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Company G, Boston, - 11th Reg. Company G was recruited by Capt. Wm. C. Allen, in Boston. He was taken prisoner at Bull Run, while assisting one of his wounded soldiers,

but escaped a few days afterwards, and after undergoing much hardship arrived safely in Washington, and rejoined his regiment.


Captain, WILLIAM C. ALLEN, Boston. 1st Lieut.,


EDWIN HUMPHREY, Hingham, promoted to captain, Company A, Oct. 11, 1861.

JOSEPH P. MYERS, East Boston, promoted from 2d lieut., Oct. 11, 1861. 2d Lieut., WILLIAM H. ROBERTS, Lynn, promoted from corporal, Oct. 11, 1861.

Carrick James, Lowell

Morgan William, Lawrence
Brown Edward O., Lynn
Carver Chas. H., Boston

Moore William. Newark, N. J. Andirews Charles A., Boston, dis- Crosby John, deserted

Meeder Henry M., Lynn charged Chanley Nugent, Lynn

McMorran Chas. J., E. Weymouth Vaux Walter K., Ballardvale, de- Churchill Geo. F. Lynn

Milne W.J., North Andover serted

Carneron James E., West Needham Morse Walter S., North Andover Maralious Frederie, Boston

Cahane John, Lynn, promoted to Marrs Samuel, Boston

Morris Thomas, South Boston Duffy Charles P., Fitchburg, pro- Church Samuel, Boston, promoted Moore Nicholas D., Lynn moted to sergt.

to corporal

Nolan John, Boston Roberts Wm. II., Lynn, promoted Chickering Wm. W., No. Andover Oliver Samuel P., Lynn to 21 lieut. Oct. 11.1-61

Colton Edmund A., Roxbury Price Wm. P., Lynn, promoted to Burbank Charles G., East Boston, Clancey Henry, Boston

Crastax John, Boston

Parker Thomas, Lynn
Greenleaf Wm. U., Boxford
Carroll Grant, Lynn

Philips Angelo, Lynn
Janes Charles II., Lin, killed at Carroll Ohed J., Lynn

Porter Chus. C., Boston battle of Bull Run, July 21, 1861 Condon William, Boston

keynolda Martin, Lynn Wasley Herbert J., Lynn

Collins John T., Boston, deserted Rhodes Charles, Lynn
Sanborn Jeremiah, North Andover Dolan Peter, Troy, N. Y.

Robinson Edwin M., Boston
Dalton Chas. J., East Boston

Rollins Albert J., Boston
Bailey Marcus M., Lawrence, de- Dorman Henry, Lyon

Rooney Francis, Boston serted

Edgar William K., Boston, taken Smith Hugh, Marblehead McDonald John, Nova Scotia

prisoner, and returned

Smith Abram, South Boston
Follansby Wm. W., Boston

Stiles Oliver C., Woburn
Cooley Bernard, Boston, promoted Fisk Joseph H., Lexington

Simpson Geo. F., North Reading. to sergt.

Gallon James, Ballardvale, pro- promoted to corporal

moted to corporal, and deserted Sutcliff James H., North Andover Allen Gilbert D., Lynn Hale John, deserted

Shackley William, Danvers Boynton Wm. F., Lynn

Holmes Marcus M., E. Weymouth Stevens llenry J., Lynn Bacheller Joseph, Lynn

Harrington Andrew A., North An- Towle John, Boston Bullock Levi D., Boston


Wilkinson Alfred, Boston
Blank Geo. G., South Boston
Hughes Wm. A., Boston

Webster Waldo, Bangor, Me. Brown Thomas J., Lynn

Hasty Gilbert, Boston, discharged Witham Walter S., Lynn Brown Wm. S., North Andover, Hathaway Chas. A., Lynn

