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country: you endured privations and inconveniences that would have discouraged any but the most determined, that you might be ready at any moment to respond to a call for your services from the General Government; you organized the first regiment added to the Massachusetts Volunteer Militia, and were one of the first to be mustered into the service of the United States; you were engaged in one of the first great battles, and up to the present time are the only three years' regiment from this Cominonwealth, whose entire force has been actively engaged on the battle-field.

I will take this opportunity to state, that from the first moment that it becaine apparent that the difficulties that beset our Republic could only be settled by an appeal to arms, I have endeavored to do my duty to my country, and gave it the benefit of my military experience as an officer in the Massuchusetts Volunteer Militia, for nearly fifteen years, during which time I made every exertion to prepare myself to perform correctly the duties of any office I might be called upon to fill. And, to the best of iny humble ability, I have endeavored to make our regiment effective, and to promote your comfort and welfare. I can conscientionsly say that there is Do act of my official life that I desire to recall.

I cannot take official leave of you without thanking you, each and all, for your generous support in the affairs of the regiment: for the marks of confidence and good will that you have shown me on so many occasions ; and I shall look back with pride upon our association together, our early trials, our pleasant encampments, our fatiguing marches, and our experience on the battle-field, affordug, as they do respectively, evidence of your individual perseverance, your social qualities, your patient endurance, and your coolness, bravery, and efficiencv, as a regiment. When our now distracted country becomes again united and prosperous, you will return to your firesides and receive the welcome from your fellow-citizens and friends to which you are so richly entitled for your courage in the field, your discipline in camp, and for your patriotism in leuving pleasant homes to risk your lives in defence of that Union upon which the prosperity and peace of our country now and hereafter depends, upon the perpetuation of which will decide the problem of self-government. The recollection that you stood by your country in ite darkest hour and its greatest peril, will afford you the highest satisfaction when you shall once more return to enjov the quiet and comforts of civil life. Bidding you farewell, and wishing you individual health and prosperity, and as a regiment, success,

I reinain yours,

Late Colonel Eleventh Massachusetts Volunteers.

The Governor subsequently promoted the lieutenant-colonel to the command of the regiment and Major Tileston to the lieutenant-colonelcy.

About the last of October, the brigade received orders to march, and after struggling through the mud for three days the Elevenih encamped on the Maryland shore of the Potomac, near Budd's Ferry, and about forty-five miles from Washington. The rebels had erected powerful batteries on the Virginia shore opposite, and throw shot and shell at intervals into our lines, but without causing loss of life, and doing but little damage otherwise. The picket duty here, on account of the mud, the distance they were sent from camp, and frequent incursions of the enemy from the opposite shore, together with the fact that they were surrounded with enemies, open and disguised, was both irksome and hazardous.

A scouting expedition, consisting of Companies A, D, and K, and commanded by Lieut. Col. Tileston, succeeded in capturing a cannon and other military stores, con. cealed in the wood near Port Tobacco. The expedi'ion was absent from camp about three weeks, and the manner in which it was conducted was highly coinplimented by the Commanding General of the Division. At the time we go io press, the regiment is still occupying winter quarters in their camp, near Budd's Ferry, anxiously awaiting the order which will enable them once more to encounter their traitorous foe.






Field and Staff, 11th Reg.

GEORGE CLARK, JR.........Dorchester.

Discharged Oct. 11, 1861.

Promoted from lieut.-col., Oct. 11, 1861.


Promoted from major, Oct. 11, 1861. Major

...PORTER D. TRIPP.... Boston.

Promoted from capt. Company C, Oct. 11, 1861.

...... Boston. Adjutant

Transferred to Company F, Ist lieut.
SIMON P. CURRIER... ..... Boston.

Promoted from 2d lieut., Company F, Sept. 14, 1861.
Quartermaster ... ...J. FRANK LAKIN............ Boston.

Discharged Dec. 12, 1861.
LUTHER V. BELL... .. Charlestown.

Promoted brigade surgeon in Aug., 1861, died 1862.

Commissioned Aug. 27, 1861.
Assistant Surgeon.........JOHN W. FOYE ....


Sergeint Major

Quartermaster Sergeant ....HENRY PAGE.....

