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Musgrave Thomas, died at Camp Shackley John, Danvers
Schouler, Aug. 9

Sillars Malcolm, So. Danvers, pro-
Morrison Archibald, Danvers

moted to corporal McCreary John, Danvers

Sillars William, So. Danvers, died Nourse Allen E., Danvers

at Baltimore Ogden Wm. H., Danvers

Sullivan Philip, Danvers Putinan Geo. F., Danvera

Stiles Edward A., Middleton Putman Chas. H., Danvers

Smith Daniel, Danvers Pettingill David, Danvers

Smith James, Danvers Pope Nathaniel A., Danvers

Scampton George, Danvers Poor Richard, Danvery

Scampton Frank, Danvers Prince James, Roxbury,discharged Sexton Patrick, Danvers Roberts John A., Danvers

Traynor Patrick, Danvers, died at Riley Michael, Danvers

Baltimore Robertson Uriah, Danvers

Twomey Patrick, Danvers Reynolds William, Danvers

Twomey Jerry, Danvers Shaw Joseph E., Danvers

Wright Frederic, Danvers, dis

Watson Ezra W., Danvers
Wells John F., Danvers
Wilson Geo. C., Danvers
Wiggin Joseph F., Danvere
Wiggin Henry R., Danvers
Woodward James F., Danven
Wells Chos. F., Danvers
Wells Edwin G., Danvers
Joined after the regiment lent Mas.
Cothin Reuben H., Danvers
Holt James, Danvers
Leavitt Joseph, Danvers
Nourse Frederick, Marblehead
North Edward, Danvera

Company D (Wallace Guards), Salisbury.-17th Reg. Organized May 7. Having received muskets from the State arsenal, commenced drill in good earnest, under the efficient instruction of Mr. E. P. Stanwood, of West Newbury. For four or five weeks the members performed no other labor than that which pertained to the perfecting of the company in the manual of arms, military evolutions, and the march.

The uniform of the company consisted of a dark gray frock-coat, pants, and cap.. The ladies made up the uniforms from cloth purchased by the towns and committee of citizens. Ready as it now was for the field, a disappointment awaited it, for the Governor had not assigned this company to either of the camp regiments ordered by the Legislature. Some of the members, however, determined not to be diverted from their original purpose of going to war, scattered among other companies already ordered into regiments. Twenty-five members, with the 1st, 31, and 4th lieuts., united with the National Guards, of Newburyport, which joined the Mozart Regiment, then stationed at Yonkers, N. Y., and others connected themselves with the West Newbury Rifle Company, and West Amesbury Me. chanic Infantry, until the members were reduced to about thirty. Yet these thirty continued the organization, when, on the 11th of July, the company was ordered into camp at Lynnfield, as Company D, Essex County Regiment, – 17th. Again it recruited to the army standard.

The coinpany derives its name, “ Wallace Guards," from Mr. E. P. Wallace, of Salisbury, a young mechanic of limited means, þut, generous patriotism, who gave the company, at the time of its organization, one hundred dollars. Mr. W. also sent the following note to to the Secretary of the Treasury, and “its tone of earnest, hearty patriotism makes it worthy of being printed in letters of gold.”

"I am a shoemaker of limited means, but I want to lend the government this hundred dollars, to assist a little In mainteuance of its authority, - its existence.

* The reason I send it to you rather than invest it here is, I want to give · Uncle Sam' all the profit; ko I don't want any interest on it. All I want is that you should send me a government note, promising to pay me or bearer $100 on demand, any time after the 26th of August, without interest. If times are hard with the government then, I will make a goodly abatement from this. If you are not empowered to invest the money in this way, invest it in the next way that will be most profitable to the government.

LONG LIFE TO UNCLE SAM. "May the blessings of God make your efforts to save our beloved country successful. " P. 3. An early return will prevent apprehension

that this did not reach you. Physical disability alone prevents my assisting as a volunteer."

As the government could not receive the money on the terms of the letter, it issued to the author the first 7 3-10 per centum treasury note.

The town of Salisbury expended $1,100, and the citizens $700, for the outfit and comfort of the company in the preparations for field service. This expenditure does not include what the town has paid for monthly bounty and the maintenance of the families of volunteers.

