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For Burke, Aldanus, read Burke, Ædanus.

For Harrison Grey Otis, read Harrison Gray Otis, wherever mentioned.
For DeChastelleux, read DeChastellux.


Mason, Col. Geo., and Mason, Mr., refer to the same person.
Peters, Mr., and Peters, Richard, refer to the same person.
St. Clair, Gen., and St. Clair, Gov., refer to the same person.
Willink, etc., and Willinks, refer to the same person.
For Rutherford, read Rutherforth.

For Shawhair, read Shawhan.

For Smilee, read Smilie.

NOTE.-In my note to the letters of " Publius" (Vol. I., p. 193) I stated that I was unable to identify the member of Congress against whom those letters were directed. I had come to the conclusion that the person referred to was Samuel Chase, of Maryland, but I did not feel sufficiently certain to say so. I now find that by some strange oversight the public contemporary correspondence on this matter, including Mr. Chase's defence, escaped me. Mr. Chase was, as I supposed, the member attacked, and the affair aroused at the time much indignation and interest. I am indebted for this information to Mr. Worthington C. Ford, of Washington, who has kindly pointed out these facts in a letter to the New York Evening Post, dated Nov. 1, 1886.


List of letters and other papers written by Hamilton and printed in the John C. Hamilton edition of 1850, which are omitted in this edition.


The page and volume references are to the edition of 1850.



3. Letter to Capt. Wm. Newton, Nov. 16, 1771.

3. Routine business letter for house in which Hamilton was clerk.

4. Pay-book of artillery company, and memoranda of books read.

12. Convention, March 17, 1777.

60. Letter from Hamilton to General Sullivan, 1778.

60. Routine letter written for Washington, and conveying Washington's orders.


139. Reorganization of the Army. Supposed to have been addressed by Washington to committee of Congress January 28, 1778. From two rough drafts in Hamilton's handwriting.

153. Inspector-General. Report by Washington. Draft by Hamilton, May 5, 1778.

164. Military Remarks and Queries. Submitted by Washington to committee of Congress. Draft by Hamilton.

168. Inspector General. Report of Washington and committee, January 28, 1779. Draft by Hamilton.

171. Mission to France. Washington to Laurens. Draft by Hamilton. 176. Military Regulations. Submitted to Washington. Draft by Hamilton. 183. Discipline. Submitted by Washington to Congress, February 3, 1781.

Draft by Hamilton.

These papers did not seem to merit reprinting. In those which were used substantially as Hamilton drafted them, it is obvious that they embodied Washington's ideas, and Hamilton's part was merely clerical; and, moreover, they can all be found in Washington's writings, or elsewhere. Those not used, like the first and fourth, are also shown by comparison with Washington's writings to be merely attempts by Hamilton to embody the General's views. They have no independent value. 204. Plan of specific taxation for the State of New York. Merely a list of articles and of tax proposed for each.


212 to 283 inclusive. Resolutions and committee reports in Congress. These can all be found in the journals of Congress, and are not therefore reprinted in this edition. Moreover, it is impossible to say how much in each case was Hamilton's, or how far he was the mouthpiece of his committee, or his petitioners. The appropriate place for these papers seemed to be in the published journals, etc. Three only of these papers have been retained: one is on public credit; the second, open debate; the third, on a plan for a military peace establishment-an important part of Hamilton's scheme for a new system of government.

330. Constitution of Bank of New York.

333. Petition as to revenue system.

341. Act to institute University of New York. Mr. Proctor, the editor of the forthcoming edition of Hammond's "Political History of New York," has, I think, shown conclusively that this act was the work of Ezra L'Hommedieu.

374. Act to ratify independence of Vermont.

426. Resolutions in Congress-I., to admit Kentucky.

471. Resolutions in Congress-II., as to ratification of new constitution.

472. Resolutions in Congress-III., as to fugitive slaves.

473. Resolutions in Congress-IV., as to free navigation of Mississippi.


46. Report, Treasury-revision of forfeitures.

48. Additional estimates, 1790.

50. Tax scheme for interest on State debts.

80. Report accompanying abstract of tonnage duties, May 11, 1790; account

of money received from or paid to the States, May 11, 1790.

82. Report on taking West Point by government, June 10, 1790.

89. Estimates, August 7, 1790.

93. Renewal of final settlement certificates, August 7, 1790.

146. Estimates for 1791, Jan. 6, 1791.

147. Duties on imports, Jan. 7, 1791.

188. Trade with India and China, Feb. 10, 1791.

190. Dutch loan; statement of terms, etc., Feb. 25, 1791.

192. Spirits-draft of an act, March 3, 1791, and Executive order, Oct. 31, 1791.

284. Estimates, 1791-1792.

337. Remission of duties in the case of Eliphalet Ladd, April 20, 1792.

350. Loans, Drafts of resolutions for, Dec. 24 and 27, 1792.

351. Loans, Transmitting statement of, Jan. 10, 1793.
352. Bank deposits, Transmitting statement of, Jan. 16, 1793.
441. Spirits, Revenue from-statement of March 1 and 2, 1793.
442. Spirits, Revenue from-statement of Jan. 20, 1794.
444. Balance in treasury, and domestic loans, Feb. 4, 1794.

446. Public debt, receipts and expenditures, Statement of, Feb. 6, 1794.


451. Loan and contract with bank, April 25, 1794.

529 to 574. Revenue circulars.

