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Day James, jr., Attleboro
Duun Dana S., Attleboro
Dean Edward N., Attleboro
Doran John G., Attleboro
Donnell William P., Attleboro
Drake Lowell A., Attleboro
Draper Halsey W., Attleboro
Dunbar Henry G., Attleboro
Dunham William E., Attleboro
Emerson Nathuniel, Attleboro
Farrell Andrew
Fisher Charles E.
Fisher Ezra A.
Flannigan Lawrence
Follett George H.

Frawley Henry
French Herbert N.
Gay Samuel F.
Goff Gilbert A.
Gottschalk Frederick
Graff Henry
Gretin Henry
Gretin Peter T.
tall Arthur C.

Hall Willard E.

Richards Andrew J., Attleborn
Hickmann Lewis, Foxboro

Richardson William A., Attleboro
Hemenway D. Gardner, Wrentham Rollin George W., Attleboro
Hill Willlam H., Attleboro

Savery Abraham B., Attleboro,
Jack John, Attleboro

promoted to corporal
Jewett John E., Attleboro

Seavy E. F., Attleboro
Jillson George L., Attleboro

Sury Edward, Attleboro
Keith A. Bartlett, Bridgewater Shamon Dennis, Attleboro
Kiff Marcus R., New Bedford

Smith John N., Attleboro
Kruhe Herman G., Attleboro

Stanley Artemas W., Attleboro
Llufriv B. Washington, Wickford, ! Sweet Thomas C, Attleboro
R. I.

•Sylvester Eben L., Attleboro Loughlin Bernard, Attleboro *Thompson James W., Attleboro Lyon Ezra, Attleboro

Thompson Samuel, Attleboro
Mason James, Attleboro

Thayer John J., Attleboro
McNamee Joseph. Attleboro

Tonill Charles F., Attlebomo
Moulton Royai w., Attleboro

Tisdale Frank H., Attleboro
Nelson Edward, Attleboro

Tisdale James B., Attleboro
Peacock John D., Attleboro

Watson Henderson H., Attleboro
Percy Charles H. A., Attleboro Whaley J. A., Attleboro
Perry James A., Attleboro

White Henry M., Altleboro
Pidge Lorenzo F., Attleboro, pro- Willis George H., Attleboro
moted corporal

Wilson A. G., Attleboro
Remlinger William, Attleboro

Company K (Harlow Guards), Abington.-7th Reg. Recruited at South Abington, mainly by Capt. Franklin P. Harlow, who has since been promoted as major. The company left South Abington for the encampment at Taunton, about the first of June, 1801. On their departure from Abington, the band volunteered their services to escort the company to the depot, and, with a long procession of citizens, marched to the cars. The town appropriated $800 for their uniform.

Captain, FRANKLIN P. HARLOW, Abington, promoted to major, Aug. 1, 1861.

1st Lieut., GEO. W. REED, Abington, promoted to captain, Aug. 1, 1861,
2d Lieut., ABIJAH L. MAYHEW, Abington, promoted to 1st lieut., Aug. 1, 1861.

Clapp Charles W., Scituate

Newcomb John B., Scitunte
Packard Daniel, promoted to allju- Crane Joseph F., Scituate

Orcutt Edward, Abington, distant Chambers John L., Abington

charged Garney William H., Abington,pro- Dary Albert W., E. Bridgewater Penniman James M., Abington moted to 2 lieut. Aug. I, 1851 Cole Orman M., Abington

Powers Samuel A., Abington
Porter Calvin, E. Bridgewater
Dunbar Lucius E., Abington

Pratt Orange S., Hanson
Bosworth John C., Abington
Dunbar William, Scituate

Robinson Daniel P., Scituate Hill Isaac F., E. Bridgewater

Darling Charles, E Bridgewater Ramsdell Ames, E. Bridgewater
Erskine Frank, Abington

Reed Charles W., Abington Brown William H., E. Bridgewater, Elins Augustus F., Hanson, dead Reed Henry W., Abington promoted to sergeant

