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Bowditch, of West Roxbury; Jonathan
Preston, of Boston.

Bank Commissioners.
J. Frederick Marsh, of Boston; George
Walker, of Springfield; Wm. D. Forbes,
of Fall River.

Insurance Commissioners.
George W. Sargent, of Lawrence;
Elizur Wright, of Boston. Salary, $1,500

Commissioners of Pilots.
Ofice, 41 State street, Boston.
John Williams, of Weston; John W.
Emery, of Provincetown; Albert G.
Browne, of Salem.

Commissioners on Boston Back Bay.

Edward C. Purdy, of Somerville; Franklin Haven, Chas. Hale, of Boston.

Appraisers of Back Bay Land. George S. Boutwell, of Groton ; J. I.

Commissioners concerning Alien Passen

gers and State Paupers. The State Auditor (Charles White), and the Superintendent of Alien Passengers in Boston (Edward Hamilton), exofficio, and Henry B. Wheelwright, of l'aunton.

Office of Superintendent of Alien Pas-
sengers, 59 Long wharf, Boston. Salary,
Commissioners on Plan for Agricultural

Rejoice Newton, of Worcester; T. F.
Plunkett, of Pittsfield; Charles G. Davis,
of Plymouth.


Incorporated, June 2, 1685.
SHIRB Town,......

Judge of Probate and Insolvency,...... Joseph M. Day,

Barnstable. Register of Probate and Insolvency,. ... Jonathan Higgins,

Orleans. Clerk of the Courts,...

Frederick W. Crocker,

Barnstable. Register of Deeds,

Frederick Scudder,.

Barnstable. County Treasurer, .

Gorham Hallet,

Barnstable. Lothrop Davis,...

Barnstable. Overseers of House of Correction,.. Charles C. Bearse,

Barnstable. Charles Bursley,..

Barnstable. Sheriff,..

Charles C. Bearse, .

Cotuit Port. Deputy Sheriffs.

At Harwich, 3d Mon. of Ap., and on Barnstable, Luther Hinckley, Theodore

last Mon. of Oct. F. Bassett, Ansel 1). Lothrop.

At Orleans, Wednes. next after 3d Mon. Brewster, S. Clark.

of Ap., and on Tues. next after last Mon. Dennis, Isaiah Nickerson, Jr.

of Oct. Falmouth, Crocker H. Bearse.

At Prorincetown, Fri. next after 3d Orleans, Alexander Kenrick,

Mon. of Ap., and on Th, next after last Prorincetoron, Robert Kuowles.

Mon, of Oct. Sandwich, Ezra T. Pope.

At Sandwich, 20 Tu. after the first Mon. Wellfieet, Lot Hall,

of Nov. Yarmouth, Edward Thacher.

At Truro, Th. next after the 3d Mon. Jailers.

of Ap. Barnstable, Lothrop Hinckley.

At Wellfleet, Wednes. next after the last Provincetown, Mark G. Smith.

Mon. of Oct.
Sessions of Probate Court.

County Commissioners.
At Barnstable, 2d Tu, of Jan., Feb.,
Mar., Aug., Sep., and Dec., and 3d Tues.

Joseph H. Sears, Brewster; Erasmus of Mav and June.

Gould, Falmouth; John W. Davis, WellAt Brewster, Tu. next after 3d Mon.

fleet. of Ap.

Special Commissioners, Joshua C. At Dennis, Th. next after 20 Tu. in Oct. Howes, Dennis; Daniel Paine, Truro At Falmouth, 28 Wednes. next after 1st Times of Meeting. - At Barnstable, 2d Mon. of Nov.

Tu, of Ap. and 2u Tu. of Oct.

Commissioners of Wrecks. Barnstable, Thomas Harris. Chatham, Josiah Hardy, Jr. Eastham, Abijah Mayo.

Falmouth, Sylvester Bourne, Thomas G. Davis. Harwich, Anthony Kelley.

Orleans, Daniel Comings, George W. Comings. Provincetown, Isaiah Gifford. Sandrich, Azariah Wing. Truro, Asa Sellew.

Welfleet, Wm. Cleverly, Isaiah Hatch, Robert H. Holbrook, Thomas Holbrook, John Newcomb.

Commissioners of Insolvency.
Barnstable, Frederick W. Crocker.
Wellfleet, Simeon Atwood, Jr.

