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The Publishers, upon receipt of the price, will send any of the following books by mail, POSTAGE FREE, to any part of the United States. In ordering boks, the full name, post office, county and State should be plainly written,

Wilson's Book of Recitations and Dialogues. With Instructions in Elocution and Declamation. Containing a choice selection of Poetical and Prose Recitations and Original Colloquies. Designed as a leading Book for Classes, and as an Assistant to Teachers and Students in reparing Exhibitions. By FLOYD B. WILSON, Professor of Elocution. This collection has been prepared with a special view to the development of the two cardinal principles of true Elocution-Voice and Action, and include a large proportion of Recitations and Dialogues, which appear for the first time in this form. The Colloquies are entirely original. Paper covers. Price....

.30 cts. Bound in boards, cloth back.......................

.50 cts. Frost's Dialogues for Young Folks. A collection of Original Moral and Humorous Dialogues. Adapted to the use of School and Church Exhibitions, Family Gatherings, and Juvenile Celebrations on all Occasions. By S. A. Frost, author of " Frost's Original Letter Writer,” etc. This collection of Dialogues is just what has long been wanted—it contains a variety that will suit every taste; some of the subjects are hu. morous, some satirical, hitting at the follies of vice and fashion, while others are pathetic, and all are entertaining. A few of the Dialogues are long enough to form a sort of little drama that will interest more advanced scholars, while short and easy ones abound for the use of quite young children. Most of the Dialogues introduce two or three characters only, but some require a greater number. The subjects chosen will, it is hoped, be found usefu, in conveying sound moral instruction as well as giving the opportunity to display memory and vivacity in rendering them. Paper covers. Price...

.30 cts. Buund in boards, cloth back, side in colors... The Parlor Stage. A Collection of Drawing-Room Proverbs, Charades and Tabieaux Vivants. By Miss S. A. Frost. The authoress of this attractive volume has performed her task with skill, talent, and we might say, with genius; for the Acting Charades and Proverbs are really minor dramas of a high order of merit. There are twenty-four of them, and fourteen Tableaux, all of which are excellent. The characters are admirably drawn, well contrasted, and the plots and dialogues much better than those of many popular pieces performed at the public theatres. Any parlor with folding or sliding doors is suitable for their representation (or, if there are no sliding or folding doors, a temporary curtain will answer). The dresses are all those of modern society, and the scenery and properties can be easily provided from the resources of almost any family residence in town or country. The book is elegantly got up, and we commend it heartily to young gentlemen and ladies who wish to beguile the long winter evenings with a species of amusement at once interesting. instructive and amusing. Skis pages, small 8vo, cloth, gilt side and back, beveled edges. Price. $1 50

.50 rts. Howard's Book of Conundrums and Riddles. Containing orer 1,400 Witty Conuudrums, Queer Riddles, Perplexing Puzzles. Ingen, ious Enigmas, Clever Charades, Curious Catches, and Amusing Sells, origiinal and newly dressed, This splendid collection of curious paradoxes will afford the material for a never-ending feast of fun and amusement. Any person, with the assistance of this book, may take the lead in entertaining a company and keeping them in roars of laughter for hours together. It is an invaluable companion for a Pic-nic, or Summer Excursion of any kind, and is just the thing to make a fireside circle merry on a long winter's evening. There is not a poor riddle in the book, the majority being fresh and of the highest order. Paper cover, price........ .30 cts. Bound in boards, cloth back, price......

..-50 cts. Frost's Book of Tableaux and Shadow Pantomimes.

Containing a choice collection of Tableaux or Living Pictures, embracing Moving Tableaux, Mother Goose Tableaux, Fairy Tale Tableaux, Charade and Proverb Tableaux; together with directions for arranging the stage, costuming the characters, and forming appropriate groups. By Miss s. Annie Frost. To which is added a number of Shadow Acts and Pantomimes, with complete stage instructions. 180 pages, paper cover...30 cts. Bound in boards, cloth back....

.50 cts How to Amuse an Evening Party. A complete collec

tion of Home Recreations, including Round Games, Forfeits, Parlor Magic, Puzzles, and Comic Diversions; together with a great variety of scientifio Recreations and Evening Amusements. Profusely illustrated with nearly 200 fine wood-cuts. Paper, price...

- 30 cts. Bound in boards, ornamental.................

.50 cts. Laughing Gas. An Encyclopædia of Wit, Wisdom, and

Wind. By_Sam Slick, Jr. Comically illustrated with 100 original and laughablo Engravings, and nearly 500 side-extending Jokes, anl other things to get fat on; and the best thing of it is, that everything about the book is new and fresh-all new-new designs, new stories, new type-no comic almanac stuff. Price...

........25 cts. The Egyptian Dream Book and Fortune-Teller. Containing an Alphabetical List of Dreams, and numerous methods of Telling Fortunes, including the celebrated Oraculum of Napoleon Bonaparte. Il'. lustrated with explanatory diagrams. 16mo, boards, cloth back. Price.....

