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was notified to be in readiness, at three o'clock the same afternoon, to march. With the exception of muskets and cartridge-boxes, and the old State uniform, the men were almost wholly unprovided with arms and equipments. Most of them had expected to be able to send or go to their homes again before leaving. They were, however, soon fitted out with overcoats and blankets, which the provident foresight of Governor Andrew had provided, - knapsacks and haversacks, the latter of which were stored with rations for three days; the old guns were exchanged for new Springfield rifled muskets ; and at three P. M. the regiment stood in Merchants' Row, four hundred and sixty-two men all told. It proceeded, amid the most intense enthusiasm of the crowds which thronged the streets, to the State House, where, after the companies had received further supplies of clothing and equipments of various kinds, they were addressed by Governor Andrew, who said: “It gives me unspeakable pleasure to witness this array from the good Old Colony. You have come from the shores of the sounding sea, where lie the ashes of Pilgrims, and you are bound on a high and noble pilgrimage for liberty, for the Union and Constitution of your country. Soldiers of the old Bay State, sons of sires who never disgraced their flag in civil life or on the tented field, 'I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this noble response to the call of your State and your country. You cannot wait for words. I bid you God-speed and an affectionate farewell.” Colonel Packard replied in brief and fitting terms, and the regiment took up its line of march for the Old Colony depot. The march through the city was a perfect ovation. The intense, earnest excitement of the time showed itself in cheers, in many a hearty God-speed, and in many a moistened eye. Quickly embarking on board a train in readiness to receive it, the regiment, at ten P. M., marched on board the steamer State of Maine, at Fall River. All along the route the depots were thronged with anxious crowds, whose cheers and salvos of artillery testified their sympathy and good wishes. Owing to the boat being crowded and badly trimmed, it did not reach New York until five o'clock, Thursday afternoon. Stopping only to coal and have her ballast rearranged, she started at four o'clock, Friday morning, for Fortress Monroe. While at New York, the officers of the regiment, by invitation, took supper at the Astor House. Not knowing who were in possession of Fortress Monroe, and expecting that he might be attacked by rebel steamers, Colonel Packard ordered a portion of the men to be supplied with ball cartridges, and the six-pounder, the only piece of artillery on board, to be made ready for action. At daybreak, April 20th, the long, low line of the walls of the fort were visible in the distance. Anxiously the regiment watched, as the boat lay off and on, until at sunrise they saw the old flag unfolding from the flag-staff. The men were quickly landed, and, amid the cheers of the little garrison, marched into the fort. They were warmly welcomed, for those within, from keeping watch and ward for many a day, were well-nigh exhausted. Hardly was the regiment well in quarters before their labors commenced. The fort was found to be almost unarmed on the land side, and illy supplied with material of war. For several weeks, the men were employed mounting heavy guns, unloading vessels, storing provisions, keeping guard, etc. Near the middle of May, General Butler arrived and took command of the Department of Virginia, and he having determined to occupy Newport News, a point of land commanding James River, on the 27th of May, the Fourth Regiment, in conjunction with a New York regiment under Colonel Bendix, and a Vermont regiment under Colonel, now General Phelps, took possession of that point, and proceeded to form an entrenched camp. The fortifications, near a half a mile in length, were laid out by Captain Stewart, U. S. A., and were formed as follows:- A palisade was made of logs cut and brought in from the adjacent forest, against which the earth was thrown up on the outside, forming a rampart twelve feet in width at the base, six feet at the sunmit, and six feet in height. In front was a ditch of similar dimensions. Along the line were mounted six pieces of artillery, while on the bluff was a battery of six heavy guns, including one rifled twenty-pounder for the Sawyer projectiles. One or more vesselsof-war always laid off the camp in a position to sweep the beach in either direction. Little occurred while the regiment was at Newport News to disturb the routine of camp life. Working at the entrenchments, doing guard duty, drill and scouting went on regularly and quietly. On the 9th day of June, however, five companies were detailed, with a portion of the Vermont and New York regiments, to make up a detachment, to join one from Hampton, to start at one o'clock the next morning, to attack Big Bethel, a position held by the enemy, about twelve miles from Newport News. With the detachment went the ever-lamented Lieutenant Greble, in charge of two pieces of artillery, of the battle of Big Bethel it is needless to go into details. Its unfortunate result was owing to a variety

