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Fourteenth Regiment.

(Organized as Infantry but changed to Artillery.)

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The Fourteenth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers, often called the “Essex Regiment," is composed entirely of companies from Essex County. The material of regiment is equalled by few, if any, in the service, most of the companies having been forined immediately after the departure of the three months' troops, when an ardent patriotism had induced many of the niost respectable and intelligent citizens to enlist, and when, also, recruits were so numerous, in proportion to the supposed wants of the service, that it was practicable to adhere strictly to the highest standard of physical requirements.

After many weeks of fruitless efforts to obtain an acceptance of their services, the companies composing the Fourteenth Regiment were ordered, June 25th, to Fort Warren, and the organization immediately completed by the appointment of the regimental officers. The soldiers of this regiment deserved good officers, and, in the main, received them.

Wm. B. Greene, appointed colonel, not only possessed the advantages of a military education at West Point, and considerable active service in the United States Army in Florida and elsewhere, but, in addition, several years' residence in Paris had afforded him unusual opportunities for observing the best appointed and disciplined troops of the French army. The promptness with which Col. Greene, on learning of the cow. ardly attack on Fort Sumter, left his luxurious foreign home and a life of ease, and volunteered bis services in defence of the constitution of his country, was but an earnest of the self-denying zeal and alacrity characterizing his subsequent conduct, and which his potent precept and example have impressed thoroughly upon the entire regiment.

Mustered into the service of the United States, July 5th, the regiment remained at Fort Warren until August 7th, when it left (in the darkness of a rainy midnight) for Harper's Ferry; but, on arriving at Baltimore, orders were found, changing the destination to Washington. The first public display of the characteristic“ pluck”and promptness of the Fourteenth

" Regiment, since their having become, in the language of a high officer of the Regulars, "a

proverb in the army," was the evening after their arrival, marching in obedience to orders, by mistake not countermanded, through Pennsylvania Avenue, singing " John Browo,” in the midst of a terrific rain storm; and then supperless but cheerfully, late at night, bivouacking on the wet ground, covered only by the wetter clouds. After the regiment was formed in line, preparatory to the march, Col. Greene, although an invalid at the time, sent away his horse, and placing himself at the head of his regiment, on foot, led them through the drenching rain a long and weary march to the place desig; nated, and took neither rest nor refreshment until every soldier of his command had been as well provided for as the circumstances would allow.

A week afterwards, a reliable regiment was wanted to garrison Fort Albany on Arlington Heights, and though so recently arrived at the seat of war, the Fourteenth was selected for the responsible and honorable post; at that time an attack was considered imminent, and as Fort Albany completely commanded Washington, it was a position by no means free from danger. Shortly after, Fort Runyon, three-fourths of a mile nearer the Potomac, and the works defending the head of Long Bridge, as well as the Virginia half of the bridge itself, were added io the charge of the regiment.

Having the care of fortifications, the Fourteenth Regiment has, from its first arrival, acted more as artillery than infantry, and that its progress in drill and discipline, and the performance of its large and responsible guard and garrison duty, including much labor in constructing fortifications, have been to the highest satisfaction of its superior officers, is proved, not only by their verbal and written assurances to that effect, but also by the more substantial fact that the regiment has been changed permanently to artillery. The new organization is modeled after the Fifth United States Artillery, allowing twelve companies or batteries, each consisting of one hundred and fifty-six rank and file, with one captain, two first and two second lieutenants, and allowing one major to each four batteries. As thus constituted and recruited up to the full standard, the Fourteenth will more nearly resemble a brigade than an ordinary volunteer regiment, as it will consist of nearly two thousand men.

The following roster represents the regiment as it left Massachusetts, with most of the changes that had occurred in it up to Jan. 18, 1862.



Major .......

Field and Staff, 14th Reg.

.Paris, France.
LEVI P. WRIGHT............ Lawrence.
ANDREW WASHBURN ...... West Newton.

Promoted from Quartermaster Jan. 18, 1862.
...CHAS. F. SIMMONS.......... Boston.

Appointed Jan., 1862.


Adjutant ........

Surgeon ......

..DAVID DANA, JR. .......... Lawrence. Assistant Surgeon

SAMUEL K. TOWLE . Haverhill. Chaplain.....

..STEPHEN BARKER.. ..Andover.
Sergeint Major ...........AMOS HENFIELD.... .... Salem.
Quartermaster Sergeant.... WILLIAM GLASS

South Boston.
Commissary Sergeant ... ARTHUR LEE DREW... Haverhill.
Hospital Steward.... ..JOHN M. PILLSBURY
Band Master .... .ISAAC A. BOYNTON ..... .Haverhill.

