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Cutler Abalino B., Andover

Jenkins Kendall, Andover Hervey Sam'l Č., Andover, trans- Chandler George W., Andover Kennedy John, Andover ferred and promoted 2d lieut. Curtis Andrew F., Andover

Lovejoy Henry L., No. Andover Co. B Currier Charles, Andover

Lovejoy Benjamin C., Andover Brown George T., Andover

Cheever Benjamin, Andover Luvalett Philip C., Andover Farnham Orin L., Andover, quar- Costello James, Andover

Logue John, Andover termaster sergeant Cusick John, Andover

Melcher Sylvester C., Andover Holt Newton, Audover Coulie John, Andover

McGurk Barnard, Andover
Chapin Frank B., Andover

Cummings Charles, Andover Mahoney Michael, Andover
Cocklin John, Andover

Mears Charles, Andover
Farmer George S.. Andover
Dugan Charles, Andover

Mears Warren, jr., Andover
Vinall George A. W., Andover Dane George, Andover

McClenda Charles, No. Reading Smith Peter D., Andover

Edwards Francis W., Andover Morse William B., Andover
Clark John, Andover
Farmer Edward, Andover

Nichols William W., Andover
Berry Alonzo P., Andover
Findley James, Andover

O'llara Edward, Andover
Wardwell Horace W., Andover
Findley John A., Andover

Pasho William A., Audover
Hatch George F., Andover
Foster Thomas E., Andover

Pike George E., Andover

Farnum Samuel P., Andover Rea Auron G., Andover
Frye Newton G., Andover
Gilercast Daniel B., Andover

Russell Winslow, Andover
8mart Geo. M., Andover
Gray Jesse E., Andover

Russell William, Andover
Goldsmith Albert, Andover

Russell Jos., jr.. Andover, disch'd
Anderson James I., Andover
Green Charles, Andover

Russell John B. A., Andover Ashworth James, Andover

Green William Henry, Andover Richardson Silas, Andover
Brown Leroy S., Andover
Gillespie William, Andover

Sargent John, Andover, promoted
Bell Joseph, Andover
Grant Farnham P., Andover

to corporal Bohonon Albert L., Andover Hatch Enoch M., Andover

Stevens Benjamin F., Andover Bodwell William G., Andover Hatch Lewis G., Andover

Saunders Zibu M., Andover Bryant Epaphras K., Andover Hatch Andrew J., Andover

Sherman Henry T., Audover Beale William, No. Andover

Hunt Amos, Andover, discharged Smith James, Andover Burris Stephen, Andover

IIowarth Oberlin B., Andover Shattuck Charles W., Andover, Berry Daniel, Andover, discharged Holt Warren E., Andover

and since deceased
Ilolt Lewis G., Andover

Shannon William, Andover
Buckley Phincas, Andover
Hardy Franklin, Andover

Townsend Warren W., Andover
Bailey Thomas R., Andover
Hardy John I., Andover

Townsend Milton B., Andover Craig Geo., Andover, transferred Hart William, Andover

Wardwell Alfred, Andover, disch'd to battery B Johnson Solon, Andover

Ward well William H., Andover Cutler Granville K., Andover Jennings William E., Andover Wood Elliott, Andover

Company I (Putnam Guards), Danvers. - 14th Reg. Organized May 1, 1861, at which time they commenced drilling six hours a day, each man receiving seventy-five cents per day from the town, while performing this service. A lag was presented to the company, by Miss Catherine Putnain, a lady some eighty years old, and a descendant of “Old Put," and they were furnished with uniforms by the town.


ARTHUR A. PUTNAM, Danvers, discharged Aug. 14, 1861.
JEREMY B. WARDWELL, Methuen, promoted from 1st lieut. Co. B, Sept. 2.
Chas. H. ADAMS, Jr., Danvers, discharged Sept. 22, 1861.

WM. J. ROOME, Danvers, promoted from 2d lieut. Sept. 20, 1861.
Junior 1st Lieul., Joxa. B. HANSON, promoted from 2d, Jan. 18, 1862.
Senior 2d Lieut., FRANK DAVIS, Lawrence, promoted from sergt. Co. K, Jan. 18, 1862.

