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Abbott 0. G., Reading
*Adams Oliver S., Reading
• Anderson Chas. E., S. Reading
Anderson J. H., S. Reading
•Bachelder Geo. W., Melrose
•Barker S. S., Andover
*Beck with Robt. S., So. Reading
Bixby Hiram, So. Reading.
•Burditt Geo. A., So. Reading
Coney John S., North Reading
Cook Jonathan J., North Reading
Dix Joseph O., So. Reading
Eaton A., Reading
Eustis Henry W., So. Reading
Eustis Joseph S., So. Reading, was

wounded at the Battle of Bull

Run; shot through the hand
Fairbanks James M., So. Reading
•Fletcher Charles N., Reading
•Foster Davis, So. Reading
Greggs James H., South Reading,
wounded in elbow and prisoner
at Battle of Bull Run, and taken
to Richmond, thence to New

Harrington Charles, So. Reading

Hart John F., So. Reading

*Rayner Ozias, South Reading Hartwell Albert A., Reading

*Rayner John, So. Reading
*Hayden, Frank W., So. Reading *Robinson Chas. H., Reading
Hayden Wm. H., jr., So. Reading * Roundy John D., Reading
*Hayward Alexander N., Reading Sherman Wm. H. Reading
Hosmer 0. S., Woburn

Smith Thomas, Melrose
*Hoyt Henry D., So. Reading Stephens John R., So. Reading
*Kidder Geo. H., jr., So. Reading Sweetser Oliver S., North Reading
Lord Byron, So. Reading

Sweetser Thomas, So. Reading Lord Geo. H., So. Reading,

Thompson Charles, So. Reading •McGee Edward, So. Reading *Thompson John F., So. Reading McKay Gurden, So. Keading Tibbetts Chas. H., Reading, dis•Mo Kay Thos. M., So. Reading

charged June 2 Mckenzie John, Boston

Tibbetts Frank L., Reading, taken Morrill James M., So. Reading

prisoner at Battle of Bull Run Moses George, So. Reading

and carried to Tuscalusa
Nichols Geo. W., Reading

Twiss Adoniram J., So. Reading
Parker J.Q. A., South Reading Tyler Wm. N., So. Reading
*Parker N. D. Reading, Hospital | *Walker Wm. H., 80. Reading

Wardwell Henry F., Reading
•Parker Wm. D., South Reading •Warren Horace M., So. Reading
*Parsons Benj. w., 8o. Reading, *Weston Robert H., Reading
discharged June 2, 1861

Wiley Joseph E., Sonth Reading • Peterson Leonard, Reading

Wiley Wm., So. Reading
Pratt Edwin, So. Reading

Wilkins Edward L., So. Reading *Rahn Christian E., Reading

Wyaan Wm., So. Reading

Company C (Charlestown Artillery), Charlestown.- 5th Reg. The company is known as the Charlestown Artillery, and was formerly Co. D, 1st Reg. of Artillery ; but, several years ago, was changed, with several other companies, into Infantry, and has since been known as Co. D, 5th Regt. Infantry M. V. M. While the 5th Regiment was in Washington, in May last, the companies were re-lettered, and the Charlestown Artillery became Co. C; but, since the return of the regiment, the old companies have received their former letters. The Charlestown Artillery was organized May 22, 1780, and was the first company to celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Bunker Hill, June 17, 1786. Sometime in 1830, the company disbanded, but was re-organized Nov. 13, 1831, and has continued to prosper ever since.

William R. Swan, Captain of the Charlestown Artillery, received orders to assemble his command at their armory, at 12 o'clock, M., Wednesday, April 17, and by noon of the next day they were ready to march. But orders came for the company to hold themselves in readiness, at their armory, to march at any moment. On Friday, April 19, the Fifth Regi. ment was ordered to rendezvous at Faneuil Hall; and the Artillery, in company with the City Guards, of Charlestown, marched over to Boston to the hall, where they remained until the regiment departed for Washington, at 5 o'clock Sunday morning, April 21. This company, on 1caving Charlestown, had abundant evidence of the affection and high esteem with which their fellow-citizens regard them; and, on their return from the war, another demonstration was made in honor of their patriotic devotion. (See notice on page 189, under Company K.]

In just three months from the day they left Boston, July 21, the Fifth Regiment, numbering between 700 and 800 fighting men, among whom were the Charlestown Artillery, left Centreville, Va., for Bull Run.” On that day the Charlestown Artillery, Co. C, was ordered, with the regiment, to the brow of the eminence directly in front of the main battery of the enemy, and were there exposed to a galling fire from the battery for nearly thirty-five minutes, and but for the orders and coolness of Col. Lawrence, who commanded the company to fall flat on their faces, they would have

been most terribly cut up by the shower of shot and shell that was poured upon them. Returning home at the expiration of their term of service, July 30, 1801, they were warmly welcomed, the people turning out en masse to receive them..


