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4. Caleb Wait, of Malden.
6. Francis Brooks, of Medford.
6. Albert Winn, of West Cambridge.
7. Charles Beck, of Cambridge.

Hamlin R. Harding, of Cambridge.

Anson Hooker, of Cambridge. 8. Joseph Breck, of Brighton.

Henry Baldwin, of Brighton. 9. F. M. Stone, of Walthanı.

Josiah Beard, of Waltham. 10. George Heywood, of Concord. 11. Charles M. Tyler, of Natick. 12. Seth Thayer, of Holliston. 13. Benjamin Homer, of Ashland 14. James W. Clark, of Framingham. 15. O. W. Albee, of Marlborough. 16. Henry Wilder, of Stow. 17. John Fletcher, jr., of Acton. 18. William Henry Smith, of Lexington. 19. John R. Kimball, of Woburn. 20. John H. Dike, of Stonehamn.

William H. Atwell, of So. Reading. 21. Charles Manning, of Reading. 22. George P. Elliot, of Billerica. 23. Paul Hill, of Lowell.

Samuel W. Stickney, of Lowell.

Sewall G. Mack, of Lowell. 24. Hapgood Wright, of Lowell.

Josiah B, French, of Lowell.

Edward F. Sherman, of Lowell. 25. Cyrus Butterfield, of Tyngsborough. 26. David Porter, of Shirley.

J. W. P. Abbott, of Westford. 27. Abram S. French, of Townsend.

Suffolk County. Dist. 1. Cornelius Doherty, of Boston.

Alonzo M. Giles, of Boston. 2. Austin Gove, of Boston.

Josiah M. Read, of Boston.

Hiram A. Stevens, of Boston. 3. James L. Hanson, of Boston.

John F. Flynn, of Boston. 4. Robert I. Burbank, of Boston.

Cornelius Walker, of Boston. 5. Edward Brown, of Boston.

Harvey Jewell, of Boston. 6. Benjamin Stevens, of Boston.

Peleg W. Chandler, of Boston. 7. Charles J. McCarthy, of Boston.

James Riley, of Boston. 8. John S. Tyler, of Boston.

Eben Cutler, of Boston. 9. Charles W. Morris, of Boston.

Daniel G. Grafton, of Boston. 10. Ansel Lothrop, of Boston.

Samuel H. Gibbens, of Boston. 11. Francis J. Parker, of Boston.

George Eaton, of Boston. 12. Hiram Emery, of Boston,

Zibeon Southard, of Boston.

Albert J. Wright, of Boston. 13. Tracey P. Cheever, of Chelsea. Noble M. Perkins, of Chelsea.

Essex County. 1. Patten Sargent, of Amesbury.

Joseph Morrill, of Salisbury. 2. George Foster, of Andover. 3. John Meacom, of Beverly.

Benjamin C. Putnam, of Wenham. 4. James W. Putnam, of Danvers. 6. Ebenezer Stanwood, of Essex. 6. Joseph P. Stickney, of Georgetown. 7. John S. E. Rogers, of Gloucester.

James S. Jewett, of Gloucester. 8. Calvin Butrick, of Haverhill.

Gilman Corning, of Haverhill. 9. Samuel N. Baker, of Ipswich. 10. John J. Doland, of Lawrence. ll. Harrison D. Clement, of Lawrence. 12. Oliver Ramsdell, of Lynn. 13. Aza A. Breed, of Lynn. 14. Samuel Roads, of Marblehead.

Henry Luscomb, jr., of Salem. 15. Cyrus Williains, of Lawrence. 16. Zachariah Graves, of Lynn. 17. Nathan Adams, of Newbury. 18. Caleb Cushing, of Newburyport. 19. Albert Currier, of Newburyport. 20. Moses T. Stevens, of North Andover. 21. Moses Pool, of Rockport. 22, Samuel R. Hathaway, of Salem. 23. James A. Gillis, of Salem.

Stephen G. Wheatland, of Salem. 24. Amos Howe Johnson, of Middleton. 25. D. Webster King, of South Danvers. 26. Amos I. Withey, of Lynn.

