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Sullivan at Parker's Cross-Roads-Morgan cap-
tures Elizabethtown-Gen. H. Carter's Raid into
East Tennessee-Wheeler raids down the Tennes-
see to Fort Donelson-Beaten off by Col. Harding
-Van Dorn captures 1,500 Unionists at Spring Hill
-Col. A. S. Hall defeats Morgan at Vaught's Hill
-Gordon Granger repulses Van Dorn at Franklin
-Col. A. D. Streight raids into Northern Georgia
-Is overpowered and captured near Rome.


XIV. Siege and Capture of Vicksburg....286
Position and Importance of Vicksburg-Grant
moves against it from Lagrange-Advances to Ox-
ford, Miss-Van Dorn captures Holly Springs-
Murphy's Cowardice-Grant compelled to fall
back-Hovey and Washburn on the Coldwater-
Gen. Wm. T. Sherman embarks 30,000 men at
Memphis-Debarks on the Yazoo, north of Mem
phis Com. Porter's Gunboats-Sherman storms
the Yazoo Bluffs-Repulsed at all points with
heavy loss-Attempts to flank by Drumgould's
Bluff-Is baffled-Superseded by Gen. McClernand
-Who invests and captures the Post of Arkansas-
Gen. Grant assumes command-Debarks-Digging
the Canal-Proves an Abortion-Yazoo Pass Ex-
pedition-Stopped at Greenwood-Compelled to
return-Grant tries the Sunflower route-Baffled
again-The Queen of the West raids up Red River
-Disabled and abandoned-The Indianola cap-
tured by the Webb and Queen of the West-The
Indianola blown up in a panic-The Webb flees up
Red River Grant moves down the Mississippi-
Com. Porter runs the Vicksburg Batteries-Grier-
son's Raid to Baton Rouge-Porter attacks the Bat-
teries at Grand Gulf-Grant crosses at Bruinsburg
-Sherman feints on Haines's Bluff-Crosses the
Mississippi at Hankinson's Ferry-Fight at Port
Gibson-Fight at Raymond-Fight at and capture
of Jackson-Battle of Champion Hills-Fight at
the Big Black-Haines's Bluff abandoned-Vicks-
burg invested-General Assault repulsed-The ·
Siege vigorously pressed-Pemberton calls a par-
ley-Surrenders-Grant drives Jo. Johnston from
Jackson-Fight at Milliken's Bend-Holmes as-
sails Helena, and is routed.

XV. Texas and Louisiana in 1863-Cap-
ture of Port Hudson...


Galveston-Retaken by Com. Renshaw-Sur-
prised by Magruder, and carried-Our Fleet dis-
abled and beaten-Disaster at Sabine Pass-The
Alabama captures the Hatteras-Gen. Banks in
command at New Orleans-Clearing the Atchafa-
laya-Fight at Carney's Bridge-Farragut passes
the Batteries at Port Hudson-Banks returns to
Berwick's Bay-Advances to Opelousas and Alex-
andria, La.-Moves thence to Bayou Sara, and
crosses the Mississippi-Invests Port Hudson-
Combined Attack on its Defenses-Repulsed with
a loss of 2,000-Bank: presses the Siege-Second
Attack-The Rebel supplies exhausted-Gardner
surrenders-Dick Taylor surprises Brashear City
-Fighting at Donaldsonville-Franklin attacks
Sabine Pass, and is beaten off-Dana surprised at
Morganzia Burbridge surprised near Opelousas
-Gen. Banks embarks for the Rio Grande-De-
barks at Brazos Santiago, and takes Brownsville
-Capture of Aransas Pass and Pass Cavallo Fort
Esperanza abandoned-Indianola in our hands-
Banks returns to New Orleans

