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Company K, Blackstone.- 15th Reg. The town of Blackstone paid about $1,000 to fit out this company with uniforms and other necessary articles; also $500 for drilling. The citizens also subscribed and paid $1,200 to assist them while drilling and waiting to be called into camp.


( M. W. GATCHELL, Blackstone, killed at battle Ball's Bluff.
LEONARD WOOD, Leominster, promoted from 1st lieut., Co. A, Oct. 22, 1861

1st Lieut., EDWIN B. STAPLES, Blackstone.
2d Lieut., J. HARRIS HOOPER, commissioned Oct. 8, 1861.


Costello John, Blackstone, wound- McBride Martin, Blackstone, pris. Howard Melvin, Blackstone ed at battle Ball's Blut

oner at battle Ball's Bluff Bolster George W., Blackstone Coyle Patrick, Blackstone, prisoner McElroy Patrick, Blackstone, prisShove G. Oscar, Uxbridge at battle Ball's Bluff

oner at battle Ball's Blutt Arnold Caleb ll., Mendon Dame William, Blackstone

McGahey Patrick, Blackstone Freeman W. Henry, Blackstone, Farrar David, Blackstone, prisoner McGlynn Thomas, Blackstone prisoner at battle Ball's Bluff at battle Ball's Bluff

McKenzie Michael. Northbridge,
Farrell William, Blackstone

prisoner ut battle Ball's Blut Furnald Thomas, Blackstone Flaherty Richard, Blackstone

Nolan Lake, Milford Burns John B., Blackstone, pris- Ford Henry, Cumberland, R. I., Nutter William, Blackstone oner at battle Ball's Bluff

prisoner at battle Ball's Bluff Olney Edward, Uxbridge, prisoner Maguiness John, Blackstone Fuller Adin, Blackstone

at battle Ball's Bluff Day James H., Smith tield

Gilbert Williain, Blackstone, pris- Peacock Adam, Slatersville, prisGammage Charles, Blackstone,pris- oner at battle Ball's Bluff

onerat battle Ball's Blutf
oner at battle Ball Bluff
Gleason William, Blackstone

Pond E, F., Milford
Powers Thomas, Blackstone
Grace Thomas, Blackstone

Pratt Nelson L., Clinton
McGowen Daniel, Blackstone Greene Albert C., Burrilville

Rhodes Rufus A., Grafton

Grey Patrick, Cumberland, R.I. Rodger David, Woodstock
Bellows Andrew J., Blackstone Grobitz Augustus, Blackstone,pris- Siminons Samuel P., Boston
Pharnes J. E., Providence

oner at battle Ball's Bluff

Sinions Andrew F., Blackstone,
Hancock John, Blackstone

prisoner at battle Ball's Bluft Ricker C. E., Blackstone Huynes Thomus, Blackstone

Smith Albert, Blackstone
Estes Henry, Blackstone
Horwe Adolphus, Leominster

Smith Joseph F., Blackstone
Howard C. Henry, Sutton

Starrett John, Blackstone
Barn James, Blackstone
Howarth Joseph, Grafton

Stringer Joseph. Bluckstone, prisBlackburn Joshua, Blackstone, Hoyle Monroe, Putnam, Conn.

oner at battle Ball's Bluff wounded at battle Ball's Bluff Ivory John, Millbury

Sullivan James, Uxbridge
Black William, Blackstone
Jones Alonzo M., Boston

Sweatland G. F., Burrilville Boullett Peter, Blackstone, wound- Keating Thos., Blackstone, wound- Thompson Stephen, Worcester ed at battle Ball's Bluff ed at battle Bull's Bluff

Thornton John G., Grafton Bryant Edward W., Blackstone, Keating Michael, Blackstone, pro

Trobridge W. H., Northbridge prisoner at battle Ball's Bluff moted to corporal

Tucker W. A., Blackstone
Brown Thomas, Blackstone
Kelly Patrick, Blackstone

Warner Frederick, Blackstone Buffum Concin, Burrílville, pris- Kelly Patrick, Blackstone

Welch Thomas, Blackstone oner at battle Ball's Bluff

Kennedy Timothy, Blackstone Whalan Joh. Blackstone, prisoner Bufl'um E. R., Burrilville

King Samil R., New York, wounded at battle Ball's Bluff Burnham W. H., Oakland

at battle Bally Bluff

White Joseph, Blackstone
Callahan Charles, Burrilville
Livingston David

Wilcox Noal, Uxbridge
Campbell Patrick, Blackstone Locke Edward, Allendale, R.I. Williams George, Blackstone
Carity Owen, Blackstone
Lyminster Eli, Blackstone

Winsor Martin, Gloucester, R. I. Carr Peter, Blackstone Maguincs. Alfred, Blackstone

ed at battle Ball's Bluff Cosgrove Michael, Blackstone Mnilen John, Blackstone

Young F. F., Burrilville
Murphy William, Blackstone

Sixteenth Regiment.