.40 Cts. Ned Turner's Black Jokes. A collection of Funny Stories, Jokes, and Conundrums, interspersed with Witty Sayings and Humorous Dialogues. As given by Ned Turner, the Celebrated Ethiopian Delineator and Equestrian Clown. Price....

...10 cts. Book of 1,000 Tales and Amusing Adventures. Con

taining over 300 Engravings, and 450 pages. This is a magnificent book,

and is crammed full of narratives and adventures. Price....... $1 50 The Game of Whist. Rules, Directions, and Maxims to

be observed in playing it. Containing, also, Primary Rules for Beginners, Explanations and Directions for Old Players, and the Laws of the Game. Compiled from Hoyle and Matthews. Price....

...12 cts. 10,000 Wonderful Things. Comprising the Marvellous

and Rare, Odd, Curious, Quaint, Eccentric, and Extraordinary in all Ages and Nations, in Art, Nature, and Science, including many Wonders of the World, enriched with hundreds of authentic illustrations. 16mo, cloth, gilt side and back. Price...

81 50

Popular Books sent Freo of Postage at the Prices annexed. Howard's Book of Drawing-Room Theatricals. A collec'.

tion of twelve short and amusing plays in one act and one scene, specially. adapted for private performances ; with practical directions, for their preparation and management. Some of the plays are adapted for performers of one sex only. This book is just what is wanted by those who purpose getting up an entertainment of private theatricals: it contaius all the necessary instructions for insuring complete success.

180 pages. Paper cover." Price....

30 cts Bound in boards with cloth back.....

.50 cts. Hudson's Private Theatricals for Home Performance. A

collection of Humorous Plays suitaole for an Amateur Entertainment, with directions how to carry out a performance successfully. Some of the plays in this collection are adapted for performance by males only, others require only females for the cast, and all of them are in one scene and one act, and may be represented in any moderate sized parlor, without much preparation of costume or scenery. 180 pages. Paper covers. Price.

.30 cts. Bound in boards with cloth back..

..50 cts. The Art of Dressing Well. By Miss S. A. Frost. This

book is designed for ladies and gentlemen who desire to make a favorable impression upon society, and is intended to meet the requirements of any season, place, or time; to offer such suggestions as will be valuable to those just entering society ; to brides, for whose guidance a complete trousseau is described ; to persons in mourninz; indeed, to every individual who pays attention to the important objects of economy, style, and propriety of costume. 188 pages. Paper covers. Price..

.30 cts Bound in boards, cloth back

..50 cts How to Amuso an Evening Party. A complete collection

of Home Recreations, including Round Games, Forfeits, Parlor Magic, Puzzles, and Comic Diversions; together with a great variety of Scientific Recreations and Evening Amusements. Profusely illustrated with nearly two hundred fine woodcuts. Here is family amusement for the million. Here is parlor or drawing-room entertainment, night after night, for a whole winter. A young man with this volume may render himself the beau ideal of a delightful companion at every party. He may take the lead in amusing the company, and win the hearts of all the ladies, and charm away the obduracy of the stoniest-hearted parent, by his powers of entertainment. Bound in ornamental paper cover. Price..

..30 cts. Bound in boards, with cloth back.......

..50 cts. Martine's Droll Dialogues and Laughable Recitations,

By Arthur Martine, author of " Martine's Letter-Writer," etc., etc. A collection of Humorous Dialogues, Comic Recitations, Brilliant Burlesques, Spirited Stump Speeches, and Ludicrous Farces, adapted for School Celebrations and Home Amusement. Piper covers. Price.....,

..30 cts. Bound in boards, with cloth back...............

.50 cts. Frost's Humorous and Exhibition Dialogues This is a collection of sprightly original Dialogues, in Prose and Verse, intended to be spoken at School Exhibitions. Some of the pieces are for boys, some for girls, while a number are designed to be used by both sexes. The Dialogues are all good, and will recommend themselves to those who desire to have innocent fun--the prevailing feature at a school celebration. 180 pages. Paper cover. Price..

30 cts. Bound in boar!s...

.50 cts

188 pages.

Brudder Bones' Book of Stump Speeches and Burlesque Orations. Also containing Humorous Lectures, Ethiopian Dialogues, Plantation Scenes, Negro Farces and Burlesques, Laughable Interludes and Comic Recitations, interspersed with Dutch, Irish, French and Yankee Stories. Compiled and edited by John F. SCOTT. This book contains some of the best hits of the leading negro delineators of the present time, as well as mirth-provoking jokes and repartees of the most celebrated End-Men of the day, and specially designed for the introduction of fun ir. an evening's entertainment. Paper covers. Price....

.30 cts. Bound in boards, illuminated..

.50 cts. Frost's Original Letter-Writer. A complete collection of

Original Letters and Notes, upon every imaginable subject of Every-Day Life, with plain directions about everything connected with writing a letter. Containing Letters of Introduction, Letters on Business, Letters answering Advertisements, Letters of Recommendation, Applications for Employment, Letters of Congratulation, of Condolence, of Friendship and Relationship, Love Letters, Notes of Invitation, Notes Accompanying Gifts, Letters of Favor, of Advice, and Letters of Excuse, together with an appropriate answer to each. The whole embracing three hundred letters and notes. By 8. A. Frost, author of “The Parlor Stage,” “ Dialogues for Young Folks, etc. To which is added a comprehensive Table .of Synonyms alone worth double the price asked for the book. This work is not a rehash of English writers, but is entirely practical and original, and suited to the wants of the American public. We assure our readers that it is the best collection of letters ever published in this country. Bound in boards, cloth back, vith illuminated sides. Price....

