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30th. After much delay in procuring cars, we started on our way again. If possible it is warmer than yesterday — and the dust! How we long to get on to a New England railroad! To-day we were from nine A. M. till five P. M. in going eighty miles; but we are travelling on a special train. Would it not be fine to try one of the regular trains on the Camden and Amboy? At last we took the steamer for New York, where we arrived, after a pleasant sail of thirty miles, at ten P. M.

August 1st. About six A. M. we formed the battalion line, and marched to the Park Barracks, and about four P. M. we took the steamer City of Boston for home via New London and Norwich. You can hardly imagine our feelings as we came on board. Everything looked better, and was better than we have seen for a long time. What a change it had made with us! - some were singing, some joking, and all seemed to be happy. After a delay of several hours in New London, so as not to arrive in Worcester before our friends were ready for us, we took the cars for the “Heart of the Commonwealth.”

2d. Arrived in Worcester at half past nine o'clock A. M., and found the whole city with open arms ready to welcome us. Our friends were so eager to see us that it was some time before the battalion line could be formed. At last we were on the move; and, amid the cheers of the people and the showers of bouquets, we marched into the City Hall, where we were welcomed home again by Mayor Davis, who invited us to fall in and do justice to what had been prepared for us. There was food enough for a regiiment, and we were only four companies ; but if we had only met the rebels, and scattered them as we did the eatables in the City Hall, all would have delighted to do us honor. After a while we were again formed into line, and, escorted by the Home Guards of rifles and infantry, marched through Main Street, returning by the way of Court Hill. The streets were splendidly trimmed. The Sixth Regiment having passed through the day before, the display remained, and others were added. It seemed as though every one was trying to see what they could do to add to our happiness. We marched to the Common again. Mayor Davis made a short speech, welcoming us home again, which was responded to by Captain Sprague, acting major, who also read a letter from Major Devens, who was not able to be with us, being away on business connected with the Fifteenth Regiment, of which he was now the colonel. We again marched into the City Hall, after escorting Company D, Captain Dodd, of Boston, to the Foster Street Depot, where we bade them good-by. We were then dismissed till the morning, when, August 3, we formed in Brinley Hall, and were mustered out of service by Captain John M. Goodhue of the Eleventh United States Infantry, formerly adjutant of the Third Battalion Rifles.

Much credit is due our officers for the good order which was maintained by the battalion during our whole term of service.

December. In looking back, I find that of the three hundred and nineteen men which composed the battalion, more than one hundred have been sick. Of that oumber two have died - Amos H. Gilbert and - Eaton, of Boston.

Company A, City Guards, have re-enlisted for the war in the following order : Fourteen as comunissioned officers, nineteen as non-commissioned, two as musicians, and five privates. Some of the others are all ready, and all can be counted in if needed.

During the three and a half months of their service, the battalion were under five generals; namely, Butler, Patterson, Cadwallader, Banks, and Dix.

Field and Staff, 3d Battalion.
Major ..


Appointed colonel 15th Reg. July 15, 1861.


Appointed captain U. S. A., June 30, 1861.

Quartermaster .JAMES E. ESTABROOK

Sergeant Major .... . NATHANIEL S. LISCOMB.
Quartermaster Serg'ni . GEORGE T. WHITE.


Company A (City Guards), Worcester. - 3d Battalion Rifles. Organized 1810. The company received orders to hold themselves in readiness, April 15, 1861, and at that time numbered about forty members, but in a few hours its numbers had increased to one hundred and forty. As geventy-two only were allowed, it was cut down to that number, much to the disappointment of some, who offered as high as $50 for a chance to go and aid in the defence of the capital.

OFFICERS. *Captain, AUGUSTUS R. B. SPRAGUE, Worcester. 1st Lieut,, *Josiah PICKETT, Worcester ; 2d Lieut.,, *GEORGE C. Joslix, Worcester;

3d Lieut., *Orson Moulton, Worcester ; Ath Lieut., *ELIJAH A. HARKNESS, Wor

cester. Sergeants, Edward W. Adams, Worcester ; Walter S. Bugbee, Worcester ; *George A.