Was formed July 20, 1861, and ordered into Camp Cameron, in North Cambridge, where it was mustered, by companies, into the United States service, by Capt. J. C. Amory, of the Seventh Infantry, United States Army.

The regiment remained at that camp until Aug 17, when it was ordered to the seat of war. At eight o'clock in the morning, of the day of their departure, the troops were drawn up in line on the parade ground, and their arms and equipments carefully inspected, after which they left the camp shortly before noon, in heavy marching order. Each soldier had forty rounds of cartridges in his cartridge-box, and two days' rations in his haversack; altogether they took seven days' cooked rations and 60,000 cartridges. The Brigade Band accompanied the regiment on the route, and alternated with the band of the regiment. There were crowded streets to greet them in Boston and Cambridge. Three o'clock was the hour fixed for their departure, and with a punctuality that augured well for the future, they were at the Old Colony station at the appointed time. The baggage train, escorted by Company F, came into town in the forenoon, and was loaded upon the cars. Soon after three o'clock, the train of twenty-one cars started, leaving Boston and home behind, and conveyed them to Fall River, where they embarked on board the steamer.

The following extract is taken from a statement made by one of the officers of this regiment :

"No accident happened to mar the pleasure of the journey from Boston, and the regiment arrived safely at Baltimore, Maryland, on the 19th of August, just four months from that memorable day when the Massachusetts Sixth met with such hostile demonstrations while marching through the streets of the monumental city, on their way to the defence of their country's capital. Our reception was very different from this, however, as we marched unmolested through the same streets that had so lately been stained with their blood. Our further progress was here arrested by an order for the regiment to go into camp on the McKim estate at Baltimore, which was christened Camp McClellan. During our stay here, two painful accidents happened which cast a gloom over the regiment. On the 20th of August, E. R. Wingate and Jerry Cokeley, two privates of Company A, were badly wounded by the accidental discharge of a loaded rifle; but both recovered and went on duty again. The other occurred on the 29th of August, when private Andrew J. Sproule, of Company I, was shot while on duty as sentinel, by a man named Scott, who had previously threatened bis life. This shooting was regarded by some as accidental, by others as the carrying out of his threat. Sproule lived but a few days.

“The regiment remained en camped here till the first of September, when it was thrown into a joyful state of excitement by an order to proceed at once tó Fortress Monroe, Va. The order to pack was given at three o'clock, P. M., and at half-past four the regiment was in line, ready for marching; and at nine o'clock, P. M., we embarked on board the steamer Louisiana en route for Fortress Monroe.. We arrived on the afternoon of the 2d of September, and proceeded to Camp Hamilton, which is located in the vicinity of Hampton, a short distance from the Fortress, where we found the Twentieth New York Volunteers, Col, Max Weber, and the Union Coast Guard, Col. Wardrop, already encamped. Our regiment was very hospitably provided for when we arrived at this camp, by the Twentieth New York Regiment, which proved most providential, as our tents and baggage were detained for three days, and the night air was already quite chilly, and our haversacks empty.

“Our stay at Camp Hamilton, up to the present time, Jan. 1, 1862, has been marked by nothing of special interest. The proficiency in drill shown by the Sixteenth entitles them to high rank and credit. An especial desire has been felt and shown on the part of the regiment to be sent to a scene of more active operations; to have gone with the great naval expedition to Beaufort, or even followed in its wake, would have given universal satisfaction to the Sixteenth. The general health of the regiment has been very good since we arrived at this camp, owing to its healthful ard pleasant location, and there has been but one death since our arrival, – that of private Wm. Stewart, of Boston, Company I, who died October 1st, of typhus fever.".

