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Kennedy Patrick, Milford
Kecfe Dand, Boston
Lucas John G., Manchester
Lowell George W., Boston
Lowell John L., Boston
Linthead George F., Saxonville
Locke J. R., Haverhill
Marsterson Mike, Lowell
Muny John, Squantum
McAnarey James, Milford
Morrill Estwick E., Salisbury Mills
McCarthy John, Lawrence
McCarthy John, Boston
Murray Thomas, Lowell
Mashan Joseph, Lowell
Mines Patrick, Worcester

Munroe N. Bonaparte, Hopkinton
McIntire Charles, Salem
Nickerson Thomas, Boston
O'Brien Dennis, Boston
Osborne William, West Newbury
Pulsifer Daniel, Gloucester
Pierce Lorenzo, Hopkinton
Ruggles Geo., Gloucester
Rend William, Salem
Rogers Niel o., Byfield
Rohan John L. Boston
Spartes Joseph G., Newbury port
Shaw John, Boston
Sears George H., Belmont
Smedburg John A.
Sheldon Edward, Worcester

Spear Emery, Boston
Stevens George, Southwick
Shurwell Jesse H., Lowell
Sullivan John, Liman
Sullivan Johu, Boston
Shine John, Boston
Temple Martin, Hopkinton
Temple H. M., Hopkinton
Temple Marshall II., Hopkinton
Tabor Wm. R., Worcester
Thompson John N., Danvers
Whitney Walter H., Waylund
White N. A., So. Braintree
Williams Cornelius, Roxbury
Wood John H., Halifax
Younger B. M., Gloucester

Twentieth Regiment.

When the news came that Fort Sumter had fallen into the hands of the rebels, joy mingled with our sorrow, because at last treason had thrown off its mask, and could be openly met. Inaction had been tried, and had failed, as it must against active treason. Would action fail as well? “No!" said the people, and very active the people became. Companies were raised in every town and almost every street; they were formed into regiments and sent to the war for three months' or three years' service. But not all were thus sent off at once — some remained. There were Germans who, knowing what war meant, and knowiny also what freedom meant, formed themselves into two companies to wage war again for freedom. Unsuccessful in their native country in their opposition to long-established tyranny, they hoped for success here before oppression should gain solidity and strength to destroy the last stronghold of liberty. With these were joined other companies, which, through no fault on their part, had failed in their first efforts to serve their country. These and other companies were, early in the summer, designated as the 20th Regiment, under the command of Colonel William Raymond Lee.

On the 10th of July they were ordered to Camp Massasoit, at Readville, in Dedham, where their tents were pitched on an old Indian camping-ground, famous also as an old muster-field of our martial militia ; but “ Camp Massasoit” will henceforth be famous as the field of Mars, where the 18th, 20th, and 24th Infantry and Ist Cavalryo Massachusetts Volunteers first learned their rudiments of war, and “fought in effigy their future battles.”

The 20th Regiment was fully organized towards the end of July, but its ranks were not one half filled, and many companies were composed of raw recruits. A month was passed in active drill, but the recruiting was not equally active; and when the order came from Washington to send forward at once all the regiments then accepted and in camp, the 20th scarcely numbered 500 men' It escorted its more fortunate comrades in arms and in camp, of the 18th Regiment, to the railroad station towards the end of August, but did not break up its own camp until September 4. It then numbered between 500 and 600 men, who had just received their equipments and exchanged smooth-bore muskets for the long-coveted Enfield rifles. A regimental band was to follow it in a few days, and two officers were left in Boston to recruit the regiment to the maximum. A fine American flag and the State colors were presented to the reg. iment by one of the aids of Governor Andrew in the name of the governor and State, and they were received by Colonel Lee in the name of the regiment, with a few earnest words of gratitude, hope, and promises.

