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Sullivan Dennis, E. Boston
Scanlan Thomas, Boston
Spelman John, Milford
Spencer Francis, Boston
Sullivan John, Springfield

Sullivan Michael, Lawrence
Tiernan Mark, Milford
Veriker William, Bridgewater
Walsh Edward, Boston, promoted

to corporal

Walsh James, No. Milford
Webber Louis, Roxbury

Joined since Rege. left Yass.
Breed R. X.
Carr Joseph

Company F (Fitzgerald Guards), Salem.-9th Reg. Named in honor of Lord Edward Fitzgerald, the Irish martyr. The company left Salem May 10, for Fort Independence. The city government of Salem furnished them with uniforms and other articles of comfort, and an American flag was also presented them.

Captain, EDWARD FITZGERALD, Salem, discharged Sept. 3, 1861.
1st Lieut.,

TIMOTHY O'LEARY, Salem, promoted to captain Sept. 7, 1861.

P. W. BLACK, Acting 1st lieut.
2d Lieut, { , .

PHILIP E. REDMOND, Salem, promoted 1st lieut. Sept. 7, 1861.

Darcy Thomas, Salem

Maynihan Humphrey, Salem
Phalan Michael, Salem
Desmoni Dennis, Salem

McLoughlin James, Salem
O'Brien Martin, Salem
Daley John, Ist, Salem

Norton John, Salem
Monoghan Joseph H., Salem
Daley John, 2d, Salem

Neil Edward, Salem
Fallon Thomas, Salem
Dervin Michael, Salem

O'Brien John, 1st, Salem, promoted
Dinsmore William, Salem

to corporal Lorrigan John, Salem, promoted to Delaney Daniel, Boston

O'Brien John, 2d, Salem
Doyle James, Boston

O'Keefe John, Salem
Timrains Patrick, Salem
Flaherty Thomas, Salem

O'Kecfe Patrick, Salem
Hennesey John, Salem

Farrell John, Salem, dircharged O'Hara Patrick, Salem
Kelley Simon P., Salem
Farrell Robert, Salem

O'Connor Jumes, Salem, discharged
Dowdell Charles, Salem
Geegle Edward, Salem

O'Brien Edward, Salem
Powers Jamner. Salem
Gauly John H., Salem

O'Brien Thomas, Salem
Murphy Joseph, Salem, promoted Graham William, Salem

Pender John, Salem
to sergeant
Gannon John, Salem

Regan Dennis, discharged
Hayes Benjamin, Salem

Regan Edmund, Salem
Welsh Patrick, Salem
Harley William, Salem

Rogan Corneliu , Salem
Barclay Francis, Boston
Hynes John, Worcester

Rogan William, Salem
Jordan William, Salem

Ryan John, Lowell
Bovle Michael W., Salem
Kelly Michael, Salem

Shea Patrick, Sulem
Burke Ulick, So. Danvers
Kelly John, Salem

Snortell James, Salem, promoted to
Broderick Dennis, Salem
Kelly James, Salem

Connoly James, Salem
Kennedy Martin, Salem

Sweeny Daniel, Salem
Clynes John, Salem
Keating Michael, Salem

Sullivan Patrick, Salem
Carney Richard, Salem
Leslie Jaines, Boston

Stephens Joseph F., Boston
Carey John, Salem

Lynch William, Salem, discharged Sherlock Thoinas, Salem
Carey Ingh, Salem
Leary Timothy, Salem

Tierney Patrick, Salem
Chin Robert, Salem

Lynch James, Salem, discharged Timmins Garrett, Salem, promoted Cachin David, Salem McGrath John, Salem

to corporal Coogan John, Salem McMahon James, Salem

Twohig John, Salem
Cuiliton Michael, Boston

Mahony Dennis J. D., Salem Tracy John, Salem
Cusiek Patrick, Salem
McNamara Peter, Salem

Welsh John, Salein
Callahan Patrick, Salem
McCarthy Patrick, Salem

Whalon John, Salem, discharged Corcoran Daniel, Salem,discharged Murphy Michael

Joined since Regt. left Mass.
Credon Cornelius, Salem
Morrissy John, Milford

Bu ke Charles, Boston
Dan Patrick, Salem
McCarthy Daniel, Salem

Connor John, Boston
Dempsey James, Salem
Meagher Patrick 0., Boston

Tillman Bernhard, Boston
Donovan John, Salem

Company G (Wolfe Tone Guards), Marlboro'.-9th Reg. Named in honor of the celebrated Irishman of that name.


