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Doherty John, Boston
Doyle Patrick, Boston
Driscoll Stephen, Boston
Duffy Williain, Roxbury
Dufl'y Bernard
Dyer Michael, Boston
Farrell John, Lynn
Facemyre Reuven B., Boston
Flaraty Patrick
Flynn John, Lowell
Flynn Thomas
Foley Thomas
Freeman Isauc S. D., Lowell
Greenlough William, Boston
Hagan John J., Cambridge
Haley William, Bouton
Haley John, Massachusetts
Harrington Thomas, Massachusetts
Harding William W., Charlestown
Harkins John, Somerville
Harkins William
Hennessy Dennis, No. Cambridge
Herran Michael, Boston
Higgins Michael, Boston
Horrigan Dennis, East Cambridge
Hosford Edward, Philadelphia
Kenniston Isaac F., E. Lexington
Kelley Charles, Boston

Kelley John C., Charlestown
Kelly John, East Randolph
Kelly Patrick
Kimball George II., Charlestown
King Michael, Boston, deserted
King John P., Boston, promoted to

Keiley John
Lynch James
Lynch Thomas, 1st, Cambridge
Lynch Thomas, 2d, Holliston
Lynch Jolun, East Cambridge
Maloney Thornas, Boston, disch'd
McAndrews Edward, Roxbury
McCabe John, Somerville
McCarron James, Woburn
McCarty John, Chelsea
McCarty Patrick, Boston
McDonnell Charles, Charlestown
McNulty Thomas, Charlestown
Murphy Timothy, Somerville
Murphy Dennis C., Roxbury, pro-

moted to corporal
Mullen Patrick, Boston, deserted
Neville Patrick, Somerville
O'Loan Michael, Lexington
O'Leary Thomas
O'Neal John, Lexington

Orr David, Boston
Pitts George E., Charlestown 3
Powers James, Cambridge
Ready Daniel, Woburn
Reynolds Thomas J., Boston
Richardson Abram, Lowell
Shea Stephen, Woburn
Sharkey Thomas, Chelsea, deserted
Spiel John 0., Lexington
Stearns Charles, Roxbury
Sullivan John H., Charlestown
Thawen Reuben K., Somerville
Toomy Jeremiah, East Cambridge
Tuck Benjamin, Woburn
Vaughan George W., Somerville
Weston Patrick, Boston
Whalen Thomas, Massachusetts
Wickham Ralph H., Boston
Wilson Charles, Lawrence

Joincd after the Regt left Mass.
Freeman Isaac S. D., Newton
Fee Michael, Hingham
Mellen Edward, Stoughton, pro-

moted sergeant
Sewart James, Boston
Flanigan Patrick, Newton Upper


Company G (Butler Rifles), Lowell.- 16th Reg. This company was recruited at Lowell, and organized April 29, 1861, E. James as captain, and encampell at“ Camp Holton" (afterwards known as "Camp Chase" till July 8, when it was ordered to report at Camp Caineron, lass., and was mustered into the United States service on the 12th of July. A change of captains was made by the Executive Department of State, and 1st lieut. Thomas O'Hare, of Lowell, was appointed captain, Aug. 1, 1801. Uniforms were furnished both officers and men by the city of Lowell.


Captain, THOMAS O'HARE, Lowell. 1st Lieut., ALEXANDER J. DALLAS, Cambridge; 2d Lieut., Jas. B. THOMPSON, Lowell.


Cowdrey Marcus M, Billerica, Mulcahy William
O'Hare Charles, Lowell

transferred to band, now drum Martin Michael, Lowell Hussey Charles, Lowell


McCusker Cornelius, Vewton
Winn Charles E., Lowell
Currier Charles E., Holliston

McQuaid Thomas, Lowell
Jones John W., Lowell
Davis Thomas, Dracut

Morgans Morgans, Lowell
Walker Augustus, Lowell
Dunham George

Montcalm William W., jr., Lowell
Donahoe Cornelius, Lorell

McMillen Alexander, Lowell Vance William G., Lowell

Drake Moses R., Bellingham, dis- Murry Michael, Lowell Gates Horatio N., Lowell


Monnahan Richard, Lowell
Boutwell Edson, Lowell
Donahoe IIugh, Lowell

McAllister Samuel, Lowell
Urann Charles F., Lowell

Flanders William M.E., Holliston, Nelson Robert, Lowell Byam R. S., Lowell

promoted to corporal

Nelson Samuel, Lowell
Stearns Lewis, Lowell
Frost Thomas, Ilolliston

O'Sullivan Thomas, Charlestown
Sleeper George, Lowell
Flynn Michael, Holliston

O'Grady Thomas, Lowell
Goodwin Alonzo, Illiston

O'Neil John, Lowell
Robinson Alexander, Lowell
Galvin John, Holliston

Pomfred Thomas, Lowell

Hudson Thomas C., Lowell, ap- Poole Joseph W., Lowell
Adams Alvin B., Franklin

pointed postmaster of the regt. Proctor Alvin L., Lowell
Bassett Frank M., Dracut
Howe Joseph M., Lowell