2d Lieut.,

Captain, GEORGE H. MORRILL, Salisbury.
18t Lieut., JERRY A. GREELEY, Salisbury.

BENJ. F. CHESLEY, Haverhill, discharged Dec. 27, 1861.

Chag. 0. FELLOWS, Chelsea, commissioned Dec. 13, 1861.


Cammette Daniel, Amesbury Luenburg George H., Salisbury
Blake Simon F., Salisbury
Curtis Rendall B., Amesbury

Morse Wingate, Amesbury Coffin William 0., Amesbury Currier Julius C., Newton, N.H. Marchant James, Newburyport Newton Thomas F.Haverhill, Cowan John, Salisbury

Martin Brotherman, Newbury port transferred to Co. H. Dorsey Edward, Amesbury

Martin Solomon, Newbury port Flanders George I., Lynn Dwinells Philip, Haverhill

Morrill Ettrick, Newburyport Corporals.

Dwinells William, llaverhill Paisley William H., Salisbury Moulton Edwin A., Amesbury Currier Jeremiah S., Haverhill Ramsell Charles L., Salisbury Kendrick Cyrus E., Amesbury Flanders Charles E., Salisbury Russell William P., Newburyport Sanborn Theophilus, Salisbury Foot Frank, Amesbury

Shaw William, Salisbury Lang George I., Amesbury

Flanders Francis E., Haverhill Smeadbury John A., Gloucester
Flanders Augustus, Lynn
French Darius, Salisbury

Upton George H., South Dan ver
Faga Frank, Charlestown

Usher Samuel, Amesbury
Taxbury Hiram P., Newton Flanders Henry G., Lynn

Wicks James, Amesbury
Gors Charles P., Haverhill

Me Williams William, Amesbury
Arnold Thomas F., Haverhill Goldthwait Charles M., Dan vers Witham Charles (). Haverhill
Brown John J., Salisbury
Howard William, Boston

Webb William, llaverhill
Brigg George, Amesbury
Jones Cyrus B., Boston

Whittier Francis, Haverhill
Broadman Eldridge, Haverhill Kimball Charles W., Haverhill York Charles F., Amesbury

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Company E, Haverhill.–17th Reg. Recruited at Haverhill, and the town expended a liberal sum for their aid and comfort. The members of this company are mostly of Irish parentage.

Captain, MICHAEL C. MCNAMARA, Haverhill.
18t Lieut., HENRY SPAIN, Haverhill, promoted to captain, Jan. 31, 1862.
2d Lieut., JAMES MARONEY, Haverhill, promoted to 1st lieut., Jan. 31, 1802.

Croke Thomas, Boston

McKana Bernard, Stoneham
Splaine James, Haverhill
Doonan John, Georgetown

McKane Patrick, Haverhill, deSmith John. Haverhill, deserted Dougherty George, Haverhill, dis- serted Putnam Alfred, Haverhill


Moyles Bernard, Haverhill Regan Daniel, Haverhill

Eaton George W., Haverhill, trans- Mulligan Edward, Manchester, Kelley Joseph G., Haverhill

ferred to Co. H

N. II.

Eagan Owen, Manchester, N.H. Mulligan Michael, Haverhill, disSheehan Jeremiah, Manchester, Elliott William, Haverhill

N.H., promoted to sergeant
Ellice Thomas, Haverhill

Nalty Patrick, Newbury
Godfrey Peter, deserted
Fallon Patrick, Boston

Norman Michael, llaverhill
Mulvey Henry
Fleming Murty, Boston

Noyes Bernard, Haverhill
McGlone Hugh, Billerica, deserted Foley John, Stoneham

O'Brien Thomas, Haverhill Coffee John, Ilaverhill

Foley Stephen, Manchester, N.H., O'Brien John, Danvers McCarty Thomas, deserted


O'Hara John, Haverhill

Gartside James H., Haverhill Peacock Richard II., Lawrence Hanson William H., Haverhill Godfrey John, Haverhill, deserted Rivers Henry, Haverhill Burroughs Thomas W., Boston Godfrey Joseph, Haverhill