Johnson, Worcester ; Charles A. Ward, Worcester.
Corporals, *James M. Hervey, Worcester ; Calvin N. Harrington, New York ; *George

Burr, Worcester ; *Henry Matthews, Worcester, promoted from ranks.
Musicians, William H. Heywood, Worcester ; *James Stewart, Worcester.

Aldrich Wm. H., Worcester
Alden Frank J., Boston, joined at

Fort McHenry
*Bessey Merritt B., Worcester, dis-

charged for disability
*Bigelow Geo. P., Worcester
Bigelow Luther I., Worcester
Botte ly Bramley A., Leicester
Bacon Francis, Worcester
Bond Chas. H., Worcester
Bradish Harry T., Upton
Bardick Theodore, Worcester
*Bartlett Charles S., Worcester
Carming James

M., Worcester
Caswell Lowell, Worcester
Cherley John M., Worcester
*Coes Frank L. R., Worcester
Cutting Elmer, Worcester
Curtis George M., Worcester
Champney Lewis C., Worcester
Cutler Charles B., Worcester, dis-

charged for disability
*Campbell George S., Worcester
Cunningham Herman E., Worces-
ter, discharged for disability
Dodge Edwin L., Worcester
Dunn Silas R., Upton
Daniels Henry W., Worcester, dis-

charged for disability *Davis Charles, Worcester

*Fuller Jerome H., Worcester *Monroe Chas. H. Worcester
Fairbanks Charles F., Worcester, McIver David H., Worcester
discharged for disability

Newton Wm. L., No. Bridgewater Goodell Arthur A., Worcester, ap- Parker Amos M., Worcester pointed adjutant, June 30

Plummer Francis J., Worcester Green Joel W., Worcester

Puole Horace W., Worcester, Was Gleason Thomas, Worcester

corporal, but resigned to go into
Gibbs John S., Boston, joined at ranks
Fort McHenry

Pomroy John W., Worcester
Gates Jaalam, Worcester, joined at Pelton Charles H., Worcester
Fort McHenry

•Steele Wm. R., New Haven, Conn.
Gilbert Amos H., Boston, joined Shaw Chester B., Worcester
at Fort McHenry, and died there *Stoddard Chas. K.,

July 4th

•Slocum James S., Worcester
*Henry Charles, Worcester

*Slocum Samuel A., Worcester, disHeywood Wm., Worcester

charged for disability *Howe Edward E., Worcester *Sprague Welcome W., Worcester Hatch Geo. W., Worcester

Starr Wm. E., Worcester Kendall Chas. B., Worcester, dis- Thompson John A., Worcester charged for disability

Warren Geo. E., Worcester
Kendall Herbert J., Worcester, Wheeler John, 22, Hardwick
discharged for disability

Wesson Calvin A., Grafton
Livermore Albert A.,

Millbury White Wm. B., Leicester Liscomb Nath'l ., Worcester, ap- Walker Melville E., Worcester pointed sergeant-major

*Wagely Louis, Worcester Mellen Henry, Worcester

Wood Wm. H., Worcester *McLane James I., Worcester Wakefield George, Millbury Moen Henry A. R., Worcester •Watkins Elbridge G., Worcester, Morse Edwin A., Worcester, dis- was lst sergeant, but resigned to charged for disability

act as cook

Company B (Holden Rifles), Holden. - 30 Battalion Rifles, Organized 1856. Received orders at 11 o'clock, A. M., and were on their way at 4 P. M., April 18, 1801, to join the battalion at Worcester, and there recruited to the full number, leaving on the 20th. On their return from the war they received a grand public reception. The town raised $1500 to assist the members and their families.


Captain, JOSEPH H. GLEASON, Holden. 1st Lieut., PAINEAS R. NEWELL, Holden ; 2d Lieut., EDWARD F. DEVENS, Charlestown,

appointed sailing master, July 14; 3d Lieut., SAMUEL F. Woods, Barre ; 4th Lieut.,

GEORGE BASCOM, Holden. Sergeants, *Isaac T. Hooton, Webster ; Hiram P. Newell, Holden; *Henry M. Ide, Wor

cester, Vt. ; *James W. Stanley, Worcester, Mass., discharged. Corporals, Emery Rogers, Holden ; Artemas D. Bascom, Holden, discharged ; *Sanford E. Stratton, Worcester; *Ira J. Kelton, Holden, adjutant in 21st Massachusetts.