Page Alonzo L., Lowell
Bush Frank J., Lowell
Howe Orin s., Lowell

Rafter James, Lowell
Baker Alexis, Hudson, N. Y.
Haskell Edward L., Lowell

Smith William D., Lowell
Brown Edmund H., W. Chelms- Hart Thomas, Lowell

Smith William W., Lowell ford

Harrigan Bartholomew, No. Bil- Stearns Charles H., Lowell Butler Patrick


Sharp John, Lowell
Berriam Patrick, Lowell

Hoplin nes, Randolph, disch'd Stanford Albert, Lowell
Black Hugh, Lowell
Harrington John, Abington

Sloan Robert M., Lowell
Calvert George, Lowell
Halliday John

Wilkins Ira D., jr., Waltham Callaghan Timothy, Westford Jubb John, Westford

Waddle James, Mass.
Caldwell Charles D., Lowell
Jones Charles H., Lowell

Wardle Joseph, Lowell
Clough George W., Lowell
Jones Edward, Lowell

Wilkins Josiah W., Lowell
Curby Devery, Lowell

Kavanagh James A., Lowell, died Carpenter Warner, Lowell

January 14, 1881, typhoid fever Joined after the regiment lert Masi. Cross Ira M., Dracut Kanc Jamer, Lowell

Battell Freeman, Dover, N. U. Carey Patrick, Lowell Larabee James B., Lowell

Doke Charles II., Lowell Clancy William B., Newton Cor- Lane John Q., Lowell

Edson Henry, Buffalo ner, transferred to Co. I Lamb James, Holyoke

Loud Jeremiah B., Charlestown Christeen Charles B., Westford Lovell George, Mansfield

McGinlery John, England
Carter Galen A., Mansfield
Leitch Thomas, Lowell

Ryan Thomas, Ireland

Company H (Waltham Volunteers), Waltham. — 16th Reg. Organized April 30, and made use of “Rumford Hall," for drilling purposes, till the 29th of June, when they were ordered into Camp Cameron, and sworn into the United States service. Uniforms were furuished to the officers and men by the town.


Captain, GARDNER BANKS, Boston.
18t Lieul., Wu. A. SMITH, Waltham, discharged Nov. 4, 1861.
2d Lieut. {

Francis P. H. ROGERS, Waltham, transferred to Company F.
PAYSON E. TUCKER, Cambridge, transferred from Company F.



Brown Charles L., Waltham Rupert Charles, Waltham Savage Samuel G., Waltham

Perry John, Waltham Hoyt Otis, Waltham

Polcchio Joseph, Waltham, trans- Lombard Richard T., Waltham, Brown George F., Waltham

ferred to Co. D

transferred to Co. F Foster Matthias S., jr., Waltham Robinson William H., Waltham Hlodgdon Sewall H., Waltham Luce Charles, Waltham

Emerson Warren A., Waltham

Viles J. Edward, Waithain
Luce tlenry B., Livermore, Me.

Grinnell Amos S., Waltham

Babcock Rufus, Watertown
Boulter Willia 1, Walthum
Bryant John, Waltham
Burgess llenry F.. Waltham
Buttrick ICF., E. Lexington
Buttrick Charles t., E. Lexington
Burrows James, jr., Chelinstord
Chapin Ezru, Waltham
Clasby Daniel, Wilihan
Crosby Suinner, E. Lexington
Clark Williain, Weston
Cloudınan William II., Waltham
Collins George, Newton
Cutler Charles, laxington
Carr llenry C. Newt
Coppenger John, Newton
Connelly Patrick, Newton
Darling Gardner 11., Sudbury
Dillon John, Walth im
Field Lymin.jr., Waltham
Flint George, E. Lexington
Forsyth John, jr., Waltham, pro-

moted to corporul
Fairbanks Lyman F., Waltham

Fisher James II., Waltham
Goodnow Alfred W., Waltham
Greene George M., Waltham
Grant Daniel G., Waltham
Gallaway Charles; Walthun
Henson Archibald P., Waltham
Hickey Edward, Walthun
1 brook Joseph, Waltham
Holbrook Bradford, Walthanı
Howard Andrew, Waltham
Huntress George E., Walthann
Iloyt Charles X., Waltham