XVI. Army of the Potomac under Burn-
side and Hooker-Fredericksburg


Gen. Burnside in command in Virginia-Crosses
the Rappahannock-Attacks Lee's Army, strongly
posted on the Southern Heights-Is repulsed with
heavy loss-Recrosses the River-A fresh Ad-
vance arrested by the President-The Mud March
-Rebel Raids in Virginia-Burnside gives place
to Hooker-Stoneman's Raid on Lee's rear-
Hooker crosses the Rappahannock, and advances
to Chancellorsville-His right wing turned and
shattered by Jackson-Pleasanton checks the
Enemy-Jackson mortally wounded-Desperate
fighting around Chancellorsville-Hooker stunned
-Our Army recoils-Sedgwick storms Marye's
Heights Strikes Lee's Rear-Is driven across the
River-Hooker récrosses also-Stoneman's Raid a
Failure Longstreet assails Peck at Suffolk-Is
beaten off with loss.

XVII. Lee's Army on Free Soil-Gettys-


Lee silently flanks Hooker's right, and moves
northward-Cavalry Fight near Fairfax-Milroy,
at Winchester, surprised and driven over the
Potomac, with heavy loss-Cavalry encounters
along the Blue Ridge-Jenkins raids to Cham-
bersburg-Lee crosses the Potomac-Hooker and
Halleck at odds-Hooker relieved- Meade in
command-Ewell at York-Collision of van-
guards at Gettysburg-Reynolds killed-Union-
Ists outnumbered and driven-Howard halts on
Cemetery Hill-Sickles comes up-Hancock takes
command-Meade arrives-Both Armies concen-

trated-Sickles driven back with loss-Rebel Ad-
vance checked-Night falls-Rebel Grand Charge
led by Pickett-Terribly repulsed-Lee retreats
Heavy losses-Feeble pursuit by Sedgwick-Lee
halts at Williamsport-Meade hesitates-Lee geta
across the Potomac-Kilpatrick routs the Rebel
rear-guard-Meade crosses at Berlin, and moves
down to the Rappahannock-Fight at Manassas
Gap-Dix's Advance on Richmond-Pleasanton
crosses the Rapidan-Lee flanks Meade, who re-
treats to Centerville-Warren worsts A. P. Hill
-Lee retires across the Rappahannock-Imboden
surprises Charlestown-Gen. D. A. Russell storms
Rappahannock Station, capturing 1,600 prisoners
-Meade crosses the Rapidan-Affair of Mine
Run-Toland's raid to Wytheville-Averill's to
Lewisburg-Fight at Droop Mountain.


XVIII. The Chattanooga Campaign...........404
Morgan's Raid through Kentucky into Indiana
and Ohio-He is surrounded, routed, and captured
-His Imprisonment and Escape-Rosecrans ad-
vances from Murfreesboro' by Shelbyville and
Tullahoma, to the Tennessee at Bridgeport-
Bragg flanked out of Chattanooga - Rosecrans
eagerly pursues Bragg concentrates at Lafayette,
and turns upon his pursuers-Rosecrans concen-
trates on the Chickamauga-Desperate battle there
-Rosecrans, worsted, retreats to Chattanooga-
Losses-Rosecrans superseded-Pegram's raid in-
to Kentucky-Saunders's into East Tennessee-
Burnside crosses the Cumberland Mountains-
Knoxville liberated- Burnside rêtakes Cumber-
land Gap, with 2,000 prisoners-Longstreet impel-
led by Bragg against him-Wolford struck at Phil-
adelphia, Tenn.-Fight at Campbell's Station-
Burnside withdraws into Knoxville-Longstreet
besieges and assaults-Is repulsed with loss-
Raises the Siege and retreats-Grant relieves Rose-
crans Hooker and Slocum hurried to the Tennes-
see-Wheeler's and Roddy's raids-Grant reaches
Chattanooga-Hooker crosses the Tennessee-
Fight at Wauhatchie-Sherman arrives from
Vicksburg-Grant impels attacks on Bragg by
Granger, Hooker, and Sherman-Hooker carries
Lookout Mountain-Bragg, on Mission Ridge, at-
tacked from all sides and routed-His Bulletin-
Hooker pursues to Ringgold-Cleburne checks him
in a gap in White Oak Ridge Sherman and Gran-
ger dispatched to Knoxville-Losses at Mission