“We have a little excitement occasionally in camp by reports that reach us of intended attacks on our camp by the rebels, and we have been under arms several times all night, and have been under marching orders two or three times, but in each instance we bave met disappointment. Several of our men have had narrow escapes while on picket duty at night, - one man of Company K received a bullet through the top of his hat, and the orderly sergeant of Company I felt a bullet wbiz past his ear in closer proximity than was deemed agreeable; both shots being fired by some skulking, prowl. ing 'secesh,' screened by the woods outside the picket lines. The boys enjoy this sport, however, and are always ready to go on picket duty."




Field and Staff, 16th Reg.



.. Weston.


. Cambridge. Surgeon

CHARLES E. JEWETT ...... .Holliston.
Assistant Surgeon

..Framingham. Chaplain ................ . ARTHUR B. FULLER

..Watertown. Quartermaster Sergeant. .IRA A. MERRITT

.Boston Commissary Sergeant ...ISAAC H. PINK HAM..

.Cambridgeport. Sergeant Major..........J. E. SHAW, JR.

Watertown. Hospital Steward.. WM. R. WILLIS..


MUSICIANS. Gibbs John F., Waterville, Me. Clapp Alexander H., Boston

Huckins Almon, Cambridgeport
King Daniel L., So. Groton
Felix Villiet, Lowell

Jones Edwin A., Acton
Blemus Chas. W., Dedham
Grey Chas, R., Hollis, N. H.

Mann John Q. U. A., Natick Bicknell Albert A., Holliston offman Ira W., Holliston

Martin Wm. H., Nutick Butler Henry S., Groton

Hoffman Benjamin. Holliston Smith Wm. H., Cornish, N. H. Bigelow Wallace C, Boston Hoffman Geo. R., Holliston

Turner Mason R., West Newton Beatty Robert, Boston

Ilowe Benjamin F., So. Boston Taylor John W., Lowell


Company A ( Cambridge City Guard), Cambridge.- 16th Reg.
This company was recruited at Cambridge, and organized April 18, 1861. It went into
Camp Shepard, at Spy Pond, May 4, where it remained till July 2, when it was ordered to
report at Camp Cameron, and was mustered into the United States service the same day.
The expenses of this company were borne by the city of Cambridge until it entered Camp
Cameron; and the citizens furnished uniforms for the officers and men.

Captain, SAMUEL W. RICHARDSON, East Cambridge.
1st Lieut., SAMUEL MCKEEVER, East Cambridge.

2d Lieut.,

GEORGE H. HOWARD, East Cambridge, promoted to ist lieut., Company C,

Nov. 10, 1861.
JOSEPH S. HILLS, Boston, promoted from sergt., Company F, Nov. 10, 1861.


Howland Lewis T., Hanson
Rowe Hiram, East Cambridge
Langley Thos J., East Cambridge
Mulleti Wm., E. Cambridge
Jones Francis, East Cambridge

McLaughlin James, E. Cambridge
Bennett Chas, F., Cohasyet
Nichols Jaunes, East Cambridge
Wheeler Paris H., East Cambridge
Ross Walter, East Cambridge
Lincoln Levi H., East Cambridge
Atkins Silas, East Cambridge
Fifield Lucian B., Roxbury

Farrar Warren B., Cambridge
Daley Bartholomew. E. Cambridge

Sulham Jacob, Eust Cambridge

Atkins Reuben, East Cambridge
Bass G. II., East Cainbridge
Briney James E., East Canbridge
Bradeen Jacob E., East Cambridge
Brady Michael, Eant Cambridge
Canty Wm., East Cambridge
Canty Zeph, East Cambridge
Cutting Saniucl A., E. Cambridge
Corcoran Dennis, E. Cambridge
Cody John, Eust Cambridge
Connor Jamek, East Cambridge
Casey James H., East Cambridge
Coughlin Jerry, Charlestown
Conway Arthur, Charlestown
Cannon Hugh, Charlestown, dis-

Cokely Jeremiah,, Charlestown,

wounded by accidental shot at Camp McClellan, Baltimore

Dailey Dennis M., East Cambridge
Donovan Cornelius J., East Cam-

Dalton Michael, East Cambridge
Driscoli Daniel, Ent Cainbridge
Driver Thomas, East Cainbridge
Dudley Moser, East Cambridge
Davis Joshua F., Tyngsboro
Ewell Henry L., Só. Hanson
Fletcher Thomas, Cambridige
Fletcher Allen li., East Cambridge
Farrur Everett E., East Cambridge
Fay John, East Cambridge
Fitzgerald Thomas, E. Cambridge
Gilligan John H., Somerville
Gilligan Thomas, Somerville
Goodwin Chay. W., E. Can bridge
Gibby Nicholas, East Cambridge
Howard Francis E., E. Cambridge,

