy William, Boston
Mahenny Daniel, Orange

Ward Gustavus A., Lynn
Dacy Michael, Newton
Malady Michael, Roxbury

Walsh Robert, Marblehead
Davis Henry F., Lynn

McDonald Cornelius, Marblehead Whitton Albert G., Newton
Davis Stephen A., Roxbury
McDougall Michael, Boston

Wilson Edward, Boston
Dennis John F., Lynn
McElwain George, Chicopee

Wood Wm. H., So. Boston
Dennison David, Boston
McElwain Henry, Chicopee

Wogan Michael, So. Boston
Dodge Isaac K., Hamilton

Twenty-Fifth Regiment.

The 25th is essentially a Worcester County regiment. It was recruited at Camp Lincoln, and left Worcester for Annapolis, October 31st. It is attached to General 'Burnside's Division. The officers are, with scarcely an exception, gentlemen who have held high rank and been active in our volunteer militia. Lieutenant-Colonel Sprague commanded a company in the Rifle Battalion, under Major Devens, during the three months' term. Colonel Upton is a well-informed and capable officer.

At the battle of Roanoke Island, this regiment led the centre, under General Fcster. They advanced, at the head of the first column, up the road, and bore the brunt of the fire of the rebel skirmishers. A battery of six i2-pound boat howitzers, under command of Lieut. Porter, from the vessels of the nary, were drawn by the soldiers of the 25th in their advance, and were placed in position at the curve of the road, so as to command the enemy's battery. The 25th opened fire and kept it up briskly for more than three hours, under a terrible fire from the enemy's battery, when the forty rounds of cartridge, distributed to the men, having been exhausted, they were relieved by the 10th Connecticut. They retired in such good order as to draw from General Foster an especial compliment, in his official report. This regiment did honor to the State.


Field and Staff, 25th Reg. Colonel..

.EDWIN UPTON...... Lieut.-Col.



ELIJAH A. HARKNESS... Quartermaster

WM. O. BROWN Surgeon.


Wounded at battle Roanoke Island, Feb. 8.
Assistant Surgeon..

........THERON TEMPLE...
Chaplain .. ....HORACE JAMES.....
Sergeant Major... .CHARLES H. DAVIS
Quartermaster Sergeant. .EDW. A. BROWN..
Commissary Sergeant....ELBRIDGE G. WATKINS
Hospital Steward.. SAMUEL FLAGG....
Band Master..... ...WM. E. GILMORE
Principal Musician. .....JUBAL H. SAMPSON.

Belchertown. Worcester. Worcester, .Fitchburg.

Worcester. .. Worcester. ..Pawtucket. Worcester.

Chase David, New England Village
Bosworth Alonzo P., Pawtucket
White Albert C., Pawtucket
Bond Abijah M., Pawtucket
White Daniel A., Clinton
Gates Daniel C., Worcester
Stewart James, Worcester
Pullen Carroll J., Pawtucket
Emmons Cornelius, East Douglass

Boyles Charles E., Provincetown
Newhall George M., Worcester
Stear Amos, East Douglass
Wilson George H., Worcester
Tyler Sarnuel W., Worcester
Knight Olis H., Worcester
Carr Eugene, Sterling
Gould John W., Oakham

Crawford Henry W., Oakham
Balkcome W. Þ., East Douglass
Fish llenry, Pawtucket
Hastings Stephen C., Ashburnham
Fisdale Charles F., Pawtucket
Dickinson Alfred E., Pawtucket
Lincoln Horace H., Attleboro'
Sampson John H., Worcester

Company A, Worcester. - 25th Reg.


Captain, JOSIAH PICKETT, Worcester. 1st Lieut., FRANCIS E. GOODWIN, Worcester; 2d Lieut., MERRITT B. BESSEY, Worcester,


Bigelow George W., Worcester Munroe Charles H., Worcester George A. Johnson, Worcester Bonn Albert, Worcester

Manning Lloyd T., Worcester Burr George, Worcester

Brumley Cyrus, Jewett City, Ct. Merrill George E., Worcester McLane James J., Worcester Billings Hiram H., Worcester Merrill M. G., Worcester Sprague Welcome w., Worcester Curtis George E., Worcester, dead Mathison Charles, Boston Corporals.