Wells John C., North Andover promoted to corporal

Hindman Edward P., North Read- Williams John, Boston Breed Elbridge H., Lynn

ing, discharged

Joined since the regiment left for Band Wm. A., Lynn. promoted to James Thomas, Boston, taken pris

seat of war. sergeant, and deserted

oner, and returned

Addison Joseph, Lynn Brighain Wm., Rochester, deserted Johnson Cha, W., Lynn

Ames Geo. H., Lynn
Boyle Bernard, Lynn, deserted Jones Edward E., Lynn

Ames Geo. F., Lynn
Birke James, Lynn
Jewett John W., Lynn

Cullen John, Beverly
Bisbee George W., Lynn
Leonard J. W., Randolph

Condon Richard C., Lynn
Bisbee Asaph, Lynn
Libby Francis, Boston

Donovan Duncan, Newburyport
Bisbee Asaph M., Lynn
Lovett Joseph I., Boston

Manning Peter, Lynn Clark Francis L., Lyon, taken Lord Chas. E., Lynn

Russell Albert W., Danvers prisoner

Company H (Sanford Light Guard), Boston. – 11th Reg. Company H was recruited in Boston, under the direction of the projectors of the regiment, and was assigned to Capt. Selden Page. The captain, who fought at Bull Run, is a general favorite in the regiment. This company is called the “ Sanford Light Guard" in honor of Mrs. E. H. Sanford, whose noble bounty has been constantly shown, not only to this company, but to the whole 11th Regiment (as briefly stated in the regimental sketch), and also to other military organizations.


Captain, SELDEN PAGE, Leominster.
1st Lieut., CHARLES HENRY COLBURN, Boston.
2d Lieut., GEORGE W. CALIFF, Boston, taken prisoner.


Bent John Q., Quincy, promoted Green Wm. H., North Reading Heath Henry, Ilaverhill

to corporal

Gerry Wm. H., North Reading Badgar Abner H., Philips, Me. Bassett Russell W., Pittsfield

Guilford John C., Middleboro', Whitney Sidney, Fitchburg, de- Berdge Edwin T., So. Groveland di charged serted Bolton Wm. A., Andover

Guilford L. S., Middleboro Corbett Joseph, Beverly

Blanchard Daniel, Sulem, taken Guilford Chas. H., Middleboro Warren Robert T., Bowdoinham, prisoner

Gale Marcis M., Haverhill
Me., wounded and prisoner

Brown James L., Cambridgeport Howard I...
Brown Joseph H., Cambridgeport

Hadies Horace A.,

Middleboro' Royer Wm. H. Pottstown, Pa. Crosby Edmund B., Wrentham Hopkinson Lowell 11., Groveland, Cram Eben N., West Baldwin, Cady Charles, Lancaster

promoted to corporal promoted to sergt., taken prisoner Chamberlin John H., Brookfield Hammons Chas. W., II verhill Ham John M., Beverly

Clark James N., Boston, wounded Houston Benjamin F. Plymouth Heath J. Wesley. Haverhill

and taken prisoner

Houston Edward, Bostou, deserted Emery John S., Saco, Me. Coffin Enoch, Middleton

Uixon Edward T., Cainbridgeport Emerson Joseph R., Plaistow, N.H. Cram Oscar, Middleton

Hollis G. Frederic, W. Randolph Musicians.

Carlton Daniel J., West Newbury Haywood Henry. Yo. Andover Cole George A., Boston Colburn Clarence s., Boston

Jacobs H. C., Middleboro', taken Wentworth S. G., Middletown Davis George W., Nashua, N. H. prisoner Wagoner.

Davidson Willard 0.. Haverhill Johnson G. T., Groveland, deserted
Beazley John, Boston
Elwell Chas. E., Athens

Jackson Geo. ll., Lebanon

Fletcher Wm., Boston, wounded Keezer George W., So. Kingston, Adam John, Haverhill, deserted and taken prisoner

discharged Baldwin Gilbert, New Bedford Flint Francis T., North Reading Knowlton C. R. T., Ashland, taken Bent George A., Quincy

Green Henry W., Boston, deserted prisoner

Kimball Varnum A., llaverhill
Kenney Patrick, Eastport
McLaughlin Henry E., Boston
MeGrow Michael, Boston, deserted
McIntire John, North Reading
Mansfield William, Ashland, taken

prisoner at Bull Ruin
Morrill Geo. W., Salisbury
Boran Andrew, Portsmouth
Mead Christopher, Boston
Noyes Williain M., Charlestown,