PRIVATES. Ammidown Henry G., Southbridge Franklin Edw. H., Worcester *Newton Serino, Oxford Alexander Leonard F., Brook- *Gee James S. W., Grafton, dis- Nye Wm. A., Worcester feld charged

Pantum Maxie, Holden, disch'd Ball Warren J., Holden

*Gibson Jacob H., Leicester, joined Piper Alfred, Holden Burt Aaron B., Sutton

at Fort McHenry, June 1

*Pratt Edwin F., Holden Brown Justus, West Boylston Hayes Martin M. Grafton, dis- *Preston Samuel, Holden Bowman Henry H., Leicester

charged for disability

•Robinson James D., Leicester Baker Wm. E., Worcester *Hill Chns. R., Holden

Rockwood Geo. W., Worcester Burnett George, Holden, joined at Hobart George, Worcester

*Savage John B., Holden Fort McHenry, June 1, 1861 *Howe Hiram, Holden, discharged Sawyer Alphonzo B., Holden Clark Samuel, Holden

Hubbard John F., Holden, dis- *Scott Jesse S., Leicester Corey Geo. A., Holden


*Shumway Chas. N., Webster, disChenery Cyrus, jr., Holden *Irish Chancey B., Millbury

*Champney Preston A., Grafton Lamb Edw. P., West Boylston Smith Geo. A., Holden
•Childs Geo. E., Upton

Ladd Henry C., Holden, discharged Smith John H., Holden
Clemang E. D., Webster
Larnerd Geo. H., Worcester

•Stone Emerson B., Leicester Collier John A., Worcester •Legg Chas. A., Auburn

Thomas Rob't B., West Boylston Colburn Nathan S., Worcester, dis- *Lumazette Francis, Holden, dis- *Trask George, West Boylston, discharged charged

charged Davis Francis E., Holden

*Mann Randall, Leicester, joined Trask Martin N., West Boylston, Earle Wm. H., Worcester at Fort McHenry

discharged Earle Enoch, Worcester, discharg'd *McClern Wm., Burke, Vt., since Weston John B., Georgetown, disfor disability died at Annapolis

charged for disability Fales llenry, Holden

*McGaffey Chas. A., Worcester Winslow Edw. C., Northbridge Fairbanks Edson, Rutland Moses Samuel A., Holden

*White John D., West Boylston Fearing John, Holden

Moore Chas. 8., Holden, discharged White Frederick A., Worcester, Firth Sohn, Worcester for disability

discharged for disability •Fox Chas. J., Newbury port

Munroe Edw. E., Paxton

Company C (Emmet Guards), Worcester. - 30 Battalion Rifles. Organized in 1858. This was an independent company, and one of the first that tendered their services to the Governor. They received orders, on the morning of April 19, to be prepared on the 20th to proceed to Washington with the 3d Battalion of Riflemen. On the 20th they joined the other companies of the battalion at Worcester, and at 10 o'clock, P. M., started for Washington. This, probably, was the first Irish company at the seat of war.

OFFICERS. Captain, MICHAEL P. McCONVILLE, Worcester. 1st Lieut., MICHAEL O'DRISCOLL, Worcester ; 2d Lieut., *MATHEW J. McCAFFERTY,

Worcester; 3d Lieut., *THOMAS O'NEIL, Worcester; 4th Lieut., MAURICE MELVIN,

Worcester. Sergeants, *William Daly, Worcester ; *Patrick Curran, Worcester; Martin Hayes, Wor

cester ; Patrick Hayes, Worcester. Corporals, Nicholas Power, Worcester; John J. O'Gorman, Worcester; Geo. B. Chandler

Worcester ; James Connor, West Boylston, promoted from ranks, May 13.

• Re-enlisted.