Dresser Sanuel S., Worcester Metcalf Chauncey L., Worcester
Coes Frank L. R., Worcester
De Luce Reuben H., Boston

Parsons Orrin, Worcester
Chenery John A., Worcester
Earle Thomas, Worcester

Pike Eli, Worcester
Gates Jaalain, Worcester
Elwell Lewis J., Worcester

Penneman George F., Worcester
Ide Henry M., Worcester
Eaton Daniel T., Auburn

Philips Sidney W., Worcester Morse Edwin A., Worcester

Fairbank. Elbridge G., Worcester Pratt Henry II., Grafton Putman Samuel H., Worcester, pro- Fuller Jerome II., Worcester

Putinan Wm. H., Grafton moted to sergeant Forbes Charles, Worcester

Richards Walter H., Worcester Thomson John A., Worcester, dis- Greenwood Francis, Worcester Robinson George F., Worcester charged Goodwin John L., Worcester

Reed Henry W., Worcester
Wesson Calvin A., Grafton

Goulding Henry, 2d, Worcester Stearns Amos E., Worcester
Green James M., Boston

Stearns George F., Clintun
Yeaw Jesse L, Northboro'

George Andrew L., Worcester Savage John B., Worcester
Hervey James M., Worcester

Seagrave George L., Uxbridge
Eaton Joseph P., Auburn
Henry Charles

Staples Hiram, East Douglass
Hutchins Cyrus L.

Simonds Elijah, Worcester
Adams Nath'l 0., Boston
Hewett Edw. S., Auburn

Smith Charles, Worcester
Aborn Samuel C. T., Worcester Hartshorn John W., Worcester Smith Paris, Worcester
Bartlett Charles S., Worcester, Holman Wm. E.

Stone Augustus, Worcester wounded Hall Edw. P.

Tucker Julius M., Worcester
Brown George R., Grafton
Holman Cyrus N.

Tiffiney Nelson, Auburn
Brown Moses P., Worcester
Keef Wm. R., Auburn

Urham Chester O., Worcester
Bolster Moses L. jr., Worcester Knowlton Charles II., Worcester Whitcomb Alonzo D., Worcester
Brock Francis B., Athol
Knowles Benj. C., Auburn

White Frederic A., Worcester Brock Henry D., Athol

Kingman Lucius F., Northboro' Wesson James, Grafton
Bullock Sylvanus G., Worcester Knox llenry T., Holden, wounded Wesson Hale, Grafton
Butterticle llamlin, Sterling
Knox Walter D., Holden

Wright Frank, Holden
Brooks Horace E., Worcester, Knowles Augustus, Auburn

Wright John, Worcester wounded, promoted to corporal Lyon Wm. L., Worcester

Waters Edwin D., Millbury Bigelow David B., Worcester, Mayers Charles A., Auburn

Ward Timothy M., Worcester wounded

Webber Cyrus K., South Brookfield

Company B, Milford. — 25th Reg.


Captain, WILLARD CLARK, Milford.
1st Lieut., WM. EMERY, Milford; 2d Lieut., Wm. F. DRAPER, Milford.


McCarter John G., Milford
Krum Sylvester P., Milford
Watkins Charles S., Holliston
Belcher Paran C. H., Milford
Holmes Otis W., Milford

Cook Albert W., Milford
Ellis llenry C., Miltord
Spencer Charles H., Mendon
Day David L., Milford
Leonard Reuben F., Milford
Whiting llorace G., Milford
Buffington Charles E., Milford
Dunton Henry C., Milford

usicians Fisher Amasa II., Milford Bates Ira D., Milford

Gibson H. O., Uxbridge

Adams Henry, Hopkinton
Adams George S., Milford
Aldrich Aaron, Worcester
Andrews Theodore E., Holliston
Burnham James A.. Milford
Brown Charles II , Upton
Ball Elie G., Milford
Bosworth Harrison T., Upton
Bacheler Lawrence E., Milford
Bacheler George W., Milford
Balcorn Edwin, Milford
Bennett Herbert A., Mendon
Bagley Andrew, Milford

Burke Wm., Milford
Brown George A., Ilolliston
Barnard Charles F., Milford
Carpenter Orlando F., Douglass
Clere George, Milford
Cook Albert, Mendon
Cook Alderan C., Mendon
Cortrell Robert, Milford
Childs George E., Upton
Davenport Daniel D., Mendon
Dunn Walter R., Northbridge
Drake Moses R., Bellingham
Alexander Perry C., Upton
Ellis Joseph M., Mendon
Eames Daniel W., Hopkinton
Fairbanks Wm. H., Milford
Fiske J. O Austin, Upton
Fanning Edw., Milford
Farrar Thomas, Bethel, Me.
Gaskill Edwin C., Mendon
Gibson Henry H., Grafton
Gibson Charles W., Hopkinton
Gaskill Leonard Y., Mendon
Holbrook James M., Milford
Holbrook Joseph W., Bellingham
Holbrook Ilandel, Bellingham
Holbrook Rob't S. D., Milford
Higgins John, Milford
Horion John S., Milford
Hadley Leonard D., Milford
Kyes Solomon M., Hopkinton
Keating Michael, Milford
Littlefield Albert, Milford
Lewis Charles A., Milford

