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*Alexander George. Lowell
•Bickford William II., Lowell
•Chamberlain John R., Lowell
Conroy James, Lorell
*Chandler Charlex H., Cambridge,

wounded at Baltimore
Chandler Simeon, Lowell
Coburn Edmund, Drucut, wound-

ed at Baltimore
Davis Martin, Dracut
Finn Hurace R., Lowell
Glover Frederick W., Groton
Gilmore Wm. P., Lowell
Gass Williarn B., Dracut
*Huckins Henry i.., Tewksbury
Harvey Aldis B., Lowell
Ham Daniel A., Lowell
Jacks John, Lowell

Kincaid Alonzo, Lowell

Sinclair llenry A., Lowell
•Loverin Geo. W., Lowell, wound- Sanborn James M., Lowell
ed at Baltimore

Sunderlin 8 tn, H. II., Lowell
Lade Luther C., Lowell, killed at *Stevens Dan'l C., Lowell, wound-
Baltimore, April 19th

ed at Baltimore
*Lamson William H., Lowell, pro- Tavlor Charles I., Lowell

moted Ist serg't, at Washington Taylor Charles W., Lowell
*Muzzey Hiram C., Lowell

Taylor Edward, Lowell • Marshall Robert, Lowell

Taylor - Boston, killed and • Mehill Hugh F., Lowell

buried at Baltimore, April 19,1861 • Moore Ira W., Lowell, wounded at •Tyler Daniel B., Lowell, woundBultinore

ed at Baltimore Peaks Joseph B., Lowell

*Winn James ()., Lowell Patch William R., Chelmsford, Whitney Addison O., Lowell, wounded at Baltimore

killed at Baltimore, April 19 .Peterson Andrew S., Lowell

Withington William G., Lowell, Rushworth John B., Lowell

wounded at Baltimore

Company E (Davis Guards), Acton. - 6th Reg. Organized in 1857, and named in honor of Capt. Isaac Davis, who fell at Concord North Bridge, in 1775. The company was formed the same year that the monument was erected in Acton to commemorate the services of her gallant sons who fell at the opening of the Revolution. News of the capture of Fort Sumter was received in Acton on the morning of the 15th of April, and at 6 o'clock, P. M., the same day, orders were received by the Guards to join their regiment, to march for Washington immediately. They had met for drill, and held themselves in readiness for weeks, and the summons, though unexpected, did not find them wholly unprepared. Notice was immediately dispatched to the several members of the company, many of whom resided at a distance of several miles, to meet at their armory in the town hall, at 4 o'clock the next morning, prepared to go to Washington. Many of the members were engaged all night long, either in rallying their comrades, or in making hasty, preparations for their departure. At length morning dawned, cold and raiuy. The bells were rung long before daylight, and soon after the appointed hour the company assembled, to the number of about forty. After a little delay, a few parting words, and a brief but patriotic speech from Capt. Tuttle, they took their departure (in open wagons) for Lowell, in a drenching rain, amid the hearty cheers of all present. They started a little after daylight, and reached' Lowell at 7} A. M.

August 3. The company returned home, and their reception was spirited and grand. The town, at a meeting held for the purpose, had voted a liberal sum, to be expended in suitably celebrating the day. Refreshments and music were provided, and speakers addressed them; and three volunteer military companies, organized, drilled, and equipped with special reference to the occasion, performed escort duty, and, with Capt. Prescott's company, from Concord (of Bull Run fame), contributed much to the interest and pleasure of the day.

Since the return of the Davis Guards, another company of the same name, and including many of the members of the old company, has been formed and mustered into service for three years. This company rendezvoused, first at Camp Cameron, North Cambridge, and afterwards at Camp Chisr, at Lowell, which they left about the nineteenth of November, to take passage for the South, in the steamer Constitution, and form a part of Gen. Butler's Brigade.


Captain, DANIEL TUTTLE, Acton. 1st Liput., * WILLIAM H. CHAPMAN, Acton; 2d Lieut., GEORGE W. RAND, Acton; 3d

Lieul., *Silas P. BLODGETT, Acton ; 4th Lieut., AARON S. FLETCHER, Acton. Sergeants, *Luke Smith, Acton; George W. Knights, Acton ; *Henry W. Wilder, Stow;

*Granville W. Wilder, Stow. Corporals, Charles Jones, Acton ; *John F. Blood, Acton ; *Luke J. Robbins, Acton; Levi

Robbins, Acton. Musicians, George F. Campbell, Acton, appointed May 4; *George Russee, Baltimore, Md.,

appointed May 4.