Clark George G., Danvers

McGordes Charles, Salem Hanson John B., Danvers, pro- Cunningham William, Danvers Mckerrun Edward, Newton moted to 2d lieut. Sept. 21, 1861 Dale William C., Danvers

Miles Benjamin D., Wenham Brudley George V., Lawrence Dudley John F., Wenham, pro- Murray Simon, Danvers Carter Andrew 0., Danvers

moted to corporal

Perkins Franklin, Danvers Kelley Charles F., Danvers | Drysdale James, Danvers

Perkins George W., Danvers Wier Alexander G., Haverhill i Davis William F., Danvers

Peterson George, Danvers
Dresser Charles F., Salem

Parsons Sidney N., Danvers
Henderson Albert, Danvers, pro- Devine John, Boston

Parker Henry R., Bradford moted to sergeant Evans Isaac 0., Danvers

Plummer George, Salem Turney Thomas, Wenham, dead Easty George G., Middletown Plummer Oliver A., Danvers Shirley William H., Danvers Fuller Edwin, Danvers

Parker Edward, jr., Bradford Earl George W., Danvers Fish Nehemiah P., Danvers

Pitts Albert W., Salem Sheppard Charles A., Danvers Fleet George E., Salern

Salmon John, East Braintree Smith George E., Wenham

Getchell Edwin I., Danvers, pro- Saunders N. F.
moted to corporal

Smith James C., Danvers
Pearson Elbridge G., Danvers Goodwin John, Danvers

Smith Richard, Wenham
Burrell Frank A., Wenham
Goodwin Warren F., Danvers

Smith David
Guppy Orlando C., Danvers

Smith Daniel II., Danvers
Chalk H. T., Danvers
Hurd Charles, Danvers

Sheldon William E., Danvers
Ilam James H., Danvers

Sheldon Charles W., Danvers Aiken Hector A., Danvers, pro- Iloward Levi, Danvers

Stevens George F., Danvere moted to corporal Hobbs John, Danvera

Thomas Edward W., Danven Ansenburger Charles G., Danvers, Hiller Charles, Danvers

Trask Ira F., Wenhamn
Hennessey John, Danvers

Tedford Milford, Danvers
Abbott George H., Danvers
Jlodgdon James F., Haverhill

Weadon John G., Danvers
Brown Charles E., Danvers
Ingrain George, Danvers

Woodard Carlton, Danvers
Brown Gustavur, Dan vers
Johnson William, Middleton

Wigand Robert, Danvers
Brown William, Haverhill
Jones George II., Danvers

Wescott John, Danvers
Batchelder George D., Danverg Kittredge Frank S., Danvers Ward Angus, Danvers, promoted
Buckley Patrick, Salem
Leffleaus A., Danvers

to corporal Buckley Bartholomew, Salem Lowe George S., Danvers

Whittier Jarnes, Dan vers
Brown James S., Haverhill
Metzger John, Danvers

Ward William, Danvers
Brady J. S.
Merrill John, Danvers

Warren Ashel E., Ernden, Maine
Callahan Edward, Danvers
Moser William H., Danvers

Willey George S., Boston
Carty George E., Middleton
Mack James, Danvers

Joined after the regt, left Mans
Clyde James F., Roxbury
Musgrave Peter, Salem

Grout S. S., Dan vers
Coffin John M., Danvers
Maloney Thomas, Danvers

Kelley William
Curtis Oscar F., Danvers

1st Lieut., {

Company K (City Guards), Lawrence. – 14th Reg.


Captain, FRANK A. ROLFE, Lawrence. 1st Lieut., WM. PRESTON, Lawrence. Junior 1st Lieut., ALBERT A. Davis, Lawrence, promoted from 2d, Jan. 18, 1862. 2d Lieut., J. E. BUSWELL, Methuen, commissioned Jan. 18, 1862.