Noyes Angustus F., Groveland
Nute Abraham, Boston, deserted
Philips William, Haverhill
Philips Orville i., South Boston
Peasly Joseph L., Boston, deserted
Porter Elisha, Boston
Poole William, Boston
Pickup John, So. Boston, deserted
Page Edgar B., Haverhill
Ryan Peter, Quincy

Roberts Burton, Thetford, Vt., de

Steinler Peter, South Boston
Shepard John E., Boston, deserted
Sheridan James, Boston
Scruton Henry F.. Hull
Stratton Thomas D., Boston
Smithers Benza G., Cambridgeport
Shafter Oscar, Saugerties, N. Y.
Shaffer Dewitt, Saugerties, N. Y.
Stevens James, Haverhill
Stevens John M., Hrverhill
Spiller Thos. W., Groveland
Thayer Geo. M., Columbia
Whyte Lawrence A., Boston
Woodlin Elgin, Andover
Wescott Henry A., Chelsea, pro-

moted to corporal
Wells Ww. H., Worcester
Willey Samuel H., Boston, taken

Ward Charles A., Boston,

Wade George B., Boston, taken

prisoner at battle Bull Run
Joined after the regiment left for

seat of car.
Burns John, Salem
Cheever A. J., Lynn
Conway James, Newburyport
Cudworth Frank A., Chelsea
Ellicott Wm. C., Baltimore, Md.
Henders John El., Yuba City, Cal.
Hamilton 0. l., Lyme, N. H.
Hayes Joseph R., Boston
Hewlett Geo. S., Newburyport
Hoyt Wm. A., Newburyport
Leary Michael, Newbury port
Rinckel John, Baltimore, Md., de-

Sexton Dennis, Newburyport
Taylor James, Lowell
Tuttle John A., Lynn
Wood Samuel A., New York City

Company I (Bunker Hill Volunteers), Charlestown. - 11th Reg. Was recruited by Capt. B. F. Wright, in Charlestown, and went into camp at Fort Warren, May 17, 1861, and from there it went to Camp Cameron, June 17. The company was composed of excellent material, and received much attention from Mayor Hutchins and the city government of Charlestown. The female teachers of the public schools, the Soldiers? Relief Society, and individuals of Charlestown also contributed liberally, in clothing and other necessary articles of comfort for the company before they left the Stute, and afterwards, in November, the Hancock Engine Company 'sent them clothing, &c.

COMMISSIONED OFFICERS. Captain, BENJAMIN F. WRIGHT, Charlestown, discharged Nov. 28, 1861. 1st Lieut., John C. ROBERTSOx Charlestown; 2d Lieut., ALBERT M. GAMMELL, Charles

town, promoted 1st lieut.
Ellms Chas. II., Chelsea

Peterson Peter A., Chelsea
White Rufus A., Charlestown Edmands Radney, Reading

Proctor Joseph H., So. Boston Stone Henry H., Charlestown Fdmands Cannister, Reading

Robbins Frederic B., Natick
Buss Geo. A., Charlestown
Fox Chas. M., Charlestown

Robinson Charles, Bonton
Rowell Henry P., Charlestown Forrester Charles, Lynntield Randall Benj. F., Charlestown,
Peabody Geo. Boxford, Me.
Hobill Ralph, Weytnouth

discharged Corporals.

Haggett Wm. H., Charlestown Rhodes Otis W., Millbury Emerson John H., Hopkinton.N.H. Ilayden Francis A., Charlestown Richardson Joseph H., Lynnfield Torrey Daniel E., Charlestown Jones Geo. A., Charlestown

Russell Levi S., Lynntield Ward William H. Charlestown, Johnson George F., New Lebanon, Ramsdell Ira W., Lynntield wounded at battle Bull Run

N. H., deserted

Sweet Herbert W., Smithfield, R. Smith Chas, M., Charlestown

Jordan Richard W., Charlestown I., discharged Brown Henry 0., Charlestown Johnson Peter, Boston

Shaw Colin, Salem, promoted to Kuhn Wm. H., Boston

Kenny Thomas J., So. Reading corporal Meagher Francis T., Charlestown Lane William, So. Reading

Spencer Joseph, Norwich, Conn. Micians.