Blood George, Acton
Brown John, Stow
Bras Henry I..., Acton
Brooks Charles, Acton
Battles Edward D., Littleton
Durant James L., Littleton
•Fletcher Aaron J., Acton
Farrar Abel, Acton
Gilson llenry, Acton
*Goss Nathan, Acton
*Gray Wm. II., Acton, appointed

Hospital Steward May 1th
Uosner Gilman S., Acton
*Handley William S., Acton

Handley Charles, Acton, accident-

ally shot through the heart, Jan.
29th, 1862, while on a hunting ex-

Jones George, Acton
Littlefield Waldo, Boxboro'
*Lazell Henry W., Acton
•Moulton James, Aeton
Moulton Charles, Acton
• Morse Charles, Acton

Putinan John, Acton
Robbins Varnum F., Acton
Reed William, Acton
Reed William B., Acton

Reed Charles W., Littleton
*Reed George A., Littleton
Robbins Luke, Acton
*Smith Ephraim A., Acton
Sawyer Andrew J., Acton
* Turbell Edwin, Acton, appointed

Assistant Commissary, May 17th
Whitney John, Quincy
•Whitney Wm F. B., Acton
Wood Eben F., Acton
Wilson Samuel, Acton
Wheeler Hiram, Acton
• Wayne John, Acton
•White John H. P., Acton

Company F (Warren Light Guard), Lawrence. - 6th Reg. Organized 1855. Named in honor of Gen. Joseph Warren, of Revolutionary fame. The breaking out of the rebellion found the military of Lawrence willing and anxious to do their part in the conflict. Late in the afternoon of April 15, 1861, Capt. Chadbourne, of Company F, and Capt. Pickering, of Company I, received orders to report themselves, with their companies, in Boston, at the earliest moment. They at once, with their clerks, commenced notifying their members, and the next morning their companies were ready to leave Lawrence, to join the Lowell companies, who composed a part of the regiment, to which they were attached. After bidding adieu to their friends and the thousands of citi

• Re-enlisted.

zens who had thronged the streets and gathered about the depot, at 8 o'clock, A. M., all being in readiness, the train started amid the cheers and huzzas from the gathered multitude. At their arrival in Lowell, a great crowd was in attendance to welcome them. At 11 o'clock, A. M., they left, with the regiment, for Boston, where they were again met by thousands, who gave them a hearty reception. They at once proceeded to Faneuil Hall, made a short stay, then left for Boylston Hall, stayed there over night, next morning visited the State House for equipments, then left the city on the evening of the 17th of April, at 8 o'clock, for New York. On their return from the seat of war, they again visited Lowell, where the regiment was disbanded. On their arrival back to Lawrence, thousands again turned out to welcome them; a salute was fired; a procession was formed, composed of the Home Guards, Zouaves, Firemen, Mayor, Aldermen, and City Officers, and a cavalcade of citizens. Two beautiful floral cars, drawn by horses, and decorated with flage, evergreens, &c., formed a very attractive feature in the procession, -one containing thirty-four young ladies, dressed in red, white, and blue, representing the thirty-four States, the other containing thirteen young ladies, dressed in white, with black caps, white plumes, and black velvet sashes. Among these ladies rode Mrs. Needham, dressed in black, and Mr. Needham's two sisters. The whole affair was truly magnificent, and one never before seen in Lawrence. When the procession came to the residence of Corporal Needham, Col. Watson gave the orders to halt. The military then reversed arms, and the band played the dead march in respect to their brave comrade, who fell at the riot in Baltimore. The procession then continued its line of march to the common, where triumphal arches, beautifully decorated with appropriate mottoes, were erected at the entrance. Arriving at the common, Daniel Saunders, Jr., Esq., Ex-Mayor and Chief Marshal of the day, made a very claborate introductory speech. Mayor Barker then welcomed them home again, to which Lieut.-Col. Watson replied. The companies were then escorted to their armories, which had been beautifully decorated by the citizens of Lawrence. Here a sumptuous collation awaited them, provided by the city and the citizens of Lawrence. Great credit is due to the city of Lawrence for the liberal manner in which they have provided for the volunteers, - having spent $5,000 for the benefit of the three months' men, $25,000 additional for other regiments, less $5,000 for equipments; has now about 700 men in service; paid all expenses on reception of three months'men, - music, floral cars, &c. Capt. Chadbourne, of the Warren Light Guard, after being in Washington nineteen days, applied for his discharge, on account of sickness, and came home. Lieut. Melvin Beal was promoted to captain, receiving his commission the 8th day of May. A large part of the menibers of these two companies have re-enlisted in other regiments.