Crosby Robert, Lawrence

McGowan Alden T., Lawrence Davis Frank, Lawrence, transfer- Copp George E., Lawrence

Moore Willinn 11., Lawrence red and promoted to 2d lieut. in Carpenter George, Lawrence

McDuffec llenry C., Lawrence battery I Carter L. H., Lawrence

Murphy Stephen, Lowrence
McIntire H. M., Lawrence
Carter W. S., Lawrence

Mckay Edward, Lawrence
Begor Lewis, Lawrence,discharged Crowell David D., Lawrence

Marshall Robert, Lawrence
Hayes C. A., Lawrence
Collins George S., Bradford

Marshall John, Lawrence
Annan Frank, Lawrence

Dane Sylvanus W., Lawrence Melvin Samuel, Lawrence
Dow John M., Lawrence

Melvin John H., Lawrence
Southwick Amos, Lawrence, pro- Emery David N., Lawrence

Mace George, Lawrence moted to sergeant Forsyth John, Lawrence

Morse Roswell., Lawrence Foss Gilean P., Lawrence Folsom Charles H., Lawrence

Morrison Samuel L., Lawrence Stack pole Tobias, Lawrence

Farmer Joseph B., Lawrence Merrow George W., Lawrence, Merrill Carlton E., Lawrence Foster Morris, Lawrence

promoted to corporal Maynard George, Lawrence Frye George, Methuen

Merrow Williain 11., Lawrence Wallace Webster W., Lawrence Frye Enoch 0., Andover, killed by Noble George, Lawrence Walker Warren G., Lawrence

falling of a tree

Osgood James M., Haverhill
Garduer Joseph W., Lawrence

Pierce Frank B., Lawrence
Atkinson Robert J., Lawrence Gould I. W., Lawrence

Page Herman L., Lawrence Ashworth Charles II., Lawrence Gurney Horace M., Lawrence Plummer Walter S., Lawrence, Ames Charles J., Lawrence Hayes Gustavus D., Lawrence

promoted to sergeant Blake Uriah, Lawrence Hoyle William H., Lawrence

Pond Aaron B., Lawrence
Butler George F., Lawrence

Hobby Augustus R., L:wrence Riley Judson, llaverhill
Berry Charles, Lawrence
Hickey Edward, Lawrence

Rowe Asa, Lawrence
Berry Charles, jr., Lawrence

Higgins Abner W., Lawrence Sullivan Leonard, Lawrence Brown Otis D., Lawrence

Hunphrey Henry, Lawrence Smith Charles F. G., Lawrence Brown Ambrose A., Lawrence Ilall Cornelius, Luwrence

Smith Stewart, Lawrence Bartlett Marcus M., Lawrence Howes George, Lawrence

Stoddard Harvey A., Lawrence, Bartlett George A., Lawrence Holt Samuel A., Lawrence

promoted to sergeant Boardman Edward K., Lawrence Howard Charles E., Lawrence

Stoddard Alphonso, Lawrence,
Bean Josiah, Lawrence
Jones D. P., Lawrence

promoted to sergeant
Bngham Stephen II., Lawrence Knowles James W., Lawrence Thoman James, Lawrence
Bryant Amaia F., Lawrence
Lyle William H., Lawrence

Wiggin Mayhew C., Lawrence Beardsley John B., Haverhill, pro- Learned J. M., Lawrence

Walsh William M., Lawrence moted to corporal Learned J. G., Lawrence

Warner Frank, Lawrence Collins William A., Lawrence Labounty Franklin J., Lawrence Webster Justus W., Lawrence Chard John, Lawrence

Lamprey George H., Lawrence Weston George, Lawrence Cummings George P., Lawrence, McDonald Robert, Lawrence, dis- Wright William H., Lawrence promoted to corporal

charged, and since died

Whitmore Daniel, Lawrence

Austin John, Haverhill
Braston Joho, Rochester, N. Y.
Bailey Jaines, Charlestown
Brady James L., Andover
Enlish James, Boston
Halladay Franklin, Lowell

Recruits, Company unknown.

Hawkes Joseph W., Boston
Halladay Daniel, Lowell
Horgan Cornelius, Boston
King Thomas S., Boston
Lannergan Edward. E. Cambridge
Murphy Bernard, Rockdale

McCerty Charles, South Bostop
O'Keefe John, Boston
Stevens George, Boston
Stedman William, Dorchester
Twilight Wm. H., Exeter

Fifteenth Regiment.