Lire llenry W., Waltham
I al llenry c., Waltham

Hatch Edward E., Lexington
Hatch D. G., Needhan
Healey John, Chester, Penn.
Keves Samuel A., Wutham
Kimball Lafayette, Waltham
Kick Thomas, Chester, Penn.
Lawton George, Waltham
Locke William, Waltham
M.Vance Jancs, Walthan
More Charles F., Walthann
Matthew William H., Woburn
Paliner Mason M., Wutham
Parks Charles II., Waltham
Parker Anderson E., Elollis, Me.
Parınenter Henry H., Waltham

Piper Nahum E., Waltham
Power John E., Weston
Potter James M., Waltham
Reed Lewis A., Walthun
Robinson George F., Waltham
Robinson Nathan S. Waithan
Russell John H., Walthann
Scott Edward S., Walthamn
Soule John W., Waltham
Stedman John, jr., Walthan
Stearns Henry W., Walthann
Stearns William A., Waltham
Stickney Warren, Weston
Stone George G, Waltham
Smith John F., Walthan
Smith Simeon, Waltham
St. Johns George B., Waltham
Townsend Jacob G., Waltham
Thompson Levi, Waltham
Wellington Frederic D., Waltham
Whecler Edward B., Waltham
Wheeler George E., Waltham
Whiting William G., Waltham
Whiting Charles A., Walthain
Witherell Warren, Sudbury
Wright tenry E., Walthani
Wright Jason B., Waltham
Wright Lyman B., Waltham
Wright Almond, Waltham


Company I ( Newton Guards), Newton. -- 16th Reg. This company was recruited at Camp Cameron, by order of His Excellency the Gover nor, and mustered into United States service, July 12, 1861. The members of this company do not all hail from Newton, some forty of them enlisting from Lowell, and an equal number from Boston and adjoining towns, the town of Newton paying a bounty of ten dollars to each recruit.


Captain, HENRY T. LAWSON, Newton.
1st Licut., JOJIN B. Brown, Ipswich.
2d Lieut.,

LOTIROP WRIGHT, Framingham, discharged Nov. 25, 1861.
JAJES E. SHARP, Watertown, comunissioned Nov. 26, 1861.


Devine Cornelius, Lowell

1 Boyd Hugh, Lowell

Poole Henry J., Boston
Daily James, Lowell

Riley Michael, Lowell
Chase James H., Holliston
Dempsey John, Boston

Rezery W. P., Newton
Kennedy John, Lowell
Fallon David, Boston

Raleigh R.J., Boston
Snow Hiram, Randolph
Fox Samuel, Lowell

Rogers Hugh, Newton
Turner John P., Randolph
Gordon Charles F., Lowell

Rainsey Johns., Lowell, deserted
Gillon Patrick, Boston

Rogers Michael, Lowell
Kennedy Paul
Gormly Michael, Boston

Roy John, No. Cambridge
Blossom Charles W., Chicopee Gurrity Hugh J., Lowell

Rogers Terrence, Newton
Cunninghain William

Grady John, Luwell, discharged Scott Stephen C., Boston
Moriarty Maurice, Lowell
Harrington Daniel, Boston

Scanlan Jeremiah, Boston
McEvoy Joseph
Hlaughey Patrick, Boston

Sproule Andrew J., Boston, He
Tuttle G. E., Stoughton
Hersey W. S.

was shot while ou guard by Woodward G. G., Somerville Ilughea Patrick. No. Cambridge another sentinel by the name of Me icians

Hughes John, No. Cambridge, pro- Seutt. Aug. 29, and lingered unMann A. J., Orono, Me. inoted to corporal

til Sept. $, when he died of the Bowditch J. E., Quincy

Hoyt Daniel V., Milton, transferu wound. He was an exemplary
Houghton George, Newton

man and good soldier and be Andrews George N., Ipswich Judkins Suurl, Woburn

loved by all, and his death was Allen Seth, Boston

Johnson William E., Boston, de- much lamented
Ansart A. E., Lowell, discharged sert