Middlesex County. 1. Amos Brown, of Charlestown. 2. Everett Torrey, of Charlestown.

Abel E. Bridge, of Charlestown,

Phineas J. Stone, of Charlestown. 3. George 0. Brastow, of Somerville.

Worcester County. 1. Nelson D. White, of Winchendon. 2. Farwell F. Fay, of Athol. 3. Hudson Tolman, of Petersham. 4. Artemas Lee, of Templeton. 6. Thorley Collester, of Gardner. 6. Amasa Norcross, of Fitchburg.

Manson D. Haws, of Leominster.

Daniel Putnam, of Lunenburg. 7. Isaac N. Stone, of Harvard. 8. Jared M. Heard, of Clinton. 9. Zadock W. Gates, of Rutland. 10. J. Henry Goddard, of Barre. 11. Lucius J. Knowles, of Warren, 12. Charles Adams, jr., of N. Brookfield. 13. John D. Cogswell, of Leicester. 14. William Mulligan, of Paxton. 16. Jonathan H. Nelson, of Shrewshury. 16. J. F. B. Marshall, of Westborough. 17. Seth J. Axtell, of Grafton. 18. Henry Shaw, of Upton. 19. Henry 0. Lothrop, of Milford.

Charles F. Claflin, of Milford. 20. William T. Metcali, of Mendon. 21. William A. Northup, of Blackstone. 22. Albert Butler, of Douglas. 23. Jacob Baker, of Dudley. 24. Dexter Blood, of Charlton. 25. Horace Armsby, of Millbury.

Moses Stone, of Oxford. 26. Delaco A. Goddard, of Worcester, 27. Samuel Souther, of Worcester. 28. Joseph D. Daniels, of Worcester. 29, John L. Murphy, of Worcester. 30. Alexander H. Bullock, of Worcester. Hampshire County, 1. Dan'l G. Littlefield, of Northampton.

John T. Fitch, of Hatfield. 2. Matthias Rice, of Westhampton. 3. John C. Thompsor., of Goshen. 4. Horace Cook, of Hadley. 5. John R. Cushman, of_Amherst. 6. Augustus Moody, of Enfield. Luther Holland, of Belchertown.

Hampden County. 1. William A. Robbins, of Holland. 2. Stephen G. Newton, of Palmer. 3. Joseph McGregory, of Wilbraham. 4. Theodore Stebbins, of Springfield. 5. William L. Smith, of Springfield. 6. Nathaniel Howard, of Springfield. 7. Phineas Stedman, of Chicopee.

Hezekiah Root, of Ludlow. 8. Thomas H. Kelt, of Holyoke. 9. Reuben De Witt, of Agawam. 10. Lewis Rufus Norton, of Westfield. 11. Edward M. Taylor, of Montgomery.

Franklin County. 1. Alfred R. Field, of Greenfield.

Ephraim H. Thompson, of Coleraine. 2. Charles T. Walcott, of Monroe. 3. Emery Sherman, of Conway. 4. Lucas W. Hannum, of Whately. 5. Charles H. Field, of Levereti. 6. Erastus F. Gunn, of Montague. 7. Royal Whittaker, of New Salem.

Berkshire County. 1. Keyes Danforth, of Williamstown. 2. Henry Cartwright, of Adams.

Edmund D. Foster, of Cheshire. 3. Nathan G. Brown, of Pittsfield.

W. H. Nichols, of Richmond. 4. Sylvester S. Bowen, of Peru. 6. Jonathan E. Field, of Stockbridge. 6. James Bullard, of Lee. 7. Eugene Vosburgh, of Gt. Barrington. 8. Joshua M. Sears, of Sandisfield. 9. Seymour B. Dewey, of Egremont.

Norfolk County.

(Excluding Cohasset.) 1. Eliphalet Stone, of Dedhain. 2. Everett C. Banfield, of W. Roxbury. 3. Thomas Parsons, of Brookline. 4. George Curtis, of Roxbury.

William B. May, of Roxbury.

Uriah T. Brownell, of Roxbury. 5. Ebenezer Eaton, of Dorchester.

