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Page. Accountingutficers and accounts. 159-166 ('outracts, supplies, etc

28-41 Accounts, accounting, etc. ...... 159-229 Contributions.

268-271 Accounts of lost vessels and cloth

(ooly trade

440-448 166-168 Court of (laims, jurisdiction, etc. 202-209 Advertising, prices, etc ...... 168-170 Debts due by or to the United Allowances, etc. 89-101 States..

211-213 Apprentices, etc

123–130 Decisions of Federal courts, etc . 451-523 Appropriations, estimates. 170-177 Deserters and desertion.

44-17. Articles for the government of

Dies, etc

224-229 the Savy....

7-21 Diplomatic and consular officers. 297-300 Artificial limbs, trusses, and ap

Disbursing otficers

159-229 pliances..

58-60 Disbursing officers and agents .. 213-220 Assistant naval constructors,

Dismissal and resignatiou of offiete. 78-79 cers....

47-50 Attorney-General, Department of

Esecutive departments, civil Justice, duties, etc. 178-179 service in

180-188 Attorney-Generals, opinions of.. 154-523 Engineer Corps, appointments Attorneys and agents of Govern

in, etc

50-54 meut.. 179-180 Expatriation

301 Binding, public 235-2415 Extradition ...

301-305 Board of health

421-428 Federal courts, decisions of..... 454-523 Bounty, etc

272-274 Fish Commissioner, duty of Navy Bribes, contributions, presents,

relating thereto..

305-307 etc... 268-271 Flags and standards.

307 Buildings, public...

249-250 Fraud, forgery, theft, etc.. 307-311 Cemeteries, national.

60-61 Furlough and furlough pay..... 98-99 Chaplains, appointment of, etc.

Grounds, public

219–250 Checks and drafts.. 220-224 Guano islands

311-313 Citizenship

319-351 Habeas corps, power of courts, Civil engineers, appointment of,


313-316 etc...

26-27 Homesteads, rights of sailors.. 316-319 Civil service 180-196 Hospitals, asylums, etc .....

51-56 Departmental regulations 189–193 Hydrographie Office, establishIn Executive Departments.. 180-188 ment of, etc ....

61-62 Oath of office 188-189 Importations, etc.

320 Temporary vacancies

193-194 Insane of the Navy, Government Tenure of ottice, etc 191-196 Hospital for...

56-57 Claims and claim agents. 197–202 Insurrection, etc

448-453 Clothing, lost 166-168 Kidnaping

410-148 Coast survey.

274-275 Light-House Board and lights Coins, foreign value of.. 226-228 and buoys.

320-321 Collisions, rules of the sea 275-297 Lights, rules concerning. 273-297 ('onspiracy, etc.....

418-453 Line officers of the Navy, grades, Contingent funds 209-210 etc.




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Page, Mail matter, etc....

406-411 Postage, mail matter, etc..... 406-411 Maiminy, punishment for. 313-317 Presents, etc

268-271 Marme Corps.... 140-159 Printing, public...

235-245 Forage, fuel, quarters, etc., 156-159 Prize, prize money, etc

412-421 Organization, etc..... 110-116 Prizes, prize money

412-121 lay, rations, and mileage of. 119-156 Professors of mathematics .... 102-103 Retirement

146-119 Promotion or advancement in the Mates, rating, etc 65 Navy

103-107 Mathematics, professors of.. 102-103 Public documents, public printMedical Corps, appointment in,

ing and binding...

235-245 etc.

65-69 Public or department records ... 245-248 Merchant vessels and service,

Public property, buildings and yachts 322-313 grounds

249-250 Miscellaneous provisions 21-25-268 Public property, use of, sale of .. 251-261 Money, public.....

159–229 Quarantine and board of health. 421-428 Murder, manslaughter, maiming. | Railroads and telegraphs

428-432 mutiny, etc 313-317 Rank and precedence

108-113 Mutiny, punishment for 313-317 Rations, etc

113-115 National Home for Volunteer Sol

| Rebellion, etc

448-153 diers and Sailors 57-58 Records, departmental,

245-248 Naturalization 347-319 Reserved timber lands.