Lavin Patrick Charlestown, Sullivan John O., Charlestown Mears Daniel, Andover

drowned July 31, 1861

Torrey George D., Charlestown, Morse Mark, South Dedham

Leighton George, Charlestown taken prisoner at battle of Bull
Leathe Chas. B., Reading

Run, July 21, Inol, and released
Beavey Frank, Charlestown
Leathe Geo, E., Reading

Vars Nuthan U., Westbury, R. I.,
Le Clair Williain, Reading

deserted Allen Albert P., Charlestown Meader C. C., Lynnfield

Wells Wm. F., Charlestown
Anderson Henry, Beverly
Mason Wm. F., Charlestown

White Henry C., Quincy
Breen Terrence. Charlestown

Middleton Robert L., Charlestown White Wm., Boston, deserted
Bell Anderson, Lawrence
Morgan Francis, Salem

Waery James, Reading
Plackney Thos, K., Reading
Martin E. A. S., Reading

Walton S. L., Reading
Booth Frederic S., Pawtucket, R.I. Mead John P., Lynnfield, died Wiley Daniel B., Lynnfield
Cutter James, Cambridge

from wounds receivel at battle Wiley Joseph L., Lynn teld Coleman Thoros, Charlestown of Bull Run, July 21, 1BI

Ware Earl, Boston, deserted Cochran William, Charlestown Mears George, Charlestown

Wood Frederic I., Boston, deserted Clark William, No. Brookfield McAllister Benjamin, Reading Joined after the chimene kjo jor Chandler Geo. II., So. Reading Mason S. L., Charlestown

out of str. Crosby Jesse. Lynnfield,discharged Mills Christopher S., Charlestown Crowell Freeman, Newbury port Caldwell Geo. A., Charlestown McCurdy Freeman, Charlestown Dowling John, Charlestown Connell Wm. 0., Port and, Me. McGar John, Charlestown

Johnson John, Charlestown Crowell Benjamin, Lynnfield Nash James E., Charlestown

Kahler Patrick, Salem Charleson Sanuel, Charlestown Norcross Wm. F., Charle-town Knowlton J. C., Charlestown Dennett L. Boarman, Charlestown Newell R. S., Charlestown, taken Lackey Frank, Marblehead Disney Joseph. Charlestown

prisoner at battle of Bull Run Morrill Gilman F., Amesbury Drury Wn. A., Charlestown O'Donnell Michael, Chelsea

O'Connor James, Salem
Elims Wm. J., Chelsea
Omond Albert, Charlestown

Webber John, Marblehead

Company K, Dorchester. - llth Reg. Company K was enlisted by Capt. Benjamin Stone, Jr., in the town of Dorchester, and in regard to officers and men is excelled by no company in the regiment. It was cscorted from Dorchester to Boston, by the citizens of the former place, with great pomp. Capt. Stone, being unwell, was left in command of the camp at Alexandria when the regimeat marched to Bull Run. During the fight the company was under the command of Lieut. Munroe. Capt. S. is an excellent officer.

Captain, BENJAMIN STONE, JR., Dorchester.
18t Lieut., WILLIAM V. MUNROE, Dorchester.

JOHN T. SWEET, Dorchester, discharged Aug. 22, 1861.
JOHN MUNN, promoted from 1st sergeant, Aug. 23, 1861.

21 Lieut., {


Chapman James H., Cambridge, Morse B. H., Boston, deserted Munn John, Dorchester, promoted discharged

Musgrave Alex., Dorchester, died 2d lieut., Aug. 23, 1861 Church Win., Hingham

Neas Frank, Dorchester
Blake Henry N..