Poynton Isaac A., Haverhill
Sargent Norris, Newton, N. H.
Armstrong James, Boston
Batchelder Charles E., Kensington,

Rowell Ainor, Kensington, N. H.

Wilson Charles S., Boston
Furguson James W., Dorchester
Coffin Enorh, Roxbury
Chandler William, Boston
Lamson William, Marblehead
Washburn Alden, Lawrence

Hamilton Otis H., Brookficld
Wright William M., Peppereil
Hobson Edgar, Brookline
Mizener Philip S., Lowell
Hodgdin John V., Charlestown

Company A (Heard Guards), Ipswich. – 14th Reg.

1st Lieut., MILTON B. SHATTUCK, Ipswich.
2d Lieut.,

LEE R. WORCESTER, Ipswich, discharged Nov. 22, 1861.
{WM. H. GWINN, Ipswich, promoted from sergeant.

Estes William A., Ipswich

O'Brien John, Boston Guilford Elbridge W., Danvers, Fellows Daniel II., Ipswich, pro- Patterson William, Ipswich transferred

moted to corporal

Pickard Washington P., Ipswich
Hobby Valorous, Ipswich
Foss Jonathan F., Ipswich

Pingree David M., Ipswich
Crane Silas, Ipswich
Fowler John J., Ipswich

Poor Benjamin L., Ipswich, proGwinn William H., Ipswich, pro- Flagg Joseph, Providence, R.I. moted to corporal moted to lieutenant

Gordon Jainen, Simsbury, Conn. Poor Thomas W., Ipswich
Smith Edward P., Ipswich
Gammon Jamex, Salem

Patterson Walter, Irswich

Goodwin, George W., Ipswich Potter Daniel J., Ipswich, dead
Watts James W., Ipswich
Harris Mark, Ipswich

Smith Edwin F., Ipswich
Fernald C., Ipswich
Holt Augustus P., Ipswich

Shirley Reuben W., Ipswich
Gong James W., Ipswich, promoted Haskell Charles, Ipswich, promo-

Smith John P., Topstield to sergeant

ted to corporal

Stone Charles J., Dorchester, dis Whipple Daniel M., Ipswich, dead Hardy Freeman, Ipswich

charged Gorten Samuel, Hamilton, pro- Hardy Charles B., Ipswich

Stone William L., Ipswich moted to sergeant

Holt Samuel, Lawrence, transfer'd Smith John H., Ipswich Noyes John W., Ipswich, dischar'd Harris J., Scituate

Shehan William, South Danvers Capwell James W., Ipswich, dis- Jewett Lorenzo T. Ipswich

Shattuck James, Ipswich
Joyner Martin P., Roxbury

Sargent Kendall, Ipswich
Kimball John H., Ipswich

Sylvester B. P., Boston
Nichols Albert N., Ipswich
Lavalette Pike N., Ipswich

Thompson Ira, Rowley
Willard II., Lynn
Leonard Isaac M., Ipswich

Trainer Thomas, Salem
Lord Charles W., Ipswich

Tainter Willard H., Lawrence, Crane Wm. P., Ipswich

Lowry Geo, P., Kingston, N.H., promoted to corporal

Terhunc Henry. Ipswich
Andrews Stephen P., Essex
Lane Philip, Lynn

West John, Ipswich
Barker Owen, Lynn, transferred McLaughlin William H., Boston. Wella Samuel s., Ipswich
Buzzell Isauc, Ipswich
Merby John, Ipswich

Wallis Lyman, Dorchester
Butler Pierce, Ipswich
Merrill Samuel 11., Ipswich

Wait Luther, Ipswich
Beck Hardy M., Ipswich

McGregor Alexander, Ipswich Worthing J., Lawrence
Brown Irving, Ipswich
McGregor Parker, Ipswich

Young Charles A., Dorchester
Brown Benjamin, Ipswich
McCarren Patrick, Lynn

Joinci since the rout. let Masih Barnes William, Lawrence

May Alonzo, Lawrence, disch'd Bartlett Charles, Marblehead
Bates C. E., discharged
Mcknight John, Lawrence

Brown S., Ipswich
Butler Edward, Lawrence
Manning John, Boston

Dodge T.J., Hamilton
Bull Benjamin, New York

Nichols Edward F., Ipswich, pro- Elworth J., Marblehead
Chambers Nathaniel, Eastport, Me. moted to corporal

Freeto F., Marblehead
Crouse Willim E., Lawrence Northend George II., Georgetown Hunt W., Marblehead
Charnock Thomas, Lawrence
Nott Richard, Nashua, N 11.