XIX. The War in Missouri and Arkansas,
in 1863..


Marmaduke attacks Springfield, Mo.-Is repulsed
-Again at Hartsville-Waring routs him at Bates-
ville, Ark.-The Sam Gaty captured-Fayetteville
attacked by Cabell - Marmaduke assails Cape
Girardeau McNeil repels him- Coffey assails
Fort Blunt-Standwatie repulsed at Cabin Creek
-Coffey repulsed by Catherwood, at Pineville,
Mo.- Quantrell's Arson and Butchery at Law
rence, Kansas-Gen. Steele moves on Little Rock
-Fight at Bayou Metea-Davidson defeats Mar-
maduke at Bayou Fourche-Price abandons Little
Rock to Steele-Blunt's Escort destroyed by Quan-
trell-Col. Clayton defeats Marmaduke at Pine
Bluff-Gen. E. B. Brown defeats Cabell and Coffey
at Arrow Rock-McNeil chases them to Clarks-
ville-Standwatie and Quantrell repulsed by Col.
Phillips at Fort Gibson-Sioux Butcheries in Min-
nesota-Gen. Sibley routs Little Crow at Wood
Lake-500 Indians captured and tried for murder
-Gen. Pope in command-Sibley and Sully pur-
sue and drive the Savages-Gen. Conner in Utah
-Defeats Shoshonees on Bear River- Enemies

XX. The Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida
in 1862-3-Siege of Charleston..455
Siege and Capture of Fort Pulaski by Gillmore-
Sinking of Stone Fleet in Charleston Harbor-
Com. Dupont sweeps down the Coast to St. Au-
gustine-Union Movement at Jacksonville-Pen-
Bacola and Jacksonville abandoned-Edisto Island
relinquished-Gen. Hunter attacks Secessionville,
and is repulsed-Gen. Brannan threatens the Sa-
vannah Railroad-Fight at Coosawhatchie-De-
struction of the Nashville-Dupont repulsed at
Fort McAllister-The Isaac Smith lost near Le-
garéville-Iron-clad Raid from Charleston--The
Mercedita and Keystone State disabled-Beau-
regard and Ingraham proclaim the Blockade of
Charleston raised-Dupont with his Iron-clads at-
tacks Fort Sumter, and is repulsed-Col. Montgom-
ery's Raid up the Combahee-The Atlanta comes
out from Savannah Capt. Rogers, in the Wee-
hawken, disables and captures her-Gen. Gillmore
seizes half of Morris Island-Gen. Strong assaults
Fort Wagner, and is bloodily repulsed-Gillmore
opens Trenches-The Swamp Angel' talks to
Charleston-The Rebels driven out of Fort Wagner
-Com. Stephens assaults Fort Sumter-Charles-
ton bombarded from Wagner-Foundering of the
Weehawken-D. H. Hill repelled at Newbern-
Attacks Washington, N. C.-Is driven off by
Foster-Fight at Gum Swamp.

[blocks in formation]


XXI. The Political History of 1863......484

Lord Lyons on Democratic 'Peace'-Spring Elec-
tions of 1863-Conscription ordered, first by Rebel,
next by Union Congress - Judge Woodward
pronounces the latter unconstitutional-Suspen-
sion of Habeas Corpus-Military Arrest and Con-
viction of Vallandigham-Democrats of Albany
thereon-President Lincoln's Response-Ohio
Democratic Convention's Resolves-Vallandig-
ham nominated for Governor-Convention de-
mand his Release-President Lincoln's Reply-
The New York Journalists on the Freedom of the
Press-Ex-President Pierce's Fourth of July Ora-
tion-Gov. Seymour's ditto-The Draft Riots in
New York-Arson, Devastation, and Murder-
Gov. Seymour's Speech-He demands a stoppage
of the Draft-President Lincoln's Reply-The
Autumn Elections-The Draft adjudged valid-
The Government sustained by the People.

XXII Negro Soldiery...


