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An Aged Man.
15 English Show, An...

178 Lion, Character and Habits of the.... 32 Preach? What and low shall a Man 89
Are we Poor?.
65 Education, Physico-Mental.
204 Large Head, A
61 Preaching, Extemporary

Acquisitiveness vs. Benevolence... 72 Eloquence, Childish.

103 Literary Women.
91 Quaker Wedding, A..

Abyssinia and its people...
228 Economy, Domestic.
216 Labor in Heaven..
148 Robertson, Frederick W., M.A.

Aunt Priscilla....
214 Female Accountant.
164 Lindley, Dr. John.
180 Religions Statistice in the U.S..

Across the River....
88 Facts, Dietetic..
136 Ladies, Attention.
113 Reed, Thos. Allen...

Absent, The.......
212 Family Records..
67 Mulattoes-Do they Perpetuate Them- " Ruth".

Affection, Inordinate.
142 Florida Indians, Our..

20 selves ?
198 Rest I.

198 Fashion, The Tyranny of.
14 Men, Who are the Useful...
84 Rainbow Parish.

Business Men of New York, Eminent. 64 Fast Young Man, The..

57 "Man in the Image of God," etc.. 74 Rocky Mountain Book Store, A. 195
British Workmen
63 Firmness and Combativeness, Large. 168 Man, The Origin of .

190 Rules for a Teacher, Good.
Begin Right..
71 Fulahs, The......
244 Memory.
217 Resurrection, The...

Broad Way, The........
94 Franklin obtained a Situation, How.. 17 Mute and Unsocial, The..

15 Races, Origin of..

Baxter, Richard..
110 Giving Thanks.

7 Macy, Chas. A
65 Suicide, Napoleon on..

Burns, Rev. Jabez, D.D..
184 Goldis, The...
21 Mother's Influence, A.
58 Salntatory

Beecher's Philosophy, Mr.
211 Good Speakers...
105 Movement Cure, The..
152 Self-Help

Bookworms, On..
212 Griffith, Allen A

137 Mind, Origin of, in Compound Animals 153 Seasons of Life
Blessed Land, The.
181 Greece, King and Queen of.
140 May, Rev. Samuel J.

165 Spirituality in Human Progress. 98
Be Courteous
223 God? Is there &..
150 Mexico and Maximilian..
172 Seeing not Believing..

Business Face, A.
102 Good-bye.
148 Musicians, The Great
172 Spring Fashions.

Brakes, Clap on the..
49 Gifts, Diversity of...
189 Motive? What is the..

188 Smith on "The Family," Mrs. E.O.. 113
Bright, John, and Benj. D'Israeli.. 85 Garden, Plant a...

71 My Wife..
187 Selfish Faculties, The

Brain, Freezing the.
102 Henry, Patrick, and Edward Everett . 6 Manville, Mrs. Helen A..

177 Suicide

Culture in the Ministry, Uses of. 7 Heads and Hearts..

8 Murphy, Isaac
217 Staunton, Phineas, A.M.

Abuses of 52 Headache....

198 McGee, Thomas D.
233 Success, The Secret of .

Cromwell, Oliver..
21 Halleck, Fitz Greene.
31 Music.
148 Search, The.....

Consciousness and Mental Action, 47, 87, Hints for Every Day Use..

212 Nose, The “ Stick-Up"

10 Stanley, Lord, and Earl of Derby. 45
126, 167, 207 Home of their Own, A..

56 Napoleon, Prince Imperial.

44 Strawberry, A French..
Character in the Hair, Signs of.. 73 History on Canvas...

70 No Business
105 Spelling.....

Cooper, Peter....
64 Homes of the Metropolis...
59 Nose, My
151 Speakers, Good.

Croly, Mrs. J. C. (Jennie June). 100 Human Decadence.

62 National Debt, How to Pay our.. 155 Social Clubs rs. Longevity..
Congressman, Our..
151 Hopking, Bishop.

90 National Game, The

164 Temperance in Mental Manifestation. 61
Charles I. of England..
138, 169 Howe, Timothy, o. M. C......

96 New Sign, Friend David's
111 Timely Topics....

Canova, Antonio, or the Gift of Sculp- Help! Help! Help!...

105 Our Country ..

29 Teachers and Scholars..

103, 136
215 Hebrew Clergyman, Eminent
145 Old and New Broom, The.