Captain, *WILLIAM R. SWAN, Chelsea. 1st Lieut., PINEAS H. Tibbetts, Charlestown ; 2d Lieut., John W. Rose, South Boston; 3d Lieut., HANNIBAL D. NORTON, Chelsea ; 4th Lieut., GEORGE H. MÁRDEN, JR.,

Charlestown. Sergeants, Thomas F. Howard, Charlestown; Charles W. Strout, South Dedham ; James

H. Rose, South Boston ; Charles P. Whittle, Charlestown. Corporals, Samuel E. Holbrook, Jr., Charlestown; Henry W. Copps, Charlestown; Joseph

Bell, Boston ; Valentine Wallburg, Somerville.

Musician, *George Oakley, Boston.

Ash Wm. G., Charlestown
Blood Hiram, Charlestown
Branch Hiram, Charlestown
Chamberlin John H.. Charlestown
Chase Chas. L., Charlestown
Chell George, Charlestown
Cheslyn Richard W., Charlestown
Clark John W., Charlestown
Clark Stephen M., South Boston,
slightly wounded July 21
Cobleigh Chas. C., West Townsend
Colburn Chas. E., Charlestown
• Conner Thomas, Boston
Craig Thos. F., Boston
Cross Geo, W., Charlestown
Davis Chas. L., Charlestown
Davis Geo. W., Charlestown

Davis Geo. W. G., Charlestown
Dean John, South Boston
Dickey Neal s., Boston
Doyle Wm. J., Charlestown
Dwight Joseph F., Charlestown
Fales Lowell E., Walpole
Fitzpatrick Thos. B. N., So. Boston
Foster Edward, Charlestown,
wounded in head by shell at
Battle of Bull Run, July 21, 1861,
and taken prisoner
Fox Edward, Charlestown
French Wm. C., Northampton
Gabriel Wm. E., Saugus
Gammons Chas. A., Charlestown
Gifford Albert D., Stockholm, N.Y.
Gossom Elijah D., Charlestown

Grant Melville C., Chelsea
*Hatton James, Charlestown
Haynes Wm., Waltham
Herman Conrad, jr., Boston
*Hobart George W. Charlestown,

slightly wounded July 21
Jones Melville D., Plaistow, N. H.
Kilborn Albert, Salisbury, N. H.
Kilham Geo. W., Charlestown
Lake Alpheus A., Charlestown
Lane Frank W., Charlestown,

slightly wounded July 21
•Leslie Albert S., Woburn
Lincoln Joshua W., Charlestown
•Lord Chan. L., Charlestown
McCloud John, Charlestown
McIntire John C., Boston

• Re-enlisted.

Miller Eugene J., Cambridgeport Pratt John M., Charlestown,
Morrison Daniel P., Salisbury,N.H. wounded in abdomen July 21
Nichols Chas. H., Boston

*Quinn Maurice, Charlestown Norton George, Charlestown

Reed F. Harvey, Chelsea Oakham Winslow S., Charlestown, Richardson Alvah, West Townsend wounded July 21

*Robertson John, South Boston *Peeler Albert, South Boston

Rowe Chas. A., Charlestown *Penney Chas. H., North Belgrade, Selvey Wm., South Boston Me.

Smith Lewis, So. Boston, wounded
Perham Albion B., Charlestown severely in knee, July 21
Pfaff Francis W., South Boston, Stone Horace P., Jr., Woburn, dis-
wounded in ankle July 21

charged June 2, 1861

*Sullivan Humphrey, jr., Charles

town *Wade James P., Chelsea White Wm. II., Charlestown Willan Thomas, Charlestown Worthen Harvey R., Charlestown Wotton Bernard, South Boston,

wounded July 21, has returned to England to resume his position Yendley Joseph B., South Boston Zoller Geo. H., Boston

Company D (Haverhill Light Infantry), Haverhill.— 5th Reg. Organized 1853. Known as Company G in the 7th Regiment; detailed from it April 19th. and annexed to the 5th. Their orders were received at noon, April 19, 1861, and, as they had been drilling daily, preparatory to the call, they were ready to rush to the rescue of Washington and their country. The reception of the order fired'the town with enthusiasm, and the citizens turned out en masse; a meeting was held, at which speeches were made ; a purse and a flag were presented ; also a Testament to each member of the company. The people then escorted them to the railroad station, and they left the same day at 5, P.M. Their return to Haverhill, in July, was the occasion for a similar demonstration as that which was given them at their departure in April. A large number of this company soon after re-enlisted. The town and the citizens contributed about $2,400 in cash, clothing, and other articles for the company.