Negroes in the Revolutionary Armies-Royal At-
tempts to win them to the British side-The War
of 1812-Gen. Jackson at New Orleans-Negro
soldiering suppressed in 1861-Gen. Hunter di-
rects a recruiting of Blacks-Gov. Wickliffe's In-
quiry-Gen. Hunter's Response-Saxton author-
fzed to arm Negroes-Gen. Phelps's Black recruit-
ing in Louisiana-Gen. Butler thereon-Jeff.
Davis on Butler and Phelps together-Congress
orders a general enrollment, regardless of Color-
Democratic Denunciation thereof-Gov. Andrew,
of Mass., raises two Black Regiments-New York,
by her Loyal League, follows the Example--Reb-
el employment of Negroes in War-Beauregard
and Jeff. Davis on Federal arming of Blacks-The
Confederate Congress punishes it with Death-
President Lincoln threatens Retaliation-Garrett
Davis, S. S. Cox & Co. denounce the arming of
Blacks-Adjt-Gen. Thomas engages in the work
-His Speech at Lake Providence-Gen. Banks's
Order-Negro recruiting goes ahead-Efficiency
of Black Soldiers

XXIII. The War along the Coast in 1864..528

Organization of the XXXVIIIth Congress-
Lincoln's proffer of Amnesty-Gillmore and Sey-
mour in Florida-Finnegan defeats Seymour at
Olustee-Rebel Salt-Works in Florida destroyed
-Union Convention at Jacksonville-Union Re-
pulse at Bloody Bridge, S. C.-Pickett assails
Newbern, N. C.-Hoke besieges Wessells in
Plymouth-The Rebel ram Albemarle disables
our Vessels-Wessells surrenders-The Albemarle
fights our Fleet off the mouth of the Roanoke-
Is beaten off by them-Blown up by Lt. Cushing
-Plymouth retaken-Wild's Raid into Camden

XXIV. The War beyond the Mississippi in

Banks in New Orleans-Porter's Fleet in the
Mississippi-Captures Fort De Russy-Our Army
and Fleet advance to Alexandria-Both move up
Red River-Banks presses on toward Shreve
port-Col. Gooding's Fight Our Advance routed
by Kirby Smith at Sabine Cross-Roads-Emory
checks the Rebel Pursuit at Pleasant Grove--
Fierce and indecisive Battle at Pleasant Hill-
Banks retreats to Grand Ecore-Porter works
and fights his way down the River-Banks fights
and drives Bee at Cane River-Return of Army
and Fleet to Alexandria-Lt. Col. Bailey engi-
neers our Vessels over the Rapids-Union Los8
of three Vessels at Dunn's Bayou-Texas Coast
nearly abandoned-Banks retreats to Simmsport
-Fight at Mansura-Cotton Operations on Red
River-Steele's Advance from Little Rock-
Fight at Prairie d'Anne-Steele enters Camden
-Union Disaster at Marks's Mills-Steele re-
treats-Attacked by Kirby Smith at Jenkins's
Ferry-Rebels repulsed-Steele, burning his
Trains, escapes to Little Rock-Gen. Carr worsts
Shelby at St. Charles-Col. Brooks fights Dob-
bina at Big Creek-Shelby captures the 54th Ill-
nois-Union State Convention in Arkansas-
Steele's Inefficiency-Rosecrans in command in
Missouri-Arrests the Chiefs of the Sons of Lib-
erty-Price's last Invasion-Hugh Ewing with-
stands him at Pilot Knob-Retreats to Rolla-
Rebel uprising-Price threatens St. Louis-Ap-
pears before Jefferson City-Gen. Mower follows
him from Arkansas-Rebels capture Glasgow-
Price at Lexington-Fights Blunt on the Little
Blue-Fights Curtis on the Big Blue-Escapes
southward, by Little Santa Fe-Pleasanton routs
him on the Little Osage-Blunt routs him at
Newtonia-Curtis chases him to Fayetteville,


