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HE editor of this volume wishes briefly to mention again the obligation that the city of Chicago is under for the splendid work of the Lincoln Centennial Memorial Committee of One Hundred, appointed by Hon. Fred A. Busse, Mayor of Chicago, and to give a list of that committee, with the officers and its sub-committees. The scope and magnitude of the Chicago celebration, the participation therein of all classes of citizens, the lack of friction in the carrying out of the plans of the Committee, the general success and wide publicity achieved, were largely due to the able leadership of Hon. William J. Calhoun, the distinguished President of the Committee of One Hundred.

He also wishes to take this opportunity of thanking by name some of the men who helped make the week in Chicago a success, and regrets that this acknowledgment will have to be confined to those connected with the official celebrations, as to attempt to name the hundreds of speakers and organizations, or the thousands of earnest and effective committeemen, who helped to make the general celebration memorable in the history of the city would take a volume in itself.

THE LINCOLN CENTENNIAL MEMORIAL COMMITTEE OF ONE HUNDRED was appointed by the Mayor of Chicago, under the following resolution introduced in the Chicago City Council by Alderman Albert J. Fisher on March 16, 1908, and unanimously adopted:

WHEREAS, The memory and public acts of President Abraham Lincoln of Illinois have become the priceless heritage of the people, irrespective of, and above all party lines and affiliations; and

WHEREAS, Movements are in progress throughout this State to fittingly recognize and commemorate the centennial year of his nativity, 1909; and

WHEREAS, It is only proper that this metropolis in which Lincoln received his nomination for the high office of President, should bear its full part in such proposed memorial; therefore

RESOLVED, That His Honor, the Mayor, do appoint a Lincoln Memorial Commission, whose duty it shall be to cooperate with other like committees throughout the State to the end that this city government shall be properly represented in such memorial proceedings, and shall contribute to their promotion its proper share of assistance and encouragement. This Committee, originally a committee of one hundred, by the additions to its various constituent committees was considerably augmented in numbers. It was organized as follows:

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PUBLICITY, T. Edward Wilder, Joseph Basch, Shailer Mathews

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Boyden, William C.

Baker, Charles A.

Bancroft, Edgar A.
Brundage, Edward J.
Burch, William A.
Brentano, Judge Theodore
Cheney, Bishop Charles Ed-

Culver, Dr. Forest E.
Callaghan, Rev. J. P.
Crane, Charles R.
Calhoun, William J.
Clarke, Arthur L.
Cigrand, Dr. B. J.
Dunn, Ald. Winfield P.
Eckhart, Bernard A.
Earle, Dr. Frank B.
Everest, Col. J. G.
Eastman, John C.
Eaton, Marquis
Fallows, Bishop Samuel
Fisher, Ald. Albert J.
Follansbee, Mitchell D.
Finn, Ald. Nicholas R.
Farr, Marvin A.
Forgan, David R.
Favill, Dr. Henry B.
Faye, Charles M.
Furey, Charles H.

Gregory, S. S.

Glogauer, Fritz
Goddard, Leroy A.
Grant, Gen. Frederick D.
Gunsaulus, Rev. F. W.
Heckman, Wallace

Hamlin, Frank
Hanberg, John J.
Hinman, George W.
Hall, Richard C.
Hirsch, Rabbi Emil G.
Hutchinson, Charles L.
Harris, Abram W.
Judson, Harry Pratt
Jones, Frank H.

Jones, Rev. Jenkin Lloyd

Keep, Chauncy

Kohlsaat, Judge C. C.

Kohlsaat, H. H.

Kelly, John T.

Kelly, Rev. Edward A.
Keeley, James
Lathrop, Bryan
Lagorio, Dr. A.

Lawrence Andrew

MacChesney, Nathan Wil


McCormick, Robert R.

McCormick, Harold F.

McCormick, Medill

McClurg, Ogden T.

MacVeagh, Eames

Mack, Judge Julian W.
Mitchell, John J.
Mullaney, B. J.

Murphy, Dr. John B.
McNally, James

Meeker, Arthur
McFatrich, Dr. J. B.
Morris, Ira N.

Muldoon, Bishop P. J.
Michaelis, W. R.

Masters, Edgar Lee

Mills, S. B.

Roberts, E. L.
Reilly, Leigh

Rosenbaum, Col. Joseph
Rosenwald, Julius
Simmons, Francis T.
Sunny, B. E.

Snow, Ald. B. W.

Sprague, Albert A., II.

Sullivan, Roger C.

Simpson, James

Shedd, John G.
Sutherland, George
Shaffer, J. C.
Schneider, Otto C.
Thompson, Capt. S. B.

Tenney, Horace Kent

Taylor, Ald. Francis W.

Olson, Chief Justice Harry Upham, Fred W.

Metz, John

Noyes, Frank B.

O'Keefe, P. J.

Purdy, Capt. W. F.

Perkins, George W..

Roth, John C.

Revell, Alexander H.

Tolman, Maj. Edgar Bronson

Wacker, Charles H.

Wilson, John P.

Wilder T. Edward

Young, Gen. E. C.

Zimmer, Ald. Michael

Quigley, Archbishop James E. Walker, Francis W.

Reynolds, George M.

Roberts, George

The following named gentlemen, after the organization of the Committee under the authority given to it by the Mayor, were added to the original Committee of One Hundred:

Arnold, Lt. William
Anderson, John

Barber, Maj. Frank W.
Brown, Frederick A.
Basch, Joseph

Brand, Horace L.

Browning, Granville W.

Burry, George

Burley, Clarence A.
Chenowith, Maj. W. H.
Cassidy, Maj. Harry C.
Chamberlain, Capt. Henry B.
Carey, Rev. A. J.
Cooley, Harlan W.
Crossley, Frederick B.
Dietrich, Col. Henry A.

Dixon, George W.
Deranek, Charles

De Blois, Rev. Austin K.
Foster, Gen. D. Jack.

Fisher, George P., Jr.
Freund, Ernst

Garrity, Col. John J.
Greene, Col. Lewis D.
Ginzburg, M. P.
Greztad, N.
Holt, Charles S.
Hart, Louis E.
Holland, John F.
Kline, Col. Julius R.
Knapp, Kemper K.
Moriarty, Col. Daniel
Marshall, Col. John R.
Mathews, Shailer
McCalla, Capt. Lee A.
McDowell, Bishop W. F.
Milburn, Rev. Joseph A.
Merbitz, Rev. F. P.
Montgomery, John R.
Marston, Thomas B.
Moore, Nathan G.

Musgrave, Harrison

Morse, Charles F.

Matz, Rudolph

Norcross, Frederick F.
Oakley, Horace S.
Phillips, Lt. E. O.
Parker, Hon. Francis W.
Robeson, Lt. Col. T. Jay
Rogers, Edward S.
Rumsey, George D.
Smith, Henry A.
Sanborn, Col. Joseph B.
Strong, Col. Gordon


Szwajkart, Stanislus
Stevens, Charles A.
Shaw, Rev. John Balcom
Sellers, Frank H.
Sidley, William P.
Tenney, Horace K.
Thompson, Col. John R.
Vance, Rev. Joseph A.
Wood, John H.
Willard, Norman P.
Waldo, Otis H.

Wheeler, Arthur D.

Wigmore, John H.
Woolman, Lt. Maurice
Zane, John M.

In addition to the general Committee there were a large number of citizens who served on various sub-committees, especially in connection with the splendid work of the Finance Committee under the chairmanship of Mr. Arthur Meeker. Among those who served on these sub-committees were:

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