Rooke Cornelius, Haverhill
Goggin John, llaverhill

Ronan John, Charlestown
Flaherty Edward, Haverhill

Hackett, David B., So. Danvers Roswell John, Haverhill
Harrigan Thomas, Haverhill

Smith Richard, Stoneham, desert'd Neagle Richard, Ilaverhill, died llennesey John, discharged

Splaine Herbert, Haverhill Jan. 81, 1862

Kenny Domerick, promoted to cor- Stevens Charles M.. Haverhill Prirates. poral

Stevens Casher, Haverhill, deserted Anderson Samuel, Lynn

Lawson Francis C., Haverhill Sullivan Bartholomew, Stoneham Branigan Michael, East Woburn Lynch John, Boston

Sullivan Michael, Manchester, Broughton Walter, Georgetown, Mahony John, Haverhill

N. H.
Mahony John, jr.,

Sweeney Matthew, Lynn
Burren John, Haverhill
Mithony Dennis, Boston

Taggart John, Haverhill
Campbell Christopher, So. Danvers Mahar William, Boston, deserted Towle William, Haverhill
Campbell Joseph, So. Danvers Martin Otis G., Lynn

Traynor Patrick, Georgetown Campbell John, Haverhill

Masterson Johu, Haverhill, desert'd Usher James, Quincy
Carroll John, Manchester, deserted Masterson Thomas, Stoneham

Wallace David, Ilaverhill
Chase Henry, Haverhill
Maloney Patrick, Stoncham

Wallace John, Haverhill, deserted
Clabbey John, Boston
Melindy George, Haverhill

Wallace William, Haverhill, deConolly Timothy, Haverhill McEncary Patrick, Georgetown serted Cogan Patrick, E. Woburn, dis- McGauley Owen, Georgetown Walsh John, Lynn charged

McGrath Thomas, Haverhill, pro- Ward Michael, Stoneham Crowley Henry, Georgetown, de- moted to corporal

Whitehead George B., Danvers serted

Company F, Haverhill. - 17th Reg. Recruited at Haverhill. The town and individuals contributed generously in aid of this company.


Captain, LUTHER DAY, Haverhill. 1st Lieut.,

ENOCH F. TOMPKINS, Haverhill, promoted Capt. Co. B., Dec. 19, 1861.

IVORY N. RICHARDSOX, Malden, transferred from Co. K.

W. H. TURNER, Haverhill, promoted to 1st lieut., Company G, Oct. 28, 1861. 21 Lieut., HENRY W. OLIVER, Malden, transferred from Co. K, discharged Feb. 0, 1862.

GEORGE T. RUSSELL, Boston, commissioned Feb. 19, 1802.


Folsom Charles E., Exeter, N.H. Spinning Eldridge H., Elliott Getchell Daniel W., Wells, Me. Fletcher Francis, Newbury port Stevens Leonard 8., Lawrence Day Joseph W., Brudford

Gilman Wm. E., Newbury port Sides George S., Portsmouth, N. II. Hardy Granville, Groveland

Gilman Thomas E., Newburyport Simmonds Thomas, Haverhill Webber llenry B., Rumuey, N.H. Gardner Albert G., Haverhill

Steele Simon S., Newbury

Gardner David W., Haverhill, dis- Silver John, Haverhill
Place George K., Farrington


Stewart Charles H., Haverhill Norton R. E., Candin, N.H. Gale Albert, Haverhill

Stewart George E., Derry, N.H. Richard, Derborn F., Georgetown Gilson Joseph W., Sandwich Taylor John 2., Lowell, died Morse Gardner S., Bradford

Haynes William C., Newbury Tucker John, Dover Gilman A. J., Haverhill

Ilarriman John S., Hampton Tulbuck William, Dumfarline Musicians.