Henry L. Pierce, of Dorchester, 6. Noah Cummings, of Quincy. 7. Ezra Penpiman, of Braintree. 8. Oliver Loud, of Weymouth.

Zachariah L. Bicknell, of Weymouth. 9. George N. Johnson, of Randolph. 10. Jesse Holmes, of Stoughton. 11. H. Augustus Lothrop, of Sharon.

Samuel Cook, of Milton. 12. William H. Cary, of Medway.

Harvey B. Coleman, of Wrentham. 13. Daniel J. Pickering, of Bellingham. 14. Charles C. Sewall, of Medfield.

Bristol County. 1. William D. Earle, of Attleborough.

Ezekiel Bates, of Attleborough. 2. Charles P. White, of Mansfield. 3. Charles B. Pool, of Easton. 4. James Brown, of Taunton.

Elias A. Morse, of Taunton.

Charles R. Atwood, of Taunton. 0. Joseph Brown, of Seekonk. 6. William P. Hood, of Somerset. 7. Simeon Borden, of Fall River.

Henry Pratt, of Fall River. 8. Christopher A. Church, of Westport. 9. Francis W. Mason, of Dartmouth. 10. Henry Pierce, of New Bedford.

Wm. Logan Rodman, of N. Bedford. 11. Caleb L. Ellis, of New Bedford,

Robert Gibbs, of New Bedford.

Nathaniel Gilbert, of New Bedford. 12. Samuel L. Ward, of Fairhaven. John D. Wilson, of Freetown.

Plymouth County.

(Including Cohasset.) 1. George C. Lee, of Scituate. 2. David Cain, of Hingham. 3. Seth H. Vinall, of South Scituate. 4. Sereno Howe, of Marshfield. 5. Henry B. Maglathlin, of Duxbury. 6. Charles G. Davis, of Plymouth.

Samuel 0. Whitmore, of Plymouth. 7. Andrew J. Hadley, of Marion. 8. Austin J. Roberts, of Lakeville. 9. Andrew J. Pickens, of Middleboro'. 10. Simeon Perkins, of Bridgewater. 11. Lorenzo D. Hervey, of North Bridge


Ezra Kingman, of E. Bridgewater. 12. Isaiah Jenkins, of Abington.

Otis W. Soule, of Abington. 13. George F. Stetson, of Hanson.

Barnstable County. 1. Asa E. Lovell, of Barnstable.

George W. Donaldson, of Falmouth.

Zebedee Green, of Sandwich. 2. John K. Sears, of Yarmouth.

Danforth S. Steel, of Harwich.

Samuel Higgins, of Chatham. 3. Sylvanus Smith, of Eastham. 4. Joseph P. Johnson, of Provincetown. Benjamin Oliver, of Wellfleet.

Dukes County. 1. Edgar Marchant, of Edgartown.

Nantucket County. 1. Elisha Smith, of Nantucket.

Andrew J. Morton, of Nantucket

OPFICERS OF THE HOUSE. William S. Robinson, of Malden, Clerk. Harrison G. Otis, of Worcester, Messenger. William A. Crafts, of Roxbury, Assistant A, Horace Allen, of Springtield, Messenger. Clerk.

George H. Phelps, of Northfield, Messenger. Rev. Phineas Stowe, of Boston, Chaplain. Geo. W. Nottingham, of Adams, Messenger. John Morissey, Sergeant-at-Arms to both William Nye, Jr., of Falmouth, Messenger. branches.

Henry T. Lowe, of Rockport, Messenger. James H. Allen, of Marion, Door-keeper. John M. Hawley, of Sringfield, Page. Frederick Pease, of Boston, Assistant Door- Charles W. Shephard, of Northampton, Page. keeper.

Charles S. Drew, of Worcester, Page. Samuel Upham, of Waltham, Postmaster.

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bridge, Goddard, of Worcester, and WalkJudiciary. – Messrs. Loring, of Suffolk, er, of Boston, of the House. Griswold, of Franklin, Bacon, of Middle- Manufactures. Messrs. Plunkett, sex.