Captain, CARLOS P. MESSER, Haverhill. 1st Lieut., GEORGE J. DEAN, Haverhill; 2d Lieut., DANIEL F. SMITHI, Haverhill; 3d

Lieut., Chas. H. P. PALMER, Haverhill ; 4th Lieut., *Thos. T. SALTER, Haverhill. Sergeants, *John J. Thompson, Haverhill; George W. Edwards, Haverhill ; James M.

Palmer, Haverhill; John F. Mills, Haverhill. Corporals, *William Salter, Haverhill; George W. Wallace, Haverhill ; Van Buren Hoyt,

Haverhill; *Daniel J. Haynes, Haverhill. Musicians, John E. Mills, Bradford ; Leonard Sawyer, Haverhill; Orlando S. Wright,


Bickford Eben B., Haverhill
Foster Geo. B., Haverhill

Osgood Joseph H., Haverhill *Bowen Charles, Haverhill

*Fowler Samuel W., Haverhill Parmelee H. H., Haverhill Bromley Lyman P., Haverhill Frost James, Haverhill

Pecker John B. Haverhill
Bromley Orrin, Haverhill
Gould Albert H., Haverhill

Phillips Leonard W., Haverhill
Burnham Charles, Haverhill
Gould Royal D., Haverhill

• Philbrook David T., Haverhill Buswell Geo. P., Alton Bay, N. H. Greenleaf Matthew N., Haverhill *Ray Albert F., Haverhill Caswell Joseph A., Haverhill

Gushee Franklin A., Haverhill •Richards Fitz J., Haverhill •Chandler Samuel A., Bridgewater Hatch Joshua, jr., Haverhill

Rogers Tristram G., Bradford Coles Thos. J., Haverhill

*Hersum Greenleaf, Haverhill Shaw James A., Haverhill, woundCollins Enos, Haverhill

*Holmes Varnum E., Haverhill ed in hip, and taken prisoner at Collins Hiram S., Haverhill, killed Jackson Hiram H., Haverhill

Battle of Bull Run, and carried at the Battle of 'Bull Run, July 21 Judge Chas. W., Haverhill

to Richmond Colby John, jr., Haverhill, dis- *Kaler Cornelius, Bradford

*Shute Alonzo M., Haverhill charged June 2 *Kief Thomas, Haverhill

*Smith Henry J., Haverhill Cook William P., Haverhill, dis- Kiernan Frank T., Haverhill, dis- Smith Nahum F., Haverhill charged June 2

charged June 2

Stanler Harrison, Haverhill
*Davis Stephen H., Haverhill *Knowles Chas. K., Haverhill •Steele Wm. 11., Haverhill
*Dawson Frank, Haverhill

Livingston Murry V., Haverhill Stimpson John F., Haverhill
Dodge Geo, S., Boxford
Meserve Ebenezer, llaverhill

Stowe Andrew F., Haverhill
Dodge Orrison J., Haverhill
Mills Chas. E., Bradford

Taylor Henry, Haverhill
Edwards Nathaniel M., llaverhill Mills Wm. W., Haverhill

Tuttle Hiram 0., Haverhill Ellison Horace, Exeter, N. H. Murch Charles, Haverhill

-Watkins Chas. S., Groveland Emerson Edward H., Haverhill Noyes Ariel S., Haverhill

Webber Wellington B., Groveland *Fogg Geo. E, Haverhill

Wyman Geo. P., Haverhill

Company E (Lawrence Light Guard), Medford.-5th Reg. Organized Feb. 12, 1851. The call for this gallant corps to aid in the defence of the Union met å hearty response from all its members, and the inhabitants of Medford exhibited the deepest interest in their behalf and the glorious cause. Upon their leaving home, April 19, an impressive prayer was offered by Rev. Mr. Ames, in the Square, and several hundred citizens escorted them to Boston. At an enthusiastic meeting of the cltizens, over six thousand dollars were quickly raised for the purpose of providing the soldiers with a new uniform, and for the relief of their families during their absence.

On the return of the 5th Regiment to Boston, July 30, 1861, the company was preceded home by an escort of the citizens of Medford ; and, as they entered the town, the bells were rung, salutes fired, and music discoursed its welcome eloquently. At the Town Hall, an eloquent and patriotic speech of welcome was made by Thomas $. Harlow, Esq., and responded to by Capt. Hutchins. Loud cheers were given, and many a hearty greeting exchanged. The citizens of Medford, proud of their well-drilled corps, had for years given it their hearty support, and when it had been tried and found not wanting, they viewed with satisfactory pride their honorable return from the war.