OFFICERS. Caplain, BENJAMIN F. CHADBOURNE, Lawrence, resigned May 4, 1861. 2d Lieut., MELVIN BEAL., Lawrence, elected captain, May 6, 1861; 3d Lieut., THOMAS J.

CATE, Lawrence, elected 2d lieut., May 6, 1861; 4th Lieut., JESSE C. SILVER, Law

rence, elected 3d lieut., May 6. Sergeants, Andrew J. Butterfield, Lawrence; Charles B. Foster, Lawrence; *Charles E.

Drew, Lawrence; *William Marland, Andover, appointed from ranks, April 15. ('orporals, Gilbert P. Converse, Lawrence, returned home at expiration of three months ;

Surrill Flint, Lawrence; Thoms C. Ames, Lawrence; *James A. Troy, Methuen. Musicians, Justin H. Kent, Lawrence, appointed May 4; *Westley W. Knowlton, Law

rence, appointed May 1.

PRIVATES. Allen Henry H., Lawrence

•Furber Lyman V. B., Lawrence Morse Benj. G., Lawrence •Beul llenry, Lawrence Foster William K., Lawrence

Merrill Frank II., Methuen *Bailey George F., Lawrence

Greenlow Charles E., Lawrence * Patterson Win. I., Lawrence .Burrill Augustus, Lawrence

Hill Enos T., Lawrence, returned Richardson T. Morton, Lawrence Bailey William A., Lawrence

home at the expiration of three Russel Frank, Lawrence Belcher Charles F., Lawrence


*Rogers Samuel D., Lawrence Bailey Romanzo C., Lawrence, in *Tinian Frank, Lawrence

Sanborn Frank, Methuen Washington when last heurd from Jones Ames G., Methuen

Smith Robert I., Lawrence Cumming Charles H., Methuen Jones Josiah N., Lawrence

Stone Charles, Lawrence *Carter Williain S., Lawrence

Kent Frank, Lawrence, went with Shattuck Charles M., Lawrence, *Cooper Thomas II., Manchester, the company to Baltimore

returned at the expiration of three NH. Kent George E., Lawrence

months Cole Micajah S., Manchester, N. Leighton George l'.. Lawrence, re- Turkington Henry, Methuen IL, returned home at expiration turned home at the expiration of Tufts David, Lawrence of the three months

three months

Thurlow George W., Methuen, re*Chaffin Willard, Lawrence

Littletield George W., Amesbury turned at the expiration of three Cowdrev Oliver W., Lawrence Morse James A., Lawrence

months - Daine Álbert L., Methuen

Morgan George W., Lawrence Turtle Thaddeus P., Lawrence Duchener Lawrence N, Lawrence Merrill Charles G., Lawrence *Wentworth llorace, Lawrence *Doil William M., Lawrence Mills John A., Lawrence

• Williams John T., Lawrence Dyer William H., Lawrence

Company G (Worcester Light Infantry,) Worcester.- 6th Rog. Organized in 1803 by Hon. Levi Lincoln and a few associates. It was in the war of 1812 and ’14. under the command of Captain John W. Lincoln, brother of its founder. Formerly Company B. 3d Battalion of Rifles. M. V.M., it was known in the three months'service as Compauy 6, 6th Regiment. At 11 o'clock, P.M., April 16, 1861, the company received orders to report in Boston at noon the following day, to start for Washington. At the time of receiving orders, a severe storm was raging; and though its members were scattered in four towns, yet at 7 o'clock the next morning, ninety-seven men, including officers, had answered the summons, and were ready for duty. At 9 1-2 o'clock took up the line of march for the cars, escorted by other military organizations of the city, and attended by thousands of their friends, who had come out to bid them God-speed and a hasty God bless you! and to witness the departure of that old company, which had so promptly responded to the call, and which, for the second time in its history, was marching to the defence of an imperilled land. Reported at the State House, and were attached to the 6th Regiment, and left with them in the evening of the same day.