of causes ; but if the other troops engaged bad done their duty as well, and gone as far, as those from Massachusetts and Vermont, the name of Big Bethel would not have headed a long list of Federal repulses. The Fourth Regiment remained at Newport News until the third day of July, when, in accordance to orders from General Butler, it moved to the village of Hampton, which it occupied, with the Third Plassachusetts Regiment, during the remainder of its term of service. On its arrival there it found the quaint old town deserted. Hardly a score of its former white inhabitants remained, although many negroes, especially old and very young ones, were still there. The troops had quarters assigned them in the various houses, and there remained undisturbed until Wednesday, July 11th, when they marched over to Fortress Monroe, preparatory to embarking for home. There their Springfield muskets were exchanged for old altered flint-lock ones. The men were addressed by General Butler, and

when on board the boat by Colonel Dimmick, the commandant of the fort. The latter said, “I never heard of complaints against Massachusetts men : next to regulars, let me command Massachusetts volunteers,” At three P. M. of the 15th, the regiment embarked on board the steamer S. R. Spaulding, and after a pleasant passage of about fifty-six hours entered Boston Harbor. Owing to circumstances, it was deemed expedient to keep the regiment together until it could be mustered out. It landed, therefore, on Long Island, where it found the Third Regiment already encamped, and there remained until Tuesday, the 22d, when the two regiments struck their tents, and shortly after landed at Long Wharf, from whence they marched to the Common. The reception, somewhat dampened by the news of the batile of Bull Run, was yet most enthusiastic. Arriving on the Common. an order from Governor Andrew was read, thanking the troops for their services, and then the several companies were dismissed to their respective homes, where in most cases great preparations had been made to receive them. They had done their duty. First to leave Massachusetts at their country's call, they first of all stood on Virginian soil, ready to battle for the old flag. They never faltered when duty called them, and they merited and received the thanks of a grateful people. Very many of the members of the Fourth Regiment are to be found in the various regiments now in the field, where, when the time comes, they will nobly uphold the honor that regiment justly won of being the first, in their country's darkest hour, to leave their homes in her defence.

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Company A (Union Light Guards), Canton.- 4th Rog. Organized 1853. Received notice at 9 o'clock, P. M., April 15, '61, to muster on Boston Com. mon, and at 4} o'clock P. M., April 16th, reported themselves there for duty, April 17th, left Boston by steamboat for Fortress Monroe, Va. At the expiration of their term of service, in July, they returned to Canton, when a public reception was given them. A procession was formed of the past members of the company, and the citizens generally, under the marshalship of their

first commander. They were welcomed by an address from the Rev. Benj. Huntoon, after which a public dinner was given them by the citizens.


Captain, IRA DRAKE, West Stoughton. 1st Lieut., HENRY U. MORSE, Canton ; 2d Lieut., *WALTER CAMERON, was at New Orleans when the Co. left home; he returned and took his place at Fortress Monroe, June,

1861. John McKay, JR., Canton, was chosen until Lieut. Cameron returned. Sergeants, Horace D. Seavey, Canton ; Moses Gibbs, Jr., Canton ; Martin F. Davis, Canton ;

Albert A. Nichols, South Dedham. Corporals, Donald McGillvary, So. Dedham; Henry Taylor, So. Dedham ; *George E. Jackson, So. Dedham ; Elisha Horton, Jr., So. Dedham.