Fullerton Augustine, Abington Reed Nahum A., Abington Bisbee Wright, Abington, pro- Graves George F., Abington

Reed Cyrus, Abington, discharged moted to sergeant

Howe Augustus M., Abington Rich Moses, Abington, promoted Noyes Luke B. jr., Abington Harding Jacob W., Abington

to corporal Foster Samuel E., Bridgewater Harding John A., E. Bridgewater Rich George W., Scituate Young Charles D., Scituate

Harding Noah T., E. Bridgewater Raymond Hansel L., Abington, Winslow Joshua F., Abington Ilutchinson Nelson V., Scituate discharged Woodyum Eben, Abington

Hutchinson Benjamin F., Abing- Robbins Rufus.jr., Abington Knowlton Geo. S., E. Bridgewater, ton, promoted to corporal

Sherinan Thomas B., Abington dischurged

Hinckley Andrew, Abington Snell Samuel L., jr., Abington,
Hinckley Daniel, Abington

Hutchinson Edwin D., Abington Howland William F.. Abington Sproul Matthew L., Abington
Hobart Elbert F., Abington
Hersey Joseph, Abington

Stevens Osro, Abington, deserted Iagoner.

Hodgedon George W., Scitunte Sylvester Charles F., Seituate Cole Levi, jr., Abington Hayes Oliver F., Scituate

Sylvester Edward H., Scituate Printes.

James Edward, Scituate, promoted Taggard David P., Abington Alden Geo. C., Bridgewater

to corporal

Thorp Joshua, Abington, disAlden Eleazer C., Abington Joyce suac T., Abington

charged Ames Marcus F., llanson Lufkin Albert, Abington

Tirrell Thomas, Abington, disBates James C., Abington Leavitt Marcus M., Abington

charged Bain Edward M., Abington Litchfield Galen, Scituate

Williamson Lorenzo, Abington Beebee Henry w., Abington

Litchfield Francis H., Seituate Whiting Albert F., Abington Brown Joseph w., Abington

Litchfield Galen W., Scituate Wilder James, E. Bridgewater Corthell Samuel N., Abington Litchfield William, Scituate

Wilder William, Abington Chamberlain Isaac, Abington

Litehtield William G., Scituate Welch John, Scituste Cook George W., Abington

Mac Makin John II , Abington Young Carlos L., Boston Considine Michael, Abington, dis. Marsh Joseph O., Scituate

Recruits. charged Meritt William (., Scituate

Josselyn William W., So. Abington Cook Frederie, Abington Nott Ashael F., Scituate

Josselyn James E., So. Abington Churchill Walter T., No. Bridge- Nort Charles H., Seituate

Leuch John A., So. Abington water Nott Hoseu D., Scituate

Perry Jobn U., Hanson Cook William A., Scituate


Ninth Regiment of Infantry.

Faugh a Ballagh.On the requisition of the United States government for troops, immediately after we fall of Fort Sumter, the Irish citizens were among the foremost to respond to the call. They were largely represented in every “three months'" regiment; but the Ninth was the first composed entirely of the sons of Erin; and the well-earned repu

• Not on roll of company as furnished in Feb., 1862.

tation which they have achi: ved since their arrival at the seat of war, shows that in future they are to constitute a powerful arm of our militars,

It was first known as the Thirteenth ; but, the system of numbering being changed, it was altered to the Ninth. About $6000 was subscribed by the friends of the regiment for its wants while recruiting. It was first organized at Camp Wightman, on Long Island, in Boston Harbor, where it was quartered about seven weeks. On Monday, June 24, the regiment came up from its encampment for a visit to the city before starting to the seat of war. They were received at the wharf by an escort of nearly 810 Irishmen, and proceeded immediately to the State House, where the regiment was drawn up in line. The governor, attended by his staff, appeared, and in a brief speech presented to Colonel Cass the Ensign of the Commonwealth. He said they would bear in their ranks the stars and stripes of the glorious American banner; but he would have them recognized, when abroad, as from Massachusetts. He had the most perfect coufidence in the regiment, and felt fully assured that the flag would never be disgraced by the countrymen of Daniel O'Connel.

