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Some vols. previous to 1830 have appendices consisting of reports of various state offices.

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Page 693 - In case of the impeachment of the Governor, or his removal from office, death, inability to discharge the powers and duties of the said office, resignation, or absence from the State, the powers and duties of the office shall devolve upon the Lieutenant-Governor for the residue of the term, or until the disability shall cease.
Page 618 - Lieutenant-Governor for the residue of the term, or until the disability shall cease. But when the Governor shall, with the consent of the Legislature, be out of the State in time of war, at the head of any military force thereof, he shall continue Commander-in-Chief of all the military force of the State.
Page 78 - Any amendment or amendments to this Constitution may be proposed in the senate and assembly; and if the same shall be agreed to by a majority of the members elected to each of the two houses, such proposed amendment or amendments shall be entered on their journals, with the yeas and nays taken thereon, and referred to the legislature to be chosen at the next general election of senators...
Page 618 - State shall be impeached, displaced, resign, die, or be absent from the State, the powers and duties of the office of Governor shall devolve upon the President of the Senate; and should a vacancy occur by impeachment, death, resignation, or absence from the State of the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives shall act as Governor till the vacancy be filled.
Page 189 - An act for the more effectual prevention of fires in the city of New- York...
Page 361 - May 13, 1840," which was read the first time, and by unanimous consent was also read the second time, and referred to the committee on charitable and religious societies. A bill was received from the Assembly for concurrence entitled, "An act authorising the commissioners for loaning certain moneys of the United States of the county...
Page 357 - ... 10. The electors shall determine by ballot at the annual election to be held in November next, whether this act shall or shall not become a law.
Page 13 - January, one thousand eight hundred and fifty, shall be individually responsible, to the amount of their respective share or shares of stock in any such corporation or association, for all its debts and liabilities of every kind...
Page 25 - That our Senators in Congress be instructed, and our Representatives be requested, to use their best efforts to obtain the appointment of Mons.
Page 614 - ... its first session after the adoption of this Constitution, shall provide for the appointment of three commissioners, and prescribe their tenure of office, compensation, and the mode of filling vacancies in said commission.

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