Promoted to 2d lieut., Company E, Sept. 10, 1861.
Commissairy Sergeant ... .PETER H. HASKELL......
Hospital Steward .R. E. JAMESON

. Boston.
Barker Samuel S., Asbland

Gill Nathaniel, Boston
Brigham Azel P., Salem
Mudgett Ezra F., Ware

Dodge William B., New Boston Brigham Ephraim T., Exeter Frost Lorenzo, Ashland

Kendall Jacob, Woburn Brigham William H. B., Salem Perkins Augustus, Ashland

Noyes William A. F., Ashland Brigham George A. D., Exeter Neal Robert J., Boston

Spooner Charles, Ashland
Daniels Edward, Astlund
Coxora George F., Ashland

Bell Abper E.. Ashland
Ward Charl, H., Northwood

Hartshorn Benjamin II., Ashland Chandler George H., New Boston Mellen Albert B., Charlestown Davis John 0., Newmarket

Veith Jacob, New York


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... Boston.

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Company A, Boston. - 11th Reg. Was recruited by Capt. Maclelland Moore, at the regimental headquarters in Court St. Capt. Moore gave his personal attention to secure the comfort of his men until they were mustered into service. He fought at the battle of Bull Run, and was promoted lieut.-col. of the 28th Massachusetts Regiment.


MACLELLAND MOORE, Boston, promoted lieut. col. 28th Reg., Oct. 28, '01.
EDWIN HUMPHREY, Hingham, promoted from 1st lieut. Co. G, Oct. 11, '61.

Thomas G. BowDON, Boston, wounded and prisoner at Bull Run, died at 1st Lieut.,

Richmond, Va.

Joux H. Whirren, Charlestown, promoted from 2d lieut., July 21, 1861. 2d Lieut., FRANK R. JOSSELYN, Lynn, promoted from sergeant, July 21, 1861.

Desmond Michael, Boston

Lyman Lawrence, Cambridge Me Tavish Alexander, Boston

Diggin Michael, Boston, wounded Lynch Hugh Josselyn t'rank R., Lynn, promoted and prisoner at Bull Run

Little John to 21 lient.

Deanes George J., South Boston Meacham Jeremiah F., Boston
Auty Daniel, Charlestown
Elmer Henry, Siirley

Max John K, Boston
Boyle William, toston
Eastman Isiac R.

Moorse Samuel R., oston, deserted Smith George B., Cambridgeport Edwards Dennis, Boston

Moglan Richard, Boston

Farmer A. E., Billerica, wound- Muluney John, Boston, wounded Remie Jacob, Boston, promoted to ed and prisoner at Bull Run, and at battle Bull Run, since died sergeant

since died

Mc Mahan William Tavlor llenry, Shirley, discharged Furfey Patrick, Grafton

McDonald John T. Wakefield Charles H., Boston Finton Michael, Lowell

McGlynn John, Worcester, lost Moore Daniel A., Boston Fox John

right arm at battle Bull Run Rose Henry F., Providence, R. I. Farley Philip, Worcester

Philips James C. jr., Mausfield
Quinlan James A.
Fogerty Daniel, South Boston

Phelon Andrew, Boston
Goldie Peter T., Boston
Garety John, Buston

Pierce James H., Cambridge port Gruen Charles W., Boston

Green Lewis A, Cambridgeport Pilling Charles A., Lawrence Richardson Joseph P., Boston Green Charles W., Boston, pro- Richardson Joseph P., South WeyMusicians. moted to corporal

mouth, promoted to corporal Martain George E., Cambridgeport Green William, deserted

Regan Timothy
Feliman Ferdinand
Green George, Buston

Ricker John W., Quincy

Greenleaf Geo. w., Cumbridgeport Riordan, William C., Sandwich Brown John P., East

Cambridge Gately James, Boston, deserted Riordan George W. Sandwich Butterfield Geo. H., Cambridge port Gazet Edward K., Boston

Sturges Charles E., Boston, disch'd Brown Williain, South Boston Hasson James, Boston, deserted Shannessy Edward, Boston Bonville Louis, South Weymouth Hutchins Benj. F., Brunswick, Me. Shaughnessy John Beanlien Moses, South Weymouth Hume Charles, Cambridgeport Sullivan Charles, Cambridge Bowers John, Cambridgeport Hume David, Cambridgeport

Sullivan John, Holliston, wounded Bowers John M., Cambridgeport, Hannatord Walter, Charlestown, at Bull Run promoted to corporal discharged

Sullivan Daniel, Burlington
Crosby Frank L.,Billerica, deserted Holland John B., Cambridgeport Staples Lucius, Burlington
Coggins Philip, Billerica

Hawkes John F., Cambridgeport Thorp George B., Boston
Coote Edward, South Boston
Husbands James, Boston

Thompson Frank, Boston
Craig W. D., Brunswick, Me., de- Harrigan Robert, S. Boston, disch'd Wood Richard S., Cambridgeport
Hart Thomas A., Boston