432-436 Naturalization, citizenship 317-319 Retirement, pay, etc

116-121 Nantical Almanac ...

69 Revenue-Cutter Service, rank in, Naval Academy, naval cadets... 70-77


436-439 Naval constructors, etc 77-78 Revised Statutes

261-267 Naval observatory.. 79 Salary, extra, etc.

99-100 Naval storekeepers

79-80 Sale of public property and mateNavy Department, Secretaries

rials ...

257-261 and Bureaus...

229-235 Seamen in the Navy, apprentices, Navy-yards and stations..... 80-81 etc...

123-130, 322-333 Neutrality, alien enemies, etc 351-360 Secretaries and clerks

121-123 Alien enemies ..

359-360 Slave traile, kidnaping, cooly International convention,

trade, etc

440-448 amelioration of wounded,

Statutes, Revised and at Large.. 261-267 etc.....

375-359 Timber lands reserved for Navy. 132-436 Patents and patented articles ... 360–361 Traveling expenses

100-101 Pay and allowances

89-101 Treason, rebellion, conspiracy, Pay Corps.... 81-89 and insurrection

418-453 Pension funds, naval

379-384 Vessels of the Navy, officers, etc. 130-137 Pension laws, naval 385-399 Volunteer service, naval.

137 Pensions, Navy

362-379 Warrant officers, number and Perjury, punishment for, etc .... 399-100 appointment of, etc

138-139 Pilots, pilotage, regulations, etc. 404-405 Weights and measures..

221-229 Piracy, robbery 400-404 Yachts






Articles for the government of the Mary, I General courts martial-Continued. see. 1624, 600.

Sentences of Authority of officers after loss of vessel,

How determined, art.50. art. 21.

Remission and mitigation of, art. Commanding officers, duties of, art. 20.

54. Commander's duties of supervision and Trials to be within two years of (omcontrol art. 1.

mitting offense, art.61. Court of inquiry, art. 55.

For desertion in time of peace, By whom ordered, art. 55.

art. 62. Constitution of, art. 56.

Provided, time limit to run from Oath of members and judge advocate

end of term, ibid. of, art. 58.

Witnesses examined in absence of Powers of, art. 57.

member, art. 47. Proceedings of, how authenticated Importing goods in public ressels, art. 12.

and used as evidence, art. 60. Imprisonment in penitentiary, art. 7. Rights of party inquired of, art. 59. Irreverent behavior, art.2. Trials to be within two years of com Maltreating persons taken on a prize, art, mitting offense. art. 61.

17. Trials for desertion in time of

peace, Murder, art. 6. art. 62.

Officers absent without leave may be re. Martial, general summary.

duced, art. 9. Crimes, certain, of fraud against the Offenses: United States, art. 14.

Punishable by death, art. 4. Dealing in supplies on private account, Committed on shore, art. 23. art, 11.

Not specitied. art. 22. Desertion by resignation, art. 10.

Punishable at discretion of the court, Distilled spirits only as medical stores,

art. 8. art. 13.

Prize-lists, transmission of, art, 15.
Divine service, art. 2.

Property, removing from captured vessel
Enlisting deserters, minors, etc., art. 19. before condemned as prize, art. 16.
Fugitives from service, returning same, Punishments:
art. 18.

By order of commander, art. 24.
General courte-martial, art. 38.

By officer temporarily commanding, By whoin convened, art. 38.

art. 25.
Charges to be furnished accused, art. For ottenses in time of peace, art. 63.

Spies, art.5.
Confirmation of sentence of, art. 53. Summary courts-martial, art. 26.
Constitution of, art. 39.

Constitution of, art. 27.
Contempts of, art. 42.

Dismissal of officers by, art. 36. Duty of officer arrested, art. 44.

Digrating for incompetency, art. 31. Flogging, branding, etc., art. 49.