154 Theodore, King of Abyssinia.. 191, 227
Cash Account, The Moral of a....... 195 Hard Times.

188 Over the Sea...

194 Temperance rs. Intemperance.. 232
Contented, Don't be....
27 Husbands in Prospect..
179 On the Track
216 Tribes with no Religion...

Cheerful Face, A..
168 Hall, George ..
205 Old Year, The..

8 Tea and Coffee...

Conscience, A Perplexed.
116 Holland, J. G
220 Onesidedness.

71 Ugly Mug and Her Magical Glass. 114
Derby, Earl of, and Lord Stanley 45 Hints for Every Day Use...

212 Oratory, Pulpit
219 Unity in Division..

Deems, Chas. F., D.D.
53 Horne, My Childhood's.
14 Ourselves...
26 Unappreciated Talents.

Drew, Daniel
66 Happiest Period, The
118 Phrenology-Is it a Science ?.. 168 Virtuous Life, The.

D'Israeli, Benj., and John Bright.. 85 Idiotic Trained, The...

12 Peace, Blessings of...
207 Village Sketch, A...

Dean, Prof. Amos, Death of....... 106, 150 Intemperance in the Sonth

17 Phrenological Journal, The
93 Volume, End of the..

Dervishes of the Orient..
124 Indian Weed, The.....
60 Possibilities..
94 Wife, How to Choose a.

149 Insanity..
225 Poor? Are we
69 What is the Use of It!.

Duty-The Popular Idea....... 178 Insanity Natural..
59 Pauperism-Its Cause and Cure. 104 “ World Moves, The"

Dying at the Top....
231 Invalidism, Fashionable.
102 Principle. ::
75 Wodehouse, Baron...

Duty, Your
30 Joint Stock Associations.
157 Patti, Adelina..
125 Woman's Manner, A

Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell
93 James A Day on..
18 Physiognomy, New.
73 Writing for the Press

Europe-Its Sovereignties.
24 Japanese, The...

84 Phantasmagoria ..
128, 208 " What They Say

Everett, Edward, and Patrick Henry. 6 Jennings, Isaac, M.D.

133 Presence of God, The..
71 Wheat Bread..

Earth, Internal Condition of the 19 Jews and Judaism, The..

147 Pipe and its Story, The...

135 Young Lady to " Country Cousin 176
Extensive Pedestrianism-O.P. Schafer 34 Kean, Charles..

112 Pastor's Tribute, A



Abyssinian Warriors......
Baxter, Richard.....
Burns, Jabez, D.D.
Bright, John..
Book Store, Rocky Mountain
Cooper, Peter
Croley, Mrs. (Jennie June).
Derby, Earl of.
Deems, Charles F., D.D.
Drew, Daniel..
D'Israeli, Benjamin.
Dervishes of the Orient.
Everett, Edward..
Florida Indians....
Fast Young Man-Three Illustrations

229 | French Strawberry..

74 Japanese Funeral.
110 Fulah Warriors

244 Kean, Charles...
184 Goldi Man and Woman.

21 Lions, A Group of.
85 Griffith, Allen A

137 Lion, Head of..
195 Greece, King of.

140 Large Head..
Queen of

141 Lindley, John, Dr.
100 Henry, Patrick.

5 Macy, Chas. A
27 Halleck, Fitz Greene,

81 Movement Cure-11 Figures..
53 Hopkins, Bishop.

90 May, Samuel J., D.D..
66 Howe, Timothy.

96 Musicians, The Great-8 Portraits...
85 Hebrew Clergymen, Eminent-12 Por. 145 Manville, Mrs. H. A...
124 Hall, George..

205 McGee, Thomas D........
5 Holland, J. G..

220 Murphy, Isaac ..
20 Japanese Officer and Lady

84 Napoleon, Prince Imperial.
57 Jennings, Isaac, Dr....

133 National Game, Victím of our.

84 Pipe and its Story, The-2 Illus.... 185
112 Patti, Adelina..

32 Robertson, Frederick W., M.A.

33 Reed, Thomas Allen

61 Seminary for Young Ladies, Dr. Dio
180 Lewis

65 Schafer. Christian.

152 Stuck-Up Nose, The

168 Stanley, Lord.

172 Sovereigns of Europe-12 Illus.. 24, 25
177 Stanton, Phineas, A.M..

233 Seeing not Believing.

217 Theodore, King of Abyssinia.. 191
44 Ugly Mug and Mer Magical Glass 4 III. 114
164 Wodehouse, Baron...



ucator on ....