On the 28th day of June, 1861, ten companies, which had been recruited in different towns in Worcester County, were ordered by Governor Andrew into

camp, two miles from the city of Worcester, which was named “Camp Scott," and Brigadier-General George H. Ward, and Staff, of the State Militia, was placed in command of the troops, which were designated as the “ Fifteenth Regiment Massachusetts Three Years Volun. teers," On the first of July, Major Charles Devens, Jr., of the “Third Battalion of Rifles Three Months Massachusetts Volunteers," then stationed at Fort McHenry, was offered, by the Governor, the command of the Regiment,

On account of his then position, and the arduous duties devolving upon him at the post, Major Devens did not feel justified in making immediate acceptance, or of obtaining leave of absence from his duties,

On the 20th of July, however, he returned to Worcester, when he visited Camp Scott, and was most favorably impressed by the appearance of the regiment, and the proficiency in drill attained by the troops under the admirable instructions of General Ward.

Major Devens accepted the position proffered him, and on the 26th of July received the commission of Colonel of the “Fifteenth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers,' and General George H. Ward that of Lieutenant-Colonel. Captain John W. Kimball was commissioned as Major.

It was intended to retain this regiment in camp for the period of one month to perfect the soldiers in drill, but the battle of Bull Run and its disastrous resulis hastened the departure of all the troops in readiness, in this region, to the seat of war. On the 7th of August, an elegant flag was presented to the regiment by the ladies of Worcester, and duly recognized by Colonel Devens, in an appropriate compliment to the ladies who have liberally contributed to the comforts and necessities of the true defenders of their liberties. The regiment departed the next morning, by rail, for Washington.

No important incidents occurred en route to the Capital. On the arrival of the regiment at Baltimore, on the afternoon of the 10th, they proceeded with loaded muskets along the streets of the city, anticipating an attack from the mob, but happily no interference was had. At an early hour the following morning (Sabbath), the regiment arrived at Washington, and was quartered in appropriate buildings erected by the Government.

The 9th and 10th days of August were days of intense heat and sultriness, and many of the men were prostrated in consequence.

On Monday, August 1lth, the regiment marched during a drenching rain to their camping ground at “Meridian Hill," near the beautiful residence “Kalorama," which name was adopted for the camp where the regiment (unbrigaded) was quartered under the command of General Rufus King.

On the 25th August orders were received for marching, and the troops were in a few hours en route for Poolsville, Md., distant thirty-five miles from Washingtor.. Two nights were spent in bivouac, and on the 27th the tents of the Fifteenth were pitched upon an elevated plain in the confines of Poolsville, the site commanding a fine view of Leesburg and the mountain ranges of Virginia. The camp is distant seven miles from Conrad's Ferry, and five miles from Edwards' Ferry, on the famous Potomac river.

The encampment was named “Camp Foster,” in honor of Hon. Dwight Foster, Attorney-General of Massachusetts.

In a few days, two companies were ordered on picket duty along the banks of the Potomac, and subsequently the number of companies was increased to fire, who were posted between the two ferries. For many days frequent exchanges of shots were made between the federal and rebel pickets, resulting in no serious injury to either, but finally ceased by mutual consent. The soldiers of the opposing forces frequently indulged in friendly colloquies across the river, and in the interchange of papers and various articles of little value, as tobacco, pocket-knives, military buttons, etc.

The regiment (still unbrigaded) was placed under the immediate command of Brigadier-General Stone, whose position was entitled “ Corps of Observation."

During the evening of the 20th October, Capt. Chase Philbrick, Co. H, who with his company for some days held possession of " Harrison's Island” (situated between the two ferries, in the river), crossed to the Virginia shore, and discovered what was supposed a camp of the rebel forces. This intelligence was immediately communicated to General Stone in camp, and by his order Colonel Devens, with Quartermaster Church Howe and the five companies on picket, crossed on the same night by way of Harrison's Island to the Virginia shore, for the purpose of attacking and destroying the supposed encampment of the enemy.

Colonel Devens was followed by Colonel Lee of the Twentieth Massachusetts Regi. ment, with one hundred men, who were to remain upon the bank of the river and cover the retreat, if found necessary, while Colonel Deveus pushed forward in the recon. noissance.

Orders were at the same time sent to Lieutenant-Colonel Ward to proceed with the remaining five companies of the Fifteenth Regiment to the Island. The “long roll was heard at midnight, and Lieutenant-Colonel Ward, Major Kimball, Chaplain Scanlan, with Adjutant Hicks and Assistant-Surgeon S. F. Haven, Jr., marched with alacrity to the river, which was reached between the hours of three and four o'clock, A. M.