Captain, JOHN HUTCHINS, Medford. 1st Lieut., *John G. CHAMBERS, Medford, appointed adjutant, July 8; 2d Lieut., PERRY

COLMAN, Medford ; 3d Lieut., WILLIAM H. PATTEE, West Cambridge. Sergeants, Isaac F. R. Hosea, Medford ; Samuel M. Stevens, Medford ; James A. Bailey,

West Cambridge ; Wm. H. Lawrence, Boston, color-bearer, killed at Battle of Bull Run. Corporals, Sanford Booker, Medford ; Wm. J. Crooker, Medford, wounded at the Battle of Bull Run; Benjamin Moore, Medford ; Luther F. Brooks, Medford. Musician, Richard Pitts, Medford, joined July 5.

• Re-en listed.

Alden Wm. F., Medford
Aldridge Wm. II. H., Boston
"Austin Ebenezer V., Randolph

Barri Martin V. B., Cambridgeport *Benham Daniel, West Cambridge, discharged on account of disabili

ty, June 23 .Bisbee Horatio, jr., Medford, now

lieut. col. Muine 9th Regiment
*Bishop John, Medford
Booker Geo. D., Medford
•Braden Angus, Medford
Bragden Stephen M., Kingston, N.

Burbank Wm. H., Medford
•Carr John P., Medford
Curr Royal S., Medford
*Cheney Daniel S., Medford
Clapp Meltiah 0.. Medford
Currier Sydney, Medford
Curtis Frank J., Medford
Cushing Henry H. D., Medford
Cushing Pyam, jr., Medford
Dane Wm. H., Medford, wounded

at Battle of Bull Run
Davis Joseph, Medford
Davis Wm. L., Medford
Dede Hernan, Medford
Dow Albert F., Medford, wounded

at the Battle of Bull Run

Duckrell Wm. J., Chelsea
Eames J. Henry, Medford
Emerson Wm. B. F., West Cam-

Fletcher Joel M., Medford
-Fletcher Stephen W., Medford
Fowler Stephen D., Chelsea
Ginn James F., West Medford
Hadley Chas. R fedford
Haskell Alfred, Medford
Hawkins Henry M., Boston
Holman Herbert A., Medford, now

paymaster's clerk at Washington
Hoyt John H., Medford, prisoner at

New Orleans
Ireland Henry A., jr., Medford
Jacobs Henry B., Medford
Keene Lewis H., Medford
Kuhn Chas, II., Boston
Lawrence Lemuel P., Medford
Lewis Augustus B., Medford
Lord Louis 0., West Medford
Loring Freeman A., Medford
Manning James, Boston
Milis Palemon C., Watertown
Morrison Isaac T., Medford
Palmer Edward J., Roxbury
Peak Geo. E., Medford, wounded

at the Buttle or Bull Run
Pearsons Jonas M., Newton

Pierce Elisha N., West Medford
*Prouty Wm. L., Medford
Ramsdell Emery. W., Medford,

wounded at Battle of Bull Run
*Reed Henry F., Medford, joined

May 21
Richards Mandeville

wes wounded in the foot at the Battle of Bull Run: since killed at a fire

in Medford, Nov. 4, 1861 Richardson Caleb F., Medford Robinson Edwin H., So. Dedham Russell Charles, Medford Russell Hubbard, jr., Medford *Sawyer George, Medford Sherinan Gilbert B., Medford *Smith Jonas L., Woburn *Smith Joseph, Medford *Taylor James H., Medford Teel Geo. E., Medford, discharged

June 6 *Thorpe Alfred M., W. Cambridge Tufts Augustus, Medford Tupper Geo. F., Chelsea •Turner Jas. H. R., Medford Turner Sam'ı H., Medford, joine

May 21; was wounded at the Bat

tle of Bull Run Usher James F., Medford, was dis

charged May 13.

Company F (Wardwell Tigers), Boston.- 5th Reg. Capt. David K. Wardwell received permission from the Governor, April 16, 1861, to raise a company for the three months' service. He very soon reported his company ready for active duty. Through the liberality of Oliver Stevens, Esq., they were at once furnished with a uniform. The city of Boston also furnished them with a fatigue uniform and rubber blankets. When the 5th Regiment was nearly ready to leave for the seat of war, it was decided to add to their numbers this company, then known as the “Boston Volunteers.”