Appetite, Perverted..
American Dress, An
Affection-Does it Spring from tho

Aged Woman, An.
Antiquity of Man.
American Free Schools, A French Ed-
An Appeal.
Angel Guide, The.
Brougham, Lord
Brain or Muscle.
Beaver, The..
Burlingame, Anson
Blair, Francis P.
Beautify Your Homes..
Baseball Stained..
Bible and ature
Beautiful! What is
Better Woman? Which is the.
Bath, The Turkish
Broken Harp, The
Brains, The Par Value of..

10 Business vs. Charity ..

189 De Bow, James D. B.
48 Body, The-What is its King! 207 Dewdrop, The
128 Brazil - Notes on the Inhabitants 214 Does he Drink?.
135 California "Some Pumpkins" 148 Darwin, Charles
Cornelius, Peter Von

1 Discipline, The Use of..
126 Coal Mines of England...

40 Drink...
185 Clergymen, Eminent Roman Catholic. 13 Death.
163 Candidates for the Presidency.. 100 Dream, A
Colfax, Schuyler...

100 Drugs, The Abuse of
3 Cattle Shows..

104 Do as Others Do...
135 Chinese in California..

120 Education of Criminals.
214 Cathedral of Chartres.

160 Emerson on the Eye
220 College Education, Expense of. 154 Equivalent, An....
24 Conscientiousness and its Functions. 128 Eyes, Blue and Black..
54 Characters of Shakespeare-Macbeth. 165 Educational.....
71 Culture and Crimc, High..

172 Eloquent Passage, An..
81 Crisis in Her Life, The..

174 Faculties, A Convention of the..
101 Creed, My

126 Female Beanty, National Types of..
96 Church, A Perfect.

114 Faith in God..
131 Concentrated Progress of the World. 205 Foreign Celebrities
149 Chaldea, An Ideal..

224 Friendship, North and South.
173 Crying, Advantages of .

208 Fun at Home...
175 Comfort...

211 Frightened to Death, A Man
181 Don't Leave the Farm

25 Food Makes the Man..
55 Development Theory, The. 4, 105 Farming in Virginia .
150 Day, The...

22 Family Records.
168 | Daily Lectures on Man.

23, 104' Fair Haven Harbor

53 Going and Growing.
45 Grant, General U.S.
98 " Gal,"' Our
121 Goddard, Madam Arabella..
142 Genius ? What is...
142 Getting Rich......
189 German Lyrists.
224 Gounod, Chas. Francols..
208 Gone Before..
219 Hair, Our..

99 Hidden Power
176 Hate, A la Mode.
180 How I Changed Coaches..
176 Honesty is the Best Policy.
38 Horticulture in Cities ....
51 Indians and Mountains of Oregon..
16 Intellect and Moral Sentiment.
21 Ideality and Sublimity
47 In Vain
63 Individuality in Religion..
150 Impostors..
96 Intellectual Unfoldings of the Age.
179 Infidelity.
178 Influence, Our..
187 Immortal! Is Man.
67 Insanity.
223 Insanity, Natural.





Judge of Character, A Good..
180 Manhood and Its Development.... 204 I Romanist? Are You &

72 The Traveler and the Clay..

171 ** Just” Neither More nor Less 206 Miserable, How to be.

214 Revolution in Spain...

188 Talking Women Key Thought, A. 108 Manning, Archbishop H. 213 Rochefort, Henri..

201 Temperance Story, A. Kisses. 210 Mink, The.. 236 Retrospection...

215 Use Legh and Have Legs. Lawrence Abbott and Zadok Pratt 8 " No Cards". 19 Small Expenditures, How they Count 190 University of Michigan

147 * Like Begets Like" 11 Not Going to Smash 143 Situation, Finding a..

112 Verdi, Guiseppe.. Lady Dafferty. 18 New England Fisheries

183 Surgical Apparatus, American, in the Voters in America, Living for a Purpose. 48 Noblemen, True.

8 Paris Exposition..

60 Violin, The Liszt, Abbe Franz 88 Neighbor's Opinion, A 62 Spirit Greetings..

18 Vambery, Arminius Littlefield, John H 97 Nursing a Viper..... 182 Science v8. Religion.. 23 Vanity 08, Pride..

128 Longevity and Intelligence of Animals 98 Ole Bull..

56 Stratton, Henry Dwight..
41 Violet in the Snow, The.

$7 Laird, John... 146 Orange Groves, Among the 129 Sunbeams, 47 Volume, A New

22 Lifting Cure, The.. 186 Pittsinger, Miss Eliza A..

29 Self-Culture
50, 127 Voyage, End of the.

219 Laugh, The 171 Popular Lectures in H. Y. 24 Smiles

88 What “They say."

32, 72, 112, 152 Life, Footprints of 52 Patterson on Phrenology. 43 Science and Scepticism.. 91 War vs. Non-Resistance.