Ayer John W., Canton
Fuller Theodore F., Canton

Morse Stillman H., Sharon
Atkinson John F., Stoughton Grimes Martin V. B., Ashburnham Marden Wm. H., Canton
Blackburn Robert, jr., Canton Greenleaf Eleazer F. Sharon

Morse Elijah A., Sharon Bird Jededinh M., Stoughton Godfrey John W., Sharon

•Nutting Geo. P., Ashburnham Bootman Chas, E., Canton *Hill Andrew L., Canton

Parker George W., Sharon
Bibbins Levi J., Canton
Hunt Wm. A., Canton

*Peach Henry, Sharon +Barrows John E., Sharon

Hewitt Ellis B., North Easton • Palmer Chas. E., Canton +Boyden Seth, Sharon Hardy Norman, Sharon

Preble Origin O., Canton Bullard John H., Canton **Howe John, Canton

Parks John, Sharon *Brooks John C., Canton **Hill Charles, Canton

*Richardson Amandus E., StoughBullard Albert, Sharon Howe George W., Canton

ton Champney Edward, Canton Harradon James T., Sharon

Roberts Wm. R., North Easton +*Cobbett Wm. E., Canton

Holbrook Frederic G., Sharon Richardson Geo. w., Sharon 1.Clark James, Sharon Johnson Reuben F., Sharon

Smith Frederic A., North Easton Cunningham Jerome, Canton Jenkins Joseph, Canton

Smith Ansel A., Sharon *Drake John M., Sharon Johnson Warren, Sharon

•Smith Alexander D., Canton Dunakin Edward A., Sharon Johnson Obed P., Sharon

*Spooner Prince P., Stughton Dunakin Charles, Sharon •Kehr George N., Canton

Slattery Patrick, Canton
Dunakin Stillman, Sharon
Leopard Friend Z., Canton

Shankland James M., Canton +Drake Horace II., Sharon Lewis De Forrest, Canton

Taylor Charles, Stoughton
Dulev Lewis H., Sharon
Mabbott George, Canton

White Hiram, North Easton
1*Deniham John, Canton
•Mahoney Daniel, Sharon

White Davis L., Sharon Freeman Henry A., Canton

**McKennedy Wallace, Canton **Whitney Jos. H., Ashburnham *Farnsworth Chas. P., Stoughton Mellen Edward, Stoughton

Company B (Easton Light Infantry), Easton.- 4th Reg. Organized 1852. The commanding officer received notice on the morning of April 16th, at 5 o'clock, to appear in Boston forth with, with his company; and 34 members reported at Boston at 31 o'clock P. M. on the same day. The citizens of Easton gave the company, on its return home in July, a most cordial reception. Nearly all of the officers and members re-enlisted for the war.

• Re-enlisted. * In second detachment that reached Fortress Monroe May 19.


Captain, MILO M. WILLIAMS, Easton. 1st Licut., LINTON WALDRON, Easton ; 21 Lieut., WILLIAM E. BUMP, JR., Easton. Sergeants, *John A. Lynch, Easton ; *Rufus H. Willis, Easton ; *Robert Clifford, Easton ;

*Alfred B. Richmond, Easton. Corporals, John W. Gerry, Easton ; *George Richards, Easton; James N. Mackay, Easton ;

*Albert Tilden, Easton. Musician, William H. Wallis, Easton.

PRIVATES. Bellows Charles, Easton, died very *Dollard Robert, Easton

Myers James S., Easton suddenly, from the effects of Duffy John, Easton

Mulhern David, Easton poison, April 19, while on board Fisher David, Easton

Pettee Henry, Foxboro' steamboat from Boston to For- Gallagan Bernard, Easton

Records Seth, Stoughton tress Monroe Hanson Charles, Andover

Randall Jacob J., Easton Blaisdell Oliver H., Easton *Harlow Reuben, Easton

•Sheehan Michael, Easton •Baker Charles, Easton •Keenan William, Easton

Story Wm. F., Easton •Blaisdell Daniel B., Easton *Maguire Charles, Easton

Thayer Hiram, West Bridgewater Crockett William, Easton Morley James T., Easton

Warren George M., Stoughton Davis George H., Easton •Matherwell John, Easton

•Watts Robert, Easton

Company C (Braintree Light Infantry), Braintree. - 4th Reg. Organized 1853. The company received notice April 15, 1861, at 7 P. M.,and were ready to start for Boston at 8 o'clock the next morning, and left during the forenoon. The occasion awakened a strong sympathy for the cause and the soldiers who were to leave for the post of danger,

and liberal subscriptions were made for their encouragement and for their families. When the company returned, in July, a public reception was given them, and all united to honor them for their ready devotion to the country's cause in that trial hour.