Captain, JOHN CAREY, Marlboro'.
1st Lieut., JOHN M. TOBIN, Boston; 2d Lieut., ARCHIBALD SIMPSON, Boston.

Clark Peter, Marlboro

Mahoney John, Boston
Finerty Edward, Boston
Clancey Thomas. Marlboro

McCarty Owen, Boston
Dempsey Timothy, Boston
Creed John, Marlboro'

Mahoney William, Boston
Regan Daniel J., Marlboro
Casey Jumes, Marlboro

Murhane William, Boston
Clark Michael, Marlboro'

Creamer Lawrence, Marlboro' Murphy Richard, Braintree
Goodwin James R., Boston
Clark Patrick, Marlboro

Murphy Cornelius, Braintree
Connars William, Marlboro

McGrath Michael, Somerville
Carey Francis. Randolph
Comurs John, Marlboro

McCann Michael, Boston
Ferley John, Marlboro
Crowley John, Marlboro

Murray Patrick, Marlboro'
Conley Edward, Marlboro'
Clements Francie, New York

McQueeny Peter, Marlboro
Dailey Robert, Marlboro
Collins James, Boston

Mcllugh Cornelius, Marlboro Bickley John. Marlboro Doley Thomas, Lynn

McDormit Patrick, Murlboro'
Keating William, Marlboro'
Dolan John, Marlboro'

Nevin Edward, Marlboro'
Linnehan Dennis, Marlboro
Dugan Matthew, Marlboro'

O'Brien Richard, Weymouth
Mahoney James, Marlboro
Donavan John E., Marlboro

McGuire Thomas
Donavan John, Marlboro'

Penshae Joseph, Marlboro
Filbern Thomas, Marlboro
Farley Michael, Lynn

Purbeck John H., Salem
Curran Charles, Brighton
Feeley Richard, Holliston

Quiun Charles, Marlboro'
Fitzgerald John, Natick

Ryan Andrew, Abington
Armstrong William H., Milford Finerty Bartholomew, Marlboro Ride Thomas, Marlboro
Finlard Owen, Marlboro

Sullivan Jeremiah, Marlboro'
Allen John, Marlboro
Fahey Martin, Marlboro

Sweeny Edward, Marlboro'
Allen Michael, Marlboro'.
Hayes William, Marlboro

Smith John, Marlboro
Adern Michael, Marlboro
Haggerty John, Southboro'

Sullivan Maurice. Marlboro Brigham Thomas B., Marlboro Haggerty Michael, Southboro' Shenan James, Marlboro' Burnes Michael, Marlboro'

Hackett Thomas, Cambridgeport Sheahan John, Marlboro
Burke Patrick, Marlboro
Kane Henry, Lynn

Shea Cornelius, Marlboro
Burrows Eugene, Marlboro
Kelcher William, Boston

Smith Bernard, Marlboro
Byme Edward, Southbridge
Kenney Bryan, Marlboro'

Stone Lewis, Marlboro
Bailey Samuel, Marlboro'
Kelley Lawrence, Marlboro'

Shollard Patrick, Boston
Cowley Thomas, Lynn
Levett Charles W., Marlboro

Stewart George A.. Boston
Coughlan Michael, Marlboro
Long Cornelius, Marlboro

Sullivan Daniel. Malboro
Colter Cornelius, Marlboro'
Murphy John, Boston

Tobin Michael, Mariboro'
Colter Michael, Marlboro'
McCurdy John, Boston

Tighe Patrick, Boston

Company H (Davis Guards), Milford.- 9th Reg. Called thus after Thomas Osborne Davis, the celebrated Irish poet and patriot. This company was organized at Milford in 1858, and entered the United States service, June

11, 1861.