Át seven o'clock a skirmish ensued between Captain Philbrick's company and a company of the rebel Mississippi riflemen, when Lieutenant-Colonel Ward with his troops began to cross to the Virginia shore, followed by Captain Candy with ten cavalry men. In the course of the morning more companies of the Twentieth Regiment, and companies of the California regiments under Colonel Baker, with companies of the Tamwany Regiment New York Volunteers, and two howitzers mounted, together with one or two pieces of the Rhode Island Battery, crossed the river. A portion of the Nineteenth Regiment were stationed still later in the day upon the island.

Near the middle of the day, another skirmish took place between a portion of the Fifteenth and the rebel forces, when fifteen or twenty men of the regiment were killed or wounded. Reinforcements not arriving, the troops fell back half a mile to the place long to be remembered as “ Ball's Bluff," where Col. Lee's detachment was stationed. Near the hour of three o'clock, P. M., a general engagement of the opposing forces commenced, in which Col. Baker commanded the federal forces. The Fifteenth Regiment held the right of the line of battle. The contest was bravely maintained from two to three hours, when the loss of many of our brave heroes, and the greatly superior force of the enemy, compelled a retreat. At this juncture, the only boat remaining for the conveyance of the wounded and helpless soldiers across the river was swamped, and many went down in her. Those who preferred the last hope of escape from death or imprisonment threw aside their arms, and many their clothing, and plunged into the river. Colonel Devens and Major Kimball, with other officers, threw their swords and side arms into the river, and, followed by many of the men, swam to the island and Maryland shore, while repeated and continuous volleys were poured down upon the devoted heads of all who presented a mark for the murderous shots of the rebels. Many entered the river without divesting themselves of clothing, and many retained their guns, and escaped to the opposite shore. How many of our brave comrades lost their lives in the turbulent stream of the Potomac will forever remain unknown. Great difficulty was experienced in conveying the wounded soldiers from the island to the Maryland shore. Throughout the day the worthy Chaplain was indefatigable in his attentions to the wounded and helpless soldiers. The house upon the island used as a hospital for the wounded was fired upon by the rebels for some time after the retreat of the federal tronps. The brave Colonel Ward was seriously wounded in the left leg, and suffered amputation upon the island before his arrival at camp. Surgeon Hayward of the Twentieth, and Assistant-Surgeon Haven of the Fifteenth, were untiring in their exertions for the care of the devoted men wounded in the engagement; and at early dawn of the following morning left the island with the last of the wounded men who had been enabled to reach that shelter. Surgeou Bates of the Fifteenth was confined to his bed with sickness. On learning the departure of the troops from camp he followed them in a carriage to the place of crossing at the river, and remained there in discharge of his duties during the day, and assisted in the disposition of the wounded who were able to reach him, and in conducting the ambulances for their removal.

Of 621 men of the Fifteenth Regiment who went forth to battle, 310 were killed, wounded, and missing.

Tne remainder of the troops returned to camp and to their duties, and after the lapse of a few days two companies were again detailed for duty on picket.

The officers and men of the regiment were highly complimented by the lamented Col. Baker, for their soldierly bearing and gallant deeds on the field, and, with the other regiments engaged in the battle, received marked encomiums in a general order from their most worthy Commander-in-chief, General McClellan.

Field and Staff, 15th Reg. Colonel

...CHARLES DEVENS, JR. ...... Worcester.
..GEORGE H. WARD ..........

.. Worcester.
Wounded at Ball's Bluff.

Adjutant ...... ..GEORGE A. HICKS ........... Princeton.

Appointed assistant adjt..gen., to report to Gen. Burnside, Nov. 6, 1861.

. Princeton. Surgeon

..JOSEPH N. BATES............ Worcester.
Assistant Surgeon .......

....... Worcester. Chaplain

Sergeant Major..........FRANCIS A. WALKER........ North Brookfield.
Quartermaster Sergeant..WM. R. STEELE

Commissary Sergeant ....WM, G. WATERS

...Gorham, Me. Band Master ...... H. P. GODDARD.....