Captain, *CEPHAS C. BUMPUS, So. Braintree. Ist Lieut., JAMES T. STEVENS, So. Braintree; 2d Lieut., ISAAC P. FULLER, So. Braintree. Sergeants, William M. Richards, So. Braintree; J. Luther Frasier, So. Braintree ; Andrew

G. King, So. Braintree; *Edgar L. Bumpus, So. Braintree.
Corporals, Samuel M. Hollis, So. Braintree; Reuben F. Hollis, So. Braintree; John T.

Ayers, So. Braintree; Johú C. Sanborn, So. Braintree.
Musicians, Eugene A. Bent, Bellingham ; Ferdinand A. Bent, Bellingham.

Arnold Marcus P., So. Braintree Daggett Wm., South Braintree Leggett Wm., 80. Braintree
Arnold Chas. A., So. Braintree Freeman Nathaniel T., So. Brain- Loud Thomas B., So. Weymouth
Bistick James T., So. Braintree


Martin Thos. J., So. Braintree Boyle John E., South Braintree Foster Rolon E., So. Braintree Mellus Edward H., So. Braintree Bumpus Everett C., So. Braintree Foster Wm. B., So. Braintree McConothy Francis, So. Braintree *Crowell Thomas J., Braintree Field Alpheus, So. Braintree McGann Wm. H., So. Braintree Carmichael John R. So. Braintree Finnegan John, So. Braintree Nason Albert S., So. Braintree Corbin Frank, Weymouth

Gammon Henry W., So. Braintree Perkins M. A., So. Braintree Cram Marcus F., So. Braintree Gifford Charles, So. Braintree

Stoddard Thos. B., So. Braintree Cox Nelson, South Braintree

Huston Thomas, So. Braintree *Steele Norman F., So. Braintree Coughlin John, So. Braintree Howard Geo. F. So. Braintree Shedd Henry H., So. Braintree *Cahill Thomas, So. Weymouth Hollis Adoniram B., So.Weymouth Thayer Elihu M., So. Braintree Cox Chandler, South Braintree •Hollis Leroy S., So. Weymouth *Thayer Loring W., So. Braintree *Cunningham Wm., So. Braintree Harding Ellsworth M., South Wey- Thayer Joseph P., So. Braintree Dyer Lawrence A., So. Braintree mouth

*Thomas Albert, So. Weymouth Dean Henry W., So. Braintree Holbrook Joseph E., So. Braintree Toomey Andrew, So. Braintree David Solon, South Braintree Jones Leonard F., So. Braintree Wright Henry H, So. Braintree Donahue Peter, South Braintree *Leonard James B., So. Braintree •Whitcomb John M., So.Weymouth Donahue James, South Braintree

Company D (Randolph Light Infantry), Randolph.-4th Reg. Organized November, 1855. Its first captain was Hiram C. Alden, Esq., who held the office until July, 1860. April 15, at 9 o'clock, P.M., orders were sent to the clerk of this company to report in Boston at 9 o'clock the next morning. The company, at this time, not having any commissioned officers, Sergt. Hiram F. Wales labored all that night to notify the company, so as to have them respond promptly to their country's call. The general indifference, in regard to military organizations, which has existed throughout the State for some time previous to this sudden call, was also fully shared by the inhabitants of this town. But when the sound went forth that our noble flag had been fired upon, this company, with the others, received a new impulse, and was ready the next morning to move onward. At before 9 o'clock on the morning of April 16, they were escorted to the depot by a band of music, with a large concourse of citizens, and arrived in Boston at 40 minutes past 9 o'clock, when they immediately marched to Faneuil Hall. This was one of the first companies which arrived in Boston on the morning of April 16, and, when the fact that they had no officers to the company is taken into consideration, pone will hesitate to give the privaten great credit. After their arrival in Boston, an election of officers was held. Upon the return of the company in July, they were received at the depot by the Relief, Independent, and Fire King Engine Companies and others, and escorted through the principal street to Stetson Hall, where they partook of a dinner, provided at the expense of the town. During the absence of the company, the town provided for the families of the soldiers, and paid the unmarried six dollars a month while away.