Hadley Elbridge J., Malden
Hardt Bernaril, Quincy
Hennessey Dennis M., East Cam-

bride, discharged
Haley James, East Cambridge
Ilart horn Geo. L., E. Cambridge
Jones Amos, Eust Cambriilge
Kahliler Timothy, Cambridge
Knox Chas, II., East Cambridge
Kinley Joseph W., E. Cambridge
Lahmeyer Louis, East Cambridge
Lint John M., Eust Cambridge,

Lehun Tiinothy, East Cambridge
Lyons Christopher, Charlestown
Marrong George, East Cambridge,

Mc Vahan John, East Cambridge
Marsh Walter B., East Canıbridge
Meagher Dennis, East Cambridge

McIntosh Alexander. Boston
McCormac Bernard J., East Cam-

Matthias Benhart, East Cambridge
Menard John II., East Cambridge
MeNulty Bernard F., E. Cambridge
McNulty Michael, E. Cambridge
Montgoinery Mark, E. Cambridge
Moore Thomis, Somerville
Magoon Elisha R., Charlestown
MeVoll John, East Cambridge
Murphy Jerry, East Cambridge
McPherson Thomas, E. Cambridge
McDermott Charles, Saronville
Muldoon William, Cainbridge
Murphy John, Boston
Melalian Charles, Lexington
Nichols harles, East Cambridge
Nichols George. East Cambridge
Newman John B, Eist Cumbridge
('Connor Geoge, Cambridge
Paul James D., East Cambridge

Rogers James, jr., E. Bridgewater
Rinn Daniel, East Cambridge
Sawyer Otis, East Cambridge
Shorey Joel L., East Cambridge
Schwartz Christian, E. Cambridge
Stevens Thos. II., Boston
Temple Hugh, East Cainbridge
Tobin Edwin, Eust Cambridge
Winward Walter, East Cambridge
Wingate Ezra K. East Cambridge,

wounded by accidental shot at

Camp McClellan, Baltimore Walden David, Charlestown White Wm. G., Charlestown Whooley Daniel, Charlestown Whiting Geo, H., Yewbary purt Wilson John, East Cambridge

Company B (Winthrop Guaril), Holliston.- 16th Reg. This company was recruited and organized May 3, 1861. Each individual member “ found” himself until ordered to report at Camp Cameron, July 2, when they were mustered into the United States service. This company was splendidly uniformed, both off: cers and men, by the town, each of the officers being also furnished with sword, sash, and belt by their fellow-townsmen.


Captain, JAMES M. MASON, Milford. 1st Lieut., WM. A. ANORY, Roxbury; 2d Lieut., CASSANDER FLAGG, Holliston.

Coffee G. D., Holliston

Kobb Christian, Holliston,

disBridges B. A., Holliston Clarke (). D., Holliston

charged Richardson Otis W., Holliston Corcoran James A., Boston

Lahey A. G., Holliston Whiting E. G., Illiston

Chase Joseph II., Holliston, trans- Loveday George, Holliston Rockwood Calvin, jr., IIolliston ferred to Co. I

Libby W. H., Cambridge
Leland Granville T., Holliston Durfee Rufus, Holliston

Leshure Chester E., Ashland
Cor, orals.
Durfee B. I., Holliston

Marston S. C., Holliston
Hunting Augustus, Holliston, dis- Daniely Chas. H., Medway

Miller D., Holliston
Drake A. S., Holliston

Mann James M., Holliston
Whiting T. M., Holliston
Danton Chas, H., Holliston

Morse Hiram F., Holliston
Bicknell S. B., IIopkinton
Duley Eastman, Sherburne

Maynard W. H, Ashland, dir Gaylord Wm. G., Holliston

Deeds Chas., Ilolliston, discharged charged
Flagg John L., Newton
Enslin E., Ashland

May Chas. H., Cochituate
Dean E. T., Ashland
Fiske E. J., Holliston

Newton Hartwell, Hopkinton
Pond W. H., Illiston
Fitta T. B., Holliston

Palmer James II., Hopkinton
Fales Chas. L., Sherburne

Perkins Oscar M., Holliston
Claflin W. H. H., Holliston, dis- Fiske S. H., Ilolliston