Berkshire, and Gilbert, of Hampshire and Probate and Chancery.-Messrs. Dodge,

Franklin, of the Senate. Messrs. Cartof Middlesex, Dean, of Suffolk, Gay, of

wright, of Adams, Stevens, of North AnPlymouth.

dover, Kingman, of East Bridgewater, Treasury. - Messrs. Crocker, of Wor- White, of Winchendon, and Howard, of cester, Fessenden, of Middlesex, Bod- Springfield, of the House. man, of Hampshire.

Mercantile Affairs and Insurance. Bills in the Third Reading. - Messrs.

Messrs. Loring, of Suffolk, and Johnson, Griswold, of Franklin, Northend, of Es

of Essex, of the Senate. Messrs. Tyler, sex, Whitney, of Hampden, Richardson, of Boston, Gilbert, of New Bedford, of Middlesex, Gay, of Plymouth, Wil

Stickney, of Georgetown, Sherman, of liams, of Worcester.

Lowell, and Marshall, of Westborough, Engrossed Bills. Messrs. Bacon, of

of the House. Middlesex, Stevens, of Worcester, Brown

Militia. - Messrs. Thompson, of Hampell, of Bristol, Thompson of Hampden,

den, and Smith, of Worcester, of the Mitchell, of Plymouth, Gilbert, of Hamp

Senate. Messrs. Burbank, of Boston, shire and Franklin.

Brown, of Taunton, Wright, of Lowell, Printing. – Messrs. Stockwell, of Suf

Curtis, of Roxbury, and Dike, of Stone. folk, Hill, of Worcester, George, of Es- ham, of the House.

Parishes and Religious Societies. Leave of Absence. — Messrs. Day, of

Messrs. Stevens, of Worcester, and HaNorfolk, Crane, of Plymouth, Wales, of

ven, of Middlesex, of the Senate. Messrs. Norfolk.

Sewall, of Medfield, Sargent, of Ames

bury, Cutler, of Boston, Howe, of Marsh. JOINT STANDING COMMITTEES, field, and Armsby, of Millbury, of the Accounts. - Messrs. Tucker, of Suffolk,

House. and Dillingham, of Barnstable, of the

Prisons. - Messrs. Dean, of Suffolk, Senate. Messrs. Mason, of Dartmouth,

and Day, of Norfolk, of the Senate. Putnam, of Lunenburg, Doherty, of Bos

Messrs. Stone, of Charlestown, Brown, of ton, Butrick, of Haverhill, and Kimball,

Boston, Atwood, of Taunton, Putnam, of Woburn, of the House,

of Danvers, and Souther, of Worcester, Agriculture. — Messrs. Burt, of Berk

of the House. shire, and Brownell, of Bristol, of the

Public Charitable Institutions.- Messrs. Senate. Messrs. Davis, of Plymouth,

Mitchell, of Plymouth, and Tompkins, of Stone, of Dedham, Breck, of Brighton,

Essex, of the Senate: Messrs. Hooker, Brooks, of Medford, and Stedman, of

of Cambridge, Stevens, of Boston, Hill, Chicopee, of the House.

of Lowell, May, of Roxbury, and CogsBanks and Banking. - Messrs. Babson,

well, of Leicester, of the House, of Essex, and Twombly, of Suffolk, of

Public Lands. Messrs. Whitney, of the Senate. Messrs. Parker, of Boston,

Hampden, and Crocker, of Worcester, Stickuey, of Lowell, Clark, of Framing

of the Senate. Messrs. Brastow, of Somham, Cary, of Medway, and Loud, of

erville, Cheever, of Chelsea, Brown, of Weymouth, of the House.

Pittsfield, Cushman, of., Amherst, and Claims. Messrs. Richardson, of Mid

White, of Mansfield, of the House. dlesex, and Plunkett, of Berkshire, of

Railways and Canals. Messrs. Reed, the Senate. Messrs. Lee, of Templeton,

of Bristol, and Dodge, of Middlesex, of French, of Lowell, Whitmore, of Ply

the Senate. Messrs. Banfield, of West mouth, Riley, of Boston, and Hood, of

Roxbury, Morris, of Boston, Currier, of Somerset, of the House.