Clapp Samuel, Dorchester

Neal Thor, H., Dorchester wounded at Bull Run

Conrad Hugo, East Cambridge Nightingale TJ., Weymouth Bmdshaw Anron, Dorchester, Coolidge Geo. 11., Weymouth, died Oliver Chas. B., Stoughton

wounded and taken prisoner at Coolidge Wm. F., Weymouth Oliver Edward N., Stoughton battle of Bull Run, July 21, 1961 Davies Alfred, Dorchester

Packard H. M., Dorchester Karcher Christopher, Dorchester Davis John C., Boston

Ro Geo. W., Dorchester Lucas Geo. W., Dorchester Davis Sumner A., Newton

Sandberg Frederie, Cambridgeport Crporals,

Dean George H., Boston, missing Saville Samuel W., Weymouth Neas John, Dorchester, promoted since battle of Bull Run, July Schmidth Wm., Cambridgeport to sergeant

21, 1861

Schnabel Henrick, Charlestown Stone Martin W., Dorchester, pro- Dearborn Nathaniel W., Cam- Schnepf Çeveah, Cambridgeport, moted to setgeant bridge, deserted

promoted corporal Clurk Nathaniel, Dorchester Decoster John, Stoughton

Seaverns Henry A., Dorchester, Gleason E. F., Dorchester

Dodge Charles S., Dorchester, de- discharged Hilton L. A., Dorchester


Scott William, Boston
Chandler C. B.. Dorchester
Fiske Chas. A., Lexington

Smith Geo. S., Dorchester, deserted
Sterling John W. Dorchester Fitzgerald Robert, Newton Upper Snow Henry, Dorchester

Stephenson W. Scott, Newton
Thompson Samuel, Dorchester Forness A. W., South Danvers Sterling Asa F., Dorchester
Clark George H., Dorchester
Garvey John A., Roxbury

Stevens Newell D., Dorchester,
Gaskin Wm. H., Lawrence

discharged Greenleaf Jeremiuh, Dorchester Glover Albert H., Dorchester

Sickell William, Boston

Guptill Tino:hy D., Newton Stratton F. S., Boston
Anderson A. F., jr., Dorchester Handy Frank, Newton

Stuart Henry, Leicester Bailey Thos. E., Dorchester, pro- Harris Jaines E., Dorchester

Sumner Geo. 11., Dorchester moted to corporal Healey Jackson, Hingham

Taylor Abraham, Lawrence Barnes George s., Dorchester, de- Hellmann John, Somerville

Weld s. II., jr., Dorchester, taken Serted Hickok Thos. J., Dorchester

prisoner at battle of Bull Run, Bares Wm. F., Dorchester

Hippler Andrew, East Cambridge and died at Richmond, Va. Barrett James, Weymouth

lloffman A. G., Dorchester

Wall James H., Newton, deserted Billings Geo. W., Dorchester | Hoper James L., Dorchester Wry Wm. H., Dorchester Blackman L. S., Dorchester, dis- Jameson R. E., Woburn

Joined since September. charged Kelley Edward, Roxbury

Kesler G. F., Philadelphia, Pa., Blake Wm, E., Dorchester

Kent Joseph II., Charlestown musician Bowen Benj. F., Dorchester, pro- wounded at battle of Bull Run, Bradshaw J. H., Dorchester moted to corporal

and discharged

Brown John D., Salem Bullard William H., Weymouth, Lassman Robert E., Dorchester Decoster Barton, Stoughton deserted

Lahineryer Lewis, E. Cambridge Holden John, Salem
Bunce Chas. A., Dorchester
Learned Isinc, Dorchester

Ingalls John, Marblehead
Burke A. L., Dorchester
Leman A. W., Dorchester

Newhall Geo. F., Lynn
Burr H. D., Dorchester,

Ludwig Frederic, Dorchester Rice J. S., Roxbury
Canfield M., Lawrence, deserted Magoun Samuel B., Dorehester Richards W, W., Dorchester
Capen Asa M., Dorchester
Marsh Chas. H., Dorchester

Tarbox Rendell, Lynn
Carney P. H., Lawrence, deserted Morrill Joseph A., Boston

Weed George A., Lynn Chandler James B., Boston

Twelfth Regiment.