Captain, *DAVID K. WARDWELL, Boston. 131 Lieut., *JACOB H. SLEEPER, Boston ; 2d Lieut., *GEORGE.G. STODDARD, Brookline; 3d Lieut., *HORACE P. WILLIAMS, Brookline; 4th Lieut., *HORATIO N. HOLBROOK,

Boston. Sergeants, *Frederic K. Field, Northfield; *James W. R. Hill, Boston ; *Calvin S. Mixter,

Boston, served as corporal until June 2d, when appointed sergeant.
Corporals, Samuel Richards, Stoneham ; *Solomon Low, Boston ; * Samuel W. Tuck,

Boston ; Stephen Brendel, Boston.
Musicians, Wm. S. Bean, Boston ; James H. Newell, Lowell.

Beal James A., Boston
•Bill Joseph C., Boston

Snow Henry, Boston •Brady John G., Lowell

*Hoyt David W., West Amesbury Spinney Robert M., Boston Cassebourne Charles W., Boston, Lamos Chas. T., Boston

Stetson Joseph, Boston sergeant, kiiled at Battle of Buli Leighton Nehemiah, Boston

*Stewart Charles W., Boston, disRun, July 21

Low Isaac M., Boston, wounded, charged June 8, 1861, sick with *Coleman Lewis E. J., Stoneham, taken prisoner at Battle Bal typhoid fever discharged June 8, 1861

Run: now at New Orleans

•Sullivan Bat, Stoneham Connelly Hugh, Stoneham *May Wm. O., Boston

•Taylor Owen, Feltonville Cook John, Stoneham McDevitt Wm., Boston

Wait J. M., deserted Courtney Daniel J., Boston

McSweeney Bernard, East Cam- Wallace Henry D., Stoneham Crowley Daniel, Boston

bridge, wounded and taken Wardwell Cyrus T., Stoneham, Danforth Joseph C., Boston

prisoner at Battle of Bull Run wounded: prisoner at N. Orleans *Dodge Chas, S., Stoneham Mooney James, Haverhill

Ward well Dominicus J., Stoneham, • Dodge John S., Boston • Morris Geo. 0., Boston

1th sergt., discharged June 2, *Emerson Albert O., Stoneham Morse Geo. E., Boston

1861; weak ankle *Fergurson David, Boston •Nichols Robert F., Boston

*Warren Joseph G., Charlestown Fitzpatrick Daniel, Boston

O'Hara Steph., Stoneham, wound- •Warren Thos. A., Charlestown Foley Patrick W., Stoneham

ed and taken prisoner at Battle of White Wallace B., Boston, disFord Flenry W., Boston

Bull Run: since returned home charged June 2, 1861 Forest Mones, Stoneham

permanently disabled

Wiggin Isaac H., Boston Gately Patrick, Stoneham

Reed James H., Charlestown Willcutt W. C., deserted *Gule Nelson P., Boston, discharged Richardson Wm. H.. Stoneham, Williams Edward J., Roxbury,

June 2, 1801, taken sick, and died July 7, from accidental dis- wounded in the leg, and taken brought to hospital charge of pi-tol

prisoner: since returned home Gorham Chas. E., Boston •Riley Hugh F., Boston

*Yeager Chas, H., Boston Hapham Wm. C., Boston *Roby Geo. w., Lowell

Wilson Wm. H., Boston Harvey James A., Boston

•Rogers James, Boston Hatch Edward K., Boston

*Ryan Wm. P., Boston llealey Patrick G., Boston

Schneider Jacob, Roxbury liettler Thomas, Boston, killed at Smith Sanford A., Stoneham, disBattle of Bull Run, July 21

charged June 8, 1861, sick

Company G ( Concord Artillery), Concord.- 5th Reg. Was Company A, Concord Artillery. The letter was changed while at Washington, but has always been known as Company A, even when it belonged to the First Regiment of Artillery. The company was incorporated, on petition of Charles Hammond and others, Feb. 28, 1804, and held their first public parade on the 4th of July following. The charter says, -"Whereas, Major John Buttrick and Capt. Isaac Davis, with a party of armed ycomanry, did, on the birth-day of our Revolution, attack and defeat a superior number of

* Re-enlisted.

the invaders of our country, who were most advantageously posted at the North Bridge of Concord, it is ordered that the prayer of the petition be granted, and that two brass fieldpieces, with proper apparatus, be provided for said company, with suitable engravings, to commemorate and render honor to the action which led to the victory of the day, and to perpetuate the names of the gallant Buttrick and Hosmer, and also to animate, in future, the ardor and bravery of the defenders of our country.” In the war of 1812, the artillery were ordered to South Boston, where they remained in camp three months. They marchert to Boston with the Concord Light Infantry and the Acton Biues, “and, as they passed through Boston," as an observer said, "they were cheered through the town, and they crossed over to South Boston on scows." (South Boston Bridge then was not in existence.)