Colonel Čass responded in a fitting reply. The regiment then proceeded to the Commou, where a bountiful collation had been provided by the city. The line was again formed at three o'clock, and the regiment was reviewed by the mayor and several other city officials, after which it returned to Camp Wightman.

A stand of colors, costing $150, was also presented by the Irish citizens, consisting of a beautiful silk American flag and an Irish flag made of green silk. On one side of the latter is the scroll; on top, in golden letters :

“THY SONS BY ADOPTION, Thy firm supporters and defenders, from duty, affection, and choice." Beneath, also in golden letters :

.“ Presented to Colonel Thomas Cass, 9th Regiment Mass. Irish Volunteers." In the centre is the American coat of arms - eagle, shield, etc.; on the reverse side, the Irish Harp, whose strings, with ground color, denote the Red, White, and Blue, surmounted by the thirty-four stars, and surrounded by a beautiful wreath of shamrock; underneath are two wolf dogs, emblematic of Ireland, with the motto:

“ Gentle when stroked,

But fierce when provoked.” On the top, the motto in gold letters:

“As aliens and strangers thou didst us befriend,

As sons and true patriots, we do thee defend." And, underneath all, the declarative motto:

"The Union must be On the 25th of June it was ordered on to Washington. Before starting, every cumpany had been recruited to its maximum standard. It was transported in the Ben Deford, and arrived on the 29th of June, after a passage of four days. It remained here in quarters until after the battle of Bulí Run, when it was ordered to Arlington Heights, on the Virginia side of the Potomac.

While there, the regiment threw up a fortification, taking nearly two months for its erection, the whole work being carried through by this regiment alone. When first commenced, an advance was expected from the rebels, and the men worked with great ardor. It received the name of Fort Cass.

The regiment has been reviewed several times by General McClellan, and was in the grand review of 70,000 troops which took place near Washington. Up to the middle of December, not one man had died of sickness, and the general health of the regi. ment had been remarkable. Sixteen men had been wounded while on picket duty, but not one had been killed.

December 25 being Christmas, their camp was tastefully and profusely ornamented with evergreens, and the day commemorated in an appropriate manner.


[blocks in formation]

GEORGE W. PERKINS....... Boston.

Discharged Aug. 1, 1861.

East Boston.
Promoted from Sergeant Major, Aug. 26, 1861.

Promoted Brigade Surgeon,

Commissioned Aug. 27, 1861.

PATRICK O'CONNELL.. .... Boston.
Assistant Surgeon.....

Discharged Nov. 26, 1861.
FRANCIS M. LINCOLN.. ... Boston.

Quartermaster ........

Discharged Sept. 12, 1861.

. Boston. Promoted from Qr. Master Sergeant, Nov. 27, 1861. Hospital Steward REED B. GRANGER

.. Bos:on. Quartermaster Sergeant. THOMAS MOONEY

. Boston. Sergeant Major ... WILLIAM STRACHAN

East Boston.
Promoted to Adjutant.
Commissary Sergeant ...PATRICK W. BLACK. . Portland, Me.

Band Muster ............


Graham William, Portland, Me.
Iliggins John, Buffalo, N. Y.
Litch John, New Brunswick
Wood Ernest, Maine
Scanlow James, Roxbury
Gibson Victor, Milford
Tierney William, Mo.
Damon Frank, Lynn

McCabe Martin, Winchendon
Duryea Edwin, Lynn
Rounds A. R. P., Lynn
Murray John, Luwrence
Knights W. A., Lynn
Fitzgerald Patrick, Lawrence
Russell Thomas, Boston
Austin George A., Weymouth

Flint Charles L., Lynn
Mulrene John, Biddeford, Me.
Mulrene Thomas, Biddeford, Me.
Dunu l'eter, Biddeford, Ve.
Ward Thomas E., Lynn
Zoller Lewis, Taunton
Burns Patrick, Biddeford, Me.

