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the citations of a frothy declaimer is sometimes the easiest and most convincing refutation of his speech.

If a trace of partisan bias is betrayed in the thread of narrative which partially unites the successive reports, bills, votes, etc., presented in this work, the error is unintentional and regretted. Our purpose was to compile a record acceptable and convenient to men of all parties, and which might be consulted and trusted by all. Whatever is original hercin is regarded as of no use or merit, save as a necessary elucidation of the residue. Without apology, therefore, or further explanation, the Text-Book is commended to the favor of the American public.

NEW-YORK, August 1st, 1860.

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Fourth Democratic National Convention, 1844..

Fifth Democratic National Convention, 1848.

Sixth Democratic National Convention, 1852..

Seventh Democratic National Convention, 1856.

Eighth Democratic National Convention, 1860 ..

Mr. Avery's (N. C.) Majority Report, from Com-
mittee on Platform; Mr. H. B. Payne's Mi-
nority Report from Committee on Platform;
Senator Wm. Bigler's Compromise proposition
Mr. Avery's amended Majority Report; Mr.
Avery's remarks in favor of same; Mr. H. B.
Payne of Ohio in reply


His extracts from Breckinridge, Orr, and Ste-
phens; Mr. Samuels's (of Iowa) Minority Re-

Minority Report adopted, 165 to 188; Alabama
protests and withdraws..

Mississippi withdraws

South Carolina, Florida, and Texas withdraws..

Arkansas retires...

Georgia retires.

Louisiana withdraws; Speech of Wm. B. Gaulden
of Georgia in favor of the Slave-Trade
Fruitless ballots (57) for President; Adjournment
to Baltimore; The Seceders at Charleston; Se-
nator Bayard, of Delaware, Chairman; They
adopt the Avery Platform

They adjourn to Richmond; They meet at Rich-
mond June 11; They finally adopt Breckin- .
ridge and Lane; The adjourned Convention at
timore; Gen. Cushing's opening Speech
Mr. Howard, of Tennessee, moves admission of
original Delegates; Mr. Kavanagh, of Minne-
sota, moves to lay on table; Previous question

DIX, Gen. JOHN A, advocates Freedom
for the Territories in the United States..

DISUNION AVOWED by Southern Statesmen

in the event of the election of a Republican Presi-


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EVERETT, EDWARD, of Massachusetts, Union

candidate for Vice-President in 1860...

His views on Slavery-His " Knapsack" Speech
in Congress-Replies of Messrs. Mitchell, Ran-
dolph and Cambreleng-Mr. Everett on Geo-
graphical Parties-Later Views on Slavery,
in Letters of 1837 and '39..

His Acceptance of the Nomination for Vice-

President of the United States....

His views on the Sumner Outrage....
ELLMAKER, AMOs, of Pennsylvania, Anti-
Masonic candidate for Vice-President, 1882.....
Presidential Elections since 1836..

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