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POST FREE FOR SIX STAMPS, or LARGE EDITION (bound in cloth) 1s. 3d. from the AUTHOR



By G. T. CONGREVE, Coombe Lodge, Peckham.

The Nature, Progress, and True Treatment of this Scourge of England, with 133 Selected Cases.

The following testimony by the Editor of the "CHRISTIAN GLOBE" appeared in that Journal, December 4th:

"Last week we called upon a Mrs. Naish, of Woodbine Terrace, Copeland Road, Peckham, who had been under Mr. Congreve's treatment, and what did she tell us? Before we say what she told us, let us say what we saw. We saw a buxom, healthy woman busily engaged in her domestic duties, preparing her children's dinner, the youngest, a fat, healthy little girl, impatiently waiting for her share of the repast, and a finer, healthier little specimen of humanity we have not set eyes on for some time past. Now for what she told us, and every word she said was corroborated by her landlady. When she went to her present residence her landlady was doubtful about accepting her as a tenant, owing to the extreme state of attenuation in which she was. She was simply skin and bone. She was daily expecting her confinement; and her friends hoped that the child might not be born alive, so that it might be saved the few days of misery and wretchedness which otherwise awaited it. That child was the one we saw impatiently, but still good-humouredly, waiting for her dinner. Mrs. Naish had been for a year at one of the London hospitals for consumption, and had left there worse than she went. She had exhausted their small means in paying for medical advice, and received no benefit. Well, she was advised to apply to Mr. Congreve, and she did so, and put herself entirely under his guidance; and, we are happy to say, with marvellously successful results. The cure was not immediate, but relief was, and gradually she emerged from the valley of the shaddow of death, and she and her child are now in perfect health, the youngster looking as unlike an infant suffering from pulmonary complaint as it is possible to imagine.

"We did not stop here, however. We communicated with a Mr. Arthur Jones, of Taly wain Station, Pontypool, Mon., with reference to a letter of his which has appeared in print, and he in every particular bears out the statements therein conveyed as to the benefit received by his brother, after he placed himself under Mr. Congreve's charge. Mr. Jones's brother was attacked by Phthisisand not his brother only, but several of his friends-and he was at death's door. He attributes his recovery entirely to Mr. Congreve's medicine and advice.

"A lady from the Isle of Wight, whose name we are not at liberty to publish, sends us quite a list of cures in which she is interested; the sufferers having been induced by her to adopt Mr. Congreve's treatment, and in every case with not only beneficial but marvellous results. We feel that we should be neglecting a plain and manifest duty did we not make known the result of our enquiries more especially at this period of the year when the poor victims of this dread disease are day by day losing their lives through what it is hardly too strong to designate as The Nation's Curse."


The writer is a Baptist Minister, of Clayton, Norwich. He says:

"I am glad to tell you that through your kindnes I have been enabled to be of great service to a friend here-the wife of a deacon of my Church. Her case was one of severe Bronchitis; her cough was of a most distressing character; her medical attendant gave up all hope of her recovery. Thereupon I procured for her your medicine. From the first (the great Master giving His blessing) she began to recover, and is now quite well. May you be long spared to be a blessing in the relief of suffering humanity."

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General Baptist Magazine Advertising Sheet, January, 1885.


A NEW feature in the Advertising Department of the General Baptist Magazine is now introduced. Opportunity is afforded to every Church and School in the Connexion to advertise their special efforts in the Magazine at a very low price. Under the heading given below, the Printers will insert advertisements of Special Sermons, Tea Meetings, Anniversary and Recognition Services, Lectures, Public Meetings, &c., intended to be held during each ensuing month. The charge will be Sixpence per line only, each line counting as fourteen words. Specimens below. Stamps must in each case accompany the order, which should be sent to WINKS & SON, Publishers, Leicester.

WHAT THE CHURCHES AND SCHOOLS ARE DOING. MARKET HARBOROUGH.-£250 wanted. We are preparing for a Bazaar. Who will THE REV. W. MORRIS, F. R. Hist. S., Loughborough, is open to supply.

help us? Money or goods will be gratefully received by MRS. WILD, Church-street.


Estimates for Addresses on Vellum, &c., and all kinds of artistic designing, may be had from JAS. W. SMITH, 14, Bishop Street, Leicester. Specimens and prices free by post.



An edition has been printed on superior paper, with large margins, in size suited to the Desk, Pulpit, or Drawing Room Table. May now be had bound in several styles.

PRICES:-Cloth, 5s. 6d.; Roan, Red Edges, 6s. 6d.; Roan, Gilt Edges, 78; Morocco, Gilt Edges, 10s. 6d.; Morocco, Extra, 12s.; each of these styles with London Chants in the same volume, 6d. additional.




The Ruby or Double-Column edition of the Hymnal may be had with Bible in corresponding type and style bound together in one neat volume.

PRICES:-French Morocco, gilt edges, 5s. 6d.; Ditto, Circuit Binding, i.e., with flaps covering the edges of the book, 7s.; English Morocco, gilt edges, 9s. 6d.; Ditto, Circuit Binding, 10s. 6d.

Specimen copies may be seen at WINKS & SON's, High Street, Leicester; YOUNG'S, Chapel Bar, Nottingham; WALKER'S, Post Office, Hyson Green; and KIRKBY'S, Radford Road, Hyson Green, Nottingham.

Prices of SCHOOL HYMNAL; Cheap Edition: paper covers, 1d.; limp cloth, 2d. Best Edition: 4d., limp cloth; 6d., plain boards; 8d., cloth, gilt lettered.


For full information as to Hymnals and Tune Book, apply to E.

MARLBOROUGH & Co., 51, Old Bailey, London.

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