Immediately after the cowardly attack made upon the Sixth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteers by a lawless mob in the streets of Baltimore, an appeal having been made to 'he loyal sons of Massachusetts, Fletcher Webster, Esq., of Marshfield, published on Saturday, April 20, 1861, the following call, addressed to the patriotic men of Boston and vicinity ::

“Fellow-Citizens - I have been assured by the Executive Department that the State will accept at once an additional regiment or infantry. I therefore propose to meet to-morrow at ten o'clock, in front of the Merchants' Exchange, State Street, such of my fellow-citizens as will join in raising this new regiment. The muster-roll will be ready to be signed then and there. Respectfully, FLETCHER WEBSTER."

The call of Mr. Webster was seconded by the following notice, subscribed with the names of twenty-eight respectable gentlemen, and published at the same time :

“There will be a public meeting to-morrow, Sunday, in front of the Exchange, State Street, at ten o'clock, A. M., to aid in the enrolment of the new regiment of volunteer militia called for by Fletcher Webster. Come all.”

In consequence of this call a mass meeting was held in State Street at the appointed time. One of the morning journals, in describing the occurrence, says: “The appear. ance of this city yesterday was one of unusual excitement. The streets were, at an early hour, thronged with citizens, anxiously gleaning the extras for the latest news, and discussing the events of the hour with intense excitement. The enthusiasm of the old and the ardor of the young were roused to the highest pitch, and the patriotic spirit of '76 seemed to be fully aroused. The scene on State Street was one of unusual life and animation. Long before the departure of the Fifth Regiment, crowds were thronging into the street, and focking to the steps of the Exchange. Ai ten o’rlock, according to announcement in the daily papers, Fletcher Webster, Esq., appeared to announce himself in readiness to raise a regiment of militia. He attempted to address the vast crowd, but the inconvenience of the position rendered it utterly impossible for him to make his voice heard. Some one shouied, . To the Old State House!' 'This was. responded to with cheers, and cries of "That's the place !' and a rush was immediately made for that spot. Soon Mr. Webster appeared on the balcony, and was greeted with hearty cheers. He uncovered, and bowing in acknowledgment for his greeting, addressed the assemblage of citizens. He said he could see no better use to which the day could be put than for us to take the opportunity to show our gratitude to Divine Providence for bestowing upon us the best government in the world, and to pledge ourselves to stand by and maintain it. He whose good name he bore, had the good

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furtune to defend the Union and the Constitution in the forum. This he could rot dr, but he was ready to defend them in the field. This is no time for speeches, but for action. He then stated that he had received the proper papers from the Governor, authorizing him to raise a regiment of volunteers, and he read a letter stating that when such regiment was completed it would be accepted by the State. He had also received other papers. for signatures of persons wishing to volunteer. He then read General Order No. 6, calling for volunteers, and said that in consequence of this order, he offered his services to his fellow-citizens to join them anywhere in serving their country. Time presses; the enemy are approaching the Capital of the nation ; it may be in their hands; (cries of dever! it never shall be!') Promptness is needed. Let ns show the world that the patriotism of '61 is not less than that of the heroes of '76. The noble impulses of iheir patriotic hearts hare descended to us,"

“Mr. Webster closed his remarks with an allusion to his father's devotion to the country, and expressed a hope that we shall vet see the nation united and our flag remain without a star dimmed or a stripe obliterated. He then announced that all who desired to enlist would find the papers ready for signatures, at the Surveyor's office, at the Custom House. This announcement' was received with loud applause. The remarks of Mr. Webster were received with the greatest enthusiasm, and at the close of his speech he was loudly cheered.

The meeting was likewise addressed by Wm. Debon, Esq., Hon. Charles Levi Woodbury, Edward Riddle, Esq., and o her gentlemen. Mr. Dehon, on being announced, stepped forward and was very cordially received. He commenced his spirited address by saying that the day was one for deeds, not words. He could not see the grandson of Captain Ebenezer Webster, that hero of the Revolution - he could not see the son of that later Webster, who slumbers in the shades of Marshfirld, come here, (leasing wife and family) for the cause of that country to whose welfare they devoted their lives, without saying one word of encouragement. He goes to fight traitors, whose equal the world has never seen. Mr. Dehon said he was ready, as one of a committee of one hundred citizens, to join in raising money to equip a regiment of ten companies. His remarks were enthusiastically received.