Goddard, H. P., Worcester
Reide Jos., Worcester
Reide John, Worcester
Mende Robt., Worcester
Ryan B. D., Worcester
Specht Christopher, Worcester
Lucas T. O., Whitinsville
Fischer Wm., Worcester

1 Folger Wm. H., Worcester
Hlaven H. J., Worcester
Sauer James, Worcester
Odlin Chas. H., Worcester

Bancroft C. R., Worcester
! Kelley A. W., Worcester

Peckham H. M., Whitinsville

Page Fredk., Worcester
Fischer Andrew, Worcester
Smith Geo. H., Worcester
Spring E. H., Worcester
Murray H.J., Worcester
Bauer Paul, Worcester
Mattoon C. B., Clinton

Company A, Leominster.– 15th Reg. This company was organized in 1787, as artillery, and was known as the Leominster Ar. tillery until a few years ago, when it was attached to the 9th Regiment of Infantry as Company A. Recruits were added to their number during the spring and summer of lail. The town appropriated the sum of $5,000 for the outfit of the soldiers, and to furnish ner. essary aid to their families. In addition to the above amount, Messrs. Johnson C. Burrayı, Alvah A. Burrage, and Charles H. Burrage, of Boston, presented to this, their native town, $310, with the request that it be expended for the proper outfit and equipments of this company. A public meeting of the citizens was held at the Town Hall, on the day of the departure of the company, at which addresses were made to them, and swords and equip ments were presented to Capt. Rockwood and Lieut. Wood. A liberal supply of refreshments were furnished to the soldiers. The occasion was one of grand interest.

We copy the following from the “Boston Journal :"

“ Lieut. Leonard Wood was confined to his bed in the hospital at the time his regiment left their quarters at Poolesville, previous to the battle of Ball's Bluff. He had been thus confined three days, being threatened with the typhoid fever ; but hearing the tramp of his comrades, as they were taking their departure to that terrible field of death, he questioned the attendant physician in regard to their destination, but receiving no satisfactory answer, after waiting some time, exclaimed: Doctor, I feel it my duty to go with the boys, for if there is a fight, and I am not in it. I shall never forgive myself." The doctor expostulated with him upon the folly of his taking part in an engagement in his present condition, and, for a short time, prevailed upon him to remain quiet, assuring him that he would be unable to endure the fatigue of a march, much less the excitement of a battle. About an hour elapsed, when the doctor was greatly astonished to hear his patient exclaim, as he jumped from his bed : Doctor, I can't stand it any longer, I must go. The doctor entreated, but of no avail; his patient dressed himself, girded on his sword, and ran after his regiment, which he finally succeeded in overtaking. He was in the thickest of the fight, and swam across the Potomac at its conclusion, and is now as well and hearty as any man in camp, greatly to the surprise of his physician, and the admiration of his colonel.”

COMMISSIONED OFFICERS. Captain, GEO. W. ROCKWOOD, Leominster, taken prisoner at battle of Ball's Bluff. 1st Lieul., LEONARD Wood, promoted captain, Company K, Oct. 22, 1861.

Frank W. POLLEY, discharged Jan. 16, 1862. 21 Lieut., HANS P. JORGENSEN, wounded at battle of Ball's Bluff, promoted from ser

geant, Oct. 22, 1861.

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Chaffin Frederick W., Holden, Newton Geo. F., Auburn, prisoner Holman Reuben M., Leominster discharged

at battle Ball's Bluff Brown A. Everett, Leominster Damon Geo. B., Leominster

Oakley Wm. D., Worcester Stevens Chas. H., Leominster Davis Walden W., Leominster Pelton Albert H., Leominster, prisWheelock Wm.E., Leominster, dis- Davidson Thos. H., Lancaster

oner at battle Ball's Bluff
Dunn Daniel, Leominster

Rice Asaph W., Westminster
Dickinson J. W., Harvard

Rollins Edward B., Leominster,
Joy Henry, Leominster
Dickiuson D. H., Harvard

promoted to corporal Lamb Chas. A., Leominster, died Ferren John W., Shirley

Rugg Andrew J., Leominster, prisin prison at Richmond

Frost Summer N., Leominster, pris- oner at buttle Ball's Bluff Cowdry Andrew W., Leominster, oner at battle Ball's Bluff