Public Administrator,
Truro, Solomon Davis.

Masters in Chancery.
Barnstable, Frederick W. Crocker.
Orleans, Jonathan Higgins.
Commissioners to qualify Civil

Officers. Barnstable, Ebenezer Bacon, Frederick W. Crocker, Joseph M. Day, George Marston, Nymphas Marston, Rufus S. Pope, Frederick Scudder.

Brewster, George Copeland, Winslow L. Knowles, Jeremiah Mayo.

Dennis, Obed Baker, 2d, James Berry, Josiah Nickerson, Jr.

Falmouth, Samuel P. Bourne, Frederick Davis, George W. Donaldson, William Nye, Jr.

Harwich, Nathaniel Doane, Jr., Anthony Kelley, Nathaniel Robbins.

Sandwich, E. Stowell Whittemore.
Truro, Solomon Davis.

Wellfieet, Simeon Atwood, Jr., Thomas Holbrook.

Justices of the Peace. (Including Justices of the Peace and Quorum, desig. nated by the star, and Jut ces of the Peace and Quorum throughout the Commonwealth, designated by

Barnstable, *Ebenezer Bacon, Zenas D. Bassett, Charles C. Bearse, Charles H. Bursley, David Bursley, *Frederick W. Crocker, Walter Crocker, Joseph M. Day, Seth Hallett, Nathaniel Hinckley, Seth P. Holway, Ferdinand G. Kelley, *George A. King, Ansel Lewis, Elijah Lewis, 2d, George Lovell, James N. Lovell, Freeman Marchant, *George Marston, Charles Marston, Nymphas Marston, Frederick Parker, Sylvanus B. Phinney, Rufus S. Pope, Frederick Scudder, John P. Washburn, Ephraim N. Winslow, Asa Young.

Brewster, S. Clark, *George Copeland, Solomon Freeman, Samuel H. Gould, David Mayo, Jeremiah Mayo, Anthony Smalley.

Chatham, John W. Atwood, Nathan P. Brownell, Elijah W. Carpenter, Samuel Doane, Levi Elbridge, Jr., Josiah Mayo, Joshua Nickerson, Zoeth Nickerson, Warren Rogers, Thacher Ryder, Nathaniel Snow, Ephraim Taylor, Joseph Young, Samuel H. Young.

Dennis, Joseph K. Baker, Jr., Obed

Baker, 2d, Jona. Bangs, *James Berry, James Chase, Jr., Nehemiah Crowell, Seth Crowell, Joseph Hall, Stephen Homer,

Joshua C. Howes, Obed Howes, Zebina Howes, Isajah Nickerson, Jr., Miller W. Nickerson, Varanus B. Nickerson, Alfred Swift, Marshall S. Underwood, Scolly G. Usher, Joshua Wixon, Joshua P. Wixon.

Eastham, Myrick Clark, Mich'l Collins, Barnabas Freeman, Elijah E. Knowles, Reuben Nickerson, Jr.

Falmouth, Samuel P. Bourne, Sylvester Bourne, *Frederick Davis, Jabez Davis, Nymphas Davis, Stephen Di lingham, George W. Donaldson, Erasmus Gould, John G. Jones, Henry M. Lewis, Francis A. Nye, William Nye, Jr., Joshua C. Robinson, George W. Swift, Oliver C. Swift, Dean Winslow.

Harwich, Isaiah Baker, Joseph C. Berry, Obed Brooks, Sidney Brooks, Erastus Chase, Whitman Chase, Sheldon Crowell, Ephraim Doane, Nathaniel Doane, Jr., Valentine Doane, Jr., Samuel Eldridge, William Field, Shubael B. Kelley, Davis Lothrop. America Nickerson, James S. Paine, Nathaniel Robbins, Edward Smal. ley, Danforth 3. Steele, Nathan Underwood, Cyrus Weeks.

Orleans, Leander Crosby, *John Doane, Nathaniel Freeman, tJonathan Higgins, Alex. Kenrick, Alfred Kenrick, John Kenrick.

Provincetown, Albion S. Dudley, John W. Emery, Nathan D. Freeman, James Gifford, Simeon S. Gifford, Benj. F. Hutchinson, Enos Nickerson, Godfrey Ryder.