51 Lectures, Every Afternoon. 104, 62 Poets and Poetry....

68 Seymour, Horatio.

101 Water Cures ... Love.. 88 Party Spirit.... 61 Self-Government. 164 West, From the..

71 Literature, Light. 206 Phreno-Anthropology,

43 Bocial Science, Western Association.. 157 Who are the Yankees ! and What : 84, 124 Mohammed. 25, 58 Pratt, Zadok, and Abbott Lawrence..

8 Spelling and Reading
193 Who am I....

95 Murder of the Innocents, The.. 49 Potter, Eliza.. 186 Silent Teachers..

136 Woman, and the Woman's Club.. 134 Man and Woman, Physically 110 Premiums, Our List of. 145 Stockton, Thomas H.. 216 Working for Money..

144 Missouri Mammoth Blackberry. 111 Personal.

111 Table Manners..
174 What does it Mean!

176 Mill, Mr., and Phrenology.. 147 Professional Instruction. 25 Tenpenny Nails. 3. Winter Class, Our..

102 Muller, Max.. 161 Phrenology-What it has Done for Me 112 Tobacco...

10 We do not know..

50 Moral Purity. 169 Progression. 152 Turkoman Tribes.. 132 Wife Gadding About.

114 Marriage vs. Celibacy. 175 Phrenology in the School Room 203 Travel, How to

131 Waning Star, The

149 Materialism, Extra... 150 Phrenology in the West... 209 Taylor, Isaac.. 169 Which is the Better Woman!..

175 Marriage, An Offer of 88 Progress in Co-operation... 221 Tobacco vs. Bald Heads. 179 Woman's Work, A..

210 “ Man in the Image of God 151 Retrospect... 49 Twing-May they Marry?.. 192 Wife, Earning a..

212 Meritorious.... 188 Recreation vs. Stimulation. 178 Truth " Cropping Out 158 / Williamson, James H., M.D



[blocks in formation]

The PHRENOLOGICAL JOURNAL abounds in useful information. It is steadily and deservedly gaining general favor. - New York Evening Post.

No one of the many journals that come to us by way of exchange, exhibits in every feature its flourishing condition and brilliant prospects in a more marked manner than the PHRENOLOGICAL JOURNAL, published and edited by Mr. S. R. Wells. It overflows with entertaining and instructive articles in every branch of natural and physiological science. Editorially and otherwise, it talks common sense to that large class of readers who are too apt to give themselves wholly up to the dominion of hide-bound medical practitioners or empyrics. There is matter in it for every class of the community; matter of interest, instruction, and judiciously included amusements. The illustrations of the journal are specially attractive. Each month portraits of distinguished men and women are given, accompanied by analyses of their character, based on their known phrenological and physiological characteristics. It is a main point in the policy by which the JOURNAL is conducted to allow no topic of passing interest, be it ever 80 trilling, to pass unnoticed.– New York World.

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The PARENOLOGICAL JOURNAL continues to give portraits and biographical sketches of eminent men, thus doing much to educate the public in a pleasing kind of knowledge. It is human nature to want to know what we can about each other, even if we don't know ourselves. This journal fills a place in the monthly literature that no journal does.- Concord (N. H.) Daily Monitor.

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Chicago, ILL.


Just Out-Howard's Single Barrel Breech Loading Shot Gun-Made on the same principle, and

equally smooth, simple, and beautiful, as the Thunderbolt Rifle. Weighs only 5 pounds: can be fred rapidly enough to have two shots at a flying bird. Uses ordinary Copper, Metallic Cartridges, or Loose Ammunition with Metal Cartridges, that are reloaded and last a lifetime, and can be fired with equal rapidity of the fixed ammunition. Price $28. Cartridge Shells, for loose ammunition, 25 cents each extra. Order from 8. R. WELLS, 389 Broadway, New York,

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