Orders were received long before light, on the 19th of April, 1861, to report on BostonCommon, and at noon of that day, the anniversary of the Battle of Concord, they left Concord,

under the command of Capt. Geo. L. Prescott. The whole people turned out to witness their departure, and they were addressed by Judge Hoar, and prayers were offered for their well-being and safe return. They left Boston on the 21st, and sailed the next morning from New York for Annapolis, and from thence marched to Washington, through a country filled with disloyalists. The company was in the Battle of Bull Run, where five of them were taken prisoners. On their return to Concord, the inhabitants turned out en masse, and gave them a most cordial reception. The company has always taken a high stand as a well-drilled company, and the most respectable citizens of the town have been members, and have always given the company their influence and assistance.


Captain, *GEO. L. PRESCOTT, Concord, re-enlisted as Capt. Co. B, Fort Warren. 1st Lieut., JOSEPH DERBY, JR., Concord ; 2d Lieut., HUMPHREY H. BUTTRICK, Concord ;

3d Lieut., CHARLES BOWERS, Concord. Sergeants, Wm. S. Rice, Concord, prisoner at New Orleans; Geo. F. Hall, Concord; Cyrus

Hosmer, Concord, prisoner at New Orleans ; Geo. W. Lauriat, Concord. Corporals, Stephen H. Reynolds, Concord ; Francis M. Gregory, Concord; Geo. Buttrick,

Concord; Samuel S. Wood, Concord.

Ball Geo. II., Concord
Ball Warren B., Concord
Bates Wm. C., Boston, prisoner at

New Orleans

Edward J., Waltham
Bowers William, Concord
Brown Azro, Concord
Brown John, 2d, Concord
.Buttrick Francis, Concord
Brown Wm. A., Concord
Carter James W., Concord
Clapp Wm. M., Concord
Clarke Richard R., Concord
Cormick Peter, jr., Woburn
*Dalton Jeremiah, jr., E. Braintree
Dean Joseph G., Concord
Dearing Eugene M., Lincoln
Doyle Thomas, Concord
Farmer Henry, Concord
Farrar Levi B., Concord
Fitzpatrick Francis N., Boston
Garty James, Concord
Goodwin James W., Woburn
Gray Wm. H., So. Acton, joined

June 16
•Hatch David G., Waltham
Heald Timothy F., Concord, be-

came insane Hooper Thos. M., Woburn, joined June 16

(June 23 Hovey Mason M., Woburn, joined

Jefferds Jonathan F., Woburn,

joined June 23
Johnson Henry, Concord
Johnson Chas. A., Waltham
Johnson Albert N., Lincoln, dis-

charged June 8
Leathe Josiah, jr., Waltham, joined

June 23
Livingston Benjamin F., Waltham,

joined June 23
Loring Benjamin, jr., Weymouth
*Lyons John E., Lurenburg,
Maxfield John M., Woburn, joined

June 23
Melvin Asa, Concord
Messer George E., Concord
Mulliken Chas. F., Woburn, joined

June 23
Nenley Charles, Concord
Osborne Ira J., Ashby
*Pemberton Robt., Woburn, joined

June 23, wounded in shoulder at

Battle of Bull Run
Phelps Edward F., Concord
Puffer Charles, Concord
*Puffer John S., Concord
Reynolds Edward w.. Concord
Rogers John S., Woburn, joined

June 16
Robbins Elbridge, jr., Concord
Robbins Joseph Y., Acton

Sampson Lewis T., Concord
Stevenson Thos. G., Carlisle, was

discharged June 8
Sherman Geo. E., Lincoln
Smith John W., Woburn, joined

June 23 Souther Geo. E., Quincy • Tidd John E., Wobur, joined

June 23
*Taylor Warren F., Wobum, joined

June 23
Ware George, Boston, was dig-

charged June 29
Warland Thos. F., Woburn, joined

June 23 Watts Horatio C., Concord *Webb Edward F., Weymouth *Wellington Lowell, jr., Waltham Wheeler Caleb H., Concord Wheeler Edward S., Concord, prisoner at New Orleans Wheeler Henry .... Concord, pris

oner at New Orleans
Wheeler Joseph, Lincoln
•Whitney Geo. T., Harvard
*Whittier William P., Sanbornton

Bridge, N. H.
Winn Joseph E., Concord
Wright Eugene, Concord
Wyman Joseph L., Woburn

Company H (Salem City Guards), Salem.- 5th Reg. The Salem City Guards was organized Nov. 14, 1816. This company belongs to the 7th Regiment of the Mass. Volunteer Militia. A dispatch was received from Col. Lawrence, by telegraph, in the forenoon of the 19th of April, to see if they would like to be attached to the 5th Regiment, and if so, how many they could muster. An answer was immediately returned that they were ready to go, and would bring at least forty-five men. An order came at 1, P.M., for the company to report themselves on Boston Common at 4, P.M.;

but, for some cause, they were unable to leave Salem until the next day - Saturday, the 20th, at 9, A.M. - when they left, with seventy-four men and officers, in company with the Salem Mechanic Light Infantry, and on arriving in Boston, went immediately to Faneuil Hall.