Sandwich, Benjamin Bourne, Charles Dillingham, Simeon Dillingham, Alden N. Ellis, Edward W. Ewer, Charles B. Hall, Joseph B. Hall, Solomon C. Howland, Ebenezer Nye, Zenas Nye, Ezra T. Pope, John W. Pope, Asa Raymond, •E. Stowell Whittemore.

Truro, tSolomon Davis, Samuel Dyer, Allen Hinckley, Smith K. Hopkins, Joseph L. McDonald, Daniel Paine, Jedediah Shedd.

Wellfleet, Reuben Arey, Simeon Atwood, Jr., Collins S. Cole, John W. Davis, Nathaniel H. Dill, Ebenezer Freeman, Thomas Holbrook, Caleb Lombard, John Newcomb, Thomas N. Stone, Nathaniel P. Wiley.

Yarmouth, William Anderson, Alexander Baxter, James B. Crocker, Theodore Drew, David G. Eldredge, Russell D. Farris, George A. King, John Larkin, Braddock Matthews, Amos Oris, Stephen Sears, Charles F. Swist, Elisha Taylor, Charles Thacher.

Trial Justices. Barnstable, Ebenezer Bacon. Dennis, Marshall S. Underwood. Falmouth, George W. Duualdson. Harwich, Cyrus Weeks. Provincetown, Albion S. Dudley. Sandwich, E. Stowell Whittemore. Wellfleet, John W. Daris. Yarmouth, James B. Crocker.

Notaries Public. Barnstable, Zenas D. Bassett, George Lovell, George Marston.

Brewster, Freeman Foster.
Chatham, Elijah W. Carpenter, Isaiah
Harding, Isaiah Lewis, Thacher Ryder,

Dennis, Obed Baker, 2d.
Eastham, Michael Collins, Elijah E.

Falmouth, Christopher G. Bearse, Fred. erick Davis, John C. Parker.

Harwich, Anthony Kelley, Nehemiah D. Kelley, William H. Underwood, Cyrus Weeks.

Orleans, Alexander Kenrick, John Ken. rick.

Provincetown, Thomas Hilliard, Thomas Lothrop, Godfrey Ryder.

Sandwich, Charles Southac, E. Stowell

Truro, Solomon Davis.
Wellfleet, Thomas Holbrook.

Yarmouth, James B. Crocker, William
P. Davis, George A. King.

Barnstable, David Bursley, Seth Hallett,
Luther Hinckley, Asa Young. Special,
Thos. Harris.

Chatham. Charles H. Smith.
Dennis, Joshua Wixon.
Eastham, Joshua Cole.

Falmouth, George W. Donaldson, Thos.

Harwich, Amasa Nickerson.
Provincetown, Philip Cook, Jeremiah

Sandwich, Isaac K. Chipman.
Truro, Daniel Paine.
Wellfleet, Thomas Holbrook.
Treasurer Marshpee and Herring

Pond Indians.
Charles Marston, Barnstable.

Agent Province Lands.
Joshua E. Bowley, Provincetown.



Incorporated, April 21, 1761.

... LENOX.
Judge of Probate and Insolvency,...... James T. Robinson,

Adams. Register of Probate and Insolvency,. ........ Andrew J. Waterman,

Pittsfield. Clerk of the Courts,....

Henry W. Taft,.......

.... Lenox. Register of Deeds (North District),....... Richard Whitney,... Lanesborough. Register of Deeds ( Middle District),...... Major S. Wilson,.

Lenox. Register of Deeds ( South District),........ Isaac Seeley,...... Gt. Barrington. County Treasurer,..

George J. Tucker,..


Lenox. Overseers of House of Correction,.

George J. Tucker,

Lenox. Sheriff, .......

Graham A. Root,.

Sheffield. Deputy Sheriffs,

Adams, Wm. G. Farnsworth.

Lenox, Phineas Cone.
Adams (North), William Hodskin, John
Holden, Josiah Q. Robinson, 2d.

Sessions of Probate Courts.
Egremont, John M. Joiner.

At Adams, Wed, next after the 2d Tu. Great Barrington. Harvey Holmes. of Jan. and Oct., and Wed. next after 4th Hinsdale, J. M. Tuttle.

Tu. in Ap, and July. Lanesborough, J. W. Newton.