Mr. Woodbury alluded very feelingly to the brother of Mr. Webster, who gallantly served his country in the Mexican war, and who fell a martyr to the maladies of a tropical climate while anxious to sustain his country's glory, and achieve for himself an honorable fame.

At nine o'clock, on Monday mornirg, Mr. Nathaniel B. Shurtleff, Jr., who had on the previous day tendered his services to Mr. Webster for the purpose, opened papers for the enlistment of the regiment in Merchants' Exchange, using for headquarters the rooms now occupied for the Post Office, which had been kindly granted to Mr. Web. ster for the purpose, by the proprietors of the building. So rapidly was the enlistment made for this regiment, that, on the sticcer ding Wednesday, in less than three days' time, the enlistment was completed and the lisis closed, sixteen full companies having offered for the service.

On the same day, a committee of one hundred was organized to co-operate with Mr. Webster in forming and providing for his regiment. Wm. Dehon. Esq., was chosen President, George Eaton, Esq., Secretary, and John D. Brvant, Treasurer. Several committees were also appointed for carrying out the objects of the organization,

Col. John M. Fessenden, a distingnished graduate of West Point Military Academy, gave his valuable services for the instruction of the regiment.

The regiment was composed of five companies enlisted at Boston, one at North Bridgewater, one at Abington, one at Weymouth, one at Stoughton, and one at Gloucester, all having the full complement of rank and file, according to the Massachusetts Statutes.

These ten companies were organized by the choice of officers during the last week of April. The captains of the several companies were: Company A, Capt. Charles E. Grover, who subsequently resigned, and was succeeded in command by Lieut. Richard H. Kimball; Company B, Dohon Guard, Captain George W. Murch, who had seen service in the Mexican war; Company C, Capt. Charles R. Doane, who soon resigned, and Daniel G. Handy, a member of the Second Battalion, was appointed captain ; Company D, Latin School Guard, Capt. Nathaniel B. Shurtleff, Jr., a niember of the Independent Corps of Cadets ; Company E, Emerson Guard, Capt. Edward C. Saltmarsh, late of Norwich Military Academy; Company F, Capt. Alexander Hichborn, of North Bridgewater; Company G, Cart. Ira Blar chiard, of Abington; Company H, Capt. James L. Bates, of Weymouth; Company I, Capt. John Ripley, of Stoughton; Company K, Dale Guard, named in honor of Ebenezer Dale, Esq., its constant benefactor, Capt. David Allen, Jr., of Gloucester.

Attached to this regiment is an excellent band, which has proved to be of much value to the division, and particularly to the regiment. Since the encampment at Cantonment Hicks, it has given a grand vocal and instrumental concert at Frederick, which proved to be eminently successful.

The organization of the regiment, which was commenced on Monday morring. April 22, 1861, was completed in the short space of sixteen days; for, on the 7th of May following, the Webster Regiment (lor by this name it will ever be remembered) was uniformed, armed, officered, and in camp.

The friends of the regiment were munificent in their gifts, and more than $14,000 were subscribed for the regiment.

The class which graduated at Harvard College in 1833 gave their classmate, Mr. Webster, a horse and equipments throughout.

The young ladies of Mr. Emerson's school in Bnston made liberal donations to Capt. Saltmarsh and his company, and in their honor Company E was named.

The pupils of the Boston Latin School adopted Capt. Shurtleff's company (he being a graduate of the school), and appropriated about four hundred dollars in furnishing each soldier of his command with a good fannel shirt, a pair of flannel drawers, a pair of good wor! stockings, a large linen handkerchief, and other necessaries, besides presenting $75 in cash to the captain, and voting a splendid gold medal, bearing an appropriate inscription, to such private of the company as the commander shall report most deserving in every respect during the service, on his return froin the war. The needlework was voluntarily performed by the young ladies of the Girls' High and Normal School. The Latin School boys have also pledged themselves to see that Capt. Shurlleff's company will be provided for in a manner in no respect inferior to any other that Massachusetts sends 10 suppress the treason. The school has recently sent to this company about twenty-five dozen pairs of good woollen stuckings, two hundred and three pairs of mittens, and many other useful things.