Captain, JEREMIAH O'NIEL, Milford.
1st Lieui., THOMAS K. ROACH, Milford.
2d Lieut.,

TIMOTHY BURKE, Milford, promoted to 1st lieut. Co. K.
MICHAEL FINERTY, Milford, promoted from sergeant Nov. 3, 1861.

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Clifford John, Abington

Kelley Patrick, Milford
Murphy Patrick, Milford
Casey William I, Milford

Keenan James, Boston
Burke William, Milford
Cahill Maurice, Lawrence

Mullon Thomas, Abington
Doherty Patrick, Milford
Conner William, Boston

Mallon John, Milford
Finerty Michael, Milford, promoted Coy James, Milford

Murphy Jeremiah, Milford to 2d lieut.

Cowells Mirick, Milford, disch'd McAnany John, Milford, disch'd
Carr John W., Milford

Murray John, Milford
Callahan Daniel, Milford
Conroy John, E. Boston

McGowan James, Milford, promo-
Rowe Patrick, Milford (to serg't Curley Malachi, Milford, promo- ted to corporal
O'Neal Dennis, Milford, promoted ted to corporal

McLoughlin Edward, Milford
Donovan John H., Milford
Donovan John F., Boston

Mooney Dennis, Miliard
Rowe Jamek, Milford
Doherty Patrick, Boston

McManon Michael B., Milford Hubon Thomas, Milforrt (to serg't Donoven l'atrick, Milford, pro- McGullion Patrick, Boston Blunt Patrick, Miltord, promoted moted to corporal

Murphy Michael, Vilsord
McGovern James, Milford
Donally John, Weymouth

McGrath William, Boston
Dillon Jeremiah, Milford

McCarthy Patrick, Milford
Mooney Thomas, Worcester

Doherty Hugh. Millord, drowned MeNiel James, Milford Pratt Andrew, Boston, promoted in the Potomac

O'Niel John, Milford
to corporal
Driscoll Michael, Milford

O'Grudy John, Boston, promoted
Day Samuel, Millord

to corporal
Tobing James W., Milford
Doherty John, Boston

Ring Jeremiah, Milford
Fitzpatrick Edward, Milford

Reagan Joseph, Miltord
Bradley Peter, Milford
Finton Thomas, Milford

Rowley Edward, Weymouth
Burke Michael, Lynn
Ford William, Milford

Roach Patrick, Hopkinton
Burke David, Milford
Foley Thomas, Milford

Sceahil Edward, Beaton
Brodrick William, Milford
Flynn Patrick, Milford

Sivaney Dalty, Milford
Brady Peter, Randolph
Griffin John, Milford

Sheer John, Milford
Conoughton Timothy, Milford Grithin John W., Milford

Slattery Thomas, Milford
Conners James. Milford
Gilbride lugh, Milford

Sullivan John, Boston
Collins Patrick, Milford

Greene Edward, Milford, deserted Slattery David, Miltord Cain John, Milford [serted Gibson Victor, Milford

Shield: John, Burton
Cashman John C., E. Boston, de- Howran Patrick, Milford

Sweney D., Arrabet
Cummings Thomas, Milford
Holien Patrick, Milford

Savage John, Worcester
Carr John, Milford
Hoyt Henry, Lowell

Tinon Thomas, Milford
Cronin John, Milford
Jordan Michael, Milford

Willis Charles, Miltord
Carmody Cornelius, Haverhill Jackson William, Boston

White Patrick, Miltord Curley Simon, Brookfield

Company I (McClellan Rijles), Boston.- 9th Reg.
Named in honor of Major General Geo. B. McClellan, of the Federal Army.


Captain, JAMES E. McCAFFERTY, Jr., Boston.
1st Lieut., RICHARD P. NUGENT, Boston, promoted from 2d lieut. Jan. 28, 1862.
2d Lieut., Francis O'Dowd, Boston, promoted from sergeant Feb. 10, 1862.


