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217 (23 Stat. L., 108.)

R. S., soc. 1260. may be assigned as provided by section twelve hundred

and sixty of the Revised Statutes. Repeal of SEC. 2. That the said section twelve hundred and twentyR.S., sec. 1225, as amended by five of the Revised Statutes of the United States, as 1884, July 5, ch. amended by the said act of Congress approved July fifth,

eighteen hundred and eighty-four, and all acts and parts Sept. 26, 1888. of acts inconsistent or in conflict with the provisions of

this act, be, and the same are hereby repealed, saving always, however, all acts and things done under the said

amended section as heretofore existing, Jan. 13, 1891.

Provided, That no officer shall be detailed to or main26 Stat. L., 716. tained at any of the educational institutions mentioned in Detail of army said act where instruction and drill in military tactics is and navy officers to colleges, etc. not given: itary instruction,

Nov. 3, 1893. That section twelve hundred and twenty-five of the 28 Stat. L., 7. Revised Statutes, concerning details of officers of the Army

E S., and Navy to educational institutions, be, and the same is 1892-95. p. 152.

Army details of hereby, amended so as to permit the President to detail leges, - limit in

under the provisions of said act not to exceed one hundred

officers of the Army of the United States; Aug. 6, 228. par. 3.

and no officer shall be thus detailed who has not had five years service in the Army

and no detail to such duty shall extend for more than

-only where mil.

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creased to 100.

See note 4.


four years

Retired officers.

See 5



and officers on the retired list of the Army may upon Les montes.260. their own application be detailed to such duty and when so

detailed shall receive the full pay of their rank;

and the maximum number of officers of the Army and Navy, maximum of detail in. Navy to be detailed at any one time under the provisions

of the act approved January thirteenth, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, amending section twelve hundred and twenty-five of the Revised Statutes as amended by an act approved September twenty-sixth, eighteen hundred and eighty-eight, is hereby increased to one hundred and ten.

creased to 110.



4807. Superintendence of Navy hospitals. 4812. Allowance of rations to Navy hos.
4809. Appropriation of fines.

4810. Purchase and erection of Navy hos- 4813. Allowance from pensions.

Hospital at Hot Springs, Ark. 4811. Government of Naval Asylum.

Closing of hospitals.

Title 69, chap. 1. SEC. 4807. The Secretary of the Navy shall have the gen

Superintend. eral charge and superintendence of Navy hospitals. ence of Navy hospitals.

See act Nov. 3, Note 4.-For other acts relating to details of officers of the Army and Navy see 1893.

the following: 1879, Feb. 26, ch. 105 (1 Supp. R. S., 221), authorizing the detail of not exceeding 25 Officers of the Engineer Corps of the Navy. 1888, Sept. 26, ch. 1037 (1 Supp. R. S., 620), authorizing the detail of not exceeding 50 officers from the Army and 10 from the Nary in addition to those authorized by the preceding act, and providing for the apportionment of the officers so detailed, and the issuance of ordnance stores to the colleges to which such officers are assigned. 1891, Jan. 13, ch.70 (1 Supp. R. S., 887), increasing the maximum of the otficers of the Army to be so detailed to 75, and the maximum for Army and Navy to 85, anal limiting such detail to institu. tions where instruction and drill in military tactics is given. 1895, Mar. 2, ch. 186, par. 2, authorizing the detail of any retired officer of the Navy or Marine Corps. R.S., sec. 1225, named in the text, as well as 1881, July 5, ch. 217 (23 Stat. L., 108), were repealed by the act of 1888 above referred to.

Note 5.--As to such details of retired oflicers, see 1894, Aug. 6, ch. 228, par. 3.






Stat. L., 485.

p. 573.

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now located at

Feb. 26, 1811, s.