Company A ( Columbian Volunteers), Boston.-9th Reg. Many of the members of this company belonged to the old Columbian Artillery Association, established in 1798. The present company entered the Uuited States service June 11, 1861.


Captain, JAMES E. GALLAGHER, Boston. 1st Lieut.,

MICHAEL SCANLAN, Boston, promoted captain of Co. B, Jan. 28, 1802.

Jonix H. RAFFERTY, Boston. 2d Lieut., MICHAEL F. O'HARA, Boston.

Durkin Austin, Boston

Mulligan Thomas, Roxbury, dis-
O'Hara John B., Boston
Ennis John

charged Maloney William B., jr., Boston, Foley John, Boston

Melalef Paul, Boston appointed quartermaster sergt. Fitzgerald Thomas

Moore Jumes
Early Patrick, Boston
Fitzgerald James, Boston

Mullane Daniel, South Danvers
Doherty John F., Boston, appointed Flaherty Wm., Woburu, discharged Murphy John, Danvers, transferred
commissury sergt.
Fitzpatrick John

Murray Lawrence
Flood John H., Canton

Mullins Je emiah, Randolph Taylor Bartholomew, Boston Gleason John

Nicholson John, Boston Flynn Thomas, Boston, deserted Gallagher Patrick

O'Conner Patrick, Boston Palmer James M., Lawrence, trans- Hickey James, promoted to sergt. O Donnell John, Boston ferred to another company

Hagerty Bernard, Boston, deserted O'Callaghan Wm. F., East CamDwyre John, Boston Hurley Edward

bridge McDermott Michael, Boston, pro- Hennessey James F., Chelsea, dis- O'Hare John P., Boston moted to sergt.


O'Connell John, South Danvers
O'Rielley James, Boston
Henry Patrick

O'Brien Peter, Boston
Foley James, South Boston
Keating Patrick, Salem

Philips Robert
Kanary John, Boston

Pope Robert, East Boston
Kang Daniel, deserted
Keenan Edward, Boston

Quinn William, Boston
Bayley Ralph, promoted to sergt. Kirwan Thomas, West Quincy Koss Donald, Boston
Moore Alexander

Kelleher Bartholomew Boston Riley Simon J., Boston
Powers Benjamin
Kenney Daniel, jr., Boston

Shahan Edward H., Charlestown
Kennedy Daniel Boston

Sheridan Bernard, Baltiinore Tracy William, Roxbury

Lynch Maurice, Chelsea, promoted Sheehun Timothy, Buston
to corporal

Sweeney Daniel, South Darrers
Adams William, Cambridgeport, Lynch John F., East Stoughton Sunith Philin, South Danvera
transferred to another company
Llewellen Thomas

Sullivan Daniel, Eust Stoughton Burke James, Boston Lovett Charles, Boston

Sullivan Patrick, Bostou, tradeBurke Patriek, promoted to corp'l McGiniskin Thomas, Boston, pro- ferred Burke Alexander

moted to corporal

Tivon Hugh, Boston
Brady Edwurd, Salem
McCarthy John

Thornton John, Boston
Brennan John

McCarthy Michacl, Randolph Thomas David, Boston Coinmcford John, Boston

MeGlone Charles, Somerville White William, Boston
Cumuing James Charlestown McIntire Peter, Boston

Wyman Henry, Boston
Carmody Cornelius
McCluskey Paul, Boston

Waish Patrick, Loston, promoted Carroll l'honnus, Boston, discharged McLaughlin John, Boston

to corporal Cass Willian, lischarged Mc Mahan Thomas, Chelsea

Welsh Patrick, deserted Corkery Bartholomew

McGuire Jaunes, South Boston Warren Charles R. Coughlin Jeremiah, Boston

McLaughlin Terrance, Boston Ward Thomas F., Randolph Davin William, Portland, Me.