XXV. Gen. Grant's Advance on Richmond. 562

Grant made Lieutenant-General-His Concep
tion of the War-Assumes command-Army of
the Potomac reorganized-Kilpatrick's Raid to
Richmond-Col. Dahlgren killed-Grant crosses
the Rapidan-Battle of the Wilderness-Grant

pushes on to Spottsylvania C. H.-Heavy, inde-
cisive fighting-Hancock storms the Enemy's
Lines, capturing Maj.-Gen. Ed. Johnson and
3,000 Men-Sheridan's Raid to Richmond-
Death of J. E. B. Stuart-Butler moves against
Richmond by the James-W. F. Smith fights D.
H. Hill at Port Walthall Junction-Beauregard
arrives from Charleston-Attacks Butler on the
James-More Fighting there-Kautz's first Raid
-Three Union Gunboats blown up-Grant
moves by his Left to the North Anna-Hancock
and Wright across-Burnside repulsed-Fight-
ing on both Wings-Lee's Position impregnable
-Grant moves by his Left to the Chickahominy
-Reenforced by W. F. Smith from Butler's Po-
altion-Bloody Repulse at Cold Harbor-Sheri-
dan's Raid to Louisa C. H.-Grant moves by his
Left across the James, below Richmond-Re-
crosses for his Overland Advance-Butler impels
Gillem and Kautz against Petersburg-W. F.
Smith's Corps follows-Failures to carry it-
General Assault repulsed-Meade's costly Ad-
vance to the Weldon Railroad-Wilson's and
Kautz's expensive Raid to Burkesville-Butler
pontoons the James--Sheridan fights on the
Peninsula-Miles carries an Outpost at Deep
Bottom-Burnside's Mine-Hancock on our
Left, Gregg on our Right, advance, and are both
worsted-Warren seizes and holds the Weldon
Railroad-Hill defeats Hancock at Reams's Sta-
tion-Warren advances to and over the Squir-
rel Level Road-Butler assaults and carries Fort
Harrison-Field fails to retake it-Meade ad-
vances to Hatcher's Run-Egan routs Heth-
Hancock repels Wade Hampton-Hancock re-
tires-Losses of the Campaign-Criticisms.

XXVI. West Virginia and North of the
Rapidan in 1864...



Sam Jones captures Beers at Jonesville-Rosser
takes Petersburg-Averill hits him at Spring-
field-Sigel's defeat at Newmarket-Averill
worsted at Wytheville-Crook's Fight near
Dublin Station-Hunter's victory at Piedmont-
He takes Staunton, and advances to Lynchburg
-Retreats across the Alleghanies-Early chasea
Sigel out of Virginia-Wallace beaten on the
Monocacy-Early threatens Washington-
Wright repulsed by Early-Avery worsted
near Winchester-Early defeats Crook-Cham-
bersburg burned by McCausland-Col. Stough
routed at Oldtown-Sheridan appointed to
command-Beats Early at Opequan- Routs
him at Fisher's Hill-Devastates the Valley-
The Richmond Whig on Retaliation - Early
surprises Crook at Cedar Creek - Sheridan
transforms defeat into victory-Losses.

XXVII. Between Virginia and the Missis-
sippi, 1863-4......


Phillips's Raid to Grenada-McPherson ad-
vances from Vicksburg-Forrest's Raid to Jack-
son-W. T. Sherman's Advance to Meridian-
Sovy Smith's Failure-Osband's Fight at Yazoo
City-Palmer's Advance to Dalton-Forrest
takes Union City-Repulsed by Hicks at Padu-
cah-Assaults and carries Fort Pillow-Butch-
ery after Surrender-Sturgis routed by Forrest
at Guntown-A. J. Smith worsts Forrest at
Tupelo-Forrest's Raid into Memphis-Fights
at Bean's Station, Charleston, Mossy Creek,
Dandridge, and Maryville, East Tennessee-
Morgan's last Raid into Kentucky--Hobson's
Surrender-Burbridge strikes Morgan at Mt.
Sterling, and routs him near Cynthiana-Mor-
gan killed-Burbridge beaten at Saltville, Va.
-Attempt on Johnson's Island.