.50 cts. Inquire Within for Anything you want to Knowo ; or, Over

3,700 Facts for the People. “Inquire Within" is one of the most valuable and extraordinary volumes ever presented to the American public, and embodies nearly 4,000 facts, in most of which any person will find instruction, aid and entertainment. It contains so many valuable recipes, that an enumeration of them requires seventy-two columns fine type for the index. Illustrated. 436 large pages. Price..

$1 50 The Sociable; or, One Thousand, and One Home Amusements. Containing Acting Proverbs,

Dramatic Charades, Acting Charades, Tableaux Vivants, Parlor Games and Parlor Magic, and a choice collection of Puzzles, etc., illustrated with nearly 300 Engravings and Diagrams, the whole being a fund of never-ending entertainment. By the author of the “ Magician's

Own Book." Nearly 400 pages, 12 mo. cloth, gilt side stamp. Price..$150 Martine's Hand-Book of Etiquette and Guide to True Po

liteness. A complete Manual for all those who desire to understand good breding, the customs of good society, and to avoid incorrect and vulgar habits. Containing clear and comprehensive directions for correct manners, conversation, dress, introductions, rules for good behavior at Dinner Parties and the table, with hints on wine and carving at the table; together with Etiquette of the Ball and Assembly Room, Evening Parties, and the usages to be observed when visiting or receiving calls; deportment in the street and when travelling. To which is added the Etiquette of Courtship and Marriage. Bound in boards, with cloth back. Price.....

.50 cts. Bound n cloth, gilt side...

..75 cts. Day's American Ready-Reckoner, containing Tables for

rapid calculations of Aggregate Values, Wages, Salaries, Board, Interest Money, &c., &c. Also, Tables of Timber, Plank, Board and Log MeasureInents, with full explanations how to measure them, either by the square foot (boarı measure), cubic foot (timber measure), &c. Bound in boards. Price..

.50 cts. Bound in cloth..

-75 cts

Popular Books sent Free of Postage at the Prices annexed. The Courtship and Adventures of Jonathan Homebred ;

or, The Scrapes and Escapes of a Live Yankee. Beautifully Illustrated. 12mo., cloth. This book is printed in handsome style, on good paper, and with amusing engravings. Price

• $1 50 The Wizard of the North's Hand-Book of Natural

Magic. Being a series of the Newest Tricks of Deception, arranged for
Amateurs and Lovers of the Art. By Professor J. H. ANDERSON, the great
Wizard of the North.

...25 cts. The Encyclopædia of Popular Songs. Being a compila

tion of all the new and fashionable Patriotic, Sentimental, Ethiopian, Humorous, Comic and Convivial Songs, the whole comprising over 400 songs. 12mo., cloth, gilt. Price....

$1 25 Tony Pastor's Book of 600 Comic Songs and Speeches.

Being an entire collection of all the Humorous Songs, Stump Speeches,
Burlesque Orations, Funny Seeres, Comic Duets, Diverting Dialogues, and
Local Lyrics, as sung and given by the unrivaled Comic Vocalist and Stump
Bound in boards, cloth back

. $1 00 Yale College Scrapes; 01, Hrno the Boys Go It at New Haven,

This is a book of 114 pages, containing accounts of all the noted and famous “ Scrapes" and “ Sprees," of which students at Old Yale have been guilty for the last quarter of a century. Price.

.25 cts, The Comic English Grammar; or, A Complete Grammar of

our Language, with Comic Examples. Illustrated with about fifty engrav, ings. Price

.25 cts The Comical Adventures of David Dufficks. Illustrated

with over one Lundred Funny Engravings. Large octavo. Price.....,

..25 cts, Anecdotes of Love. Being a true account of the most re

markable events connected with the History of Love in all Ages and among all Nations. By LOLA MONTEZ, Countess of Landsfeldt. Large 12mo., cloth. Price......

.61 50 Tony Pastor's Complete Budget of Comic Songs. Con

taining a complete collection of the New and Original Songs, Burlesque Orations, Stump Speeches, Comic Dialogues, Pathetic Ballads, as sung and given by the celebrated Vocalist, Tony Pastor. Cloth, gilt. Price....

-$1 25 The Laughable Adventures of Messrs. Brown, Jones and

Robinson. Showing where they went and how they went; what they did and how they did it. With nearly two hundred most thrillingly comic engravings. Price

..30 cts. De Walden's Ball-Room Companion; or, Dancing Made

Easy. A collection of the Fashionable Drawing-Room Dances, with full directions for dancing all the figures of “The German." By EMILE DEWALDEN, Professor of DancingBound in boards, cloth back. ...50 cts

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