McGlone Hugh Milford Doherty James, Roxbury

McLaughlin Michael, Cambridge Joined since Regt. leji Hass. Dolan Martin, Boston, deserted Moakier John, Boston

Aaron Otis F. Debon James, Salem

Manning John, South Danvers Boynton Vassal P.

Company B ( Otis Guard), Boston. -9th Reg.
Named in honor of that philanthropic lady, Mrs. Harrison Gray Otis, of Boston.


CHRISTOPHER PLUNKETT, Boston, discharged Aug. 7, 1861.

PATRICK T. HANLEY, Boston, promoted to captain and to major.
1st Lieut., | JAMES F. MCGONAGLE, Boston.
2d Lieut., { VATILEW DACEY, Commissiouru Jan. 6, 1862.

PATRICK WALSH, Boston, discharged

Dooley William, Randolph

McGovern Philip. Lynn
Miller Robert A., Boston

Fullon Edward, West Roxbury McLaughlin Patrick, Lynn Deacey Matthew, Boston, promoted Farley John, Boston

Norton Jarnes, South Boston to lieut. Farley Patrick, Chelsea

Newton Thomas, Boston King John, South Boston

Fallon Daniel, West Roxbury O'Neil Jaines, Boston, promoted to Barray John, Boston

Fitzpatrick John, Danvers, trans- corporal Barker Thomas, Lynn

ferred to Co. A.

O'Neil Michael, Boston
Fallon Michael, Lynn

O'Neil Henry B., Boston
Meaney Thomas, Boston, promoted Flynn Edwa d F., Boston

O'Brien John, North Brighton to sergt. Gordon Joseph, Boston

O'Brien Michael, Boston
Greaney George, Boston
Griffin Michael, Pawtucket

Palmer John M., Lawrence
Dobson William, Buston

Gleason Michael, South Danvers Powers Thomas, Boston, promoted
Golden David, Boston

to corporal
Hart Patrick, Waterford
Griffin John, Bost in

Powers Edward, Danvers
Hyde Dennis, Boston

Quinn John, Lynn
Adams George, Boston

Healey John, East Braintree, de- Quinlan Thoinas, Boston, proBarker Owen, Lynn


moted to corporal Brickley Patrick, Boston Haynes Thomas, Boston

Reilly James, North Bridgewater Brett John, Reading, discharged

Hernan John, North Bridgewater Remuck James, Salem Brannan Michael, Lynn

Harney William, Jamaica Plain Sheridian Patrick, No. Bridgewater Boyle Patrick, Boston Hackett Patrick, Wareham

Smith William, Dorchester
Buckley James, Boston

Hogan Thomas, North Bridgewater Smith Matthew, Gralton
Burns James, Roxbury
Howard Martin, Worcester

Sheehan Martin, East Abington Burns John, Lowell

Kellcher John, Boston

Schofiel Peter, East Boston
Burus John, 2d, Lynn
Keenan Michael, Salem

Somerville Alexander, Boston, dis-
Burns William, Lyon
Kelley Patrick, Lynn

charged Bresnehamn John, Stoneham

Leary Michael, Boston, promoted Sullivan William, Boston Burk John B., Lowell

to corporal

Turish Hugh, South Boston, disBattresbee James, Lowell Lyons Charles, Foxboro

charged Cullinan John, New York Magura Michael, Boston

Thompson William, Boston, die Cullinan John W., East Abington Murphy Martin, Weymouth

charged Creighton Michael, Boston, proLane Bernard, Roxbury

Tracy William, Salem
moted to corporal
McIntire William, Quincy

Toomey Maurice, Lynn
Cumaing. Martin, Roxbury
McDonald Donald, Chelsea

Thompson Charles, Worcester
Conlon Andrew, Worcester
Martin John, South Sanvers

Tynon Timothy, Lowell Collins Dennis, Lynn

McQuade John, Lawrence

Wheelan Michael, Salem
Curran John, South Danvers
McCurnan John, Boston

Joued since Regt. lejt Mass. Connell Peter, Boston

McCarthy John, 'East Weymouth Daley Daniel, Boston
Doherty Daniel, Lynn
McCarthy Dennis, Boston, pro-

McGuire John, South Boston Donovan John, Medford

moted io corporal

Regan John, Boston Driscoll Timothy, Salem

Company C (Douglas Guard), Boston.-9th Rog. Named after the Hon. Stephen A. Douglas, of Illinois.