Joseph F., Marblehead
Callahan William, Ipswich
Noble Aurelius C. L., Boston

Orne J. F., Marblehead
Driscoll Michael, Boston
O'Connell John, Ipswich

Thurston T., Ipswich
Durgiu George C., Lawrence Otis L. S., discharged

Webber T., Murblthcad

Company B, Methuen.- 14th Reg.


Captain, LEVERETT BRADLEY, Methuen. 181 Lieut.,

JEREMY B. WARDWELL, Methuen, promoted to captain Co. I, Sept. 2, 1861.

CHRISTOPHER S. HEATH, Methuen, promoted from 2d lieut., Sept. 10, idol. Junior 1st Lieut., GEO. S. FOLLANSBEE, Lawrence, promoted from 2d, Jan. 18, 1802. 2d Lieut., SAMUEL C. HERVEY, Andover, promoted from Co. H, Jan. 18, 1862.

Emery Samuel D., Methuen

Branigan John, Boston
Buswell Joseph E., Methuen, pro- Sawyer Charles M., Methuen

Carlton Charles P'. Methuen moted 2d lieutenant Company K Rowe Benjamin F., Derry

Clough William, Methuen Johnson John W., Methuen


Colby Henry, Manchester
Waldo Parker H., Methuen
Griffin William R., Methuen

Cullen Jas. B., Methuen, deserted
Ayer Charles R., Methuen
Bradley Jeremiah, Methuen

Cullen James H., Methuen Bíllaway Luther, discharged


Cuseck William C., Methuen
Allen, Benjamin C., Methuen

Cox Thomas H., Methuen Coolidge Samuel P., Methuen Arnold Joseph, Manchester, N. H. Davis Hazen, Kingston, N. H. Gleasou Charles, Methuen, promo- Baggaly Thomas, Andover

Drew Orville R., Methuen ted to rgeant (to sergeant Barker Asa, Methuen

Dustan Levi, Methuen Hill Hosca E., Methuen, promoted Bailey James H., Andover, died of Emerson Nelson, Salem, N. H., Jackman Chas. E., Methuen, disch. fever at the hospital, Sept. 20th promoted to sergeant Bassett Thomas C., Derry, N.H. Bird James, Methuen

Emerson Frederic F., Methuen

Fairbanks Charles H., Methuen
Farrington George, Lawrence
Flagg Henry H., Methuen
Frye Asa M., Methuen
Flanders Nathan F., Lowell, dis-

Gaudig Emil, Methuen
Gutterson James, Methuen
Harrington Daniel, Lawrence
Hanchett George B., Methuen
Heath John, Winchester
Holmes Benjamin W., Manchester,

N. H.
Holt Cyrus L., Lynn
Hopkins Frank, Salem, N. K.
Huse George 0., Mithuen, promo-

ted to corporal
Jackman Frank D., Lawrence
Jones Alphonso P., Methuen
Kimball Abraham, Methuen
Kelley Wm. H. H., Salem, N. H.
Kelly Daniel W., Salem, N. H.
Lang George, Boston
Lewis Charles A., Salem, N. H.
Lucas Peter J., Methuen
Martin Thomas, Methuen
Mahaffey Charles F., Derry, N. H.

Macgregor Alex., jr., Derry, N. H.
McLaughlin John S., Methuen
McLaughlin Robert, Methuen
McKenny Andrew J., Derry, N. H.
Messer William, Methuen
Messer Cyrus, Andover
McMullen Patrick, Methuen
Miller William K., Methuen
Minihan John, Methuen
Morse Albert, Methuen
Parker Caleb O., Andover
Pattee Charles T., Salem, N. H.
Percival Thomas, Methuen
Putnam Jeremiah R., Methuen
Putnam John C., Methuen
Poor Sidney, Methuen
Palmer Henry, Methuen
Poland Thomas, Stoneham
Quero Andrew', Haverhill
Ranger William F., Methuen
Sargent Calvin J., Methuen
Sargent Charles H., Methuen
Searles Lonzo, Methuen
Savage Charles II., Haverhill
Smith Frederie, Derry, N. II.
Sherwood William H., Methuen

Sawyer Samuel F., Methuen
Suel John S., Methuen
Troy James M., Methuen, regimen-

tal drummer
Towle Van Buren L., Haverhill
Thurlow Edwin, Haverhill
Vincent Hirum D., Methuen
White John P., Methuen
Winn Abner G., Methuen
Worthen David, Methuen
Woodson Frank M., Methuen
Watts Elijah L., Derry, N. H.
Wardwell George E., Andover
Joined since the regiment left for

seat of war:
Bradley Leverett, jr., Mcthucn
Craig George, Andover, transferred

from Co. II
Conley Martin, Boston, transferred

from Co. C.
Cusick William, Lawrence
Dame Albert, Methuen
Hallacy Daniel, Boston
Johnson Elton P., Methuen
Lahey John, Stonehum, transferred

froin 13th Regiment

Company C (Vechanic Phalanx), Lynn. — 14th Reg.