Cartwright Jolin, E. Boston, trans- McDonald Michael, Lawrence MacNamara James W., Boston

ferred to Co. D

MeCarthy John, Natick
Conlin Lawrence, Boston
Connors John, So. Danvers

McLaughlin llugh, E. Boston McDonald Edward, ist Boston, Curran Patr Lawrence

McCurron Daniel, Charlestown transferred to company A Curran Francis, So. Dan vers

McCarthy Churles, Lynn
Shilane John, Lawrence
Dacy Cornelius, Lawrence

McLaughlin Bernard, E. Boston
Donovan Patrick, Abington

McGarrity Jonin, E. Boston
Gillis William, Charlestown, pro- Duffy Michael, Jamaica Plain

McHugh llugh, Boston moted to sergeant

Dyer Thomas, Lawrence, deserted Matthews Lawrence, Boston Dacey Timothy, Lawrence, pro- Donnelly l'eter, Rhode Island

Norton Thomas, Roxbury moted to sergeant

Doran Andrew, Quincy, promoted O'Brien Daniel, Bustun McGuire Michael, Chelsea

to corporal

O'Nel Patrick, Watertown, N. Y. Murphy James, Lawrence, prison- Fallon Thomas, Roxbury

Phalen William, E. Cainbridge, er at Richmond Fitzgibbon John, So. Danvers

proinoted to corporal Kcarny Charles, Blackstone Flynn Thomas, Boston

Palmer William A. Lawrence
Colter Maurice, Boston
Garvey Patrick, E. Boston

Quin John, Lawrence
Garrity John, Lawrence

Rabbit Patrick, So. Boston
Cox Patrick, Winthrop
Garsity Michael

Roache Michael, So, Danvert
McPoland William
Gallagher John, Lexington

Regan Andrew, Lowell

Hayes Bernard, E. Boston, pro- Riley Patrick, So. Boston
McDonough J., Boston

moted to co poral

Roache Edward, Biston, deserted
Hayes Michael, Fitchburg

Sullivan Bernard, Charlestown Buckley Michael. Moscow, Mo. Kelley Jolin, Roxbury

Sullivan Lawrence, Boston
Buckley James, Charlestown
Kirby Michael H... E. Boston

Sullivan John P., Bidd ford
Barry Joseph, Lawrence
Kelley Timothy, Lawrence

Sullivan James, So. Boston
Burns William, Luwrence

Kelley Daniel, Spence Village Sullivan Cornelius, So. Boston Bresnahan Cornelius, E.Cambridge Kiernan John, Lowell

Sullivan Patrick
Burk Patrick, Boston (corporal Kelley John, 2d, Worcester, dead Sweeny Owen, No. Bridgewater
Burns James, Boston, proinoted to Keenan John, Boston

Snields Peter, E. Boston
Blake Stephen, So. Boston
Lane Patrick, Borton

Slyman John, So. Boston
Brickly D.

Leahey Thomas, E. Abington Thompson Peter, Boston
Boylan Henry, New York
Leslie James, Waterbury

Tiernay Williani, Biddeford
Connell Bryan, Boston
Mangan Thomas, Boston

Winn William, Boston
Carney Thomas, Boston


Bernard, Quincy, dis- Whelan James, So. Boston Cullen John, Quincy

charged Curtin Daniel, Boston

Mulcahey David, 8o. Danvers Joined since the Regimentiert Wash Cronan Jeremiah, Salem Murphy Francis, New York

Alcorn Th mas, Boston Carney Martin, Groton Junction Moore Patrick, Roxbury, dis- Early Thomas, Boston Carroll Patrick, Lawrence


McKeever James, Boston
Connell William, So. Danvers
Morris John, Boston

Nagle Patrick, Boston
Caughlin James, Lawrence

Moran Martin, Chelsea, promoted Oak. Janies, Bostun Cooke Thomas, Boston

to corporal

Ryan William P., Boston

Company K (Stoughton Irish Guards), Stoughton.-9th Reg. Recruited in Stoughton in April, and entered the United States service, June 11, 1861. A beautiful flag was presented to them by their fellow townsmen.


Captain, GEORGE W. DUTTON, Stoughton. 1st Lieut.,

TIMOTHY BURKE, Milford, promoted from 2d lieut., Co. H., Jan. 5, 1862.

JOHN C. WILLEY, East Cambridge, promoted 1st lieut. Co. E., Sept. 11, 1861, 2d Lieut., and capt., Jan. 28, 1862.