Hewett Samuel G., Massachusetts Tibbets Warren. Kensington, N. H. Derby G. W., Lancaster Heckman John B., Halifax

Titcomb John E., llaverhill Hall Stephen W., E. Haverhill Hill John B., Deerfield, promoted Wharton Martin S., Somesworth, Wagoner. to sergeant

Collins W. H., Haverhill

Jones Samuel W., Farmington Wheeler Charles F., Peterboro,
Johnson Harrison, Haverhill

N. H., discharged
Armstrong W.J., Pleasant Village Keif Joseph P., Ireland

Woodman John W., Portsmouth, Abbott Wm. W., Epsom, N.H. Kimball Charles A., Haverhill

NH. Allen Eldridge B., Portland, Me. Kenniston Nathaniel F., So. Read- Welsh Joseph A., Effingham, N.H. Barteaux David W., Annapolis


Woodington William, Haverhill Badger Stephen L., Gilmanton, Kimball John T., Salem

Wight George A. NH.

Meader Charles F., Conway, N.H. Brown George A., Lubec, Me. Metcalf Edward D., Haverhill

Joined after the regt. left Mass. Brown Charles 8., Lowell Metcalf George A., Haverhill

Allen George Bradley Enoch M., Haverhill Murray Thomas, Boston

Chapinan John C., Haverhill Burke Thomas, E. Cambridge Mitchell Wm, D., Groveland

Davis C. H., Haverhill Brickett Addison, Haverhill

Norton John, Haverhill, deserted Eaton James J., Bradford Brown Jacob T., Boxford

Norton Wm. S., Candin, N.H., pro- Frve Albert A., Boxford, died Butters Jonas E, Melford

moted to corporal

Gilman Mark L., Haverhill Blaisdell Isaac C., Lebanon, N. H., Pinkham Vincent M., New Dur- Gilman R. L., Haverhill discharged

ham, N.H.

Goodwin Thaddeus P., CharlesColbath Levi F., Alton, N.H.

Pattee Harrison M., Charlestown town
Currier Samuel M., Newton
Pierce Frank C., Methuen

Hewer George W., Haverhill Cammett Charles H. Amesbury Pick John, Massachusetts

Hicks Joseph, Haverhill Crocker Cyrus W., Portland, Me. Pierce Samuel W., Haverhill Hodgkins Stephen W., Haverhill Dresser Alonzo, Georgetown Rumney Ezra, Strafford, N.H. Hunkins E. L., Haverhill Dearborn John S., Prmbroke

Remnick Charles F., Nashua, N.H. Morrill William, Haverhill Dearborn Hogan S., Pembroke Rodgers Silits H., Jackson

Shey's Bryant, Haverhill Joe Charles A., Rumney, N.H. Roberts George A., Rochester, dis- Stewart J. C., Haverhill burber John G., Wolfboro', N.H. charged

Company G (Kimball Guard), Rockport. -17th Reg. Immediately upon the call of government for three years volunteers, the patriotic olti. zens of Rockport raised a company composed of the best material, who tendered their services to the State. Not being inmediately accepted, the town and spirited individuals liberally contributed to the support of the soldiers and their families, to an amount ex. ceeding three thousand dollars, till they were enrolled as Company G, and ordered into camp at Lynnfield, where they reported fifty-two guns. Upon the morning of their departure from town a meeting of the citizens was holden to bid them farewell, at which, after a prayer and speeches from prominent individuals, a superb and richly-mounted silk ensign, which cost upwards of seventy five dollars, was presented to the company by Hon. Moses Kimball, of Boston, in compliment to whom the company had been named. On the day before they left for the seat of war a company from South Danvers, raised by Capt. Geo. W. Kenney, was merged with them, and the command given to that gentleman.


Captain, GEORGE W. KENNEY, Danvers. 1st Lieut.,

GEORGE W. TUFTS, Rockport, died of fever in camp at Baltimore, Oct. 27, 1861.

WILLIAM H. TURNER, promoted from 2d lieut., Co. F, Oct. 28, 1861. 2d Lieut., ALFRED M. CHANNELL, Rockport, discharged Jan. 27, 1862.