Leighton Lyman A., Upton
Marshall George H., Milford
Madden Henry N., Milford
Mason John Q., Milford
Parkhurst Henry N., Milford
Price Allen, Milford
Pond Edwin F., Milford
Rogers Charles A., Upton
Rogers Joseph C., Upton
Rockwood Elijah, Milford
Rockwood John B., Mendon
Rockwood Aaron W., Milford
Root Charles F., Bromfield
Shepard John A., Milforu, dead
Smith Lewis W., Mendon
Smith Samuel W., Mendon
Southland Lowell, Upton
Southland Davis, Upton
Tilton Wm. A. Miliord
Tucker Albert H., Milford, dead
Thompson Addison 0., Hopkinton
Taft Orrison C., Milford
Vant Dexter, Milford
Willis Reuben, Milford
Whipple Willis, Milford
Wood Leander, Upton
Whitney Willis, Bellingham
Whitney Henry A., Upton
Wheelock Edwin M, Mendon
Wood Harrison R., Upton
Wheelock Nathan, Mendon
Waldron Launcelot, Milford
Walker George H., Upton

Company O, Boston.-25th Reg.


Captain, CORNELIUS G. ATTWOOD, Boston.
1st Lieut., JAMES TUCKER, Boston ; 2d Lieut., MERRICK F. PROUTY, Spencer.

Craig John W., Clinton

Keyes Lyman E., Holden
Sanborn Jere P., Boston
Classe James, Brookfield

Learned Calvin, Hopkinton
Kettelle George M., Boston

Conant Leonard W., Northboro' Leach John G., Southbridge Messer Albion A., Groton

Conant Edgar E., North bridge Moody Edwin A., Worcester, pro-
Howe John W., West Roxbury Casey David, Northbridge Centre moted to corporal
Dove Edw., Hopkinton
Cummings Edgar, Dana

Moore Barnard, M llbury
Carpenter Alfred, Sturbridge

May Edward F., Worcester
Norcross Thomas A., Boylston Cooley George, Braintree

Merriam George F., Northboro Franklin E. A., Worcester Cutler Orrin W., Webster

Marcy 11. J., Worcester Marshall Albert A., East Boston Concklin Charles, Hopkinton, McKinstrey James A., Southbridge Lee Marshall, Hopkinton

wounded at Roanoke Island,

McNamara Patrick, Gardner Reed John B., Worcester

Feb. 8th, died the 13th inst.

Merriam Horace, Warren
Realey Samuel, Dorchester
Dawson Robert D., Boston

Mckay Silas H., Worcester
Hooker Lyman F., Worcester Deaves Alonzo, South Boston Magee Thomas M., Douglass, badly
Dickinson Nathan S., Spencer

wounded at the battle of Roanoke IIIII John R., Worcester Fay Wm. E., Southboro

Island, Feb. 8th
Healey George H., Boston
Flint Albert S., Spencer

Myers Christopher, Templeton

Fisher George B., Killingly, Ct. Nottage Fred. A., Ashland
Wood George W., Hopkinton Foster James S., Leicester

Prouty Joshua B., Spencer
Frost Orrin D., Auburn

Purinton Marshall, Douglass Allen Charles, Spencer

Faverweather Geo. J., Westboro' Peck Albert, Warren urphy Thomas, Boston Gibbs Charles, Holden

Ryan John, South bridge Brown Chas. H., Northbridge Gould Levander M., Leicester Rumwell Oliver B., Warren, disch'd Beard James H., Lancaster

Grafton Edward R., Leicester, Stone Edw. M., Dana Bucklin A. K., Northboro'

wounded at Roanoke Island, Stone Jerome M., Sutton Bartlett Fred., Northboro'