EDWARD FENNOTY, commissioned Sept. 11, 1861.


Cunningham Roger, No. Bridge- Murphy James, Stoughton
McGunigle Hugh, Stoughton


Mahoney James, Stoughton
Downey Michael, Stoughton
Clifford Thomas, Stoughton

Murphy John, Stoughton
Butler James, suughton
Dooley John, Stoughton

McGuire Michael, Stoughton
Rice John B., Stoughton
Donahoe John, Stoughton

Martin Michael, Providence, R.L
Doherty James, Stoughton

McGuire Patrick F., Stoughton
Kelley Richard, Stoughton
Denison Patrick, Stought in

Murray Neil, New York
Long John, Stoughton

Deery Lawrence E., Stoughton Mooney William, Stoughton
Gillbride Jumes, Bridgewater
Dunívan Malachi, Stoughton

Mitchell William, Bridgewater
O'Brien Edward, Stoughton
Dermody Patrick Stoughton

McKenna Philip, Stoughton Clerk Michael, No. Bridgewater Flynn Joseph, Quincy

Nally Patrick, Stoughton Ford Joseph, Stoughton, promoted Flynn James, Quincy

Nally James, Stoughton to sergeant Farren William, Bridgewater

Noonan Thomas W., Randolph
Rice James, Stoughton
Finn Patrick, Bridgewater

O'Hare Hugh, Stoughton
Gartlan John, Stoughton

O'Sullivan James, Stoughton
McCarthy Jarnes, N. Brunswick Geary John, Stoughton

Riley Thomas, Stoughton
McGuire David, No. Bridgewater Gartley Martin, Clinton

Riley Alexander, Randolph, pro-
Goward James A., Stoughton

moted to musician Dempsey Patrick, Athol Depot Gallagher Owen, Stoughton

Riordon Daniel, Ist, Stoughton
Hayes James, Stoughton

Riordon Daniel, 2d, Randolph Armor George, Borton

Harris James, No. Bridgewater Riordon Edward, Stoughton
Butler John, Boston
Henessey James, New York

Ragan Michael, Stoughton
Barke James, Boston
Holcraft Patrick, Stoughton

Sweeny John, No. Bridgewater
Barry Michael, Stoughton
Hord Alexander, Stoughton

Scannell John, No. Bridgewater Barlow Robert, Stoughton Howard Simon, Boston

Spelman Patrick, Boston
Collins Chas. (., No. Bridgewater Johnston Edward, Stoughton

Smith Patrick, Stoughton
Carney John, Stoughton
Kerns John, Stoughton

Sheridan Philip. Providence
Cullen James, Boston
Keegan John, Stoughton

Sullivan Richard, Stoughton
Connoly Michael
Kelley Martin, Stoughton

Tully Bartlett, Bridgewater
Connell Michael, No. Bridgewater Kellcher Patrick, Stoughton

Toomey Jeremiah, Bridgewater Callaghan Daniel, Stoughton, pro- Lunergan John, No. Bridgewater Toomey John, Stoughton moted to corporal Lundy Patrick, Stoughton

Willey Charles, E. Cambridge, proCallaghan Hugh, Stoughton Lee Robert, Lynn

moted to corporal Condon Maurice, Randolph

Lenehane Wm., No. Bridgewater Webb James, No. Bridgewater Crane Dominick, Stoughton McLoughlin James, Boston

Whelan Dennis, No. Bridgewater Cunningham Patrick, No. Bridge- Molony David, Stoughton

Walch Michael, Stoughton water

Tenth Regiment of Infantry.

This regiment is made up almost exclusively of men living in the five western counties. Its colonel is a son of the late Ex-Governor Briggs. He has been active in our volunteer militia, and has held sereral commissions. When the rebellion broke out, Colonel Briggs commanded a company of infantry at Pittsfield, and was among the first to offer the services of himself and command. He was ordered, with his company, to Washington, and was attached to the Eighth, which did such gallant service. Before the expiration of his three months' term, he was appointed to the command of the regiment formed in the western counties for three years' service. The Tenth first went into camp at Springfield, and afterwards at Medford.