August 3. Returned to Worcester, and received a public reception the following day, together with a banquet, given by their fellow-citizens.



Captain, HARRISON W. PRATT, Worcester. 18t Lieut., GEORGE W. PROUTY, Worcester ; 2d Lieut., *THOMAS S. WASHBURN, Worceg

ter, was elected 2d lieut. May 18, 1861, commissioned capt. 21st Mass. Reg. ; 3d Lieut., *J. WALDO DENNY, Worcester, captain 25th Massachusetts ; 4th Licut., *ÞEXTER F.

PARKER, Worcester, quartermaster Couch's brigade. Sergeants, John A. Lowell, Worcester ; J. Stewart Brown, Worcester ; *Charles H. Strat

ten, Worcester, sergeant 5th Massachusetts ; James A. Taylor, Worcester. Corporals, Joel H. Prouty, Worcester; Edward S. Stone, Worcester ; *Brown P. Stowell,

Boston; William H. Hobbs, Worcester. Musicians, Edward Stalhurth, Worcester, joined the company on Federal Hill, at camp in

Baltimore, about May 29; William C. Roundy, Worcester.

• Alden E. W., Worcester, private

21M2-6. Reg. Alden Benj. F. R., Worcester,

private with Mass. Reg. *Abott Calb F., Worcester, pri

vatt Reed's Mounted Rangers Bacon John W., Worcester •Badger Algernon S., Boston, 2d

lieut. th Jass. •Ball David IL, Worcester, Com.

Dept. Conch's Brig. *Ballard Thomas E., Worcester,

private lith Infantry, U.S. A. Belser William F., Worcester Beinis llenry, Worcester, Serg't

7th Conn. Reg.
•Brown Joseph I.., Worcester, Ser.

Bantith Conn. Reg.
Brainard Robert M., Worcester
Calixan John E., Worcester
*Campbell Edwin A., Worcester,
private 25th Mass.
Capron Edward C., Worcester
Capron Luther, Jr., Worcester
Cazy Thomas J., Worcester
Clin Old Joseph, Worcester
Cogger Thomas E., Newbury port
Conner William, Worcester, pri-

vate 25th Mass. Reg.
Corson David W., Worcester
Comarit Moses W., Worcester
Conklin Gco, H., Worcester
Curtis Marcus, Worcester
Dart Charles E., Worcester
•Dennis John B., Norwich, Conn.,

capt. ith Conn. Reg. *Doherty Thomas A., Worcester,

private 31st Mass. Reg. Drury E. L., Worcester Dy on Joe, Worcester, private 15th

Max. Reg. *Drary Luke T., Worcester, private

25th Mass. Reg.

Emerson John, Millbury
Estabrook Josiah S., Worcester
Gurnhard Adam, Worcester
*Hardey llenry, Worcester, U. S.

*Hacker Rudolph, Worcester, ser-

geant 25th Mass. Reg.
*Hastings Ira B., Worcester, 15th

Mass. Reg.
Haven llenry R., Worcester
*Hay Edward S., Worcester, U. S.

Ilenry John, Worcester
*Hodgkins Orlando, Worcester, ser-

geant 25th Mass. Reg.
Houghton George A., Worcester
*Hoar Adelbert D. V., Danielsville,

Conn., Sergt.ith Conn. Reg.
* Ilowe Church, Worcester, promo-

ted quartermaster-sergeant of 6th

Johnson Geo. P., Springfield, now

Ordnance officer Stone's Division,

rank of captain
*Knapp John M., Worcester, pri-

vate 25th Mass. Reg.
Kidder J. Frederick, Worcester
La Forest Samuel O., So. Boston,