Captain, ALONZO G. DRAPER, Lynn. 1st Lieut., ARCHELAUS C. WYMAN.

J. M. Osgoon, Haverhill, commissioned Jan. 18, 1862. 20 Lieut., JOSEPH H. SPARKS, discharged Dec. 20, 1861.


Davis Frank, Lynn, promoted to Mason Charles, Lynn
Willard Elijah, Lynn


Nadell Paul, So. Braintree
Berdge Edward A., Lynn
Dupar Wm. P., Lynn

Noyes Alonzo M., Lynn
Jeffers Wm. H., Lynn, discharged Dougherty John, Lynn

Parker Joseph, Lynn
Bates Abel, Lynn

Fitzgerald Michael, Swampscott Parrish Chas. H., Lynn
French Chas. L. Lynn

Patterson Geo. A., Boston
Wells Damon Y., Lynn
Furbush Daniel B., Lynn

Parton Thos. J., Lynu
Atherton Chas. Hl., Lynn
Falvey Patrick, Lynn

Phillips John L., Lynn, discharged Pendexter Chas. H., Lynn, pro- Graham Edward, lynn

Perry Wm. H., Lynn moted to sergeant Graham George J., Ly'ın

Pierce Frederic F., Swampscott, Perkins Joseph G., Lynn, proGalivan Dennis, Lynir

moted to sergeant
Gillespie James, Boston

Poland Edmund C., Lynn
Parker Horace, Lynn
Hall Cyrus W., Lynn

Poland Horace J., l.ynn
Haskell Charles, Lynn

Power John, Lynn
Brimblecom John W., Lynn

Hathaway Frank A., Lynn, pro- Pool Charles, Randolph Chard Edward, Boston

moted to corporal

Pool Marcus M., Randolph

Hey bourn Geo., Lynn, discharged Pratt Edwin F., Lynn
Tarbox Wm. H., Lynn
Homan James P., Lvun

Reed Freeman A., Lynd, left at
Hobart James E., Randolph, pro-

Fort Warren
Abbott Geo. G., Lynn

moted to corporal

Rhodes Leroy, Lynn
Aikens John, Lynn
Howard Joseph, Lynn

Stimpson Edward A., Swampscott
Bachellor Wm. H., Lynn
Hollis Joseph O., Lynn

Skilton Asa D.. Lynn
Belger William, Lynn
Jarvis Edmund B., Lynn

Scarborough Micajah, Lynn
Billows James, Lynn
Jarvis Chas. F., Lynn

Stacy Charles I., Lynn
Billings John F., Lynn
Joint William, Lynn

Smith Thomas, Lynn, transferred
Bixby Arthur E. Boston
Kenney Andrew J., Lynn

to Co. F Bond Samuel B., Lynn

Kenney James, Lynn, promoted to Tarbox Jonathan 8., Lynn Bowen Thos. E., Lynn


Tarbox David, Lynn Breed Benj. M., Lynn, discharged i Kenrick Stephen N., Lynn

Totten Michael, Boston
Brown Thos. L., Lynn

Kitchen Jos. D., Lynn, discharged Tower Minot, Randolph
Brown Thomas, Lynn
Kent George, Lynn

Tuttle Edward, Lynn
Campbell John, Boston
Knight Edward H., Lynn

Twisden Thomas, Lynn
Coates Daniel G., Lynn
Linchan Patrick, Lynn

Wright Dexter, Lawrence
Chase Sam'ı C., Lynn, discharged Lewis Allen W., Lynn

Webber Ivory, Lynn
Coates Geo. P., Lynn
Lewis Nathan B., Lynn

Wells Joseph, Lynn
Coombs Wm. F., Lynn

Locke Dan'l B., Lynn, discharged Whitehead Jeremiah, So. Reading Conley Martin, Portland, Magee Henry, Lynn

Wason Charles T., Lynn transferred to Co. B Maloon Daniel, Lynn

Wall Joseph, Dorchester Cutting Richard M., Lynn

Mason Alpheus B., South Danvers Widger Chas. H., Lynn, promoted Cutler Jamer X., Lynn Mills Chos. F., Lynn

to corporal Chenoweth Hamilton J., Lynn Miles Leonard E., Lynn


Company D (Essex Cadets), Salem.– 14th Reg. This company was recruited at Salem, under the name of “The Essex Cadets." The officers and many of the privates were members of the Salem Cadets. Recruiting for it com menced July 4, and it joined the regiment at Fort Warren, with full ranks, July 22. It is one of the best companies sent from Essex County.