September 4, late in the afternoon, the regiment left Readville for New York in a special train on the Providence Railroad. Although it was a Boston regiment, and one that Boston is now proud to claim as its own, it had not made the customary visit, marched through the streets thronged with admiring friends, and been “received” by the city on the Parade Grounds; but it had a farewell greeting from its friends on its own parade ground, to which it had so often welcomed them. Friends met it in New York, and gave a collation and dinner at the Park Barracks, at which Governor Andrew and others made eloquent speeches. The kindly Philadelphians received it with a hospitable breakfast, and a yet greater boon - with water to wash off the stains of railroad travel. It was greeted on its arrival in Baltimore, at 10 P. M., with an awkward attempt at a torch-light procession ; but silence reigned in Baltimore as it marched through the deserted streets, prepared to resist any attack ; but the only attack made upon it was conducted by friends of the Union with hot coffee, during a delay at the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad depot. This attack was continued until the assailed cried, “Hold! enough!” and “fell back slowly" upon Washington, which was gained about daybreak (September 7).

In the afternoon the regiment marched three miles to Camp Kalorama, where the tents were pitched, and appearances indicated a long stay. Colonel Lee was appointed acting brigadier general in a provisional brigade of General Burnside's provisions


division. But on September 10th the regiment was transferred to Camp Burnside, and on the 12th the tents were again struck, and the regiment marched, as rumor said, to Chain Bridge ; but evening found it well on the way towards the Upper Potomac. On the 14th, late in the evening, it reached Poolesville, the headquarters of General Stone, and was hospitably received by the 15th Massachusetts Volunteers, on whose parade ground it bivouacked. On September 15th the camp was pitched about two miles from Pooles ville on the road to Edward's Ferry, which is one and a half miles distant. The 19th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers, which had accompanied the 20th from Washington, encamped near. The 7th Michigan soon followed; and there was established Camp Benton, the quarters of General Lander's Brigade, in General Stone's Corps of Observation, on the Upper Potomac. The Andrew Sharp-Shooters had joined the 20th in New York, and were attached to the brigade.

During the first month, frequent alarms called the regiment to the Potomac at night, and drill occupied it by day. Companies were also detached occasionally to support batteries and for other special services near the river.

Four companies were thus detached on the afternoon of October 20th, when the companies present in the camp were ordered to fall into line with arms and knapsacks. Company K and the men who were on gnard at the time were left in charge of the camp, under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Palfrey. Colonel Lee and Major Revere, with a battalion of five companies, joined on the road by two of those on detached service, and thus increased to seven, numbering in all about 300 officers and enlisted men, marched rapidly to Edward's Ferry, and then up the left bank of the Potomac about five miles, when a halt was made, and the men were ordered to sleep on their

At 12 P. M. the battalion crossed in flat-boats to Harrison's Island. "The loth Massachusetts had preceded it, and had crossed during the night to the Virginia shore. Two companies (I and D) of the 20th followed the 15th, and held the headland near the river, now famous as Ball's Bluff.* The rest of the battalion crossed about 12 P. M., and joined the first two companies, the whole forming a support to the 15th Regiment, which was advancing in the direction of Leesburg. About i P. M. firing was heard in the distance. Colonel Lee at once formed the battalion in line of battle, throwing forward companies I, D, and H, as skirmishers in the woods on the right and left flanks. After a while the 15th Regiment appeared in sight, slowly retiring, and took a position on the right flank, and Company I was recalled. About 2 o'clock Colonel Baker came upon the bluff and took the command. He rode along the line, and asked the boys whether they were ready to fight. He formed a new line of battle, placed his own reg. iment on the left, with their left flank covered by woods. The 15th Massachusetts still held the right, where they were somewhat covered by woods. Companies A and G of the 20th still held the centre of the open field (which sloped in such a way as to afford a slight protection, especially to those in the rear). Companies I, C, and E were held. in reserve behind the right centre, and Companies H and D remained on the flanks as skirmishers. Captain Putnam of Company H was wounded severely in the right arm at the beginning of the fight, and had to submit to an amputation. About 3 P. M. the enemy opened å brisk fire from woods in front, distant about two hundred and fifty yards. An attack on the right flank was unsuccessful; but the rebels gained ground on the left, and opened a cross fire at our centre. The fire was answered as well as the nature of the ground permitted. Two small howitzers and a 12 lb. rified cannon rendered some assistance, but, from their exposed position, they were soon crippled by the enemy's fire. About 44 o'clock, Lieutenant Holmes was wounded in the breast. "The reserve was ordered up about this time, and the fire from the left becoming very heavy, Captains Dreher and Schmitt, and Lieutenants Putnam and Lowell, were wounded in quick succession. After this, several rallies were made under a heavy fire; but soon after 5 o'clock, to save further slaughter, the men were ordered to retire under the bluff, and, throwing their guns into the river, to reach the island as they could. The only large ferry-boat was already swamped, and most of the men were forced to swim a swift, cold stream of two hundred feet in width, exposed to chance shots from the enemy. Here were lost the two lieutenants of Company C, Babo and Wesselhoeft. The former had been appointed captain of Company G, and his commission was looked for daily. He was one of the finest officers in the regiment. In Boston he had been a leader among the Germans. In every enterprise his fine intellect and attainments as a scholar, as well as his great physical powers, at once made themselves felt. The enthusiasm and manliness, frankness and firmness of young Wesselhoeft, visible to all in his open countenance, attracted the notice of strangers, and warmly attached to him all who knew him. These two young heroes were devoted friends, and there is little doubt that one died in the attempt to save the other. Their young companion in arms, William L. Putnam, who died on the 22d, after twenty-six hours of intense suffering, borne with the utmost fortitude, is fittingly described by the Rev. James F. Clarke, in the remarks made at Putnam's funeral.