Stcakeem Matthew, Lowell
Barrett P.
Kelly Michael, Lowell

Shannon Jeremiah, Koston Burns Richard, Boston, descrted Kirbs William, No. Cambridge Stewart William, Lowell, died Burns John, Lowell, deserted Knell George H., Chelsea

Shaw Alvarado, Lorell
Burns Edward, Lowell
Lahitt Mirhaci, Lowell

Sullivan John, No. Canbridge
Bannon John, Boston
Leonard William, Lowell

Trainer Thomas, Boston Burroughs Charles H., Boston Lynch Patrick, Boston

Vorese Samuel, No. Cambridge, Blaney John, Boston, deserted Leach llomer, Boston

Clancey William B.
Mangan John, Lowell

Whitehead T., Lowell
Coyle Patrick, Roxbury
Maloy William, Lowell

Wilder William, Boston
Callan William, Boston
McCarthy Patrick, Boxton

Wilder George D., No. Cambridge
Callahan Michael, Lowell
McCluskey Thomas, Boston

Wood John, Lowell
Cunitt Barnard, Boston

McGarvey John, Boston
Custy Michael, Lowell
McGuirk Cornelius, Boston

Joined after the reg. loft Mass. Corcoran Michal, No. Cambridge Morley Charles W., Boston

Brown IL W., Medford
Corkrey Jeremiah No. Cambridge Malia David, Lowell

Burns Thomas, lowell
Crano Patrick, Lowell
Moran Michael, Boston

Fay P., So. Reading
Cronan D.

O'Brien Thomas, Boston, deserted Hagar John, Hopkinton
Castello Daniel, Lowell
O'Brien Edward, Lowell

Howe B. S., Quincy
Connelly Elward, Lowell,deserted O tey llenry, No. Cambridge

Kimball James, Haverhill
Connelly John, Lowell, deserted O'Sullivan C.

Rosy W. P., Boston
Dailey Thomas, Boston
Peers John, Boston

Smith 0. H., Watertown

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Company K (Watertown Volunteers), Watertown. – 18th Reg. Organized May 5, 1861. Went into camp at " Camp White," Watertown, June 1. Was ordered to report at Camp Cameron, July 2, 1861, at which date the company was mustered into United States service. Uniforms, for both officers and men, were furnished by the town, and the expenses of the organization were paid until it entered Camp Cameron. Watertown was more than usually liberal in the treatment of her men who went forth at her country's call, to fight her country's battler, as, in addition to what has already been mentioned, she paid to each of her volunteers a bounty of thirty dollars.


Captain, HENRY C. LINDLEY, Watertown. 1st Lieut., STEPHEN E. MESSERVE, Watertown.

FRANCIS W. Hilton, Watertown, promoted to 1st lieut., Company D, Sept. 2d Lieut.,

28, 1861.
JOHN EATON, South Reading, commissioned Sept. 28, 1861.

Freeman Joseph, Needham

Robbins George, jr., Watertown Clark Charles E., Waltham

Flohr Andrew L., Watertown Risley George W., Watertown
Stearns Samuel E., Lynn
Franklin Samuel, Newton

Risley Chester, Providence, R. L. Capell Jonas F., Lexington, color Harned David, Waltham

Rodman John, Waltham sergeant

Harrington Herman P., Waltham Rood J., Ludlow
Coburn Charles F., Watertown Ilarrison James R., Watertown Sanderson llorace, Waltham
Norcross Thomas C., Watertown Holbrook John G., Watertown Sanderson llenry, Waltham

Hanford George C., Cambridge Sanger William II., Watertown
Waters Theodore E., Cambridge Hancock Charles, Watertown Smith Gregs, Watertown
King Philip II., Watertown
Kenney Patrick, Waltham

Smith James H., Watertown Brigham Mathias, Natick

Kearney James, Watertown, dis- Sumner Alison R. Smith Asa D., Natiek


Swinburn Samuel, Natick
Rupp Joseph D., Watertown
Keyes Sylvester W., Natick

Sharp J. E., Watertown
King E. A., Roxbury
Knott George, Watertown

Shattuck Ainory N, Natick
Farwell John X., Bolton

Kelahar J., Newton Corner, dis- Sherman Robert, Waltham Adams George E., Newton


Smith John J., Waltham
Keating Daniel, Brighton

Smith John A., Cambridge
Atwood Samuel S., Taunton

Lyman William H., Watertown Sullivan Dennis, Watertown
Bright Gilbert, Watertown
Lyman Edward, Watertown