Captain, SETH S. BUXTON, Salem. 1st Lieut., JAMES POPE, Salem ; Junior 1st Licut., FRANK W. TAGGARD, South Danvers,

promoted from 2d, January 18, 1862.
2d Lieut., EDWARD HOBBS, Salem, promoted from sergeant, Jan. 18, 1862.



Perkins Geo. F. Beverly Hobbs Edward, Salem, promoted Cutler Nathan B., Salem

Wellman Geo. O., Salein 2d lieut. Farnhum Frank, South Danvers

Wagoner. Pope Frank, Salem

Felton Stephen C., Marblehead Brewer John, Wenham Peasley Charles, South Danvers Goss Samuel T., Salem

Masury Charles H., Danversport Low Cornelius B., Salem

Adams Charles, Salem
Dalton Samuel, Salem
Millett Andrew J., Salern

Becket Daniel, Salem

Begs Wm. H., Salem
Buxton Augustus, Sulem
Barton John, Rochester, N. Y.
Bushby Asa, South Danvers
Burchstead Win, H., Beverly
Burckel Antoine, Beverly
Campbell John C., South Danvers
Collier Chas. D., Salem
Cook Adelbert P., Salem
Chaplin Geo, N., Dan vers
Dwinell David L. M., Salem
Docklam Wm. H., North Danvere
Davis Andrew L., Salem
Dalton Sepherino M., Salem
Demerritt Henry II., So. Danvers
Demerritt James G., So. Dan vers
Frye Isaac E., Bradford
Foss John G., Beverly, discharged
Fowler llenry P., Dan versport
Foster Frederic A., So. Danvers
Frye Chas. IL, Boxford
Grimes Chas, H., Salern
Gardner Frank, South Danvers
Goldwaith Luther M., Salem
Hodgkins Joseph E., So. Danvers
Hutchinson Ezra A., So. Danvers
Herrick Austin A., So. Danvers
Howard Wm. G., Beverly
Ilobby George, Salem
Hurt Sainutl s., So. Dan vers
Jeokius Lemuel A., Beverly

Jeffs James M., Salem
Jewett Lewis T., Salem
Johnson Frank, So. Danvers
hehew Samuel B., Salem
Lee John W., Salem
Lewis Chauncey H., Salem
Messer John A., So. Danvers
Melcher George P., Salem
Melcher John E., Salem
Morgan Win. II., Beverly
Morris James
Mahoney John W., Salem
Manning John H., So. Danvers
Marshall Chas. G., So. Danvers
Maxfield Chus, O., So. Danvers
Nichols Benj. C., Siem
Norcross Orlando W., Salem
Nolen Thomas, Saleni, discharged
Oliver Josiah, Hamilton
Palmer Chas. W., Salem
Potter Chas. A., So. Danvers
Putnam Thos. J., So. Danvers
Quint Lorenzo A., South Danvers,

Reeves Win. H., Salem, died
Reeves Edward, Salem
Robinson Mathew II., So. Danvers
Rogers Walter S., Beverly
Suwyer Caleb, Salem
Shove Wm. 11., So. Danvers
Southwick lienry B., So. Danvers

Skinner Emery B., Salem
Smith Joseph J., Beverly
Smith Jonathan C., Salem
Smith John F., Beverly
Stickney Geo, A., Salem
Swasey Lewis G., Salern
Taggard Chas. B. So. Danvere
Teague Robert, Salem
Thomas Charles, Beverly
Toby Stephen, Salem
Towne John M., Sa em
Upton Robert, Salem
Usher Daniel R., Dan versport
Walton Edward A, Salem
Warner Clarenre A., Salem
Williams John H.. Sulem
Webber Gew, A., So. Danvers
Wilson Richard W., Beverly
Withery John P., Danvers
Woodman Frederic A., Danvers

Joined after regiment lelt Vax.
Cleavey Wm. A., Beverly
Dalton Eleazer M., Salem
Ferguson Samuel A., Salem
Hart Geo. (., So. Danvers
Littletield Riger S., Randolph
Ricker Charles E., New Durham,

N. 11.
Tibbetts Wm. R., Salem
Towne Samuel, Salemn

Company E, Amesbury.-14th Reg.