Phelon John M., discharged
Fiske Wilbur, Holliston

Plympton J. L., Ilollinton
Poolo H. D., Waltham
Goodwin W. H., Holliston

Payson J. M., Holliston
Harris Clarke D.
Goodwin James M., Illistan

Perry W. II., Hopkinton

Griffin William C., Ilolliston, pro- Perry Edwin L., Ashland
White John R, ilolliston

moted to corporal

Pettis James, Sherburne
Gassett Geo W., Holliston

Rock wood J. A, Bellingham
Belcher W. H., Holliston
Hilton William, Holliston

Richardson E. A., Hopkinton Brown W. H., Holliston

Hutchings Geo. F., Holliston Richardson Joseph U., Hopkinton Bellows John W., jr., Holliston Harris H. A., Holliston

Speakman James, Holliston
Burr Joseph M., Bellingham, pro- Ilunting Joseph W., Ilolliston Sherman James, Hopkinton
moted to corporal
Hunting A. G., Holliston

Smith John R., Boston
Burr John M., Holliston
Hart E. P., Holliston

Smith Wm. A., Lowell
Boyle Archibald, Newton
Flart John M., Holliston

Tufts John W., Holliston
Burbeck John F., Waltham
Hadley A., Holliston

Thompson Chas. L., Holliston Bicknell Albert A., Holliston, Horton Wm. II., Ilolliston

Trevett Winfield, Milford transterred to regimental band Hawkes B. F., Holliston

Thompson William, Lancaster Clough Wm. H., Holliston

Howard John. East Lexington Walker Chas..)., Holliston Cole F. P., Holliston

IIoffman Ira W., Holliston, trans- Ware T. J., Holliston Currier E. B.. Holliston

ferred to regimental band

Ware Amos B., Hollisten Chamberlain II.F., Nolliston

Iloffman Geo, R., Holliston, trans- Wait Caleb C., Hollision Cooper Joseph H., Holliston

ferred to regimental band

Whittemore A. A., Ashland Currier Chas. E., 'Holliston, trans- Jennison L. W., Holliston

Walker George, Hopkinton
ferred to Co. G
Jennison W. B., Holliston

Weston John, Holliston
Clapp G.I., Holliston
Jones Geo. E., Holliston

Wilder Chas. S., Holliston


Company C (Union Guard), Groton. — 16th Reg. Recruited at South Groton, and organized May 4, 1861. Encamped at Harmony Hall. South Groton, till July 2, when the company was ordered to report at Camp Cameron, and mustered into the United States service at that date. The towns of Groton, Harvard, Westford, Shirley, and Littleton are each represented in this company. Uniforms were furnished the men, and the expenses of the company, till it reached Camp Cameron, were paid by the above-named towns, Littleton taking the lead in liberality.

Captain, LEANDER G. KING, Groton or Boston.

WM. H. H. Hinds, Groton, discharged Nov. 9, 1861. 181 Lieut., GEORGE H. HOWARD, East Cambridge, promoted from 2d lieut., Company

A, Nov. 10, 1861.
2d Lieut., Wu. METCALF, Westford.

Blood John N., Carlisle

McDonald John, Glasgow, Scotland
Nutting Henry S., Groton
Callihun Patrick, Groton

McNally Patrick B., Groton
Gould Warren, Brookline, N. H. Campbell Michael, W. Cambridge Murray Patrick, Clare Co., Ireland
Cummings Chás M. Westford Clark Joseph L., Piterborough, N. Moreley John F., Galway, Ireland
Chandler Marcus M., Westford II, pronioted to corporal

Mabury Orrin, Saco, Me.

Clark Matthew.jr., Randolph McAuley Matihew, Stowe
Harris John, Westford
Connell Wm. o., Somerville

McNamara Thomas, discharged Bond Nathaniel, Westford

Coughlin Michael, Walpole, de- O'Niel Nicholas, Littleton Rand Miron, Westford


Nolan Timothy, Westford Hersey Wm. S.. North Weymouth, Cox Michael, Waltham

Norcross Geo. E., Carlisle transferred to Co. G Dow Thos. E., Westford

Nourse Oliver L., Groton, proDavis Granville C., Shirley

Denton Jefferson, Cambridgeport moted to corporal Parker Jeroine s., Groton, pro- Evans George S., Groton

Neweli Wm. A., Maxon, N. H. moted to sergeant

Eldridge Joseph N., Ilolliston Quimby Orrin J., Somersworth, N.
Falls (ieo, S., Westford

Claffey John, New York City Fairbrother Cyrus E., Pittsfield, Rand Joseph A., Harvard
Read John II., Claremont, N. H. Me.