•Brazzle Patrick, Worcester
Burns James, Worcester
Brewer James M., Worcester
Been Henry, No. Wrentham, dis-

charged for disability, July 24th
Carroll John, Worcester
Crimmen John, Leicester
Collins Michael, Worcester
*Conners Jeremiah, Worcester
Duggan James, Milford
Downey Dennis, Worcester
*Doherty James, Worcester
Dunn John, Grafton
Diggins Patrick, Millbury
Deery Patrick, Worcester
Donahue Daniel,

*Empey Robert, Worcester
Finnegan Michael, Milford
Finn Thomas, Worcester
Gavin Anthony, Worcester
Hammond James, Worcester
Hines John, Worcester
Hayes Edward, Worcester
Harrington Bartholomew, Worces-

Hartigan John F., West Boylston
Hickey William, West Boylston

Houston, Edw., West Boylston, ta-
ken sick at Annapolis and sent

*Jennings Edw., Grafton
Kelly Patrick, Worcester
Keer John, Worcester
Keegan Michael, Worcester
Keegan Patrick, Worcester
Kenna Patrick, Marlboro'
Kirk John, Leicester
Lanton Timothy, Worcester, went

with the company to New York
city, there taken sick and re-

Laverty Joseph, Leicester
Leonard Martin, Leicester
Long Jeremiah D., West Boylston
•Moore George, Worcester
Morrison Francis, Worcester

Morton John, Worcester
Moran James, Worcester
McKeon Michael, Worcester
*McKeon Thomas, Worcester
McIntire Francis, Philadelphia
McDonald Michael, Worcester
*McCann Felix, Worcester

*McConville Henry, Worcester
McLane John B., Worcester
•McHannon James, Worcester
McLaughlin Daniel, Worcester
McDonald John, Worcester
McDermont Felix, Auburn
McGinnis John, Worcester
McNulty James, Clinton
Moriarty John, Millbury, dis-

charged for disability July 12th McKenna James, Worcester, dis

charged for disability July 24th Murray T. Edward, Worcester, dis

charged for disability July 12th O'Brien John, Worcester *O'Keefe James, Worcester, joined

June 19th, at Fort McHenry Roach Michael, Worcester, joined

at Fort Mellenry Shevlin Patrick, West Boylston Shevlin John, West Boylston, dis

charged for disability July 12th *Traynor John, Worcester Tobin John, Worcester Tobin Michael, Worcester *Ward Napoleon, Worcester


Company D (Dodd's Rifles or Dodd's Carvers), Boston. – 3d Battalion Rifles. Capt. Dodd commenced to recruit this company on the morning of April 19, 1861, and at noon the next day had secured the requisite number of men; and the officers of the company were commissioned the same day. The city of Boston gave to the corps $300, and other aid was also furnished by friends. Gov. Andrew publicly addressed the company at the State House a few days before their departure. They left Boston on the steamer Cambridge, on the second of May, for Fortress Monroe, where arriving, took on board arms, ammunition, &c., and proceeded up the Potomac River to Washington. In the instructions of Adj. Gen. Schouler to Capt. Dodd, he says: “It is the earnest desire of His Excellency the Commander-in-Chief, that the ship Cambridge shall reach Washington, and demonstrate that a Massachusetts ship, manned with Massachusetts men, shall be the first ship to arrive by that route, as our 6th Regiment was the first to arrive at Washington, through the hostile city of Baltimore.”

The company remained some ten days at Washington, at the end of which time orders were received to join the 3d Battalion of Massachusetts Rifles, at Fort McHenry, Baltimore. Arrived there May 15, ar remains u the three months' term of service had expired, when they left for Massachusetts with the 3d Battalion, arriving in Boston on the 3d of August. The company was escorted to the armory of the Boston Tigers, and after partaking of a collation, were dismissed. At the request of the commander, the company was disbanded, after receiving a communication from Gov. Andrew, thanking them, in behalf of the Commonwealth, for so nobly responding to their country's call, and the faithful manner in which they had performed their duties. All of the commissioned officers, and most of the members, of Company D, are still in the service of their country.


Captain, ALBERT DODD, Boston. 1st Lieut., *CHARLES Dodd, Boston; 2d Licut., *CORNELII'S G. ATWood, Boston; 3d

Lieut., *GEORGE A. Hicks, Boston ; 4th Lieut, JOSEPH Nasox, Boston. Sergeants, James Tucker, Boston, Charles C. Pingree, Methuen ; Wm. H. Eaton, Boston,

died at Fort Henry, July 17; Andrew Morse, Jr., West Wareham. Corporals, John C. Gray, Fryeburg, Me.; Harrison 0. F. Newton, North Abington ; *Ed

ward s. Lloyd, Boston ; George H. Tanner, Boston.
Musician, Dennis M. Blackmer, Boston.

