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Religious Liscellany.




Literary and Political Notices which occur in the world.

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Say ye to the daughter of Sion, behold thy salvat.on cometh



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Jappar Fuck, dexen
Religious Miscellany,


“Say ye to the daughter of Zion, behold, thy salvation cometh.”
CARLISLE, JULY 25, 1823.

Vol. II.

No. 1.

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print but a few hundred copies over the a• INTRODUCTION.

mount at present called for; those therefore In commencing the next half year of our who wish to procure it from the beginning labors, we would merely obserse, that our of this volume, had better apply soon. prospects are much more flattering than when we commenced before; we have hopes We are highly delighted to find, that the of seeing, during the course of our next vol. || subject of a "Young Men's Missionary Socie. ume several important measures entered into ty,” has become the theme of conversation. for the prosperity of Zion. Under such aus- From this fact we are encouraged to hope, picious anticipations we are encouraged 10that something of importance will be the rebelieve, that the Miscellany will be a means sult of the investigation. We have always well calculated to promote their object, and || been disposed to think, that our young men a rehicle in which can be circulated to advan. I have not had feelings sufficiently alive to the tage, information relative to them. We shall welfare of perishing heathen. If it has been not renew any promises to our patrons, be- so arranged by the Great Head of the church, cause those already made, stand on record be- that through the means of man, HIS designs fore us, which we shall ever endeavor to keep || are to be accomplished, how can professed folin view.

lowers of Christ reconcile the matter to their For the purpose of compensating our consciences, who do not take any interest in agents in some measure, for the trouble which the important undertaking? It is not known must necessarily arise from a prompt dis- | how this contradiction can be reconciled. charge of the duties attached to a situation of Either in one way or other there appears to this kind, the following will be allowed, be a palpable absurdity. Let any one who which, though small, is all that can be afford-wishes to know the truth,-in order thai he ed, owing to the very low ternis on which may take such a course as will entirely free the paper is issued.

him from all reflections, or compunctions; Any person becoming responsible for five keep his profession clear from censure, and copies, shall receive the sixth; provided be fulfil his duty to God--but examine into the forwards the amount of those for whom he be. manner in which He is wont to accomplisha comes responsible, when due. For every sub- the fulfilment of every promise and prophescriber above this number; he shall be entitled | cy. For the purpose of illustrating the meanto a proportioned compensation

ing here designed to be conveyed, we shall Where we have made exertions ourselves, || refer 10 some practical facts laid down in His and procured a number of subscribers on our

word: We say God has ever carried on his own responsibility, agents, for receiving and works of mercy, on earth, through man. He forwarding to the editors all subscription mo

made Moses the instrument, by which the

Children of Israel were to be released from ney, shall, for eleven subscribers, receive a copy of the Miscellany. For all above this | bondage. By him were all the miracies of number in the same proportion.

the occasion wrought. At his command, Gad We feel under obligations to those gentle sent forth the judgments and plagues upon men who undertook, and have acted in that || Pharaoh. And when Moses stretched forth capacity with promptitude.

his arm over the mighty deep, it was rent We request Clergymen, private individu. || assupder. Follow these devoted children to als, Post masters, and other persons, who their promised land. Could not God tave

delivered the inhabitants of Jerico, to them, may be interested or benefitted by such a

without the labor or delay to which they publication, to use their influence in procur. ing subscribers to this paper. We intend to

were subjected 10 undergo, of encome

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