Feb. 8th

Stratton Cyprian K., Worcester, Ball Charles E., Worcester

Holman Albert F., North Brook- wounded at Roanoke Island, Boynton George W., Sterling, dead field, wounded at Roanoke Is- Feb. 8th Bowers Francis A., Clinton

land, Feb. 8th

Stone John, Southbridge Brown Jhn, Northbridge

Holbrook George W., Reading Stone Wm., Sturbridge Brownhill Charles, Worcester Howard John, Worcester

Townsend Edw., Spencer Blood Edw. J., Upton

Huse Andrew J., Dover, N. H. Williams George W., Southboro', Burke John P., East Boston

Hemminway Wm. C., W. Boylston wounded at Roanoke Island, Burns John, Sturbridge

Hastings John F., West Brookield Feb. 8th Condon A. D., South Boston, Hall Samuel, Mendon, wounded at Whitney John H., Sterling wounded at Roanoke Island, Feb. Roanoke Island, Feb. 6th

Wells Cyrus A., Dana 8th Hardy Warren C., Worcester

Weeks Lyman E., Brookfield Chafee John, Worcester Haverstock Jas., Worcester

Wright Lewis, Warren Chafee Wm., Worcester, wounded Holbrook Charles E., Upton

Young Robert, Sturbridge at Roanoke Island, Feb. 8th Jones Samuel P., Worcester

Company D, Worcester. – 25th Reg.

COMMISSIONED OFFICERS. Captain, ALBERT H. FOSTER, Worcester, wounded at Roanoke Island, Feb. 8, 1862. 1st Lieut., GEO. S. CAMPBELL, Worcester; 2d Lieut., Geo. H. SPAULDING, Worcester.

Bigelow Wm. W., Oakdale

Luther J. E., East Douglass
Matthews Ilenry, Worcester
Brewer Geo. W., Boylston

McGaffery Chas. A., Worcester Stratton Chay. H., Worcester Brimhall Alvin, Worcester

Minot Wm. H., Uxbridge Hodgkins Orlando, Worcester Browning Geo. R., Paxton

Murphy Cornelius, Worcester Parkhu 'st Hiram A., Paxton Browning Henry A., Paxton

Moffith Christopher, Dudley Knox Joseph B., Worcester

Brigham Augustus A., Worcester Morris Wm. H., Oxford
Brigham Walter A., Boylston

Newell Henry E., Westminster
Parker Aaron, Worcester
Burr Liberty W., Milford

Newton Henry G., Auburn
Wood Wm. H., Worcester

Cathcart Benj. s., Nantucket Osmer Albert C., Worcester
Hill Charles R., Holden
Child Willard f., Thompson, Conn.

Ouimelt Camille L., Worcester
Tortellotte Oscar, Dudley
Cragin Samuel, Douglass

Parker Edward, Holden
Williams Abial P., Dudley

Cummings Julius A., Webster Park Wallace M., Worcester
Perry Franklin W., Dudley
Crocker George, Milford

Palmer Samuel, Worcester
Grout Wm. G., Worcester
Cotton Thomas, Princeton

Parmenter Martin S., Webster Champney Preston A., Grafton Davis Ilezekiah, Dudley

Patridge John W., Boylston
Darling Calvin J., Charlton

Patterson Wm. I., Lawrence
Mann Charles A., Worcester
Eames Levi L., Worcester

Pierce John D., Paxton
Libby George H., Worcester
Fisher Jeremiah, Oakdale

Rice Peter, Worcester
Freeman Albro, Webster

Robbins Morton D., Dudley
Maynard Geo. F., Fitchburg Goodell Anson P., Dudley

Roby Edwin A., Worcester
Goodell Edwin D., Dudley

Simmons Lambert B., Douglas Albee Joseph H., Douglass llaley James W., IIolden

Simmons James M., Worcester Alden Benj. F. R., Worcester Hall John D., Oakdale

Stone Edgar A., Worcester
Alexander Wm. R., Worcester Hall Stephen, Uxbridge

Squires W.
Allen George F., Worcester
Hastings George W., Grafton

Torrey Chas. H., Medway
Allen James C. M., Ashby

Holbrook J. Emerson, Boylston Taft John A., Oxford
Andrews Ferdinand, Boylston Hough Allen, East Douglass

Taft Nath. E., Oxford
Andrew Wm. A., Boylston
Howe Severn' N., Auburn

Taylor James E., Boylston
Austin Andrew M., Worcester Jillson George W., Petersham Thayer Benj. D., Worcester
Barbour Isaac R., Worcester
Leland Royal A., Grafton

Tourtellte Joseph N , Worcester
Bartlett Benjamin B., Oxford
Leland John W., Grafton

Upham Wesley N., Dudley Bartlett James O., East Douglass Lamb John M., Worcester

Walls Charles, East Douglass Bartlett George F., Rutland Leach George, Douglass

Webber Wm. H., Brookfield Banner George II., Worcester Locke Henry J., Boylston

Winn Chas. F., Worcester Bassett John E., Southbridge

Company E, Worcester.- 25th Reg.


