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SEC. 1556.

Assistant naval constructors, dur. Title 15, chap. 8. ing the first four years after date of appointment, when on


July 15, 1870, s. duty, two thousand dollars; on leave, or waiting orders, 3, v. 18, p. 351.

, p. one thousand five hundred dollars; during the second four years after such date, when on duty, two thousand two hundred dollars; on leave, or waiting orders, one thousand seven hundred dollars; after eight years from such date, when on duty, two thousand six hundred dollars; on leave, or waiting orders, one thousand nine hundred dollars.



434. Pay of superintendent.
435. Meridians adopted.
1401. Professors' duties.

Assistant astronomers and clerk.
Purchase of new site.

Title 10.


SEC. 434. The officer of the Navy employed as superintendent of the Naval Observatory at Washington shall be lay of superin.

tendont. entitled to receive the shore duty pay of his grade, and no Mar. 3, 1865, v. other.

13, p. 533. SEC. 435. The meridian of the Observatory at Washing. Sept. 28, 1850, . ton shall be adopted and used as the American meridian 1, v.9, p. 515. for all astronomical purposes, and the meridian of Greenwich shall be adopted for all nautical purposes.

SEC. 1401. Professors of mathematics shall perform such Titlo 16, chap. 1. duties as may be assigned them by order of the Secretary Duties of proof the Navy, at the

Naval Observatory. * Aug. 3, 1818, s.

12, v. 9, p. 272.





Sec. 1413. Storekeepers at navy-yards.

1527. Storekeeper at the Academy. 1414. Storekeepers on foreign stations. 1567. Officers serving as storekeepers on 1415. Storekeeper's bond.

foreign stations. 1438. Officers to act as storekeepers on 1568. Civilians, storekeepers on foreign foreign stations.

stations. 1439. Bonds of.

Sec. 1413. The President, by and with the advice and Title 18, chap. 1. consent of the Senate, may appoint

a naval store- Storekeepers

at navyyards keeper at each of the navy-yards where such officers may Mar. 2, 1807, s.

1, v. 14, p. 190; be necessary.

June 17, 1868, s. 1, v. 15, p. 69.

Storekeepers SEC, 1414. The Secretary of the Navy may appoint citi.

on foreign sta. zens who are not officers of the Navy to be store-keepers tions.

June 17, 1844, s. on foreign stations, when suitable officers of the Navy can. 1, v. 5, p. 700; not be ordered on such service, or when, in his opinion, the Mar. 7, 1847, 6:3

, p. . public interest will be thereby promoted.

SEC. 1415. Every person who is appointed store-keeper Storekeoper's under the provisions of the preceding section shall be idem. required to give a bond, in such amount as may be fixed by the Secretary of the Navy, for the faithful performance of his duty.

SEC. 1438. The Secretary of the Navy shall order a suit. Title 15, chap. 2. able commissioned or warrant officer of the Navy, except Oficers to act in the case provided in section fourteen hundred and four-ag storekeepers



on foreign teen, to take charge of the naval stores for foreign squad- tions. rons at each of the foreign stations where such stores may be deposited, and where a store-keeper may be necessary.

Soo sec. 1567.

: 8.

Bonds of. SEC. 1439. Every officer so acting as store-keeper on a June 17, 1844, s. 1, v. 5, p. 700. foreign station shall be required to give a bond, in such

amount as may be fixed by the Secretary of the Navy, for

the faithful performance of his duty. Title 15, chap. 5. SEC. 1527. The store-keeper at the Naval Academy shall

Storekeeper at be detailed from the Paymasters’ Corps, and shall have the Academy, authority, with the approval of the Secretary of the Navy, 4, v. 14, p. 516; to procure clothing and other necessaries for the naval Aug. 5, 1882.

cadets in the same manner as supplies are furnished to the Navy, to be issued under such regulations as may be pre

scribed by the Secretary of the Navy. Title 15, chap. 8. SEC. 1567. Officers who are ordered to take charge of

Pay of officers naval stores for foreign squadrons, in the place of'naval storeserving as store-keepers, shall be entitled to receive, while so employed, the keepers on foreign stations. shore-duty pay of their grades; and when the same is less

June 17, 1844, than fifteen hundred dollars a year, they may be allowed 8. 1, v. 5, p. 700.

compensation, including such shore-duty pay, at a rate not

exceeding fifteen hundred dollars a year. Pay of civil. SEC. 1568. Civilians appointed as store-keepers on forjans storekoop eign stations shall receive compensation for such services,

on foreign

at a rate not exceeding fifteen hundred dollars a year.
1.v.5, p. 700; Mar.
33. 1847, s. 3, v. 9, p.