XXVIII. Sherman's Atlanta Campaign.....625
Strength of Sherman's and Jo. Johnston's Ar-
mies-Sherman flanks Johnston out of Dalton
-Hooker takes Resaca-Jeff. C. Davis takes
Rome-Fight at Pumpkin-vine Creek - At
New Hope Church-At Dallas-Allatoona
Pass won-Gen. Polk killed-Rebel Repulse at
Kulp House-Sherman assaults Kenesaw, and
is repulsed with a loss of 3,000--Flanks John-
ston out of it-Passes the Chattahoochee-
Hood relieves Johnston-Rousseau defeats Clan-
ton-Hood strikes our left heavily, and is
repulsed-Strikes more heavily, and is badly
worsted-Stoneman's wretched Raid to Macon
-He surrenders-Hood strikes our right at
Proctor's Creek-Is badly beaten by Howard
and Logan-Kilpatrick's Raid around Atlanta
-Sherman moves by his right behind Atlanta
-Howard beats Hardee at Jonesboro'-J. C.
Davia repeats the lesson-Hood abandons At-
lanta-Sherman enters-Orders it cleared of
Inhabitants-Pillow raids to Lafayette-
Wheeler to Dalton and through Southern Ten-
nessee-Jeff. Davis at Macon-Hood flanks
Sherman-French attacks Allatoona-Corse
beats him off-Hood crosses Sand Mountain-
Thomas intrusted with the defense of Tennes-
see-Sherman turns southward.


[blocks in formation]

The Confederate Navy-Their Torpedoes —
British-built Privateers-The Sumter - The
Alabama-The Florida-Seizure of the Chesa-
peake--The Tallahassee-The Olustee The
Chickamauga-Capt. Collins seizes the Florida
in Bahia Harbor-Gov. Seward on Rebel bel-
ligerency The Georgia-Fight of the Kearsarge
and Alabama-Criticisms thereon-Farragut
before Mobile-Bombards and passes Fort Mor-
gan-The Rebel ram Tennessee fights our
feet-Is captured-Fort Powell blown up-
Fort Gaines surrenders-Fort Morgan succumbs
-Mobile sealed up.

XXX. Political Mutations and Results-
Presidential Canvass of 1864..654
State Elections reflect the varying phases of
the War-Kentucky Unionism-Lincoln to
Hodges Lincoln at Gettysburg- Fremont
nominated for President- Radical Platform-
Union National Convention-Its Platform-Lin-
coln and Johnson nominated-Johnson's Letter
-A Season of Gloom-The National Finances
during the War-National Debt-Currency De-
preciation-Peace Overtures at Niagara and at
Richmond-Davis inflexible-Chicago Demo-
cratic Convention-Peace' Utterances-The
Platform-McClellan and Pendleton nominated
-National victories stimulate popular dissent
-Gen. McClellan tries to hedge-Seward's
Criticisms-Fremont declines-The Autumn
Elections-Maryland free-Death of Roger B.
Taney-Lincoln elected-The Soldiers' Vote-
The XXXVIIIth Congress Lincoln's last
Message Slavery prohibited by Constitutional
Amendment-Peace Overtures at Richmond,
and Negotiations in Hampton Roads-Lincoln's
Second Inaugural.

XXXI. Hood's Tennessee Campaign.....677
Forrest's last Raid-Captures Athens, Ala.-
Is chased out of Tennessee by Rousseau-Hood
presses Gordon Granger at Decatur-CrossES
the Tennessee at Florence-Thomas retires on
Nashville-Hood follows-Fighting at Duck
River and at Spring Hill-Schofield makes a
stand at Franklin- Bloody drawn battle-
Heavy Rebel loss - Pat. Cleburne killed-
Thomas strong in Nashville-Fights around
Murfreesboro'-A Cold Week-Thomas assumes
the Offensive-Steedman strikes on our left-
A. J. Smith, Johnson, and Wilson on our right
-Col. Post storms Montgomery Hill-T. J.
Wood and A. J. Smith carry first line of
Rebel defenses-Overton's Hill stormed and
taken-Rebels routed and pursued to Franklin
-Their losses-Hood chased across the Ten-
nessee-Lyon's feeble Raid-Stoneman in East
Tennessee-Gillem routs Duke, and then Vaughn
-Breckinridge driven into North Carolina -
Saltville captured-Thomas's Captures-Hood