Dame J. L., Beverly

May Walter A., Rockport, deserted
Paly James B., Rockport
Davis Wm. H., Rockport

Norton Oliver A., Rockport
Norris Win. E., Salem
Donovan P. H., Salem

Norcross Hiram C., Manchester
Parrott Wm. M., Gloucester
Davidson Thomas, Wenham

O'llare Charles H., Salem Poole Story D., Rockport

Doyle Felix, Wenham, promoted Porter George T., Rockport Feldgen Ilirum S., Salem, dis- to corporal

Pool Cyrus, Rockport
Elliott Frank, South Danvers

Phippens A., Salem
Eaton Frank C., Boston

Phealen Thos., Saltm, deserted Rowe L. S., Gloucester, promoted Felt D. N., Salem

Pulsifer Daniel, Gloucester
to sergeant
Fon Richard, Hamilton

Pryor George, Gloucester
Kelley Frunk G., Lynn
Foss N. 11., Hamilton

Presbey Sylvester, Salem
Woodbury Ezra L., Gloucester Finn James, Rockport

Prime Joseph S., Salem
Sylvester S. P., Danvers
Fernald Charles, deserted

Quinn Joseph, Salem
Elwell George, Rockport
Farmer D. W.

Robbins Wm., Rockport
Steavens Wm. A., Rockport
Fleet George, deserted

Reeves J., New Jersey
Clements Edgar B., Rockport Gooding Wm.

Robinson H. C., Rockport
Gove Charles II.

Strain H., Rockport
Buxton Charles W., Salem
Gould Wm.

Stacy E. II., Biddeford
Goldthwait A., deserted

Stone B. F., Salem
Batchelder Charles E., Wenham Huddle Benj., Salem

Stevens J. H., Rockport
Barton J. N.
Roman Daniel A., Beverly

Scanlon B. P., Rockport
Hatch Joshua F., Rockport

Sharkey C., Salem
Buckstead Frank N., Beverly Ingersoll John II., Gloucester

Tylor J. H., Salem
Janes Edwin, Salem

Taylor H., Rockport
Boardman John, Beverly Farms Kimball James, Gloucester

Trufton Charles, Salem
Brown James.jr., Rockport
Lewis R. M., Salem

Wheeler J., Rockport
Bray Edward D., Rockport
Leary Dennis, Salem

Willey G. M., Salem
Burdett E. A., Wenham

Loverin L. F., Beverly Brooks M. M., Marblehead

Lowe Darius B., Gloucester, de- Joined since the Regiment left for Bray Sam'l B., Rockport, deserted Merted

the seat of war, Clough Win. H., Salein McGlinchey John, Boston

Newman Randull P., Haverhill. Center F. H., Wenham McKenncy John J., Rockport

appointed musician Congdon Richard, Danverg McLoud J., Rockport

Daggott J., Gloucester
Colley Joseph H., Danvers

McConnell Wm., Beverly, deserted McCormick James, Lynn
Chipman A. T., Salem
Mehan Wm., Salem

Wilson G. A., Danvers
Chisholm Robert, Rockport
Maxwell Silas, Salem

Younger M. B. M., Gloucester Cook I. A., Gloucester

McCormick Thos., Manchester Younger Joshua, Gloucester, preClements Edgar B., Gloucester Motley Wm. U., Rockport, de- moted corporal Cole H. A., Beverly, deserted


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Company H (British Volunteers), Boston. – 17th Reg. Organized under the auspices of the “ Boston British Drill Club." The captain, J. K. Lloyd, was forinerly a non-commissioned officer of the Coldstream Guards, à regiment very celebrated in England. Before leaving camp at Lynnfield he was presented with a sword by the “ B. B. Drill Club." The recruits were mostly weavers, and others (English), from the neighboring towns, especially Fall River; many of them had seen service in various British fields of glory.


Captain, JOHN K. LLOYD, Boston.
1st Lieut., JOHN S. HAMMOND, Boston.
2d Lieut., (TAONAT E. NEWTON, ilaverhill, promoted from sergeant of Co. D.

ROBERT W. , , .



