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The undersigned, Official Members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, in Newport, Kentucky, having long been impressed with the horrible results of Slavery, and our State having been exempted by the President's proclamation of freedom leaves with us the curse of Slavery, therefore there still lies for the lovers of humanity a great work to do before Kentucky can be fully free, and the poor whites and down-trodden colored people educated and brought under the elevating influences of Christianity; and not being able to do our part of this noble work without a Church to worship in, we appeal to the lovers of Christian Freedom everywhere to help us.

We have struggled for years against great odds, the popular feeling being in favor of the M. E. Church South, and of Slavery, but now there is an open door for our Anti-Slavery Church if liberal help is afforded to put us in proper position.

We are glad to have the privilege of sending William S. Bailey, Editor of The Free South, the pioneer of uncompromising opposition to Slavery in Kentucky, and also a member of the M. E. Church, as a very suitable person to act as agent for us. Neither mobs, nor fire, nor poverty, nor an over-bearing ProSlavery law, could keep back the success of his efforts. His paper is now in full circulation, and we are happy to state, with a brighter prospect than formerly of making its way through the South. We have great hopes of his success in our cause the cause of God and humanity.

F. A. STINE, Local Preacher and Steward.

SMITH CORNWELL, Exhorter, Leader and Steward.
ALFRED F. FOX, Steward.

ABRAM GARRISON, Leader and Steward.

I. N. HORNER, Leader and Steward.
W. C. STANDISHI, Steward.

NEWPORT, Aug. 20, 1865.


The bearer, Wm. S. Bailey, Esq., Editor of "The Free South," through whose columns he has long advocated most fearlessly and ably the cause of loyalty and anti-slaveryism, is hereby most cordially commended to your confidence and generosity as a regularly authorized agent to collect funds for the erection of an edifice for the use of the Loyal Anti-Slavery Methodist Episcopal Church, of this city. N. W. DARLINGTON, Pastor.

NEWPORT, KY., Sept. 5, 1865.

I am well acquainted with the Methodist Episcopal Church in Newport, Ky and it is with pleasure that I recommend the members thereof as fully meritit the sympathies and assistance of the friends of Christianity and Freedom.

At present they worship in a hall occupied by the "Temple of Honor;" having the use of the hall on the Sabbath, and one evening during the week; their social meetings being held at the residences of the different members.

They have been laboring, with the popular feeling against them on account of their Anti Slavery principles, for nearly nine years; they have met with 'ed success, and done much toward giving a loyal, healthful tone, religiously ally, to the citizens of this city and the time has now come when

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