In addition to the above, the following statement is given by a person connected with the regiment:

"On Thursday, July 25th, at 7 o'clock, P. M., the right wing of the regiment, on board the S. R. Spaulding, cast off from Central Wharf, Boston, bound for Washington.

* The left wing bad embarked some two hours before on board the Ben Deford, which steamed down the bay, and awaited the coming up of the Spaulding.

“As the S. R. Spaulding cast off, three rousing cheers were given, at the instance of Quartermaster-General Reed, for the success of the Tenth Regiment.

“ Lieut.-Col. Decker, having received his orders, went on board the Deford, and we started on our voyage,

“We had delightful weather all the time, with the exception of a slight fall of rain on Saturday evening, as we were entering the Chesapeake; but it soon cleared up, and we were repaid for our discomfort of the hour before by witnessing a most beautiful sunset. About 7 o'clock, we were hailed by the gunboat Quaker City, who, finding us all right, let us pass on, and in a little while we were in the broad waters of the Chesapeake.

“At 4 o'clock on Sunday morning we entered the Potomac, on our way up passing the rebel batteries at Mathias Point and Aquia Creek. At half past 10 o'clock, A. M., we were opposite Mount Vernon. The ship's bell was tolled, the band of the regiment played a dirge, and every head was uncovered. We passed several gunboats on the


way up the river, and in every case the rigging was manned, and three hearty cheers given for the regiment.

“We arrived off the arsenal at Washington about 12 o'clock, M., Sunday; but, owing to the crowded state of the wharf at the arsenal, only the Deford could land her part of the regiment, and the right wing landed at the navy yard, further up. The regiment were busy all the afternoon unloading the steamers, and at night the right wing were quartered in the lofts formerly occupied by the Seventy-first New York (three months).

“The next afternoon the regiment marched through the city to Kalorama Hill, which is north-east of the Capitol, and bivouacked for the night. The next morning changed our location to the old camping ground of the Thirty-fourth New York. The Seventh Massachusetts, Col. Couch, was encamped quite near us, on our right. We remained at Kalorama eight days, when we had orders to march to Brightwood, a distance of three miles, to be brigaded under the command of Brigadier-General Couch. We staid there two days, and then moved farther up the Seventh Street road to another camping ground. The change was necessary for the health of the men.

“ The regiment was presented with a set of colors, viz., State colors and the American flag, by the ladies of Springfield, before we left to go into camp at Medford, Mass.

The surgeon had, at various times, sent to him, for the benefit of the hospital, a total of $144 ; and many things in the shape of bedding, shirts, drawers, stockings, and clothing of all descriptions for the sick, have been given through private sources, from our friends in Western Massachusetts.

“In addition to these gifts, every company has been supplied with extra blankets, col. lected and sent on from the towns where the companies composing the regiment were raised. A large quantity of two-fingered mittens we have also received from the same

“We have been reviewed once as a regiment by General McClellan; once with the brigade, and twice in the division.

"Among the visitors in our camp have been Hon. Henry Wilson, Hon. H. L. Dawes, Hon. Charles Delano, Mayor Wightman, of Boston, Gov. Andrew, of Massachusetts, Hon. Frank P. Blair, Sen., the Postmaster General, Hon. Geo. F. Davis, of Massachu. setts, Hon. George Ashmun, of Springfield, George Dwight, Esq., of the same place, Brig.-Gen. Buel, Gen. Keyes, John J. Astor, Jr., of McClellan's staff, Hon. James Buffinton, Col. Lee, of the Massachusetts Twentieth, Col. Hinks, Nineteenth Massachusetts, Hon. B. F. Mills, of Williamstown, Mass., Hon. Joseph D. Colby, of Pittsfield, Mass., Col. Lee, and Lieut.-Col. Lyman, Twenty-seventh Massachusetts.

“The regiment was addressed, previous to our embarking at Boston, by Ex-Gov. Briggs, of Pittsfield.

• The old Tenth Regiment formed the nucleus of the present Tenth Regiment, and was under the command of the present Lieut.-Col. Jefford M. Decker. New compa. nies were recruited to fill up the regiment to the required standard, 1,045 men.