At Great Barrington, Wed. next after Lee, A. H. Pease.

1st Tu. in Feb. and May, on Wed. next Lenor, Phineas Cone.

after 3d Tu. in July, and on Wed. next Monterey, John G. Mansur.

after 2d Tu. in Nov. New Marlboro', Henry N. Adams.

At Lanesborough, 2d Tu. in Jan. and Pittsfield, Sidney Jones, Daniel Chap

Oct, and 4th Tu. in Ap. and July. man.

At Lenox, 1st Tu. of Jan., Feb., March, Sandisfield, W. W. Langdon.

Ap., May, June, Sept., Oct. and Dec., and Sheffield, Geo. B. Cook.

3d Tu. in July, and 2d Tu. of Nov. Stockbridge, John Crosby, Jr.

Sessions of Courts of Insolvency. West Stockbridge, George A. Cobb. Williamstown, John R. Bulkley.

At Lenox, Ist Wed. of every month. Windsor, Daniel Capen.

County Commissioners. Deputy Sheriff in Hampden County.

Daniel Upton, South Adams; Calvin Chester Factories, Chas. W. Knox.

P. Lapham, Hancock; Wilbur C. Lang

don, Monterey. Deputy Sheriff in Franklin County. Special Commissioners, Alvah B. FairCharlemont, Samuel Potter.

field, Fiorida. One vacancy.

Times of Meetings.- At Lenox, 1st Tu. in Jan., Ap., July and Sept.

Commissioners of Insolvency.
Adams, Shepard Thayer.
Hinsdale, Albertus Richards.

Public Administrator.
Stockbridge, William Whitney.

Masters in Chancery.
Adams, Henry J. Bliss.
Great Barrington, Justin Dewey, Jr.
Lee, John Branning.
Commissioners to Qualify Civil

Adams (North), Wm. E. Brayton, Jar.
vis N. Dunham, Isaac Holman, Benj. F.
Robinson ; (South), Edwin F. Jenks.

Dalton, Zenas M. Crane, Grenville D. Weston.

Great Barrington, Billings Palmer, Increase Sumner, Ralph Taylor.

Lanesboro', Wm.'T. Filley, Stoddard Hubbell.

Lenox, Henry W. Taft, Geo. J. Tucker, William S. Tucker.

New Marlboro', Noah Gibson. Pittsfield, Calvin Martin. Sandisfield, Orlo Burt. Sheffield, Edward F. Ensign. Stockbridge, Henry J. Dunham, Charles M. Owen.

Williamstown, Daniel Dewey, Henry L. Sabin.

Justices of the Peace. (Including Justice of the Peace and Quorum, designated by a, and Justices throughout the Commonwealth, designated by a t.)

Adams, Mark F. Adams, David R. Allen, Sam'l H. Almy, Peter Blackinton, Henry J. Bliss, Levi L. Brown, Almond B. Cole, Hiram T. Crandall, Stowell E. Deane, Daniel Dunham, Jarvis N. Dunham, William G. Farnsworth, * Daniel Jenks, +Edwio F. Jenks, Charles Marsh, George Millard, +Wm. c Plunkett, Abiathar W. Preston, Willard S. Ray, Amos W. Richardson, David Richmond, H. Tyler, Wm. H. Tyler, 2d. Daniel Upton.

Adams (North), Lansing Allen, Oliver Arnold, Bidwell A. Babbitt, Joel Bacon, William S. Blackinton, Shulael W. Brayton, Thomas A. Brayton, William E. Brayton, Salmon Burlingame, tHenry L. Dawes, Elihu S. Hawkes, Nehemiah Hodge, *Isaac Holman, Sam'l Montague, George W. Nottingham, *Henry P. Phillips, William P. Porter, Arnold G. Potter, Benjamin F. Robinson, James T. Robinson, Thomas Robinson, Charles D. Sanford, Franklin 0. Sayles, Shepard Thayer, Abel Wetherbee, *Ezra D). Wbitaker.

Alford, Reuben C. Fitch, Ezra C. Ticknor.

Becket, Kendall Baird, Gaius Carter, Mark P. Carter, William S. Huntington, Charles O. Perkins, Timothy Snow.

Cheshire, Stephen Chapman, Joshua M. Mansfield.