Joined æter the Reg. lei Masa. Cowen Andrew, Boston Hagan Lawrence

Batchelder Joba, Salem Cruff James II., Boston, wounded Killroy Thomas, Boston

Donlan Patrick, Boston and prisoner at Bull Run

Kilduit James, Roxbury, wounded Foulds John, Newbury port
Druke Henry, Boston, deserted and prisoner at Bull Run

King John, Wenham
Donlan Patrick F., Boston
Kane John, Holliston

Miley Orrin, Lynn
Dunn Peter, Boston
Kelley John

Southwick Joseph P., Lynn
Deselets la uis, South Weymouth Krueget John K., Boston

Thomas Michael, Marblehead Doherty Michael, Boston

Littletield Andrew, Roxbury

Company B (Paul Revere Guard), Boston. - 11th Reg. Company B was recruited by Capt. John H. Davis, at the Court Street Rendezvous, but obtained a large portion of his company in Lowell. He was one of the projectors of the regiment, and rendered eflicient aid to the field and staff officers. He fought at Bull Run.


Captain, JOHN HENRY DAVIS, Boston. 1st Lieut., WALTER NO Smith, Calais, Me., promoted from 2d sergeant, Sept. 12, 1861.

DUNBAR, JR., , discharged 7, 1861.

FRANK HAYES, Bostou, discharged Sept. 6, 1861. 2d Lieut., CHARLES C. RIVERS, Thomaston, Me., promoted from sergeant, Company

D, Sept. 12, 1861.

Harper John W., Lowell

Bayley Benj. H., Roxbury, proPorter John jr., Boston, discharged Maloney John, Weymouth

moted w corporal Smith Walter N., Calais, Me., pro- Mckenna John, Boston

Burn, John, Bo stun moted Istiieut. Sept. 12, 1861 Symonds Heman M., Lowell Bradford William, Lowell Young William, Lowell, promoted

Inicis. orderly, Dec. 1st, 1801 Knapton William, Boston

since battle Bull kun, July 21, of Kermer Frederic W., New York Doe Elphonso W., Rumney, N. H. Curly Philip, Hollis, N. H. Maloney John P., Braintree


Carpenter Joseph F., Lowell
Molineaux Patrick, Lowell
Abbott George E., Lowell

Collins Timothy. Lowell
Brown John S., Lowell

Chink Richard W., Lowell, pro-
Jordan George W., Lowell!
Brady Jumex, Boston

moted to corporal Kennedy John L., Lowell, de- Brown William II., Boston, pro- Campbell Williain, Berlin tached on signal corps

moted to corporal

Cook George, Halifax, N. 8.
Callaghan Michael, Lowell
Raker John, Brighton

Collins John, Lowell
Tirrell William M., South Brain- Burk Thomas, Boston

Clark Coleman, Lowell tree, promoted to sergeant Broderick Michael, Boston

Cunningham James, Lowell Milkie James, South Braintree, pro- Bryne Thomas L.., Beardstown, Conley Frank, Lowell moted to sergeant

promoted to corporal

Clemmens Abraham, Lowell Stibe Jacob, Germany, in hospital Burrell William, Maine

Deery Patrick, North Chelinsford at Washington Feb. 10, 1802 Bean Daniel, Lowell

Doherty George T., Buston, pro-
Butler John Lowell

moted to corporal
Willis James M., Braintree
Brown George S., Cornville

Dodwell Charles, Lowell
Wag ners.
Black Angus, Lowell

Donohoe Thomas, No. Bridgewater
Harding William J., Boston
Babo John Q.

Death James, Lowell, discharged

Freeman Benjamin F., Lowell, dis

Finley Michael, Boston
Grady Thomas, Clinton
Greeley John R, Lowell
Gillon Hugh, Salem, prisoner at

battle Bull Run, died since at

Fortress Monroe
Greene Thomas, Boston, wounded

at Bull Run
Hobbs Charles P., Clinton
Hickey James, Boston
Hussey George, Winslow, Me.
Huggan Jaines, Roxbury,reginient-

af blacksmith
Hill James R., Lowell
Johnston James, Philadelphia
Kelley Williom, Roxbury
Kavana h Augistine, Lowell
Little John, Lowell
Lynch William, Lowell
Leedham John. Lowell
Leslie William H., North Andover,

promoted to corporal Loomis William A., Lowell

Mickle David, Essex Co., N. Y.
Maloney James, Boston
McRann Francis, Stoneham
McClure John A., Albany, N. Y.,

Magorty Edward, Boston [phia
McCorinick Edward J., Philadel-
McCormick John, Lowell (N.Y.
McCormick Thomas, Essex Co.,
McDonald George, Gloucester
Nelson Alonzo R., Chelsea
O'Brine Patrick, Boston
Quilty George, Boston
Short Miles, Boston, promoted to