" The regiment rendezvoused at Springfield, Mass., in Hampden Park, June 14, 1861. The regiment was sworn into the service of United States, June 21, 1861, by Capt. Marshal, U. S. A.

• We are at present (Jan. 11, 1862) in Brig.-Gen. Keyes's division, Couch's brigade, which is en camped five miles out of Washington, on Seventh Street.

“Our brigade is composed of the Serenth and Tenth Massachusetts, Thirty-sixth New York, and Second Rhode Island. There are three brigades in our division, commanded respectively by Brig.-Gen'ls Couch, Graham, and Peck. The number of discharges have been 61; deaths, 16; desertions, 28. One hundred and seventeen have been enlisted, and the present strength is 1,010. We have three men in hospital. The health of the regiment is excellent.

“ Barracks have been built of logs, covered with boards, and everything is provided to make our quarters for the winter comfortable. Our brigade have built two forts, named respectively Slocum, and Massachusetts.

“There is a band attached to the regiment, consisting of twenty-six pieces, formerly from Adams, Massachusetts.

“Our barracks were built by the regiment, and have not cost the government one cent for lumber or materials used in the building.

“One row of barracks serve for a company, and bunks are partitioned off for each mess. Every tent has a little sheet-iron stove."

Colonel....... Lieut.-Col. Major Adjutant... Quartermaster Surgeon.....

Field and Staff, 10th Reg.

....JEFFORD M, DECKER...... Lawrence.

WILLIAM R. MARSH.. Northampton,
.OLIVER EDWARDS. ...Springfield.

....... Pittsfield.
..CYRUS N. CHAMBERLAIN..Northampton.

Promoted Surgeon 18th Regt., Jan, 13, 1862.
GEORGE JEWETT... ...Fitchburg.

Commissioned Jan. 21, 1862.
..FREDERICK A. BARTON...Springfield.

Assistant Surgeon




Sergeant Major

..EDWARD K. WILCOX ......Springfield. Quartermaster Sergeant .... ELISHA B. WHITTLESEY ..Pittsfield. Commissary Sergeunt ......FRANK J. CHILDS ..........Chester Factories. Hospital Steward ..CHARLES C. WELLS........Northampton.

Ilodges Wm. D., North Adam,
Stewart Burdock A., North Adams
Worth John D., North Adams
Stewart Jacob V., North Adams
Stewart Henry C., North Adams
Wheeler Addison G., North Adams
Hall Sterritt H., North Adams

Ingraham Albert K., North Adams
Haskin. Wm. E., North Adams
Towner Ilenry A., North Adams
Lewis Frank, North Adams
King Chas. B., North Adumns
Hamilton Frederic B., No. Adams
Viall Wm. G., North Adams

Clark Francis I.., North Adams
Clark Edward N., North Adarns
Stewart Edward W., No. Adams
Luther Daniel, North Adarns
Robinson Henry S., Springfield
Davis Alvah s., Springtield

Company A, Great Barrington.- 10th Reg. Recruited at Great Barrington, May 31, 1861. The town furnished them with uniforms, under-clothing, board and barracks.' David Leavitt gave $1,000 towards the fund. A tlag was presented to the company, by Mrs. Arthur Bigelow, the presentation speech being made by Hon. Samuel P. Sumner, of Great Barrington, and responded to by Capt. Ives. They marched from Great Barrington to Springfielil, a distance of sixty miles, and were entertained on the route at Blandiord and West Springfield. They were received by two companies, under command of Capt. Barton, of Springfield, and escorted to Hampden Park, where speeches were made by Col. Barton and others.

COMMISSIONED OFFICERS. Captain, RALPH 0. IVES, Great Barrington. JAMES M. BACON, Great Barrington, discharged Dec. 4, 1861. 1st Lieut., } FLAVEL SHURTLEFF, Northampton, promoted from 2d lieut., Company C,

Dec. 5, 1861.
2d Lieut.,

HENRY L. Wilcox, Great Barrington, discharged Oct. 7, 1861.
ALLEN S. MANSIR, Monterey, commissioned Oct. 7, 1861.


