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This may shock a lot of folks but I stand by this and I stand by this strongly. This is my favorite book.....ever
Let me the beginning not only is your brain reading & comprehending
& creating imagery & putting faces to charcters but it will have to learn a different version of English in a way. The book is post Cold War in the south, bottom of Alabama to be specific & the main characters aren’t the highest educated so their slang & poor grammar is evident when they speak. It aggravated me at first not being able to read it in their draw but come page 45ish it came and it was magnificent!
Each charter shares personal stories, mainly hardships & unbearable experiences no human should ever have to go through.
It’s a fun book, the charcters are hilarious too, their bond is also special
The end will make you scream, run, hide, throw your book across the room, smile, laugh and then sigh & think about how truly ******* amazing was that roller coaster.
Please read this book. Please respond with your opinions. I put this over the Alchemist and I’m standing by that. THATS HOW GOOD IT WAS (FOR ME)

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