Colonel Lee, after declining, for the benefit of the wounded ones, a boat offering to carry him safely over to the island, was taken prisoner, with Major Revere, Dr. Revere, Adjutant Peirson, and Lieutenant Perry, after they had proceeded some way up the river. Captain Tremlett proposed to the officers near him to try to find a boat and cross over, which was done, and so bimself, Captain Bartlett, Lieutenants Abbott and Whittier, and a squad of 80 men, went over to the island in an old boat found at some

• Early in the morning Lieutenant Riddle, then first sergeant of Company I, when out in the woods scouting, was wounded severely in the right arm, which was amputated afterwards.

distance up the river. Though defeated, the 20th, both officers and men, displayed a coolness under fire which gives promise of success in a fair and open field. Company B and Company F, stationed below Edward's Ferry, when they heard of the fight, marched with all haste to the battle-field, but, much to their regret, only arrived in time to help the wounded, while the 19th Massachusetts, under Colonel Hinks, guarded the island.

At daybreak on the 22d, the long-roll was sounded in the camp, and LieutenantColonel Palfrey, who had been left in command, led Company K and every other ablebodied soldier across the Potomac at Edward's Ferry. They had a brisk skirmish with the rebels in the afternoon, and on the next day, on account of the rough weather, were in danger of being cut off with all the other troops that had crossed; but they recrossed in safety on the night of the 23d. The regiment was temporarily re-organized as a battalion of six companies, and has, since that time, had no work but drill and picket duty at the river. On Christmas Day a beautiful flag, in remembrance of Ball's Bluff, was presented to the regiment by the Hon. J. G. Palfrey, the father of the commanding officer, in behalf of friends in Massachusetts. Another beautiful standard was sent to the regiment by Mrs. Putnam, the mother of the late lamented Lieutenant Putnam, and some ladý friends, just before the fight, and was to be presented by General Lander ; but his continued absence has interfered with the ceremony. Lieutenant Putnam never saw this flag.

Boston may well be proud of the 20th Regiment, and claim it as its own, although it was but little noticed until it had shown its character in battle. Undisma by defeat, and feeling that the failure was through no fault on their part, all were eager to meet the enemy again at once. There was no despondency or finching, but a burning desire to be placed where they could see the rebels, and a calm assurance that they could be trusted by their leaders.

.. Roxbury.





Field and Staff, 20th Reg. Colonel...


Taken prisoner at battle Ball's Bluff. Lieut.-Col.

Major.... ....PAUL J. REVERE

Taken prisoner at battle of Ball's Bluff.

Taken prisoner at battle Ball's Bluff.


Promoted from 2d lieut. Co. G, Oct. 12, 1861.