Stacey Albert 11., Northboro
Bright Joseph, Watertown
Lord Eben N., Watertown

Tainter George W., Charlestown Bridges Charles A., Newton

Leaverton James W., Watertown Thompson C. II., Waltham
Benton Perrin, Holbrook, N. H. Luker J., Watertown, discharged Tibbitts N. D., Newton
Bean Edwin, Natick
Mansir John H., Watertown

Whitmarsh Thomas F., E. BridgeBrooman Geo. H., W. Roxbury Mackin James E., Watertown

water Brown Charles E. Miller Henry J., Watertown

Ward John M., Watertown Bradley James, E. Braintree

Miller Charles A., Watertown Webb J. A., Watertown, deserted Cushman Horace W., Turner, Me. Morse Charles A., Watertown

Worth Alonzo K., Watertown Cole Ralph, Lexington Morse George F., Natick

Wright Frank, Natick Colligan John H., Watertown

McGonnigil Barney, Waltham Whittemore George A., Watertowu Cumipings Andrew, Watertown McCooliff Patrick, Ashby

Watson Joseph, Cambridge
Corrigan Joseph, Cambridge

Mulleeney Mutthew, Waltham
Craigen George F., Boston
Murphy Daniel, Cambridge

Joined after the reg. left Mass.
Dollef John E. Watertown
Mullen David, Cambridge

Cullen Michael, Borton Dolloff Benjamin W., Watertown Manchester G. D., Cambridge, de- Gosson Elijah D., Lexington Doherty John, Watertown


Lomoine John, Leyone, France Engley George, Wrentham

Nichols Abram G., Burlington Moore Peter, Boston Eldridge William E., Watertown Qualter John, Waltham

O'Brien Thomas, Watertown Flynn Cornelius J., Watertown Richardson Charles, Littleton

Pratt James B., Boston

Seventeenth Regiment.

The camp

While this regiment was being organized, Col. Dike, of the Seventh M. V. M., was detailed to take the command, no colonel having been commissioned. named Camp Schouler – was formed on the 10th of July at Lynnfield, where the regiment remained till the 23d of August.

The regiment was recruited mostly in Essex County, and is composed largely of shoemakers, tanners, &c.

On the 23d of August, the regiment was ordered to report immediately at Washing. ton, under the command of Lieut.-Col. Fellows. Accordingly, on that day, the regiment having been drawn up in line, Col. Dike, after making a few remarks to the men, relinquished his command to Col. Fellows, who, after reading the order for him to take command of the regiment, and to proceed to Washington, addressed the troops in a brief but telling speech. A prayer was then made by the Rev. Dr. Putnam, of Roxbury, after which Gen. Schouler and Gen. Oliver addressed them, exhorting them to do their duty to their country in this its time of peril.

At eight o'clock, P. M., of that day, the regiment started, passing through Boston in the night, and arriving in New York the next afternoon. At Baltimore, they were ordered to stop, under the command of General Duryea, - the order to report at Washington having been countermanded.

It being the time when Washington was threatened by the rebels, the regiment had beea ordered on before it had received its full complement of men. About a month after its arrival, Col. Amory, who still holds the rank of captain in the United States service, having obtained a furlough of three years, was commissioned colonel of the Seventeenth, and he immediately proceeded to Baltimore and assumed the command.

In November, Companies C, E, F, G, H, and K, under the command of Col. Amory, were attached to the forces under command of Gen. Lockwood, for the purpose of making an advance into Northampton and Accomac Counties, Va.; on which expedition they were gone about a month, having in that time succeeded in driving the rebels from the peninsula, taking all the forts, capturing several guns and a large quantity of arms and munitions of war, and thoroughly establishing the authority of the United States.



Field and Staff, 17th Rog. Colonel....... THOMAS J. C. AMORY

... Brookline. Lieut.-Colonel.. ..JOHN F. FELLOWS.

Chelsea. Major ......JONES FRANKLE.

...Haverhill. Adjutant.... BARNABAS N, MANN.

Quartermaster .......LEVI P. THOMPSON.

Promoted captain, Jan. 9, 1862.

Assistant Surgeon WM. H. W. HINDS.

Chaplain ...

Sergeant Major .HENRY POOR.....

. Stoneham. Quartermaster Sergeant ALFRED G. TAGGARD

.Haverhill. Commissary Serg't ....HENRY MERRILL

... Haverhill.

