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1. "Korpelerine, Yohu 1. Due or War. The American britis. L. 1861.

Cuty of the Yriture

! L. 1861 į British and for. Anti-Slav. Soc.: Prit

ish did to the Confederates. L. Thomas, W. b., - Prayerful Gymraltey viva voklid for simeneata Sumbwa

w1862. Hopkins, John H... The Bible View of Awu. Slavery. . 1865.

lecos nilin in the Southern boulederney. 2. 1863.

Hull Chroniele. Lorimer, samies. The Rights and Du. his of Billigerents and Neutrals,

... Edinge. 1865. The Probletn.

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