Clarksburg, Waterman Brown, Eli T. Clark, Eleazer Ketchum, Richard Shattuck.

Dalton, Charles F. Bennett, Grove W. Branch, Alpheus Brown, John C. Chase, William K. Cleveland, Zenas M. Crane,

Henry Ferre, Almond C. Morse, Franklin Weston, Grenville, D. Weston.

Egremont, Joseph A. Benjamin, Nathan Benjamin, Henry E. Codding, John M. Joyner, *James H. Rowley, William W. Stillman, Charles L. Wright.

Florida, Nahum P. Brown, Alvah B. Fairfield, Israel Whitcomb.

Great Barrington, Phineas Chapin, Justin Dewey, Jr., Julius Dresser, A. Giddings, Rodney Hill, Walter W. Hollenbeck, Seth Norton, Billings Palmer, John Price, Calvin Rood, Isaac Seeley, William Selkirk, Increase Sumner, Sam'l B. Sumner, *Ralph Taylor, Joseph Tucker, *Tronas Twining, Francis Whiting, Edward P. Woodworth.

Hancock, Calvin P. Lapham, Jason White,

Hinsdale, Theodore Barrows, Charles J. Kittredge, Albertus Richards, Jarvis Rockwell, *Milo St.well.

Lanesborough, William T. Filley, Wm. A. Fuller, Wm. G. Harding, Stoddard Hubbell, Ezra H. Sherman, Rich'd Whitney.

Lee, Lewis Beech, John Branning, Jona. F. Cook, William T. Fish, Harrison Gar. field, Wm. P. Hamblin, Albert M. Howk, Alexander Hyde, Frederick N. Lowry, George H. Phelps, Norman W. Shores, Henry Smith, Marsball Wilcox.

Lenox, tHenry W. Bishop, Solomon Cole, James Collins, Thomas Post, Tho's Sedgwick, William E. Sedgwick, Henry W. Taft, George J. Tucker, *William S. Tucker, Andrew J. Waterman, Major S. Wilson.

Monterey, R. N. Couch, Egbert B. Garfield, Wilbur C. Langdon, John Wheeler.

Mount Washington, Gilbert Race.

New Ashford, P. Harmon, Elihu Ingraham.

New Marlborough, Edwin Adams, Jar. vis N. Collar, tNoah Gibson, Jas. Hyde, Nehemiah Palmer, Levi L. Smith, Loren Smith, Augustus Turner, Harlow S. Underwood, Ammi Warner, Theron Warner, Elias Wright.

Otis, Alanson Crittenden, Elam P. Norton, Samuel H. Norton, Norman Strick. land.

Peru, Ebenezer Haskell, Benjamin F. Pierce, Elisha Rockwell.

Pittsfield, Robert W. Adam, Jonathan Allen, Phineas Allen, Thos. G. Atwood, John V. Barker, Samuel W. Bowerman, Henry S. Briggs, Peter Briggs, Charles Bush, Benjamin Chickering, + Henry Chickering, Henry H. Childs, Samuel A. Churchill, Henry Colt, James D. Colt, f Thomas Colt, Benjamin A. Coman, Wm. B. Cooley, Benjamin R. Curtis, James H. Dunham, Lorenzo H. Gamwell, John C. Goodridge, William G. Harding, Saml. E. Howe, †Henry Hubbard, Jared Ingersoll, Norman L. Johnson, Sidney Jones, +Ensign H. Kellogg, Walter Laflin, Matthias R. Lanckton, Calvin Martin, +Edward A. Newton, John S. Noble, Phineas L. Page, Thomas P. Pingree, Jr., Theodore Pomeroy, Andrew Potter, *Thos. F. Plunkett, William R. Plunkett, tJulius Rockwell, Edwin F. Sandys, Wesley L. Shepardson, Jos. E. A. Smith, Socrates Squire, Daniel Stearns, *Thos. B. Strong,

John A. Walker, Wm. M. Walker, Abel
West, John C. West, Geo. S. Willis.

Richmond, William Bacon, Henry B.

Sandisfield, Ensign D. Belden, Orlo Burt, Jos. H. Norton, Sam. C. Parsons, Wm. H. Parsons, Henry M. Sears, Joshua M. Sears, Uriel Smith, Lyman Webster, Edward C. Wolcott.