June 17, 1844, s.



5387. Arson of vessels of war.

Title 8.

355. Title to land to be purchased.

Rates of wages.
1413. Civil engineers and storekeepers. 5385. Arson in navy-yards, etc.
1416. Civil officers at yards may be dis- 5386. Arson of armory, etc.

1542, Commandants of pavy-yards.

Act June 30, 1876. Prohibition on increas. 1543. Master workmen.

ing force. 1544. Laborers, how selected.

Act Aug. 5, 1882. Wet dock at Norfolk. 1545. Salaries; per diem compensation.

Navy.yard commission. 1546. Requiring contributions for polit- Act Aug. 7, 1882. Coaling station, Port ical purposes at navy.yards.

Royal. 1838. Land purchasod for yards.

Act Mar. 3, 1883. Establishment of Gov. 3728. Fuel for navy yards.

ernment foundry. 3736. No land to be purchased without Ac& Aug. 7, 1882. Training station, Coastauthority of law.

ers Harbor Island. 3738. Eight hours a day's labor.

Act Aug. 5, 1882. Closing the yards. SEC. 355. No public money shall be expended upon any Title to land to site or land purchased by the United States for the purbe purchased by poses of erecting thereon any armory, arsenal, fort, fortifica

United States.

tion, navy-yard, custom-house, light-house, or other public 5, p.

Se P&. 1, 1841, v. building, of any kind whatever, until the written opinion See sec. 1838. of the Attorney General shall be had in favor of the valid

ity of the title, nor until the consent of the legislature of the State in which the land or site may be, to such purchase, has been given. The district attorneys of the United States, upon the application of the AttorneyGeneral, shall furnish any assistance or information in their power in relation to the titles of the public property lying within their respective districts. And the Secretaries of the Departments, upon the application of the AttorneyGeneral, shall procure any additional evidence of title which he may deem necessary, and which may not be in the possession of the officers of the Government, and the expense of procuring it shall be paid out of the appropriations made for the contingencies of the Departments respectively.



Selection of master work.

SEC. 1413. The President, by and with the advice and Title 15, chap. 1. consent of the Senate, may appoint a civil engineer and a Civil engineers naval store-keeper at each of the navy-yards where such

and storekeepers

at navy-yards. officers may be necessary.

Mar. 2, 1867, s. 1, v. 14, p. 490; June 17, 1868, s. 1, v. 15, p. 69. 1415, Naval store

keepers. SEC. 1416. The Secretary of the Navy is authorized, when Discontinuance

ot' civil officers. in his opinion the public interest will permit it, to dis- Allg10, 1946, s. continue the office or employment of any measurer and 1, v. 9, p. 98. inspector of timber, clerk of the yard, clerk of the commandant, clerk of the store-keeper, clerk of the naval constructor, and the keeper of the magazine employed at any navy-yard, and to require the duties of the keeper of the magazine to be performed by gunners.

SEC. 1542. The President may select the commandants Title 15, chap. 6. of the several navy-yards from officers not below the grade Selection of of commander.


Aug. 2, 1861, v. 12, p. 285; July 5,

1862, s. 2, v. 12, p. SEC. 1543. The persons employed at the several navy. yards to superintend the mechanical departments, and men. heretofore kuown as master mechanics, master carpenters, 1, v. 15, p. 69.

June 17, 1868, s. master joiners, master blacksmiths, master boiler-makers, master sail-makers, master plumbers, master painters, master calkers, master masons, master boat-builders, master spar-makers, master block-makers, master laborers, and the superintendents of rope-walks shall be men skilled in their several duties and appointed from civil life, and shall not be appointed from the officers of the Navy.