Execution of sentence of, art. 32. Judgment, authentication of, art. 52. Manner of conducting proceedings of, Members, absence of, art. 46.

art. 34. Oaths of

Oath of members and recorder of, art.
Members of, art. 40.

Judge-advocate, art. 40.

Officers dismissed by President may
Witnesses, art. 41.

demand trial, art. 37. Punishment by, degree of, art.51.

Punishments by, art. 30.
Suspension of-

Remission of sentence of, art. 33.
For offenses in time of

peace, Same punishments by general court.
art. 03.

martial, art. 35.
Proceedings of, art. 45.

Testimony, how given, art. 29.
Pay, art. 48.


SEC. 1624. The Navy of the United States shall be gov- Title 15,chap.10. erned by the following articles:

Articles established.

July 17,1862, s. 1, v. 12, p. 600.


ARTICLE 1. The commanders of all fleets, squadrons, Commander's naval stations, and vessels belonging to the Navy, are vision and

duty of superrequired to show in themselves a good example of virtue, rection,

July 17, 1862, s. honor, patriotism, and subordination; to be vigilant in

v., 112, p. 600.

Dirine service,

Irreverent be. havior.

inspecting the conduct of all persons who are placed under their command; to guard against and suppress all dissolute and immoral practices, and to correct, according to the laws and regulations of the Navy, all persons who are guilty of them; and any such commander who offends against this article shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.

ART. 2. The commanders of vessels and naval stations July 17, 1862, s. 1, v. 12, p. 600. to winich chaplains are attached shall cause divine service

to be performed on Sunday, whenever the weather and other circumstances allow it to be done; and it is earnestly recommended to all officers, seamen, and others in the naval service diligently to attend at every performance of the worship of Almighty God.

ART. 3. Any irreverent or unbecoming behavior during Ibid., art. 2.

divine service shall be punished as a general or summary court-martial may direct.

ART. 4. The punishment of death, or such other punishment as a court-martial may adjudge, may be inflicted on

any person in the naval serviceMutiny. First. Who makes, or attempts to make, or unites with tiny, Division any mutiny or mutinous assembly, or, being wituess to or

present at any mutiny, does not do his utmost to suppress it; or, knowing of any mutinous assembly or of any intended mutiny, does not immediately communicate his knowledge to his superior or commanding officer;

Second. Or disobeys the lawful orders of his superior of orders.

officer; Striking supe.

Third. Or strikes or assaults, or attempts or threateus to strike or assault, his superior officer while in the exe

cution of the duties of his office; Intercourse Fourth. Or gives any intelligence to, or holds or enterwith an enemy. tains any intercourse with, an enemy or rebel, without leave

from the President, the Secretary of the Navy, the commander-in-chief of the fleet, the commander of the squadron, or, in case of a vessel acting singly, from his commanding

officer: Messages from Fifth. Or receives any message or letter from an enemy

or rebel, or, being aware of the unlawful reception of such message or letter, fails to take the earliest opportunity to

inform his superior or commanding officer thereof; Desertion in Sixth. Or, in time of war, deserts or entices others to

See Title Mu.



rior officer.

an enemy.


time of war.

See secs. 19961998, Desertion. Deserting trust.



Seventh. Or, in time of war, deserts or betrays his trust,

or entices or aids others to desert or betray their trust; Sleeping on Eighth. Or sleeps upon his watch; Leaving sta.

Ninth. Or leaves his station before being regularly

relieved; Willful strand Tenth. Or intentionally or willfully suffers any vessel of ing or injury of the Navy to be stranded, or run upon rocks or shoals, or

improperly hazarded; or maliciously or willfully injures any vessel of the Navy, or any part of her tackle, armament, or equipment, whereby the safety of the vessel is

hazarded or the lives of the crew exposed to danger; Unlawful de Eleventh. Or unlawfully sets on fire, or otherwise unlawstruction of pub. lic property.

fully destroys, any public property not at the time in possession of an enemy, pirate, or rebel;

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