When the companies were first formed in Boston, they were temporarily stationed and dıilled in Faneuil Hall, in a hall in Clinton Street, and in another in Summer Street; but in the first week in May they were sent to Fort Warren, in Boston Harbor, by order of the Governor of the Commonwealth, and were there placed in camp, in accordance with special order No. 144, issued April 29th,

The field officers of this regiment were then chosen by the company officers, in accordance with the custom in Massachusetts, and were commissioned by the Governor; Fletcher Webster, Esq., being elected on May 4th to be Colonel, and Timothy M. Bryan, Jr., Lieut. Colonel; and Elisha M. Burbank, Major, on the 9th of May. A list of these will be found in its proper place.

Nearly three long and dull months to the soldiers, who were anxions for service, were spent at Fort Warren, and very few incidents worthy of record transpired there. Among the most notable were visits to Companies E and D, by the schools which had adopted them. Captain Saltmarsh's company received the young ladies of Mr. L. F. Emerson's school who had liberally supplied the soldiers' wants; and Shurtleff's company received with military honors the Latin School boys, who, on the occasion, presented the company with a standard, to be borne in their parades. The young gentlemen deemed it proper that the standard which they should give should take the classical form of that of the Roman maniple, being surmounted by a , gilt eagle, below which is a very perfect medallion head of the great statesman whose honored name the regiment bears ; below this the number the regiment (xii.); and at the bottom the letter of the company (D); the whole supported upon a suitable staff. Speeches, of course, were made on both of these occasions, which proved episodes in camp life.

On the 21st of May official orders were issued to Colonel Webster to fill up his regi. ment to the maximuin number by recruiting; and, on the 14th of June, at The request of Secretary Cameron, the regiment was accepted as part of the Massachusetts quota. On the 261h of June, 1861, 850 men of the Webster Regiment were mustered into service by Captain Marshall, of the United States Army; and in July the ranks were filled, and the new soldiers sworn in by Captains Marshall and Amory:

On the 18th of July, 1861, a splendid standard was presented to the regiment by Hon. Edward Evereti, in behalf of the ladies of Boston. The regiment came up to the city from Fort Warren in the steamers Argo and May Queen, for this purpose, and also for being reviewed by the Governor. It arrived at Commercial Whari at hall-past two o'clock, and was received by the Second Battalion of Infantry, Major Newton, accompanied by Gilmore's Band. A large crowd was gathered on the wharf, and the regiment was heartily cheered upon landing.

After the usual military salutes, the battalion took the regiment under escort, and marched through Commercial and State Street. In the last-named street a very large crowd had assembled, and Sergeant Dunn was obliged to send forward numerous detachments of the Zouaves to clear the way. Looking down from the balcony of the Old State House, a splendid scene was presented - the brilliant Zouave uniform of the battalion contrasting finely with the army uniform of the regiment.

Col. Webster and his staff were mounted ; and their appearance at the head of the column created great enthusiasm all along the route. From State Street the troops proceeded through Court, Tremont, and Beacon Streets, to the parade ground on the Common. Upon their arrival at this place, the regiment came to a halt. and the Second Battalion left the line and marched to the State House, where they received the Governor and his staff, the adjutant general, the officers of the Cadets, and several members of the State Government, and escorted them to the Common. The entire parade ground was roped off, and ihe friends of the regiment were admitted by tickets. Outside of the lines an immense crowd was gathered, and the movements of the soldiers were regarded with much interest. The regiment was drawn up for review shortly after four o'clock. Much to the comfort of all present, the sun was obscured by a threatening but well-meaning cloud; and a cool' breeze, although it raised some dust, was kindly welcomed.

The regiment passed in review three times, with full company fronts, — first in common time, second in quick, and last in double-quick, - eliciting enthusiastic cheers from the spectators by the fine marching. It was the opinion of all who saw the regiment that it presented the most soldierly appearance of any which had been recruited in the State. It is a very difficult thing for a company to turn or wheel with a

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