Armstrong Robert, jr., Bridge-! Gray Angevine W., Fryeburg, Me. Porter Daniel P., Boston

Gray Jacob P., Fryeburg, Me. Robbins Milton B., Bath, Ne. Alger Charles F., Boston

Gifford Elias M., jr., Sturbridge *Richards Enoch, Bos on Abraham James W., Boston

Harriman Jonathan T., Conway, Ring John E., Boston, discharged Burke John P., Er. Milton, N. H. N. H.

July 230
Bellows Joy G., West Mills, Me. Haynes Thomas, Charlestown Roberts Edw. L., Boston
Boyden Win., Boston

Howard George R., Bromfield Schulze Henry Ea. Cambridge Bowen William, jr.. Ogdensburg, Healey Samuel, Sheffield

Smith Francis L., Boston N. Y.

Hemsworth William T., Jamaica Stevens Wm. H., Bangor, Me. Bowyer larrison, Boston


Starbird John D., Boston Burbank Geo. L., Boston

Ingraham Edw. A., Saxonville Sanborn Jeremiah P., Boston Briggs Walter R., So. Dedham Kettelle Geo. M., Boston

Tracy Henry A., Boston Butler Frank, Boston

Kennison Geo. B., Hopkinton Tolman Augustus P., Boston Carlten John C., Berkley Kilgore Hannibal C., Boston

Tyler John D., Stoddard, Me., disCameron John, Hopkinton Lee Marshall, South boro

charged July 230 Dove Edward, Boston Lowden Thomas, Boston

Williams Chas., Boston Draper Geo. Foxboro', discharged Morrissey Daniel, Boston

Wenzell Philip, Roxbury for disability July 23d

Marshall Albert A., No. Andover Wheeler Carlton A., Roxbury, Eaton Geo. A., Boston Moore Chas. D., Boston

N. H. Fisher Edw. O., Bowdoinbam, Me. Marsh James H., Auburn

Winchester Greenville H., South Fuller Amos, Medway, discharged Messer Alvin A., Boston

Boston for disability July 23d O'Neil Wm. H., Boston

Wilson Jas. A., Scarboro', Me. Gray Geo. S., Boston

Pillsbury Oliver s., So. Thomas- Warren Geo. W., Hopkinton, Mo. Gray Daniel B., Fryeburg, Me. ton, Me., discharged July 23d


Boston Light Artillery (Cook's Battery), Boston.

(Three Months' Volunteers.)

Orders were received at 8} o'clock on the morning of April 20, 1861, by Maj. Cook, to have his company in readiness to proceed to Washington with Col. Lawrence's Command, and at 10 o'clock in the evening he reported that his company was ready. Dur. ing the day they were busily engaged in perfecting arrangements to leave. The company numbered over 120 men, and were each armed with a sabre and a revolver, and provided with heavy overcoats by the State. They supped at the Cornhill Hotel, the interior of which was beautifully decorated in their honor, and having sent forward, at 10 o'clock in the evening, their battery of six brass six-pounders, together with seventy horses selected mainly from the Metropolitan Railroad stables, and ten tons of cartridges, shot and grape, the corps marched to the Worcester depot between 1 and 2 o'clock. Here they remained until the arrival of the Fifth Regiment, and left with them early Sunday morning, the 21st. Stopping at Framingham, to wood and water, they were surrounded by crowds, who manifested the greatest excitement, and not only showered blessings upon them, but greeted them with music and salutes of cannon, and forced upon them eatables in great abundance. Indeed, at every stopping place the people left their houses and churches to show their approval of the cause, and their admiration of the troops who, forget:ing everything but country, were ready to peri! life for it.

They arrived at New York about dark, and embarked late that evening in the steamer De Soto, in which they sailed for Fortress Monroe. They arrived the 23d, at noon, and were ordered direct to Annapolis, and arrived there early the next morning. The patriotic and cordial feelings which met them at every station in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York, as they passed along, were here chilled by the traitorous and hostile rebel atmosphere of Maryland; and preparations were made to gallantly meet and repulse any attack that might be made upon them.