Smith John, Lowell. discharged
Stetson George G., No. Chelmsford
Seckler Samuel C., Norristown, Pa.
Smith John W., Lowell
Shanley John, Lowell
Tenney Walter D., Raymond
Taylor William R., Lowell
Torrey Appleton H., Weymouth
Torrey Richard B., Weymouth
Vignon Frederick E., New York

Walsh William, North Bridgewater
Warren Jeremiah F., Lowell, pro-

moted to corporal
W:Hace Altx., Andover, wounded

at Bull Run
Williamson David C., Lowell, pro-
moted to sergeant

Joined after the Reg.l.ft Yas.
Van Moll John H., Newbury port
Brown John, Salisbury
Brown Humphrey II., Newburyp't
Cook Vernon S., Athol
Collyer James M., W. Amesbury
Devine Michael, Newbury port
Goodwin Robert S., Newburyport
Glover Henry B., Beverly
Miller William, Salem
Moran James, Newburyport
Newhall Jarnes 0., Lynn
Parshlev Sylvester. Salem
Talbot John, Eası Cambridge
Talhot Felix, East Cambridge
Wall Patrick, Weyniouth
Wilborn James, Wayland

Company C (Clark Light Guard), Boston. 11th Reg.

He Company C was raised by Capt. Porter D. Tripp at a rendezvous in Hanover Street. drvoted his whole time to work, fought at Bull Run, and was promoted to major of

the regiment. While at Camp Cameron, a beautiful flag was presented the company, by Mrs. Caswell, of Boston. The presentation speech was made by Mr. H. N. Richardson, and Capt. P. D. Tripp responded in an appropriate manner; after which a collation was given in honor of the occasion, during which a splendidly-bound Bible was presented to Lieut. Coy, by Miss M. McDonnell.


PORTER D. TRIPP, Boston, promoted to major, Oct. 11, 1861.
LUTHER DAME, Newburyport, commissioned Oct. 12, 1861.

ALONZO COY, Boston, appointed adjutant. 1st Lieut.,

TIMOTHY TEAFFE, Boston, promoted from 2d lieut., Oct. 11, 1861, discharged

Jan. 8, 1862.

Wu. R. PORTER, Boston, commissioned Jan. 9, 1862. 2d Lieut., WM. H. H. Joy, promoted from scrgt. Co. D, Oct. 11, 1861, disch'd Jan. 8, 1862.

Gross Edward, Ashland

Sullivan Thomas E., Boston
Teaffe William, Boston

Goodwin Charles 0., East Stough- Stribling Erasmus D., Worcester Cook William, Boston

ton, dischurged

Spamer Frank, East Cambridge,
Hutchinson John, Boston

taken prisoner at battle of Buli Mosher Edwin J., Boston

Herberer Ferdinand, Cambridge- Run, and carried to Richmond Glassell John, Boston

port, taken prisoner at battle of Seriggins Edward J., Charlestown Farrington John H., Boston, pro- Bull Run July 21, 1861, and car- Sullivan Dennis, Boston moted to sergeant

ried to Richmond

Skelton Benjamin, Boston
Boucher William, Boston
Ilow lett James, Boston

Tarbitt Walter, Boston
Sawyer Thos. P., Cambridgeport, Hurley Timothy, Boston

Taylor Mathew, Boston, deserted promoted to sergeant Jerick Jacob, Cambridge

Thompson llenry C., Natick
Musi ians.
Jones Albert, Charlestown

Tanner James, Boston
Thompson David s., Natick
Johnson James B., Boston

Tobin William, Boston
Dustin James S., Hingham
Keating John, Ballard vale

Thompson Otis, Boston
Kalagher Thomas

Welch John, Boston
Achorn David, South Boston

Kearnan Francis, E. Abington, de- Wheeler Abner, Leominster Browner Janes, Boston


Whitney Simni, Boston
Barry Thomas, Boston
Leary Cornelius, Boston

Welch Richard, Milford
Burns Michael, Boston Michael, Roxbury

Wood George W., No. Bridgewater Burrell Elbridge U., North Reading Lathrop Elias T., Bunion

Williams George 0., Rowley, mistr Buckley Michael, Abington Loftyss Martin, Abington

ing since batile of Bull Run Bean William A., Boston

McDevitt George, East Boston Wilson Everett J., Worcester Ballard Eiwin, Boston

Murphy Joseph, Boston, died Oct. Welch Michael, East Abington, Bangs J. F. F., Chelsea

15, 1851

promoted to corporal Brown Henry C., Boston Myers Irad, Boston

Whitcomb W. W., Boston, woundBrewer Edward T., Worcester Moore John, Boston

ed and prisoner at battle of Bull Carline William, Chelsea, promoted Martin John, Boston