Captain, HORACE NILES, Randolph. 1st Lieut., Otis S. WILBUR, Randolph ; 2d Lieut., H. FRANK WALES, Randolph, Acting

Quartermaster from June 24.

• Re-enlisted.

Sergeants, *George M. Lovering, East Randolph ; William H. Woodman, South Braintree;

Royal W. Thayer, Randolph; Otis Crooker, East Randolph.
Corporals, Myron W. Hollis, Randolph; Wendell W. Winnett, Randolph ; Wm. Palmer,

Randolph; *Hiram Snow, Randolph.
Musician, Leonard Thayer, Randolph.

Alden Wm. H., Randolph

Gill John H., East Randolph Mann John A., Randolph Buck Nathan E., Randolph

Harris Seth M., East Randolph Otis Wm. W., Randolph *Burrill George A., Randolph Hayden Zenas M., East Randolph O'Brien John, jr., Randolph Beal Ira, jr., Randolph

Howard Edward, Randolph Remick Prescott, Randolph Blanco Wm. w., Randolph

Howard Edgar, Randolph

Sloan Peter S., Randolph
Curtis John W. Randolph
Howard George, Randolph

Thayer L. Frank, Randolph
Curtis, Martin M., Randolph Poole Frank, Randolph

Thayer Isaac, jr., Randolph Cousins Daniel, Randolph

Howard Martin V. B., Randolph Thayer Chas. P., Randolph •Compass Theodore, Randolph Heath John W., Randolph

Thayer Henry W.,

Randolph Cottle Edmund, Randolph

Hodge Samuel R., East Randolph Thayer Henry M., Randolph Crooker Allen J., East Randolph •Huzzy Willard A., Randolph *Thayer Henry C., Randolph Cox Henry M., Randolph

Howland Charles, Randolph Thayer Philander W., Randolph Cartwright John, Randolph Ingalls Benjamin, Randolph

Tileston George H., Randolph Dargan Joseph W., Randolph tJoy Henry, East Randolph

Turner John P., Randolph Davis Chas. F., East Randolph Jones Leonard, Randolph

Tillson Wm., Randolph • Dawes James E., East Randolph King Seth T., Randolph

•Tuttle Geo. E., Stoughton Downey John, Randolph King Royal T., Randolph

Upham Lyman, Randolph •Faunce Hanibal A., Randolph Knight George E., Randolph White Wm. L., East Randolph Fletcher Jerome, Randolph Knight Nelson E., Randolph

Wales Elisha L., East Randolph Fletcher Samuel, Randolph

La Forrest Frederick, Weymouth •White Geo. B., Randolph Foster Samuel A., Randolph Lovering Isaac J., East Randolph Wortman Frank M., Randolph **Ekensteen Libert, Randolph Morton Asa H., Randolph