XXXII. Sherman's Great March.........689
His Army in Northern Georgia-Concentrated
at Atlanta-He moves southward-Fight at
Lovejoy's-Kilpatrick before Macon-Slocum
at Milledgeville-Howard at Sandersville-
Kilpatrick at Waynesboro'-Fights Wheeler-
Blair at Millen-Hazen at Statesboro-Fight at
the Ogeechee-Blair crosses at Fort Argyle-
Slocum crosses at Louisville-Sherman ap-
proaches Savannah-Hazen storms Fort McAl-
lister-Sherman hears from Foster and Dahl-
gren-Starts for Hilton Head-Hardee evacuates
Savannah-Sherman's losses and captures in
Georgia-Correspondence with Lincoln-Dana's,
Davidson's, and Grierson's Raids-Grierson's
Victory at Egypt-Hatch worsted at Honey
Hill-Foster occupies Pocotaligo-Sherman en-
ters South Carolina-Pushes for the Edisto-
Horrible Roads-Fight near Branchville-Kil-
patrick at Aiken-Blair fights and wins near
Orangeburg-Fight at the Congaree-Hood's
remnant, under Cheatham, pass our left-Co-
Jumbia surrendered-Great Conflagration-
Sherman's and Wade Hampton's accounts of it-
Hardee evacuates Charleston and its defenses
-Pollard's account of its devastation -Our
Flag raised on Forts Sumter, Ripley, and Pinck-
ney Sherman's Foraging-His Bummers-
Fight at Williston's Station-Atkins's repulse
-Sherman at Winnsboro'-Blair at Cheraw-
Occupies Fayetteville, N. C.-Hampton sur-
prises Kilpatrick-Is beaten off-Slocum at-
tacked by Hardee at Averysboro'-Rebels recoil
-Jo. Johnston strikes Slocum at Bentonville-
Indecisive Fighting-Johnston decamps-Sher-
man enters Goldsboro'- Butler and Weitzel's
Expedition to Fort Fisher-The Powder Ship-
Porter's Bombardment-Butler returns to the
James-Grant dissatisfied-Expedition sent
back under Terry-Fort Fisher invested-Bom-

barded by the Fleet-The Sailors' assault-Re-
pulsed-Gen. Ames assaults from the land side
-Desperate Fighting-The Fort carried-Losses
-Explosion of Magazine-Gen. Schofield ar-
rives-Advances on Wilmington - Fight at
Town Creek-Fort Anderson evacuated-Hoke
retreats-Burns Vessels and Stores-Wilming-
ton given up-Advance to Kinston-Upham
surprised at Southwest Creek-Hoke strikes
out Is repulsed, and retreats-Schofield enters


XXXIII. The Repossession of Alabama...716

Wilson at Eastport, Miss.-Crosses the Tennes-
see, and moves southward-Routs Roddy at
Montevallo Hurries Forrest from Boyle's Creek
-Charges over the defenses of Selma, and takes
2,700 Prisoners-Montgomery surrenders-La-
grange routs Buford-Wilson takes Columbus,
Ga, by Assault-Lagrange charges and captures
Fort Tyler-Wilson in Macon-Curton cap-
tures Tuskaloosa-Zigzags to Macon-Canby
in New Orleans-Advances on Mobile-Steele
moves up from Pensacola-Routs Clanton at
Mitchell's Creek-Spanish Fort besieged-Its
garrison driven out-Desperate assault on
Blakely-The Works carried, with 3,000 pris-
oners Mobile evacuated-Fate of the ram W.
H. Webb.