Dalaney James, Fall River
Kimball H. II., Mulden
Bowes Robert, Brookline

Dunn Johnı, Fall River McGuinness Francis, Waltham Brussel Thomas, Fall River, trans- Desmond Cornelius, Fall River Webb Richard, Full River, dis- ferred to band

Driver Wm., Fall River
Bradbury Samuel, Fall River

Evans James, Fall River
Keys Wm., Boston
Barnett John, Fall River

Eastham Wm., Fall River, deserted Mann Ezekiel, Boston, promoted Blomley Joseph, Fall River

Emerson Wm., Fall River, deserted and transferred to Co. K

Boltin Charles S., New Hampshire Fulce James, Fall River
Boyle James, Boston

Finlay Wm., Fall River
Moore Joseph A., Gloucester, pro- Broa Ibent James, Fall River

Garrett Wm., Baltimore moted Burke Patrick, Fall River

Gleason James, Fall River Owen Edward, Fall River, pro- Butterworth James, Fall River, de- Gordor. Charles, Fall River moted serted

Griffin Thomas, Fall River, transJameson John, Fall River, deserted Clymonts Thomas S., New Bed- ferred to Seventh Reziment Joyce Michael Boston ford, promoted corporal

Howarth Saunuel, Newbury port Musicians.

Connor Dennis, Fail River, pro- Hayward Abraham, Fall River Johnson George A., Malden

moled corporal

Higham Wm.
Avignon A. D., Medford

Clark Chas. A., Malden, promoted Hallsworth James

Henrie Wm. E., Canada
Eaton George W., llaverhill
Congan Joseph, Fall River

Jackson Wm., Canada on Wm., Saugus

Cochrane Thomas, Fall River Kay John, Fall River

Kay Thomas, Fall River
Kailigher Wm., Milford
Kenney Lawrence, Fall River
Kerrigan Patrick, Boston, dis-

Kunsman John C., Jersey City
Long Thomas, Boston
Levey John, Providence, R I., de-

Massey David, Fall River, deserted
Malone Henry, Fall River
Malone John, Fall River, deserted
Malone John, 2d, Fall River
Melvin John, Fall River, promoted

Madden Wm., Fall River, deserted
Maxwell Patrick, Fall River

McNully Owen, Boston, discharged
McNabb Angus, Cambridgeport
McHugh Thomas, Boston
Nelson John R., Providence
Nyland Michael, New Jersey
Olver Joseph, Fall River
O'Keefe John, Boston
Palmer Benj., Fall River
Pollitte Wm., Fall River
Rowcraft Thomas, Fall River
Ricley James, Fall River
Ratcliffe William, Fall River, pro-

moted corporal
Runey E. R., Boston
Stowell Joshua, Fall River
Stalder Edmund P., Roxbury, pro-

moted corporal

Smith Samuel, Boston
Schanks Jacob, Ipswich
Thweath Henry, Fall River
Thrasher Charles A., Fall River
Turner Robert, Fall River
Troy Patrick, Boston
Wilson James, Boston
Woodcock George, Fall River
Waddle Wm., Fall River
Walton Wm., Providence, deserted
Welch Frank, Fall River
Woods James, Boston
Woods James, 2d, Lawrence
Warhurst Aaron, Newbury, pro-

moted corporal
Wright Richard, Boston

Company I (Saunders Guards), Lawrence. – 17th Reg. Named after the Hon. Daniel Saunders, Jr., ex-mayor of Lawrence.


Captain, THOMAS WEIR, Lawrence.
1st Lieut., MICHAEL BURNS, Lawrence, discharged Jan. 17, 1862.
2d Lieut., ARCHIBALD BOGLE, Melrose.

Carroll James, Lawrence

Leary John, Lawrence
Bowell Daniel, Lowel

Cavanaugh Michael, Lawrence Lehan John, Methuen
O'Donnell John, Biddeford
Clark John C., Lawrence

Lalloran Patrick, Lawrence
Brown James, Lawrence

Cunningham John, Lawrence McMannis John, Lowell
Geloran Michael, Lawrence

Conroy Christopher, Lawrence McMann Philip, Lawrence
Collins Michael H., Lawrence

McShea John, Boston
Powers Wm. H., Lawrence
Cunbee Joseph, Lawrence

McAleer John, Lawrence
Carney Michael, Lawrence

Donovan Florence, Lawrence McManus Wm., Lowell
Pendy John, Lawrence
Donovan John, Lawrence

Morris Wm., Lawrence
Dowd D., Lawrence

O'Connor Wm. B., Lawrence
Byrne Wm., Lawrence
Doyle John, Lawrence

Riley Thomas, South Danvere Burns Patrick, Lawrence Daley Maurice, Lawrence

Rogers Peter, Lawrence
Brady James, Lawrence

Galiher Thos., South Reading Sandy Edward, Methuen
Boyle Edward G., Boston
Goulding Daniel, Lawrence

