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Cadwalder and Brewster from photographs of F. Gutekunst, of Philadelphia; those of Gray, Blatchford, Evarts, Ingersoll, Brewer and Fuller by Sarony, of New York; those of Harlan, Brown, Shiras, Edmunds and Davis by Bell, of Washington, D. C.; those of J. S. Black and Roscoe Conkling from photographs furnished by their widows; that of John A. Campbell from a photograph furnished by a daughter; those of John Norton Pomeroy, Matthew H. Carpenter, E. C. Ryan and James V. Campbell from photographs furnished by their sons, respectively; those of the living English bench and bar from photographs obtained through the Company's London agents.

All autographs, with a few exceptions, are from original signatures many costly and difficult to obtain—that of Blackstone alone costing thirty dollars—and others were obtained after careful research from the records of the Supreme Court of the United States. The Engravings will never fade or turn yellow like an ordinary photograph. Over one thousand dollars were paid a Philadelphia portrait expert to treat the copy before plates were made, so that a uniform, harmonious picture would be produced. Being a reproduction-but the looking in a mirror -the faces are the most perfect possible.

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