Captain, WILLIAM MADIGAN, Boston.
1st Lieut., John W. MAHAN, promoted to captain of Company D, Oct. 25, 1861.
2dl Lieut.,

EDWARD MCSWEENEY, promoted 1st lieut., Oct. 25, 1861.
MICHAEL FLYNN, promoted from sergt, major, Oct. 25, 1861.

Flynn William, Boston

McGuire John D., Hopkinton
Kerr William, Boston
Gallaher James D., Boston

McQueeny William, Boston, proLane James, Boston, deserted Gilday Patrick, Somerville

muted to corporal Murphy John P., East Braintree Go-ling James, Fall River

Mc Mahan Thomas
Greaney Churles, Mass.

McNamara Michael T., Clinton
McDonald Charles Il., Boston Grier George, Cainbridge, promoted Mc Tighe Anthony
Lyons Michael, Boston, promoted to corporal

Nannery Michael, Boston to sergt.

(to sergt. Haley John, Mass.' (charged O'Brien John, Webster McGee Patrick, Boston, promoted Harrington Andrew, Bosion, dis- O'Donnell Maurice, Worcester McCabe Bernard, Rhode Island, Harvey John, Boston

O'Viel Patrick
promoted to sergt.
Hearty Michael, Boston

O'Tool Michael, Clinton
Gillis James, Boston
Hennebry John, Lowell

Pattison George T., Boston
Leary Dana
Howard Thomas

Powers John
Hughes James

Powers Patrick, North Webster
McGirr Patrick, Boston
Hyde John, Dedham

Pyne William. Hopkinton, pro-
Kenney Daniel, Webster

moted to corporal
Power John, Boston
Kelley James, Mass.

Regan John
Cambell John, Rhode Island

Leonard John, Worcester (charged Reynolds William, Conn.

Lord Chas, W., Philadelphia, dis- Ryng John
Barnes Thomas, New York
Lynch John, Boston

Ryan John, Ist, Hopkinton, dis-
Breen Jeremiah, Mass.
Maguire Michael, Boston

Britt Michael, Boston
Mahoney Frank

Ryan John, 2d, Webster
Burke Martin, Mass.
Matthews John T., Boston

Ryan John, 3d, Maine
Burke Richard, Salem
Mogwahan Michael, Boston

Ryan Patrick, Webster, discharged
Clancy John, Boston
Mullen William, Webster

Sheehan Cornelius
Cleary Michael, deserted
Murphy Cornelius

Shechan Daniel I.
Conley Thomas, Boston

Murphy Jeremiah, New Bedford Shehan James
Cosgrove John, Mass., wounded on Murphy Thomas, New Bedford Slattery Michael
picket, and discharged
Murphy James, Boston

Slattery James, Webster
Craig William, Lowell
Murray Charles, Boston

Sullivan Michael
Coyne John, South Boston
Murray James

Shanahan Robert
Cullen Michael, Worcester

McAuliffe John, South Boston Sandow Henry
Dudley llenry A., Boston
McAuliff. Thomas, Boston

Walder Henry, Roxbury
Duncan Charles, Clinton

McCann Ilugh, Providence, R. I., Waters John Donnelly Peter B., Boston


Joined since Regiment ler Mas. Donovan Daniel, Roxbury

McLaughlin Edward, Boston, pro- Martin Daniel, Boston Dyer Daniel, East Boston

moted to corporal

Murphy Michael, Boston
Ellard John, Mass.
McCluskey Michael, deserted

Carodi Domingo, Boston
Fagan Lawrence, Mass.
McGovern James, Webster

Williams George, Conn.