Young Isaac E., Randolph Goodwin George H., Stoughton Morton Isaac, Randolph


Company E (Light Infantry), South Abington.- 4th Reg. Organized in 1787. It received its charter under the name of the Abington Artillery, Co. A, in the 4th Regiment of Artillery. In 1852, this regiment was disbanded, and the company was annexed to the 2d Battalion of Infantry, and known as Company E, of the 4th Regiment of Infantry. It held that position on receiving orders to assist in putting down the rebellion of 1861. At 8 o'clock, on the evening of April 15, orders were received to report at Boston the next morning. Messengers were dispatched at once, and, during the night, preparations were made for their departure. At 7 o'clock the next morning, the company was ready to march. The citizens turned out in great numbers to escort them to the depot, where they took cars for Boston, and quartered at Faneuil Hall. They left the next day for Fortress Monroe. Before leaving South Abington, a subscription was raised, and two hundred and twenty-seven dollars presented to the company. On returning to Abington, July 23, they were met and addressed by prominent citizens, and, the next day, their fellow-townsmen gave them a grand reception. Wm. L. Reed, Esq., made the welcome speech, which was replied to by Capt. Allen. Addresses, suitable for the occasion, were then made by Rev. H. L. Edwards, Rev. Mr. Clark, and Rev. H. D. Walker, of South Abington; also by Hon. Mr. Harris, of East Bridgewater ; which were replied to by Ser: geant Peterson, of Co. E. At the close of which, they partook of a collation which had been provided by the citizens.

OFFICERS. Captain, CHARLES F. ALLEN, South Abington. 1st Lieut., LEWIS SOULE, So. Abington ; 2d Lieut., John W. MITCHELL, So. Abington. Sergeants, *Benjamin F. Caswell, South Abington ; Nathaniel 0. Holbrook, Abington ;

Henry Humble, South Abington ; Benjamin F. Peterson, South Abington. Corporals, Joshua T. Bryant, South Abington; Timothy Reed, South Abington; Wm. H. Maine, South Abington; Morton É. Harding, East Bridgewater.

PRIVATES. Abbott Luther C., Weymouth *Harden Geo, M., East Bridgewater | Ramsdell Philemon M., 80. Abing

ton Bickford Sohn E., 80. Abington Hobarthehomas, South Abington Ramsdell Nath' F., So. Abington Barrett Benj. R., So. Abington Howe Chas.

M., South Abington Reed Henry H., East Abington *Barber John A. Abington

Hathaway Wm. B., E. Bridgewater Reed Samuel M., So. Abington Bates James E., So. Abington •Howland Caleb, So Abington *Rundle Joseph T., So. Abington Caton Joseph W., South Abington *Howard Elijah, So. Abington *Rowe Zacheus, So. Abington Cook Thomas N., South Abington Josselyn James E., So. Abington Stetson Andrew J., So. Abington Corwin Wm., East Bridgewater **Knowles, Wm. M., So. Abington Steingardt Jos. A., East Bridgewater Cook Joshua, South Abington

Lincoln W. B., South Abington Stewart Nathan M. Abington Curtis Elbridge R. E.Bridgewater "Loveradge Isaac, East Bridgewater Tillson Mercer V., E. Bridgewater Dunham Andrew, Abington

Leach John A., East Bridgewater Taylor Thomas, Middleboro Dunbar Henry F., So. Abington *Perry John H., Hanson

Tuttle Ebenezer G., So. Abington Edson Geo. X., East Bridgewater Phinney Barnard F., So. Abington Witherell Jas. H., So. Abington •Fuller Thomas, So. Abington Penney Leonard F., So. Abington Witherell Eben A., So. Abington Gurney Seth P., East Bridgewater Pierce Jas. H., East Bridgewater Witherell Otis F., So. Abington Gurney Alva A., East Bridgewater Packard Hiram F., 80. Abington Washburn Jerome, So. Abington


Company F (Warren Light Guards), Foxboro':- 4th Reg. Company F, 4th Regt. M. V. M., was organized under an act of the General Court, Jan. 22, 1776, in which

it was provided that " each Brigadier-General of the Colony should provide, at the expense of the same, two good Field Pieces, and cause a company of Mattrosses to be enlisted for each Field Piece,” &c. All the other companies organized under this act are disbanded, and Co. F holds the oldest charter in the State granted upon petition. In 1854, the designation of the company was changed from Artillery to Light Infantry, and in 1856 its location was changed from Norton to Foxboro'. The old charter stili remains, and it is to be hoped that, as a memento of Revolutionary history, it will be supported by a full and prosperous company. On June 16, 1857, the company met to fill vacancies, and complete their organization in this town, by selecting a name for it, and • Re-enlisted.