Captain, THOMAS O'NEIL, Worcester. 1st Lieut., Wu. DALEY, Worcester ; 2d Lieut., HENRY MOCONVILLE, Worcester.

Clark Francis, Charlton

Leonard Martin, Worcester
McKeon Michael, Worcester
Coyle Martin, Gardner

Mitchell Jas., Sherburne, wounded
Curran Patrick, Worcester
Cuff Bryan, Worcester

at Roanoke Island, Feb. 8 McLane John B., Worcester

Dubugue Joshua, East Douglass Masterson John, Worcester
McHannan James, Worcester
Doherty James, Worcester

Murphy Patrick, Worcester
Ward Napoleon, Worcester
Doherty Patrick. Stonville

Mullay James
Donlan Edw., Westminster

Mooney Nicholas, Worcester
O'Neil James, Worcester
Donovan Richard, Milford

Megerry Timothy, Douglass
McHugh Patrick, Worcester
Doran Maurice, Sturbridge

McCann Felix, Worcester
McKeon Thos., Worcester
Einprey Robert, Worcester

McClerence Thomas, Barre
Sheehan Denis M., Worcester, Farren Patrick, Worcester

McTierman James, Worcester wounded at Roanoke Island, Furren Jolin, Worcester

McCarty John, East Brookfield Feb. 8 Farren Cornelius, Milford

McCarty Timothy, W. Brookfeld
Colby John, Worcester
Falvey Patrick, Worcester

McCrea Daniel, Worcester
Latterty Elwin C., Worcester
Foley Thomas, Worcester

McDevitt Win, Worcester
Loyed John, Worcester
Gordon John, Clinton

McQuade Thomas, Princeton

Gunigall Jarnes, Worcester, ap- McMahone Michael, Southboro Taber Wm. R., Worcester

pointed wagoner

McDonogh Patrick, Worcester Dixon Wm. G., Worcester Gihigan James, Leicester

McLaughlin John, Worcester Wagoner.

Goodnow Andrew, Marlboro' McDermont John, Stonville
O'Neil John, Worcester, discharged Greene John, Lowell

Nicket Moble, Shrewsbury

McGarty Patrick, Worcester O'Conner James, Worcester
Allen Joseph M., Worcester
Groves Thos, J., Leicester

O'Connell Dennis, Worcester Adamson Robert, Barre, deserted Hagerty Patrick, Worcester

Piper Alfred, Worcester Bird Francis, Southboro

Henritty Terrence, New Worcester Raymond Joseph, Southboro' Brown Joseph, Worcester

Howell John, Springfield, wound- Roberts Edward, Southboro' Brisnahan Michael, Worcester, ed at Roanoke Island, Feb. 8 ; Ryan John, Worcester killed at battle Roanoke Island, promoted to corporal

Smith Eph., Worcester, wounded Feb. 8 Hannagan Patrick, Milford

at Roanoke Island, Feb. 8 Brady Peter, Worcester Ilickey Peter, Worcester

Smith Francis, Worcester
Burke John, Worcester

Hennelly Bartholomew, Milford Smith Elijah, Shrewsbury
Byrnes Philip, Worcester
Heavey Martin, Westminster

Swaney Edward, Worcester
Connell Michael, Worcester
Jameson Hugh, Gratton

Short John, Holden
Conlin Patrick, Worcester

Kelly Robert, East Brookfield Teaboult Joseph, Douglass Conners Cornelius, Worcester Kirk John, Cherry Valley

Tole Patrick, Stonville
Connors Jeremiah O., Worcester Loyns John, Leominster

Whailin Richard, Worcester
Cronin John, Worcester
Leahey Patrick, Leominster

Ward Hiram F., East Brookfield
Cronin Patrick, Worcester
Levally Godfrey, Princeton

Wood Wm., East Douglass

Company F, Fitchburg. - 25th Reg.


Captain, CHARLES H. FOSS, Fitchburg. 1st Lieut., LEVI LAWRENCE, Fitchburg; 2d Lieut., J. HENRY RICHARDSON, Fitchburg.