Stewart Charles, Lawrence
Boyan Henry, Lawrence
Ilowland Thomas, Lawrence

Spring Richard, Lawrence
Brady Frank, Lawrence
IIill Park, Lawrence

Ward John, Boston
Carney John, Lawrence

Ivory John, Lawrence

Company K (Malden Light Infantry), Malden.-17th Reg. At a patriotic meeting of the citizens of Malden, held April 20, 1861, a volunteer list was presented, and such numbers enrolled their names that the town felt warranted in organizing a company immediately, and the sum of $2,700 was soon subscribed by the citizens for uniforms and other articles necessary for the comfort of the volunteers. The ladies also contributed their efforts in aid of the company, and a beautiful silk banner was presented them, and every member received a copy of the New Testament, before leaving for the camp at Lynnfield, July 10, 1861. The company was organized May 6, and were sustained by the town until they went into camp.


Captain, JOSEPH R. SIMONDS, Melrose.
1st Lieut., Ivory N. RICHARDSON, transferred to Company F.
2d Lieut.,

HENRY W. OLIVER, Malden, transferred to Company F.
E. K. MANN, Portsmouth, transferred from Company F.

Cryse Wm. H., Malden

Keen Charles H., Medford
Wentworth Henry A., Maldea Cobb John II., Saugus

Kenney Samuel, Medford
Eaton George A., Malden
Cox Levi, Malden

Kidder Charles A., Saugus
Sovereen Sylvanus M., Malden Carleton John F., Saugus

Langley Samuel, Saugus
Thomas James, Medford
Coates Reuben R., Saugus

Mader Morris, Malden, discharged
Noble William, Saugus
Crockett Albert W., Melrose

Moore Charles J., Malden
Dale James L., Malden

Moran Edward, Malden
Cheever David H., Saugus
Dane Thomas, Medford

Myrick Wm. H., Malden
Patterson James M., Malden
Davis Wm. L., Medford

Marston Cyrus L., Malden
Ash James M., Malden

Eaton Frederick, Ogdensburg, New Meuley Philip J., Medford Noble William, Saugus, promoted York

Mills Joseph C., Boston sergeant Ellis Robert, Medford

Morton Andrew, Malden James Thos., Medford, promoted Flye Daniel, Saugus

Moulton George W., Lynn sergeant Flye Joseph W., Saugus

McAllister George S., Saugus
Cady George T., Malden
Fitzgerald Edward, Malden

McAllister Wm. C., Malden
Haynes Joseph W., Malden
Finn Joseph, Malden

McElroy Wm., Maiden
Foskett Henry, Malden

McKeon Michael, Malden
Redman David F., Malden
Gibbs Wm. S., Malden

McNally Thomas, Malden
Lewis George H., Medford
Guilford Bimsley P., Saugus

McDonnell Michael, Malden, de-
Patterson John J., Malden
Grover John C., Melrose

Graham James, Malden

Nelson James, Malden
Ryerson Franklin S., Malden Gately Thomas, Malden

O'Reilly Maurice, Malden
George J. F., Malden

Page Gilbert, Malden
Ash Wm., Lynn
Grover George H., Malden

Page Gilman, jr., Malden, pro-
Artault Louis, Boston
Haines J. W., Malden

moted corporal Bobannon Wm., Haverhill, pro- Ilichings Jesse, Saugus

Patterson J. M., Malden moted corporal

Harrinan Noah G., Saugus, dis- Putman Joseph H., Malden Bittner Josiah P., Malden


Penney Alonzo, Lynn Barrett David, Malden

Harriman Noah G. or Farnham, Penney Geo. H., Saugus, promoted Bieber Oscar, Malden


corporal Brown Charles W. A., Malden Jenness Oliver, Malden, discharged Peabody Torry, jr., Lynn Barnes John A., Malden