On their return from Washington, they arrived in Salem, in company with the Salem Mechanic Light Infantry, on the 31st of July, at about 10 o'clock, A.M. A salute was fired, the bells were rung, and they marched through the principal streets, escorted by the past members of each company, the Salem Divisionary Corps Independent Cadets, and the drill clubs of the city. When they arrived in front of the City Hall, they were welcomed home by the mayor, in behalf of the citizens, after which they partook of a substantial dinner at řechanic Hall.


Captain, HENRY F. DANFORTH, Salem. 1st Lieut., *KIRK STARK, South Danvers ; 2d Lieut., W. F. SUMNER, South Danvers; 3d Lieut., GEO. H. WILEY; South Danvers ; 4th Lieut., John E. STONE, So. Danvers.

Sergeants, *George S. Peach, Salem ; Benjamin F. Pickering, Salem.

• Re-enlisted.

Corporals, *Joseph B. Nay, Salem, promoted sergeant, July 1; John A. Sumner, South Danvers ; *Wm. Tobey, Salem ; John Pollock, Salem, promoted sergeant, July 1.

Musician, *Joseph Anthony, Salem.

PRIVATES. Bickford Wm. F., Danversport •Hoyt John A., Salem

Peach Wm., jr., Salem, served as Browne Geo. A., Salera Jones Samuel, Gloucester

sergt. until June 3, when he reBulger James, Salem •Kehew A., Salem

signed to do duty as private *Berg Wm. R., Salem Kehew George, Salem

Perkins Joseph N., Salem
Chase Chas, W., Salem
Kelley Edward, Danvers

Pierce David H., So. Dan vers Clark Edward A., Danversport •Kelley James W., So. Danvers Quinn John, Salem *Clark Sylvester, Salem

-Kelley Thos. B., So. Danvers Ramsdell Peter A., Salem, proDow George W., Salem, token • Kimball Wm. L., Salem

moted to corporal, July 1 prisoner at Battle of Bull Run, •Leach Harris, Salem

*Richardson Wm. H., Danversport and carried to Richmond, Va. *Lee John W., South Danvers, dis- Richardson Henry H., Dan versport • Eaton Alpheus, Salem

charged May 22

Riggs Edgar M., Danvers • Edwards John L., Salem *Linnehan Dennis, Salem

Shanley Wm., Salem, taken prisEstee John G., South Danvers Lowe James W., Danvers

oner at Battle of Bull Run, July Farrell William, Salem, wounded * Marshall Chas.' G., So. Danvers, 21, and carried to Richmond, Vå. at Battle of Bull Run discharged June 17

Teague Wm. H., Salem *Ferguson, Samuel A., Salem McFarland Chas., Salem, wounded Thompson Geo. A., Salem, killed Giliord David A., Dan versport July 21

at Battle of Bull Run, July 21 *Gilford Elbridge H., So. Danvers McDuffie Hugh, Salem, served as Thompson John N., Danvers Gilford Wm. F., So. Dan vere, pro- Bergt. until June 1, when he re- *Trask Henry, Salem

moted to corporal, July 3; died signed to do duty as private *Very Herbert W., So. Danvers Sept. -, 1861, at Danvers

Merrill Henry O., So. Danvers •Webster George, Danvers Grover James, jr., Salem, dis- *Millett Hardy, So. Danvers

White Henry F., Salem charged June 29

Murphy Thos. G., So. Danvers White Thomas, Salem Hackett Harrison, Salem *Parker Oliver, So. Danvers

Wiley Samuel, South Danvers •Hart Geo. O., South Danvers Parsons Cyrus, Salem

*Williams Samuel W., So. Danvers Hibbard Curtis A., Salem

-Williams Wm. D., Salem Hinds John M., Danversport

Wilson Jacob li., Salem Company I (Somerville Light Infantry), Somerville.- 5th Reg. The members of this company answered with alacrity the summons of the government to meet and repel the traitors. April 20, 1861, the company left their armory, under an escort of nearly a thousand citizens, with a band of music, and marched to Boston, where they arrived about noon, and were quartered with their regiment in Faneuil Hall. Before leaving Somerville, a meeting was held by the citizens to aid the families of the company, and over four thousand dollars obtained, and on their leaving, a prayer was offered, and speeches made, and a Testament presented to every member of the company.