SEC. 15. Sections forty-five hundred and eighty-five, June 26, 1884. forty-five hundred and eighty-six, and forty-five hundred Supp. R. S. p. and eighty-seven of the Revised Statutes, and all other acts

Hospital tax and parts of acts providing for the assessment and collec. ou seamon aboltion of a hospital tax for seamen, are hereby, repealed, and Expenses the expense of maintaining the Marine Hospital Service Marine Hospital shall hereafter be borne by the United States out of the paid. receipts for duties on tonnage provided for by this act; R.IS, SS7 4585–

Repeal of and so much thereof as may be necessary, is hereby appro- 4587

Mar. 3, 1875, priated for that purpose.

ch. 156, and 18 SEC. 4809. All fines imposed on Navy officers, seamen, of fines.

Appropriation and marines shall be paid to the Secretary of the Navy, for Feb. 26. 1811, 8: the maintenance of Navy hospitals.

2, v.2, p.050

10, 1832, 8. 5. v. 4, SEC. 4810. The Secretary of the Navy shall procure at

Purchase and

erection of Navy suitable places proper sites for Navy hospitals, and if the hospitals. necessary buildings are not procured with he site, shall, Feb. 26, 1811, 8.

3,v.2, p. 650; July cause such to be erected, having due regard to economy, 10, 1832, s. 5, v. 4, and giving preference to such plans as with most conven- Naval Asylum ience and least cost will admit of subsequent additions,

Philadelphia. when the funds permit and circumstances require; and shall provide, at one of the establishments, a permanent asylum for disabled and decrepit Navy officers, seaman, and marines. SEC. 4811. The asylum for disabled and decrepit Navy Government of

Naval Asylum. officers, seainen, and marines shall be governed in accordance with the rules and regulations prescribed by the Sec- 4, v. 2, p. 650. retary of the Navy. (See section 5757, naval pension fund,

[ as to provision for those preferring pension to the asylum.]

SEC. 4812. For every Navy officer, seaman, or marine Allowance of admitted into a Navy hospital, the institution shall be rations to Navy

hospitals. allowed one ration per day during his continuance therein, Tbid.. 8.5. to be deducted from the account of the United States with such officer, seaman, or marine. SEC. 4813. Whenever any Navy officer, seaman,

pension. marine, entitled to a pension, is admitted to a Navy hos. "Ibid." pital, the pension, during his continuance in the hospital, shall be paid to the Secretary of the Navy and deducted from the account of such pensioner.

Provided, That one hundred thousand dollars be, and June 30, 1882. hereby is, appropriated for the erection of an Army and

Army and Navy Navy hospital at Hot Springs, Arkansas, which shall be hospital at Hot erected by and under the direction of the Secretary of Springs 30,"ke War, in accordance with plans and specifications to be 22 Stat. L. p. 121 prepared and submitted to the Secretary of War by the priation act. Surgeons-General of the Army and Navy; which hospital, when in a condition to receive patients, shall be subject to such rules, regulations, and restrictions as shall be provided by the President of the United States: Provided further, That such hospital shall be erected on the government reservation at or near Hot Springs, Arkansas.

And if the Secretary of the Navy shall not be able to Mar. 3, 1883. maintain properly the whole number of naval hospitals now Closing of hog. kept open on the amounts hereby appropriated for the main-pitals.


Allowance from

Juno 1882,

Army appro

Aug. 5, 1882, tenance of and civil establishment at naval hospitals, he and 3, 1883, 1.22, Stat. L., p. shall close those which are least necessary to the service,

and provide for the patients now cared for therein at such other naval hospitals as may be most convenient.




1551. Authority of the Secretary of the

Navy, etc.
4838. Establishment of the Government

Hospital for the Insane.
843. Admission of insane persons of the

Army, Navy, etc.

Limit to Admission.
Transfer of insa ne convicts, etc.
Admission of insane inmates of

National Home for Disabled Vol

Aug. 3


Admission of

Title 16, chap. 7. SEC. 1551. The Secretary of the Navy may cause persons

Insane of the in the naval service or Marine Corps, who become insane Navy. Ag. 3, 1848, s. while in the service, to be placed in such hospital for the 13, V: 9,"P: 272: insane as, in his opinion, will be most convenient and July.2. 1984

, s. 2. best calculated to promise a restoration of reason. p.