1st Lieut. 21st Mass. Reg.
Lincoln Wm., Worcester
Lawrence Henry, Barre
Minter Geo. F., Boston, at home

sick from Camp Relay
Moulton Chas. A., Worcester, dis-

charged on account of inability

May Isth
Methven John F., Worcester
Mulcahy John F., Worcester
• Newton Myron J., Worcester
Nolan Dennis II., Philadelphia
*Perry Edward B., Worcester
Piper Wm. H., Worcester

•Pierce J. M. T., Worcester, Com.
dept. Couch's Brigade, joined at

Camp Relay June 17th
Rice Elbridge M., Worcester
Rice Joseph O., Worcester
Richter llenry M., Worcester, 1st

lieut. 25th Mass. Reg., was in

the Crimean war Riggs Calvin, Worcester *Seit Meilleux, Worcester, Serg't

200h Reg., died in battle Ball's

Bluff, was in Crimean war
Shaw James D., Worcester
Shechan Dennis M., Worcester,

25th Mass. Reg.
Schwarz George, Worcester
Smith J. Baxter, Worcester
Stiles John W., Worcester
Sweeney Timothy, Holliston
Talbot Thomas, Worcester
Thompson Edw. P., Worcester
Towle John F., Worcester
Trumbull Chas. P., Worcester
Turner Peter J., Worcester, Ist

lieut. 4th R. I. Reg.
*Valentine Wm. II., Worcester, 2d

lieut. 21st Mass. Reg. Walker Albert C., Worcester •Weigand Frederick, Worcester, was in the Crimean war, now d

lieut. 25th Mass. Reg:
Whipple Chas. E. Springfield
Whitcomb A. J., Worcester
Wilkins Daniel, Worcester
*Wilkins James, Worcester, serg't

Ira Harris Guard
Wilson Chas. II., Worcester
Wolf John, Worcester
Woodcock Ira, Worcester
Woodward J. Wallace, Worcester
Young Silas E., Worcester

Company H (Watson Light Guard), Lowell. - 6th Reg. Organized 1851. Received orders about 8 o'cloek, P. M., April 15; the next morning marched to Huntington Hall, where they joined the other companies of the regiment. For further particulars see Company A, page 196.


Captain, JOHN F. NOYES, Lowell. 1st Lieut., *GEORGE E. DAVIS, Lowell; 2d Lieut., ANDREW F. JEWETT, Lowell, was

detailed as Judge Advocate, from May 31 to June 27, from July 4 to July 14; 3d

Lieut., *BENJAMIN WARREN, Lowell.
Sergeants, *Nathaniel K. Reed, Lowell; Charles E. Poor, Lowell; *Benjamin W. Frost,

Lowell; *Timothy A. Crowley, Lowell, carried the standard of the regiment through
Baltimore, and was presented with $25, for his gallantry, by an unknown friend,

through Governor Andrew. Corporals, Edward J. Grimes, Lowell ; *Hiram W. Gordon, Lowell ; Caleb Philbrick,

Lowell; Warren C. Crosby, Lowell.
Musicians, George Robertson, Lowell; Levi Brown, Lowell.

• Atwood Charles C., Lowell
Avery Frank S., Lowell
Bill Charles R., Lowell
Braddock Warren L., Lowell
*Charters Reuben P., Lowell
Clark Charles F., Lowell
Chford Racburn G., Lowell
Dobbins George, Lowell
Hazizimd Edwin, Lowell
Harper Alexander, Lowell
Hill James E., Lowell
Holme. Silas S., Lowell

lluckias Edwin, Lowell Jagall. Enoch, Lowell

Johnson George F., Lowell
*Keene George H., Lowell
Marshall John J., Lowell
McCoy Edwin P., Lowell
McGilvery Angus, Boston
Mitchell Jamis M., Lowell
Milliken Frank J., Lowell
Nourse John II., Lowell
*Palmer Charles P., Lowell
Pinder Albert, Lowell
.Ricker Charles W., Lowell
Roberts Nathaniel, Lowell
*Russell Daniel W., Lowell

Scadding Alfred W., Lowell
Short William, Lowell
Smith William, Lowell
Small Frederick J., Lowell
Strong Martin, Lowell
Stafford Frederick K., Lowell, pro-

moted drum major
Warren Augustus, Lowell
*Whiting Joseph B., Lowell
• Winn George B., Lowell
Wilkins George, Lowell
Willis William T., Lowell, joined

at Washington, June 8d

• Re-enlisted.