Surgeon ...

Promoted brigade surgeon, Sept. 10, 1861.

Promoted from assistant surgeon, Sept. 10, 1861.
Assistant Surgeon..... EDWARD H. R. REVERE....
Quartermaster ..... ..CHAS. W. FOLSOM......
Sergeant Major ..L. R. HARLOW..
Quartermaster Sergt. .FREDERIC LANDERS
Commissary Sergeant .EDWARD HENNESSEY
Hospital Sleward ..JOSEPH HENNARD



Boston. ..Cambridge.

Waltham. ..New York. .Boston. .Boston.


Gereney James F., E. Abington
Smith James B., Fayette, Me.
Giles Nathan R.
Clark George, Milton
Merrill Albert F., Walpole
Wildes James B., Georgetown
Haynes John B., Boston
Bent Charles M., Boston

McKay Roderick, Boston
Allen James M., East Bridgewater
Cellarius Theodore, Roxbury
Cellarius Adolph, Roxbury
Richards George S., Roxbury
Kirby Charles A., Boston
Thompson Chas. H., So. Berwick
Gibbs John F., Waterville

Foster Alonzo T., East Abington
Hatch Mansfield P., Salisbury
Bass Alden, East Abington
Fairbanks Wm. A., East Abington
Reiser George W., Baltimore, Md.

Benj. F., Rindge, N. H.
Lincoln Isaac H., E. Bridgewater
Leonard Richard B., South Boston

Company A, Boston.- 20th Reg.


Captain, HENRY M. TREMLETT, Dorchester. 1st Lieut., OLIVER W. HOLMES, JR., Boston, transferred to Company D, wounded at

battle of Ball's Bluff.
2d Lieut.. CHARLES A. WHITTIER, Bangor, Me., promoted 1st lieut. Nov. 26, 1861.



Ball N. F., Boston
Smith H.J., Salem
Hall Charles H., Boston

Buxton Frank, Cambridgeport Bradley A., Boston


Bishop Alfred L., Russell Battles Otis L., Plymouth, wounded Allen Frederic S., Wareham

Brown Abraham, Cheshire, prisonat battle of Ball's Bluff

Bates Oliver S., Ellington, N. Y. er at battle Ball's Bluff Merchant John, Pittsfield, killed at Babcock William, Hinsdale, pro- Brown Alexander, Ireland, prisoner battle Ball's Bluff, Oct. 21, 61 moted to corporal; wounded and at battle Ball's Bluff Corporals.

taken prisoner at battle of Ball's Beal Bradford W., Dover, Me. Bumpus David P., Wareham


Chapin Thomas, Norwich, Ct., Weston R. Reading, promoted to Blackwell Jas. L., Sandwich, pro- wounded at battle Ball's Bluff sergeant; taken prisoner at battle moted to corporal

Cox Patrick, Dublin, Ireland Ball's Bluff, Oct. 21, '61

Bumpus George W., Wareham, de- Cate George F., Roxbury Mahoney Daniel, Ireland


Clark George H., Honesdale, pro

moted to corporol
Carraugh James, Ireland
Dickinson John K., Pittsfield
Dwyer Thomas, promoted to corpo-

ral; prisoner at battle Ball's Bluff
Davenport J. B., Boston,
Dresser Gilbert W., Cheshire, pris-

oner at battle Bull's Bluff Dresser E. E., Stockbridge Dowd Philo I., Monterey, died at

general hospital, Baltimore Edson Wm. A., Bridgewater, prig

oner at battle Ball's Bluff
Ford James, England, proinoted to

Fuller Henry A., Dorchester
Francis Jonathan, Worcester
Fiske N. A., Cranston, R. I., dis.
Gates Jacob, Gerinuny, transferred

to Co. B
Gay John S., Pepperell
Goodrich Amos B., Dalton, disch'd
Graves Alphonzo J., Newport, de-