Company D (Meagher Guard), Boston.-9th Reg.
Named in honor of Thomas Francis Meagher, the Irish orator and exile.


\ PATRICK R. GUINEY, Roxbury, promoted to major, Oct. 24, 1801.

JOHN W. MAHAN, Boston. 1st Lieut.,

WILLIAM W. DOHERTY, Roxbury, discharged Nov. 1, 1861.
Join H. WALSH, Cambridge, transferred from Company I.

JOHN H. RAFFERTY, Somerville, promoted to 1st lieut., Company A. 20 Lieut., NICHOLAS C. FLAHERTY, Boston, promoted from sergeant, Oct. 21, 1861.

Coakley Dennis, Quincy

McDonough James, Boston
Flaherty Nicholas C., Boston, pro- Carr James, Boston

McCann James, Boston moted to 241 lieut.

Conway Michael, E. Cambridge Mitchal Nuth. Collins Patrick, E, Boston, trang- Collins Thomas, Boston, proinoted Messer Charles E., Quincy ferred froin Co. I

to corporal

Malahan Thomas, Cambridge McDonald Edward, E. Boston Conlon Michael, Cambridge

Marshall James T., Webster McGinnisken Charles B., Boston Dinahoe John, Boston, discharged McLaughlin Patrick, Lawrence Corporals. Dowd Peter, Webster

Mellen William, Cambridge
Jameson John E., Newbury port Doherty John D., Roxbury

McCanne Francis, Borton
M hney John, So. Boston
Doherty Anthony, E. Boston

McLaughlin James, Boston
Scott Edward C., Lynn
Doherty Edward, Bosion

McCrea Terrance, Lowell

D olay Frank E., Cambridge, dis- McDermott William, Lowell O'Donnell Owen

charged Sept. 10, 1861

Murphy Jeremiah, Dover, N. H.
Hinckley John, Oldtown, Me.
Dealey Martin, Lawrence

McFelley William, Boston
Doran Peter, Boston

Maloney Williain, E. Cambridge
Doyle Patrick, Nutick
Dunn John, So. Boston

McLaughlin John, Boston
Benden John, Roxbury
Dutfey Bernard, Boston

Masterson John, Boston

Devlin John, Boston, promoted to Meader Albert, Natick
Barber Frank, Hopkinton, R. I. corporal

Murray James, Cambridge, pro Brown Dennis, Quincy Fuller Ezekiel, Boston

moted to corporal Brown James, Salem

Finnan Barnard F., Boston, pro- Norton Patrick G., Roxbury Bower John, Roxbury

moted to sergeant

O'Hara John, Boston
Burke Culburt, Webster
Farrell James, E. Cambridge

O'Brien John, Milford
Ben way Augustus, Webster, dig- Fleming James, Boston

O'Brien Edward, Charlestown charged Nov. 20), 1861 Flynn John, Boston

Provose Mitchel, Webster
Blanchard Henry, Webster
Gilmore Peter, Lawrence

Plant Joseph, Webster
Baldwin George H., Natiek

Gleeson John, Boston, discharged Powers Matthew E., Boston Carnes Nathan, Roxbury,promoted Gill Joseph, Webster

Rodgers Peter, Boston to sergeant Goode John P., Roxbury

Russell Michael, Gt. Falls, N. H. Conlon Thomas, Charlestown Hangley William, Natick

Roach Michael, Lynn
Childs Albert F., Natick

Heenan John E., Dover, N. H. Reed Jol, Lawrence
Crowley Jeremiah, Lynn
Hegan Edward, So. Boston

Regan Peter, Roxbury
Cotey William
Hughes James, Cambridge

Ryan Thomas, Boston
Clancey Michael, Boston
Havlin Hugh. Boston

Sween y William, Boston
Clancey Jeremiah, Boston
kenney Michael, Roxbury

Teate William J., Boston Cavanaugh James, Boston, pro- Kelcher John, Boxton

Walsh James, Boston moted to corporal Kane Owen, Marlboro

White Stephen, New York City Collins John, Boston Keefe John, Boston

Joined since Regt. lejt Nass.
Clatferty Michael, Woburn
Leighton Charles, Lawrence

Burns Patrick, Boston
Connell John, Abington
Lee Walter, Boston

McGowan Thomas, Boston
Cartwright John, E. Boston, trans- McConolough Neal, Boston

Ready Andrew, E. Cambridge ferred from Co. I

Company E (Cass Light Guard), Boston.-9th Reg.
Named in honor of Col. Thomas Cass, the commander of the regiment.