Richards John F., Westford
Graham James A, Westford

Richards Geo. K. Boston
Flint James T., Westford

Gardner Chas, U., Nelson, N. H. Robbins Daniel W., Carlisle

Gardner Geo. B., Brookline, N. Y. Sweetser Atkins, Worcester
Ames Albert P., Groton

Grundam Christopher, Scotland Sherburne James, Westford Aketon Walter M., Boston, dis- Galligan Frank, Ireland

Sibley Alonzo, Groton charged

Goodhue Amos, North Andover Sheen Patrick, Westford
Adams Roswell G., Lunenburg Hunter Joel A., Chelmsford

Smith John, Lowell
Armstrong James, Lowell
Ilardy Charles, Harvard

Sawtell Albert B., Louisville, Ky. Allen Adoniram, Wells, Me.

Houghton Albert C., Concord Stiles Milan A., Westford Buker John, Boston

Ilutebinson George, Westford Stevenson Thos. G., Montville, 0. Bond Chas. A., Wextford

Hartwell Albert S., Shirley,deserted Searles Chas. J., Townsend
Bond Phineas S., Warren, Me. Iuvalls Albert P.. Tynsboro' Spaulding M. M., Shirley
Barnes George A., Lancaster
Irish Joseph A., Westford

Tilletson Eugene, Montville, Ohio Bicknell Nathan D., Westford Kilburn Joseph A., Shirley

Vosmus Ilarrison A., Polund, Me.
Bicknell Ai, Westford
Litchfield Geo. M, Carlisle

Willis Andrew L., Westforel
Bostick Julius C., Westford
Litchfield Wm. F., Carlisle

Wright Morton G., Westford, proButterfield Joseph A., Mason, N.U. Lawrence Joel, Groton

moted to corporal Brooks Jonathau, Groton,pronioted Lawrence Eben F., l'epperell

Wells Wm. T., Westford to corporal

Lawrence Winficld s., Pepperell, Wheeler Wm. II., Plymouth, N.H . Brooks Asa W., Templeton


Wilson Thomas, Taunton Bowley Joseph B., Harvard

Lawrence Alfred G., Harvard Walker Samuel, Nashua, N. H. Baker, Litchfield, Me. Leeds Samuel, Malden

Young James G., Westford Blood William, Carlisle

Lynch George, Ilarvard


Company D (Hill Cadets), Lowell. -- 16th Reg. Recruited in Lowell, and organized April 19, 1861. The “ Hill Cadets" encamped at “Camp Wheeler,” Lowell, till July 8, when they were ordered to report at Camp Cameron, and were there mustered into the United States service on the 12th of July. Uniforms for the officers and men were furnished by the private subscription of loyal and patriotio citizens of Lowell.


PATRICK S. PROCTOR, Lowell, discharged Sept. 27, 1861.

MATTHEW DONOVAN, Lowell, promoted from 1st lieut., Sept. 27, 1861. 1st Lieut., {

MATTHEW DONOVAN, Lowell, promoted to captain, Sept. 27, 1861.

FRANK W. HILTON, promoted from d licut., Company K, Sept. 28, 1861. 21 Lieut., DAVID W. ROCHE, Lowell.

Breen James, Lowell

Gildee Ingh, Lowell
Roche Maurice, Charlestown

Butler Edward, Lowell, deserted Illey William, Lowell
Powe John, Lowell
Carry John J., Nashua, N. II.

Harrington Daniel, Lowell
Rogan Thomas, Lowell
Corcoran Thoinas, Lowell

Hardy Alexander S., Boston
Harrington Patrick, Lowell
Curry Peter, Lowell

Ilart John, Lowell
Gerity Michael, Lowell
Collins John, Lowell

llopkins Patrick, Boston Maguire M. H., Lowell, clerk of Collins Alfred S., Billerica