t Joined at Fortress Monroe in May.

they adopted the name of “ WARREN LIGHT GUARDS.” On Monday evening, April 16, 1861, the captain received orders to report himself and command at Boston forthwith, and the next day, at 11 o'clock, they left Foxboro' for Boston ; and, on leaving their armory, they were greeted with cheers from the assembled people. They were stationed at Fort Monroe and Newport News, and were engaged in the Great Bethel fight. They returned home in July, after having done their duty, all safe and well. Mr. E. P. Carpenter, of this town, who had been untiring in his efforts to have them want for nothing that would add to their comfort while at the seat of war, and who had been very liberal in putting his hands in his purse for their benefit, called a meeting of the citizens to make arrangements to receive them, and he was chosen to address the company on its return to this town, which he did with honor to himself and all concerned. The company was received at the depot, and escorted to the Centre by a procession, - the past members of the company, and an independent rifle company, under the command of Mr. E. P. Carpenter. The procession was headed by Carmi Richmond, Esq., as marshal of the day. On arriving at the Centre, the citizens had assembled on the right and left of the main street, through which the procession passed, amidst the ringing of bells and the cheers of the people, to the spacious Common, where Mr. E. P. Carpenter made the welcome address, which was briefly responded to by Capt. Shepard. The exercises closed by all joining in singing an original hymn, written for the occasion, to the tune of Auld Lang Syne.


Captain, DAVID L. SHEPARD, Foxboro'. 1st Lieut., Moses A. Richardson, Foxboro'; 2d Lieut., *CARLOS A. HART, Foxboro'. Sergeants, Simeon G. Blandin, Taunton ; *Wm. H. Torrey, Foxboro'; John F. Shepard,

Foxboro', captain's clerk from April 23 ; Alexander Cameron, Foxboro'. Corporals, Edward E. Bird, Foxboro', appointed May 1; Samuel D. Robinson, Foxboro'; Lewis L. Bullard, Foxboro'; Frank 0. Pierce, Foxboro', appointed May 1.

PRIVATES. Allen Lucius W., Medfield t"Goulding Lewis, Medfield

•Pond Chas. H., Foxboro' •Bemis James S., Foxboro **Greenleat Perry, Medfield

Pond Wm. F., Pawtucket, R.I. Buck Hiram F., Foxboro'

*Hartshorne Sidney 8., Walpole Richardson Nieholas H. T., Walpole Bonney Isaac H., Foxboro' Harris Wm. H., Mansfield

*Rice Henry T., Wrentham Bacon Chas. D., Foxboro' Hennessey Daniel, Boston

*Sherman James L., Foxboro' Bryant Samuel N., Foxboro' Harris Robert E., Mansfield

*Schraidt Wm., Boston *Carpenter James, Foxboro

Hartshorne David T., Foxboro' Shaw Alonzo M., Mansfield Chamberlain Gabriel P., Foxboro **Howard Caleb, Medfield

Sweet Wm, H., Foxboro' •Claflin Geo. H., Foxboro Harris Rufus, Randolph

Strang John A., Medfield Carpenter Chas. F., Attleboro Jewett Edwin P., Foxboro'

Turner Wm. W., Foxboro' Chisholm Lemuel, West Cambridge Joplin Joseph H., Foxboro'. Thompson Chas. A., Foxboro *Fales Wm. H., Foxboro' King Andrew D., Mansfield

• Welch John M, Foxboro' *Forrest Albert E., Foxboro Lyons Wm. H., Foxboro'

Webber John, Boston Freeman Edwin M., Foxboro Lincoln Henry C., Cambridgeport Wyre James II., Foxboro *Fillebrown Geo. L., Foxboro Morse Wm. A., Foxboro

White James, Foxboro Fales Henry A., Foxboro'

McDonald Alexander, So. Walpole *Washburn George M., Falmouth
Fuller Alonzo W., Foxboro
Matthews Ransom, Foxboro'

Winn Liscom, Foxboro
Green Moses L., Foxboro
Morrison Seth, Melrose

Wheeler Howard O., Boston
Grover Paschal C., Foxboro'
Morton Jas. H., Buxton, Me.