Rugg Jacob, Sterling, prisoner at died of his wounds in hospital, Fletcher Chas, H., Leominster, dis- battie Ball's Bluft Nov. 4


Ross Thos, B., Leominster, prisonHildreth Frederick L., Groton Gardner Franklin, Leominster, er at battle Ball's Bluff Junction, promoted to sergeant promoted to corporal

Stevens Geo.. Oxford Derby Walluce W., Leominster Gleason Albert H., Worcester

Snow John P., Leominster Robbius John M., Leominster, pris- Gallup Geo H., Leominster

Stocking S. S., Leominster oner at battle Ball's Bluft

Hapgood Luther S., Sterling, pris- Suvage Wm. H., Harvard Maynurd Sylvander F., Leominster oner at battle Bull's Bluff

Sullivan Joseph, Deerreld, prisoner Willard Horatio, Leoninster

Hapgood Jos. H., Sterling, wounded at battle Ball's Bluff
at battle Ball's Bluff

Taylor llenry T., Leominster
Ellis Andrew W., Murlboro
Howe Joseph M., Princeton

Taylor Herbert D., Sterling
Moore Gilman F., Leominster

Hatch Frank E., Keene, prisoner at Tripp John, Leominster
battle Ball's Bluff

Woody Charles B., Leominster, Colburn Frank E., l.cominster Joslin Thoma, A., Leominster

promoted to corporal Privates.

Johnson Augustiis. Leominster, Willard Joseph, Leominster Allen Ethan, Millbury

prisoner at battle Ball's Bluff Wilder Geo. E., Leominster Bartlett Jas. F., Leominster Joy Chas., Leominster

Willer Edwin D., Leominster Bennett Eugene A., Leominster Kingsbury Jog. W., ancaster, pris- Wilder Chas. H., Leominster, prisBenton Frank C., Leominster

oner at battle Ball's Bluff

oner at battle Ball's Blutf Brown Jas. S., Leominster

Kendall Justin J., Groton Junction Wilder Cornelius E., Leominster Brown Robt., Leominster

Kendall Robt. N., Groton Junction Whitney Wm, B.,lxominster, prisBrown George W. Leominster, Lord Edward, Millbury, wounded oner et battle Ball's Blutf promoted to sergeant

at battle Ball's Bluff

Wilson Edwd., Leominster, disch'd Brown Chas. T., Leominster Lewis Francis A., Sterling

Wheelock Chas. A., Leonpinster Bugbee Osgood J., Leominster McGer Peter. Leicester, discharged Williams Origin B., Marlboro Buruell llenry, Shirley

May Fordyce, Sterling, prisoner at Watson Geo. II., Worcester, prisonBottam Sanförth, Hardwick

battle Ball's Bluff

er at battle Ball's Bluff Betterly Edward S., Worcester May Chas. F., Leominster

Wood Geo., West Millbury, prisonBarton Chay. H., Worcester

Maynard Wm., Leominster, dis- er at battle Ball's Blut Carlton John S., Sterling charged

Joined since regiment left Mass. Cook Luciul A., Leominster

Morse Curtis G., Leominster, pris- Colburn Chas. A., Leominster Cook Geo, M., Worcester

oner at battle Ball's Bluff

Curtis Wm., Worcester
Coolidge Chas. M., Westminster, Marble Frank E., Northbride Fairbanks Arad, Sterling
Nourse John W., Leominster

Hapgood J. M., Marlboro
Critchet Geo. D., Andover
Nichols Clas. C., Leonister

Ilorun Fordyce, Ireland
Crain John II., Leominster, disch'd Nutting Moses I., Leominster, pris- Lander Francis L., Cambridge
Cooper Alexr., Warwick

oner at battle Ball's Blut

Newbury Dwight, Worcester

Company B ( Fitchburg Fusileers), Fitchburg.- 15th Reg. Organized 1816. The members of this company expected to be called upon for the three months' service, in April, but not being summoned then, a portion on its members enlisted under a special order, dated May 31, 1851, for a term of three years. Quite a number enlisted troin the adjoining towns.

The companies left for Camp Scott, Worcester, June 28, on which occasion there was a great public demonstration, on the part of the people. The ex-members of the company (some of whom were the first members in 1816) turned out to the number of one hundred, or more, and escorted them to the depot.