578. Interest on claims of South Carolina line, March 18, 1790. 580 to 590. Reports on private claims.

All the above papers from Vol. III. (ed. 1850), omitted in this edition, are purely of a routine nature and of no historical value. They can all be found also in State Papers, Finance, Vol. I.



12. Hamilton to Willink & Co., May 7, 1790.

Business letter as to loans.

13. Hamilton to Washington, 1790. Communicating letters from Amsterdam bankers, and discussing the loans and the acts authorizing them.

22. Hamilton to W. Short, May 29, 1790. As to loans.

23. Hamilton to Washington, June 18, 1790.

30. Hamilton to Washington, June 18, 1790.

light-house keeper.

Report as to light-houses.

Submitting contract with a

30. Hamilton to Washington, June 21, 1790. Submitting contract for lum

ber, etc.

37. Hamilton to Washington, August 28, 1790.
37. Hamilton to W. Short, August 29, 1790.
46. Hamilton to Washington, Sept. 10, 1790.
75. Hamilton to Benj. Lincoln, Oct. 4, 1790.
81. Hamilton to Washington, Nov. 4, 1790.
93. Hamilton to W. Seton, Dec. 7, 1790.
93. Hamilton to Washington, Dec. 13, 1790.
tional bank.

Routine letter as to loans.

As to revenue matters.
As to light-house at Portland.
As to frauds in old certificates.
As to assays of coins.

Transmitting report on na

94. Hamilton to Washington, Dec. 15, 1790. Transmitting request of collector of Boston.

95. Hamilton to Washington, Dec. 22, 1790. Transmitting report on postoffice.

147. Hamilton to W. Duer, April 7, 1791. As to a government contract.
149. Hamilton to Washington, April 10, 1791. As to Dutch loans.
150. Hamilton to Washington, April 11, 1791.

of R. King.

Giving an extract from a letter

As to Dutch loans.

As to Dutch loans.

152. Hamilton to W. Short, April 13, 1791.
154. Hamilton to Washington, April 14, 1791.
157. Hamilton to W. Short, May 9, 1791. As to Dutch loans.

157. Hamilton to W. Short, May 24, 1791.

162. Hamilton to W. Short, June 25, 1791.

162. Hamilton to W. Short, June 30, 1791.

168. Hamilton to W. Short, Aug. 1, 1791.

As to Dutch loans.




167. Hamilton to Washington, July 29, 1791. Foreign loans.

170. Hamilton to Jefferson, Aug. 26, 1791. Transmitting drafts of powers.


170. Hamilton to W. Short, Sept. 2, 1791. Loans.

174. Hamilton to Washington, Sept. 16, 1791. Enclosing letter.

176. Hamilton to W. Short, Oct. 3, 1791. Loans.

176. Hamilton to Messrs. Willink, Oct. 3, 1791. Loans.

177. Hamilton to Washington, Oct. 6, 1791. Giving extract from letter of Church.

180. Hamilton to W. Short, Nov. 1, 1791.


181. Hamilton to W. Short, Nov. 30, 1791. Loans.

183. Hamilton to Thos. Mifflin, Dec. 21, 1791. As to certificates of State debts. 184. Heads of topics for President's speech, Dec. 25, 1791.

185. Hamilton to W. Short, Jan. 28, 1792. 186. Hamilton to W. Short, Feb. 14, 1792. 187. Hamilton to Willink, Feb. 14, 1792.


188. Hamilton to Washington, March 1, 1792. Submitting report on excise. 188. Hamilton to W. Short, March 5, 1792. Loans.

193. Hamilton to Washington, March 8, 1792. Transmitting draft of letter to French minister.

193. Hamilton to Washington, March 16, 1792. Transmitting draft of report

on ways and means.

193. Hamilton to W. Short, March 21, 1792. Loans. 194. Hamilton to W. Short, April 2, 1792. Loans. 216. Hamilton to W. Short, April 10, 1792. Loans.

217. Hamilton to Washington, April 12, 1792. Transmitting resolve as to

sinking fund.


Adjustment of warrants.

217. Hamilton to W. Short, May 7, 1792.
220. Hamilton to Washington, May 9, 1792
221. Hamilton to W. Short, June 14, 1792.
222. Hamilton to Washington, June 19, 1792. As to a light-house.

223. Hamilton to W. Short, June 23, 1792.
225. Hamilton to W. Short, June 30, 1792.
226. Hamilton to W. Short, July 25, 1792.


239. Hamilton to Washington, Aug. 3, 1792. As to supply of a light-house.

239. Hamilton to W. Short, Aug. 4, 1792. Loans.

240. Hamilton to Jefferson, Aug.

tence in a report.

1792. Suggesting a change of a sen

279. Hamilton to W. Short, Aug. 16, 1792. Loans.

282. Hamilton to Washington, Aug. 27, 1792. As to mode of paying foreign debt.

283. Hamilton to W. Short, Aug. 28, 1792.





307. Hamilton to W. Short, Sept. 13, 1792. 308. Hamilton to G. Morris, Sept. 13, 1792. 318. Hamilton to W. Short, Oct. 1, 1792. 319. Hamilton to W. Short, Oct. 16, 1792. 319. Hamilton to Washington, Oct. 31, 1792. Enclosing statement of pay of

revenue officers.

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