At Annapolis they were quartered at the Naval School building, and remained posted in this city as a safeguard for troops passing to Washington, until May 4th, when they marched to the Relay House and encamped. Here they remained for some time as a guard, and were daily exercised in drilling and in other military duties. May 18, the oath of allegiance to the United States was administered to the corps by Lieut. H. S. Putnam. June 13, went to Baltimore with the Sixth Regiment, to protect the polls, it being election day in that city, - returned soon after to the Relay Station, but were immediately again ordered to Baltimore, and encamped at Camp Clare. June 31), ordered to march from the camp into the heart of the city, two detachments being sta tioned in Monument Square, and the others at the Custom House. July 10th, returned to Camp Clare.

July 26, Major General Dix addressed a letter to Major Cook, stating that, though the term of service of the company had expired, yet it was the earnest desire of the Major-General Commanding that they should continue to hold their position until the 30th,

In accordance with this request the letter was read to the members of the corps, who voted to a man to accede to the wish of General Dix, for whom they gave three cheers and a "sky rocket."

August 3d, the Battery arrrived in Boston once more, where they met with a most cordial reception, being escorted into the city by the 1st Battalion of Dragoons, Major White; the 2d Battalion of Infantry, Major Newton; and the Lancers, Captain Slade ; and welcomed in a spetch by Mayor Wightman.

Thus ended the three months' service of Cook's Battery.

Field and Stafï.

Adjulant .


. Boston.

Assistant Surgeon

Medway. Commissioned Assistant Surgeon Ist Reg. Sept. 3, 1561. 1st Lieut., *JOSIAH PORTER, North Cambridge; 2d Lieut., *Wm. H. MCCARTHY, Boston ;

3d Lieul., *C. C. E. MORTIMER, Boston, 4ih Lient., ROBERT L. SAWIN, Boston. Chief Officers, *Augustus P. Martin, Boston ; Daniel P. Sawyer, Brookline; Horace N.

Weld, Boston ; Charles M. Griffin, Boston ; Lucius Cummings, Boston, accidentally broke his leg at the corner of Blackstone and Hanover streets, when the company pa

raded on their return home; Joseph W. B. Wright, Boston. Gunners, *Thomas M. Cargill, Roxbury ; *Charles H. Stodder, Boston ; Jacob Federhen,

Boston ; Isaac Pierce, Boston ; *Wm. H. Thompson, Boston; Zacheus Holmes, Jr.,
Bugler, James Waters, South Boston. Saddler, Henry A. Winship, Boston.

Farrier, *Enos Daily, Boston,

• Re-enlisted.

PRIVATES. •Adams Mathew M., Boston

Higgins Andrew M., South Boston Allen Newell B., Chelsea

Howe Charles L. F., Boston *Brown Benjamin B., Boston Hurd Sumner F., Boston •Brown George H., Boston, joined •Hill James A., Boston at Relay House

Hollis George W., Boston Brooks Samuel, Brighton

Holmes Luther D., Wayland Bartley Joshua H., South Boston Johnson Alfred, South Boston *Barnes Joseph C. Boston

Johnson George H., Boston •Bruce Frank, Boston

Jones William P., Boston Bean Albert, Boston

Kramer George, Baltimore, joined Barnard Charles M., Boston

at Relay House Barrons George H., Somerville Lynch Nicholas G., Boston, joined Blackburn John W., Boston, hos- at Relay House pital steward

Lovering Harrison, Charlestown Cheney Gardner S., Boston

*Lull Frederick A., Cambridgeport Cutler George, Somerville

Maynard Henry F., Boston *Cavanaugh George H., S. Boston Morse Nathaniel, East Cambridge *Carney Lawrence, Boston

•Marear Joseph H., Boston Colbath Charles S. West Roxbury Morrill Edward P., Boston Dawes Albert G., East Boston Mason Thomas T., South Boston Drew John, Boston

Minot Joseph S., Boston Dearborn James S., Boston

McClure Joseph H., Boston Dyer Charles H., Boston

Merrill Charles E., South Boston Darcy John S., East Boston

Nason James H., North Cambridge *Dunn Valentine M., Charlestown Nichols William H., Charlestown •Evans George W., Somerville Newcomb Leonard E., Boston *French Charles W., Boston

*Osgood Thomas B., South Boston Fisher William H., Boston

*Osgood Lewis V., Charlestown *Foster Porter B., Boston, joined at *Patterson Wm. B., Boston, joined Relay House

at Relay House *Follett Charles A., Boston, joined •Presby Chas. E., North Cambridge at Baltimore