Company I (Lawrence Light Infantry), Lawrence.- 6th Reg. Organized in 1849. In the passage of the Lawrence Light Infantry through Baltimore, Corporal Sumner H. Needham was killed, Michael Green was shot in the leg, and sent home, Victor G. Gingass shot in the arm, but proceeded with his comrades to Washington. For further particulars of this company, see Company F, on page 199.


Captain, *JOHN PICKERING, Lawrence. 1st Lieut., *DANIEL S. YEATON, Lawrence; 2d Lieut., A. LAWRENCE HAMILTON, Law

rence; 3d Lieut., EBEN H. ELLENWOOD, Lawrence; 4th Lieut., EUGENE J. MASON,

Lawrence. Sergeants, Stephen D. Stokes, Lawrence ; Joshua C. Ramsden, Lawrence; George G. Dur

rell, Lawrence; *George E. Yarrington, Lawrence. Corporals, *Wm. A. Huntington, Lawrence ; Sumner H. Needham, Lawrence, killed at Bal.

timore by the mob, April 19, 1861; Wm. F. Carlton, Methuen ; Frederick G. Tyler,

Lawrence; Robert G. Barr, appointed June 6. Musicians, John D. Emerson, Lawrence, appointed May 4; Edward Carltin, Lawrence, apo

pointed May 4.

Berry Horace S., Lawrence
Blood Milton, Lawrence
Bardsley Wm. E., Lawrence
*Cauffy Edward, Lawrence, dis-
charged May 8th, disability
Drew George A., Lawrence
Farwell Frederick M., Lawrence
• Freeman Victor (., Lawrence
Gingass Victor G., Lawrence,

wounded in the arm at Baltimore Green Michael, Lawrence, wound

ed in the leg by ball at Baltimore

and sent home Heath Edwin C., Lawrence

Harmon John M., Lawrence
*Horne Joseph, Lawrence
Harkins Daniel, Lawrence
• Holton Wm., Lawrence
Harriinan John E., Lawrence
Joy Alonzo, Lawrence
Jewell Harry G., Lawrence
Knights James S., Lawrence
*Knott William, Lawrence
*Kittredge David, Lawrence
Miller William, Lawrence
Norton John H., Lawrence
Oliver John, Lawrence

•Picrce Samuel B., Lawrence
Page John M., Boston
*Rolfe Henry A., Lawrence
Swaine Charles M., Lawrence
Spofford Edwin F., Lawrence
Standley Charles H., Methuen
*Shorey George W., Lawrence
Safford Joseph H., Lawrence
Stevens Hirum A., Lawrence
Saunders Caleb, Lawrence
•Woodbury Charles T., Lawrence
*Wentworth Edwin, Lawrence
*Way mouth Charles J., Lawrence

Company K (Washington Light Guard), Boston. — Bth Reg. This was formerly Company C of the 1st Regiment; but was known in the 6th Regi. ment as Company K. Organized in 1810, and was formerly called the Washington Artillery: At 10 o'clock on the evening of April 15, they received orders, and at 8 o'clock the next morning reported sixty-four men ready for duty, and left with the regiment for Washington. Their return to Boston, in August, was warmly welcomed by their friends and the public. Many of the company again re-enlisted and are in the service.


Captain, *WALTER S. SAMPSON, Boston. 1st Lieut., *ANSEL D. WASS, Boston ; 2d Lieut., * MOSES J. EMERY, Boston ; 3d Lieut., Thos.

WALWORK, Boston ; 4h Lieut., *JOHN F. DUNNING. Sergeants, *Levi F. McKenny, Boston; James C. Rogers, Boston ; *George W. Gordon,

Boston ; David C. Sisson, Boston ; *George A. Gurnett, Canada, joined May 4. Corporals, *James E. March, Boston ; *Washington I. Corthell, Boston ; Joseph Sanderson,

Jr., Boston; Abraham Holland, Boston. Musicians, *William H. H. Forster, Boston, appointed May 4; *Gilbert W. Homan, Boston,

appointed May 4.