Newburyport, Field, of Greenfield, and Education. - Messrs. Swan, of Norfolk,

Daniels, of Worcester, of the House. and Haven, of Middlesex, of the Senate.

Roads and Bridges. – Messrs. Dilling. Messrs. Albee, of Marlborough, Eaton, of

ham, of Barnstable, and Dodge, of WorBoston, Heard, of Clinton, Maglathlen,

cester, of the Senate. Messrs. Littlefield, of Duxbury, and Tyler, of Natick, of the

of Northampton, Gibbs, of New Bedford, House.

Mulligan, of Paxton, Taylor, of MontFederal Relations. - Messrs. Northend, gomery, and Higgins, of Chatham, of the

House. of Essex, and Reed, of Bristol, of the Senate. Messrs. Chandler, of Boston,

State House. — Messrs. Twombly, of

Suffolk, and Wakefield, of Middlesex, of Field, of Stockbridge, Pierce, of Dorchester, Lee, of Templeton, and Banfield, of

the Senate. Messrs. Lothrop, of Milford,

Williams, of Lawrence, Pierce, of New West Roxbury, of the House. Fisheries. Messrs. Tompkins, of Es

Bedford, Wait, of Malden, and Axtell, of sex, and Libby, of Barnstable, of the

Grafton, of the House, Senate. Messrs. Sears, of Yarmouth, Towns. - Messrs. Williams, of Worces. Johnson, of Provincetown, Roads, of ter, and Crane, of Plymouth, of the Marblehead, Jewett, of Gloucester, and Senate. Messrs. Ward, of Fairhaven, Cain, of Hirgham, of the House.

Hervey, of North Bridgewater, Elliot, of Library. Messrs. George, of Essex, Billerica, Cummings, of Quincy, and Tol. Swan, of Norfolk, and Babson, of Essex, man, of Petersham, of the House.

hampton, Giles, of Boston, Stone, of Harvard, and Perkins, of Bridgewater, of the House.

Subject of Apportioning the State into Congressional Districts. – Messrs. Northend of Essex, Reed, of Bristol, Plunkett, of Berkshire, Williams, of Worcester, Swan, of Norfolk, and Stockwell, of Suf. folk, of the Senate. Messrs. Tyler, of Boston, Norcross, of Fitchburg, Heywood, of Concord, Cartwright, of Adams, Sears, of Yarmouth, Atwell, of South Reading, Cook, of Milton, Stetson, of Hanson, Perkins, of Chelsea, Pratt, of Fall River, Morrill, of Salisbury, Field, of Greenfield, and Stedman, of Chicopee, of the House.



THE GOVERNOR'S ADDRESS. Troenty-third Article of the Amendments of the Constitution, relatire to the Right of Persons of Foreign Birth to Vote. - Messrs. Hill, of Worcester, Tuck

of Suffolk, and Libby, of Barnstable, of the Senate. Messrs. Currier, of Newburyport, Southard, of Boston, Bates, of Attleborough, Murphy, of Worcester, Roberts, of Lakeville, Walcott, of Mun. roe, and Corning, of Haverhill, of the House.

Subject of the Service of Process on Volunteers, the Eligibility of Members of Congress, and Proceedings for Restraint of Insane Persons.- - Messrs. Richardson, of Middlesex, Dean, of Suffolk, and Gay, of Plymouth, of the Senate. Messrs. Nor. cross, of Fitchburg, Stone, of Waltham, Brown, of Taunton, Eaton, of Dorchester, Gove, of Boston, Hannum, of whately, and Curtis, of Roxbury, of the House.

Subject of the Troy and Greenfield Railroad. Messrs. Stevens, of Worcester, Babson, of Essex, and Brownell, of Bristol, of the Senate. Messrs. Field, of Stockbridge, Wright, of Boston, Brown, of Charlestown, Church, of Westport, Brastow, of Somerville, Rogers, of Gloucester, and Cushman, of Amherst, of the House.

Subject of Establishing a Supervisory Board of Public Institutions, and a Board of Health and Vital Statistics. – Messrs. Mitchell, of Plymouth, Tompkins, of Essex, and Wakefield, of Middlesex, of the Senate. Messrs. Parsons, of Brookline, Mason, of Dartmouth, Morse, of Taunton, Beard, of Waltham, Sewall, of Medfield, Walker, of Boston, and Elliot, of Billerica, of the House.