XXXIV. Fall of Richmond-End of the

Grant passive-Rebel attempt to arm Negroes
-Warren's advance to the Meherrin-Raid of
the Rebel gunboats-Fight at Dabney's Mill-
Our left on Hatcher's Run-Rosser's Raid to
Beverly-Capture of Kelly and Crook-Sheri-
dan up the Valley-Annihilates Early at
Waynesboro-Captures Charlottesville-Fails
to cross the James above Richmond-Crosses
below, and reaches Grant-Gordon surprises
Fort Steedman-Is repulsed at Fort Haskell
Surrender of 2,000 Rebels-Meade counter-as-
saults-Grant directs a General Advance by our
left-Griffin's Fight at the White Oak Road-
Sheridan advances to Five Forks-Falls back
to Dinwiddie C. H.-Lee strikes Warren heavi-
ly-Is successful, but finally stopped-Sheridan
again pushed back to Dinwiddie C. H.-Repels
his assailants-Warren hurried to his support
-Rebels recoil-Sheridan again advances to
Five Forks, and attacks-Warren's corps or-
dered to strike Enemy's left flank-Combined
Attack completely successful- Pickett routed
and driven westward-Warren superseded by
Sheridan-Our guns reopen on Petersburg-
General assault along our front - Forts Gregg
and Alexander carried- Miles dislodges the
enemy at Sutherland's Depot-Longstreet joins
Lee Heth repulsed-A. P. Hill killed-Lee
notifies Davis that Richmond must be evacuated
-The Confederacy fires and quits that City-
Weitzel enters it unopposed-Captures of prís-
oners and arms-The news flashed over the
loyal States Universal rejoicings-Connecti
cut Election-Petersburg abandoned-Lee con-
centrates at Chesterfield C. H.-Retreats west-
ward by Amelia C. H.-Sheridan heads him off
from Danville, at Jetersville-Davies strikes
his train at Paine's Cross-Roads-Lee hasten-
ing westward-Crook strikes him in flank-Is
repulsed-Custer strikes his train at Sailor's
Creek, and destroys 400 wagons - Ewell cut
off, and, after a fight, compelled to surrender
-Ord strikes Lee's van near Farmville-Is re-
pulsed, and Gen. Read killed-Lee crosses the
Appomattox at Farmville-His Desperate
Condition-Grant proposes a surrender-
Humphreys attacks Lee, and is bloodily re-
pulsed Lee resumes his flight-Sheridan
heads him at Appomattox C. H.—Last Charge
of the Army of Virginia-Correspondence be-
tween Lee and Grant-Lee Surrenders-Parting
with his Soldiers-His Army dissolved.


XXXV. Death of President Lincoln-Peace. 746
The President at City Point-He enters Rich-
mond-Letter to Weitzel-Recruiting_stopped
-Celebration at Fort Sumter-The President
assassinated by J. Wilkes Booth-Gov. Seward
murderously assaulted by Payne Powell-Ac-
cession of Andrew Johnson to the Presidency-
Offers rewards for arrest of Jefferson Davis
and others Stoneman's Raid into North Caro-
lina-Sherman's Arrangement with Jo. John-
ston-Repudiated by the Government-Reasons
therefor Johnston surrenders-Dick Taylor
ditto-Dissolution of the Confederacy-Flight
and Capture of Davis-Kirby Smith's voice
still for War-Sheridan's Expedition-The Re-
bellion's final collapse-Career of the Shenan-
doah-Grant's Parting Address to his Soldiers
-Dissolution of our Armies,

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38. Major-Gen. WM. S. ROSECRANS 272 44. Major-Gen. JUDSON KILPATRICK. 272 39. Major-Gen. FRANZ SIGEL . 40. Major-Gen. GODFREY WEITZEL . 41. Major-Gen. JAMES B. STEEDman. 42. Major-Gen. GORDON GRANGER 43. Major-Gen. E. R. S. CANBY

66 46. Major-Gen. Alfred PLEASANTON."

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45. Major-Gen. P. J. OSTERHAUS

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47. Major-Gen. CARL SCHURZ.

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48. Brig.-Gen. THOS. F. MEAGHER

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66 49. Com. JOHN A. WINSLOW.

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