Dadman Frank S., Fitchburg, Phelps W. W., Fitchburg
Farwell Artemas S., Fitchburg Elleck Edward W. D., Leominster Phelps Phineas, Fitchburg
Upton Chas. E, Fitchburg

Ellenwood Artemas W., Fitchburg Partrkige Wm. H., Fitchburg Wilder Oliver D., Ashburnham Esty Francis, Westminster

Page Geo. H., Westminster
Simonds John, Fitchburg
Flagg Warren A., Orange

Rice Geo. W., Fitchbuig
Hall Chas., Fitchburg

Fitzgibbon Michael, Ashburnham Roach Win., Fitchburg
Fenno Frank B., Westminster

Smith Chas. E., Ashburnham Rockwood S. A, Ashburnham Gilchrist John A., Lunenburg, Stockwell James A., So. Gardner Graham James, Fitchhurg

wounded at Roanoke Island, Savaria Louis, Fitchburg, Proctor Geo. B., Fitchburg

Feb. 8

Spaulding J. Calvin, Fitchburg Barnes Dwight W., Orange Gurdner John F., Fitchburg

Sylverter Geo. F., Fitchburg Lowe George, Fitchburg Gird Joseph W., Fitchburg

Sylvester Atwood G., Fitchburg Sawtelle Walter II., Westminster Gibson Appleton, Fitchburg

Southic Elmer G., So. Gardner Spaulding John A., Ashburnham Gates Francis, Gardner

Sanderson Calvin D., Lunenburg Putman Thomas F., Fitchburg Gatea Hiram. Garduer

Stowell Joshua T., Ashburnham
Henshaw Dexter, Fitchburg

Scollay John, Westminster
Brick Chas. A., Fitchburg, disch'd Ilowe Wm. B., Princeton

Simonds l'utian, Fitchburg Peckham Samuel II., Westminster Howe Luther B., Princeton

Stratton Chas, 11, Winchendon Prirates.

Hartwell Samuel, Lunenburg Thompson Michael, Ashburn ham Alger Edward, Wichenden

Hartwell Chas. W., Westminster Upton Thomas, Fit hburg Andrews Frederic A., Fitchburg Haynes Sylvester, Fitchburg

Wiley David D., Ashby. Adams Wm. F., Townsend

Hunter Chas. II., Fitchburg Whittemore Oliver H. Fitchburg Brooks Benj. V., Fitchburg

Holden Etham W., Westminster Winn Noah. Limenburg
Boss Orlando, Fitchburg
Hagar Wm. S., Fitchburg

Wetherbee Silas, Ashby
Battles Wm. E., Fitchburg
Jenkins Geo. E., Holliston

Wallis Lincoln, Ashburnham
Bassett Frank J., Ashburnham Kinsman Geo. W., Fitchburg Willis Wm. M., Fitchburg
Brown Octavus, Ashburnhum
Maynard Chas. H., Princeton

Ward Carlos P., Rindge, N. H. Brown Alonzo F., Westminster Morton Orrin, Ashburnham

Walker James L., Ashburnhamn Brown John L., Westminster Morton Francis H., Ashburnham Walker Edward P., Gardner Ball George V., Lunenburg

McIntire Parley, Ashburnham Whiting Alonzo. Lunenburg Clark Luther, Ashburnham

Minott Edwin M., Westminster Wait Milan B., Fitchtours Clark Harvey, Ashburnham

Miller Chas. A., Westminster Whitney Chas, H, Fitchburg
Cotring Geo. P., Fitchburg
Nixon Nahum, Fitchburg

Ware G. E., titchburg
Collings Richard, Fitchburg
Nichols Geo. Westminster

Whitman Edward, Westininster Davis Frank A., Ashburnham Philips Geo. W., Westminster

Company G, Worcester.-- 25th Reg.


Captain, LEWIS WAGERTY, Worcester. 1st Lieut., Henry M. RICHTER, Worcester ; 2d Lieut., FRED. A. WEIGAND, Worcester.