Captain, JOSEPH W. SARGENT, Amesbury. 1st Lieut., WM. F. MARTIN, Amesbury; 2d Lieut., BENJ. C. ATKINSON, Amesbury.


Christian Emmons B., Amesbury Lonagan Edward, New York, dls. Thompson William G., Amesbury, Currier Chas. W., Amesbury

charger! promoted to Ist lieut.

Cunningham Augustus, Amesbury Merrill John T., Amesbury
Caldwell Lewis P., Amesbury Connell Putrick O., Amesbury Morrill Wm B., Newton
Sinart Alexander. Amesbury

Dow Henry A., Plaistow, N. H. McNanic John, Amesbury
Clark Geo. W., Amesbury
Dyke Henry F.. Amesbury

McQueston Henry, Amesbury Sargent Gustavus D.. Amesbury Daniels Eben S., Salem

Mcllinigan Michael, Dorchester
Doherty John, Amesbury

McCabe John, Amesbury
Dorsett Wm. L., Amesbury
Dresline William, Lynn

McKenney, Bernard, Lynn
Ring Elbridge A., Ainesbury
Ethier Joseph, Haverhill

Nickett Joseph, South Kingston,
Iloyt Paul G., Newton, N. Ú. Fitts Walter G., Rumney, N. H. N, II., deserted
Follansby Edwin, Amesbury Fowler Ezekiel, Amesbury, pro- Osgood Allen, Amesbury
Osgood Chas, E., Salisbury

moted to corporal

Ross James, Amesbury
Little Geo. F., Amesbury
Foster Wm, P., Groveland

Roberts Wm. H., Lynn
Dearborn John M., Amesbury Fitzgerald Matthew, Amesbury Severance Geo. P., Am sbnry
Flanders Chas. L., Amesbury

Spoflord Nathan J. Amesbury Foss Geo. F., Amesbury

Foye James, West Amesbury Scott Jesse M., Amesbury, acci'H'agoncr. Grant Geo. W., Amesbury

dentally shot while on guard Cartier Edwart, Amesbury

Griswold Frank D., Amesbury Spcar Sainuel W., Boston

Goodwin Geo. W., Newton, N. II. Stevens Geo, C., Newton, N, HI.
Allen Webster, Amesbury
Gray John B., Amesbury

Simms James, Plaistow, N. H. Baxter Benjamin, Amesbury Gale Eben P., llaverhill

Smith Rufus, Haverhill Bayley Richard S., Amesbury Hamilton William, Amesbury Sylvester David, Amesbury Badger Henry F., Amesbury Harris Elmer S., Plainfield, N. H. Shaw Chay. R., Newton, V. H. Bellow. John S., Kingston, N. H. Hawksworth John, Aniesbury Sherman Stephen F., Charlestown Brown George, Amesbury Handley John, Amesbury

Towle Patrick, Amesbury, deserted Bickum Chas. II., Haverhill

Kellogg Frederic B., Amesbury Towns William, Lynn
Blaisdell John A., Kingston, N. H. Kennett Chas. H. Amesbury Tuttle Wm. A., Lynn
Bartlett Jeremiah, East Kingston, Kimball Orin, Kingston, N. I. Tate James, Haverhill
N. H.
Kelley Samuel E., Bradford

Woodard Thos, P., Haverhill
Carter John H., Boston
Lakeinan Nathan, Salem

Webster David R., Newton, N. II. Chandler Nicholas W., Plaistow, N. Leach Abraham T.,

Newton, N.H. Welch Chas. R., llaverhill
H., discharged

Leary Timothy R, Boston
Crane William. Amesbury
Lord Timothy, Salem

Joined since regiment left N 186. Cowdry Warren, Plaistow, N. H. Lunt Charles, Amesbury

Egland Edward, Musician
Chapler Andrew F., Amesbury
Liberty Joseph, Amesbury

Hunkins Horace, Haverhill
Chein John, Haverhill
Liberty Peter, Amesbury

McDonald Joseph

Captain, {

Company F (Scott Guards), Lawrence. - 14th Reg.

SAMUEL LANGMAID, Lawrence, discharged Jan. 8, 1862.

JOSEPH W. KIMBALL, Lawrence, promoted from 1st lieut. Jan. 9, 1802.
Senior 1st Lieul., RICHARD P. CUSHMAN, Haverhill, promoted from 2d lieut. Jan. 9, 1802.
Junior 1st Lieut., John H. GLOVER, promoted from sergt. Jan. 18.
2d Lieut., FRED W. STOWE, promoted from sergt. Co. A, 1st Reg. Jan. 18.