PRIVATES. Boden Elisha C., Boston

• Gurley Wm. D., Cambridgeport, *Parks William, Boston Butler George W., Boston

wounded at Baltimore April 19th Roberts Henry, Boston, joined at Bell George, Boston *Gillespie John J., Boston

Washington May 4th Chester Charles H., Boston, dis- *Hamilton Charles M., Chelsea *Symonds Henry J. Boston charged at Relay House and sent Hall Charles H., Boston

Sloan Chay. F.jr., Jamaica Plain home sick

Hume Josiah L., Clais, Me. Spinney George A., Boston Chester William P., Boston

*Holt Erastus D., Fredonia, N. Y., *Story Charles O., Boston, joined at Cady Edward W., Boston, went joined at Washington, May 4th Washington May 4th

with the company as far as N.Y. Knowlton Edward T., Boston Sanborne Edwin J., Boston Colgan George, Boston, wounded *Keller James Wm., Bog on

*Shepard Adams, Boston at Baltimore April 13th Le Favour James H., Boston

Sproul Alexander, Boston *Daly James B., Boston, sent home Look Orriek, Boston

Small Horace II., Bosten sick from Philadelphia

Leonard Orville W., East Boston Spencer Mendall C., Boston, joined Daly William II., Boston Morton Lemuel Q., Boston

at Washington May Ah •Drake Leprelet, Borton Matthews Joseph O., Boston

*Spencer James C., Boston, joined Dupee John, Boston, promoted Meadows Thomas, East Boston

at Washington May 4th commissary-sergeant, discharged * Mallory Wm. II. H., Cambridge- Stevens George W. Bustou, died for disability port

soon after arriving home *Ennis Joseph F.. Boston Meserve John G., Boston

*Temple George, Boston English Harold M., Boston Mann Henry C., Chelsea

* Whitney Geo T., Boston, woundFrancis Lewis F., East Cambridge Moore James F., Boston

ed at Baltimore Frye Charles H., Boston Nudd Edward, Boston

White Isaac B., Boston Fisk Edward P., Boston

Nodine Robert, Boston, went with Wood James, Boston *Gardner Henry, Boston, wounded the company as far as Worcester Young Henry F., Boston at Baltimore April 19th

Peaks James G., Boston

Company L (Stoneham Light Infantry), Stoneham. - 6th Reg. Organized 1851. This company, in April, 1861, belonged to the 7th Regiment as Company C. 'fo complete the required number of troops for the 6th Regiment, it was detached, and annexed to the 6th, letter L. Captain Dike received orders at 2 o'clock on the morning of April 17 to appear in Boston that morning with his company at 11 o'clock. At an early hour the bells in Stoneham were rung, and the order was announced to the inhabitants, who united their efforts with the company, and in a few hours they left the town, a large

• Re-enlisted.

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number of citizens of both sexes having assembled to witness their departure and exchange kind assurance. Prompt to the hour, he reported his company at the State House, and left with the regiment in the forenoon. The citizens of Stoneham made up a purse of $500, and presented it to Captain Dike, just before he left home, for the benefit of the company. This amount was raised in about one hour. Two days afterwards, on the 19th, he was shot down in Baltimore while gallantly leading his company through the mob, receiving a wound in the leg, which will render him a cripple for life. In the regiment they, like the other companies, acted well their part, and for their prompt response in April, as well as subsequent 'acts, their townsmen bailed their return home, not only with affectionate hearts, but a just pride. As they neared their homes, the people came out in crowds, with music and banners, to receive them, in carriages, on horseback, and on foot. They escorted them to the town, then feasted and addressed them, making it a truly festive occasion.

OFFICERS. Captain, JOHN H. DIKE, Stoneham, wounded at Baltimore, April 19. 1st Lieut., LEANDER F. LYNDE, Stoneham, captain commanding from April 19 to August 2;

2d Lieut., DARIUS N. STEVENS, Stoneham ; 3d Lieut., JAMES F. Rowe, Stoneham ;

4th Licut., *WM. B. BLAISDELL, Lynn. Sergeants, Samuel C. Trull, Stoneham ; Jefferson Hayes, Stoneham; Francis M. Sweetser,

Stoneham ; Sidney L. Colley, Stoneham. Corporals, James Whittaker, Stoneham ; Geo. P. Stevens, Stoneham ; Andrew J. Kimpton,

Stoneham ; Chas. L. Gill, Stoneham, discharged for disability, May 23. Musicians, Victor Lorendo, Stoneham, left at Baltimore, May 21; Eugene Devit, Stoneham,

appointed May 4.