Run, July 21, 1861 to corporal

Marston Edward M., Boston, dis- Work William T., East Boston Claffey Andrew J., Boston, pro- charged. Rečnlisted in 3d Maine Joined after the Reg. left for seat of moted to corporal Regiment Sept. 23, 1861

itur. Coyle Bernard, Norton

Mathias Henry. Boston, killed at Austin Benjamin. Newburyport Conner Patrick O., Boston

buttle of Bull Run July 21, 1861 Brown James A., Neu bury port Connell John, Quincy, wounded Miller Fred. A., Eust Cainbridge Black John, Newbury port at battle of Bull Run Mehan Michael, Boston

Cronin Cornelius, Cambridgeport Coitin Ephraim, Chelsea, deserted Morrisey Jo'ri, Marlboro

Campbell Thomas W., NewburyCummings Jolin, deserted

Makinson William G., Lawrence port
Clark John J., South Reading O'Conner John, Boston, promoted Callaghan John, Boston
Donoboe Francis

to corporal

Donnell lliram C., Newburyport Doyle Francis, Boston

O'Shea John, Boston, wounded at Dow Amos, Newbury port Deuxans Hubert, Boston

Bull Run and discharged

Frost William L., Newbury port Dunnells John W., Boston Pfau Andrew, Boston

Greyton Obed W., Newburyport Durgin George F., Natick Palch Theodore, Roxbury

Gates Irving C., Hubbardston Dix Elijah K., Bucksport, Me. Purcell Patrick, Lawrence, disch'd Hall Stephen W., Newbury port Foster Peter E., Pembroke Ross James E., Boston

Lang Johu c., Newbury port, apFlemming Michael, Boston Ranney Ephruim, discharged

pointed corporal Guffney James, Boston

Rankin Jumes, Hopkinton, deserted Muce Charles C., Newbury port
Garey Patrick, Boston
Stins Sumner A., Borton

Leed John, Cambridgeport
Oral: am Janies A., deserted
Sullivan P. H., Lowell

Ricker John W., Newbury port
Gross Ephruim, Orland
Sullivan Thomas 0., Boston

Woodard Charles C., Lowell

Company D, Boston. - Ilth Reg. Company D was recruited by Capt. John W. Butters, at the Court Street Rendezvous, and was composed principally of young North End mechanics. He fought at Bull Run.


JOHN W. BUTTERS, Boston, discharged Sept. 13, 1861.

JAMES W. McDONALD, North Woburn, 1st lieut. Co. F till Sept. 14, 1861. 1st Lieut., MALCOLM GRAHAM, North Woburn, discharged Jan. 16, 1862. 2d Lieut.,

CHARLES H. DELOID, North Woburn, discharged Sept. 12, 1861.
THOMAS A. MCLELLAND, Boston, commissioned Sept. 21, 1861.

Fallon Thomas, Quincy

O'Neil Patrick
Joy Wm. H. H., South Boston, pro- Fowler Wm. H., Boston

Odiorne George D, deserted mited 2d lieut. Co. C Goode Thomas, Boston

Onthank George E., Southboro
Hutchinson Gust B., Boston
Goss Osman H.

Plunkett Robert E., Lowell
Shea John, Boston
Greenlish Orman

Price Isanc, East Cambridge
Rivers Chas. C., Thom iston, Me., Gallagher James, Boston

Perry James promoted 2d lieut., Company B Gibbins Hush

Porter Daniel M.
Sullivan John W., Boston
Gassett Augustus A., Boston

Richardson Chas., N. Hampshire
Quinn Thomas G., Boston
Harvey James

Rutledge George E., Cambridge

Hewett Chas. H., pris. at Bull Run Read James, Somerville
Quinn Thomas G., Boston
Hughes Robert, Boston

Ruggles Wm. P., Hanover, N. H.
Doherty Patrick M., Boston
Hagan John, Boston

Rice James A lludson Chas. 'T., Framingham Harmon Daniel II., Dorchester Riley Timothy W., St. John's Rurke Peter F., Cambridge

Huxhes Michael, wounded and Shannon John, wounded at B. Run Murphy Matthew, Boston

prisoner at Bull Run

Simonds John B., Mobile, Ala. Deane Ilenry C., Boston Hathaway Charles W.

Sullivan Cornelius
Goss Osborn u., Westford, Vt. Hersey John W., Boston

Sullivan William A., Boston
Tyson John C., Boston
Hagna Anthony P.. Boston

Sullivan John W., Boston
Pacy Edward, Boston

Ingraham Silas W., prisoner at Sullivan Patrick Fetherson Thomas, Boston

Bull Run

Schean John D.