Subject of Criminal Costs, etc., - Ministerial Officers, - the Death Penalty, Marriage and Divorce. - Messrs. Bacon, of Middlesex, Swan, of Norfolk, and Johnson, of Essex, of the Senate. Messrs. Chandler, of Boston, Cushing, of Newburyport, Davis, of Plymouth, Grafton, of Boston, Holmes, of Stoughton, Hathaway, of Salem, and Marchant, of Edgartown, of the House.

Flowage of Certain Lands on the Con. cord and Sudbury Rivers. Messrs. Whitney, of Hampden, Burt, of Berkshire, and Bodman, of Hampshire, of the Senate. Messrs. Jewell, of Boston, Littlefield, of Northampton, Stanwood, of Essex, Smith, of Nantucket, Stone, of Oxford, Butterfield, of Tyngsborough, and Bullard, of Lee, of the House.

Preparation of Legislative Business, and Reform in Work and Pay of State Employees.-Messrs. Williams, of Worcester, Gilbert, of Hampshire and Franklin, and Day, of Norfolk, of the Senate Messrs. Gillis, of Salem, Fletcher, of Acton, Brownell, of Roxbury, Rice, of West


HOUSE. Judiciary. — Messrs. Cushing, of Newburyport, Jewell, of Boston, Gillis, of Salem, Norcross, of Fitchburg, Stone, of Waltham, Borden, of Fall River, Heyword, of Concord.

Probate and Chancery. — Messrs. Field, of Stockbridge, Foster, of Andover, Smith, of Springfield, Abbott, of Westford, Wheatland, of Salem, Harding, of Cambridge, Baldwin, of Brighton.

Finance. - Messrs. Pierce, of Dorchester, Parsons, of Brookline, Mack, of Lowell, Rodman, of New Bedford, Gibbens, of Boston, Vosburgh, of Great Barrington, Morton, of Nantucket.

Elections. Messrs. Church, of Westport, Judkins, of Abington, Thompson, of Coleraine, Dewey, of Egremont, Kelt, of Holyoke, Sherman, of Conway, Pickens, of Middleborough.

Bills in the Third Reading. - Messrs. Adams, of North Brookfield, King, of South Danvers, Johnson, of Middlesek, McCarthy, of Boston, Ramsdell, of Lynn, Whitaker, of New Salem, Holland, of Belchertown.

Engrossed Bills. - Messrs. Wright, of Boston, Stetson, of Hanson, Sears, of Sandisfield, Manning, of Reading, Graves, of Lynn, Metcalf, of Mendon, McGregory, of Wilbraham.

County Estimates. - Messrs. Danforth, of Williamstown, Breed, of Lyrn, Green, of Montague, Knowles, of Warren, Fitch, of Hatfield.

Pay Roll.-Messrs. Lothrop. of Sharon, Lovell, of Barnstable, Soule, of Abington, Norton, of Westfield, Pratt, of Fall River.

Leave of Absence. Messrs. Donaldson, of Falmouth, Moody, of Enfield, Northup, of Blackstone, Adams, of Newbury, French, of Townsend.

Public Buildings. - Messrs. Clement, of Lawrence, Emery, of Boston, Nelson, of Shrewsbury, Newton, of Palmer, Smith, of Eastham.

Printing. - Messrs. Rogers, of Glou. cester, Goddard, of Barre, De Witt, of Agawam, Marchant, of Edgartown, Cook, of Hadley.

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As established by Chap. 310, Acts of 1857. Dist.

1.-The five Senatorial Districts of the County of Suffolk. 2.—The five Senatorial Districts of the County of Essex. 3.-The First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Senatorial Districts of the County of

Middlesex. 4.—The Franklin Senatorial District, the Hampshire and Franklin District, and the

Central, North-East, and North-West Districts of the County of Worcester. 5.—The two Senatorial Districts of the County of Hampden, the two Senatorial Dis

tricts of the County of Berkshire, and the Hampshire District. 6.-The North Norfolk Senatorial District, the Third Middlesex District, and the

East, South-East and South-West Districts of the County of Worcester. 7.-The West

and East Norfolk Senatorial Districts, and the three Senatorial Districts of the County of Bristol. 8.-The three Senatorial Districts of the County of Plymouth, the Cape District and

the Island District.