Sec. 1544. Laborers shall be employed in the several Selection of navy-yards by the proper officers in charge with reference May 23, 1872, 9. to skill and efficiency, and without regard to other con

1, v. 17, p. 146. siderations.

1662, and Justices Op., 1st met.

(Mass.) 580. SEC. 1545. Salaries shall not be paid to any employés in Salar e8; per any of the navy-yards, except those wão are designated in tion. the estimates. All other persons shall receive a per diem , July, 1431862, 8.

1v. 12p. . compensation for the time during which they may be "See note 1. actually employed.

SEC. 1546. No officer or employé of the Government shall, Political require or request any working man in any navy-yard to "Mar. 2, 1867, s.

3, v. 14, p. 492. contribute or pay any money for political purposes, nor shall any working man be removed or discharged for polit. Departments, act

Jan. 16, 1883, Di. ical opinion; and any officer or employé of the Government Vision III. who shall offend against the provisions of this section shall be dismissed from the service of the United States.

See R. S., sec.

diem compensa


See under Ex. Title 22.

Note 1.-By the acts of July 28, 1870, R. S. D. C., sec. 902, and January 31, 1879, v. 20, p. 277, the 1st day of January, the 22d day of February, the 4th day of July, the 25th day of December, and any day appointed or recommended by the President of the United States as a day of fast or thanksgiving, shall be holidays in the District of Columbia. By act of January 31, 1879, 20 Stat., 277, act of June 18, 1888, 25 Stat. L., 185, and act of June 28, 1894, 28 Štat. L., 96, Inauguration Day, Decoration Day, and Labor Day are also holidays in the District of Columbia. Seo sec. 5, Department Duties.


Asgent 0 States to chase of lands for forts, etc.

Title 43.



Restriction on

SEC. 1838. The President of the United States is authororized to procure the assent of the legislature of any State, Prior within which any purchase of land has been made for the

erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dock-yards, and
Apr. 28, 1828, 8.
2, v. 4, p. 264.

other needful buildings, without such consent having been
SEC. 3728.

In purchasing fuel for the Navy, or for naval stations and yards, the Secretary of the Navy shall Sep.25.138.50, s. have power to discriminate and purchase, in such manner 1, v9,

as he may deem proper, that kind of fuel which is best
adapted to the purpose for which it is to be used.

SEC. 3736. No land shall be purchased on account of the purchase of land.

May 1, 1820, s. United States, except under a law authorizing such pur7, v.3, p. 568.

chase. Eight hours a SEC. 3738. Eight hours shall constitute a day's work for day's labor.

June 25, 1868, v. all laborers, workmen, and mechanics who may be employed 15, p. 77:19 A.G. by or on behalf of the Government of the United States.

., p. 685. See this section under Contracts, Division I, and sec. 3689, under Appropriations, Division III. Aug. 1, 1892. That the service and employment of all laborers and 27 Stat. L., 340. mechanics who are now or may hereafter be employed by Supp: R.S.1892- the Government of the United States, by the District of '95, p. 62.

Hours of labor Columbia, or by any contractor or subcontractor upon any
livnite botere bedt of the public works of the United States or of the said
moch a nice on District of Columbia, is hereby limited and restricted to

eight hours in any one calendar day, and it shall be unlawful
for any officer of the United States Government or of the
District of Columbia or any such contractor or subcontracter
whose duty it shall be to employ, direct, or control the sery-
ices of such laborers or mechanics to require or permit any
such laborer or mechanic to work more than eight hours in

any calendar day except in case of extraordinary emergency. Punishment for That any officer or agent of the Government of the United violation beyotoli: States or of the District of Columbia, or any contractor or

subcontractor whose duty it shall be to employ, direct, or
control any laborer or mechanic employed upon any of the
public works of the United States or of the District of
Columbia who shall intentionally violate any provision of
this act, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and for
each and every such offense shall upon conviction be pun-
ished by a fine not to exceed one thousand dollars or by
imprisonment for not more then six months, or by both
such fine and imprisonment, in the discretion of the court
having jurisdiction thereof.

for laborers and


See noto 2.

cer or contractor.

