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Page 113 - And lightning in yon cloud; And hark the music, mariners! The wind is piping loud; The wind is piping loud, my boys, The lightning flashes free — While the hollow oak our palace is, Our heritage the sea.
Page 84 - THE bird that soars on highest wing Builds on the ground her lowly nest ; And she that doth most sweetly sing, Sings in the shade when all things rest : — In lark and nightingale we see, What honour hath humility. When Mary chose the better part, She meekly sat at Jesus...
Page 112 - A country life is sweet ! In moderate cold and heat, To walk in the air, how pleasant and fair, In every field of wheat, The fairest of flowers adorning the bowers, And every meadow's brow ; So that I say, no courtier may Compare with them who clothe in grey, And follow the useful plough.
Page 19 - BE kind to each other! The night's coming on, When friend and when brother Perchance may be gone ! Then midst our dejection, How sweet to have earned The blest recollection Of kindness — returned!
Page 90 - I praised the earth, in beauty seen With garlands gay of various green ; I praised the sea, whose ample field Shone glorious as a silver shield ; And earth and ocean seem'd to say, " Our beauties are but for a day.
Page 112 - A wet sheet and a flowing sea, A wind that follows fast And fills the white and rustling sail And bends the gallant mast, my boys, While, like the eagle free, Away the good ship flies, and leaves Old England on the lee.
Page 35 - So, sister, God to me is kind, Though sight, alas ! he has not given, But tell me, are there any blind Among the children up in Heaven ?" " No, dearest Edward, there all see ; But why ask me a thing so odd ? • " Oh Mary, he is so good to me, I thought I'd like to look at God...
Page 90 - O God ! O Good beyond compare ! If thus Thy meaner works are fair ! If thus Thy bounties gild the span Of ruin'd earth and sinful man, How glorious must the mansion be Where Thy redeem'd shall dwell with Thee ! FIFTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY.
Page 31 - SUPPOSE the little cowslip Should hang its golden cup, And say, " I'm such a tiny flower I'd better not grow up...
Page 51 - The cat made no objection, took to them kindly, and gradually all the kittens were taken away, and the cat nursed the two puppies only. Now, the first curious fact was, that the two puppies nursed by the cat were, in a. fortnight, as active, forward, and playful as KITTENS would have been: they had the use of their legs, barked, and gambolled about; while the other three, nursed by the mother, were whining and rolling about like fat slugs.

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