Johnson George L., Malden, dis- Rankin Wm., Malden, promoted to Carmen Benj. F., Medford


sergeant Co. A

Renoud Charles, Malden
Reizove Francis, Malden
Redmen David F., Malden, disch'd
Reed Edwin W., Saugus
Rosenbush John, Newbury port
Roots James.jr., Saugus
Russell Daniel M., Malden
Simonds Eben, Malden, promoted

Simonds Otis T., Mulden

Smith Thomas, Malden
Smith John, Malden
Stocker Wm. L., Saugus
Sweetser Charles W., Saugus
Stack Wm., Malden
Stratton Homer R., Malden
Stratton Joshua, jr., Chelsea
Thompson Lewis W., Lynn, pro-

moted corporal

Valler Taylor J., Plymouth
Walsh Michael, Medford
Waitt Harrison, Malden
Waitt Daniel, Medford, discharged
Wilson J. H., Saugus
Wells Chas. A., Charlestown, die

Wilson James W., Malden
Wilson Abel R., Saugus

Allen James, Boston
Doherty Neil, Boston
Daggett John, Gloucester
Foster Hiram, East Cambridge
Foster II. F., East Cambridge
Fitzgerald James, Fall River

Recruits, Company unknown.

Horn Nathaniel T., Roxbury Lewis Thomas, Fan River
Henry Wm., Andover

Ridgeway Wm., Fall River
Jameson John, Fall River

Sullivan J. O., Great Falls
Keller Wm., Worcester

Walsh Wm., Full River
Kegan Samuel

Whittemore Geo. H., Newbury port

Eighteenth Regiment.

Soon after the alarm of war rang over our country, military companies were formed in the towns of Middleboro', Duxbury, Dedham, Hanover, and 'Wrentham, the members of which, - strong, hardy sons of New England, - from an urgent sense of duty, devoted their property and iime to their country. The inhabitants of the several towns, unwilling to see their fellow-townsmen alone endure such sacrifices for the common cause, generously furnished them with uniforms, and appropriated to their use the choicest viands of their tables — while the towns paid to each member of these companies an average of one dollar and twenty-five cents per day for drilling. These companies were ordered into camp at Dedham, Massachusetts, by the Governor, in July, 1861, thus forming the nucleus of this regiment. To these were afterwards added, on the 15th of July, the “Mason Invincibles,” of Taunton, Capt. Ruby, the Plymouth company, Capt. Collingwood, August 5th, 1861, and the Quincy company, Capt. J. L. Spalding, August 2019, 1861.

These companies, not baving the maximum number of men, were further recruited at Camp Brigham, in Dedham. On the 24th day of August, 1861, the regiment was ordered to Washington, D. C., and took up their line of march on the 26th inst., via New York, Harrisburg, Pa., Baltimore, Md., to Washington, where the regiment arrived, on the evening of August the 30th, safely, and without an accident to mar the pleasures of the journey. The next day the regiment were ordered to report to the late gallant Colonel E. D. Baker, and, having done so, they pitched their tents about one mile to the westward of the Capitol, and called their camp Camp Massachu. setts.” Their stay with Colonel Baker was but brief, however - the regiment being ordered to join General Martindale's Brigade (General Fitz John Porter's Division), on this side of the Potomac, where they encamped on the ground formerly occupied by the gallant New York 69th, near Fort Corcoran. Whilst here, they were joined by Company A, recruited in Boston by Lieut. J. Cullen Ayer, who was detailed from the regiment for that purpose.

Whilst here, the regiment first began to see active duty, being frequently detailed upon picket. On the 26th of September the regiment again received marching orders for Hall's Hill, Virginia — at that time the extreme outpost of the “Army of the Potomac.” On the occasion of the grand review at Bayley's Cross Roads, the regiment was singled out by General McClellan, for its drill, discipline, and soldierly appearance, for which characteristics it was presented by the Commander-in-Chief with a complete uniform and camp equipage —“Chasseur a' Pied's ”- French Infantry of the Line.

On the last of November, the regiment again increased its numbers by the addition of Company C, of Carver - swelling the regimental rolls to nine hundred and ninetysix men. Though, previous to January, 1862, the regiment had found no opportunity to distinguish itself, still, should the occasion ever offer, judging by the able officers in command, and the material of which the line is composed, the glorious old Commonwealth will never have cause to blush for its actions.

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