The Teaching of Arithmetic: A Manual for Teachers

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D. Appleton, 1916 - Arithmetic - 387 pages
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Page 373 - ... 1. If you buy 2 tablets at 7 cents each and a book for 65 cents, how much change should you receive from a two-dollar bill?
Page 373 - How many pencils can you buy for 50 cents at the rate of 2 for 5 cents? 5 The uniforms for a baseball nine cost $2.50 each. The shoes cost $2 a pair. What was the total cost of uniforms and shoes for the nine?
Page 374 - You will be given eight minutes to find the answers to as many of these addition examples as possible. Write the answers on this paper directly underneath the examples. You are not expected to be able to do them all. You will be marked .for both speed and accuracy, but it is more important to have your answers right than to try a great many examples.
Page 371 - ... what is the area in square miles that the map represents? 2. The salt water which was obtained from the bottom of a mine of rock salt contained 0.08 of its weight of pure salt. What weight of salt water was it necessary to evaporate in order to obtain 3896 pounds of salt? 3. A gentleman gave away } of the books in his library, lent J of the remainder, and sold i of what was left.
Page 373 - A freight train left Albany for New York at 6 o'clock. An express train left on the same track at 8 o'clock. It went at the rate of 40 miles an hour. At what time of day will it overtake the freight train if the freight train stops after it has gone 56 miles?
Page 373 - A girl spent one-eighth of her money for car fare, and three times as much for clothes. Half of what she had left was 80 cents. How much money did she have at first?
Page 373 - J he bought Sunday papers at 2 cents each. How many did he buy ? 3. If James had 4 times as much money as George, he would have $16. How much money has George? 4. How many pencils can you buy for 50 cents at the rate of 2 for 5 cents?
Page 349 - Do not work the following examples. Read each example through, make up your mind what operation you would use if you were going to work it, then write the name of the operation selected in the blank space after the example. Use the following abbreviations : — "Add.
Page 370 - A farmer's wife bought 2 . 75 yards of table linen at $o . 87 a yard and 16 yards of flannel at $0.55 a yard. She paid in butter at $0.27 a pound. How many pounds of butter was she obliged to give ? 8. A man and boy together spaded & of a garden.
Page 349 - Sub." for subtraction, " Mul." for multiplication, and " Div." for division. 1. The children of a school gave a sleigh-ride party. There were 9 sleighs used, and each sleigh held 30 children. How many children were there in the party? 2. Two school-girls played a number game. The score of the girl that lost was 57 points and she was beaten by 16 points. What was the score of the girl that won? 3. A girl counted the automobiles that passed a school. The total was 60 in two hours.

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