Joy Charles E., Boston, discharged | Skahan Lawrence, Framingham Thomas James S., Charlestown Kernackan John B., Boston

'Thomas Calvin P., Charlestown Manning M. T., Brattleboro, Vt. Kilroy John, wounded and prison- Wadsworth Benjamin, deserted Wagoner. er at Bull Run

Willey James A.
Randall George W., Boston
Kilroy John, 2d

White Edward
Kimball Charles A, Boston

Walkup James E.
Alley Lucius B., Boston

Knowlton Edward, Dover, N. H. Joineil after the Regt. left Mass. Abanatha Wm., Upper Canada Kingsbury Asa W., Framingham Babbington Amos, Lowell Brown James E. Little William J., Boston

Cavanaugh Wm. D., Newbury port Butler James E., East Cambridge Linnahan David, Boston

Cavanaugh David, Newbury port Brown Charles W., Framingham Looby Edward, Lawrence

Cook Peter S., Waketield, N. H. Bigelow Josiah Q. Framingham, Long Joh, Boston

Cormick Wm. B., Woburn wounded at Bull Run

Mansfield Chas. R., N. Haven, Ct. Currun Blaney, Boston
Chapman George I., Framingham Matange John F., Boston

Dillon John E., Roxbury
Conway John, Somerville
McCartney Michael

Delanty Edward, Newburyport
Connolly Michael, Boston
MeCarty Cornelius, Boston

Downes Jeremiah, Newbury port Curran John, West Randolph, McCarty John, wounded and pris- Evans John, Halifax, N. S. wounded at Bull Run oner at Bull Run

Edwards Wm. Boston Curran Timothy, West Randolph McElhenry Frank, deserted

Forest George, Boston Cuttinz Geo. E., Framingham, des. Martin Jumes

Lawler John, Boston Driscoll Daniel A., New Bedtord Mahoney Thomas

McCeever Edward, Camhridge Dillon James C.

May George T., Concord, Vt. McCush Hugh, Halitax, N. S. Dudley Edward W., Charlestown Merley William

McCuish) Augus, Scotland
Davis John l... Framingham

Munroe James E., Framingham Randall Simeon A., Easton
Evans Louis, Portland, Me.
MeDurmont Charles

Van Moll Augustine C., Flanders Foster Henry

McGaffaney Michael, Woburn, Wordell George A., Westport Fay Edward P., deserted

wounded at Bull Run

Company E, Boston.- 11th Reg. Company E was enlisted by Capt. J. R. Bigelow, at the general rendezvous in Court St. Capt. Bigelow is a gentleman of fine ability; fought at Bull Run, and is much loved by his company.

COMMISSIONED OFFICERS. Captain, JAMES R. BIGELOW, Boston, discharged Sept. 13, 1861. 1st Lieut.,

WM. A. CLARK, discharged Sept. f, 1861.

WM. E. FARWELL, Boston, promoted from 20 ljeut., Sept. 10, 1861. 2d Lieut, HENRY PAGE, Boston, promoted from quartermaster sergeant, Sept. 10, 1861.


Burch Joseph D., East Cambridge, Dunan Patrick, Manchester, N. H., Wilkins Fiederik G., Boston

taken prisoner at battle Bull Run promoted to corporal Pierce Ira, Lowell

July 21, 1961

Daily Dennis, Boston Keyes Michael J., Boston

Clarke Homer T., Norwich, Conn. Fall James H., East Boston Hinckley George W.. South Boston Cochran George, W. Waterville, Me. Fall Albert K., E. Boston, deserted Corporals.

Cummings Ralph, South Boston, Farrington William F., Boston, Mohan Edwin A.

promoted to corporal, wounded promoted to corporal Cazmay Thomas T., Boston, de- at battle Bill Rin, July 21, 1861 Fleming lugh. So. Baston, wound* rted City John, East Boston

ed at battle of Bull Run, July 21, Penn Charles H., Lowell

Covell vieorge W., Boston, promo- 18:51 McElroy James, Boston, deserted ted to corporal

Foster John, N. York. discharged Ashley Thomas R., promoted to Croak Edward, Boston, deserted Galvin Ellward, New York sergeant Craige John, East Boston

Garnier Henry, Boston Beavey Paul R., promoted to ser- Conley Jeremiah, Andover, dis- Gorman Thomas, Boston geant charged

Hopkins Johnson, Hudson, N. Y. Musicians.