Ives Francis M., Great Barrington
Bishop Daniel J., Great Barrington
Beach Melancthon B., Great Bar-

Turner Alvin, Falls Village, de-

Couch Alfred F., Great Barrington
Tubby Joho B., Sheffield
Holmes Geo. II., Great Barrington
Power: Nathaniel, Worcester
Barber George A., New Marlboro
Ney John, Lee
Old: James R., Great Barrington
McElroy John, Falls Village, de-

Petracki Angelo, Springfield
Osborn Henry
Gilmore C. A., Gt. Barrington

Andrews R. K., Sheffield
Ashinun John, Sharon
Blakleslee Charles, Tyringham
Barber Hubert L., Southfield
Banker Henry
Bartholomew Martin, Sheffield
Bazzell Varnum, Lee, promoted to

Bristol Walter D., W. Stockbridge
Colburn Charles D., So. Egremont,

promoted to corporal
Cormack James, Falls Village
Cuaney Frank, Sheffield
Cook George, Springfield
Carlton Geo. W., Greentield
Cady Henry, Lee

Cahill James, Greenfield
Clurk G. C.
Cushman Joseph A., Ware
Cummings Lee, Sheffield
Caldwell V., Springfield
Crummey Owen, Gt. Barrington
Curtise Orrin, Sheffield, deserted
Cutting Orvil, North Lee
Chadwick R. L., Stockbridge
Clapp William, North
Dennis Edward, Great Barrington
Dennis Luman, Great Barrington
Dawley Frank, North Lee
Donovan John, Lee
Fargo Albert F., Monterey
French Charles P., W. Stockbridge
Finn Michael, W. Stockbridge
Ferigh Charles, Gt. Barrington
Goddard P. M., Berlin
Gates Charles A., North Lee
Hart Davis, Sheffield
Hagerty Daniel, llousntonic
Hamilton Frank D., Greenfield
Hurt George, Egremont
Hecox James
Hines Marshall A., Mill River
Hewett Robert, North Lee
Kolle Frederick, North Lee
Killela Laurence, Deerfield
Kelley Michael, Gt. Burrington
Kernan Robert, Fall Village
Lamb Charles, North Lee
Levey William, Shelburne Falls
Markham Alfred, Gt. Barrington,

Mallory Edward J., North Lee
Morrissey Elward, Gt. Barrington
McWilliams Edward, Springfield

McGee H., Springfield
Merrill John H., Springfield
Markhan La Fayette, North Lee
Millard R. W., Gt. Barrington
Newton S. D.
Nickerson M. S., Springfield
O'Brien Patrick
Pennock Charles, Falls Village
Pendleton George R., Sheffield
Peasley Calvin, Gt. Barrington, dis-

Pervire D. E., Greenfield
Pervire R., Greenfield
Prouty H., Northampton
Pinney John W., North Lee
Pugh Thomas, Gt. Barrington, pro-

moted to corporal
Rice L. L.
Ring Joseph, Springfield
Ryan K., North Lee
Sernier Alonzo, New Eng. Village
Scudder Chester, Monterey
Shultis George, Monterey
Sanders John, Wilbrahain
Smith Peter, Sheffield
Stephenson Thos. B., New Haven,

Conn., promoted to corporal
Stanard Wm., New Marlboro'
Short William
Tucker George, Dalton
Taylor Jarvis. Canaan
Titus L.M., Prescott, discharged
Williams Amos, Sandistield
Warner George, Gt. Barrington
Woodward Henry, North Lee
Welsh Thomas, Gt. Barrington
Wheeler Williain, North Lee

Company B (Johnson Greys), North Adams. – 10th Reg. Organized 1852, and re-organized in May, 1861. The town furnished uniforms, board, and barracks. Mr. S. Johnson, of Adams, probably contributed more in cash than any other person or persons, for their benefit. An American flag was presented to the company by the widow of the late Brig.-Gen. A. A. Richmond, Hon. Henry L. Dawes making the presentation speech. They marched to South Adams, where an entertainment was prepared for them, and they were welcomed by Ex-Lieut.-Gov. Plunkett.

Captain, ELISHA SMART, North Adams.
1st Lieut., SAMUEL C. TRAVER, North Adams.
LEWIS N. GODDARD, North Adams, discharged Nov. 19, 1861.

2d Lieut.,


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