The clergyman of the town presented each member with a New Testament, and a flag was presented the company, from the ladies of Fitchburg.


C'aptain, CLARK S. SIMONDS, Fitchburg. 1st Lieut., J. MYRON GODDARI, Fitchburg ; 2d Lieut., Chas. H. EAGER, Fitchburg.

Bonney Daniel, Sterling

Howard N. Porter, Westminster,
Snooner Lehry A., litchburg
Bruce Robert, Winchendon

prisoner at battle Ball's Bluff Muy Juner, Fitchburg

Beaudry Amable, Winchendon Hartwell Rollins E., Winchendon Murkland John, Fi chburg Bowen Roland E., Millbury

Holman Wm. H., Winchendon, Rich Innison, Fitchburg

Cunningham Gco. H., Fitchburg prisoner at battle Ball's Bluff Tavlor Geo.C., Fitchburg, killed at Church Alfred B., Woonsocket Johnson Marcus R.. Bradford, battlo Balls Bluff, Oct. 2+, 1801 Carpenter Daniel, Fitchburg

wounded at battle Ball's Bluff Corporals.

Carpenter George, Cambridgeport, Joslin Henry L., Fitchburg Monroe Chas.D., Fitchburg,wound- wounded at battle Ball's Bluft Kendall Edward S., Westminster ed at battle Ball's Bluit; taken Clark Benj. F., Fitchburg

Kendall Chas. W., Winchendon prisoner and died at Leegburg Chase Edwin, Winchendon

Kendall Oscar A., Winchendon Sibley Fred. H., Fitchburg Campbell John, Fitchburg

Lowell Henry C., Winchendon Ilildreth Francis A., Fitchburg, Carpenter llenry M., Southbridge, Litchfield Albert, Fitchburg, wounddied of disease, Oct. 7, 1801

wounded at battle Ball's Bluff ed and taken prisoner, since reBrown Cyrus, Fischburg Eames Walter A., Fitchburg

leaeed Fisher Andrew. Winchester

Elliott Robert J., Ashburnham Lawrence Amos W., Fitchburg liunkings Harrison M., Fitchburg Eaton Calvin J., Worcester, prison- Loud Francis H., Winchendon Daniels Geo. F., Fitchburg, wound- er at battle Ball's Bluff

Marshall Joseph A., Fitchburg ed at battle Ball's Bluff Farnum John R., Fitchburg

Morse John E., Fitchburg, prisoner Britton Fred. 11., Fitchburg Farmer Chns, II., Fitchburs

at battle Ball's Bluff M2iciarx.

Fletcher Philander H, Fitchburg Moody Jos. L., Fitchburg, prisoner Harwood Geo. A., Fitchburg Gilchrist Geo. S., Fitenburg, pris- at battle Ball's Blur Pierce Daniel R., Fitchburg

oner at battle Ball's Bluff

Matthews Jos. B., Winchendon Waroner.

Gibson Artemas II., Fitchburg Marshall Frank S., Fitchburg
Scott Abraham, Winchester
Gibson Wm., Fiteliburg

Maynard Winthrop, Winchendon,
Griswold Wm. T., Fitchburg

prisoner at battle Ball's Bluff Adams George, Fitchburg

t.riswola Chas. E., Fitchburg Nichols layman, Westmmster Bruce Adelejr., Fitch burg, prisoner Harwood Kilburn, Fitchburg

Nichols Francis, Westminster at battle Ball's Blunt Hosmer Granville, Fitchburg, pris

Nichols Frederic, Westminster Brown Frank A., Fitchburg

oner at buttle Ball's Bluff

Osborne Ai D., Fitchburg, woundBenjamin Geo. F., Westminster, Hosmer lleury J., Fitchburg, pris- ed and taken prisoner at battle missing since butile Ball's Blutf oner at battle Ball's Bluff

Ball's Bluff, Oct, 21, 1961; died at Balley Wm. E., Winchendon Hosmer Joel K., Fitchburg

Leesburg, Va., Dec. 1, 1861 Boss Ceo. L., Fitchburg

Houghton Joseph R., Westminster Pope Horace T., Fitchburg

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