Laac John, Bradford
Courtrey James, Lowell

kuin Elward, Lowell
Cudihy John, Lowell

Keefe. Martin, Lowell
Mullins John, Lowell
Coughlin Janes, Lowell

Kennedy Bernard, Lowell
McQuude Frank, Lowell
Clark Edward, Lowell

Kennedy William II., Lowell
Donahoe Patrick, Dracut
Claffy John, Lowell

Kennedy Eugene, Lowell
Ward Thomas, Lowell
Carroll James, Somerville

Landers Thomas, Lowell
Murphy Thomas, Lowell
Donlan Patrick, Lowell

Lennon Edward, East Cambridge,
Pollard Robert, Lowell
Day Patrick O., Lowell

transferred from Co, II
Burke John, Lowell
Donohoe Daniel, Dracut

Lowney Dennis, Nashua, N. H.
Daly John, Lowell

Lanagan Michael, Lowell
Henly Michael R., Manchester, Donahoe Patrick, Lowell

Mead Patrick, Lowell
Divine Patrick, Chicopre

McLaughlin Bernard, Lowell Kane Timothy, Lowell

Downey Thomas, East Weymouth McLaughlin John, Lowell
Doherty Dudley, Boston

MeNulty James, Lowell
Bradley Patrick, Lowell
Flynn Christopher, Lowell

Mc Mahan Patrick, Lowell
Barry John, Lowell
Flond Thomas, Lowell

McEgan Daniel, Lowell
Brennon Michael, New York City, Golden Owen, Lowell

McMahon John, Salem transferred from Co. n Goulding Bernard, Lowell

Marrinan John, Lowell Bradley Michael, Nashua, N.H. Galuher John, Lowell

Monaghan James, Lowell

Montague Thomas, Lowell
Mullins Patrick, Lowell
Moran Hugh, Lowell
McQuade James, Lowell
O'Harra llenry, Boston
Payton John, Lowell
Polechio Joseph, Waltham, trans-

ferred from Company II
Quigley Andrew, Lowell
Quinn Edward, Lowell
Riordon John, Lowell

Ryan John, Lowell
Rourke Andrew, Lowell
Reynolds Patrick, Lowell
Sullivan Daniel, Lowell
Sullivan John W., Lowell
Sullivan Jeremiah, Ist, Lowell
Sullivan John, Lowell, promoted

to corporal
Sullivan Timothy, Lowell
Smith Frank, Lowell
Sullivan Jeremiah, 2d, Lowell

Sinclair James, Boston
Sheehan Dennis, East Weymonth
Shanley John, S. Boston, deserted
Sheriden Michael, South Boston.

Thomas Isaac, Bradford
Vallely Edward, Lowell
Watson David, Boston
Walters Joseph H., Nashua
Wood John, Lowell
Weldon Thomas, Lowell


Company E (Wiley Light Infantry), South Reading. – 16th Reg. The company was recruited and organized at South Reading, May 3, 1861, and had a severe and protracted struggle to maintain its existence, which was accomplished only by the personal efforts and expense of its officers, till the company was ordered to report at Camp Cameron, which it did, July 8, 1861, and was mustered into the United States service on the 12th inst.


Captain, JOAN WILEY, 2d, South Reading. 1st Lieut., JAMES R. DARRACOTT, Boston ; 2d Lieut., JAMES OLIVER, South Reading.


Campbell William M., East Abing- Kidder Daniel W., Sanzus
Woodfin John II., South Reading

Lee John F., South Reading Cowdrey John, South Reading Carter George, South Reading, dis- Locke George L., South Reading Mansfield James E., So. Reading charged

Marshall Charles II., Ilolliston Day John, South Reading

Chapman Richard W., S. Reading Mellen Charles A., Reading, disWright Joseph T., South Reading Clifford Leonard, South Reading charged Corporals.

Caldwell Samuel P., Cambridge Manstield Joseph H., So. Reading Goodell Henry, Woburn Cutter Albert, Woburn

Newhall Elbridge G., Lynntield Batchelder Jeremiah S., South Cutter Samuel B., Woburn, dis- Newhall Lucius E., Lynn Reading charged

Nichols George W., Southboro Fowle Clifford B., Woburn Davis Royal A., Winchester

Nichols Hannibal, So. Reading Warren Alvan S., So. Reading Damon Albert, Reading

Nichols Joseph, jr., Cambridgeport Woodis Hiram, So. Reading Darling Edward C., Lynn

Perry Charles II., Woburn Nichols Warren, So. Reading Damon Henry, Reading,

Pratt Benjamin C., South Reading Hilborn Henry E., South Reading Danforth Edwin S., Woburn