Waisser Fred, Clinton

Busch Glory, Douglass
Hacker Rudolph

Shaw William E., Shrewsbury Class Christian. Dierfield, woundSchulze Fred II., East Cambridge Schlenker Christ, Shelburne

ed at Roanoke Island Knapp John M., Shrewsbury


Donelan John, East Cambridge Kreis Gotfred, Worcester Haas John, Worcester

Enger John W. Meade Josiah C., North Brookfield Mihon John, Worcester

Ehlert Ferd, Clinton l'oporals,


Erhart Joseph, Worcester
Wolfgang Leupold, Clinton
Pratt Calvin C., Shrewsbury

Fay Leander, Northboro
Speisser Gotfred, Clinton


Fiske Horace L., Leicester
Reiseher Philip, Clinton
Allen John, Donglass

Gantner Eugene, Worcester, killed
Mueller William, Deerfield
Bubser Joseph, Worcester

at Roanoke Island, Feb 8, 1862

Gothe David, Leicester
Gruinbacher Mority, Clinton
Gleason Samuel, Worcester
Grece John D., Worcester
Gunn Charles D., Greenfield
Haas Carl, Worcester
Harrington Thomas, Shrewsbury
Hattenburg Ul. G., East Cambridge
Harraden John W., Westboro'
Hudson George, Fitchburg
Hattenburg Philip, East Cambrilge
Jacobi Ferd., Worcester
Kittredge Albert, Shrewsbury
Kluessner flerman, Clinton
Klein Elw., Clinton
Klein William F., Clinton
Knapp Frank F., Worcester
Kochler Carl, Clinton
Kohnle Fred, Clinton, promoted to

Kluge Gustav, Templeton
Link George, Southbridge

Lamay Joseph, Douglass
Linhardt Christ. Clinton, wound-

ed at Roanoke Island, Feb. 8
Loddell Thomas J., Fitchburg
Loddell Thomas J. jr., Fitchburg
Martin Joseph, Holden
Mavbaurn Carl, Worcester
Miller August, Clinton
Miller Franz, Clinton
Mueller Valentine, Clinton
Mueller Julius, Greenfield
Molter Henry, Clinton
Orfall Joseph, Worcester
Osgood Warren W., Woburn
Pratt Cyrus W., Fitchburg
Renth Philip, Deerfield
Reno John B., Spencer, wounded

at Roanoke Island, Feb. S
Riedel Albin, Clinton
Rice Marshall N., Shrewsbury
Spindler llerman, Templeton
Schusser Joseph, Clinton

Suter Valentine, Oxford, killed at

battle Roanoke Island, Feb. 8,

1862 Suess Michael, Clinton Schwam Ferd., Clinton, wounded

at Roanoke Island
Tainter David, Worcester
Vetter George, Clinton, wounded

at Roanoke Island, Feb. 8
Ward Hiram F.
Way Fred, Springfield
Walburg George W., So. Gardner
Webber George
Wening Fred, Clinton
Werner George, Worcester
Weyer Rudolph, Worcester
Wilson Charles W.
Winter Christ., Clinton
Williams Daniel, Milford, wounded

at Roanoke Island, Feb. 8 Wiswell William C., North Oxford Wallace Patrick, Mendon

Company H, Worcester. - 25th Reg.


Captain, ORSON MOULTON, Worcester. 1st Lieut., DAVID M. WOODWARD, Worcester; 2d Lieut., NATHAN H. FOSTER, Worcester.

Crane Robert S., Worcester

Legg Henry H., Uxbridge
Forbes Arthur, Worcester
Curtis Charles F., Worcester

Lewis Reuben L., Worcester
Pelton Charles H., Worcester

Kent George E., wounded at Roan- Lovell David O., Oakham Gleason Thornas, Worcester

oke Island Feb. 8

Lovell Lorenzo K., Oakham Wood worth James C., Worcester Dean Charles D., Oakham

Lynn Charles W., Thompson Temple Wilian I., Oakham Carter George H., Reading

McKnight Gilbert L., Worcester Corporals.

Dunn William, North Brookfield Mitchell David, North Brookfield Wood Lawson D., Oakham Estey James R., Worcester

Netf Joseph, Shrewsbury Bridges Francis, Worcester

Eveleth George M, Princeton Perkins William, Worcester, died Seagrave Charles H., Uxbridge Eveleth William H., Princeton

at Annapolis Mirick John D., Worcester Finchan Thomas, Uxbridge

Parker Edwin S., Oakham Fernald Henry W., Worcester Fisher Charles F., Worcester

Parker Lyman N., Oakham Mann Randall, Leicester, wounded Fitch Henry N., Uxbridge

Parker Chas. H., Oakham, disch'd at Roanoke Island Feb. 8, and Forbes Moses S., Worcester

Plante Wilford, Canada died on the lith Flagg Joseph, Fitchburg,

Pond Daniel E., Worcester
Cheney Willard, jr., Worcester French William P., Northbridge Rice Charles L., Worcester
Wellington Elw. w., Worcester Gleason Dexter F., Princeton