Pepper Charles I., Boston Golleff Philip W., Boston

• Prescott William H., Boston Gardner Frank, Boston

Prescott George II., Boston Garland James W., Boston, joined Packard Charles H., Boston

at Relay House

Pratt Joshua H., Chelsea
*Rowland James S., South Boston
•Richardson Joseph W., Boston
Stone Martin A., Boston
Sanborn George W., Beaton
Simmonds Harrison 0., Boston
*Sinclare James, Brookline, joined

at Relay House
Steer Wm. F., Somerville
Skinnings Wm. H., Boston
Sawin Nathaniel G., Boston
Sawin William B., Boston, killed

by accidental discharge of pistol,
June 29th
•Snell Oliver S., Boston
*Stevens Philip C., Boston
Stow H. A., Worcester, accidentally

shot in the thigh and returned
Stone Sylvester, Boston
•Trumbull Nathaniel, Boston
*Thomas Enoch, Brookline
*Tyler Philip H., Charlestown
Williams Elbridge S., Boston
Wild Henry W., Somerville
Waterman Otis V., South Boston
Woodsum William, Boston
Wyman Henry, Boston
Warren Henry M., Boston
Warren W. G., Boston
*Wachter Philip,

Welch Benjamin F., Boston
*Walker Iru, Boston
Walker Albert S., Charlestown
Winslow Charles H., Cambridge


On the 3d of May the President of the United States issued a proclamation, calling for a force of volunteers to serve for three years, unless sooner discharged. At that time a great number of companies had been organized in the various cities and towns of this Commonwealth. On the 22d of May the following General Order was issued by command of the Governor :

HEAD-QUARTERS, Boston, May 22, 1861. GENERAL ORDERS No. 12.

The President of the United States, by his Proclamation of the third day of May current, having called into the service of the United States, to aid in the enforcement of the laws and the suppression of insurrection, a Force of Volunteers to serve for a period of three years, unless sooner discharged, and to be enrolled and organized in a manner to be made known through the Department of War; and the plan of organization adopted for this force, in accordance with the Proclamation of the President, having been published in General Orders No. 15 from the Adjutant-General's office, in Washington, of the fourth day of May current, and His Excellency the Governor and Commander-in-Chief having been this day notified that the quota of these Volunteers to be furnished by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is fixed at Six Regiments of Infantry, to be organized as prescribed in said General Orders No. 15 from the War Department, so much of said Orders as relates to the Regiments of Infantry to be organized under them is directed to be printed for general information.

PLAN OF ORGANIZATION. Each Regiment of Infantry will consist of ten Companies, and each Company will be organized as follows:Minimum Strength.

Maximum Strength. 1 Captain. 2 Musicians. 1 Captain.

2 Musicians. 1 First Lieutenant. 1 Wagoner.

1 First Lieutenant. 1 Wagoner. 1 Second Lieutenant. 64 Privates.

1 Second Lieutenant. 82 Privates. 1 First Sergeant.

1 First Sergeant. 4 Sergeants. 83 Aggregate.

Sergeants. 101 Aggregate. 8 Corporals.

8 Corporals, And each Regiment will be organized as follows:Minimum Strength.

Marimum Strength. 830 Co. Officers and 1 Sergeant Major. 1,010 Co. Officers and 1 Sergeant Major.

enlisted men. 1 Reg. Quartermas- enlisted men. 1 Reg. Quartermas1 Colonel. ter-Sergeant. 1 Colonel.

ter-Sergeant. 1 Lieut.-Colonel. 1 Reg. Commissary- 1 Lieut.-Colonel. 1 Reg.Commissary1 Major.

1 Major.

Sergeant. 1 Adjutant, (a Lieu- 1 Hospital Steward. 1 Adjutant, (a Lieu- 1 Hospital Steward. tenant.) 2 Prin. Musicians.


2 Prin. Musicians. 1 Reg. Quartermas- 24 Mus. for Band. 1 Reg. Quartermag- 24 Mus. for Band. ter, (a Lieut.)

ter, (a Lieut.) 1 Assist'nt-Surgeon. 866

1 Assis't-Surgeon. 1,046 • Re-enlisted.

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