[ocr errors]

Prior eight. Note 2.-By R. S., sec. 3738, "Eight hours shall constituto a day's work for all hour laws. laborers, workmen and niccbanics who may be employed by or on behalf of the Gov.

ernment of the United States.". Decisions construing this provision are found in 94 U.S., 400; 96 U.S., 421. 1888, Mar. 30, ch. 47, par. 2 (1 Supp. R. S., 582), directs the rigid enforcement of the oight-hour law in the Government Printing Office. 1888, May 24, ch. 308 (1 Supp. R. S., 587), makes eight hours a day's work for letter carriers, with a provision for extra pay in case of employment a greater number of hours. For decisions under this act seo 148 U.S., 124, 134. For construction of the act in the text see opinion of the Attorney General, published in General Orders, No. 61, Headquarters of the Army, Adjutant-General's Office, Sept. 6. 1892. For review of "labor legislation," see 1888, June 13, ch. 389 (1 Supp. R. S., 590).



Rate of wagos


8, v. 12, p. 330;

Seo noto 3.


Argon of armo

The provisions of this act shall not be so construed as to Existing con in any manner apply to or affect contractors or subcon- ed. tractors, or to limit the hours of daily service of laborers or mechanics engaged upon the public works of the United States or of the District of Columbia for which contracts have been entered into prior to the passage of this act. That

the rate of wages of the employés July 16, 1862. in the navy-yards shall conform, as nearly as is consistent with the public interest, with those of private establish - Cod hours of laments in the immediate vicinity of the respective yards, Dec. 12, 1861,8. to be determined by the commandants of the navy-yards, July 8, 1862, v. 12 subject to the approval and revision of the Secretary of the p. 587 Navy.

SEC. 5385. Every person who, within any fort, dock-yard, Titlo 70, chap. 3. navy-yard, arsenal, armory, or magazine, the site whereof is Arson ofdwellunder the jurisdiction of the United States, or on the site of ing house within any light-house, or other needful building belonging to the Mar. 3, 1825, s. United States, the site whereof is under their jurisdiction,

1, v. 4, p. 115. willfully and maliciously burns any dwelling-house or mansion-house, or any store, barn, stable, or other building, par. cel of any dwelling or mansion-house, shall suffer death. SEC. 5386. Every person who, in any of the places men

ry, arsenal, etc. tioned in the preceding section, maliciously sets fire to, or Idem, s. 2. burns, any arsenal, armory, magazine, rope-walk, ship-house, warehouse, block-house, or barrack, or any store-house, barn, or stable, not parcel of a dwelling-house, or any other building not mentioned in such section, or any vessel built, or begun to be built, or repairing, or any light-house, or beacon, or any timber, cables, rigging, or other materials for build ing, repairing, or fitting out vessels, or any pile of wood, boards, or other lumber, or any military, naval, or victualing stores, arms, or other munitions of war, shall be punished by a fine of not more than five thousand dollars, and by imprisonment at hard labor not more than ten years.

SEC. 5387. Every person who maliciously sets on fire, or burns, or otherwise destroys, any vessel of war of the United Idem, s. 11, p. States, afloat on the high seas, or in any arm of the sea, or in any river, haven, creek, basin, or bay within the admiralty jurisdiction of the United States, and

out of the jurisdiction of any particular State, shall suffer death.

No increase of the force at any navy-yard shall be made at June 30, 1876. any time within sixty days next before any election to take place for President of the United States, or member of Supplies P.109. Congress, except when the Secretary of the Navy shall cer- increase of forco.

June 30, 1876, v. tify that the needs of the public service make such increase 19, p. 65. necessary at that time, which certificate shall be immediately published when made.

Training Station, Coasters' Harbor Island, Rhode Island: Sept. 7, 1888. to enable the naval war college to be conducted at said island up to January first, eighteen hundred and eighty- of Torpedo Stanine: Provided, That the Secretary of the Navy is hereby tion and Naval

War College. authorized to consolidate and place under one command

Arson of vessel of war.


19 Stat. L., 65;

Prohibition on

See also under Secretaries and Clerks.

25 Stat. L., 458. Consolidation

Note S.-This act is omitted from the Revised Statutes, but has been always recog. nized as governing the rates of wagos, also the hours of labor until the passage of the eight-hour law.

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