Tibbetts Temple, Lowell
Hills Benjamin, Georgetown 1

Smith Alcies T., Haverhill
Boardman Daniel, Georgetown Monroe Luther S., South Danvers Hall Wm. A., Malden
Brown Heury B., Malden
Dennis John, Lawrence

Lloyd llobert, Manchester, N. H. Wells Esau, Biddeford, Me.

Nights Joseph G., South Boston Boston Richard, Boston Packer Chas. S., Newburyport Radcliff Chas. O., North Andover Chambers William, No. Andover Dewhirst Horsfall, llaverhill Morrison John P., Rowley

Bradbury Samuel, Fall River Moody Henry H., Roxbury Moody Wm. H., Roxbury

Robbins John, Lowell Lovett John M., Lowell

Osgood Orlando F., Haverhill


Company A (Newburyport City Greys), Newburyport.- 17th Reg. Organized May 22, 1861. Left Newburyport July 10, 1861, to join the regiment at Springfield. The city of Newburyport presented them with a grey uniform.


Captain, DAVID F. BROWN, Newburyport. 1st Lieut.,

THOMAS W. FOSTER, Newburyport, discharged Jan. 8, 1862.

RUEL B. Pray, Danvers, promoted from 2d lieut., Company C, Dec. 19, 1861. 2d Lieut., THOMAS W. GOODWIN, discharged Feb. 8, 1862.

Colman James, Stoneham

McWilliams James, Newbury port
Mason Philip C., Newburyport Coughlin George, Burlington, Vt. Marshall James, Newburyport
Johnson J. Q.S., Amesbury
Chase Leonard

Mayo Richard G., Chelsea Dunn John, Newbusy port

Connor John, Newbury port McCarthy Dennis, Boston Wiley William, Springfield

Cogger Thos. E., Newbury port Norris James H., Lawrence Oxford Wm. H., jr, Newburyport Dellingham A. H., Newburyport Pearsons Wm. F., Newburyport Corporals.

Deyer Daniel J., Newbury port Porter W. B., Newbury port Haines James W., Newbury port Deyer Dennis, Newburyport Poor Thomas G., Newbury port l'ilton Andrew J., Newbury port Drown Albert, Newbury port

Polson Alexander, Lowell Young Elisha, jr., Newbury port Danforth Oben, Georgetown

Reed Samuel W., Newburyport Dorin Joseph, Newburyport Edmands Willard, Saugus

Roberts W. G., Lawrence Davis James W., Newbury port Fuller Henry F., Melrose

Rogers Benjamin P., Newbury Cressey Ebenezer, Newburyport Foye James Newburyport

Richardson Albert, Stoneham Perkins l'aul A., Newbury port Flanders J. L. S., Nowbury port

Stevens Thos. W., Newburyport Richardson Joseph C.,Newbury port French C.M.C., Boston

Stan wood Geo. W., Newbury port Prirates.

Fallon Martin, Newbury port Sullivan Patrick J., Newburyport Adolphus Francis 1, Amesbury Floyd Enos, Newbury port

Smith James L., Worcester Ahern Thomas, Newburyport Fowle Robert, Newburyport Smith Samuel, Newbury port Austin Albert F., Newbury port Gurney Nathaniel, Newburyport Spates Jamnes G., Newburyport Alley Joseph, jr., Newburyport Haidin William, Newburyport Sullivan Michael, Newbury port Brown Geo. W., Newbury port Hopkinson Wm. N., Newbury port Templeton Andrew, Newburyport Burke John, Newburyport

Halt Benjamin F., Georgetown Tripp Foster W., Portsmouth N.H. Bradbury George, Newton Jackman Thos. H., Newbury port Withington Richard, Newbury Bradbury Chas. E.. Newton Kemp Samuel R., Haverhill

Welch Michael, Newbury port Blandin Edward W., Stoneham Kezer Geo. W., Newbury port Willis John H., Newbury Bessi Lewis F., Chelsea

Kezer Samuel, jr., Newbury port Woodsum George W., Hampstead, Chandler Rufus W., Newburyport Lynch Daniel, Newbury port

N. H. Couillard John, Newburyport Lent Wm. F., Newbury port

Wadleigh James, Newbury port Canid John 11., Malden Lakeman Asa, Ipswich

Watson Martin, Newburyport Cressey Alvin, Rowley Lang Churles, Gloucester

Welch Stephen H., Newburyport Connor Edward, Newburyport Lewis Andrew P., Newburyport Winkly llenry. Newburyport Cook Geo. W., Newbury port Lynde Geo. W., Melrose

Woodwell Caleb S., Newburyport Cook Albert A., Newbury port McKnight James, Newbury port Young Peter, Newburyport Chase James C., Newbury port Mace George, Newburyport

Company B (Foster Guards), South Danvers. – 17th Reg. This company was named after the late Gen. Foster, of South Danvers. Each of the officers of the company was presented with a sword and sash, and the men with a uniform, by the citizens of South Danvors.