Hartford George, Ireland
Hartford Thoinas, Ireland, wound-

ed at battle of Ball's Bluff
Haley Jere. C., Ireland, wounded

at battle Ball's Blutf
Harla James A., Wareham
Haskin, Thomas C., Rochester
Howard George H., Easton
Hartford Pat, Ireland
Harris Abel T., Smithfield, R.I.
Homer Charles N., Gerinany, pris-

oner at battle Ball's Bluff; disch d
Harty Michael, Ireland
Heath B. F., Sanderfield, prisoner

at battle Ball's Bluff Hanscom Leunder, South Boston,

wounded at battle of Ball's Blut Hibbard Lansing E., Pittsfield

Heath H. R., Monterey, wounded

at battle Ball's Bluft
Johnson William, England
Jones George H., Springnield
Keller Frederick J.
Kelley John, Ireland
Kendall Thomas J., Ilinsdale
King Edwin R., Charlemont, dis-

Morrisson John, discharged
Moree James K.
Morse T. A., discharged
Murphy Daniel, Ireland, wounded

at battle of Ball's Bluff
Moeglin Louis, Germany
McDermott Patrick, Ireland, died

of wounds
Mead Edwin B., Lanesboro
Meek Samuel A., Boston
Newton Antipas, Roxbury
Noble Wilbur, Hartford
Noble James H., Hurtford
O'Grady William, Boston, prisoner

at batile Ball's Bluff
Plant George L., Boston
Rollins Valentine P., Portsmouth,

N. H., wounded at battle Ball's

Russell James R., Wareham, pris-

oner at battle Ball's Bluff
Russell Stephen S., East Wareham
Rider William, Sweden
Smith James W., Fayette, Me.,

transferred to regimental band
Smith Adelbert, Newport, N. Y.,

promoted to corporal
Snell Joseph, Wureham, transferred

to Co. If
Stephens Edward R., England
Searle Dwight A., East Granville,

Storer Benjamin F., Hiram, Me.
Smith Joseph, Lynn

Smith W. H., Berlin, N. Y..

wounded at battle Ball's Bluff Sexton Edward C., Stockbridge Shaw H. H., Cummington, prisoner

at battle Ball's Bluff (Me.
Torsey Timothy T., Monmouth,
Tiernan Thos. C., Providence, R.I.
Tower A.
Tower George E., Stoughton, pro-

moted to 4th sergeant
Videto Alfred, Williamsburg, killed

at Ball's Bluff Wright Charles, Beverly, killed at

battle Ball's Bluff Waters G. W., promoted to corpo

ral; killed at battle Ball's Bluff Welch William, Ireland, killed at

battle Ball's Bluff
Wellington Waldo H., Ireland
Wood Manton A., Lanesboro
Wells John, South Adams
Woodland William, Ireland

Joined since the regt. left Mass.
Burgess Thomas A., Wareham
Butler Ephraim D., Maine
Carroll Jólin J., Ireland
Chapman David G., New Lebanon,

N. Y.
Clarry John, Nassau, N. Y.
Coon Martin, Syracuse, N. Y.
Devine James, Ireland
Goodwin Charles B., Ryegate, Vi.
Grosse John D., North Scituate
Humilton James R., Searsport, Me.
Leonard William L., Warehamn
Lewis Arthur S., Pittsfield
Maxtield Samuel, Stanford, N. Y.
Reid John, War ham
Russell Isaac, Wareham
Sloan John A., Pittsveld
Snell William. Wareham
Strong King, Pittsfield
Sullivan James, Ireland

Company B, Boston.- 20th Reg.


JOHN HERCHENROEDER, Boston, discharged Nov. 7, 1861.

GEORGE N. MACY, Nantucket, promoted from 1st lieut., Company I. 1st Lieut., John W. LE BARNES, Nantucket; 2d Lieut., AUGUST MULLER, Dorchester.