SENATE DISTRICTS, As established by Chap. 309, Acts of 1857, with the number of legal voters in each district. (Whole number of legal voters in the State on the 1st of May, 1857, 211,309. Average

ratio for each district in the State, 5,282.]
Suffolk County-Five Senators.

[Average ratio, 4,949.] First District.-Chelsea, North Chelsea, Winthrop, and Ward No. 2, Boston. Legal

voters, 3,983.
Second District.-Wards Nos. 1, 3, and 6, Boston. Legal voters, 5,371.
Third District.-Wards Nos. 4, 6, and 7, Boston. Legal voters, 5,926.
Fourth District.-Wards Nos. 8, 9, and 10, Boston. Legal voters, 5,039.
Fifth District.-Wards Nos. 11 and 12, Boston. Legal voters, 4,426.

Essex County-Five Senators.

[Average ratio, 5,593.] First District. --Lynn, Lynnfield, Marblehead, Nahant, Saugus, and Swampscot. Legal

voters, 5,681. Second District.-Salem, Danvers, Hamilton, Middleton, South Danvers, Topsfield,

and Wenham. Legal voters, 6,657. Third District.-Lawrence, Andover, Boxford, Haverhill, Methuen, and North Andover.

Legal voters, 5,633. Fourth District.-Newburyport, Amesbury, Bradford, Georgetown, Groveland, New

bury, Salisbury, and West Newbury. Legal voters, 5,430. Fifth District.-Beverly, Essex, Gloucester, Ipswich, Manchester, Rockport, and Rowley. Legal voters, 5,565.

Middlesex County-Six Senators.

[Average ratio, 5,709.] First District.-Charlestown, Somerville, Melrose, and Malden. Legal voters, 5,741. Second District.-Cambridge, Waltham, West Cambridge, Watertown, and Brighton.

Legal voters, 5,981. Third District. ---Ashland, Framingham, Holliston, Hopkinton, Natick, Newton, Sher

bom, Sudbury, Wayland, and Weston. Legal voters, 5,764. Fourth District. - Acton, Ashby, Boxborough, Carlisle, Chelmsford, Concord, Dunstable,

Groton, Lincoln, Littleton, Marlborough, Pepperell, Shirley, Stow, Townsend, Tyngs

borough, and Westford. Legal voters, 5,357. Fifth District.-Bedford, Billerica, Burlington, Lexington, Medford, North Reading,

Reading, South Reading, Stoneham, Wilmington, Winchester, and Woburn. Legal

voters, 5,786. Sixth District - Lowell, Dracut, and Tewksbury. Legal voters, 5,629.

Worcester County-Six Senators.

[Average ratio, 4,942.] Central District.-Worcester, Holden, Paxton, and Rutland. Legal voters, 4,883. South-East District. --Blackstone, Douglas, Mendon, Milford, Northbridge, Sutton, and

Uxbridge. Legal voters, 4,798. South-West

District.-Auburn, Brookfield, Charlton, Dudley, Leicester, Oxford, Southbridge, Spencer, Sturbridge, Warren, Webster, and West Brookfield. Legal voters,

4,941. West District.-Athol, Barre, Dana, Hardwick, Hubbardston, New Braintree, North

Brookfield, Oakham, Petersham, Phillipston, Royalston, Templeton, and Winchen

don. Legal voters, 4,903. North-East District.-Ashburnham, Fitchburg, Gardner, Harvard, Lancaster, Leomin

ster, Lunenburg, Princeton, Sterling, and Westminster. Legal voters, 5,217. Bast District.-Berlin, Bolton, Boylston, Clinton, Grafton, Millbury, Northborough,

Shrewsbury, Southborough, Upton, Westborough, and West Boylston. Legal voters, 4,913.

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