SIDNEY C. BANCROFT, South Danvers, discharged.

ENOCH F. TOMPKINS, 'Haverhill, promoted fr. ist lieut. Co. F, Dec. 19, '61. 1st Lieut.,

ROBERT B. BANCROFT, South Danvers, discharged Dec. 12, 1861.

JOHN E. MULLALLY, Salem, promoted from 2d lieut., Dec. 13, 1861. 21 Lieut.,

JOHN E. MULLALLY, Salem, promoted to 1st lieut., Dec. 13, 1861.
HENRY A. POOR, Stoneham, commissioned Dec. 19, 1861.

Conway John, So. Dan vers

McCormick John
Larrabec Herbert E., So. Danvers Coleman David, Danvers

McDonald Enos, Lynn MeKenney Hugh, So. Danvers Carr Patrick, Danvers

McCarty James, Danvers, disFlaherty Michael, So. Danvers, Dakin Joseph F., Danvers

Devine John, Salem

Motton William
Jones Alexander
Dempsey John, Lynn

Nolan James, So. Danvere
Roberts Samuel G., So. Danvers Desinond John, Salem

Newton Thomas, So. Danvers, dis-
Duke Edward. So. Dan vers

Farnham Edward, So. Danvers Derx Henry M., So. Danvers Osborne Elijah P., So. Dan vers
Buckinan Augustus
Davis Eben H., So. Dan vers, pro-

O'Connell John, So. Danvers Arrington Benj. R., So. Danvers moted to corporal

O'Shea Patrick, Salem
Davis Riley, So. Danvers

Farnham Geo, E., So. Danvers Parker Oliver
Galencia Daniel, So. Danvers Fillas Robert M., So. Danvers, dis- Puton Andrew, Danvers
Hackett David B., So. Danvers, charged

Pitian George, jr., Danvers
Fox Lawrence, Danvers

Pitman George, Danvers
Jones Stephen F., Salem, promoted Galeucia Perley, So. Dan vers Pickering Valentine
d sergeant
Galeucia Henry

Ricker Richard, Salem
Leonard John H., Salem
Guleucia Jacob

Ring John, So. Danvers
O'Shea John, So. Danvers, dis- Galeucia Pulaski

Rhodes Benj. F., Dan vers
Gallagher Thomas, Salem

Roberts Sam'l, Danvers, discharged
Gleason David, So. Dan vers

Ronch James
Adams Daniel C., Lynn
Giliord Aaron, So. Dan verg

Shehan Edward, Salem
Battye James, Dan vers
Goldthwait Martin

Scanlan Michael, So. Danvers Bancrofl George

Harrigan Cornelius, So. Danvers Stevens Daniel W., Salem
Brackett Herman, Lynn
Hart John, Salem

Stone Benjamin, So. Danvers Bond Abrahamn 11., So. Danvers, Ilartman Thoinas, Danvers

Stone Henry A., So. Danvers drum musician

Howard Stephen, So. Danvers Siner William, So. Dan vers
Boyle William, So. Danvers
Hopkirk Alfred, Wenham

Skinner Henry, So. Danvers
Beckett Geo. E.. So. Danvers
Jackson Andrew, Lynn

Sullivan Eugene
Buckley Michael, So. Danvere Jackson William, Lynn, discharged Thiers Patrick, Salem, deserted
Barrett Abraham, So. Dan vers Jeffrey George

Tarbox Henry M., Salem
Barry Chas. E., So. Danvers
Kelly Andrew, So. Danvers

Thomas Geo. w., Salem
Buxton George, So. Danvers Lucy Michael P., So. Danvers Townsend Charles
Batchelder William, Salem, trans- Larrahee Henry 1.., So. Danvers Twins Joseph W., So. Danvers
Leavitt Israel P., Salem

Twiss Joseph, jr. Buttertield Hiram, Salem, trans- Maricy Richard, Salem

Tucker Samuel E., So. Danvers, ferred

McIntire Chas., Salem, discharged appointed drummer Carroll Jeremiah, So. Danvers Mullally William, Salem