And he may pay to any such hospital, other than the Government Hospital for the Insane in the District of Columbia, the pay wḥich may from time to time be due to such insane person, and he may, in addition thereto, pay to such institution, from the annual appropriation for the naval service, under the head of contingent enumerated, any deficiency of a reasonable expense, not exceeding one hundred dollars

per annum. Title 69, chap. 4. SEC. 4838. There shall be in the District of Columbia a

Government Government Hospital for the insane, and its objects shall Hospital for the be the most humane care and enlightened curative treat

Mar. 3, 1855, s. ment of the insane of the Army and Navy of the United 1, v. 10, p. 682.

States and of the District of Columbia.

SEC. 4843. The superintendent, upon the order of the

of the Army, Navy, Secretary of War, of the Secretary of the Navy, and of the Marine Corpå Secretary of the Treasury, respectively, shall receive, and June 15, 1860, s. keep in custody until they are cured, or removed by the

, p. July 13, 1800, ss. 1, 2, same authority which ordered their reception, 14, pp. 93, 94. sons of the following descriptions:

First. Insane persons belonging to the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and revenue-cutter service.

Second. Civilians employed in the Quartermaster's and Subsistence Departments of the Army who may be, or may hereafter become, insane while in such employment.

Third. Men who, while in the service of the United States, in the Army, Navy, or Marine Corps, have been admitted to the hospital, and have been thereafter discharged from it on the supposition that they have recovered their reason, and have, within three years after such discharge, become again insane from causes existing at the time of such discharge, and have no adequate means of support.

Fourth. Indigent insane persons who have been in either of the said services and been discharged therefrom on account of disability arising from such insanity.

Fifth. Indigent insane persons who have become insane within three years after their discharge from such service, from causes which arose during and were produced by said service.


insane per


June 16, 1880,

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See notes.

etc., to Govern


Admission of insane from Na.


See note 1.

Hereafter the admission to the hospital shall be limited June 16, 1880. to such persons as are entitled to treatment therein under Limit to admisthe provisions of title 59, chap. 4, of the Revised Statutes of the United States, and under the act approved March 3, v. 21, p. 259. 1875, chap. 156.

That upon the application of the Attorney-General the Aug. 7, 1882. Secretary of the Interior be, and he is hereby, authorized Transfer of inand directed to transfer to the Government Hospital for

sano convicto, the Insane in the District of Columbia all persons who, ment Hospital. having been charged with offenses against the United 1, v. 18, p. 251: States, are in the actual custody of its officers, and all per. Aug. 2 1882, 22

StatL., p. 330. sons who have been or shall be convicted of any offense in a court of the United States and are imprisoned in any State prison or penitentiary of any State or Territory, and who during the term of their imprisonment have or shall become and be insane.

In addition to the persons now entitled to admission to said hospital, any inmate of the National Home for Disa- tional Home for bled Volunteer Soldiers, who is now or may hereafter become

Disabled Volun. insane shall, upon an order of the president of the board Aug. 7, 1882, 22

Stat. L., p. 330. of managers of the said National Home, be admitted to said hospital and treated therein; and if any inmate so admitted from said National biome is or thereafter becomes a pensioner, and has neither wife, minor child, nor parent dependent on him, in whole or in part, for support, his arrears of pension and his pension money accruing during the period he shall remain in said hospital shall be applied to his support in said hospital, and be paid over to the proper officer of said institution for the general uses thereof. Government Hospital for the Insane.

That here- June 16, 1880. after the admissions to the hospital shall be limited to such Supp. R. S. p. persons as are entitled to treatment therein under the pro- 1882

, Aug.5, ch. visions of title fifty-nine, chapter four, of the Revised Stat- 390; par: 3, posta

Admissions utes of the United States, and under the act approved Hospital for In. March third, eighteen hundred and seventy-five, chapter of Columbia. one hundred and fifty-six, second session, Forty-third R. s., $$ 4843–

S., Congress.

1875, March 3, ch. 156, 9 5; 1882, Aug. 7, ch. 133, par. 14; 1884, July 7, ch. 332, par. 5,




sane in District



4832. Persons entitled to admission

Disposition of pensions. SEC. 4832. The following persons only shall be entitled Title 59, chap. 3. to the benefits of the National Home for disabled volunteer What persons soldiers, and may be admitted thereto, upon the recom



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mission, etc.