Berry Walter B., Stoneham
Hill Andrew E., Stoneham

Mead Maurice, Stoneham Butterfield William G., Stoneham, *Hosmer Bartlett E., Stoneham Pinkham Samuel II., Stoneham

discharged for disability, May 30 Holden Warren, Stoneham, sent Pinkham Fernando P., Stoneham •Barry Charles II., Stoneham

home sick May 7

Pinkham Alphonso, Stoneham Brown Daniel, Stoneham Jones William H., Stoneham

Putnam Julian, Stoneham Craig John W. Stoneham

*Johnson Samuel S., Stoneham Perry Ephraim A., Stonehom *Cart Charles H., Stoneham Kimpton John W., Stoneham

*Parker Augustus M., Stoneham Clement Otis M., Stoneham

Keenan James, Stonehem, was Pennell Joseph W., Stonchain Cormick Richard, Stoneham

wounded in the leg by a Minnie Robbins Andrew, Stoneham, was Dike Henry, Stoneham

ball at Baltimore; at hospital in wounded in the head by a pistol •Ducett Joel N., Stoneham

Baltimore until 31st July

ball, at Baltimore, and returned Danforth Horace W., Stoneham Lamore Charles, Stoneham

home Fastman James, Stonehan La Clair Joseph, Stoneham

Sanborn James D., Stonehamn Eastman John B., Stoneham

*Moody Dearborn S., Stoneham Stevens Henry A., Stoneham Flanders Stephen, Stoneham *Moody James S., Stoneham, de- Stoddard Henry F., Stoneham. •Fortier John B., Stoneham

tailed as hospital steward June 1 Tav Benj. F. Jr., Stoneham Green Orrin Stoneham

to August

•Wheeler John B., Stoneham Gerry John A., Stoneham Marston Hiram P., Stoneham

Welch Archeluur, Stonehamn "Green Henry W., Stoneham Meader James A., Stoneham

Young William I., Stoneham, deHadley Aaron s., Stoneham

Madden William H., Stoneham tailed as hospital steward, Juve *Playes Watson H., Stoneham Mellen Sidney F., Stonehamn

10th Hayes Levi W., Stoneham

Eighth Regiment of Infantry.

(Three Months' Volunteers.)

We are indebted to Capt. George T. Newhall, of Company D, Lynn, for the following well written and highly interesting sketch of the movements and gallant deeds of the Eighth Regiment, during its three and a half months' campaign. It can be relied on as entirely correct, having been prepared with great care, the author having himself participated in most of the events herein narrated, and all of his facts having been substantiated by the most diligent and thorough inquiry. This record does especial honor to old Essex, and can be perused with patriotic pride, not only by the members of the Eighth, but by every son of Massachusetts.

The orders for the mustering of this regiment were issued on Monday, the 15th of April, 1861. The companies composing it received notice late in the afternoon of that day, causing intense excitement, not only in military circles, but among all classes. Great activity immediately prevailed, on the part of the soldiers and their friends, to promptly and efficiently answer the sudden requisition of the President. Flags were Aung to the breeze, and the startling news was the theme of discussion at every street corner, and in every house. The men were hurriedly warned, and in the evening the several armories were crowded with citizens as well as soldiers, some of the former rolunteering, while the men of property and business men contributed material aid in the most liberal and patriotic manner.

The morning of the 16th opened with a violent storm of sleet and snow. The companies rallied with the greatest promptness. Those from Marblehead were among the first to reach Boston, and immediately marched to Faneuil Hall. As the various companies arrived in the city they were surrounded by enthusiastic crowds, who followed them with cheers to the old “Cradle of Liberty." 'Notwithstanding the severe storm, the streets were crowded with people, who, with one accord, evinced their appreciation of the patriotic alacrity manifested by the troops. The soldiers expected to leave

• Re-enlisted.

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