Fisk John, Lawrence

Burnham Wingate, Haverhill Glover John II., Lawrence, pro- Clifford Lucius, Lawrence

Butler Edward moted to junior 1st lieut.


Carter A. F., Lawrence
Stone Joel T., Lawrence
Harrison John, Lawrence

Cross G. P., Gonic, N. H.
Henderson Robert, Lawrence
Miller George, Lawrence

Colcord Daniel, Lawrence
Merrill Wm. T., Portsmouth, N. H.


Conway H. A., Pawtucket

Bartlett Wm. J., Kingston, N. H. Casey Wm. E., Lawrence
Kent Geo. S., Lawrence


Carr Chus. E., Bradford learock Daniel, Lawrence

Arsino Philip, Swanton Fall, Vt., Costello John, South Dan ver Buswell James C., Lawrence, pro- discharged

Cutler Geo. S., Lawrence moted to sergeant Bailey James, Lawrence

Croston W. E. Spaulding Henry W., Lawrence Buckley Robert, Lawrence

Davis Daniel 9., Lawrence, disch'a
Chase Silas M., Lawrence
Bodwell Stephen B., Lawrence

Davis R. HL, Lawrence
Moore Joseph W., Lawrence
Batchelder L. H.

Dillingham Perley M., Lawrence

Decker Peter, Lawrence
Durgin Chas. C., Lawrence
Durgin Copeland C., Lawrence
Day John, Lowell
Donovan Jerry F., Lawrence
Douzer Chas. H., Lowell
Demeritt John W., Iliverhill
Dudley Albert M., Brentwood, N.H.
Fales Henry C., Lawrence
French Horace E., Lawrence
Flagg Chas. II.. Lawrence
Foleum Daniel W., Haverhill
Fletcher John II, Haverhill
Garland James S., Exeter, N. H.,

Holt Samuel, Lawrence
Holt Amos S., Lawrence
Hanson James W., Lawrence
Hulford John, Lawrence
Iloward Richard, Lawrence
Hale John, Lawrence
Hoyt Geo. C., Haverhill
Howe Dennis W., Liwrence
Hall Abraham, Lawrence

Irish Charles S., Lawrence
Jones Lorenzo, Lawrence
Johnson Elisha B., Lawrence, pro-

moted to corporal
Knowles Geo. F., Lawrence
Lewis Geo. W., Lawrence
Lalley Thomas, Lowell
Morey S. S., Lawrence
Miller Thomas, Lawrence
Marsh Aaron B., Brentwood, N. H.
McGrath Patrick
McKown John Y., Haverhill
McCoy Patrick, Haverhill
Noble Hubert A., Waterford
Nent Geo. W., No.Waketield, N. II.
Osgood Daniel, Chester, N. H.
Pluinmer Geo. W., Albion
Parsons Geo. W., Salem
Perry Nathan, Reading
Parshley Chas. H., Haverhill
Priest F. H., Lawrence
Ryan James, Amesbury, deserted
Rogers Geo. A, Lawrence
Ryder Stanley

Stevens T. A.
Stevens James, Andover
Sanford John' A., Lawrence, dis-

Sharrock William
Searles Caleb S., Lawrence
Smith John, Lawrence
Smith Moses
Smith Thomas, transferred from

Co. C
Smith William, Lawrence
Sanderson Joseph, Lawrence
Sweat John W., Stratham, N. II.
Thurlow Isaac W., Metheun, dis-

Thornton Thos. V., Manchester
Tuck Charles, Manchester
Westall Solomon, Lawrence
Welch George
Whitely Joseph
Wood William
Washburn Eleazer, Tamworth,

N. H.
Walton J. A.

Company G, Marblehead. — 14th Reg.


Captain, BENJAMIN DAY, Marblehead. 1st Lieut., CHAS. P. NOYES, Marblehead. Junior 1st Lieut., BENJ. F. MARTIN, Marblehead, promoted from 2d, Jan. 18, 1862.

Gilbert John G., Marblehead

Sinclair Archibald, Marblehead Bartlett George B., Marblehead Gilbert Philip H. L., Marblehead Small Zachariah, jr., Swampscott Snow Samuel, Marblehead, dis- Gilley Eben, Marblehead

Sinith John J., Marblehead charged Givens James F., Boston

Soper Jeremiah, Marblehead Stacey William L., Marblehead Glasy Joseph B., Marblehead, dis- Steele David, Marblehead Doliber Samuel H., Marblehead charged

Stevens George C., Marblehead Corporals.