JOHN R. TEAGUE, Boston, discharged Jan. 27, 1862.

JOHN C. WILLEY, Boston, promoted jan. 28, 1862, from 1st lieut. 1st Lieut.,

MICHAEL PHELAN, Salem, promoted 1st lieut., Jan. 28, 1862.

Coffee Jereminh, lolliston

Iloran Michael, No. Bridgewater
McNamara Daniel G., Boston
Cahill Timothy, Milford

Halleran John, Lowell
McNamara James W. Boston
Connors Terrance, E. Boston

Hennesy Thomas, So. Boston
Mahler Anthony, Boston
Carroll John, E. Abington

Ivers Daniel, Boston Foril Daniel, Cambridge

Conway Bernurd, E. Cambridge Ivers Thomas, Boston, promoted Fogarty William, Brookline, taken Carter Thomas, Roxbury

to sergeant; taken prisoner prisoner

Cronin Jeremiah, Boston, dis- Jenkin Martin, Milford

Kelley Francis, Roxbury
Lynn Mathew, Salem
Clupa Michael, Boston

Kell her Patrick, Boston
McNullan James, Boston
Carney Daniel, Boston

Keating John, Malden
Smith Joseph T., Boston
Crahan Owen, Roxbury

Lumburt Joseph, Boston
Fuge Willium II., Boston, pro- Collins Elword, Boston, dead Lynch Henry, Augusta, discharged
moted to sergeant
Doherty Patrick, E. Boston

Mullen Robert, E. Cambridge
O'Connor Patrick, Boston
Doherty George F., Boston

Mann John A., Boston
Daveron Michael, Quincy

Mullivan Patrick, Lynn
Mc Poland Bernard, Lawrence
Dolan Patrick, Charlestown

Morrison John, Mass.
Power Benjamin, Boston, trans- Danahy John, Boston

Marrin Thomas, Cambridgeport ferred

Donnington Hugh, E. Cambridge Murphy Thomas, Roxbury
Donavan John, E. Abington

Monahan Bernard, Milford
Denny Edward, So. Boston
Denny John, Boston

McGavish Thomas, Boston
Enwright Michael. Quincy

McDavitt John, Boston
Ash Francis, Spingfield
Fenton Michael, Quincy

Malcom James, Pittsfield
Bloomis William, Boston
Farmer Charles, Chelsea

McKenna Patrick, Providence
Buckly Daniel, No. Danvers
Fitzgerald Michael, Bogton

Murphy John Barker James, E. Abington, dis- Gatfeny Patrick, Medford, pro- Mulroy John, Dublin charged moted to corporal

Neary Patrick Butler Walter, Beverly

Galligher Owen, Milford, pro- Norton Michael, Boston Boylan Patrick, Marlboro

moted to corporal

Roas Henry, Boston
Bush Richard, So. Danvers
Galligher John, Boston

Rooney Thomas, Boston
Burn. Patrick, Roxbury

Garland Owen, Lowell, drowned Ryan 'Timothy, Boston Boyle Peter, Lynn

in the Potomac, June 19, 1861 Rourke Dennis, Lowell Caul Michael, Marlboro' Horrigan Timothy, Boston

Regan Timothy, No. Andover Condon James, E. Abington

Hayes Charles, Woburn, promoted Regan Matthew. Boston Condon Richard, Cambridgeport to corporal

Sullivan Thomas, Boston Cassidy John, Boston

Herrin Patrick, Manchester | Smith Samuel, Boston

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