Frautwein John B., Boston

McDonald Thomas, Boston
Buestinger Adam, Boston
Frank Henry, Boston

Noirrel Charles, Boston, deserted Henschauer Anton, Boston

Fischer John, Boston, deserted Otto William, Cambridgeport
Schoof F. A., Boston
Getz Jacob, Pittsfield

Otto Gustuv, Boston
Wittekindt Henry, Boston
Goethke John, Boston

Pfeiffer J., Boston
Wagner Balthazen, Boston

Gutermuth Frederick, Boston Ludwig Rabenau, W'mington, Del.
Gilbert Phillip, Boston

Raubs Gebhard, Boston
Buestinger Christian, Boston
Greim George, Boston

Rettel L., Boston
Fleig Ferdinand, Boston
Hurtleb Lerenz, Boston

Rost Charles, Worcester
Heerter Anton, Boston
Herbst Paukasy, Boston

Roth Moses, Boston
Lang Emil, Boston
Haas Charles, Dedham

Suess Werner, Boston, promoted
Miller Gotfried, Boston
Hanifan John, Quincy

to corporal
Strachuitz Bernard, Boston
Henig Franz, Boston

Shoenberg Henry, Boston
Wanders William, Roxbury
Jung William, Boston

Schnege August, Boston
Joeckel George, Roxbury

Schmarzmai Edward, Boston
Anthony Joseph, Boston
Karcher Frederic, Boston

Seibel Conrud, Roxbury
Anton John, Germany
Kessler Michael, Boston

Shuster Christian, Roxbury
Asher Adolph, Boston
Kretschman Adolph, Boston

Sessler Jacob, Randolph
Baier Henrick, Boston
Kast Jonann, Boston

Schaber John, Boston
Bitzer Lewis, Boston
Kauell Gustav, Boston

Shilling John, Worcester
Bochme Julius, South Dedham Kasper Nicholas, East Cambridge, Schieferdecker Herman O., N. York
Babst Joseph, Boston


Tiesler Bruno, Buston
Brown John, Boston
Kaiewsky Julius, Dedham

Vogel George, Roxbury
Beck William A., Boston
Kleeburg Frederie, Boston

Weissensee Clemens
Decker Ferdinand, South Boston Lamb Jacob, Roxbury

Wagner Christian, Boston
Denner Adarn
Loeslein Simon, Boston

Wenige Herman, Boston
Dippolt John, St. Mary, Pa.
Morrow William, Boston

Wilhelm Andrees, Boston
Ecker Otto, Roxbury

Most August, Roxbury, discharged Wilson August, Boston
Elliott Samuel, Charlestown
Marks Heinrich, Boston

Wildman llenry, Quincy
Fischer Adolph, Boston
Maier Cipran, Roxbury

Zoellner Federich, Germany Frank William, Boston


Company C, Boston.- 20th Reg.

Captain, FERDINAND DREHER, Boston, wounded at battle Ball's Bluff.

ALOIS BABO, Boston, promoted to captain Company G, Oct. 12, 1861; drowned 1st Lieut.,

at battle Ball's Blufl.
Chas. L. TILDEN, Boston, promoted from 2d lieut. Co. K, Oct. 9, 1861.
2d Lieut., \ H. F. SANDER, New York, commissioned Oct. 25, 1861.




Reiss Albert, Boston, prisoner at Magnitsky Gustave, Boston,

Griffin Daniel, Boston, prisoner at battle Ball's Bluff wounded at battle Ball's Bluff

Schlett Peter, Boston, promoted to Wolf Joseph, Boston

battle Ball's Bluff

Goulding James T., South Boston, sergeant Will Frederic, Roxbury, prisoner prisoner at battle Ball'. Blut Josef Philip P., N. J., promoted to at battle Ball's Bluff Hurle Edward, Roxbury

sergeant Rubin Robert, Boston

Hummel Joseph, Boston

Helm William, Roxbury
Schaff Anthony, Roxbury
Stoll Joseph, Roxbury

Bender Jacob, Boston
Beska George, Roxbury
Bulsingsleben William H., Boston,

Christily Charles, Amesbury, pris-

oner at huttle Bull's Bluff
Deirsch William, Boston
Dietling August, Roxbury
Fuchs Willian, Roxbury, prisoner

at battle Ball's Bluff
Gunther Frederic, Baltimore, Md.,

Bernhard Graichen, Lynn
Hahn Werner, Borton
Hein Joseph, Boston, prisoner at

battle Ball's Bluff
Honnard Joseph, Boston, disch'd
Huhn Franz, Boston
Huite Patrick, Boston
Have John B., Boston, prisoner at