Richards Frederick S, So. Reading
Gilman Hollis M., Lowell
Day John H., Woburn

Rogers Peter M., Stoneham

Eaton John H., South Reading Safford Edward P., South Boston
Thompson John A., South Read- Evans Thomas A., So. Reading Snow Robert F., Chelsea
ing, discharged
Eaton James, Saugus

Stimpron James W., So. Reading Daniels Joseph L., Bellingham Eaton Joseph, Reading

Sweetser Luther, South Reading Norris Alonzo S., Ellenburgh, N.Y. Farnam William, Somerville

Sweeteer Francis, South Reading
Flags Warren F., Concord

Smith Charles H., Woburo
Skinner G. F. D., South Reading Foxter Henry L., Stoneham

Simmonds John N., Woburn, ap-
Flint Herman, Concord

pointed musician Aborn Warren. Reading

Fairbern George H., Somerville Stone Orrin, South Reading
Allen John F., Reading
Freeman William T., Boston

Synnes Rufus, Limerick, Me. Ansorge Alfred E, Winchester Gates Samuel, Woburn

Taber Thomas, Sherburne Adams Samuel H., South Reading, Ileath Micah, South Reading Townley Benjamin, So. Reading discharged

llettler Adam H., South Reading Wiley George II., South Reading Babcock Charles F., Sherburne Houseman John M., So. Reading Whitford John, South Reading Batchelder Josiah. jr., No. Reading Howard Charles, Boston

Wrin Edward, Roxbury Bruce Clarence M., So. Reading Holbrook Amos A., Upton Bancroft Benjamin F., So. Read- Hunnewell William A., Winches- Joined after the regt. left Max. ing, discharged


Martin William H., Chicopee, disBancroft William, Woburn

Hutchinson John A., Waltham charged Bickford Charles F., So. Reading Jenkins Forest, North Reading Bowen George E., No. Attleboro Burditt Charles E., So. Reading Jennison Luther P., Holliston Corcoran Thomas H, Boston Burditt Aaron, South Reading Kelsey Edward, Chatham Four Joy Henry, So. Randolph Bent Amos R., Bellingham

Corners, N. Y.

Hurd Joseph L., So. Reading Bermingham John, New Braintree Knowlton William H., Hopkinton Ilart Charles H., South Reading Cutter Benjamin S., Woburn Kennison Daniel S., So. Reading Bond James, jr., South Reading

Company F, Lexington. — 16th Reg. This company takes the place of the original Lexington company, recruited and organized by Gen. Chandler, of Lexmgton, the members of which were at one time ordered to fill up the companies of the Middlesex and Essex regiments, – which order the company did not see fit to comply with. From that time the company rapidly declined, and on the reception of the order to report at Camp Cameron, July 20, 1861, the company had virtually become extinct. The captain reported, however, with what few men he could raise, and was sworn into the United States service July 12, which formed the nucleus for the present company, which was almost wholly recruiten at Camp Cameron, Mass.

2d Lieut, {


Captain, C. ROBINSON JOHNSON, Lexington..
1st Licut., C. HENRY MAYO, Roxbury.

PAYSON E. TUCKER, Cambridge, transferred to Company H.
FRANCIS P. H. ROGERS, Waltham, transferred from Coinpany H.



Chase George N., Wilmington, apHills Joseph S., Boston, promoted Tobey Matthew W., Auburndale, pointed musician to 21 lieutenant


Clifford Daniel, Charlton Morris Francis, Burlington


Collins James, South Reading Nourse Nathan, jr., Burlington Murray John F., Woburn

Collins Leander, North Dartınouth Corporals.


Cooke Charles II., Roxbury Jackson Jacob F., Paris, discharged Allen John, Pittsburg, promoted to Coombs Thomas W., So. Reading Jones Williain, East Cambridge corporal

Conner John F., Massachusetts Harrington Ilenry, Stoneham, pro- Anderson John, Roxbury

Connelly James, Biddeford inoted to sergeant

Bohannon Michael, Lawrence, pro- Connelly Hugh, Milford Bates Henry L., Bradford

moted to corporal

Davis William, Massachusetts Glynn James, Roxbury

Buckley Patrick, Charlestown Denton Charles T., Charlestown Hlackett Daniel, Roxbury.deserted Carines James, Roxbury

Devine Stephen D., Charlestown Lombard Richard T., Waltham, Center Lyman, Somerville

Donavan John, Boston transferred from Co. HI

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