•White Rufus S., Foxboro Gotlieb Joseph, Foxboro'

Pendergrass Morris, Mansfield -White Nelson S., Foxboro Grover Ephraim 0., Foxboro' Pettee Wm. N., South Wrentham Whiting Lewis R., Wrentaara t"Goodwin Edward A., Mansfield Pierce Wm. II., Foxboro'

Company G ( Taunton Light Guard), Taunton.- 4th Reg. Organized 1855. At 24 o'clock on the morning of April 16, 1861, this company received orders to appear in Boston. At 11 o'clock the same morning, they were at the depot with 49 guns, a full complement of officers, and left for that city. Before leaving, they were addressed by the Hon. Samuel L. Crocker, in behalf of the citizens of the town, and sympathy and aid promised them. They returned to Taunton, July 23 ; received a most cordial welcome, and on the 25th, a public reception and dinner were given them, at which appropriate addresses were made.


Captain, TIMOTHY GORDON, Taunton. 1st Lieut., ZACHEUS SHERMAN, Taunton ; 2d Lieut., FREDERIC A. HARRINGTON, Taunton. Sergeants, Mason W. Burt, Taunton ; Chas. H. Paull, Taunton; Wm. H. Bartlett, Taunton;

George A. Washburn, Taunton. Corporals, Isaac D. Paull, Taunton; Edward J. Vose, Taunton ; James Brown, Taunton;

*Willard D. Tripp, Taunton. Musician, tWm. W. Lord, Taunton.

Austin Lloyd W., Taunton
*Galligan Henry, Norton

Plant Robert J., Taunton
Buck John H., Taunton
Hale Enos P., Taunton

Reed Asa K., Taunton
Black Win. R., Taunton

Hatch Wm. D., Taunton

*Richardson Cyrus B., Woburn (Briggs Wm. J., Taunton

Hathaway Marshall D., Taunton Richardson Frederie, Taunton Barnes George W., Plymouth, pro- •Husband Thomas F., Taunton *Rock John, Taunton moted to Quartermaster's Serg't, Holt Adoniram J., Taunton

Smith Wm. W., Taunton
April 22
Hunt Edward, Taunton

Sanford Squire, Taunton
Briggs John C., Taunton

*Horton Henry W., Taunton Simmons Benjamin F., Taunton Clark Isaac S., Middleboro Jones Chas, H., Taunton

Thomas Charles S., Taunton Church John H., Taunton Jones Daniel S., Taunton

Thayer Edgar S., Taunton Cushman James M., Taunton Knight Cyril, Taunton

• Vail Thomas C., Taunton Clapp John W., Worcester Leonard Geo. A., Taunton

Valentine Michael W., Taunton Coleman John R., Taunton

Munroe Wm. H. H., Taunton Washburn Frederic A., Taunton • Dean Gustavus L, Taunton Merigold John L., Taunton

Walker Joseph, 2d, Taunton Dunbar Perez S., Taunton MeNiel, Peter, Taunton

Weston John C. Foxcroft, Me. Eayres Edward, Taunton *Naylor Abraham, Taunton

Whiteley Thomas, Taunton Fisher Allen A., Taunton O'Niel, Joseph, Taunton

Wilbar Simeon T., Taunton Goddard Elijah D., Taunton

*Orr Wilson, North Bridgewater Wood Daniel F., Middleboro' Gent Wm. C., Taunton Pizer John B., Taunton

Wood David, Taunton Gilmore Horace S., Taunton • Re-enlisted.

Joined at Fortress Monroe.

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