battle Ball's Bluff
Johnston Frederic, Baltimore, Md.
Joseff E., promoted to corporal;

prisoner at battle Ball's Bluit

Kernberger William, Boston
Kernberger Adolph, Boston
Kohler George, East Boston
Kraft Alois, South Boston; wound-

ed et battle Ball's Bluff
Kernberger Andreas, Boston
Kiesel George, Boxbury
Leibloir William, Boston
Meyer Jacob, Boston
Meyer Jog., Boston, missing since

battle Ball's Bluff
Muller Carl, Boston
Minuty Franz, New Orleans, pris-

oner at battle Ball's Bluff
Moegle Christian, Lawrence, pris-

oner at battle Ball's Bluff
MeGovern Pat, Boston
Pfister Charles, Boston, discharged
Quimby John, Boston, prisoner at

battle Ball's Blue
Rank Herman, Boston, prisoner at

battle Ball's Bluff
Rinner Johann, Lawrence
Rahm John, Boston, prisoner at

battle Ball's Bluff
Ruppert Frederic, Boston, prisoner

at battle Ball's Bluff
Rymers Edward, Boston, promoted

to corporal

Speiser Gotfried, Persia, (probably

Seifert Herman, Lawrence
Steffens Anton, Roxbury
Siebert Christian, Boston
Schuster George, Boston, prisoner

at battle Ball's Bluff
Stoll Otto, Roxbury
Sander Frederick, Boston
Stecker Jucob, Boston, prisoner at

battle Bull's Bluff
Vogel Henry, Lawrence, promoted

to corporal prisoner at battle of

Ball's Bluff
Wipfler Jacob, Boston, prisoner at

battle Ball's Bluff
Zimmer Franz, Jamaica Plain, pris-
oner at battle Ball's Bluff

Joined after the Regt, left Mass.
Becker Chas., Roxbury, drummer
Beska Andreas. Roxbury
Beska Joseph, Roxbury
Betz Charles, Roxbury
Smoke Albert, Boston
Sussley Christian. Roxbury
Schneider Jacob, Roxbury
Wolf Michael, Roxbury


Captain, {

Company D, Boston. – 20th Reg.

COMMISSIONED OFFICERS. CASPAR CROWNINSHIELD, Longwood, transferred to 1st Massachusetts Cav,

alry, Nov. 25, 1861.
N. P. HALLOWELL, Cambridge, promoted from 1st lieut., Co. H, Nov.26, 1851.
1st Lieut., GEORGE B. Perry, Boston, taken prisoner at Ball's Bluff.
2d Lieut., NATHANIEL T. MESSER, Boston.


Dupee Job W., Boston, taken pris- Neary John, Boston
Talcott R. H. L., Mansfield, taken oner at battle of Ball's Bluff O'Connell John J., Boston, taken

prisoner at battle of Ball's Bluff Duffin Richard, Lawrence, taken prisoner at battle of Ball's Bluff Holland James W. R., Mansfield prisoner at battle of Ball's Bluff O'Brien D., New Bedford, taken Willard Samuel, Boston

Eames Warren F., Newry, Me., prisoner at battle of Ball's Bluff Wilson George, Portsmouth

died at Richmond, Va.

O'Keefe Owen, Maine Cogans James M., Boston, taken Flagg Geo. P., Rutland

Perry Wm. D., New Bedford prisoner at battle of Ball's Bluff Giesler Francis, So. Boston, taken Place Henry, jr., New Bedford, Corporals.

prisoner at battle of Ball's Bluff taken prisoner at battle of Ball's Bixby Chas, N., Boston

Galigan James, taken prisoner at Bluff Derry Horace A., Quincy, promoted battle of Ball's Biuff

Porter Calvin, Huntington, killed at to sergeant; taken prisoner at Graham Wm., England, taken pris- battle Ball's Bluff battle of Ball's Bluff

oner at battle of Ball's Bluff Partridge Amos H., Westminster, Kemp James A., Boston Huskins J. B. L.

wounder at battle of Ball's Bluff, Day John, Canada

Howard Hiram B., New Bedford and died in hospital at Richmond
IIoward J. E.

