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1. Hopkins, John D... Peace or War. The

American Conitis. L. 1861. вале Loads of the Seizure of the Southern Envoys. £. 1861. 3. British and For. Anti-Stav. Soc.. - Bitish Aid to the Confederates. L. Thomas, A. C. - Brayerful Sympathy in voked for America; a Summon ! L. [1662] Holkins, John H... The Bible Niew of Am. Glavery revy. £. 1863. O Recognition of the Southern Contederacy. a. 1863. " The Bromley Lective



Hall Chronicle. Lorimer, Janies. - The Rights and Lu. thes of Belligerents and Sentrals.


1. Edingle. 1865. The Problem.

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