Goodwin Samuel J., Marblehead Stevens Thornas, 2d, Marblehead, Blaney Nathaniel R., Marblehead, Grahain John, Marblehead

discharged promoted to kergeant Green Alfred P., Marblehead

Stimpson Fred. G., E. Boston Witham Burrill, Marblehead, pro- Green Richard, Marblchead

Sweet Samuel B., Marblehead moted to sergeant High Nathaniel, Marblehead

Sweet William B., Marblehead Brown Calvin K., Marblehead Horton Richard, Swampscott

Tindley William, Marblehead Graves John F. Marblehead Johnson Joseph H., Beverly, dis- Trefry John T., Marblehead, disDodd William L., Marblehead charged

charged Rodgers Nathaniel V., Murblehead Jo son William, Marblehead Trefry Thomas, Marblehead Sinclair Samuel, jr., Marbleneud Layhee William, Marblehead Tucker Nicholas, 21, Marblehead Mrcian

Lecraw William' P., Marblehead Twisden Nicholas, Marblehead Chinn Joseph A., Marblehead Leslie William, Marblehead

Twisden Thomas, Saugus
Russell Martin V. B, Salem

Lyons Charles E., Marblchead Twiss James E., Marblehead
Marshall James C., Dracut

Watts Richard, Salem, discharged Burridge Robert, jr., Marblehead Monarck George II., Salem

Weed William W., Marblehead Private

Morse James L., Marblehead, pro- Wentworth John H., Salem Atkins Philip H., Marblehead

moted to corporal

Wilkins Edward N., Swampscott Aborn Benjamin F., Marblehead Morse Thaddeus, Charlestown Wilkins George W., Swampscott Atkins William H, Marblehead McCulley Robert, Marblehead Winslow William C., Marblcheud Baker William W., Marblehead Parshley Nathaniel D., Salem

Joined after the regt, let Jass. Blackler Levi M., Marblehead Paliner Theodore L., Charlestown Eastland George Blaney Jno., Marblehead Pearce John D., Marblehead

Edwards George R. Chapman Benj. H., Marblehead Pearce Robert, jr., Marblehead Flint David, jr. Chapman John G., Marblehead Pedrick Rufus, Marblehead

Green John R. Clarke Isaac A., Marulehead

Philips Thomas J., jr., Marblehead Holden John L. Cloutman John S. B., Marblehead Prior Richard, Marblehead

Howe Charles H. Cloutman Samuel, Marblehead Roache Charles E., Marblehead, King William Collier Eben, Marblehead, died promoted to corporal

Knowland Andrew J. from accidentally cutting his foot Rodgers William, Marblehead

Martin Peter A. while chopping wood

Roulstone William, Marblehead Murtin William H.
Courtis, Joseph, Marblehead Roundy Benjamin F., Marblehead Millett Thomas
Cox Thomas, Marblehead
Roundy John, Marblehead

Rodrick Charles
Crowley Peter, Marblehead

Roundy John L., Marblehead, pro- Ross Archelaus L. Dane Peter, Roxbury, discharged moted to corporal

Russell Knott P. Downing Benjamin, Marblehead Rundlett Edward S., Marblehead Savory John H. Evans Amos B., Marblehead

Russell Wilson H., jr., Marblehead Swasey George S. Florence William II, Marblehead Russell Wilson H., 30., Marblehead Tucker John I. Foley Timothy, Marblehead Shaw John H., Marblehead, dis- Umber James Freeto Thomas A., Marblehead charged

Woodfin Thomas G.

Company H, (Light Infantry), Andover. - 14th Reg. This company was organized May 14, 1861. A standard was presented to them June 22 by the students of Phillips Academy, the presentation speech being made by J. A. Bent, of the senior class, and responded to by Capt. Holt.

When the company leit Andover, June 24, for Fort Warren, a collation was provided for them at the Town Hall. They were addressed by F. Cogswell, Esq., President of Citizen's Committee of twenty-five, and they were escorted to the cars by the “ Havelock Guards,” (a company formed by the theological students, for military drill), and by the “ Phillips Cadets" (a company formed by the students in Phillips Academy, for military drill), and by a procession of citizens, calling together one of the largest collections of people ever seen in the town.

The town paid the members for about sixty days' drill, at 50 cts. each per day, and furnished each with a uniform and general outfit.


Captain, HORACE HOLT, Andover. 1st Lieut., CHAS. H. Poor, Andover. Junior 1st Lieut., Moses W. CLEMENT, Andover, promoted from 2d lieut. Jan. 18, 1862. 2d Lieut., E. W. GUILFORD, Danvers, commissioned Jan. 18, 1862.

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