Carroll Jos., Rock bottom, wound- Howard Ferdinand, South NewWeinzer Nicholas, East Boston ed and taken prisoner at Bull market, N. H. Welch John

Run, July 21, INDI

Hughes John, Boston Donovan Thomas V., Boston, taken Conley Charles, Cambridgeport llunt John C., South Boston

prisoner at battle of Bull Run, Downey Dennis, No. Bridgewater, Harned George, Rye, N. H. July 21, 1961

wounded at the battle of Bull Hagerty William, Boston, disWagner, Run, July 21, 18 1

charged Hull Henry A.. Charlestown Daniels Benjamin, Boston, wound- Howard Richard, Roxbury Pioneer.

erl at battle Bull Rin, July 21, 61 Isaac Williain I., South Boston Kimball Isaac F., Methuen

Davis Georg” R., Natick, dead Ingraham Rodolphus, Saxon ville Prirats.

Downey William, Boston.promited Kerr Thomas, Eist Boston, dead Allen William, Boston, deserted to corporal; wounded at Bull Lippman J. W. B., East Boston, Belton Thomas, Bostoi


wounded, and taken prisoner and Bernard Joel H., Plaintield, N. H. Doyle Perley A., Bangor

exchanged Barke Patrick M., New York Dolan James, Boston

Lewis Daniel, Vassalboro', Me., Bragg Junes G., Cambridgeport Darney James, Worcester

wounded at Bull Run, taken pris. Buek Charles W., Boston

oner, and released by rebels

Lowe James, South Boston
Lamer Joseph, Montreal
Marshall George G., Charlestown,

McLaughlin John, E1st Boston
McMahon Felix J., Ea. Cambridge
Melzard George W., Boston
McGlinn, Benjamin W., Boston,

Morgan Thomas J., Boston, pro-

moted to corporal
Moran William, Boston
Mahoney Dennis, Boston
Murphy Michael, Boston
McDonald William H., Pembroke
Miland John C., Boston, deserted
Nitzsche Augustus E.
O'Brien Owen, Boston, deserted
O'Sullivan Cornelius, Boston
O'Murr Thomas, St. Catherines,

C. W.
O'Brien Patrick, No. Bridgewater
Perkins Henry W., Bostou

Quinlan Timothy, Boston
Reid Willia'n, Charlestown, killed

at battle of Bull Run, July 21, 61
Redíly Nathaniel, Boston
Rigby James, So. Boston, wounded

and taken prisoner at battle Bull
Run, July 21, 1501
Rice Michael, Boston, killed at

battle Buil Run. July 21, 1801
Scott John, Quincy
Shea Timothy. Old Cambridge
Sawtell William, East Boston
Sullivan Daniel, Boston, killed at

battle Bull Run, July 21, 1061
Siinpson Frank, Roxbury
Sheridan Patrick, Waterford, de-

Twohey James, Worcester
Taylor Thomas, South Boston
Thornton Roberi, Boston, taken

prisoner at battle Bull Run, July
21. INI
Tewksbury Leonard F., Portland

White James B., South Boston, de

Woods James, Boston
White George C.. Milford, deserted
Weston Frank, New Ipswich, N.H.

Joined after the Regi. Iest Mass.
Bushey Joseph, Newbury port
Churchill John (., Salem
Carey Henry, Salem
Huntington John D., Newburyport
Hopkinson Francis. Newbury port
Lewis Benjamin, Newbury port
Mace Samuel C., Newbury port
Muldoon Michael, Newbury port
Millett Daniel S., Salem
Millett Williain T., Salem
Porter Charles, Salem
Rogers Charles n., Newbury port
Skeeles Win., Newbury port
Talbott John H. W., Ne..buryport
Towle Charles, Salem
Weeks Fred W., Newbury port
Willis John H., Newbury port

Company F, Boston. - 11th Reg. Company F' was raised by Capt. Leonard Gordon, in Boston. He obtained a hardy lot of men, like himself, and his genial nature, even under the most disheartening circumstances, made him a general favorite. He was severely wounded at Bull Run, and fell into the bands of the enemy as a prisoner.

LEONARD GORDON, Boston, taken prisoner at battle of Bull Run, July 21,


JAMEB W. McDonald, North Woburn, promoted to captain, Company D, 18t Lieut.,

Sept. 14, 1861.

BROWNELL GRANGER, Boston, transferred from adjutant. 20 Lieut.,

Simon P. CURRIER, Boston, promoted to adjutant 11th Reg., Sept. 14, 1801.
DAVID A. GRANGER, coinmissioned Sept. 20, 1861.


Carruth William J., Boston, dis- Lyman William F.
Harris John S., Boston


Lang John, Boston Whiting Andrew M., Boston, killed Cole Duniel G., Blackstone

Lamb Jumes, Boston at buttle Bull Run, July 21, 1961 Clarrage James 0.

