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A Report of the Debates and

Proceedings in the Secret Sessions of the Conference Convention

for Proposing Amendments to the Constitution of the United States, held at Washington, D. C., in February, A. D. 1861. By L. E. CHITTENDEN, one of the Delegates. Large 8vo. 626

Pp. Cloth,

The only authentic account of its proceedings.”—Indianapolis Journal. “It sheds floods of light upon the real causes and impulses of secession and rebellion."Christian Times.

" Will be found an invaluable authority."-Nero York Tribune.

The Conflict and the Victory of

Life. Memoir of Mrs. CAROLINE P. KEITH, Missionary of

the Protestant Episcopal Church to India. Edited by her brother, WILLIAM C. TENNEY. “ This is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith."-St. John. “Thanks be to God, who giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ." St. Paul. With portrait. 12mo.

"A work of real interest and instruction."-Buffalo Courier.

"Books like this are valuable as incentives to good, as monuments of Christian zeal, and as contributions to the practical history of the Church."-Congregationalist.

Sermons Preached at the Church

of St. Paul the Apostle, New York, during the year 1864. Sec

ond Edition. 18mo. 406 pp. Cloth.

" They are all stirring and vigorous, and possess more than usual merit."Methodist Protestant,

“These sermons are short and practical, and admirably calculated to improve and instruct those who read them."-Commercial Adoertiser.

The Trial. More Links of the

Daisy Chain. By the Author of "The Heir of Redclyffe.” Two

volumes in one. Large 12mo. 390 pp. Cloth. "The plot is well developed; the characters are finely sketched; it is a capital novel."-Providence Journal.

“It is the best novel we have seen for many months."-Montreal Gazette.

"It is marked by all the fascinating qualities of the works that preceded it. *** Equal to any of her former novels."-Commercial.



Chateau Frissac; or Home Scenes

in France. By OLIVE LOGAN, Authoress of “Photographs of

Paris Life," etc., etc. Large 12mo. Cloth. "The vivacity and ease of her style are rarely attained in works of this kind, and its scenes and incidents are skilfully wrought.”—Chicago Journal.

“The story is lively and entertaining."-Springfield Republican,

The Management of Steel, in

cluding Forging, Hardening, Tempering, Annealing, Shrinking,

and Expansion, also the Case-Hardening of Iron. By GEORGE EDE, employed at the Royal Gun Factories' Department, Woolwich Arsenal. First American from Second London Edition.

12mo. Cloth. " This work must be valuable to machinists and workers of Iron and Steel." -Portland Courier.

“ An instructive essay; it imparts a great deal of valuable information connected with the making of metal.”-Hartford Courant.

The Clever Woman of the Fam

ily. By the Author of "The Heir of Redclyffe,'

" “ Heartsease, “ The Young Stepmother,” etc., etc. With twelve illustra

tions. 8vo. A charming story; fresh, vigorous, and lifelike as the works of this author always are. We are inclined to think that most readers will agree with us in pronouncing it the best which the author has yet produced.”--Portland Press.

The Clever Wo"A new story by this popular writer is always welcome. man of the Family,' is one of her best ; bright, sharp, and piquant."-Hartford Courant.

It is written with "One of the cleverest, most genial novels of the times. great force and fervor. The characters are sketched with great skill."-Troy Times.

Too Strange Not to

be True. A Tale. By Lady GEORGIANA FULLERTON, Authoress of “Ellen Middleton,” “Ladybird,” etc. Three volumes in one.

With Illustrations. 8vo. “This work, which is by far the best of the fair and gifted Author ess, is the most interesting book of fiction that has appeared for years. "-Cairo News.

“ It is a strange, exciting, and extremely interesting tale, well and beautifully written. It is likely to become one of the most popular novels of the present day.”Indianapolis Gazette.

“A story in which truth and fiction are skilfully blended. It has quite an air of truth, and lovers of the marvellous will find in it much that is interesting." -Boston Recorder.



What I Saw on the West Coast

of South and North America, and at the Hawaiian Islands. By

H. WILLIS BAXLEY, M.D. With numerous Illustrations. 8vo. 632 pp.. Cloth.

"With great power of observation, much information, a rapid and graphic style, the author presents a vivid and instructive picture. He is free in his strictures, sweeping in his judgments, but his facts are unquestionable, and his motives and his standard of judgment just."-Albany Argus.

“ His work will be found to contain a greal deal of valuable information, many suggestive reflections, and much graphic and interesting descriptions,". Portland Express.