Robinson Charles D., Oakham
Gleason Edw., Shrewsbury

Rockwood Edw. P., Worcester Morse Rufus E., Worcester

Green Julius A., Shrewsbury Seagraves William H., Uxbridge Thompson Albert I., Worcester Grout Braman, Leicester

Smith Frank L., Worcester
Grout George L., Leicester

Smith George C., North Brookfield
Maynard James T., Shrewsbury Johnson Stephen C., Uxbridge Stearns Edward N., Barre
Hall Samuel T., Worcester

Spooner Albert, Oakham
Adams James T.. Oxford

Hayden Walter H., Uxbridge Stone George W., Oakham
Adams Charles W., Oxford
Hill Julius D., Oakham

Warren Jona, G., Oakham
Bancroft Edwin W., Worcester Holden Henry, Princeton

Watson William A., Princeton Banister Henry M., Worcester Howard Charles F., Oakham

Webber Christopher W. L., WorBartlett Albert E., Worcester Hudson William, Worcester

cester Battel George S., Worcester Moore Charles S., Ilolden

Wellington Frank W., Worcester Blanchard William D., Uxbridge Hyde Amasa S., Shrewsbury

White H. A., Leicester Bixby George A., Worcester

Hyde Charles A., Shrewsbury Wilbur Edwin, Oakham
Bryant William E., jr., Rutland Holinan Charles, Princeton

Wood George P., Oakham
Bullard William H., Oakham
Johnson Joseph, Worcester

Ware Henry H., Oakham
Hill Lyman E., Worcester

Kendall J. Warren, Princeton Whitney Joseph D., Oaktam Carey Albert W., Shrewsbury

Larned George C., Worcester Wilcox Noah, Uxbridge
Clemence Walter S., Worcester Lawrence Edw. R., South Reading
Coffin George A., Worcester

Lawrence Edwin P., Worcester

Company I, Templeton. — 25th Reg.


Captain, V. P. PARKHURST, Templeton. 1st Lieut., JAMES B. SMITH, North Cambridge ; 2d Lieut., Amos BUFFUM, Templeton.


Browning George D., Hubbardston | Day D. B., Templeton
Davis John W., Worcester

Brown John S., Lowell, wounded Doane Byron, Royalston Saul Thomas, Templeton

at Roanoke Island Feb. 8

Evans George E., Winchester Moulton Joseph 8., Templeton Baker David, Wendell

Fallon Thomas, Moores
Heald Timothy S., Hubbardston Blanchard Charles W., Westboro Frost Sumner, Hubbardston
Nichols Joseph T., Royalston
Brown George, Templeton

Grant Aaron A., Royalston

Bosworth Hosea A., Royalston Gerry H. A. D., Fitchburg
Mayo Benjamin W., Orange
Bosworth Joel S., Royalston

Goddard Wesley D., Royalston
Wheeler Lyman S., Royalston Blood George W., Hubbardston Garfield N. B., Shrewsbury
Trask George, Templeton
Barrett George H., Holden

Haskins Albert, Athol Martin Dwight M., Templeton Barnes Francis, Stoneham

Hathaway Everett, Barre
Day David W., Royalston

Bishop Samuel, Hubbardston Hasking David, Montague
Metcalf Harlan P., Royalston
Burgess Martin, Ashburnham

Hall John J., Mendon
Wilson George W., Riyalston Bickford William O., Gardner Hathaway Leonard, Barre
Jackson George A., Templeton Clement Arthur E. Bolton

Herrick James M., Hinsdale

Chase William H., Royalston Howard William H., Royalston,
Sawyer Eli, jr., Berlin
Crocker J. Henry. Templeton

discharged Potter George E., Templeton Conner William, Worcester

Jennison Clarence W., Greenbush Wagoners.

Cobleigh A. M., Templeton, wound- Jones Artemas, Templeton Freeman Francis, Worcester

ed at Roanoke Island Feb. 8

Jillson Silas F. Richmond, wound-
Conant George F., Gardner

ed at Roanoke Island Feb. 8 Aldrich William 11., Leicester Chase John S., Riyalston

Kelly Thomas, Grafton, killed at Brown Edw. P., Ackworth Deon Anthony, St. Clare, Can.

battle Roanoke Island, Feb. 8. Ball Levi, Alstead, killed at battle Dyer Theodore J., Athol

Kimberly R.P., Massena Roanoke Island, Feb. 8

Davis Jay, Royalston

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