Martin Charles, Woburn Rogers George W. L., So. Brook- Clifford Thoinas B.

Mckinney William J., Brighton lyn Clough Joseph E., Boston

McFarland Robert, Charlestown, McLellan Thomas A., Boston, pro- Culler Peter, Lawrence, deserted discharged

moted to 2d Lieut. Co. D, lith Conant Marcus, Littleton, killed at McCarty Robert Reg.

battle Bull Run, July 21, 1861 McTear Andrew, Roxbury, proKemp George A., Boston, killed at Douty Justin C., Cambridge

moted to corporal battle Bull Run, July 21, 1861 Donnell George E., Medford

Morse James C.
Dearborn Charles C., Boston

McShane Patrick, Boston
Metzgar John G., Boston, promoted Dorr George W., Lynn, wounded Moriarty Patrick
to sergeant

and prisoner at batile Bull Run Mitchell James, Boston, wounded Nickerson John, Boston, died at Dundas James, Chelsea

and prisoner at battle Bull Run Bladensburg. Md. Delaney Richard S.

McGurthy Patrick Burroughs George W., Boston, pro- Edles William, Plymouth, taken Munroe John, Boston, discharged moted to sergeant prisoner

Nugent Sylvester Quincy Charles 0., Quincy, Emerton Timothy O., Boston

Pratt Giles, Cuttingsville Kerr Willium, Cambridgeport, Erb Adolphus, South Boston

Pendergast John W., Lowell
taken prisoner
Ford Oscar, Boston

Poor Horace A.
Waugh Robert, Hamilton, C. W. Foss Benjamin F., Weymouth, Patten James, South Boston
Mc Vabb James, Roxbury

killed at battle Bull Ruu, July 21, Quincy Calvin H., Augusta, Me. Dunham Thomas H., Boston, pro


Reid David moted to sergeant

Foster Edwin, Charlestown, taken Richardson Emery, Medway Jusicians. prisoner

Richmond David
Thompson Andrew, Dedham, French Joseph, Boston, taken Rogers Benjamin H.
tuken prisoner and released
prisoner at battle Bull Run

Roberts John B., Boston
Boyle John, Boston
Giddinge Paul

Rogers Herry N.
Linton Augustus A., Weymouth Grittin Henry A., Cambridge, de- Rogers Joseph S. S.

Rowe Samuel C.
Golden John, Brighton

Sisson James E., Brighton
Adlington Walter S., Weymouth Griffin Michael, Brighton

Starkey Abel, Bristol, R. I.
Landing, died
Glennen Charles, Boston

Stearns Charles A., Jamaica Plain, Allen Benjamin

Goldsmith William L. B., Jamaica killed at battle Bull Run Andrews George F., Boston, pro- Pluin

Sands Gustavus moted to corporal Hanlon John, Chelsea

Spear Charles II., Weymouth Archibald John, Boston, deserted Houston John C., Boston, died Sheridan Jas., S. Boston, wounded, Batcheller George H.

Hiscock Sewall, Jr., Cambridge, taken prisoner and released Brackett Rufus C., Boston, dis- discharged

Sutherland Alexander, So. Boston charged Hilton Ebenezer, Medford

Tarbox Asa Brackett James R., Boston

Ilutch Andrew C., Somerville Trufant Edwin T., Wey mouth Bolt Thom's E.

Hinton Frederick H., East Cam- Trout Bratford Boucher Michael, Boston

bridge, discharged

Turner George, Boston, deserted Boulter Alpheus, Boston Holbrook James, Boston

Underwood Hiram A., Boston, proBiakeley John W., South Reading, Huntington Micajah P.

moted to corporal wounded and taken prisoner Hays Edward, Boston, wounded, Wilson Nathan W., Somerville, Buchan James, Roxbury

taken prisoner avd released

promoted to corporal Coyle John Kezar Alonzo C.

Weld [forace P., South Mulden Crucker Enoch, Weymouth, killed Kelley James A., Boston

Wood Henry A., Quincy
at battle Bull Run
Kimball Edward w.

Wright Thomas D., Boston
Carleton Augustus, Boston
Kimball James.jr.

Winter Leonaril, Boston
Chaliners Alexander, Boston

Leonard Charles M., Weymouth Whelan John, South Boston, taken Cushing William E., Weymouth Landing

prisoner and relensed Conant Simon T., Boston Linton Edward F., Weymouth

Whitcher Im I.
Cowing Henry V., Weymouth Landing

Withington Nathan N.
Landing, taken prisoner
Littlefield Daniel

Young Thurles H.
Conn William M., Boston

Laughlin John

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