Savoy, Alonzo M. Bowker, Bradish Dun. ham, Joseph B. Ingraham, Leonard Mc. Culloch, George W. Sherman, Harmon Snow, Robert Sturtevant, Jr.

Sheffield, Emmons Arnold, James Brad. ford, Sheldon Chapin, Ira Curtiss, Wm. Dailey, Elijah S. Deming, *Edward F. Ensign, Henry H. Hoadley, Silas R. Kel. logg, Oliver Peck, John Scovill, Gilbert Smith, Tillinghast B. Strong, Leonard Tuttle.

Stockbridge, Philip Barnes, Erastus Burghardt, Henry M. Burrall, E. W. B. Canning, Henry J. Dunham, *Jonathan E. Field, tJohn Z. Goodrich, *Samuel Jones, Jabez Lane, Charles M. Owen, Marshall Warner.

Tyringham, Solomon Garfield, Eli G. Hale, Timothy D. Thatcher.

Washington, Simpson Bell, Samuel 0. Brooker, James M. Chapel, Philip Eames.

West Stockbridge. Lyman Bristol, Henry E. Fitch, Christopher C. French,

George G. Fosket, George W. Kniffin, William C. Spaulding.

Williamstoun, John M. Cole, Keyes Danforth, Daniel Dewey, James A. Eldridge, Stephen Hosford, Newcomb Love, Benjamin F. Mills, Thomas C. Phelps, *Henry L. Sabin, Augustus Starkweather, William Torrey.

Windsor, Ellison Axtell. Andrew J. Babbitt, Salmon Capen, Elisha Gardner, Norman Miner, Reuben Pierce, Philo Wright.

Trial Justicos.
Becket, William S. Huntington.
Cheshire, Edgar M. Wood.
Hinsdale, Charles J. Kittredge.
Lenox, Wm. S. Tucker.
Sandisfield, Samuel C. Parsons.
Stockbridge, Henry J. Dunham.
West Stockbridge, Wm. C. Spaulding.

Notaries Public.
Adams (North), Henry J. Bliss, Charles
H. Ingalls, Wiiliam Martin, Geo. Millard,
Wm. P. Porter. (South), Franklin 0.
Sayles Jarvis N. Dunham.

Great Barrington, Seth Norton, Isaac
Seeley, Billings Palmer, Isaac B. Prindle,
Thomas Twining.

Lanesborough, Wm. T. Filley.
Lee, Norman W. Shures, Wm. Taylor,
Marshall Wilcox.

Lenox, Thomas Post, Henry W. Taft.
Pittsfield, James Buel, James D. Colt.

Stockbridge, Daniel R. Williams, Jona.
E. Field.

West Stockbridge, Henry E. Fitch.

Adams, N. S. Babbitt, John Holden,
Isaac Holman, Horace M. Holmes, Benj.
F. Robinson.

Dalton, Samuel J. Parker.
Great Birrington, Harvey Holmes.
Lee, Abial H. Pease, Edwin Sturgis.
New Ashford, Phinehas Harmon.
Pittsfield, Jared Ingersoll, Sydney Jones,
Walter Tracy.

Sandisfield, Erast's Rice.
Sheffield, Geo. B. Cooke.
Stockbridge, Daniel B. Fenn, Thomas

Williamstown, J. R. Bulkley.


Incorporated, June 2, 1685.

County Towns,........ Taunton And New BEDFORD.

COUNTY OFFICERS. Judge of Probate and Insolvency,.....

Edmund H. Bennett, . ...... Taunton. Register of Probate and Insolrency,.. John Daggett,

Attleborough. Clerk of Courts,

John S. Brayton,.

Taunton. Register of Deeds (North District), Joseph Wilbar,

Taunton. Register of Deeds (South District), ...... Charles C. Sayer,......

New Bedford. County Treasurer,....

George M. Woodward,

Taunton. | Jas. D. Thompson,

New Bedford. Overseers of Ilouse of Correction,

Timothy Ingraham, New Bedford. Sherif, ...........

George H. Babbitt, ...

Taunton. Deputy Sheriffs.

Easton, Henry D. Goward. Attleborough, Elijah R. Read, James W. Fall Rirer, James Wixon, Samuel R. Riley.

Buffinton. Dartmouth, Wm. Barker, Jr.

Fairhaven, Albert Liscomb.

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