Pratt Wm.
Ashley Daniel, Boston
Holbrook Alden H., Quincy

Proctor Josiah, Franklin
Brown David
Hawkins Richd., So. Boston, pro-

Robertson Daniel F., Manchester, Walsh James Y., discharged

moted to corporal ; taken prisoner N. H.
at battle of Ball's Bluff

Rumble John, Boston, taken pris Alger Israel, Boston, taken prisoner Heron llugh, taken prisoner at bat- oner at battle of Bali's Bluff at battle of Ball's Bluff

tle of Ball's Bluff

Rewes S. P., promoted to corporal: Atken Alexander, Ireland, taken Hart Robert

taken prisoner at battle of Ball's prisoner at battle of Ball's Bluff Irving Wm., England, taken pris- Bluff Atkinson Robert, Lawrence, taken oner at battle of Bali's Bluft

Read Wm. O., Haverhill, taken prisoner at battle of Ball's Bluff Jennings Joseph D., New Bedford prisoner at battle of Ball's Bluff Bates John, taken prisoner at battle Jones Robert T., England

Smith James, New Bedford, taken of Ball's Bluff Jackson Wm., discharged

prisoner at battle of Ball's Blut Baxter John, Lawrence, taken Joney Edward

Smith Matthew, Liverpool, Eng. prisoner at battle of Ball's Bluff Kerres L. P., New Jersey

Sullivan James, New Bedford Burditt Thos, E., Lancaster Kennedy James, Lawrence

Sherman Albert
Brown John, Lawrence

Luzardes Joseph, Quincy, disch'd Sackett Francis, discharged
Barber John, Boston
Long Marcus I., So. Boston

Sinester Wm. H., taken prisoner at Booth W. NIH., Boston, promoted Lyons John, Boston

battle of Ball's Bluff to corporal

Lucas George, New Bedford, taken Sampson Frank, South Boston, proBrown Jas. R., New Bedford

prisoner at battle of Ball's Bluff moted to corporal; taken prisoner Borden Daniel W., Boston Lovering John, Lawrenco

at Ball's Bluff, and died at RichBowen Henry, Windisimet Vil. Meachun Loring, Boston

mond Buckley Jaines, Lawrence

Murphy John, South Boston, taken Tripp Lot, New Bedford Baker Asa B., W. Wareham

prisoner at battle of Ball's Bluff Talcott J. W. Bryson Thos., Boston

Murphy John E., New Bedford Tufts Wm. Cero Chas., Boston

Murphy Edward, New Betford Taylor John, discharged Curtis Charles G., South Canton, McQuestion Clinton, Haverhill, Teitler James, Lawrence, taken

proinoted to corporal; taken taken prisoner at the battle of prisoner at battle of Ball's Bluff prisoner at battle of Ball's Biuff Bull's Bluff

Warren James G., New Bedford Calnan Wm., Baston

Medbury Alpheus F., Seekonk Wiley E.
Clare Robert, Lawrence
Manning Patrick, Ms.

Wheeler Francis A., New Bedford Crowther Wm., Lawrence

May Wm., Concord, deserted Whitcomb Levi, New Bedford Devine John, Boston

McCullough Patrick, taken pris- Woods A. M., Ct. Davis George

oner at battle of Ball's Bluff Wilder J. E., Dedham Davis George A.. taken prisoner at McElroy John W.

Wise J., taken prisoner at battle of battle of Ball's Bluff McGee James M.

Ball's Blufr Donalan M.

Company E, Boston. - 20th Reg.


Captain, GEORGE A. SCHMIDT, Cambridge, wounded at Ball's Bluff. 1st Lieul., JAMES J. LOWELL, Cambridge, wounded at Ball's Bluff.

Wm. L. PUTNAM, Cambridge, killed at Ball's Bluff, Oct. 21, 1861. 2d Lieut., 11. L. PATTEN, St. Louis, Mo., commissioned Nov. 25, 1861.


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