The Conversion of the Roman

Empire. The Boyle Lectures for the year 1864. Delivered at

the Chapel Royal, Whitehall, by CHARLES MERIVALE, B.D., Rector of Lawford, Chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons, author of " A History of the Romans under the Empire.” 8vo. 267


. “No man living is better qualified to discuss the subject of this volume, and he has done it with marked ability. He has done it, moreover, in the interest of Christian truth, and manifests thorough appreciation of the spiritual nature and elements of Christianity."-Evangelist.

“ The author is admirably qualified from his historical studies to connect theology with facts. The subject is a great one, and it is treated with candor, vigor, and abundant command of materials to bring out its salient points."--Boston Transcript.

By the Right

Christian Ballads.

Rev. A. CLEVELAND COXE, D.D., Bishop of Western New York.

Illustrated by John A. Hows. 1 vol., 8vo. 14 full page engravings, and nearly 60 head and tail pieces.

“These ballads have gained for the author an enviable distinction; this work stands almost without a rival."--Christian Times.

“Not alone do they breathe a beautiful religious and Christianlike spirit, there is much real and true poetry in them."- Home Journal.

Mount Vernon, and other Poems.


“Fresh and original in style and in thought. * * * Will be read with much satisfaction."-Cleveland Leader.

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The Internal Revenue Laws.

Act approved June 30, 1864, as amended, and the Act amenda

tory thereof approved March 3, 1865. With copious marginal references, a complete Analytical Index, and Tables of Taxation. Compiled by HORACE DRESSER. 8vo.

"An indispensable book for every citizen."

"An accurate and certainly a very complete and convenient manual."-Congregationalist.

Speeches and

and Occasional Ad

dresses. By JOHN A. Dix, 2 vols., 8vo. With portrait, Cloth.

“This collection is designed chiefly to make those who are to come after us acquainted with the part I have borne in the national movement during a quarter of a century of extraordinary activity and excitement."--Extract from Dedication.

"General Dix has done a good service to American statesmanship and literature by publishing in a collected form the fruits of his ripe experience and manly sagacity."- New York Tribune. The Classification of the Sciences.

To which are added Reasons for Dissenting from the Philosophy

of M. COMTE. By HERBERT SPENCER, Author of "Illustrations of Universal Progress," “ Education,” « First Principles,” “Essays : Moral, Political, and Æsthetic," and the “Principles

of Psychology.” 12mo. " In a brief, but clear manner, elaborates a plan of classification.”-Hartford Courant.

“One of the most original and deep thinkers of the age. *** Will greatly assist all who desire to study Mental Philosophy.Philadelphia Press.

Orlean Lamar, and Other Poems,

by SARAI E. KNOWLES. 12mo. Cloth. .

Not only lively and attractive with fancy, but it has the excellence of being pure, moral, and Christian.”--Religious Herald.

Lyrical Recreations.

By SAMUEL WARD. Large 12mo. Cloth. “There is a wealth of beauty which discovers itself the more we linger over the book."--Journal of Commerce.

"Its pages bear abundant evidence of taste and culture."-Springfield Republican.



Lyra Anglicana; or, A Hymnal

of Sacred Poetry. Selected from the best English writers, and

arranged after the order of the Apostles' Creed. By the Rev. GEORGE T. RIDER, M.A.

“As beautiful and valuable a collection of Sacred Poetry as has ever appeared."-St. Louis Press.

“ Will be found very attractive from the warm devotional tone that pervades it."-Nero York Times.

“Much of the poetry is not found in American reprints."--Gospel Messenger.

Lyra Americana; or, Verses of

2 Praise and Faith, from American Poets. Selected and arranged

by the Rev. GEORGE T. RIDER, M.A. 12mo.

" They are collections of the most beautiful and touching poetic expressions of devotion."-The Chronicle.

* The collection is purely American; the lyrics are all full of devotion and praise. Unusual taste has been evinced in the selection of the poetry."--Troy Times.

On Radiation. The“RedeLec

ture, delivered in the Senate House before the University of Cam

bridge, on Tuesday, May 16, 1865, by John TYNDALL, F.R.S., Professor of Natural Philosophy in the Royal Institute and in the Royal School of Mines. Author of "Heat considered as a Mode of Motion." 12mo. Cloth.

Contributions to the Geology

and the Physical Geography of Mexico, including a Geological

and Topographical Map, with profiles of some of the principal mining districts. Together with a graphic description of an ascent of the volcano Popocatepetl. Edited by Baron F. W. VON EGLOFFSTEIN. Large 8vo. Illustrated. Cloth.

"The general interest excited on this continent as well as in Europe by late political events in Mexico, where a wide field for mining and land speculation is about to be opened again to foreign industry and foreign capital, has induced me to submit to the public two interesting publications of this highly favored region.”—Extract from Introduction.

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