July 30, 1861, the company, having served its term, returned to Somerville, and their townsmen testified their appreciation of their patriotism and bravery by joining in large numbers to do escort duty, and giving the returned soldiers a warm welcome and a substantial collation. A bouquet was presented to each member of the company by the ladies ; a prayer was offered by the Rev. G. G. Fairbanks, after which a speech of welcome was made by Joseph B. Proctor, Esq., and responded to by Capt. Brastow. The Home Guards and the firemen joined in the reception, and a salute of one hundred guns was fired on the occasion.


Captain, GEORGE 0. BRASTOW, Somerville. 1st Lieut., WM. E. ROBInson, Somerville ; 2d Lieut., FREDERICK R. KINSLEY, Somerville. Sergeants, Walter C. Bailey, Somerville ; John Harrington, Somerville ; *Wm. R. Corlew,

Somerville ; John C. Watson, Somerville.
Corporals, Henry H. Robinson, Somerville; James E. Paul, Somerville ; Isaac Barker,

Jr., Somerville.
Alusician, *Sydney S. Whiting, Boston.

PRIVATES. *Adams Albion, Somerville

Giles Jno. Frank, Somerville Parker Joseph A., jr., Woburn, Adams John, Somerville, wounded Giles Joseph J., Somerville

joined at Washington, June 18 slightly July 21

Glynn Thomas, Somerville, joined Parker Joseph H., Woburn, joined Andrews Geo. H., Charlestown at Washington. June 13

at Washington. June 13 . Andrews John B., Charlestown Grandy Henry E., Ballardvale Parker Warien F., Woburn, joined Andrews Joseph H., Charlestown *Hale Joseph, jr., Somerville at Washington, June 13 Atwood Hawes, Boston

Hammond Henry C., Somerville Persons Oscar, Woburn •Bennett Edwin C., Somerville Hanaford E. Frank, Somerville, Powers Chas. H., Somerville • Binney H. Martin, Somerville, shot in left breast at Battle of Bull Quimby Chas. C., Somerville wounded slightly July 21

Run, and died a prisoner at Man- Rogers Oliver W., Somerville, joined Bird Warren A., Somerville assas night of July 21

at Washington, June 13 Bonner Chas. D., Somerville, Harris Geo. F., Somerville

Schillinger Benj. F., Charlestown Brown Wm. B., Somerville, joined Hodgden John K., Somerville *Shattuck H. Lucius, Marlboro, at Washington, June 15

Hodgkins Geo. A. S., Charlestown N. H. *Brackett Edward, Somerville Hodsdon Alfred, Cambridge

Shaw Wm. E., Portland, Me. *Buckingham Lynde w., Somer- *Hopkins James R., Somerville Simonds Nathan A., Somerville. ville, served as quartermaster's Howe Pliny R., Somerville

discharged on account of sickness sergt. until June 28. Wounded Hyde Richard J., Somerville

Sweeney Charles H., Somerville, severely in leg at Battle of Bull Jenkins Horatio N., jr., Chelsea joined at Washington, May 15 Run

Johnson Joseph, Chelsen, joined at Van De Sand John, Somerville Carr Wm. M., North Chelsea

W ingt June 15

Walker Edward M., Somerville Caswell Albert, Somerville

*Kilborn Charles, Lunenburg Wallace Kinsley, Somerville Crosby Elkanah, Somerville

Kunsley Willard, Somerville Watson Wm. W., Somerville • Davis John E., Somerville *Mooney Chas. A., Boston

Westcott Eugene, Somerville, join• Eaton Wm. B., Boston

Moore W. Frank, Somerville, died ed at Washington, June 13 *Emery Edward C. T., Boston at Washington, July 31, 1861 •Whiteomb Geo. F., Boston Eustis Humphrey E., Boston *Nason George W., jr., Franklin, Wyer Edwin F., Somerville, joined Eustis Wm. T., 3d, Boston, pro- wounded slightly, July 21

at Washington, June 13 moted to corporal, June 7

Nelson Fletcher N., Somerville Wyman Luther F., Somerville, *Garland Ben. F., ola Cambridge Oliver Judson W., Somerville joined at Washington, June 18 Gibson Wm. f., Old Cambridge Paine Joseph W., Somerville Young Joseph, Somerville


Company K (Charlestown City Guards), Charlestown.– 5th Reg. This body of citizen-soldiery was organized in 1850, and celebrated its first anniversary on the 17th of June, 1851. Its first commander was Hon. George P. Sanger, who was

• Re-enlisted.

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