Note 1.- Volunteer soldiers who have become insane within a period of more than three years after their discharge from service may be admitted to the Government Asylum for the Insane in the District of Columbia, whether at the time they became insane they were inmates of any volunteer soldiers' asylum or not. (Op., XIV, p. 225, Williams, Apr. 23, 1873; but sce act of June 16, 1880, ante.)

An act approved March 3, 1875, v. 18, p. 485, chap. 156, sec. 5, provides that insane patients of the Marine-Hospital Service may be admitted to the Government Hog. pital for the Insano upon the order of the Secretary of the Treasury, at a charge not exceeding four dollars and fifty cents a week.

An act approved June 23, 1874, 18 Stat. L., 251, provides for the admission of insane convicts to the insane asylum in the District of Columbia.

Feb. 28.,

These homes are at Augusta,


Mar. 21, 1866, mendation of three of the board of managers, namely: All s. 7, v. 14, p. 11;

'1871, officers and soldiers who served in the late war for the supRes. 45, : , 16P. pression of the rebellion, and the volunteer soldiers and 599; Jan. 23, 1873, s. 1, v. 17, p. 417. ' sailors of the war of eighteen hundred and twelve and of

the Mexican war, and not provided for by existing laws,

who have been or may be disabled by wounds received or Mc., Milwaukee, sickness contracted in the line of their duty; and such of

Dayton, Ohio

, Knights: these as have neither wife, child, nor parent dependent town, Ind, and upon them, on becoming inmates of this home, or receiving

. Hampton, Va.

relief therefrom, shall assign thereto their pensions when required by the board of managers, during the time they

shall remain therein or receive its benefits. Aug. 7, 1882. That all pensions and arrears of pensions payable or to

Pensions of in. be paid to pensioners who are or may become inmates of mates of homes the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers shall

be paid to treasurers of be paid to the treasurers of said home, to be applied by such

treasurers as provided by law, under the rules and regulaAug. 7, 1882, 1. tions of said home. Said payments shall be made by the 22, Stat.L., p. 322.

pension agent upon a certificate of the proper officer of the home that the pensioner is an inmate thereof on the day to which said pension is drawn. The treasurers of said home, respectively, shall give security, to the satisfaction of the managers of said home, for the payment and application by them of all arrears of pension and pension-moneys they may receive under the aforesaid provision. And section two of the act entitled “An act making appropriations for the payment of invalid and other pensions of the United States for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, and for deficiencies, and for other purposes," approved February twenty-sixth, eighteen hundred and eighty-one, is hereby revived and continued in force.


such tions.

See note 1.

Note 1.- Under the act of Feb. 26, 188:, the pensions are to be paid over to the treasurer. without deduction for fines or penalties. Any balance on discharge of inmate is to be paid over to him; in case of death, to his widow, children, or legal representatives.


1176. Trugses, to whom furnished.
1177. Applications for trusses.
1178. Purchase of trusses.
4787. Artificial limbs to be furnished

every five years.
4788. Commutation rates in money value

for limb, etc.

4789. Money commutation, how paid.
4790. Commutation to persons who can

not use artiticial limbs.
4791. Transportation for persons to whom

artiticial limbs are furnished. Surgical appliances.

Title 14, chap. 1. SEC. 1176. That every soldier of the Union Army, or

Trussos. to petty-officer, seaman, or marine in the naval service, who whom furnished was ruptured while in the line of duty during the late war

May 28, 1872, s.
I; V. 17. P. 164: for the suppression of the rebellion, or who shall be so rup-
Mar.3, 1879, v. 20, tured thereafter in any war, shall be entitled to receive a

single or double truss of such style as may be designated
by the Surgeon General of the United States Army as best
suited for such disability; and whenever the said truss or
trusses so furnished shall become useless from wear, de-


See note 1.

See sec, 1176, Pensions.

Seo sec. 1176.

Note 1.- It is left with the Surgeon-General of the Army to adopt one style, or different styles, keeping in view the selertion of that which in his judgment is best adapted to the purpose for which intended. (Op., XIV, 72. July 30, 1872.)

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