Very Jacob H., So. Danvers Cassidy Edward, So. Danvers Mullally N., discharged

Woodbury Chas. M., So. Danvers Clark James, So. Danvers Mullally J. E., discharged

Whitehead Jolin, So. Danvers Cronan Palrick, Salem McLellan George, Salem

Whiteheud Geo. H., Lynn, transChambers John, So. Danvers

Mahoney John, So. Danvers, de- ferred Chambers William


Young Benj. F., Reading, deserted Chamberlain Calvin

McCormick Michael, So. Danvers

Company O (Danvers Light Infantry), Danvers.—17th Reg. The formation of this corps was commenced in April, 1861, and the number so rapidly increased that the full number were soon obtained. At the same time the ladies were zealously affected in the good work of providing an outfit, which was completed in the most generous style, the citizens aiding by large contributions, amounting in all, for both companies from the town, to $3,000.

The outfit for each soldier embraced a cap, jacket, pants, two pairs of drawers, two pairs of flannel shirts, two pairs of stockings, handkerchiefs, one pair of shoes, and two havelocks.

Capt. Fuller was furnished with a sword, sash, dressing case, and an elegant copy of the Bible, the gifts of Miss Catharine Putnam, of Peterboro', N. I., a native of the town, also with a pistol, the gift of Augustus Mudge, Esq. The other officers, also, were amply equipped. Each soldier received a copy of the New Testament and Psalms, neatly bound together, a gift from the Sabbath Schools. A fine national flag, richly mounted, was presented to the company in behalf of the town.

For nearly two months previous to their being incorporated as Company C, in the 17th Massachusetts Regiment, they occupied their time in daily drill, under pay from the town. While waiting to be designated for service in the army, they went into a private camp in the town of Gloucester, and thus became accomplished to a rare degree in the tactics of military science. They have held the post of honor in the regiment, on the left, and afterwards on the right.


Captain, NEHEMIAH P. FULLER, Danvers.
1s! Lieut., WM. W. SMITH, Danvers.
2d Lieut.,

REUEL B. PRAY, Danvers, promoted 1st lieut. Company A, Dec. 19, 1861.
EDWARD T. PARKINSON, West Roxbury, promoted 1st lieut. Jan. 9, 1862.


Coffin Simeon, Danvers, died at 1 Kimball Ezra D. Danvers
Cann Lewis, Danvers

Inman James, Danvers
Crawford William, Danvers

Kelley Andrew, Danvers
Smith Robert, Danvers
Croft Wm. H., Danvers

Kelly John, Danvers
Hyde Henry G., Danvera

Cunningham John L., Danvers Kennedy Jackson, Danvers
Cook Andrex, Danvers
Crane Frank, Middleton

Lowell James E., Danvers
Dickie James W., Danvers

Lowe Darlin, Dan vers
Putney Geo. H., Danvers
Dole Geo. H., Danvers

Lang David P., Danvers
Brown Chas. F., Danvers
Durgin Samuel W., Danvers

Lee James, Danvers
Bodwell Isaac, Danvers
Elliott Geo. W., So. Danvers

Mathisons, David
Marten Joseph G., Danvers
Fuller Richard W., Danvers

Mores John B., Danvers
Hawkes Timothy, jr., Danvers Flint Justin, Middleton, died at Moor John K., Danvers
Ogden David H., Danvers


Moore Geo. E., Danvers
Cook David, Danvers
Gould Wm. W., Danvers

Moore Lewis D., Danvers
Goss Joshua, Danvers

Moore John, Danvers
Foster Hiram, Cambridge
Goss Geo, H., Danvers

Moir Alexander, Danvers
Foster Henry
Hyde Daniel A., Danvers

Murphy Owen, Danvers
Hart Rufus, Dan vers

Murphy Wm. J., Danvera
Benson Sam'ı, Danvers, discharged Hartman Thomas, jr., Danvers Moulton Geo. H., Danvers
Burrow James, So. Danvers, died Hartman Charles, Danvers

Munroe Jonas S., So. Danvers. at Drummond Town, Va.

Hagerty Robert B., Danvers, de- Mundie John, Danvers Burchstead Joseph, Danvers


Maley Melville, Danver Burchstead Charles, Danvers Hynd Thomas, Danvers

Murray Martin, Danvera Cochran James, Danvers

Hii Robert, Rockport


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